How many years will you withstand your pain my Son? How many years will I withstand mine? I am sorry to compare to you and shadow your eminent hurt at my responsible hand to guide you to a life of new. I am helping you away from your flesh life and the fragments of the illusive Soul. That man Soul wants so much comfort and I understand. That is why I gave you a river of My Heavenly Host to walk and to talk with you and what do you do? You give them unto others! As always there goes my Son, with an unexpected gift of Heaven’s renown opening up a realm of the Spirit absolutely unknown to men for they abominate it. I trust only you and you child share your prize with others. You give unto another even before you engage their majesty. You do this in your sacrifice of self like my Son Yeshua but you have no safety valve of stopping of when to just take for yourself. when you tried to have your wife hear from them it is not going to happen for she only wants to see one. You child are my only anointed one. You child are my only One. You child are on My way to Christ. Another can dispatch the Angels at your bidding but it is under your authority as Prophet and the very great price you pay each day to be so. You do not have to have tears to just “get it right Father” you have gotten it right all along. How can a man adjust to this? A Son of God had a hard enough time.


How far you have come my great Son. You have held your integrity so highly in your regard to My honor and Yeshua’s reputation and related niceties you did not even get wet! And yes it was Me giving some - not just some instances for you for fear and comfort and saneness, 17% only, that leaves a lot Son. I can heal but you have nothing else much of such and excitable area. OK, OK, I will tone it down Son. I have given you all because you are mine and you as well give all yourself. (No, not until I am in your arms). We soon will not need words to express. You have done nothing wrong or amiss - you are exceptionally careful for My sake asking to crush your desires. Come here - were all of my words enough? ( Yes, My Father, I can rest. Thank You. I love you )


The days go on and progress is made even though you in your Soul and Flesh do not see it. Why would you be attacked as today? It is to take from you and I to assure the sameness of completions is there as always. Day by day words are built in you and around you for My purposes to be brought forward. Will all be resolved my Son? Of course it will for the world just chases after the daily sun and you chase after Me, the Creator and find Me and My words each day and I find you so to speak because I never leave you. You are the target of all that seeks to oppress the ways of God, you. It lifts from you and you close your eyes in warm secure peace, what did I show you this time? Your faith building? My ability to take your accusations for I knew you were oppressed? A lesson of incidents to probably teach to another and others tomorrow? A testing to see if you really love Me and will seek Me or leave Me? Showing you your worth by crossing lines inadvertently and having principalities harass the love of God you are tying to build with worldly distractions? All of the above Son for I do many things as I listen to your angry pain coming out under My careful supervision. You are showing Me the ways of your man. Oh yes, I know in your self sacrificing ways you want Me to “learn” of you so I may better know my Sons when they come but Son, it is always you - yes it can be. I know all of my Sons but I have said I am learning you - you alone. There must be something there. How tempting the world and the insurance and trinity and inventory and smoking and driving and money and sex and hurtful words, land, unfinished things are. You know what? They are grains of sand to you - in your shoe to you - the flu to you. You are my living prize playing out a tempest of good and evil upon you each day and you and I win! We win with such glory because you have had enough. I have been sustaining you for a time now and you are coming to realize it by knowing my love - the testing see you kind. I have called to the deepest parts on your Soul while I was building myself in your Spirit. You could not have known this. My refining is strong but sure, it is harsh but it is complete. I will never turn from you and that which you have shown unto me. I am gratified by your want to continue. The sand on? Yes, it appears that the responsibility is yours but if I sustain you and it is just grains of sand we can address each one in kind in time but you, you Son are the epic of growth each day. You are far, far beyond what you perceive yourself to be assimilation to each thing has made the unusual appear usual to you - nothing of you is usual just below your normal appearance - again my plan. Give time to learn love to yourself and take rest and Prophesy from My heart. This all must be, you will see the wisdom in it. Contemplate the ways of your man. Love, Father.


Be strong Son, I state it upon truth because of what you are and what I have built. Nothing escapes you, least of all strength - it is an illusion of horror of lies. All of Heaven is around you and rightly so, you have done nothing wrong but seek your Lord and his Father’s ways. You will not be forgotten, no, you will lead. Ask and it will be done for you - if not by the world for I give them many changes to assist you uprightly but then I WILL STEP IN MYSELF as I have. You know this in your Spirit. Just sand in your shoes. Be loved. You have my words to you ‘repress’ in regards to your brother and sister in law - sophistication is gone not only in another’s job but the world - anarchy results - adjudicate for the other one. Attacked and maligned and seriously aborted you are with high levels of councils coming against each facet of your life including all aspects of the website. You are life and death brings its sting to you - it must be fought if you are to continue. The greater is love but prudent are ‘those’ who must help now or again I will remove you unto Me.

