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New Thank You for your Faithfulness. Please read the Teaching on Emotions and feelings and now that I am over many trials I will endeavor to add the many things God has inspired me with. Blessings.

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New teaching on Word, False Word and Lies of World. More to come

New Prophecy, This is Truth, This is Love, This is Power, This is Life here

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There are two new Teachings
now for freedom here for you. One on Betrayal and another on Soul Wounds. Also carefully read the teaching on Sacrifice, How do You Love You, it sums up a lot of all of the Teachings, God's Jewel.

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We have a new server and we have added much new content to the site! New Poems, Teachings, many more writings and more to come! Each month will bring new things for you and for God. Keep watching, praying.

Added 2 new teachings on Fear, re-organized the teachings under the correct sections, updated the writings area and added all of the 2002 writings here.

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Reorganized the teachings into Spirit Life, Soul Life, and Flesh Life .

Good News! We're back in business, and the 1999 writings have been updated with 7 more entries. Soon to come: more Writings and Teachings!

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Thank You for coming to the WRITINGS PAGES. These pages are a compilation of years of writings (15) that I have gained from God Our Father and from The Holy Spirit and from Yeshua, The Son of God. This opening page is very hard for me to write to you for I have much to say and I want to share all of the Love of God I have gained over these years with all of you at once. I ask for you to be patient and read this and then read some of the writings and see if they ‘speak to you’ in a way that brings Life, Life to you.

God, OUR Father has given me a great Blessing. God has chosen to speak to me as a man, a Creation of His. He, God has spoken to me and I have written and written all that I heard from God over these years in notebooks. I feel that it is so important to record these and somehow ‘get them out to the world’. This is a ‘Call unto God’, ‘A Father’s Call’. This ‘Call’ I do with Humility, Submission, Obedience and Contriteness and Sacrifice. I have a compulsion to share then these writings, these ‘words spoken to me’ of God, of The Holy Spirit, of Yeshua, the Son of God with God’s, Father’s Children. It is a hard Call and a strong compulsion to share these words and my experiences for I Believe they are Love, brought by Love from Heaven for all.

I have had to fight and fight to gain these words. Nothing is completely free. I have had to fight darkness and the world and people and most of all I have had to fight ‘myself’ and my own inadequacies and that is why I am writing this today to you. I want you to read these writings and Believe them but of course it is The Spirit of God that leads all things and I should just let go and give over. I do not do that well, I must trust.

There are thousands and thousands of pages of writings that I am GOING to include into the website. It is a lot of work to dictate them all and correct and enter them but I am going to keep going until they are all in. I have software that helps me and I have been now going about ‘My Father’s Business’ in getting these done. There have been prayers from many of you that have helped, I have felt them and I need many more of them to keep going. Keep praying for me to keep going to finish please.

The pages and pages tell a story of A Father’s Call unto me. It is a very elaborate story to be sure, you will see that the writings are filled with exhortation, scripture and Bible references, prophecy and much healing and care for me. I would like all who read them to find themselves within the writings and the ways of God in the writings. I am Honored that you chose to view them. I would like you to find God, The Father, Yeshua, The Holy Spirit in them with The Word of God in the experiences I have had and bring them into your Lives. I have been so Blessed by God and I have seen God’s Blessings played out in my Life, my little Life. Please read as much as you can for it is by The word of God that we are made full and I do not say that lightly: I have to give account of all of these words and I truly do not want to hurt anyone, most of all The Heavens and Our Father and His Holy Spirit and His Son, Yeshua.

I have gone on and on here; it is time to get to reading. I pray and ask for Blessings to be on each one who comes to this website and reads these writings. I ask that God Our Father, Our Creator will touch each one of these Children with Love and Care and Peace in His world and bring inspiration for new Life. It is about new Life. Thank You.