1-1-2013 (please note, a * indicates me talking personally, all else is God.)

My son, I have calmed you and shown you your state of wear and fatigue. Do not be alarmed, fearful or worried, I will restore and give unto you much energy, life, living and new things to do as I always have done. I ask you to please seek love from me and all you know. This is always first, my son. I then ask you to read your previous writings and be calmed by what I have written to you. You have lost nothing at all my son, I have watched my little buckaroo very, very carefully, his soul man and I and my Heavens, words are as close as ever. I love you so son. *I love you so also Father. I feel the, beckoning.

This is so good, gentle and loving my little one. So much grows on love, I bring all good, new, vital, exciting, change yes on love. May I and all here hear your prayers? *I am most honored Father. I say as I have to you in the past son, your prayers change things. I am not writing so much of these last days so you can rest and have the freedom to allow yourself to do all the writing you desire in all the coming days.

I do tell you as God, Father that as you are right now, just as you are now as male, man, opened in the company of all of Heaven you are in authority yet tender, innocent and yet so needed to be protected because you are vulnerable and yet you are tuff son. You are right, good, so relaxed this his Father’s arms. We are one and the more you feel you need to not diminish any part of you but to bare it I am thrilled. Trust please son, it is how creation comes, new change of open growth of love, want to desire, rest, balance and smile and chuckle itself as old goes and new comes. Go deep son, I am there. I love all of you. There is much more us to come son I love you so. Father.


Son, Lamb, child of God, all of Heaven is here and you are one in all. You are loved and watched and not overcome as you, you live and learn and grow and prepare as I God prepare you. It is love of self that moves you to do what you do, this morning, to call, to do better. Each thing son, to go to the doctors, to go see a friend, for you! We do, do talk but do not interfere, we guide and press for love and hope and goals and plans to come. The plans will calm, let love come, give to you, love for you, protect for you, more for you.

My son, what can I say? You are smiling! Point this out to you that I love you so! My sons are communing! I am enjoying! I feel it all son. The old sad is coming out, wonder, newness is going in. Spirit to soul to body, I will, I will bring protection to my Lamb my son, Angels here and innocent, call out please? Go out please and live. Oh yes this is really me, I am mad of world things but do not look today, take time off and be loved and know your each turn it to you will be as this with so many that you have helped. I treasure each breath son. All I want is this, as I can find nothing wrong with you? No, I cannot, you are my child and I find you with nothing wrong at all. You are my deep thinker son, now day off, all around you, more comes call out for any problems alright son? I love you so son I am your father enjoy whatever is needed. Father.


My loving son, faithful son, enduring son, being prepared son. I am so proud of your steadfastness, your hold to ways of love. Love is the way to all things; you have earned so much my son. I have changes for you, there is room now with in you for sadness is nearly gone, do you know how I know? By your strength by your command of me for love and your growl at dark commanding it to go, it went, good job! You are a man, my man! Son, yes but a man and there is not a need, a want or desire for sadness within, it is cleansed, untangle from memories of thoughts and carefully removed from aspects of you by all the Heavens. All of the Heavens knew just what to do they had been working on you for a long time and now you are brand-new.

Son, I create, I give and I will give to you for again and again and again until you are full. I will give love to you by me, it is a calm and peace love for love needs to come that way. Please have faith and belief that my love of peace will bring all of the Heavens that help to bring strength, guidance, assurance, knowledge and wisdom and will so fill in all of those open spaces you are concerned about. You are separated unto me and all of our Heavens but full and not alone. You have much to do and all goes on to the plans I have to bring the word, the truth and life, the love and resolve, fun and laughter and just what you want. I have listened to you son.

You asked to call to your heavens and also your Angel brothers by name to write with Yeshua you need to write up story document to make a call or two to give to you to do the things around the home to touch up here and there son am I correct? I will comfort you son, I will assure you. I do not need to subdue a son who is circumspect, expectant and steadfast. Your emotions and feelings are frayed because changes going on within you change for good, sad and old things are out and new life is coming in. New man and new thoughts and new ways will you trust your maker son?

Yes here they are each one each one brings peace in with my breath of life. Your sigh as of rest is needed because it breathes out the old. Son it is really about you, each one of my children does what is for them, at a time. You are son, you are Lamb to Yeshua, you are brother to Angels, you are husband and father on world and strong on these all plus more. I would not turn you over, to my own begotten son Yeshua if I did not know he would so delight you and put his perspectives on you and your life in such a way as to make a new man of you.

