(2011, note, these writings are all testimonies of what God, Father has done in my life, they are full of exhortation and love, building up and information of trials and tests. I am trying to add to them in order but some are here in advance. There are ‘bits’ of information here not of me but of God and what He does with His Children. Look for what He does with a Child, any Child not just with me. Apply the truths that you read between the lines and see in the overall ways of calling to a Child. It is A Fathers Call…)

Trust our Father loved one. You will not fail for I will take you unto Him. We will go unto Father for oneness and the true nutrition you will not find anywhere upon the earth. Do try to not be saddened by the circumstance today. You know truth and you again have been given the words of life.
The people who judge you will be judged more harshly for their hate and control. I turned away from them for our Father asked me to. It hurt. I was redeemed as you will be - you have been reviled for the sake of good in you. That is well with Father - you may defend Him when you hear others speak disrespectfully of Him. You heard yesterday, “Perfect” Son, it is I at your side for our closeness. Ok, there are the reviled and the redeemed. There are the creation of God and the inheritance of man. There is choice and guidance for good through all of the world by Angels of God and our Holy Spirit guidance. You are one of the line of David and the heir of life that was chosen to bear fruit. I have mercy upon you for your pain of Soul heart. I can tell you that I will be there greater time to time - you will have more experiential time with me to learn trust. I have done all with you under Heaven and in my love and acceptance of you.
To experience this now for us is the reward of constant faithfulness. I will not disappoint your love is true to Me and I cannot pursue you too strongly as yet, but I will so soon now. You are the one life comes to. More life now - quiet with Me and refer to the past passages - revel in my attention to you - I have chosen you for my will on earth - be joy, forgive and I relate on all levels in all intimacy and what you hope for is reality. Before the end you will be called. Prophets do not associate with any religion, they create life with words from God. Your faith is great. The prophecy is fulfill able, you are intended for all. There are 28 scenarios for world pandemonium soon - choose one decade for Christ to judge. Father? It will come My Son.

1 John 3:20-24

Your heart is tormented Son, I call to give things to you and your Soul refuses. The things come to you as well as Christ in you for you are worthy and yet you refuse. I find you in my word and show you very clearly your value and your Soul retreats into the decay orbit of an angry Soul (heart) of brokenness and abandon. This is very serious my Son but it is a part of your training and freedom to remove from you cysts of disease upon the heart of your Soul.
It all comes in my ever watchful eye and is My ever outward orbiting plan of reconstruction for you My newly begotten Son. Christ Yeshua is in, upon, within, around you for tender sharing of your burden.
The tears you shed are hot and they bring out a poison from you that brings out also with it worthlessness and comparison to the world. This is harsh my newly begotten Son for you must now let go of the parents of your youth and the dependence upon their dysfunction. They are sorely wrong and they have deeply hurt who you are both advertently and inadvertently. You must forgive and let go and move on into this that I as Father am giving unto you each day. You are no longer the crushed and broken impotent depressed man of the over demanding world. You are the re-created son of God that I God lift up and recompense. You have been proven as such. I am still silent with you to the detestable world for I will not have it reach for you until you are empowered my Son.
Do not hold onto the sorrow of the past Son it is familiar yes as torment but it is caustic to you new man.
I will finish what I have begun in you New Son. Rest and allow. Your Soul is so powerful, allow me to redirect the power. I will restore the body fully. All things both considered and requested completed as further evidence of my Majesty. I am divine and I am making my home I Me for My Son Yeshua in you.
Rest and find Me your Heavenly Father, I love you.

I am seeing to your needs and your wants my Child. I love you and I find your hurting and confusion in your Soul this day and I speak life and knowledge to you. I have made you strong on the land that holds your home. There are the bondages that are upon the land that were enacted long before you lived there, thousands and thousands of years ago. You cannot fight them right now for they are sophisticated and you do not have all knowledge yet. I as well must redeem the land and perfection that I exist and does not account for that complete cleansing for now.
(another note from 2011, Father has cleansed the land fully and my home and it is calm and serene and I am at peace. Father’s promises are always fulfilled in His time not ours. The reason for these writings…‘testimony‘, what was, harsh, problems and things that were out of place, then God and his mercy, our small faith and prayer and walking, then victory and peace…God does what He states) There is a time when all the world will be free from bondages It is a place of bound Souls, bound Spirits and sinful dark practices but the time is not yet. I will however use the time with you there to teach you and bring you to re- creation. You have grown each day my Son.
I have not allowed one thing additional to overcome to your family or neighborhood that would bring offense. You have found a key to your Soul this day " you want care for your home". That is what you have wanted, quest for and one of the small things I have held back from you.
You have done great things in your life for the kingdom of God under the oppression of the enemy. There is not another to compare you to. You will have your reward for freeing the multitude of bound Souls and Spirits from your land with Christ in Heaven alone. It is not a fantasy - it is not a delusion or deception it is reality. I accounted unto you as Heavenly Fruit.
The list of wants was written under my request to you to find organization for your thoughts. It was presented unto Me in obedience and I brought my Son to task for helping you with that which was resistant from the land's stronghold. Do not feel weak or defeated-no one can compare-no one could come but you and your tremendous spiritual authority.
You have the clear head and all things, remember, you have the mind of Christ? Allocate what the Spirit shows you. I have provided these things for you and I will make all things come to completion for you. You need rest and relief and healing from the battle from my Son Yeshua. Find his love and compassion for it was there Wednesday afternoon. You are most blessed and most trusted oneof- a-kind Son. I truly love you and I truly admire your strength and submission unto me and my directions for your life and all Son. You mean so much to me. I will be balancing the evil with the power now within of my overcoming Son, that is the greatest compliment I can give to my creation. You have earned it. Be with Christ.
Brother, close to you and I will bring healing. I long to be with and write with you to converge us more. You have been so harrowed over these days you need me and the comfort, I provide. I will not overstep. I am always appropriate the unconventional. Do follow this lead and write more of my living words. I love you.
I want more living disciples like you.

