Note: I feel compelled to write here to you first as I add this year’s writing in July of 2011. I am trying to add some of each year to show the website viewers that I am ‘going along’ and Father is ‘moving ahead’ with all things He has planned. That said, you will see this year’s writing will have references to a ‘false one‘, to a ‘family of false ones’ and much, much change and healing that took place with me. Father is in ‘authority’ and Father decided to ‘clean things out’ that were stifling to me. This of course will turn out to be a testimony for God and His work. I do not want to hurt anybody but I must speak truth and bring God’s perspectives into the writings. This I speak of circumstances and occurrences in truth that in fact happened that have brought me much pain and much growth.

I had a friend that walked with me for nine years. This was a man that I met through a class I taught on The Holy Spirit and we had  developed a deep friendship and waked together with Yeshua and shared our relationship each day deeply with each other and with God, Yeshua and The Holy Spirit. I shared with him all I knew. He wanted all I had with God, I thought. I also had a fellowship group in my home with him and his family and others for many years. I also did individual ministry to them, extensively,  teaching them what I knew. This became much of my focus and I left my ‘first love’, BIG MISTAKE. Father heard the pain in my heart and knew what needed to be done so that the ways He had intended to go forward would continue to do so. There are a thousand little and big ’instances’ that can be scrutinized but last September he left the entire walk and friendship with a twelve word email to me and his family went with him. He stated in the email he was angry and overwhelmed and could not take ‘it’ anymore. Not another word. I was of course ripped apart. The reason for the ‘false one’ reference and the ‘false ones’ reference in the writings that came from Father took me a long time to come to grips with. I did not want to believe Father and it took a long time for Father to convince me that all He had been showing me in how all of the things played out were in fact truth. The past friend himself told me on many occasions that he felt like an ‘actor’ in walking with me and that he was so ‘false’ with me but I in my innocence  would not believe him or I was just too stubborn to believe such a thing and that I could fix him with Christ and God and all the God stuff I do. You can see I am open and honest with my feelings about most all things, Father has taught me to be so and to not be ashamed about them but I truly did have a hard time with this ‘trial’ and ‘separation unto God’. This got me on so many levels, Body Soul and Spirit. I can not tell you the times and the amount of oppression involved with this situation. It was so intense I do not think I want another friend, I do not think I want another fellowship group. I really look at God’s Children differently now. This has happened before but here was Psalm 55 and Acts 15 and the Betrayal study with Soul Wounds Teaching and Cold Love Teaching all wrapped up in one.

Here is the thing, I forgave and Father told me he took all responsibility for me and my actions for I was upright, I had a hard time with that. It has taken nine months of pain and healing and blessing them and putting them into Father’s lap each day but Father has taught me many, many things now. I have gotten so many things done that were not getting done before and I have been given many more ’Spiritual Blessings’ far beyond what I could have dreamed of.  God works in so many ways. This has been the very hardest thing to be ’cut away’ from that which we get comfortable with and there was betrayal and Soul wounds and tears and much oppression to keep clear of for the darkness wants us ’connected’ to those that have hurt us. Out of the depths of this I have to tell you that when you are troubled by another, ANY other, forgive them, it is for you, NOT for them. You will read in these writings many conjecturable things that Father states to me, I know I re-read them as I was going over them and I was amazed at the level of love and intensity of involvement there in my life. I keep going back to this. Who do I think I am? This is just ludicrous! I know it is love for I feel it, I know Father is close for I feel Him. I do not hold anything against the past friend for I know he was doing the best thing he could do and he will be ultimately responsible for his own actions. This just gets so messy. God is so patient and so loving and I do not know how he gets me into His word and his life so closely! This scares me at times when it gets so close, I do not mean to be so unique and stand apart, it just happens.

Oh and by the way, the old inventory I was crabbing about all the time to Father that I wanted help with? I have it all ready NOW and I am progressing with it finally after oh about nine years. The website is all updated and chugging away and my relationship with Father and all the Heaven guys is at the best it has been. My family is closer and ’stuff’ is God’s way. Funny……. 

These Angels now….  
