1-1-2012 (please note, a * indicates me talking personally, all else is God.)

My son, pray with Yeshua, draw closer unto me with Yeshua and the Holy Spirit and tell me, your father your frustration so I can acknowledge them and help you with them.

*Father, you’ve waited too long as far as I’m concerned to bring me up to heaven as you have promised me. I am angry and hurt and it shows in lovesick tears as just now. I am too lonely, my wife and I should not be this way, you should have helped us long ago with so many things, any! My physical being, you should have given me some things that I’ve asked for! Healed my mind as I have asked you or change the amounts in the parameters in the promises or stayed what I had, this is a true divide between us and I am unhappy, covering always for something you know of. You do know enough and you know what to do to stop me from giving too much and you know what to take from me. I am hurting, I hurt from talking this way opening up wounds between you and I, I am ready, I am crying, should a man cry every day when he hears from God?

I am God your Father your Creator. Only you and I, yes and the Holy Spirit of truth could ever know all we have gone through. I cannot change what has happened. I have done things I have done for the best of life and truth, I have done this for you Son.

*This hurts me Father more, you having to qualify yourself on my anger and frustrations on account of me, please stop me in this.

I love you son and because I do love you so much I make this go like this. You must feel strong, you must hear your voice and importance with me.… *Why, you are Father. Yes, but you are Son and you, you, you know how you and your heart response is so important. The wonderful uniqueness son, I am so sorry about the situations in your life and the social situations, neither will last, do you hear me son? Neither will last, as a burden of courage or irritation or, ‘damn that situation’. So much is temporary, you are permanent, I love your permanent, you are here every, every, every day and challenge me always sweet one. *But you have to give me more, I am a man, not to be so always on the balance scales Father. You are correct, you have reached from Heaven to, touch and train, a son, a man to help him discover himself and expect and accept the love of himself as I did make him and the life I put around him, you have done this much before life changes. *Start, you say this Father, I am done crying, I am not going to accuse you but help me, I do want more for this time but running around must stop, it is so frustrating to me!

I do always do things for a purpose son. So many, run, so many go about, and go, go after such useless things. I had to show you this strongly. You are always son and promise and promised to help you to be held safely in my hands and guided and directed by me, Father as well as Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. All is in plan and all is coming and all moves onto a completed way. *But it hurts and you use me in the balance so strongly, please do not keep pushing me, tell me, tell me father.

Son, first, I love you, I created you and I re-created you for my world and My world harmed you fiercely. Then I am teaching you and making you stronger in all things using all ways, yes all, while I keep you safe and I maintain your promises unto you. I am careful with you, for you and I will not lose what you and I have achieved at all. It is not going to happen. You struggle over issues but still are in constant wonder of what and who you are. I have not had to manifest an Angel brother to you because, you would only do that with purity with the Holy Spirit and your own great faith. You struggle with issues, who does not? I have spoken into each one and given you truth and promises and hope for each.

I will reiterate, you spoke correctly last night, this is the soon to be the time for change. One. You cannot go on. Two. The world calls out. Three. It has been told for millennia. Four. It lines up in all phases with all bodies. Five. It is ignored. Six. I demanded. Seven. The big olds world scales are tipped. Eight. On and on. The one who is hidden and obscure and humble will come, not a hollering false prophet one who is you. All lines up, written out by you. *Dang it Father you are right.

Yes, I go on. I give you pulses, along with challenges, so well and carefully placed so as not to crush you but they push you. You are, fed up, ‘burden bearer’, and your Angelic Brothers and of course Yeshua are to help you. Your mind concentrates on situations of world when you have restoration, things of your own body, remodeling, money situations, resolve, Me and so much more. I have promised you fullness of your body and it will be just what you want as well as other become recompenses.

You are not wrong at all to want restored what slowly was taken from you. You are also not wrong to want the larger situations of your body and life fixed, of course and this will happen. You want many things son and I will bring these to you as Yeshua comes to you, this is wild and outside of the box of your thinking of the entire world’s thinking but it will come to you. So many healings need to be done to your body and your soul and to your spirit but it will come forward to you these are torn things and ripped out things and attacked things and scourge things but they will be repaired for you

*I ask you to than open your heart fully to me Father, naked, full and tell me, have you done all things as best you could with me? Is there anything you could not have told me? What will happen? What do I want? Need?

Yes I have son, far beyond your measure. Yes there are things for me to delight you with yet but nothing of tearing down or the horrors of fear, I make your life only the Life that you want. Yeshua with you will bring life to the dying world, helping vast things, people, far beyond what you have ever imagined, penetrating and preparing you. You want, need, desire, demand comfort, sameness, alliance, emotion, convicted yes, release, love, Outlook, what am I helping you to get. And, yes. I am here and I will be here and all around all you do, it will be careful but it must come. Enjoy for I will make a way. I am God and I have always made a way again this is far beyond your box in the world’s box in the understanding of the manifestations and the motivations of the world and what it will do but I am God and I do these kinds of things I am your Father and I am here for you your Heavenly Father.