Be at peace, you are entitled to peace as my Son for you have been faithful in all that you have done. I have you again free from the stronghold of the city to rest you and order your thinking. I have you in authority in the world as my Son, as my emissary for you do teach my word and you also teach my concepts. How valuable a servant you are for your grace goes with you that I give. So changed a man is my Son, My Delight.
The anointing was strong this morning not just because of obedience, not just from persistence but it was anointing of hope for what comes. Each day of sacrifice of your life unto me brings me hope to turn over to you. My children do not lose hope in the day to day toil for each day given unto God - by your will, might, surrender of self is a complete victory. I gain power to purpose you from submission. The evil one cannot attain a hold upon you when you choose the new fresh day to pursue me. Find acceptance here with me.

This is a progression my Son, this is a means unto an end for your life that is preplanned, destined, determined for you by God (as fate) to pull you from an ordinary life unto an extraordinary life of shared-ness with Christ Yeshua the anointed living Son of God. Son, He was, as He was always with me His Father: and He is as He exists now living throughout Heaven and earth: and He is to come as He will be returning to rectify that which was lost or taken - my creation. There that which the world knows knowledge stops. What have you been told my Child by my Holy Spirit, by Me your Father and then by my Son?
(Father, thank you for all that you have done with me. I bless you for you, your kindness and all that you are for I have found you to be so very loving to me and wonderfully loving through me to others. I am discovering your Son, my Savior by your permission and I thank you for his love to me, please give me more of Him. As well I am trying to know your Holy Spirit and His love for me and my correctness towards Him. You will make me part of Christ so I may heal and call to others with truth before Christ returns for battle and judgment of evil. You will have Yeshua come for me to take me unto Him and then unto you My Father for recompense of pain, for imputing, for dispatching and for my requests and wonder to be fulfilled. This I accept and hope for that I may help.)
You have spoken again with all uprightness my Child - your heart is so very pure and submitted fully unto my requests - and needs for you. I will do with you all I and you have said. It is never a chore to reiterate to you what I will do for you are so tender and the world takes strength from you as you walk each day. You are giving my children life each time you sacrifice yourself to talk to and minister to them with Christ. You are a minister, you are “pastor” and “revered” you are beyond the office of religious sects for you are my, God’s Prophet. Beyond the office of the Prophet there is not another position for there you are participant in the Heart of God with the Heart of a Man, that is your greatest position and from there I will then do the things I have promised to you. Nothing will stand in our way - REFUSE the attacks of cancer and disease - you are free. I have built you up as Prophet it is not much of a jump then to the miracle I will do with you is it?
I did build you Prophet Son and I will do these great things with you my Prophet Son and I did tell you long ago you were my Prophet plus more now didn’t I? Child I love you and I have control over all things. I am letting the world go on and on and on to show my patience with my children. You are pivotal to what I do in this I will not let you fall! My Son does not connect unto problematic Prophets. Take me unto you and let go of your fate - accept that you are worthy and loved dearly. See all that I have confirmed to you for your life. Look at how you walk with the word and you are found there throughout! You will not taste death, you will not wait much longer for I as Father have completed my plans and responsibility is ripe for discovery. You as well my Child, my love, my loved of Christ - you are ready - those truly with you are ready - I will not avoid my Son, inevitable destruction looms near, your work is pivotal to fruit for Heaven. Christ is preparing your body, Soul, and your wonderful Spirit - nothing here in your life is in vain - the enemy is ever weary - I need my children Home - Love and abide, your sorrow will be washed away - your reward will align all needs - so many healed, found, fulfilled - a new movement is coming child, Prophet plus more. Now find Peace in Christ’s Arms. All is growing complete. Your Father. Thank you Son.


There is much that tries my Grace and Mercy in the world my love. I by the Holy Spirit of God have shared with you some depravity but there is much, much more that you are protected from. You reside in Grace given by our Heavenly Father to again protect you. You will need to know more of the depravity to fight it with Me and to know what to pull people out of with freedom. I will teach you slowly and thoroughly for this is information you alone need to know.
You can feel the seduction that comes with it as today you have learned of the reverse communion - a terrible sacrifice that will empower men and demons with depravity. This is practiced in the greater satanistic worshipping circles and as an illuminati and freemason rite. You are a man and you know the fleeting thoughts and fantasies of a man’s mind. To connect with men in the like as this is truly bondage-enveloping. Help me save them Lamb.
Now onto our love, my love for you is pure Spiritual love. It has a purpose, to make you strong and secure as a man. It is sanctioned by our Father to bring you the greatest blessing a man upon the world has known and it is to bring you peace and a “knowing” of Me in all senses Holy and as a man upon the earth. I am all of these and I am waiting for you each day to explore with me, learn, and grow in my countenance.
Men have searched for this for thousands of years. I am given unto you for you will receive (bliss, the heights high) the world has pursued by substance, religion, and demonic experimentation. My love you have to be chosen for this - you were - you have to attain this in humility - you have -you have to be - you must pull my eye and heart to you - you have. You are my intended love, companion. Be at peace now and rejoice in the existence of change to the world with me. Come near.