I also have to make note of the references to the Angelic Host. This is a lot to believe for but it takes faith. The scripture states that God will give us Ministering Spirits charge over us - Angels to help us. I have the Blessings to have this come forward in my life. All of this has come with the absolute purity of The Holy Spirit or I would not have it. As you read these writings there are references to Angelic Hosts and even specific names and Father giving them to me to help me through these times of healing from the ‘trial’ and the ‘ways of man’ that were taken from me. I can only assure you that what Father gives is of Holiness and again through The Holy Spirit only. All of these writings and the website for that matter are a choice for you. It takes faith and belief to move forward with God and with Yeshua His Son and with The Holy Spirit. I will stop making excuses for them and myself now. There is love and life here. Come and get some. I did and I feel bad for those who left for there was a lot that was lost. It will catch up.


Lots of ones My Son today.  You are My One, My only One and you coming to grips with that in your identity is the most difficult thing you have had to do.  You say you are broken?   I say good?  For I do not see you as broken but as lovingly humble under My authority.  You are most submitted and appropriate in every way, this is so good.  Broken?  No - rebuilt yes, and coming into your own, your own person.  Your own person as My Son and as My Prophet Son with no one else around of the world to so thwart you as they have so many times!  You are held by Me, your Creator Father as you are today absolutely naked and unashamed of who you are to Me, that makes Me so happy.  You must trust Me to open your mouth and breathe the pain, the last parts of the pains of the false one from your body into My mouth so I may take the sobs of sorrow from you unto Me for healing.  You did this as My man/child trusting in your Father wholly.  I tell you Son his immense pain he inflected upon you is nearly gone and the joy of Cheerio will be there to replace it.  You are now seeing My Son, My long haul with you, how I wish I could have just only zapped your brain and removed this false friend and his vast influences upon your life with his stubborn ways of not ever accepting your gentle Yeshua love - you gave it so freely and then surrounding you with his “lock tight” family to further confuse you and keep you on the treadmill of “when will God?”  and “surely I have done enough.”  do you see the distance now Son you have traveled in these past three months?  You have said not a word in the street, you have kept releasing prisoners from the prison house with your website and your travels and “walking each day”.  you have forced love from the earth to the Heavens, you have thrust it up here making love to Me with your selfless actions and delighting Me and My Heavens with your whole hearted talents to love and save only wanting My will to be done.  I am pressing pure Heavenly Father’s love upon you now for you need it to help heal you and give you life and it makes you weak yes, My Son?  (Yes, Father, I feel it thank you.)  It comes to you in Spirit Son but it is not enough.  You have Soul and you have body here on the couch that are faithfully writing.  I want to love the whole man.  I want you here.  (I want to be there with you Father.)  There are many things in your body, Soul, and Spirit that need to be so “seen to” My Son, I am not avoiding these.  It is like My world, there is much pain and deterioration and it cannot go on too much longer for there are forces trying to destroy it and all of the innocent, ignorant ones there.  (I am sorry Father we have not been more effective and I am sorry I have been resistant.)  My Son, I know of the true heart you make those statements from.  It is a heart I truly must protect for it is vast in intellect and opening your purity.  You attempt to live the life of a man but you are simply filled with the concepts of Yeshua and My Holy Spirit.  You would rest and sport with Him all day every day to please Him giving your life over gladly as His shell.  He knows this and desires you but holds back just a bit for you MUST have your man’s life.  (I will do anything Father.)  You have done everything My most loving Son.  This is all within My Plan.  (Did you know Father I would be as this?)  Yes, My Son.  (May I ask more?)  Yes, Son.  (Father, trials and tests hurt but I know I learn - I want to be ready for Yeshua.  Is there anything I should give up that will have to be sacrificed later anyway?   You know my heart and I want to learn and will not mess up your plans but I am gun shy after this false one cutting away, please help me.)  You are very circumspect My Son, I love you and I do not remove things from you to cause you pain, only growth Son.  