I ask you to re-read my writing to you from our previous day because there is so much central truth in it my Son.  It is a miracle that you have my voice here in a hotel room in another city.  It is a miracle that you are here alone with Yeshua, the Holy Spirit and Me your Father at all.  You have come so far!  I know I tell you that often but the truth is there and you do need to hear it to encourage this miracle time.  It moves on to the eventual time of revelation and wonder for you my Son.  I have you read the near death experiences of others from the website because they are similar to what you will experience.  They are custom tailored to the needs of my shocked children  they fulfill My needs to help my children in their harsh times of their lives.  Yours will be far superior for you have given up so much and have had such harsh trials to work through.  I am happy with all you are here but my memory does include all your years and harsh longing to have this come forth. Your mind is wrapped up in this.  Your devotion is clear and you have been extremely patient and very understanding to My perfect will.  You have also come forward into unchartered territory of your personal experience with your life’s thoughts and Yeshua connecting to you with his…this needs much faith as you have risen to.

My Son, this is my world and you are my created Son.  All you have done for years now is get to know “Me” and my Spiritual realm and be strengthened yourself away from the world to prepare you for what I have told you I will do with you and my world.  You have been confirmed countless times in scripture for there I show you my great love and respect for what you are doing for Me.  You Son have been changed.  you are such a better Son than the one I and Yeshua first encountered. You are so assured now.  Not the assured that I will put back to work in the average work- a -holic world,  no, I have greater plans issued for you from your first “yes Father”!  There will come to you all of this. You are measurably uncomfortable - take comfort in that this day my child for I will not have you embarrassed.  I have been waiting my child, waiting as you for the wonderful fulfillment of these plans.  You won’t have to change the entire world.  Take that burden off of your back.  I will change the entire Spiritual realm and the far reaching dimension of the spirit world here upon my earth, this we will do.  Yeshua is near now as well to comfort you.  The tender strong you will be and the tender Spirit life you will offer to many will be a great blessing to you.  I have my heart set upon this - will you take my heart position unto you so you may have greater assurance?  (yes Father).  Yes, Son, good job, you are so humble and by that you are able to experience my love and my essence coming unto you.  I will not leave the world at bay with the evil one overtaking my children, families, babies, morale, as I know them and have such a ride of greed take upon the backs of my working creation.  I had to have you stop in your experience of life to reach to a hard working man of what was different.  You are now that different man just waiting out the final moments to when power structures will be overturned.  My heart longs for this each day my Son.  I see the lost falling further and now who succumbs to the dark each moment of the day.  This is why I keep you on this track.  This is why you push on into and through trial and temptation each day.  It is for training - do not stop with you or with others - I am making olive branches out of thorn bushes with you so push on for them and push on for you.  Do the anger study and the others until you are satisfied all is  put away.  Minister in your great capacity with Yeshua and with My words to change lives.  You have done so well.  Write the email and find closure for you.  I accept this need and I will guide.  Go after the website with great fervor, I will not let it fall my Son for you have allowed your very heart to be put into it with the heart of your Father.  Go after this most unique and wonderful intimate times with Yeshua.  Go on Son and I will be with you.  Blessed one, Father.


