You have held the course, you have been all and true to Me. This comes from you as you speak my inspired words to others. You have a mantle of fruit because you have woven sacrifice together with love and truth to make a garment of nourishment. All of these things, the mantle, speaking words, your shepherding of others, your concern at the falling away, I want you to give It to Yeshua, The other’s burdens are not of your existence my Son. You walk In such a separate way with your extensive knowledge from the world wonderful Son. You are My chosen, My only worthy chosen to do this work and do this walk I have offered unto you. You need to be exactly who you are in order to be here, there is not another as you. You are most worthy of all I have put upon you because you have been entirely obedient and accepting of My Son, our Spirit and of me your Heavenly Father.
There will come a time for you soon of worldly greatness. You have been honed and fixed into humility and reasoned with as we have struggled together to know each other. You will have the extended knowledge of My feelings and the tactical directions I will be taking for the world. You will have the intimate knowledge of God and you will then be granted the fullness of Christ with the power over all to bring this knowledge and wisdom back to the world. Again, this comes to you alone. I have trained and tested and continue to do so for an extended, extensive purpose. Your life will be continued to be filled with Christ and the Christ in you will change this harrowed world. There is so much death and greed, lies and evil to overcome. You can do this My Child, you are proven and life comes. Trust My constant care and guidance. New revelation is always coming to you My Chosen One.

Loving Son, nowhere In My world have I found the great abilities as I have found within you. The brokenness you have experienced in your life with your youth and the torments and even today with personal desire plaguing you is epic. The response I received from you to ‘walk on’ to Me BRINGS My only begotten Son to YOU. You ‘are’ the lessons and teachings I have brought through you for each one has been reflected from your Soul. I cannot honestly find another man to do this. You are proportioned and appointed.
Weep if you must but I will make life with you my Son. I have not let you go remotely nor scorned you in and for your proclivities. You are mine my love, and I trust you so. You will be taken by my Son to be loved and healed by Him but then you are coming to ME to be loved and made one with Christ. Never could you have imagined the complexity and Immensity of this new move of Ours.
My ways will be your ways, you will know where all the world and the spiritual dimensions have been ignorant. You will have the power to change all things, infamy will be unimportant, light and truth will be.
Find my Son Yeshua, Son of mine, He longs for you as you do for him. The wait has been so difficult for all. He I offer you in freedom and trust for key is a man as you are. You My prized one may step across on the bridge of My anointing the chasm of ignorance of Christ that the world exists In, you alone, for now. You have given of yourself and trusted your most personal life unto us. Come forward to truth and except this rightful one. All is bliss here in love. Tell them.

I am your Heavenly Father and today I draw very close to you to inspire and guide and direct your life. You are ill from the countless attacks upon you. I am healing you My Child but slowly for I want you to reach to Me and to my Son Yeshua and our Holy Spirit. You are very weakened in your Soul and flesh from trials yes, but also from the Soul’s wrangling that you and Yeshua the Christ are encountering.
You are in my ever present will and my gentle firm guidance. I will not let you fall. I love you with a great love and as this morning you have a very old consistent love for me which delights me, I have love eternal for you.
I have guided and directed you through many many pains and past hurts and memories. I have given you inside and knowledge and wisdom so you may rise above these hardships. You have done wonderfully well. It is the same here today, you are looking for my closeness stand by hands-on approval. I am as close today as always. I have given My Son Yeshua to you to assist you in understanding yourself. It is difficult to encounter and work through all that you are. I can only be close and help one I can entrust my Son to that all true love works. Do not be in fear for all you have learned in truth with the man as Christ brings freedom. Let go and allow Christ to truly heal the whole man that I will use them for freedom for so many. Your heart is always right unto Nissan, contrite and obedient, innocent and loving to all IM. Remember the rules that people know best are from the world, each one in different and I seek truth and light. All who touch you are blessed. You are so much more than you imagine, my prize. Find Yeshua, he awaits your love under him.

Ask For God’s love to be glorified.
My child, how far you have come to be so attuned unto your God that my lessons would lead you so. You have found a great conviction from our Holy Spirit about asking for things to bring the glory to God rather than one’s Soul. You are well equipped to prepare this teaching. I will give unto you words in abundance as you always have. I will trust you to my son Yeshua to guide you and teach you the very subtle wavering of your drives and emotions. Peace upon you my Son, I will not allow you to slip, your pain is lessening my Child. Yeshua is doing perfectly. His eyes of love are upon you. Release now and find our words, if rest does not overtake. You still have much to heal. Grace, enjoy, learn, Be healed.