1-3-2012 The Holy Spirit (I felt that I hurt The Holy Spirit one day)

Child of God, you are my Child of God, I as the Holy Spirit come in unto you in your sorrow of your offense your pursuit of me. It was a momentary lapse of world and you were immediately convicted of it and repented and overrated and overreacted to yourself and you and I in the Spirit. This is truth, what has remained is the soul and the weight of me, the Holy Spirit evident within your soul and even your body. Soul? *Yes. Stop now and view me and take account of my joy of the full man, body, soul and spirit you become at Father and Yeshua was and all of Heaven’s hands.

*I hurt you. Yes for a moment, My child, I am God’s Spirit, I am all power and love. I am filled with compassion and forgiveness. I do understand all in an instant of what was said.

*I do not understand you and your ways, I have been afraid of your absolute truth, I am fallen flesh and yet you are in me, I am afraid.

This I am guiding you to child, I am more troubled at your calling yourself, ‘fallen’ than your slip of word in conjunction to me. I did arrange this. *Your trials are razor-sharp for me Holy Spirit. Yes they are child as you are to pick them up, you are not,’ fallen’, child of God, [error] is. You child are redeemed, saved, secure, holy. *Holy?!! Yes child, you are holy. *How can I be holy?! Child, how much more immersion into the spirit of God is expected by you until you no longer put yourself on the same level as the evil you fight and claim and bind for God and clamor up here to your home? *I got in another whole bunch of confusion!

You tumbled in and it was up to me, the Holy Spirit this time to help you now and understand the truth of you. The fact is you have been crying for you and the grief of not accepting the fullness of you and who you are in yes, a fallen world. *I am not of the world? Child, you of all, hearing, acting, walking, producing, trying, going about sacrificing, writing as today, broken, crying. I, the Holy Spirit am building my home in you. You demand you will not hurt me, Father or Yeshua or the Heavens, well child, I have truth for you this day: we, Father, Yeshua myself the Holy Spirit and all of the Heavens including all of your loving and devoted Angelic Brothers will not allow you to hurt you!

The self- loathing is a lie of comparison of others judgments leveled upon your head from a young age to this day. It must be withstood as, [error], lie! You are HOLY, beautiful full man and Father’s delight. This is truth. There is more in you now than on the ground of the earth. I am the Holy Spirit and this is truth. Rest, child, we have all had our, shot at you; the truth is you are that diverse and that important. From Father’s call to Yeshua who is coming into your life to cause you to be born anew, then Yeshua gave you back to Father, you heard it correct? *Yes. The begotten son of God said, ‘here Father, this child is for you to train’. Father took you unto himself in a productive unprecedented way and all of hell came against you. *Yes, it really did.

I came to you for you also asked to be filled with me, the Holy Spirit and Father saw your great potential and love. I live in you as you walk out your days in Faith, of faith that I, the Holy Spirit find comforting and remarkable in the world. You wrestle with Father of self, you wrestle with Yeshua of self, you wrestle with the Heavens of those that have gone before and you wrestle as you learn with a vast array of loving brother Angels as you both learn of each other with me, the Holy Spirit between us for purity and careful guidance.

You are the ‘Wrestler of spirit life and Lamb man of innocent love’, and each one that you have encountered has exchanged intimate love moves with you. All have gained at Father’s gentle watchful eye and guiding truth. What remains after all of these, wrestling matches, is your resistance to be so fully joyful, happy, accepting, loving of a man of spirit who has now such a rich life of intimate encounters and remain standing! You cannot resist my truth, you cannot deny the Holy Spirit’s absolute attention to detail with you, my power, my love all over, is a oneness with you.

*No I cannot, I feel you and you feel so good, all over good. I, as all of your other, matches, am going to make you look at you from the truth, truth of me, the Holy Spirit, from within you. The truth of what you have done and what you will do. *I do not know how to wrestle with you….

Yes I know, and we, all of heaven are ‘ganging up on you’ with love to cause you to truly love you, except you, believe in you, care for you, want for you, take for you, give to you, bring love to you and then the greatness will shine from with into all around you from love to all. It must start with truth, truth of me, the Holy Spirit and what you truly are. Child of God, rest, love self, I am staying, choose to wrestle.

Start anew tomorrow, I am with you child of God in love. The Holy Spirit.

1-4-2012 ------my personal prayers with The Holy Spirit and Yeshua, not easy------

*Good morning my wrestle mate Holy Spirit, thank you for being close, hello Yeshua.