Jer. 12:1-5

I know your anger and I seek you to soothe you and help you to understand my perfection.  Just let go for a  few minutes and I will advise and comfort.
1.  Your burdens are heavy my Son.  I see you very clearly and what I and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit hold you are holding also.  Release these so you may be more free.  This was well assessed by you now.
2.  Anger is your second obstacle Son.  You have taught well but the remaining issues in your life.  “Remember list?” have to be addressed.  They will also involve giving up and sacrifice but the effect will be complete for you.
3.  Fear of what will be plagues you for the torment of the evil one is there with you each day - the fears are put on you as lies from a lying spirit - it has been harassing you always but you have always prevailed as today with the scripture of you.  Send lies packing with truth.
4.  Unresolved things.  Son it does not mean they will not be resolved it just means time is not yet to resolve.  You must try to let go of control - as #1 and let go as in the anger - this is to be a time of freedom for you my Son.  I have made you free and I will continue.  Do these things and I will give you freedom, grace, and peace.
(Father I want no more oppression for a time, turn it unto Yeshua and you and the Holy Spirit.  No influence of any evil lat all.  Please you know me, find this.)
I will do as you ask and I will do as I have said.  You have been attacked very stealthily my warrior you “knew” it and that is the razor sharp feelings and discernment I require of you.  I will allow you 14 days of this freedom for your need is great.  If you will allow Me and Yeshua and the Holy Spirit to love you and assure you these things that pang you will be done for you and to you.  One site talked about a change from there to here when even only Spirit went to be with Me - then another told of a very specific healing that happened.  You will be moldable clay here My Son, lamb, child, man, - my redeemed.  I can do all things and it is my good pleasure to provide for you the things to give you pleasure.  It is not frivolous nor is it vain, it is not an embarrassment nor is it of folly.  It is you and I and it is repair and recompense for what was taken from you and tormented unto you.  I cannot ignore the endless hateful things that tested your resolve and your manhood each day.  That is again why the latitude you have with Yeshua.  He did not have that pain and as you rise to help one of my children, he will rise to heal you for the everything you have wanted.  There is much to be done here with you.  Not just physically but in time alone with Yeshua and with Me.  The tears are gone Son, I can view you clearly and see the weariness for the things you have hope for, you have waited for, you have cried for.  I will change you Son.  Enough of this weight for your requests unto Me.  I knew all, I knew what you would want and it has always been my intent to change you here to bring you back more full - without regret or malice about anything of you.  Take this burden off now for it is my miracle of taking first but then you are surely under all of my power.  Rest in my true will to have your body beautiful, filled with perfection Yeshua.  Please forgive Me and find me more Son.  I long for your tender ways, Father.

Let go now again Son.  That is what you needed to do today for the burdens are heavy.. You as well need to do this burden lessoning more and more for there is the lack of energy to do the things you wish for to bring joy.  I will guide your thoughts unto truths now for a time if you will let me and submit unto my perfect will and cleansing of you.  We will become closer and you will see how much you  mean to me.  Write these truths Son for they are from your Creator Father and they assist your goodness.  You are my delight for you have done such good for you and others and for Me Son.  The truths are here on paper with countless full conformations made aware unto you.  You struggle again with the very exclusive call I have unto you.  Quiet has my Prophet been to the  world but even so the frustration of others who do not hear as you do becomes evident.  Anger comes because they do not have as you do.  They do not have this constant communion with the Creator as you do and you are pushing my envelope unto them and also unto Me.  You have found a way to live that is unto Me and the Spiritual realm that is… well, unsurpassed .  You are wrangling with Me now for the temporary disappointments and rest you need and yet I have watched all things and continue to see to many - all things in your life.  I have plans for you far beyond healing - healing is for preparation - far beyond learning - learning is to share with others so they may follow you lead - and enacting - warfare - victory, overcoming, progressing from place to place - that you do already and defeat the foe always - when has he actually beaten you?  Never.

Just as in all of our “old” times let Me come upon you.  Ask Me as well my innocent child, my new Son of promise.  I will tell you what you want to know.  I have always told you with a real truth what you have wanted and needed to know, as today.  You are my one true called creation, of all the world I have carefully picked out and chosen you to lead what I will do here upon these coming last days before change comes to my world.   You are not a Jew nor are you a formal Israelite.  You have a lineage of David the king I had appointed to lead my children of faith at that time.  You are of his bloodline, his DNA and so you share an inheritance with Christ Yeshua.  I went before and after you with Yeshua to choose you.  You are the only one I have chosen in the world to do what I have prophesized  unto you.  There is not one other with your anointing or authority - you are it, you are my promise.  That is how I do things.  I have held this power back from you so you may not have abused it and also that it would not draw attention to you.  You do not need attention from the world or more from the evil realm than you already get.  (too much)  These years, these trials, these battles have all been for a glorious purpose, to prepare you to receive Christ, the man yes as he is your brother from the very DNA.  You have been close to him yes?  Yes, too much Father?  No Son it has all been in love for my purpose - to prepare you for the holiness  that will incorporate you.  All you are my Son I have addressed and healed.  Yes, Son there are/were mistakes and you are becoming burned out and hollow emotionally.  I am sorry for all I have done that has hurt you or has made you feel I am not protecting you now that you could feel secure with me as your Father when you are here upon the world.  There has been a severity in your mind, training incorporating all you know with torment my Son.  It is too far and too much for you and it has slowly eroded away the joy and laughter and hope that is promised unto you.  You have given all your best and the remaining torments were regurgitated  unto you again and again by the vile evil and its remorseful pattern of men’s driven information of how to crush you.  Yes, Son it keeps coming back, and yes, Son it is degrading.  I have removed the oppression from you as I had promised and yet things remained.  Why?  You said you would quit smoking and not another has touched your lips.  I have promised and yet some slips through…What??  Come back to Me again and weight, attack, inventory, money, projects, fantasy home, torment, time, and others will be dealt with - fully finally.
How faithful you are to hear my words my Son!  I am so happy with what you have become, a man after My own heart.  A man of resolve and humility who will come to Me in that true contriteness and learn of me.  Let me share some of my  joyful happy heart with the quietness of your heart.  Please go share with Yeshua also and I will make all of these connect for your path.  “There is no condemnation.”  There are always times for everything - you need release from the stress that accompanies you Son, just as in anything, all you do creates a dynamic and relief is a necessary part of existence.  The enemy blocks this healthy action.