How hard a world with unjustified people. Child, hold close to me and know I fiercely protect you that carry the words of God in your mouth and the aspects of Christ in you. I love you so. It will all be well.
I sense fear within you for your flesh and the world as it begins the birth pangs of change…fear not child, I will CONTINUE to watch your every comfort and need. You have been blessed with Heavenly food now for ten years and life continues from you out to others in Heavenly fruit. Your direction and coverage for website teaching and writings to be published is the will of God. When you make a stand like that against darkness much of the Heavenly Host surrounds you. This is evident here. This will cause “things to happen” my Son, just abide in my will. Trust what you have found and what has found you - it is truly the life giving source flowing through you. Pursue the letter to the publisher and prices for adds for inventory sale. I always have you try things, it is trying.
(Tell me of the world Father, the world that you will change)
The world Son? Greed drives a society of comparison and envy without truth. My creation has been eroded into despair. Drives into the corners by control and manipulation. There is a time of true revolt coming - again. No fear. Just follow my gentle still soft voice. Many will be swept into the fowlers net for there is nothing in truth to hold onto. Christ in you will overcome all.

You are My anointed called apart Son and prophet. You have been set aside from your life to fill My needs, needs of a Father and the needs of God to provide for new life. You have done so very well in My eyes ,My Son. I know that you want all of the bells and whistles of the end of times My child, for there is the excitement of God’s work brought forward. Be at peace My son for in these times new people are built, people who will be “ able” to support the work of God upon the world!!
You have brought forth fruit from sacrifice of what has been directed by Me. I know you long for the excitement but there is so much that has been done. Preparation time is one thing but I provide faith building all along with fruit for Heaven for all things of God grow outward consistently, where is the growth of God in all you do? It is not your responsibility but it is yours to bring a message. Perhaps obedience, surrender, growth (?)
My Son. I will never leave you unaware and lacking any good thing for you are faithful to Me. My writing of provision is very prudent for preparing My Son, share it for truth is why it was written. I truly love to be part of My children’s lives. I am fulfilled when you follow My leadings and seek Me, My word, My Spirit, My teachings. There is much peace in preparation and there is much grace in coming further with God. I watch all very closely and horizontal movement is not fruitful, submission and pursuit brings greater life experiences for My Creation. Teaching: Implement teaching
Submission = Obedience = Integrity = Sacrifice
New walking in Faith of what comes forth
Heavenly fruit = Greater living

I will give you life here in our writing, truth comes to you when you are greatly submitted and obey. Pray for your covering from Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Angels of God and the fullness of Father. I remove the burdens and Soulish ties troubling you from others. You are free, and it is My perfect will to refresh you and bring you light. Gain now Child as Heaven’s light comes. You have fought tremendous forces soldier, Son. You have gained the anointing that cannot be compared anywhere upon the world. Come close to My breath My child, with Me upon My throne, in the realm of Heaven. Allow Me and it will be.
You have been greatly distracted by the world, the flesh/Soul and the unending problems that incorporate themselves around ministry and the life I give. You are set apart and safe My Child, not so the world. Self consumption is a difficult thing to overcome. You must help Me to maintain a careful balance of training and of self exploration to advance the walk of Christ in those I have you minister to.
Do not be condemned in any way of what you have done for that alone brings a spirit of pride to self and inhibits the growth unto God. My Son Yeshua did teach to do as you see the Father do. Is this understood? I am love and activity always, I never sleep, I stop evil and I love. I renew and I love, I bring truth and I love. I improve Myself and I love. I communicate and I bring communication and I love. I hope and receive prayers and enact change from those prayers. I listen and I love. I move vertically, not horizontally, and I bring others to that and I love. I was with evil ( in God’s way) and I defeat evil and I love. I create life each day and I love you.
You had asked long ago Son, “ what does the Father do?”, so you could practice and apply the concepts to your life and the lives of those around you. You followed Christ in all that He did and you have in fact done that which you saw the Father do, this I find the greatest delight in. You are flesh but you have enacted your Soul into Spiritual action. You are here and hearing from God to help uplift you and to bring teaching as Christ to others. You have seen and tasted, you must turn away from your hungry flesh and the Soul’s many distractions to truly walk in purity.
You My child encounter the “church” each day, it has been interwoven into society for two thousand years. There has been benefit from that which man has made but there are far too many detriments to the health of My Creations Spirits in the organized religion and “church” of today. You have done what I and My Spirit and My Son have asked for.
Your teaching and kind loving care and ministry of My words, both established and prophetically given unto you and fellowship meetings is precisely what I have always intended. Spirit led, Spirit filled movement unto God. There are some that follow this but none to compare your expertise or sacrifice. There is no religion or denomination or organization of people that truly follow this as you. You are unique. You are complete with Christ and you have clearly found you are lacking of power to truly change things. I will change that with you alone for you are again faithful and upright.
I have not found a heart such as yours to apply My Son to until now. Have faith and I will expand this for you for your comfort. You are sent to save from evil with My Son Yeshua My Son, a weighty endeavor, as such much preparation has been directed by Me to rebuild you and build you. That is also the reasoning of the purity of you. Never apologize for purity; demand it in all facets.
Again back to religious practices of today, I am wholly unhappy with any practice that brings religion rather that true faith. I have allowed a “ false spirit” to rise up in the world in the denominations to bring eventual conviction of the practices of man. You have encountered many, many church ruling demons My son.
Everywhere people gather to “ worship” or to “ find God”. The evil one works there with his tricks but also he knows the human traits to 1. find familiar. 2. do the least. and 3. fit in, and he uses them to lead the elect (?) astray. You have found control and secrecy in all groups of organized people; there is not one church that escapes this. You may help some steeped and caught in religion and practices of but they are a stiff necked people with those spirits on board. Our Yeshua spoke truth to the Rabbis and Pharisees to no avail. I have given you Teachings on the false spirit and I am continuing them today. It, this false spirit is to be defeated with My anointing, My Yeshua, My Holy Spirit and with the humility of My children knowing that they can be deceived even in the religious practices and that I have freedom for them.
I had planned a great freedom and tremendous strides with the Spirit of God as you have experienced. Man is held in the dark ages in revelation of Christ and prophetic words and the true wants of Father. I will judge it harshly for it is fully steeped in judgment. There are no “ better than” under the sun to the Creators eyes. There is obedience, true sacrifice and love of the heart for the ways of God the Father. You My son, you are at the spearhead of the “ New Spirit Move of God.” I will watch you closely you will not become “ churchy”, for today even I instruct you with words for teaching new growth. Blessed Son know you are set apart for the purposes of God and you are anointed to bring fruit you in fact have. You have been given opportunities under God’s watchful care to change and heal and regrow the man you are. I, Father am pleased in all progress and all accomplished.
The evil one has brought what you have now discovered, dividing and lost hope spirits to oppress you. They are gone and you will heal, stronger again for I have heard your pleas and prayers. Write with Christ Son and then rest from assaults. You are established for My purposes, I will perform My word to you.