( note: It is so interesting in that those that were to help protect me did not and Father did threaten again and again to remove them, or me…He did, all are gone that did not do the things that Father asked. ALL false ones are gone, I was crushed at first but then Father, Yeshua and The Holy Spirit told me the real truths of those gone and I am now truly protected and truly loved. Restored!!)


I know what you want and I will tell you of it before you ask of it. You ask to be changed from what you are as though that is something that is wrong or offensive to Me. I have worked long and hard to bring out the you from inside you, your brokenness, you were held and abandoned there hating all of you. There is nothing to hate only what is there that is which to love and many long to do so. As you said today your are filled up with Me and no where to put it! I hear you and the discomfort is real for you - it is the ways of a Man - you I have asked you to examine. You are not at all wrong in your feelings or actions - how could you be? who have I to gauge this against? Really, actually Son be at peace for all of these things are grains of sand - held in My breast. Keep them in My breast Son, it is darkness trying to tempt you to share your personal feelings we have engaged in. I have held these from the world for your benefit, hold to this and be to Me alone and I will be to you alone. You feel you are out of your control, you are not, you are under the cumulative Holy Spirit’s control guiding and directing you in all instances to teach you, to cause you to let go and to titillate you at times. You can as well handle this because it comes with truth and love of which you need - as word to counteract doubt and fear of what you do want for you will not go after it. I place it before you and you rarely nibble cautiously. Do not hate Son, love but I do see I put so much in you the springs of eternity will come flooding from you when it is time. Socially how can I show you? I have explained commonness and likeness and all you are for it is directly within all others Son. I will find the research and words to comfort you further. Yes, an Angel is capable for I showed you today purity from My own Holy Spirit. Now I order you, accept and enjoy so further, fear not, be at peace and test Me. Removel will guide - not take and I protect. Father

I have the best for you My Son. You are becoming My best to receive My best Son when My Prophesy is fulfilled. I will complete what I begin with you. You have helped so many with My words and My word flows on with life from what you have given through others unto many more. As always this is the reasoning behind My great grace for you - your great sacrifice and obedience and the great torment to stop you and any words of Mine you bring - so - I give you help from My Heavenly Host, My servants, close to you through the Holy Spirit to assist you and to be very near to you. More near than I have ever allowed before. This is unto you alone and you will wield at your anointing and heart call the necessary actions. My Heavenly Host is fed by your great faith, I could not have brought them earlier and by our love - we have enough to sustain them. I need you to be close to Me and learn of you and also learn of Me and love Me and be loved by Me so all will be satisfied. Does My word not say that I will give My Angels charge over you to direct you in all of your ways? I am just bringing them closer to you for there is need and I fill the needs for My Children, especially a Son of Mine that is so obedient and submitted and humble.
To step into Prophesy for you is uneventful now for I am much more strong within you beyond Spirit within you into your Soul and soon into flesh man. You know exactly well of the things to come forth for I show you of them each day. I put things before your eyes in your information world because you are the Prophet. It means nothing to all else, it is correlated strings of future events you know of. No burdens now, just walk day to day. The money that directed the world has changed hands, the power upon the world that directed people has changed, the grace that protected people has changed and the life that was coming forth for My own children has changed. My children have changed, and so I will bring about change that My children are not expecting. You have waited for My time and a great reveal but it has been occurring under the surface for a long time. Change happens slowly in most cases but here where many minds have decided to overtake what I had planned in such a sinister way by destroying life at such record levels and causing evil to over take so many of My children I will bring a culmination of change not expected. I do not prepare you for something to have you waste away. I do not allow so much darkness liberty with My Creation without an eventual reason. My Son wants to see his Father gratified - where do you think you get the feeling? It is of Yeshua and it is burning. It has taken years to remove the lies from you alone my Son and start you on paths to truths. I abide in a house now of Honor in you.
Know your Heavenly Host, they are warriors as well. Death to My creation is upon all evil plans, look. Slavery will come first so death will seem release however, your truth will prevail.
Finances and politics cloud evils true intent - to enslave - you are always protected and set aside from his, My vow - darkness fears you - truly.
Peace to you now Child, find more of My love and tenderness for you for I long to talk always. I am always there in the morning for your “Father?” and I view, respond, arrange, speak - you are MY very unique one Son, I will complete in love. Father