You have given all and more to Me your Father.  I see no where in your life that you are not carefully committed unto Me, God, Yeshua, The Holy Spirit and your call.  There are things that will come and go Son, but I review the long list of trials and I see the now request of you to be at peace so you may “get ready”.  I had said Son, LOVE YOURSELF and you have.  I have said Son, REST and you have tried so hard with a busy mind and torment bothering you - you seek to live, how can I be harsh and stop you from busying yourself while waiting for dreams to be fulfilled?  I will add to you.  Your pain is at issue for I knew it would continue.  It and your purity is the reason I separate you  and give you Angels and I bring you here to My breast each morning and any other time you would want to.  I took out old stagnant waters from false one this morning Son, you are nothing at all like the friendship he constantly tried to manipulate.  You are unique and cannot be held down believe Me I, as God, know this from My experience!  I choose to love you because I trust your heart and mind in that I have put so much of Me and My Son, Yeshua and Our Holy Spirit within you and you have worked so hard to cherish all you are.  I am going to move Son, all has been preparatory plans and your life has told of Prophesy all along.  You may Prophesy more specifically now for you know it is coming in and out  in you.  I love you and I will not steer you wrong.  You have done it all Son, the world awaits My move but Yeshua awaits your love touch as you do His.  That new fresh water will delight you.  It is time now Son.  Let me love  you in fullness, Father


Good morning, My Prophet Son.  Thank you for being so strong and allowing My words of life to come through you.  All of My Heavens have watched adoringly the beautiful interchange this morning that you and you and your wife have had.  Yes, it touches on Soulish difficulties and yes, it is hard to wrangle them out but look . . . truths of My Heavens are known!  Rejoice Son for it is so cutting edge and so many concepts are covered in such short order.  Why is this?  Because I have two children of love and experience and submission and intellect and authority and Heavenly guidance willing to come before Me, their Father and Believe!  If this was done in the world as you were so valiantly trying to do here with fellowship group My world would be a drastically changed place.  But sadly, we must look at the whole - My children are rebellious and they are too comfortable and are terrified of change and of looking at themselves honestly to apply My truths.  I must take different avenues with the world than I take here in an obedient and submitted household.  My world is filled with religion and law, it is filled with denial and avoidance, it is filled with temporary luxury and cunning evil that masks itself as “all is well for me” ignoring the fact that so many are dying diverse deaths under evil’s controls.  Not so here in this house.  You have made it a haven for life and teach My word to the walls making them sing with joy.  Much comes for change -  put your burdens on your Angel Tribion and call the rest of your Angelic Host.  Rest and then I will tell more.  You are My Son in whom I am well pleased.  You see?  You see!  You see!!  You are life, you are truth!  Neither I nor your wife nor you will forget the example of your three sons.  You both love them all as I do but you want to “be” closer with all of them.

 My children are so far away from Me, they have denied My existence unearthing theories from the underworld that all is evolved from some random crash or bang or something.  It is truly a most cunning plot of evil for it has some truth within it.  I do evolve some things.  I, Myself evolve and yet I never change but man cannot understand this without trust and love of Me and so he allows Me to be abased and denied by evil discussing Me away in schools with so much theory after the blank wind that I created anyway.  You, My Son, are My Prophet and I have for you to help restore to Me My lost children with love and care before all will be changed and much will be taken up by evil and all else will be destroyed.  It is not too heavy for you for I have given you My own Son Yeshua - He will rule and I have given you My Holy Spirit, He is pure love energy and I have given you My Angelic Host to serve you, they are truth with the Holy Spirit and integrity to destroy darkness and evil as you come with Yeshua within you.  The world sleeps, the world festers, the world postulates, look at it any way you want they are all indicative of needing change.  I will do this.  You want this.  I have “put” this in you as a powerful spark.  I love you, I know these words are strong but I need you primed for your coming weeks. I want My children to know Me, their Father.