You have found eternal word gift son. It is me God, father and it is you my son and you breathe faith as you right here. I cannot say enough of you son, your life is a sea of writings of our love, fruit, giving and exchange, it is truth, and good. Let concerns of world go for a bit son, just a bit and take filling of Yeshua. I will watch to make sure all you have wanted, needed and desired, will come. You have not been pesky with me, your moods have not been bothersome to me son. I am big old God your father and I always love our time, your faith to be here and this, these writings, our perfection. Find more love now son, I offer all to you today. Your father.


My Lamb, your Angel brothers are all near and dearly loving your heart, protecting you, awaiting whatever is needed. It has been a hard morning Lamb, I do know, I am within you as always. You have been questioning and you have persevered and all is ordered, well and you are full open love of Heaven. You are filled except for what I have for you as Yeshua. Will you please reflect for a bit and I will continue with you and help, comfort and expand this love for you and prepare you? I know that you will for you have faith in me, Yeshua, The Son of God.

I must start a line anew with my Lamb, hello. I love you so much! I love your open heart to me, speaking and praying unto me as Lord and friend one who makes himself a comfortable home within you. I am in your heart and in your mind and I do so love to watch as the man of God Father is created grows and matures. I do not take, I do not need to, you have so much you give so freely to me, Yeshua. I do not disturb your free will, I do not confuse creative ways, I do not interfere in the inner workings of your, man, you are doing so well. I add to you when I need to and I watch and enjoy as my Lamb grows as I said.

I give love easily as now, you sigh and sigh, you are a bit shaky? Please do not be alarmed, I am bringing peace, resolve and calm, assurance so that you will be alright my one. May I continue please for I know that you want me to as in Isaiah, old things are gone and new things I do declare to you. The word is endless, you are the word my Lamb for I am in you and the Holy Spirit is here also and you have worked so hard standing strong. You make me smile, you are much stronger than you realize but for now I will help and comfort. Lamb, so much has been planned out far beyond your mind and life, far beyond prophecy and world, men’s ways. It, the plans are of our father for good and light, for building up and for giving life where so much of life was taken.

I want to take your burdens of past, of hurts again of what was to teach and train you for what you will need to do with me and give to you my, Yeshua’s hope and faith and belief of what father will bring. I thank you and I give you my peace. I trust you with my heart I bring you my calm again for your life goes on, it will not cease, why would such a time and effort be put into one man and have that come to an end? Your life will be added unto Lamb as always added, you are not small you are great.

You may feel wobbly, as wobbly as a little Lamb for that is why I call you that Little One! Know but the life you live and the life has been refined in you by Father for me and you will be great and grand. I am here!

So many are around you Lamb! So many watch! Father has so filled you with word and deed and now we find and remove out old. We go back and forth my Lamb with many questions between us but I assure you that I am here. I myself the One you worship have shown myself to you time and again. All of Heaven I states you are a unique man, upheld and yet held by God in such special ways. I came to set free a world.

I have now asked a lot of you Lamb. Father asks to try, there is something in the try, the excitement, the learning, the new, often than not at all, that you Lamb, you find quite a joy in trying. I will go and return to Father as Yeshua and inquire of this. I become undone Lamb, I bring desire to you, I see where Father is and why he chose these things for us this is most unusual and it will bring new life. You are so unique an these things that we do brings new Life and I go back and forth to Father for you and I to bring the togetherness we need to make the Heavens sing. Lamb, it is alright, you try so hard to make all things go so perfect and sound so just right. Love is the way of all things, I am Love as Yeshua and I am here with you. I am in you Lamb and I will Love you and I will bring Love through you to a fallen world, it is as simple and as crazy as that. It is that you have to Believe that you can hold on to me as Yeshua and I will be within you in fullness my Love. It is all about Love and you do not need to prove it to anyone. I did not need to prove myself to anyone and it will be the same and you will not have to die but Live Little Lamb! What a story! A Child of Love and a Lamb of tuff, try word!

There are many new things that Father has chosen for the world to come, many new changes, many new shaking’s that will come. This is not your lot Lamb, the shaking’s, the changes, they are Father’s plan and father’s plan is all. You must live and try, just be as balance, and grow in the preparedness that Father has for us. I tell you in truth you have done far more than enough, your body, your spirit, your soul at times they hurt there is so much for you to do. You must let go, rest, be at peace. I will write candidly Lamb for now I am with you as I have been. Yeshua.