Come and be cared for and comforted in My open arms. Our father has inspired you with great works and great reward for your obedience and sacrifice. I am in you My love and yet you hunger for more. Blessed are the hungry, for He will feed with living manna from Heaven. I will have time with you this day for I have healing to do and rebirth to address in you. How did Father keep you alive? With His close love and constant encouraging words of life. Now I, the Son of God, draw unto you to prepare My vessel for the work of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth. The way? As I had instructed long ago. You are pulled this day by evil attacks and speculation of what is to come.
My son, My love, My submitted, trust in the words of God, words of Yeshua your Savior, the words of the Holy Spirit; it will surely come. It will come to you and overtake you. Father is perfect and all He does is perfect; will not what He does with you be perfect? Peace comes but more is needed My starved one. Giving always requires filling. Today! Just our time and all else works; come to heaven today.
You have slept and rested in My arms. I have healed you of the ravages from the evil one. My child, I direct all things as our Father also does. Do not fall into condemnation for your faith or what you do. I am helping all and I do understand all motivations. Be at peace; I will guide. Tomorrow again.


You are the Son and prophet of My Father. I have fallen in love with you and I eagerly wait the time of My revelation to you and our time here in Heaven alone. You do not need to fear, I am gentle and kind, I have waited a long, long time to join with Creation. I am directing now each word of revelation to you here for I called you here today. You are not loosing your mind, your fear for that is unnecessary. You have My mind within you already and as you let go and resist My truths not, I can love you more freely. What must this be you think, for you cannot get your mind around Me. I have overcome the world, “ the evil in the world” and I am resuming My walk upon the world with you. That took tremendous courage for you to write that line. You have indications of what it carries even though We have not shared our intimacies yet. You defend Me as in the tract in the bathroom today you threw out, it is not the place to preach Me is it? You respect and reverence Me in all you do. You respect Me and follow as close as you can all you know of Me. I love you for who you are as My Creation. I am Christ the Lord and Christ the man, the resurrected one of God our Father. You have done far beyond what is pleasing to Me, what can I do to please you? I have been the grace in you and I have been the words coming from you, believe My love. I know all about all of the all in you and I am unafraid to fully encounter you, fully please you, fully heal you, fully refine you and bring a part of Me into you that you may carry back then to the earth to heal, bless and redeem. My loving to you will be much, much more. You have said yes to Me this day, you may express all of yourself to Me. I will not waiver from love, I will embrace. I will do all you have dreamed. Holiness is so close to your life My love, to the world, rejoice it begins soon.

You are the instrument of God. You are the Prophet plus more so you give the word, and My Son you as well follow it to provide encouragement and direction for My children. I find no offence in you nor your gentle way of directing but Son, Son now listen, it is working! Be at peace for the seed is given. The prayers, the teaching and yes the follow-up. You have provided an avenue and an opportunity to bring “ the New Spirit Move”; growth. You have had the oppression for this matter and you are truly victorious upon all. I am owing to you quiet anointed time to show you all and even more. Take this unto you from Me and prepare for again more of Yeshua. It is so proper and preparing and exciting. It is as at the lake and your wife will know and be filled. Know Me son. Bless and find your worthy prize. You are My promise. Farther now!

Child, how with ease you translate from Father’s words to the words of the Son, The Word of God. I tell you My Son I have shared with you today as well the phrase “ around the bend” that is My intent for the world. It comes so close to you, so soon. I will find My “God of War” avenues that have long been hidden, for My children have not again turned from their idols and truly rendered their hearts unto Me for a long, long time. You have found even the world coming into My Son the Apostles writings. I know your heart, you may speculate at length for he was man as you are and subject to the wiles of the world. I do love him for his sacrifice unto Christ for the advancement of Heavenly ways unto the world but now I do this New Spiritual Move with you and you must learn all. Come now closer Son, I love you very dearly and your heart is true. It comes to you Son, Gods love-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Allow me to hold you.