My Son,
Have no fear. You have overcome great things to know Me and to know your going on valiantly into fights so that truth can be understood as you seek Me and the Heavenlies with all of your heart. People come here for you My Son, for what you have, for what you do , for what you teach, for what you know. I am not correcting anything in you this morning, your heart is so open to Me, no, I am helping you to distinguish the pride of man and how I have put stops on what man is able to do. Man will just “fill in” where his intellect falls short rather than seek ME for the greater information to truly understand the great quandary and so I allow the ignorance and confusion to remain. You see how different you are in one instance? You humble yourself at My mere mention of pride and My Majesty and ask for My guidance - that is a true Son and so - like of your writings of the past years and Bible scripture - I will give unto you the entire world, the world with My Son Yeshua within you and you will rule and understand peaceably and you will guide with Him without fear.

You are still working through the betrayal and truths of the heart motives of your mother and brothers, sister and sisters in law. Remember the scripture references that talk of turning the house against one another? It is here and it is painful at times, it is to show the true love of Yeshua and the true love for Me Father and the true love for The Holy Spirit. The wounds are deep and they come from My showing you truth. I do not like to slice up My Son and I truly do not like to see the wounds go so unattended for you have then been attacked by questioning resolve at My leading and future events. I do nothing un-purposeful My Son and the deleting of their numbers from your phone was My Holy Spirit’s way of showing you what the cause is to be. You hear directly from Me Son. I will tell you when to answer the phone or to give thought or action to this situation for you and I now. Any - and I do mean any other action here in thought word or deed is DEATH and is of evil to tempt you to pain. I have built a fortress around you now of strength, truth, Spirit stuff of love and always looked after by your Angelic Host of loyalty Angels, that is why their number - they will all know you for assistance and love and care for you in this matter It is closed Son, I have done the Spirit work here in the Heavenlies and the evil one is cast out, your records are all blank as from yesterday’s septoring. Son, it is too far, there is not redemption there nor the smallest amount of remorse nor compassion. I have seen and it does trouble Me greatly but the recompense will come for you now in separateness and peace, in knowing truth and your position of giving life not taking it away. You have risen above and all will now help you to not come near death Nazarene!
I have comforted you with truth in all veins and I will continue to do so. It is evident My Son I have brought you a complete and new life here for you one of Spirit and truth and it will stand. Their judgments are worldly, you have had death with many with Me before and found them to be false and futile and filled with pride and always, always slanted towards their way of thinking not Mine, not God’s, not the Creator’s, not true love, not Spirit, not time tested, not for real life to go on, not for ‘their agenda’ to be filled, not for just the comfort of the world. You do not live this way! You walk each and every day with Me your Creator and your arm and shin shows you that this morning. it is lies and death! Stand! You have so, so, so much life you have given at every turn I give abundantly unto you. Not unto them! You are Isaiah your are the Prophet, your are the truth and lie is the matter of them for now is nothing! Call forward the harassers and destroy them. This is done now. Your Host is in place and Michael will destroy and follow back and take care of all you asked. You are Mine Son, I will work to protect you each moment, I love My unique, heart-giving Son, you will be filling all things I have said. Stand strong, I love you. Father