I love what you have done, Father


 My Son, be calmed for you are in My presence, Yeshua has brought you here and He as well as I have taken your pain and your feelings and your emotions from the past from you, now pray to release.  Your prayer, My Son, and your Septoring is perfection for I and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit all helped you  pray it.  It is complete and I will enact all things within the prayer and make them so.  Please  ask for more Son, you are entitled to more.  I love you dearly as all of Heaven does.  We long for your thriving and it will be so.  You are so accurate My Son and honest with yourself, it grieved My Father’s heart to hear your brokenness last night at questioning your abilities of being a male friend.  You were if anything too much that is why your are exhausted not the other way around.  You did not take, you never do, you give and it becomes vastly evident.  People cannot stand a man and his own frail taking from another male friend cannot stand or then only for so long.   You see again, you are unique.  I must protect My unique and giving one for he gets chewed up so quickly.  You are downcast this day from doubt of who you could be as a friend.  You have the abundance of Yeshua, the Holy Spirit’s intellect and My, Father’s words in your mouth in addition to an upright and talented unique fun personality all absolutely appropriate male and man.  You just give so much and you “know” what men are capable of.  There is no wrong here, you are a true leader and Prophet, My Son of Promise.  You are not deficient in friendship skills in any, any way.  You are also not misunderstood, that is man-ipulation, say to them “do it lazy one” for you speak truth.  You are light. I do the best.  Rest and do your day with me and we all will go wit you as we do.  Call, I vow, talk, be, explore    Father.


My Little One, I am trying Son, it all accomplishes for you and I do not fail and you do not fail. I know the thoughts have been formidable this day, you are re-adjusting to Our time and Peace is yours Son, it really is.  I know you  go looking for active ways but you are not less with what you do here, you are more.  You have run from this for years and you are conveniently indulged to run, run, run for many years with false one, him thinking your request for activity fit in well with his need to run around and “look important” caring for you, not resting quietly with Me.  Did he ever?  (No).  All was false Son the running you so desire is just a hang on from the memory of running with him for he first needed a ride along to appease his abject loneliness and then morphed it into oddness each day.  (Why do you wait to tell me this Father - it hurts!)  You could only take it today as you become strong enough to want something new.  PRODUCTIVITY! For you.  The old ways of him are just shadows and vapors, you are reality and promise.  I never waste with you Son, you gained, grew, prepared all along but . . . You gained a continued habit from youth and matron side, running.  Pray now.  Good done.  (Write more Father).  Read, read and you are healed!  Yes, I will!


(Father, where did I fall?)  Fall My Son?  What makes you think you have fallen?  (I am sullen with you and Yeshua and I was not so kind to the Angelic Host you gave me.  I am sorry.)  Son, who has established these huge standards for you?   (I presume I am to be a certain way with you  and Heaven, always upright.)  Were you not upright? (No)
Were you strong and forceful?  (Yes, but that frightens me Father.)  Why, My Son?  (I will be rejected or I will not have the energy to “back it up”.)  My Son, we are getting to some deep things today.  I love you, will you continue?  (Yes, Father)   Yeshua, nor I nor your heavenly Host rejected your “strong attitude” today, we welcome it and the Holy Spirit has endless energy for you to keep it “hard” Son not like any man who can only throw so many punches and take so many then is done.  I made all men the same, you are no different, same strong arms, same abilities to take a punch - you are just My unique one and I gave  you a ‘false one’ who was supposed to protect you but did not protect you and now I am giving you many, many who will gladly protect you.  You did war today - you declared it!  Darkness will shudder.  I tell you truly I will carry out each thing just as you Septored.  Common, tell me your feelings.  (I have been a soldier for so long Father, no one knows what I have done, I am tired, really, really tired and I want to be loved not always attacked.)   Your words are very valid My Son, I have reached to you with My love and manifested it to you beyond what I have shown to all other men but that is what makes  you unique.  You are making My heart hurt for your need is evident, I am sorry My Son you have the right to be loved more and more.  I ask you to call out and you did on the bed the other night and now oppression and confusion and My tasks come and you are in need of  (more love Father, I am sorry).  Never be sorry for your want and need of love My child.  It is I who have pushed much upon you with Angelic training and Prophesy training, television shows and distraction.  (I could have rested more Father.)  Yes, but I take responsibility here My Son.  (Please Father, change me, change things, make things new, bring new Father.  I put myself before you naked.  Do whatever is needed, I do not want any more of this person or that torment, can’t I be done?  Doesn’t it withhold new life?)