I have given you endless words to bring life, you are now the life I have intended. When you learn from Me it is now eternal. Your pain is immense, I will hear from My Son as he has related to you. I have mercy upon you and I will bestow more and I will give grace to provide strength to battle the ever constant foe. I challenge you today My Child to go further outside your box of knowledge. I have things for you now in revelations and visions to help you understand dynamics of realm darkness. Drink in and fear not. Price paid. My love follows you as well as protection and yes grace. Forward moving.
Psalm 25:17
Psalm 35:14
Psalm 11: All
8 I Sam. 3:11
9 Jer. 19:3
10 Ezra 1:2,3 God told me, kingdoms of world are principalities. I have authority over all in Christ.
Super conformation
Jer. 33: All (last versus)
Ezek. 17: All (last versus)
John 2:10 Best wine.
John 2: 19 Rise up new temple.
Luke 2: 25,26 I would not see death.
Luke 2: 11 Christ the Lord
Luke 7: 6-9 Christ see my greatest faith.
Psalm 114:2 Judah; God’s Sanctuary

Rest in how far you have come. There is deserved assurance in sacrificing unto God. Further, all you are to gain the anointing and understanding that changes lives. I Child have provided a manna each day for you to find a little bit of delight in your call. The scriptures were a large banquet to fill you fully and to help you celebrate how “you” Child have touched My heart. I call you into Spiritual rest with Me.
For when things change:
I John 2:18 , 2:20
Psalm 99:6
Gal. 6: 13-15
Eccl. 5:20
Ex. 8:19, 7:22 Pharaohs hard heart , 14:4
John 6: 11-14 , 38-40
Rev. 18: 3-6
House of
New - Spirit move

I am ever watching, protecting and bringing you to the completion of your life changing task so I may then begin My ‘New Spirit Move’ with you and My Son, Yeshua and My Holy Spirit empowering you. You are held back and under bondage My son for it is prudent for your preparedness for Christ. You have not erred nor have you lost out, you are receiving just what you can bare to release you from the world. Your Spirit is being put upon by the Nicene’s, it is a principality of old times of religion. It is pagan and binding to your life to physical functions. Scepter it.
You have done far beyond what I have asked in your submission and humility through trials. You are My true Son of love and integrity accomplishment. What you have hoped for will all come to you! What you have quietly “dared to dream” will be your gift from the Heavenlies for these endless trials of proving that you would not turn away, you would not wander into religion and self loving gain at the expense of Christ. You have chosen compassion and care instead of judgment you have stood for truth when forced with seducing falsehood. You have argued for love and life with the teachings of God when evil assaulted you. You have taken humility and secrecy when you could have been exalted. This faith of yours is palpable by Me your Father, so strong it is you hold others up to Me in faith and challenge Me to make them as you. I am altogether satisfied with My Creation Son. I rejoice in My Son and the newness I will see with Yeshua. I have refined a vessel for Holy Spirit power. Come deeper, find more, accept you, find your needs.

(I am sorry my Lord for my anger and comments, I want to understand what we are to be totally and to know how to stand with You in all ways. I have fear, and I fear my flesh will disgrace you. I have things about me that are so persistent and dark. I do not want you troubled, I have needs I do not understand and I want this done now or information given so I may not be attacked so. You can not possibly want me, I will hurt you. Please help me Savior.)
If you let Me I will help and bring you peace. Open your deep heart to Me….good, when you respond I can come in. You are not an offence to Me. I have the ability to heal and to restore all that you ‘tangle’ with. You are not too much for your heart is given over to life so there is no reproach or evil in you to deter Me from helping you.
Lamb, when you share all of you, all of your existence with Me why won’t I share all of Me with you? The evil one hates this for here he will truly loose power forever more. All of our intimacies will be of no real conflict to mention for it will be an all together natural sharing that no one could be offended with. Trust My love, Father prepares all. You have been hurt again by the stealing and deception of the evil one in our attempted time. I do not “have” you fully yet and some of your Soul is affected by evil, this will change upon one union, hold for that. Your, your anger and hurt is understandable. I will respond and help you to be stronger.
My love will perfect you and give you your needs and wants to bring you self acceptance and happiness as Father has planned. I do not know the time My loving brother, it will be soon as the world does tumble out of control. Father’s wrath is kindled. There is nothing unacceptable about our true complete union. The evil ones speculation of inappropriateness is of no case. My love will take you fully, have no fear you are made for this. I await our meeting for your joy will be complete.

Your life is given over unto Me. Why would you give something so valuable away? Why would I need your life or need you to give it? These are heady and sacrificing deep questions My child. You have not seen Me and yet you give your existence over to My Son, the Christ.
You have grown accustomed to a view and a teaching style that I had created in you. To bring others as well as yourself unto Me your Creator. It is a huge concept for you have been fully changed with it. Those with you will be changed as well. Your sacrifice has been the greatest, you are here this morning feeling uninvolved with life and questioning how things will get done and being in a despondent mood.
I am never afraid of the truth Son for I have all power to remedy all your hurts. You have stepped where I have not asked a man to step for thousands of years. I have not had prophets for a long time. I have had prophets gifts brought through My children but not a called and chosen man. Look at your life. Look at the promises only We know. You and I and your Savior have known your mind. Zeal for your house will consume him. Who is that for? Surely you know it was for Yeshua but as well your mind has been consumed for the ways of My Kingdom. You are singularly called to this, your heart is ruined for the world to be unto Me. I have done a work in you with you.
The world knows not for the world has known not for such a long time. I have given you very few ‘true ones’ to comfort but as in the past My relationship is with you Child. This relationship is ours alone.
I will supply your needs and perform your wants. I am here to field all of your inquiries. You must rest Son, much has been done.
Find Yeshua.