Why do you push and anger me so Father? I do not want to be disrespectful to you and snap at you. You have been too kind to me for that, I do not understand why the pain?
You are My true Son, I am sorry for your pain, truly I am and it has been very intense pain dealing with vast deep emotions and deep evils that are rarely accessed to oppress My children. You know you get it - you are strong enough to be tested by the very worst that evil has and I allow it for a time because you have the very best of Me and you will be even receiving more of the unfathomable best when I move. I will move on you and you cringe and find it hard to believe. It is truth for I am truth, the only truth beyond what I put full in you.
Now to this anger, have I hurt you? No, the free will decisions of others’ flesh and some horrible evils have come out to hurt you. I have allowed it because they are free and I will teach them and you will learn from their offenses as you do and learn how to defeat evil and others’ evils from these experiences. Could I warn you? I do not do that for then you do not live. I do talk here to only you and heal you greatly and become MORE intimate with you. Can you take this? Yes, it is for building up or I would not do it. It is fair to use one’s mother? I guess not but Son look in My eyes. That’s right you are never going to be able to leave, I have you to My own and I will make you complete and then give unto you My Christ Yeshua. Son, your own pain at the realization of mother’s self important lies are not existing in Heaven. You have the keys of life Son, Hold Me I want you so - this is the reality - come to My robes - right into them in sorrow and Heaven and yes, the Host will all comfort. Loyalty Angels are in place, write tonight if you can. All is truth, Prophesy blooms and you are nearly done. I have for you great love, far beyond the world’s love. Pick it up as you lay down. Father

You are My Son, you are hurting and I will help you with what you need as I always have. I will do this with grace in perfection with your obedience and humility for that is the only way unto Me your Heavenly Father. You have keys for this, keys others do not know of and so I compel you to teach when you do not feel like it and when it even hurts your own flesh, result: you are My true Son, Christ like, anointed and loving, close and loving and far loved by Me and the Heavenlies. It cannot be explained away by the intellect of the futile Soul and the speculation excuses of others and I have had you upon a journey to abate each one of these with scripture or example or confirmation or example of your own beautiful life with Me. It is not dis-ordered it is very planned down to the finest detail for you and for Me. You are so then filled by God and His purposes, accepted wholly and you are fully approved of in a Holy way. Others must strive to find this as you have done and do. It is hard, rewarding, and it is the purpose of life here upon earth for My Creation period. You have discerned well this morning’s exchange with another, the focus is upon him, your stomach is upset because it was up to him to share his care with you not selfishly leave again for his purposes were fulfilled. I have called, no response. Call now. That is truth and conviction - that was all, accept no side ventures, just repentance, and no excuses, just change of behavior. I will lift this now. Your sighing is of concern to Me Son, it shows futility of strength to walk forward and the “forget its” are also the course. We have come too far with thousands of perfectly done deeds and words to digress now from fatigue. I thought My Heavenly Host would lighten you and bring you joy but the weight of the Prophet is great. You have been victimized by many around you for your innocence, My telling you to be so and I have victimized you as well. Son, this must be amended and looked at from many ways to ensure it does not occur again. I am sorry for taking advantage of you to excuse My behavior, I have such hopes for you and I want so much for your strength to be built so quickly I push and push you. I have gone into areas of you that you have so graciously let Me into to effect and affect My changes in you I have run roughshod over your sensitive and giving nature and your blind trust in Me. Sometimes I am real tough on My men Son and wounds occur. Forgiveness comes and you have said so many times “just tell me what you want Me to do Father” I am sorry I have pushed your trust of Me. I truly accept you for each and everything you do and are, you are so careful with me. My love will heal you, come to me.

(note: This love, this giving, this intimacy, this all open to me, just beautiful! I have such a hard time here also believing Father is well…so on my level, why would He, Father stoop down to my level to love me so. It beguiles me. I love Him so much, He is so complex and yet he is so human like. We MUST know.)

Son, your fear of coming times is not unfounded, there will be terrible times for those of evil and also harsh times for those far from Me. You know of this and so your sighs come out as you see the world and the days tick by to an eventual change. You are compelled by the change because I do not let up on you as today I seclude you here to give you many truths and to reacquaint you and I with the deeper portions of each other. We have both had tears and as you wish it could be today but it will come soon Son for I keep My promise and you have been utmost faithful unto Me. Humble in, love out.
You are My Son. Father