I want you to feel at peace.  I want you assured of your position with me.  I want you approved as a man, my Son and I want you intimately close to my Son Yeshua to prepare you for new things.
I need you to have a childlikeness innocence and also a knowing of your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  I need you to know the enemy and all of his associates and most all of his ways.  I need you to fight him on the earth each day knowing you do this with and in Christ Yeshua and the work he did on the cross.  I need you to have grace for the decisions I have made for your life, both the good things and the things that trouble you.  I am so glad you are pursuing the deeper things of your Creator, tender Son.  You have had much struggle over these past months for the enemy upon the earth is very vast.  The enemies plans are to thwart you in any way he can for he can see my attention unto you.  I am sorry to make you a target but you do so well unto Me in all your ways My child.  I reach to you to hold you in the Spirit as we did this morning.  Your distracted thoughts do not trouble Me, the deliverance and freedom from oppression and pain is my intent for you put as it yours.  My life I reach to you each day even through the pain as it goes on.  Take Yeshua and take for you for you are so effective each day for Me.  I do want to tell you more my child, we will make a way.  You have not insulted Me in the past about repetitive writings, I welcome new - you each day.  Be blessed for you are gaining great strength in me each day - yes Son!  I hear your pleas for recompense and to begin - I never tire of your tenacity Son.  I long for our time.  BE flavored by My new words - invite all issues!! I await you always Son. 

What a wonderful restful day my Son.  I thank you for asking Me so close.  I observe quietly from within and without to delight you with My closeness.  You have My very heart with your condor and honesty - again look up My word for you and be blessed.  You sit quietly pondering My words to come to you like fine wine, like a slow romance.  You step not off the cliff of Soulish speculation - no, you wait to find My treasure unto you.  I love each part of you my Son.  I love your tender giving nature and your frustration at Me and your self denegation.  Find My care for you just as you are - remember My words with Yeshua’s, “desire is naturally occurring from within“.?  They were for your true peace - Yeshua will “see to all”!  his love for you establishes the world - and will reestablish your life.  Look to My few words in scripture Son.  It is for this day as well are they written - note Son I was not regretting the Sons of God but the wickedness of man.  My children Son are truly turned away this day by continued wickedness - It is not the offspring of the demon realm but the twisted and turned heart of My creation that brings My judgment.  It starts at the very top of the known power structure.  So many participate with evil Son, I am grieved!  So many follow the “false ones” Son I am wrathful!  So many wallow in their idols on - they give up all life for wood and metal, gold and silver.  You have not been wrong in your thoughts nor projections of my wrath.  I recall all of My words to you and all of MY thoughts you have shared.