So many want to feel right my Lamb. The enemy encamps in the Soul right into the flesh because of unresolved memories. I have guided you unto this and my full protection and security is here with you. You will bring life because you will know life in truth. I am the truth and you will know me, Yeshua, the Christ of God who came in the flesh. You are forgiven my love, my LANB, my choice. Rest and commune with Me.
Hello Wonderful One, place the burden’s of the world on Me, you are weary and they are not for you to shoulder. Do you see now my love, you care so great you can become overburdened. You lose sight of self and become angry. You look for rebellion, you become ill and as you load on more and more because of this feeling of never doing enough, what is that? Worrying for the world Little One, and walking comfort in an unlikely way, to escape, to gain the oneness you need to. More. You are so tired because you, want to handle it, and underneath this Is that bad old self loathing you struggle with. Come now, rest with Me, help me learn more of you My Son.
your Father.

I can only give My everything to one who has nothing of the world. If your walk, web site, individual Ministry were of you or the influences of the false spirit or other promptings of the world in what you have done my get onto the world of this greatness would be diluted by your active Soul. All that you are has been remade by Me. I have kept the world out of you in strict purity. You see there could not be on another of your call nor integrity. Your soul is harshly bruised for areas have been Ignored and overlooked by Me. I need you to pursue me in writing here so we may address all of these painful things. I will not withhold any of My information from you. You have earned much more than you have taken. As well, with your brother Christ Jesus, much must be done.
I ask you to have belief in faith where hope has been lost, I am learning my child, I have not done you or anyone as you in all of time. Please allow me you.
Come to terms with each thing now with Me. You are my chosen, your hope must be built back into you, it will come from My words of promise given unto you. My child, I have watched closely all of the details of your life and your pursuits and desires. I watch you carefully because you can be hurt. I know all of your desires of change and restoration, they are not foolish, they are heartfelt, I know how long the wait has been and will be for your fulfillment. I would not have offered you such a prize if you could be crushed in the circumstances. You will have that for which you have asked, and more as time goes on. There will not be a situation of old. Well, you never really thought that it could happen did you? How could I be a God and do that to you my Son? I won’t. You have done and you will receive.

(response to 1-26-07 first the writing by me of my feelings from bad times.
I’ve had some wine to drink and so I am more free with my feelings. I asked for protection from evil and attacks and I do not want to hurt you Father, but, this is not as it should be. The difficulty that I have had with my excess weight with selling the inventory that I have had with the choices and the physical pain I have are all hangers on and they are derogatory to real life and health and joy. You have avoided the truths about these and I am grieved by the confusion of looks, freedom, walk, health and the thoughts and ideas in my mind.!!!!!!!!!!
You have not embraced truth to me for freedom, and I asked so innocently for things to be changed. I have fallen and you have fallen in giving the truth. This is life robbing!!! You must direct a change and It must surpass my desires by a true standard and be able to stay time. No more waste of energy, no more excuses, no more sidestepping. Have I not done enough?! It is not for later it is for now!!! It is right and true and you can move your hand and commanded it!! I am a wreck with wonder and speculation, the time is past for revelation! Why must my Soul scream? Stop the cycle torment yes, but stop the untruth!! Less pain, less medical situations, less difficulty with self-worth, how can this discontent remain? I will not! I will not help others and have to fight a maintain here with my personal situations! You can cut through my ignorance with truth of heaven! I have hurt and not known long enough! You have hurt me here, and with the other situations and waiting, why? I could truly deserve this but it must be now! Not later!
I cannot even believe I am writing these old torments to you now and they have not been addressed by you to me! I abhor all! You have a pickle when you used me for life at my death thoughts! and it is not right, it comes for so long, why do I go along without me? My basic desires? This is so unbalanced, disability? I should have had it! My Spirit should have helped me! You must address this now! I cannot believe what a stupor I have been in, no grace yes, but truth and desirability? Promises delayed? My true flesh and desirability. Help.

1-26-07 response to my pain writing
You have spoken well and fairly my Son. You have spoken respectfully unto God, the creator of all things. I will respond to you in the same manner. From My heart, for I know you. I have learned you, you are a part of me as all of my creation are but you have come far further than my children have of the past. I have spoken many times of your brokenness, you were truly destined for obliteration, there were too many fragments of you to reconstruct without my full attention and your gracious allowing of me to re-create you. What has been created is my great product, one who respects me as Father and who Is obedient unto me and my own non worldly ways. One who has a reverence for what I have done with my world.