Please pray child of God with Yeshua for your comfort, I will tell you many truths and spar wrestle with you. *Yeshua? Yes Lamb? *Please forgive me for my sins by your sacrifice. I do Lamb. *By my will I let go of all offenses that others have done to me, will you help me to stay on top of this? Yes I will my Lamb. It is so good to let go each day and to be aware that you with your great mind keep such an active account of past things that were so out of balance. I promise you this day my Lamb, if you let all others go as you have each day and to me I will carefully clean up and keep track of all for you and I will tell you of all important ones as you are able to understand.

*I feel your warmth in authority to me; I feel it is great comfort in that great for comfort comes to me in your love. My Lamb, I ask you now to continue your prayers to me for they comfort us both and draw us closer. *Please Lord, cleanse me with your shed blood. I will Lamb. *please come in unto me into my Body, Soul, and Spirit as man and Savior and friend and brother and more unto my heart and mind. I am at ease within you my loving Lamb, I try within you much further but I will not ever overtake your Life but to gently become a part of you.

I as Yeshua will bring to you as much of the blessings of the Spirit and Heavens as possible. *Please then Yeshua take away any and all darkness around me, any torments that are in me in my home or land or anything that is mine. I will but your love grows stronger each day and pushes this out strongly. *My love? Your love my Lamb. *Thank you my Yeshua. Will you please cover me with your robe? My Lamb, I ask you to accept who you are. *Yes, I believe I do, I am yours. Yes, I cover you with my robe. *Will you bring me the fullness of the Holy Spirit, now bring it full into me Yeshua?

You want it all don’t you Lamb? *I want to taste all that there is of Heaven and all that it is in all that it will take. I am so much in love now I can hardly write. You Yeshua and all of Heaven are all over me I still do not know why I should be so blessed with so much love, your love. Yes I want more, all but I want to give it to others so they again will get to know you more so I get more of you, the Holy Spirit, and Father and give out all. I asked that the children of God are helped and loved because I see that so many are hurt but I just barely understand. And getting balance and love and care and I fall back! I need more, I want kisses, real ones. I want to know. Bring more of the Holy Spirit now, I cannot argue his truth. Good move! Point love and point me unto submission.

I bring you to the fullest of the Holy Spirit and The Holy Spirit’s Love and place them within you as full truth and power. Please go and rest and talk with your wife. Reread this and be deeply loved and I will tell you a thing or two and know that he is there and then our Holy Spirit will take over and wrestle with you too, pin you down, for self-love. It is real Lamb, I live.

*I have not given you much time Yeshua, running to and fro, putting things off and other things in order. My Lamb please do not be condemned. You are small and new and you are learning the ways of Heaven upon the earth. This in and of itself is catastrophic to darkness and to many ways that have gone on before. You have now sighed five times. I notice these things. Father and I and our Holy Spirit always put things in order do we not? You are at peace with the order when things are set in place as they should be when you were getting ready at first what happened?

*Darkness came, I was tormented, I was confused! I froze all realms and called out to Father and to you and all ‘don’t you see here what was harassing to stop it and it did stop by you and your power. My Lamb were you able to then go about creating order? *Yes. I ask you my Lamb then is the darkness, the evil disorder, chaos? *Yes it troubles my mind with weird thoughts not belonging. I tell you in truth my Lamb it is not love, not for any building up? *No, not for order or for building up at all. My Lamb, now you are back here gaining love, knowledge, reinforcement after you ordered many things. Would we be angry at this? Of course not, Father and I and the Heavens and the Holy Spirit celebrate in your work always Lamb.

All is in order but you Lamb. I will help; you know already the things that were going to say to you in your spirit. We will tell soul to comfort him. First, you are sacrificing right now soul to gain truth and loves for soul for all of you are child. It will calm, Father has, hog-tied you, if you’ll pardon the example to put you down and quiet you so that you can be very quiet and loved and loved and loved and he has also put all darkness aside so that it may not touch you *may I ask what it was that bothered me? Yes you may Lamb it was the accuser of the brethren and torment and evil of disorder to withstand life and truth and you always win! You are stronger than ever and ‘the it’ was defeated! It was some big guns yes for little evil cannot ever touch you now; it takes massive energy to thwart you, many to do one thing, pull it apart at all falls. Father rules against the darkness by always giving more to you each time. Lamb, talk about torment for evil! It is all corrected and you are free.

Now, I did this also just as you with my own life, stuff, friends, body, lusts, desires, we are much the same you and I Lamb. I have deep, deep feelings for you. I do know what you feel, I felt it and you are suffering, I am always here.

I say again my love and all the goodies, for you. I know I do want it as you do, we will have it fully, Father promised. Next, I also know of your deep heart, how could I not love one who gives of himself to go for others? But here it must be for you also. I want for you. I am in you, I wrestle for you, I give you unto the Holy Spirit now for you do not argue his truth and he will tell of practical things of truth with less of my male romance stuff. Here is The Holy Spirit for you My Lamb….