I am God, your Creator Son and I tell you by My Power and by My Word which is within YOU and by My Authority which I have given unto you that NO man has done what you have done! No man has even come close to grappling with the level of darkness and lived upon it and overcome it nor has any man so engaged the Heavens, I God, Yeshua, My Heavens or My Angelic Host as you have.  I tell you truly you are a wonder.  I have put My Spirit within you and the absolute maximum of Yeshua - the word within you and all of My Heavens around you just enough to not let the world see you as different or your “life” would be lost.  One beam of Heaven’s glow upon you to the world and it would begin.  Your lot is to wait and to grow and to gain experience as I ready change for a frail world on the brink of challenge change.  Will all things shake and crumble?  Yes, you have the eloquent words within you to  Prophesy it all. Is it soon?  I have shown you countless times making you weary unable to count the confirmations of threads.  Have I been too hard on you?  Yes, I have pushed and pushed My man Son to his strengthening point so many times he cannot count those as well.  You are shown gleaming to the Spiritual realm and unfortunately to the spirit realm of darkness and they come after you to attempt to deter you as I work with you to keep you.  You had a false friend who ran away  when you thought you were not the full man and he was, well look at who stands today!!!  My Son My man!!!  The false one is gone, back into his life…. so you push ahead for Me as the true Man of God.  There is only One, I knew who it was going to be, you can take away all of the endless circumstances he issued and put the Christ Yeshua YOU taught on top of  everything to him and his family.  I will not ever forget what they decided to do to you yes, but what they decided to do with the beautiful, beautiful truths of My Son Yeshua you walked and talked of.  l  say you are done, I will give you strength and the unemotional ability to finish the last things. I Myself will burn from the Spirit and the spirit realm all remembrance of him soon with you and you with him and all of his family.  Lift your eyes to Me, My Son.  Good job My Son, you asked Me, Father into you and I complied.  I came with healing to burn from within you memories and pains of this old false one.  It will now soon be over.  You Son are New.  I have built you new all along.  Your strength and resolve is so vast and the “friends” you have made with your Angelic Host will help assist you in all ways.  I do know best.   Rest heals and that is the only area you kick at.  I cannot scold you too much there Son.  Come deeper now, look into My eyes.  It will all be gone that troubles you.  You were not abased.  I was for My demands and he could not take the pressure.  See to that in each mind.  I will also be diligent to see to no meeting of you two for nothing could come out of it for he changes not and you have grown on.  I will have him come to you in Heaven to rectify what he did and your Yeshua will explain all things in your quiet time together before He brings you to Me.  My Son, you had never faced personal rejection in a relationship, I had to do this for so many rejected Yeshua’s love and He lived on as you do.  It is free will choice whether bad or good.  It was not you Son, you were always driven by Me to make him better, take off the burden now - it is mine and Yeshua’s.
Now My Child let me fully heal and release and restore you from your own prison of self thoughts for many are so slanted at your taking such strong responsibility for so many things when it is so wonderful for you to be the man I created, moods, intellect, beauty and all.  You have worked hard, hard, hard for Me - this I do not forget.  I know if one child can do this much many can do much more than they are doing.  “Your call”, call to them but do not take on the burden, just know you did it, they can too.  Now rest a bit, you have done so well.  Call Michael to you and tell him what you are feeling.  Gabriel also, and the entire Angelic Host now.  My Son, My Host will protect you unlike the man of the world for it is the spirits of darkness they fight and My Angelic Host are Spirits of Holiness. You are ENTITLED to Peace, Love, Calm and pursuit of your life unto Me and I will direct them to follow you.  I will as well today.  You have found truth and grow strong by your own will and My direction  I am so proud.  Let me gently guide now.  Please rest.  Repose, fun for you, take for you, give to you, you will do My all Son.  You will be totally free, My vow.  I love you so,  Father


Welcome My Sons! I have My Yeshua here and He brings Me My new found Son of Man, My Prophet Plus More, My Son of Spirit from the fallen world, My fallen world right here into The Holy of Holies. What do you have to say My Son?