1-5-13 2013

My Lamb, I come with love for you, a strong love Lamb and it may feel sedating to you but it is for good. Your mind and thoughts, all that is expected of you as son of Father, my Lamb, prophet, brother to Angels and of course man to you, good man that you are as husband and father and so much more is very daunting at this time. Heaven is not confusion and so I bring love, peace and calm, sedating on you to soothe you so that all of these many, many thoughts concepts and ideas ways come together in gentle balance not to bring trouble in you.

Thank you Lamb, as I said yesterday you have done more than enough. What the heck! ‘For All you do, this buds for you…. me!’ I will not leave, I will not let go, I will be gentle as you are.

I will love as you do. I did teach you new ways of love of Heaven as did all others of Heaven. Heaven’s love is a wonderful all covering light. Powerful, full love, but Lamb you as well have your own love ways. They are beautiful! Please do not be so modest Lamb, I build for purpose, I build for meaning, I build for life.

Lamb I ask you to go slow and gentle for me my man. I want it all for you for I have felt your strong desires as you have grown, and sacrificed each day of your give to Our Father. I have watched each time, each time of, what should I do Lord? Your desires are strengthened each time you do this. It is the truth of you that I watch each day as this unfolds. Father saw it long ago for Father sees all things.

You are loved and so love, you are strengthened and so show strength, you are removed of old sad and pain by faith so allow lightness to enter in. You have grown to view your….’ Man’ differently, as Heaven would in ways far beyond what you could have imagined or ever created. Enjoy your newness, love him, try for him, give to him and take for him as Father has said so carefully with commandments and vows you know this call and walk, this big old thing you are on is not stagnant, it is always ramping up yes? *Yes it is My Lord Yeshua.

You know by the gentle reading of the ‘Three Pebbles of Prophecy’ I am with you in each word as Father and the Holy Spirit is? *Yes you are my Lord. My Lamb, you know inside that the world’s false ways and false starts were puddles compared to this tsunami of waves that will come as we have told you of correct?

*That I am very aware of Yeshua. Please help me Lord.

I took your burdens Lamb. Please do not take them back. According to the word of truth as it comes I tell you in truth, I tell you truly, however you like it, it comes, it is near. There is need, want, desire and impending time at hand that your life fulfills these words. You may feel small, you may feel inadequate, you may feel confused, you may feel un-empowered these are not truth, you are with me, Yeshua and all will be Lamb.

You my Lamb are none of these that were stated in the latter. All have been answered fully and you have done the work as this day of prophecy stretching your mind and faith even unto Isaiah where all parts of you are explained. You are to enjoy, grow and try and learn and love, work and be and take true account of self for you have done what was offered to you.

Talents and fields of treasures ceased and gushed out wineskin, Jonah and so many examples of word has been exampled in you and with you.

Please rest Lamb for you retain that place in my heart

*I will always be as that to you Yeshua. Peace and love and rest

*Yeshua you give unto me so much, such words of love and hope and prophecy like wave kisses you do not stop, how can I? I will not! There are Such things from you and Angelic Brothers and Father’s…. such levels of Heaven and prophetic ways. I am in Love!!! I connect to and cannot shake them from what I want, is that okay?

You are so careful my Lamb, you are so tender and innocent, child and yet man, I do smile at your want. My Lamb, it is fatigue spiced with a little bit of the unknown but Lamb, we are your Heavenly Brothers we are your Heavens. It is Father, Father God Creator and I am Yeshua the only begotten son of God and the Holy Spirit is here with us, there are others of Heaven here with us. My Lamb, you may use whatever word you want unprecedented catastrophic on extinguisher, bold, exclusive, world changing but here is one for you, I love you so.

You or I cannot stop what Father is doing; nobody can stop what Father is doing nothing upon the earth; nothing within the skies of the cosmos; nothing within the reaches of time can stop what Father is doing; Father created all things and will do what his desire is for all things. You have accepted a call my Lamb, you’ve been faithful to that call; this is a wonderful thing. Life will follow you, love will be within you, I know that you smile because it is so far beyond your grasp but there is goodness, it comes to you and as Father has promised you I will come to you. I am Yeshua the son of God.

My Lamb, I just had gone a bit there with my words for you now back to our writing. You have all love, all honor all respect and integrity hope and here we have a new little one to love to protect! Our dear one, I tell you in absolute truth this day Lamb, I am to struggle to hold you here in Heaven, to protect you from harm, to wait, to listen to your call for need for assistance to not overcome the male, the man but to help you where you cannot see.