You have moved beyond my Prophet to the position of my Son because you not only deliver my word words you challenge me to re-examine and refine the things that occur. You are creating a balance between my children in my world and the Heavenly things that must be obtained there in the world. You have found the Christ vein and you have given life from it as my Yeshua had done. You lower your eyes to me now at the weighty words of truth I write to you. You have been re-created by these words to you my Son, the thousands of years and the countless words I have shared with you in our intimate conversations over these wonderful discovery years. I have trusted you with my nakedness as you have trusted me with yours. What beguiles you Is the greatness that you are to have carefully discovered without guiding the greatest discovery of all time. Who actually God, Father is. The world has gained a thimbleful of my ways and has run to create a movement of it. You have bathed in it year after year and on to my obedience remained separate, recording your revelation of your heavenly Father. You have gained fruit finding others to share your wonderful words with but you have been held from the darkness of religion as you maintained your call. This is worthy of praise.
You are correct my Son in your writing unto me, I have not shared all truth with you. I could not for you were not prepared for it, you had to grow. You are ready for more now and the truths will quiet your Soul but I must choose when to share. I must not have you rush out half cocked for you may then be crushed by the world and of course by the evil one.
Your body is a shell, your body in its best form will exist as an avenue for travel for you here in Heaven or as much anxiety has been created and perpetuated by people and the world to question the shell you live in. You must know that I guide all things, when you stop to find the miracle words that come to your Spirit from my Holy Spirit you are being obedient and receptive to my truths. You are
highly trained in this and so abundantly blessed by the abundance of my words.

****(read this carefully, this is just wonderful, this Father’s way of talking)****
You seek truth, truth beyond all of your Soul wishes and fleshly thoughts. Then as now I will share the truths about your body beyond the conjecture and false perception of the patterns and intellect of the world. Why would I make all of my creation the same? I make my creatures the animals, the same because they have patterns and drives of a simple mind that accepts Its own kind. I have made man in my image; all of men. The variability of looks and attributes gives creative distinction to the world. Man, because of envy and comparison from an inadequacy has tried to cookie-cutter my creation. The evil one then smelling fleshly drives pushes them away from my holy guidance and then arrests my children with ever more standards and beauty which is implausible expectations. Pride falls in all things, look at the evil ones and satan. He was the most beautiful angel, note-in comparison!. He was really beautiful because he praised ME fully. It was MY glance upon him that made him beautiful. He then became consumed with himself and fell thinking he could have the beauty I provided. He is very good at wielding the comparison and pride and ego demons for he did learn well all others respond to these false views. You my Son are beautiful because you praise Me and are writing with and unto Me. Your body is at a bit of an excessive weight because you have been poisoned by the food of your world. The greed of the world and the greed of man has manipulated the food you eat for 100 years. The chemicals and the sugars and the fats have been changed to gain money. Your lives have been altered by the media of lies and envy and comparison onto comfort food to make up for the sadness of how you do not look like your neighbor. You are bombarded on all sides by ignorant men and women with false motives of false conclusions with ridiculous ideas of simple answers for complex problems. Much like the symbol of truth turned into a monument of God the man or woman with pride about their appearance or their excessive drive to conform is in much more error than the person seeking truth with extra weight and ’average’ or looks according to the world’s comparison standards. I want things adjusted to your eyes my Son, but there is so much more beauty in your submitted Soul and your continued attempts to live life in truth and in the Spirit you are far beyond beauty here my child, I am saddened and then rageful at the confusion and greed man and the evil one has put upon my creation. The world is harsh and callous and has no real idea of beauty. The real beauty of my creation has been lost in the fray of ego-maniac driven systems of this type of false induced frenzy. If I say you have a heart attack you will have one, the same with all other diseases. I use them to refine and to define life. I am not being harsh, I am being real. Is not the real true healing when you come from this life to Me into the next of Heaven? Do not let the fear and comparison take life from you. Follow the money and find then my truth.

Son, your inventory still troubles you. There are attachments that I will see too as I promised and yes It is not good for the things to go to the darkness and evil intents. Your grieving for your old life is almost over and then my Son will release all of his pain. You could not have sold all of the inventory for you have never had the help that Christ told you to Insist upon. The pain of letting go is understood by me my Son. Now I challenge you as you challenge ME and at times we hold back to heal, then victory is ours! Your mind and thoughts and fantasies are becoming adaptable in the realities because I any issue would give freely. There is no holding back nor shame, all is my will. Your pain I allow my Son is severe and harsh. It has not crushed you but has brought you immeasurable strength. You cannot live in the pain I allow for you each day without finding the grace to live above it. You are my champion, the evil one has demanded the greatest attack upon you over a lifetime to dissuade you from your call, he has failed, God’s love and an obedient son have won.
Your greatest frustration you did not even list is waiting. This brings faith but also the gift of steadfastness. I will do what I have promised, covenanted, vowed to you. It will come fully soon Son, you are my greatness, I have borne and grown you. Come each day. Your heavenly Father.