( Thank you for calling to me, such love and patience, Thank you for Yeshua for bringing me and for dying for me so I may be able to come here freely to the - Our Father. I would ask for more of Yeshua for I need you greatly, please come into me more and guide me in your ways so I may please Father as you did. Father, I am sorry for my wrongs and my disconnect from the Heavens. I humble myself and ask you to teach me more so I may know myself and love myself as you have created me. Help me to know you, Yeshua the Heavens, and the Angelic Host much better so I may grow do the things that will bring me life and bring life to your Children here so they will know you as I do. Crush the darkness, tell me of those saved by your using of me and help me to balance my life so you will be pleased. If my Father and my Yeshua who are my authority are pleased I may be at peace. Help me love.)
You sat down to ask My Son and what did you ask for? (did I displease you Father?) No Son think. ( I asked for more of you and Yeshua and Heaven and teaching and love.) Yes Son, you have learned, you grown, rest. You also asked about those redeemed by your sacrifice. ( May I know Father?)  My Son do you trust Me?  (With my life Father, the darkness is quite relentless to divide us in our love, I am weak, you are strong.)  I am Spirit Son, and I am in you but you are man, you are body beautiful, Soul beautiful and you are Spirit beautiful and your strength is what darkness knows and hates, it is tricky but you have overcome each and every obstacle that has been placed before you.  (With your help Father and that of Yeshua and the Holy Spirit and the Angelic Host and the Heavens.)  you are well to give us credit but Son, your strength has endured and it is your strength you must take account of.  (That is hard Father.)  It is just truth not conjuncture.   I as God give it unto you.    (Yes, Father.)  It is of primary musk and of primary importance My Son, you have earned it, you have done it.  If you add up all of the feats of strength, fruit, love, action that I account unto you who are you?  (More than I realize, I should not tolerate the torment or oppression.)  Yes, Son, it will come as a matter of drive of darkness but I had said I would be building Spirit/Man walls around you of strength.  These cannot be denied, only by outright lies and outrageous plots by evil.  (Can’t we just duct tape their mouth Father?)  You always make me smile My most beautiful one.  The darkness is compelled to do darkness, it will find a way.  One can bury their head in the sand and say “they do not exist” or one can fight them for Me or one can find ways to agree with darkness to a level so they are comfortable such as religion or law or money or sin or generational bondage.  You, My Son, will not tolerate a speck of darkness anywhere around  you.  Believe Me that brings My notice and brings the darkness to notice you as well - it is the ultimate rejection of everything it does for all and everything that is Holy.  Welcome to Heaven on earth.   This is a hear, hard walk for a man.  (So if I do some evil it would be so much easier?)  in a practical way Son, yes.  (You know I will never do that!)  Yes, Son and so I pour out from Heaven My protection as darkness does its best to “bring us apart”.  (Is there  another way Father?)  The way of love My Son.  Love is the strongest factor of all and I am directing and teaching you the ways of Heaven’s love each day upon the world.  This also is a hard thing.  (Yes, Father a battle for love.)  You are caught right in the middle with Yeshua.  A lighting rod of  My voice in a darkened world, a radio tower, beacon of word that I choose to call to.  You will succeed My Son, you are already built and broadcasting.  (I want more, I feel like I am crazy to do so but I want more of you all of the time!)  Yes, Son and I will give you more than you can desire.  How’s that for My Promise?  You have not seen and yet you know, you have had to fight for the slightest thing and yet always you have done so to victory.  Now warrior Son your Angelic Host are to fight for you each battle.  (It is hard to get to “know them”.)  You have a difficult time trusting and believing these Angels will not do to you what man has done?  (Yes Father, I am sorry.)  Do not be Son!  You have valid reasoning, they understand you must ask them to show themselves to you.  (How?)   In all ways My Son, I have allowed it.  (You have?)  Yes.  (I am also afraid of the scripture from Genesis 6 Father.)   Would you believe Me Son if I told you I had My own false ones here, ones who made no effort and who tried to usurp My authority and lied and cheated?  One in particular was of My heart and I gave him My all and he so absolutely betrayed Me crushing Me I threw him out with those with him to the world with his falseness and his family who idolized him.  They have become just more of themselves, evil and darkness.  I gave them My best they wanted more so I cut them away and banished them to earth until My Son Yeshua comes to judge.  (Your parallels frighten me in my life Father.)  