I do not want to frighten you or zap at your already busy, emotional day but a time will come soon when you will have eyes to see so much, heart so open and full protected, Chances to heal and bold prayers to Father’s change where change results in such life! I must love you Lamb, I am compelled; you seek so gently and need is there and I respond. I hear your thoughts Lamb; the only change I would ask of you, of all, of all is you to turn from fear, give it to me, Yeshua at any time you sense it, I will take it from you. I do want as much, try, take and give for you as you can to be my Lamb. I will bring love and father will bring change, plans are for change, it is written.

I asked Peter three times to, feed my lambs, because I knew he was having so much trouble, you are my Lamb but you are far more, I need not ask you to, feed them for you already do and you give your entire life to do so. You become undone at my truth of who you are but you asked. I know you, I see you, I see you nearly as Father does. Express your love to me by loving yourself as I love you.

Yes the time is close as always. Love will bring it. Love will bring me to you Lamb, not one thing needs to be changed. I will be with you for the things on the top of the first page of this writing the lists that are always there. Strength to do, require, I give to you always, restricts some of the words for the protection of you. Pursue what your man wants, needs and desires. Visions always come freely to you; you are so full Lamb of the Spirit of God. Father states always to you my Lamb, more!. Your Yeshua.


My son, love first, not too much son, I do not want to overwhelm you. You are so willing to give son, throwing open the gates of your garden of sacrifice, treasure, garden for me, for my, our children for you to help.

*I will do whatever you say Father. I know this son, I will first protect you and your treasure, your garden, you, you son are called unto me God. You have sacrificed unto me in all you have done for love, for truth and for good, for the heavens.

*I did this because of Yeshua, he showed me and you talk to me and offered me word and love and truth and each of you then gave all with the Holy Spirit and heavens and so much more for me. My son each carefully believe for, and work for and faith and even fought for yes my son?

*I did father that was by Yeshua and by his sacrifice and the Holy Spirit’s power and knowledge. My son I asked to prosper you, we have gone back and forth over this; you felt that you are small and I ask that you would be my ‘little one’ because you are not small you are ‘my little child’ and I find so much grace and so much understanding in your completeness and your gentleness and your innocence.

I am God, Father and it is my will to prosper you to better and better not to keep you small at all. All of the building is contrary to smallness. Word and strength and gifts and fighter and new relations; little things I bring out of you. The things are all important son. I show you these things son because it is all about you; you cannot be small. You are our great and great in the kingdom of God. I smile at your wit son. You are Lamb and son and little charge and child of God and all loving references to you state of life in world to Heavens eternity age. You are young one not small one to be looked after not ever looked down on, that would not be Honorable and you are very honorable.

You have grown and gained in astronomical proportions according to what I have given to you not small at all this is where I have given so much unto you and you have gained so much I ask you to let go of the past now and be unto me. Love conquered and has conquered you with all truth. You are now my truthful and naked and open son.Let Father talk Humble One. You see, the dark DID want to keep you small, you are not, it is. You are in fact great but humble, well- endowed if you will put that in but contrite as a man of honor and integrity.

You know peace in proportion as well my son; all have taught you well and you have learned well in love and truth and light and life. I am sorry to be rather muddy over time here but I must contrast for you, dark is always small it envies; it is very little/small in that way but always small.

The dark is also always jealous, looking for power it will never have, postulating half-truths and boldfaced lies at every one, throwing mud at every opportunity until I say no. I do not show you but it also is dense dark ink black and this is what I protect your innocence and tender youngness from. I’m showing you this in the area of warfare because you have done so much fighting and I’m giving you a glimpse into this now for you are mine.

You have gone far and wide learning, getting hurt and you have done well but love is greater, light is greater, you have both of these and Love’s Life is greatest of all, you have this the greatest of all; ‘try’ is the greatest again and you have try so much in you my child.

Son, you have always been strong. I directed the great love I saw in you in strength away from some ways to the ways I now see before me. The one who lays so innocently and easily on my chest. Your love is growing very great My son. This is the love of us, the love of Yeshua. You talked with beautiful revelation with the Holy Spirit this morning.

Your love with your Angelic Brothers, you already know. Your experience with them son, it is real and grows. If it were not for building up I would remove it. I need you to continue to try with this very out of this world relationship with Angels son; it pushes you but you are unique and as well I as God paint a masterpiece of you son. I need you full cover and full color within you of all strokes and all hues and all ways. I promise you I will remove it if it does not build up.

It is up to me son, this world stuff, will you just please try for the love of the man I have here? I do touch your heart with my heart. It is all planned; all is in motion, coming. So soon as I always say to soothe you Little Tender waiting One. Will you go now and try for this day, your day? More is coming in days for you, much more son? I will bring more to you my son. Father.