Father, mostly I want you close by me each step with words and direction this and all of these days. Where am I Father?
I am right and rightly with you Son, showing you all truth. Do not fear, I will not let you fall nor will any discovery be in this day or any day of what I have laid out for you by the world. Where you are is in My ever present arms, guiding each thought and each flinch you have to have as you discover what you are.
Self hate hooks, memories, comparisons, others’ words, social ideas, “spirits” strongholds, lies, sins (forgiven) non discovered items - these are complex for you when you are weary from a day again of wondering. It is never in vain for obedience and learning is always present. You are as still afflicted by the infirmities from the evil one for he has masterfully tried to suppress you but wait…what is that that I have had you do each day? Bind historic amounts of earthen problems away from the influence of the evil one. So much has been done to bring you closer to here each day - each day! You are being loosed from the earth daily by your Spiritual efforts from Me through you. When am I asleep and not doing something shaking and moving? Never Son! Now I am using the enemies rebellion at you to feel your reward unto Me! It will happen quickly now. Quickly Son for much war has been brought to Heaven thankfully by your justified plight. It will become evident soon just how much damage your perfect scepter prayers from My words have done.


This victory for you has brought you a great deal of new information of your life and the pains and assumptions that had been put upon you. These were lies but still held you back from “knowing you” as you needed to and “living on” without boundaries” as you were entitled to. This is your right because you are born. What was tormented from your will - I say will be restored unto you My child for I am your healing Father. I could tell you that you are strong and sturdy, made like and fully ‘father’ styled but your thoughts and torments give way of the old strongholds and lies of the past. This is not you, it is illusion note - ill of illusion and I will heal as all along you must be strong.

I want you absolutely assured of all I am doing with you and all that you are doing My Son as My directed, protected anointed plan. Unto us alone do you come and unto us will all of this remain. You have gone so very, very far in obedience with immense pain Son!
This will lift in many revelation ways. I have done this MY WAY. FEAR NOT the world for I will hold all evil and world away. Keep walking, Spirit unto truth: Seek My tender words as you can. I love you truly.

Who can I call to minister so tenderly to one so stubborn and tenacious as you are in so much pain dealing and willing to share parallel your adventure with another! I sent my trusted Son unto them! I kiss you with direct adoration My Child for you trust Me your Father above all. I will never let you down! I will again move the earth - change time if necessary to protect you! Take for you Son. I have watched and I have weighed all of the balances and I God the I AM have judged for you! I will take you unto Me quickly not tomorrow for your prize of knowledge awaits - so very soon. I will protect.


Alright Son, upon the authority of My word, spoken unto you through My Holy Spirit from Heaven with Yeshua your risen Savior the Christ of God the Father the Creator of all things and the guider of you here we are. It is a day as any other, problem feelings of seclusion and the what will I do with you and when and who are you and why do I put you through such steps… I do this all because of who I saw you could be. Yes just a man and a man of problems and lusts and misarranged feelings in your town in the United States but Son - I saw more. More than you ever saw for in the brokenness that you were and are is the great I can come through when I have you comfortable with you. That is why such extensive measures for you to walk out to discover. My - my anointing calms you now, try not to over think just yet just walk out what I have put in front of you. I know your perfect heart and entire life and I will protect it. You are not held to the world’s standards here Son, I will not let you be for your torture has been of Spiritual proportions and so I will give leeway for you. You have my freedom Son. You have my Heavenly Host as well to protect you - there is no judgment within or without - just resolve to fight for you as my east gate Son. You have waited for many years and this can bring discovery of more on depending upon your feelings. I love you and it is time for you to have for yourself - drink now -and return for information and our continued sweet communion that cannot or will not ever be stopped. It is My will for all to continue as I have written and said “I have ordered each step” Blessed One, Father


You are not as the men of the world. You are not just as the Prophets of the word of God. You are My Son and My Prophet and My Spirit led man upon the world held in a most difficult junction between Heaven with Me and the throws of the earthen way and the fallen one trying to stop you with all of his forces. I am not out of options, I never am. I will care for you and I will continue to deliver you from all of this until you are fully healed and fully secure. You must and can depend upon that. I will not let go , nor will you. You are beyond fatigue for I have move you to refine you, you are ill because the evil one places all his forces against you. You are not defeated. You will never be. The world and all people in it will take from you what I give unto you for that is what they did to Yeshua. It happened yesterday in a blatant way when I had called for you your time - I cannot take the giving of you of Me out of you - it flows like a river from you. It is needed so much. You can see how wrongly it can go. The world is sorted and fallen. It is for you to have the power to respond with. You have the words, you have the concepts and My Spirit words perfectly - I never doubt you. You are so wearied with the seclusion and waiting - both are for your protection. It does not seem right to you that I do not “know” you as I should to balance protection for you and access what you need in your state of mind - just staring off into clouds too tired to acknowledge Me. I saw the true harm that had occurred to you. It did take one half an hour for Me to totally read you but that is how the Spirit works. I know the world and another one and shopping and lunches and “things” are “exciting” but Son, this is like plasma for you - just you, please 5 hours at least alone with Me per week writing so you and I may be together. It is absolute. It is imperative - more and more also for it will bring Yeshua sooner. This is real and is testable and will bring all of your desires unto you. The world takes true desires - I give. Your anger has been growing for a long time. I have put so, so much upon you Son. Here I can tell you of these things and establish the new plans and the Spiritual strength to carry them out. My hope is that this is more clear now. Please write more for I am always near. Father


Father, you know what I face right now, take it from me, or take the feelings or explain unto me where I am. I submit myself unto you and ask you for forgiveness for all of my sins in the name of Yeshua my Savior, your Son. I ask for your candid help and counsel. This has gone on for all of time my Son, it is nothing new under the sun or the snow. Comfort, oneness, likeness, fulfillment, commonness. Why would I judge you for your pain? Come closer for you lack and I can fill for you.
Why do I fail here Father?
You have tried your obedient best to believe for Me and it is I who have failed you again. You have gone to where I have directed to spend time alone with Me only to be assaulted by fierce and seducing way beyond what you should have been able to handle today. I am underrating the enemies abilities to torment you from even the sidelines and I did not dispatch the protection for you.
It is not right for Me to question your motives Father. Please may I ask you to change this for it is causing my such protracted feelings for you. Just tell me what to do and I will do it.
I am sorry for my impudence, I hope you feel it is coming from just hurting and from not understanding. Will you please take this harsh ways out?