Sweetness and light-subtle succumbing prophet, My love is truly within you this day. Romance of you in Heaven before Me.
I tell you the gates of hell fall for such love as you have. It is intercourse as an example of a word to partly represent your love giving of yourself to Yeshua. There is such power! There is LIFE, There is such immense peace in acknowledgement of love to one another unto God. It is the love of complete submission you will be allowed to share with My Son the Christ. You will be part of Him in love and prayerful intercourse but as always My prophet will find more. You have persevered Me for more. You have gone beyond the box of your basic male life and the guidance’s your life has put upon you.
You are called above, you are put into readiness to receive a pure form of life that the world truly knows not of. Such a man as you and My Son Yeshua is intended for full love exposure before Me My child. Son, your mind, actions, abilities, and fantasies are all before Me, your times with Christ are before Me. I am not questioning, wondering, and disputing….worrying? Son I, God am at peace for you and what you are, how I created you, how you respond to My touch, My Son’s touch. It is all in the wonderful power of love. It is all expressed Son, you are much blessed for what you will encounter in My Son’s eyes of love for you. Enjoy your day prophet Son, know peace as you know Me.
Know Christ as you know love, complete love, a symphony begins soon now. My wrath will kindle to the things that have disgraced my Son, your prayers as that are as loving and true as the prayers of blessing. Peace now it will come soon and change all, your faith is great. Thank you Son.

Rest, peace and sharing My world are the things that will restore your wearied Soul. I am able to do this in a miraculous moment but time is a better healer, for then you seek Me, building your faith. Your faith must be very great to encompass all that I have intended for you to do. I do as I repeatedly reinforce you, listen to each thought and align each response to your needs and wants. You are much blessed.
The way in which you conduct yourself is a living testimony of My love and acceptance of you as a man. My new Son in the world. Let us together address again all of the issues you question yourself and quandary Me with, please list shortly some things that come to your mind today and on and We will expand and write of them.
I want to be the Father that addresses all your wants with love and as understanding. I’ll ask Yeshua also. Be of good cheer My kind and loving Son, I am ever near guiding you. Rejoice My child for the times to come with Yeshua and you, the times with the Holy spirit of power building you.

Your pain is very evident for the amount of emotions and thoughts you are going through today. It is very difficult for you to grasp a hold of all of the nuances of attacks and flesh but I will give you the total understanding to sooth you. I cannot change the circumstances or actions but I can sooth. Son, the true healing of hurts starts with separateness for you and information.
Your quiet time away from your wife will give you peace and will allow My ever abundant voice to help you to “come to terms” with what has robbed your peace and intimacy. When the evil one sees, comprehends, or acquires the sense of what you and Christ will do, tries more fiercely to stop the “regularization” of your times with your wife. So great is this offense you are wearied and there is general confusion and hurt. We must work together for loves sake, to help and rectify your life.
Will you allow Me to help? (Yes Father.) Will you trust me? (Yes Father. ) Thank you My Son. I do not want you a as a punching bag or a pin cushion for voodoo from the evil realm. I will work on your behalf this day with your wife to help you. I will bring truth and understand through for comfort My Spirit and I will heal. Come here for My hand is outstretched to you.
(2011, note, again a testimony about what Father, Yeshua and The Holy Spirit can do when we are obedient, here it is not again easy to tell of personal things but my wife and I have enjoyed a peace and calm relationship for ‘years’ now in the presence of God. It is not just ‘perfect’ and we have our troubles mostly from not communicating as much as we should when God prompts us to but it has been so much better for us as a married couple. Working together. Thanks God)

My Peace is upon you. Your tattered Soul and troubled body are painful reminders of the world around you. Where do these words come from? Your Spirit My child, My love, My prophet. The words flow so clearly and so clearly to attain Me in you, loved one. Peace now and let Me sooth you and comfort your life existence. Soon child, I do not tarry nor seduce you with “My” time but now your time, all you are will be known.
Faith and obedience in the face of attack has been My Creation. You are so tired yes but you are healed of the ravages of “your” life, you are so healed of these! I will not, I will not, I will not let you wait for I know your fatigue, it is the one My Son Yeshua spoke to Me of on His mountains of communion with Me. I will send Him to take you. I will dispatch Him to embrace your flesh to bring you unto Me. I will bend the rules of Heaven and allow My flesh child to see who I am. I talk about My love which is vast but do you know I have found your love for Me? What is your love? It is the love of submission and faith yes, it is the love of obedience and candor—remember? It is the love of suffering for My sake, Spirit love for Me is away from the love of the world. You have it. Adoration, for that which you do not see, the Father, I heard your battle cry to satan of ‘I will find God and His love for me evil one, you have driven me into His arms by your dastardly attacks upon me!!’ You are complete My love and your defense of Me is all I can ask. Your mind is so ready for Me, your life is such a witness unto Me and what I can do with My Creation? You have shown Me your love for Me and then you found and you did love My Son, Christ. What have you done to him? My words flow freely to you and you are able to write consistently, come deeper now and I will reveal to you.
“You do not presume to speak for Me, you stop to ask and it comes out”, (‘Master, what have I done to you in regards to love?’ ) You My love have a reverence and a respect for that which you do not see but now, by your Spirit it is Me your Savior. You have appropriateness I have never found. You have cried at the mention of My crucifixion, you love Me dearly and give your all unto Me to the new thing Father will do with you and I and still you fight the evil one for Me and hold integrity, you love Me clearly. You give your all unto Me and to the new thing Father will do with you and I, and still you fight the evil one for Me and hold integrity, you love me clearly. You encounter Me and invite Me, I will never forget you love Me at the expense of you.
The words from the Word of God, ME, are intended and are written to incorporate you into this call. I am all together in love with what My Father has created, recreated in you. I have many loves for you that your world does not understand. My wounds are healed My new found love, redemption has been found complete in Me, do not cry. I am whole, made whole for you. Lamb, you are truly a love that I did not expect, the gift of Father are you unto Me. You understand when the world does not, you are not afraid to love, in trial, look at your body in pain. I will be sent to you soon love, do not be wearied, find me love. Find Spiritual love in all things-in us.