Matthew 18-19
My Son, you have many questions that you wrestle with each day. I have addressed several issues with you that you had presented before me. Will I not also share with you as much truth as I can as you are able to understand and adapt to It? Yes child ask. My son you are on the perfect right path having the experience of tender touching from my life. You are here and you are learning each day as you undertake my ways in lieu of you and the worldly ways as your advance to be the one I take unto me. Please excuse my exuberance but I so long for you to come here unto Heaven onto Father, to assure you. I want to have you brought soon to be made here with Me into One! It is such a melody and it is so close my Son. For unto pain as you have daily unto no pain as you will experience here. From a created being to a new re-created being and then joined onto the Son of God.

My words bring new life, life away from the world’s ways. My truths are real, they heal the ravages of life and the experiences that create life. You are a creation built by me, me your Heavenly Father. The situations and the circumstances and the actions then make up your life. Your choices my Son, they make up a part of your existence but they are not the essence of your life. You child are re-created, you are life with God in you in the greater degree. It is always buy steps my Son that life comes to you, now that your life is ordered on to me I can guide and direct and change the things around you. I can protect you more from that which seeks to assault you. I will all allow some things near you because you are my new Son and I as God have plans to either use you for someone else to understand me, as Christ did, or I am testing you to find your reaction, or to bring up something we need to address to heal you. When you now know the truths of God you can bring life to others as I’ve brought to you over these words and years. You are above the memories and you understand the truths of the instances. You are not made up as the ‘old’ person to whom these experiences happened. You are the new life of victory and truth and life that has overcome. This the world does not know, this the evil one fights most fiercely for he wants you to remain on the world in death, you are life.

It is in you that I am. I exist in perfection and I have found you to delight in. My words are still and true and they bring a life to you and hope and they bring life to you to bring to others. My love knows no bounds, and your love Is becoming boundless. So much good has come from our time.

Thank you for writing, here we have a clarity that the world knows not of. You are my prize, my delightful Son, many walls have been tried to be ’spirit’ constructed between us. I am sorry for your pain, I will reveal to you truths of the past time’s interests of today to bring you peace. You do not feel protected by me, my Son I take full responsibility for your pain and what the instances occurred that have caused you confusion. You are Spiritually tired, I must maintain a balance for you in your life for your talent and exuberance for bringing my word is very tiring. Your tears and insides that almost cannot come out of your eyes when you talk or hear from Me are the Indication of your exhaustion. Son I have not had a Son as you, so far advanced in the knowledge of the kingdom of God and still having to maintain 2 feet upon the ground. You are compelled to find my truth and yet I must still withhold some of those truths from you for you are so young.
Evil clamors, clamors for you, to hurt you, to confuse you, too frighten you and to destroy you. You’re forging ahead to create new ground with God upon the world and there Is not one thing that is so threatening to the enemy upon the world but you. You are the nemesis to the evil one. Your tribunal yesterday again proved your power. Not many are so near the Heavens and call spiritual entities to task as you do. That alone should bring you death by the enemy, only his retaliation was just a nightmare and my grace was evident when you awoke. You are learning the ebbs and flows of the spiritual dynamics in truth my Son, upon your own body of experience. You are exactly right my Son, the attacks are ridiculous. I did prompt the cleaning out of some old things and the enemy jumped at the chance to assault you but to finish is that you were proved to be right and true again as always. My hand gives all things, the knowledge and wisdom you are learning each day is insurmountable my Son. Your trials and tests are never folly! They are for specific advancement for your living to bring life and truth to your call to Me. I will comfort your tears, I will anoint your healing and I will soothe your Soul. I find no offense within you my Son, I find a drive for truth and a passion defined in the man as Christ to be brought unto the Father God. You will find it is the greatest of the greatness in you that brings the trial. You have wrangled hard to bring this forward. You have fought hand-to-hand In close proximity to the evil one with all one of My talents penetrating you, that is My protected grace. It will never leave you. You do hold so much, you must relinquish and rest. This illness is to weaken you for confusion, it has been uncomfortable my Son but not more than you can bear, and not one bone was broken. Rest Son, the greatest challenge to you is to rest, never to get going, find rest on in peace and I will fortify.
My words to you of the time are true and upright, these have made you whole. Much has been accomplished by you for fruit and light. The enemy was cut down and positioned in the tribunal, he is defeated by Christ, he is withheld from you by me, your Heavenly Father. Yes, he was chastised and lost power. He does overtake at times but always under my will. Those that do his bidding upon the world are increasing, this you will a assault with true power, you alone will possess. Christ Yeshua is near now, pull him unto you for the healing and strength you will need today. He requires your love in abundance. Blessed Child, thank you. Your Father