Yes Son, I want to write with you.  I am always here to help you for it is a harsh hard thing to be My Son and My Prophet in the world, especially the evil fallen world of this day.  Yes, Son it and the people in it avoid My truth - as you embrace it - and My children choose evil and “getting by” I lieu of my directing gentle Spirit freely given unto the world.  Yes I am angry and yes, my wrath is beginning to overcome My grace to give unto My children continually.  You and those with you have My ear of mercy but the world of wickedness and false religion will soon feel the sting of God’s wrath and judgment at the undoing of the familiar of the world.   I…I have looked at the hearts of My children and have found them lacking.  My heart grieves at this, I am reticent at telling you of this… my feelings but I find your feelings lining up with mine at the small microcosms I have given unto you.  I have tried so hard to save the wheat I have let the chaff choke all other things.  I have much wheat saved but the fires of chaff will burn hotly for a long time and My heart will break for the numerous lost.  I take great advantage of you Son here in your life.  Please know I protect you fiercely from the daily death that comes for you to stop you.  I will pluck you from the earth - I will take you by My Son unto his breast for My prize.
I also share with you this day I will also take My Holy Spirit from the world when I take you unto me.  This will be the very darkest day in time.  Those that “have” My Spirit will retain what they have but all else will be lost.  This is why your mood this day, this is why the avoidance of writing - you have been used for a noble purpose, to write my words and your Spirit has felt as I do at the loss and sacrifice I (you) did endure.  We thought “so beautiful”  “so valuable” but it was taken as in a locust storm - all eaten up.  You have quite given over your life unto Me for I use your emotions and mind state to show you Me.  What you need I will give unto you Son.  I will do it at your ministry times with My words.  I will hold the website for your pleasure.  I will keep my promise to you - the biggest most powerful promise to man since Yeshua was told to Mary.   It is you!  Do not shrink back.  The wrath is coming and I tell one, the one I trust.  It will soon be time to announce the words of God to those faithful.  To the world as well.  I will inspire you as I have inspired you with Genesis 6 - Wickedness is everywhere - I - I as God am taken so figuratively!  Try me out -”well maybe”  the proud and you my faithful one will know.  It is truly soon to come for your life is weak and your existence is worn thin.  Peace now in My arms lovely one.  My power is over all and My ways are to save truth My love is to save My faithful.  Your Father.

Jude 20-25
Phil. 2:16
John 14:3 & 4
John 3:14 & 15

Your heart is unto Me, as is your life that you have sacrificed over unto  Me again and again.  Do you not think you are different because of that alone?  You are Son, to be given over as you are with Me brings attacks from the world over.  You are then given unto Yeshua as he is unto you and there again you are drawn into the world’s target - to destroy the truth of who you are and what you have done.  You had wanted Me to whittle down your lists of problems and address the most significant ones.  They are, your level  of oppression  and your hope for things to come.  I show you the why of your attacks - somewhere a few years ago you found the true love and purity of Me, again you sacrificed more of you and your life - paycheck and antiques, disability and self pursuits - I saw this and brought you unto Me.  When I did you were cemented unto Me glued unto Me and I gave you then unto Yeshua.  All has been planned my One.  The world does not know you yet - it would crush you and I will not let that happen.  For now the evil world of satan and the fallen angels - the demons know you as well as the men of the illuminati and warlocks and the witch realm.  They want to destroy you Son but fear not!  I will, I will protect you.  They get by me Son.  I hold back still 99% but one painful percent does get through.  It is hard because I must keep you secluded from the world and so you cannot see how much they are going to love you from the sacrifice you have made and how Yeshua is already within you.  So you know who is waiting for you to help?  Thousands of My children my One.  They are waiting with hope because I told them to.  You are the hope and you are the chance to be redeemed and healed and made whole now before I send Yeshua for the final battle.  Your faith is very, very strong or you never could have stood the time.  I hear your thoughts and heart now - it is tears from frustration and weariness.  How can you believe such a thing? This is just such a far fetched thing your thoughts say, I hear them My Son. Who can you be and how can you be who I am saying you are? But Son, go back to the beginning of this writing - who but you?  Who makes soup and writes with God?  Who  rests with Yeshua and asks pointed questions of the Holy Spirit and gets answers?!?!  You go before all of your brothers and sisters unto God and GOD receives you!  You alone.  Who else is here Son?  Surely my courts  would be filled with others asking for My advice and care  - -  - well - - - ?  No one…NO ONE!!!   I have chosen one of faith and sacrifice and truth to be My Prophet and My new found Son.  Your heart is so kind, you even include others in My compliments for you.  It is for you that these extensive writings are written.  It is for you Son.  It is to prepare you and to inspire you and to QUIET you so you may have peace and grace to live beyond of yourself as you shoulder God’s heart of grief.  Yes, here we are - you write not because of blockage and fear of my heart being broken as yours has been.  It is alright my Son, I will be fine but yes many, many of My children are wicked and are “gone out” from Me.  Little one, enough now, be at peace and know you are the one intended and set to this new Spirit move.  I must heal you for it is My word.  I must soothe you for attacks get you and writing of what I will do can burden you.  The time with Yeshua is upright and revealing - please go forward and know loves ways are expression.  Peace on.