They should not My Son, this writing as your life takes hard work and Holiness and sacrifice and it is evident as in truth of evidence that these parallels were created by Me, God, for you to show you your position for now you have authority over the Perfect Angels that are My Chosen Ones who will protect you form the false ones who so deeply broke your heart after so many years of work and effort.  They are faithful to you for they know the pain of your heart for Yeshua is in your heart and it was He who was rejected and I who was rejected in My authority to make them better.  You taught from Me each day, they walked away.  No word was heard.  I had said you have it all Son and I mean it.  You are MY Son and your love and strength is Heaven’s obligation to you.  My world is filled with false, you will change things.   This huge, I will agree, horrific lesson for your heart was hard, hard, hard but you see now why the fierce resistance of the days ago.  (It still scares me massively  Father this reference to you and the wars of heaven comparing you to me and my little world and the things that happened to me, I am aghast and whoever reads this will also be aghast at what I write, Holy Smokes this is getting really thick Father.  I need you and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit and the Heavens and the Angelic Host so much.)  Is that not just how our writing started MY Son?  You are not undone, you are nearly done with this difficult phase.  I love you and all will stay very, very close.  Good job.  Give to you now today and I will guide.  I love you so Child of Mine.  Father


My Son, you are here in My Holy of Holies by My will, the will of God the Father, the Creator of all things.  You are also here by an act of your will to come here in conjunction with Yeshua to see to all that needs to be done in your life.  Take My peace upon you please Son.  You have done no wrong, you have walked in My ways and have been led by My Holy Spirit and have been obedient to My every will sacrificing of yourself.  That is where you stand, that is a place of true honor.  I honor you as My Son and Prophet and carrier of My Spirit and My Son upon the world.  I have carefully directed all things My Son and they were for the “bringing up of you” and for the “ways of Heavens”.  I have tried My best to remove falseness from  you, it was a hard, hard thing for you to endure for it was connected to so many “good” things you did.  I did not ever intend to break your heart only to set you free from things that you could not see.   You are nearly done for the lessons are taught and the words are given and the emotions are nearly quieted and you are much stronger.  You have now written more with Me in these last three months and produced more true fruit of intellect and Spiritual freedom for you and for you  only than in the past many years.  You have gained.  For the satisfaction and comfort of your Soul I will say again without the emotional backwash of your past months you were maligned in so many horrible ways.  I saw the hearts there and your care was there but the care from others was grossly missing.  The ones I removed were heartless and judgmental and so worldly you could not lift them up into the Spirit even given ten thousand more Sundays.  The most false one who took your heart and trampled it was the most telling.  It was Yeshua’s heart and you had no way of knowing how to protect it or recover from it for that matter.   I have done this to the best of My abilities but we must stay the course to assure you are in good order before much more is given unto you.  I know the hurt for the false ones also infected your heart, body, Soul, and life and I have been seeing to those things as well.  I am here to comfort as is Yeshua as is your Angelic Host  as are My Heavens as is My own Holy Spirit for you.  Yes, My words do endure of coward, childish, selfish,  hateful and cruel.  I said I will not forget but that does not carry down to you child, that is an enemy trick to include more torment upon My clean Son.  For every thought and torment continue to send Angelic Hosts to redeem the evil ones fallen ones - multiply it when  you will, I will follow.  You had said in your fellowship group that you wanted to live life more “in the Spirit” well Son is that not just exactly what I have done?  I had to remove lots of false “skin” but you are here more in Spirit than ever before.  It can be done, it is real, it is a true loss to those who ran away for their own falseness.   I will not leave you here “quiet” for long, I just must have the wounds of past healed fully and I will bring new and better.  Look to ‘your’ life, I always have.  When you sacrifice one thing or many things I bring more.  I want you to advance the website but not at that cost.  It is a comfort and a delight to you and must be seen to.  It should be redone and you must walk this out and you do need your wife’s help for a time.  You can type and you can dictate old writings when it is up and running and I will help to make it so.  Others have been lazy, greedy, and have not cared, it is a pity for it is pure true fruit and many are blessed.  Go slowly, it is your blessing and the Angelic Host will help.  You have done no wrong Son, I cannot say that of any of My children.  You must accept yourself, love yourself, rest and take My peace upon you.  I am always watching and we all are very near in love.  Father.