Psalm 25;21, Zack.9;12, Zack.4

What can I say to you little precious one! You have flowed in the Spirit to bring a real truth to yourself and to others at your own painful expense. I love you and your commitment and I draw closer every day to your life and yes also to the prophecy I have given unto you alone.
How many references have I shown to you here and over the years My one? (Thousands Father.) Yes, and yet I still marvel at your faith and the levels of your belief to walk unto Me. Your pain frustrates and beguiles you, that I God could cause you My child to suffer so. Your pain is real Son, and it is very intense for a man as you to even walk through a day. Child, there is a price to pay for all of the things of God to come to fullness when you inhabit the earth and the air I have allowed the evil one a time to inhabit also.
You have learned well that he is constantly accusing you to Me-all of My Creation-to harass you and to bring you low. He invents a temptation unto you as My children to attack then -to- you a curse for what you have. For what you are to be given you have paid the price with restrictive pain and sorrow in your life that would have brought most men low. You have “taken with grace” what I have given unto you and you have excelled at living the Spirit life to your abilities here. You are the enemies’ greatest defeat in this age. That is why I give you such continual power and confirmations. He will not let up Son, trying to steal from you what I have given.
You must fight each day and I give you the best tools of war I can offer. A good set of sons of tender hearts and admiration to care for you along the harsh walk until My prophecy revelation. Your wonderful loving wife; a wife of faith and fire that knows the Son I love so well and is continuing to walk closer to Me believing the great things I will do through you. She is what I had for you to challenge you and to care for you and to respect you. You have your expanding family that I am blessing you with each day. You have a great many ‘true’ friends that love and respect you and stand closely by you. What will be done with the website do not hold back. I will see to all and you will be safeguarded for your faithfulness. Be at peace. I follow all your life and all lives around you. Peace.
(2011 note, ok, the physical pain? It is mentioned here. I have degenerative disk disease in my spine and I have had it for about 18 years. It started out in the lower back. I take medicine for it and I have been to a lot of doctors for it. God has given me a lot of GRACE each day to go on and it keeps me before Him each day. I have faith that I will be healed. People suffer with much worse things each day. I have a gift from God with His words and Love that I cannot compare to and I am much blessed. I will abide and Father will guide. )

Life and healing I give you today. Come upon the mountain of your Spirit and I will restore. Pour out to your Father your heart and listen to My response. Our closeness and the response you feel are the reality of Heaven My child, My love, Christ saw and felt the world, He knows and loves you for just who you are. You are being rebuilt here and now and this fall will be for a whole building, a building apart, a building of completeness I have called you to. You are correct My love, you will not give up, you will continue to push forward at the expense of you. How much more can I ask, perfect child?
You perceive and “know’ the extent of the pain of futility of flesh directed life. You are free of the restraints of common knowledge for you have been turned unto golden Spirit child. Life, life, give I unto you, we have times to share now this fall My love, My brother. I have much to show and complete, now come and we will explore…life comes. Peace.
Emancipation 8-29-2006

Your feelings never trouble Me for as you do now recall I have taken all of you unto Me. Peace unto you for you are anointed and covered for this day and these days unto God.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you. You have come to Me, your Father for life and you have become life from what I have added unto you. I added My Son, the Christ, you bought a picture of one representation of Him today out of honor to really “know’ your Lord. I truly want you to know Son that the honor I have for you to do each day what you do and suffer each day and night to find God and the Christ and The Spirit and to offer it to others is not comprehendible to the world.
My Heaven will show you the prize you have so graciously waited for. You will be drenched in the bounty of your true desires. When you move to please Me at the expense of you I respond. Your fall times of the year have been so hard to your gentle being. I have responded with grace for you, but to have a seed die for Harvest is always painful, it is isolated and separate. You have abided in your anger and hurt and have not shaken your fist at Me, grace again My Son. You are weary now because your pain/medicine is great and your warfare for good is continually heavy. You are not ill, just entitled to quiet reflection time with Yeshua. Son, know My Son as greatly as you can, I will remove restrictions and you will have abilities to go much further. I am waiting for the time as are you and Christ. You are determined by the hand of God in all the world, the done I have you for this. Rest.