Son, it is still my fault. You try to work your way around Me to please Me and you do with your tender heart but please forgive Me. Thank you. Tell Me what would help for protection and we - we will work together. I will tell you if it is not feasible. I will not take that away yet because you are growing through a very important part of you with Me. Do not fear! And do not be weary! You will not be overcome! I have love for you wherever you are and I knew all of this was going to happen go enjoy you. Here or there.

Parts of Me have been set aside from you for your protection but My heart and mind and ever watchful eye has never left you My wonderful, wonderful Lamb. You truly mean so much to Me. I long to be with you as our Father has planned. There are wonderful times ahead for us and Lamb - there are no regrets for anything…
I will crush for you all that evil had done to you and I will crush the evil men who planned and carried out all they have done unto you.
I do not doubt Father and his choice for Me and what He has done with you fills Me with hope. I do long to be with you Lamb. You must continue upon your path with Father I will be closer now to help you. I am always here and I know all you feel for I was here and felt it as well my Lamb. Please do not be condemned, this is Father’s perfect way. You have done nothing wrong. But the responsibility must rest upon you - you and I now, and our Holy Spirit.


You are not in error. You are precise in My words unto you and they will carry you and separate you from all others words for all time. You have My words in your mouth this day and upon this tablet of writing as always as I have promised you. Your words today of correction and responsibility and conviction were correct and true, followed by My written words shared also then upon paper of things gone by added things to come. You need not carry any burden my Son, stop now and give it unto Yeshua - He awaits your prayer and gentle time. There Son, that will help comfort you. Yeshua is the voice of prophesy and He will further assist you here as well. I Son have heard your request for more Heavenly Host to reside with you and to go along with you with your new anointing. These things I will grant. I want you to pray diligently for the things you want, do not be afraid to ask for big things for I will give to you what you need. My hope and yours is now we will begin new times, times for both of us. I have been forthright with you about the world my Son, you have not spoken from your Soul. Many slashings will come unto the markets of the world as people scramble to find old worth that is falling away. The evil men of power are absconding away with hard earned dollars daily and the bleeding will not stop until the armies of evil are prepared. Puppets are in place for the next show and the stage is set for damnation on a global scale, My words Son, now let go for I will care for you always. Abide in My gentle words, growth for you, Father.


You have been so faithful to seek Me for our time my Son. Our relationship has grown as well, I have given unto you Spiritual things as you have wanted. Yeshua in fullness to help and counsel you and for your comfort, much more fresh daily anointing to help you with burdens and healing and reaching to Me. Angels to fight for and with you all of the time now, and the ministering angels you had asked for to tell you in your ear the true Heavenly ways and My directions for you.
Son, I cannot keep the enemy away from you exclusively indefinitely but I will now and for many, many days yet hold him from you as you heal and we build this new strength we will have. I need you to pray bigger though Son. Please do not confuse humility and contriteness with need. Angels and anointing and psalms and others are there FOR YOU. Ask, demand and stand fast - you have the talent. Do not stand for things I have given you to be taken away craftily!!!! You have come too far to lose anything and I will not permit My plans to be thwarted. You could see on that Saturday how long it took Me to truly see all of your pain - sometimes things happen quickly upon the earth - I need you to be My watchman and call out your discernment loudly to Me and I will react. This then has been about giving unto yourself - a concept you fear and you shy away from for it exposes parts of your need and parts of your vulnerability. I see this and you must accept this from Me as trusting. I will not hurt you. Always be talking to Me of feelings and bring the Holy Spirit with you for discernment. Open up Son to the vulnerabilities. I will heal, I will watch more closely than I have - I am sorry - to protect you. You are My forgiving prize. I will not take advantage. Soon comes your reveal. Father.


Father, I hope I have been close enough to you this week so far. I feel am aching for you and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit for my missed times. Please do not stop that reminding feeling so I will continue to come for faithful building and strength, healing and knowing of you and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for his return. I do need him desperately for I am very confused. Please tell me of your will as of today for I surrender and of the prophetic information from the video and magazine and finances. Help me.

You share such a large part of you with me Son. Bless you for your generosity unto your Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. You have done very well seeking Me this week but I am a jealous Father and I would like more of you if you can in the coming days. Both because of My need and because of your need My Son. Do not fear now My child, it is just prudent but your need of Me is growing. This is the -volition- of your call and My want to keep your life as normal as I can until things change. I have returned Messiah unto you ‘intimately’ for your delight as well as your need to help bear burdens and guide you. Yeshua and you and He and I for that matter are never at conflict - never fear that my Son - that is evil seducing you with rabbit trails always. Expand your feeling with Him as you have today, yes I am in your whole day today my Son, you need this more. I have revealed looking to you, seeking, and the smallness of the world - not intended to hurt you! I have promised to you it is desires that are to understand and yes Yeshua will help with these and your Prophesy questions. The world? Your time is moments away Son, I will judge harshly soon now for many evil men plot massive destruction soon. You are nearly prepared, take for yourself. I tell you, do this, find Me, always call out. Father.