(Father, thank you for all you have shown to me and given unto me, you have truly blessed me.  You have loved me fully in a Spiritual way and I am grateful so much for that.  I do not want to come to you sullen, I am weary however of people and the continued games played.  Is it all darkness or is it flesh?  Perhaps my views are skewed.  You have given great allowances to have me here and I do not want to take advantage of your wonderful love to me, forgive me, help me.)
I am your Father, you are My Son, I took the “job” of you on a while ago in your life and I have been delighted ever since.  You Son, are filled with love, you are filled with grace and peace and a vast intellect from the Heavens and the earth that is unknown and way, way undervalued.  It will not be for long.  You are as well humble and obedient and most circumspect in our relationship for you have great honor and respect for Me,  your Father and for your Lord Yeshua and for your Holy Spirit and the Angelic Host I have given you and My Heavens which are yours also.  You are mine as I am yours.  Your immediate emotional reaction of tears at MY writing and including you show Me, God, I have chosen well and I am at peace with My new found earth bound Son.  (I miss you Father.)  I miss you too My Son, our disconnect is only for a moment in time when you consider the eternity here we will have and have had.  (It is heavy on me.)  You are nearly done My Son, My Child for so much has been gathered unto you.  You must be strong Child.  (It is a long journey back to Spirit life.)  Yes, My Child so much of the world has called in so many directions.  (Am I too darkness corner looking - in people Father?)  You achieve a great and precarious distinction My Son of being MY only called Son and MY called and chosen Prophet in the world  this makes you a target bulls eye.  There is one evil one, one anti-christ, one beast, one false spirit, one cold love spirit to count the horrible bad account but there is one each.  There is also One Savior, Yeshua, My Son the Lord of All, the King of Kings.  There is also one true Holy Spirit.  There is also only one Me kid, I am really big but I get the job done.  (I love you.)  Thank you.  In this “one” stuff you get to be out in front and where you are concerned you are a target.  All of our writings show you that.  Why so many Angels of war?  To help you and why Michael each day?  I say so My Child.  Are  you unbalanced thinking evil comes in and through people around you to hurt your tender heart?  Not at all!  It is MY PRIZED SON”S HEART and the darkness bucks to hurt as I try to thwart it each day.  Others do not know.  I have not told them all, they are not entitled to know.  You and I, Yeshua and you and He wants you more than ever.  All of Heaven will continue to protect you My Son, for you are called, you are not unbalanced you are most adept at finding the darkness lurking in people’s lives  I have trained you for that.  You must be pure of heart to be able to see and that makes you the target to be stopped by darkness so it can continue it’s rise to power.  You are very carefully watched over.  Rest.  (Father I am concerned for my wife. )  Yes, My Son your heart is burdened again, you must give it to Tribion for it is not your burden.  Your wife is capable of working this out with Me.   (Can I help her with some words here from you, I hurt too?)  Yes Son, this had been a continuing wound but it can be closed and healed by My truth and by “knowing oneself” and by self love.  I am not trying to alienate the two of you for I know darkness torments you with that.  I am “reguiding” My two children and their beautiful children in a correct direction given the hard work and sacrifice they have made for Me.  Children must be released, it is a growing part of life unless the adult or the child is fearful or controlling or ill-equipped to live.  I give each a fair balance and choice each day and strength to choose good.  My world is filled with dysfunction.  Here there is Spirit Life.  I love you both.  Father.