Child of God by the Holy Spirit am here and I ask you are you at peace? *Yes and do you feel loved and may I give unto you some truths that you cannot argue with? *Yes Holy Spirit please I respect your true. Then I child of God tell you I as the Holy Spirit love you as Father does, as Yeshua does. I love you for you care and respect and you have concern for love and the great gift, treasure you have been given. You have immense faith, it will serve you well, it will do great things, it is believing and it is a miracle faith child of God. You are greatly healed in many ways and profoundly loved by all of heaven.

Many want to ‘touch you with words’, actions, physically, spiritually, through me, anyway at all. You are desired, you have need to calm your thoughts just some, and find balance so you can gain order for you, not for others. You give freely, outwardly but here to you there is some flack. You are very beautiful and I see all things. You are coming to a better rest with some of your desires. This is truth and good. A long battle with self, world, law, rules and desires, old ways and darkness influencing along the way.

The darkness knows not, you do and will. Not one thing is lost or will be un- accounted for. You will have plenty for all. Father has promised this, it will be. This is truth. The things of body are contained and have frustration to learn, not to hurt you. The different things that you had trials about medicines and different things of the body all bring heaven and word, Angel brothers and me to you the Holy Spirit to bring resolve. There will be time for selling, the website, arranging and newness and vast change to the world. There will be much crying and moaning when the changes come that you are secure in. Please do not grieve, it was long time past for a change from before you were even born. You are helped vast way and you have helped many people in many ways in so many more ways than you can ever believe at this point I the Holy Spirit want you to delight your voracious loving soul with these ideas that you have already done this I am here and I the Holy Spirit know it. You are intended to be child of God, Father plans all things. I need my man here, built as you are doing, loving as you do. I ask you to believe no lies! All will work, all is seen and seen to. Go have some fun, get out now and have some fun. You are much, and Father knows you quietly await, busy your- self until....

I will protect, I will love, I will teach, I will guide, I will bring more, I am the Holy Spirit.

1-6-2012 My beautiful son, you have done everything I have asked. I am delighted with your character, maleness, wonder, innocence and every aspect quite honestly I find in you. You are a little sad today; I have to try to pick you up or tickle you or tell you some more truths to please you. It is like little gifts, you do enjoy them and I stroke your head quietly as you think about your new, ‘truth gift’, you truly are my beautiful son. *I do love you Father, so much you have helped me so much. I will do so much more my son for I am Father and I do run the show. Is there something you would ask ore like of me today son? *Why do I want to cry? You are heavy laden my son by so many burdens that do not have to be. I am not trying to be cruel; I am bringing you back to me for faith and peace. I have told you in words with in you and written words about all of the things that are heavy upon you. No one has the ability to be so spoken into them about each thing. I gently ask you to stand on my words for they do work out and you will gain faith.

*Could we please go over them once more and will you tell me Father why burden comes? I cannot resist your loving ways son. Yes I will go over, I will go over how burden comes because you are learning new ways of thinking, you are unhappy with random thoughts in the morning, well I will help you, you will see! Your tender heart is so open I have to draw you so very close to mine to be careful. *It is a good place to be Father here but as we draw close to your heart I do not want to hurt you, please!

No burdens now son. I am real big and you are hurting now. We must go Back to things that I said. I have said there is enough money to cover all that you want to buy and that is all down to all the things that you want to do everything that you wanted even to your computer even to the vases that you wanted, everything. I have all in mind for you my son.

There is more of money coming for you. The ads are good to do for access things in the old lamp shop if you wish. The first step is to print off the photos you have taken of the lamps done. You can do this today. Take A step at a time son. Then if today, you can try, I will help it is good to have three separate emails set up, one in this area and one in another area. I will cover, I will be changed all will be changed for you. You have done good work on all things that you have that are of value and it does delight you to sell some things, be positive and keep prices in perspective. Things will sell and new will come.

I have planned the weather to be nicer, not so cold see you can enjoy some cleaning out in the garage and pricing for new ways. To which you can and I and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit will be there and your angelic brothers, they have been waiting quietly to be asked to help you and perhaps write more with you.

*Am I really real father? You son have found a new way like an explorer, not a trailblazer yet it is kind of trouble -some I will help like an explorer going into a new realm where others are afraid to go or fall for the darkness waits to subvert. I watched and guided you were so very careful, so very careful always watching for right and for light and leaving dark, law and heaviness. You have done fine and straightened up. There is always time but here we need time for you to go out for a while. You do not need to do all, see what comes. Give to you, there will be away son. I love you, do not worry, all have grace and wait for you happily for you to encounter, go and try, Father.