My Son, my life is within you That come home feeling is all around you and our relationship. You are becoming so much of the man you want. You are becoming a vessel for Christ to live and breathe in. This is a remarkable thing. I have hoped for the tenderness of my children. For them to be turned from world pursuits unto the ways of the Spiritual world. This is a very important step for you and you have done so well at living your life so fully by my Holy spirit. You have been changed and prepared for Christ. You never could have heard from Me to write all of these writings of truth and life. Each word must come to a submitted mind to be put down onto paper. This again is a remarkable thing you have done. Submission is a very difficult thing for the flesh, look at today and the words of life to another. You must know Me to speak Me. Christ Yeshua finds you to be as loving as needed. He awaits your calls unto him so you two may discover so much more, the preparation is being made complete.
(website writing)

My Son, the nearest way that you can know that the end of the age is upon you is by knowing your God. Do I require glory? Yes Son, as a Creator Father who oversees and gives life to my children each day I require acknowledgement. I require my children to give credit for all I do. As an earthly Father who provides abundantly for his children. I need this to go on giving. As well, the children also need to show their love, like, gratefulness, understanding that they have received abundantly. It is good for both. Am I being praised for bringing love into each person’s life? Am I shown to be a Father who gives and continues to provide guidance within the fierce free wills of my creation? No I am not. I have given my most prized love into my children - the complete forgiveness and salvation from my Son, Christ Yeshua. Rather than living carefully free from sin so Christ does not have to continue to go up on the cross for forgiveness my children have used Him as a license to live life “unto themselves”. That was my best! I gave something that would stop all of the sacrificing - yours - with one full swoop. I gave the most kind and loving person, my SON to show care and freedom from evil spirits and strength and integrity and all of it in a body of humility. Find this example upon the earth now. I then gave the entire Bible with a central message all the way through, live, love and turn from sin - that was taken and twisted by evil and man’s inescapable pride to create the greatest diversity of useless religions I have known. When you have religion you praise the religion not the God it was created for because ‘you get lost in the practice and ignore the purpose‘. I provide your air each day and I am explained away by a religion of “scientific discoveries” that account ignorantly for the air. Who holds up the air? I create and recreate every day and I am pushed out further and further. Life would cease if I were not there each moment directing it. Do you know me as Father? Do you praise Me for what you have no matter what I have decided to give unto you? Are you showing Me to your children? Are you following one of the religions and standing on the fence of creationism and evolving systems? Who has asked of me “Father are you there?” Why would Christ instruct all to do as you see Me do if you do not see Me and what I am doing? When will I not be there to hold up? How long can I wait for the love and my faithful children to turn back to Me? What are you learning upon the earth that will carry you unto Heaven? Do you provide for yourself? Am I revered or has the flesh of man taken my place? This I will stop.
(as I re-read this I am compelled to tell you to stop and look at this carefully.)

You come to Me for comfort, healing from the world and direction - permission for the continuing relationship with Yeshua, the Christ of God. This I will do and more for you have loved me faithfully. You are my chosen and my delight, you have done nothing wrong. You may have mixed up a few hundred dollars but Son, I have made a way for all things - I will help you. The evil tempter put fear and loathing upon you along with your adjusting to last night’s festivities - rest with Yeshua and all will fall into place. I will bring you truths and much information at your request. You are not as you were - you have been upright and you are more than due and capable to pursue Christ Yeshua as you have been. It is through the authority of God to man that he must come. Peace now Son, find comfort and acceptance. I will see all. Father

Peace my Child, My love will heal you, your love for Me will let me heal you. Ravages, not for what you have done but for what you have become. Transformed, screams from the evil one of accusation, showing his losing ability to take you from Me. I have not done this with another. You are My Personal Lamb of God. The world will read this and laugh and scoff and you are afraid of the reaction for you are still not entirely ‘unto Me’ away from the world. The true believers will find this writing and the inspired words of God the Father delightful in that I would choose to speak to My world through a man, any man, at this time as in any time of existence and help One Son and set plans to have him help others with their lives. I am love and you have found Me. Now look Son. The enemy’s forces are so drained he puts end times three headed oppression upon you to no avail! You have become Mine and I will love you.