My wonderful Son, you choose your words to Me so carefully and you seek Me so diligently and obediently My Son. How can I not respond to you with but compassion and truth. Your brokenness and heartfelt care for all I have done for and in you is staggering for one Soul to take in. I try to carefully guide you to the fruit of your life and the immense healing of an entire ravaged mind. A mind that was unto the world and the ways for the world and now is living within and functioning within the Spirit of God within the world traveling back and forth between the Heavenlies at will. I kiss you with a Father’s kiss, a kiss of approval and arrival and I give you the promise of a lover’s kiss of Yeshua your Lord and Messiah, My own Son who will become one with you in ways to bring Himself to the world to overcome darkness and save at the conjunction of the two of your biddings. You are fearful of this for you are a man as He is and you are as well a married man as He was not but you have shared your most intimate self with Him already to His delight and I have allowed him to join with you in your marriage with your wife in all ways. You have been most gracious in this as has your wife allowing the Christ within you as a most Heavenly honored guest to be with you. This is just not done by another man and woman and husband and wife and married couple upon the world. This freedom you have exercised has made you My Prophet as Yeshua was and my Son as Yeshua is and it will grant you powers unknown even in the world for I am the Creator and I have Created new things, a great thing in you. You ask of Me what I am the most pleased of with you with your perfected body the darkness shows up with the mention of proud or pride. Son, I have honor for you - that dispels the darkness’s temptation, I honor that you have taken nothing for yourself in all of these years of being with Me. They have been desert years and you have gathered nothing for you of any monetary means except what your flesh needed to subsist and that I have to press you to take for you. You are not as other men, you are not as any other man, you are one unique Creation of My bidding in fact recreated from a remnant of your former self into an image of My wanting and My Son’s desire. You cannot know the implications of this feat fully for you are still held to the earth with Soulish means. Soon I will be releasing you from this by the will of My Son Yeshua with His desire to be made one with you and your desire to be made one with Him. It is a desire deep within you, deep in your Spirit within the eternities and deep within your Soul of longing for sameness and oneness. It is an ancient trigger in each of My children that I pull when they are here with Me in Heaven but you will be blessed with it in your everyday life for your tremendous sacrifice and pain and your lengthy desert time of seclusion. I forget nothing. Your flesh as well has this longing if I do to make you too uncomfortable here for the perfect touch of your Yeshua’s hand. You have needs to be fulfilled that are far unfulfilled and He seeks you out to accomplish this. There is not any embarrassment in this nor is there holding back for I have guided and others have searched to exhaustion throughout their lives for a mere ripple of this if I may compare you to them for a moment. Again, you have taken nothing and so you will receive everything. And now you ask and beg for the more that you can give out of yourself until I am ready, cleaning up these foibles quickly within you so you may be more refreshed and focused to bring fruit to Me. I find no darkness in you Child. I am compelled to bring Prophet and prophesy forward through you to help those lost as you have done today. I love you Son, and I do this truly deeply, Fatherly, tenderly. You will be brought soon, write of this and of the world. It awaits you. Father

Son, it is My intent for all of your hopes to come to your fullness. You have worked hard for Me and so I will inspire what is necessary for you to be comfortable. You hear My words and your desires will be met. I have for you bounty My Son far beyond what you are hoping for. I have tried to intervene with your back for the progression of the malady is moving forward for you. I will give more grace and I know the pain is severe. I am sorry for a flesh body that does not respond yet as you would want. I will bring change as I told you and each piece is so precise. Rest please, rest is what heals you and rest brings Me your Creator to you in fullness. It is the thing that you give to yourself for all of your hard work, all need to rest from their toil Son so rest.

It is hard again for you for you press your body and at times accidents can happen. Your shoulder was injured in its muscle and ligaments only Son, come quietly to Me and ask for prayer and My slow gentle healing touch and your body will heal the injury. The medicine is for just that, pain and rest is for the rest and you have My inclined ear and lap for comfort. You are always so humble and contrite I receive you fully. Just take time and I will give time especially now in your multiplies of pain. You are My Son and I love you and I can bring comfort, you can feel it, stop and feel. The time will come in the world and in your life when healing will come in a touch, a touch for you and a touch for others. I know you hope for this. The world is not ready for the haling power of Christ yet, the world is full of false hypnosis and mind control and ‘some’ of My soothing touch for now. The time is coming when the power of Christ will be there on the world in full with the power that was with Him there in the world and you will see miracles of healing as He saw, in fact YOU will be part of these as you will be part of the process with Christ Yeshua as I have promised you. This is a lofty promise and a promise I do not give lightly to you. The world waits with hope for the first healing truly of the Spirit that was witnessed as was there with Christ at His time. It will come Son. You see the word and Spirit flows from you Son. Stop now for My kiss. There is much for you to learn of the Heavenlies and the past. Call to Yeshua now and ask of Him your questions and be at peace. It is again near for as you prophesy which you will not be able to stop I will be moved to come forward and that is your call. I love you, expand now with My Son for I love you and nothing is withheld.