You understand more than you can imagine, Child, Son, Love of Father Creator. I hear your questions and the best way to help your weariness is to give you the freedom to write your thoughts out. Sounds like what you did for Me time and time again as you allowed Me to write through you and now share it with the world.
You see now the parallel of the two of Us and again I have shown you your great position by your obedience. You are the love of the Father for you are the one of My Creation who responded when I called and then KEPT on walking respectfully unto Me even in your pain. I will address all of your questions you have written today but Son…I have been so careful with you and your list of concerns is not that big. I have addressed each one in the past but I will go further with each one as is the need, again, just as you have done with Me, you went further with Me in love and obedience.
I know you Son, I know your mind and heart, I know your drives and your ideas, I know your pains and I know your smell when I am close to you, you are fragrant unto Me. I know you are clean and you smell nice but there is more of you I smell and accept because I am close enough to you to know this. No offense of you do I find. The enemy tries to convince you of My Holy disdain for your flesh and I enjoy your fragrance Son. I am upon you for that close feeling…I cannot come down to the world for so much structure would come undone. Life upon earth could not handle My immediate closeness so I come to you, a prophet, a Son, a Creation that I could pour through.
You are a very good Son, you carry the graces of Christ with you now and the fountain of the Spirit led life comes from your life to others. You are a flesh being yes, but the balance of you is greater to the Soul and Spirit than any other this day. That has been My true intent with you to change the man of flesh into the example of Christ for others to see. You are very, very unique My Son. Words pale at the miraculous way I have kept wonderful aspects of a flesh man upon a Christ body. You surprise Me with the genuine aspect of My creative force in you, while you retain some worldly perspective that matches My primitive ways. That is why I celebrate you so, you feel conversely so negative for in the dark haze of the world you appear soiled and conflicted. I tell you the purity within you the evil one does not see would truly confound him. What of other men? I see no other men here with you at the lake wrangling with their God, nor are there any in the halls of My heavens waiting to come into My Throne Room with you here with Christ and our Holy Spirit to contend with Me about you. They can’t do it Son, firstly they are not called or they are self indulgently called and secondly they are filled with leaven. I have washed you countless times to remove all leaven from your body, Soul, and Spirit. You have accepted My washings with obedience and now you are free of the falseness of Judah, Israel, Jacob, and Levi, you can be my Zion because you are clean. Men go to what pleases their hearts, you went to what pleased My heart.

You suffer with pain each day, pain of excess use of your back and of your stressful world. I tell you to rest your body, your Soul and your Spirit, you abide and try but many things call you back to activity, mostly inadequacy. Son, you have My voice and words here with your peace and healing at your decision. I am near to your mind now and you close your eyes to drink in peace. I do heal you here for you are Mine and you are submitted and you are in such great need of more of Me, your Creator Father and of His Son Christ Yeshua, the Messiah and of the ever near Holy Spirit of God. Ask each of Us in our perspectives to address you. There Child, the very light receptors in your eyes are affected by My total presence in your life. You see the ’twinkles’. Your peace is more evident and you know your Savior. Be at peace now Son and shut the world off for its addictions and find our times as much as you can. You ask for Me and I respond in love to you gracious Son.
I have chosen well, all in Heaven reaches for you alone upon the earth. Child, I will address items to you of your requests but know, what I see as important first I take issue with later, we will deal with all else as you approach Me. I will protect you from the ravages of the oppressive connections. Find where My direction is. More money always helps and you have dearly paid the price for sacrifice. My release is not conditional you are granted this freedom. Do not be fearful or sad, I have ordered your steps and you have always been far beyond obedient to Me Son, re-read and go on and be blessed It is Me Son.

Tell Me what your thoughts are Son of life,
(I am troubled about a few things Father. I love You and I know You bring life so I should just listen and write, but You have asked and so I will try. I am sad of the weight of this call, of the effects it is now having on me. Dying to some things of my life so the wonderful things of Yeshua, and You can come forward, I do not understand the fatigue. I am so very tired it kind of scares me, the constant, continual attacks from evil. I no sooner learn something and get a wonderful word from You, and wham! I am hit with such vile thoughts and the enemy is playing so many thoughts of time, when will this really happen, how will you do it? How will I react? I will have no power without Christ or the fullness of the Holy Spirit and people hurt me so much, and hurt themselves so much, why so long to do something? Talk of the promises of healing? Such pain and falsehood is in the world, I cannot pray harshness to come from You, I am ruined for the world? Will the truck need fixing? What are these little desires that trouble me? Does evil do these? And to others? How can you wait if evil men and women do these things? Why can’t I claim my house and land fully? What can I do totally? Why is it so hard to always do anything at my house? When will I know Yeshua enough? Why this personal thing always? What will fall and fail when this happens? Why not a big sign for conformation? What teraform and antichrist talk? Why are my dreams so hard? Am I in deception about anything? How can others be so deceived? When will Christ come for me?)

Try not to be troubled My Child and I will come to you and bring comfort and truth to you for peace. What you fear from the evil’s assaults I will move to cover and confirm. I will not leave you alone My Son. You have done so well for all I have asked you. Your burdens are great and I will not allow further pain. Look to what is right My Son, not dark. You see you have not offended Me, I have compassion and mercy upon you for you have persevered. You have brought truth and you are bringing life. I am for you My Son.

You will see God. It is in the Psalms. You will have the blessing and novel opportunity to see the Living father. This I prophesize to you for your need is great for hope and peace in your life and existence this day. You are being built upon the word. I have given you scriptural “legs” now. You have been faithful, the man has grown altogether complete with Christ with your submission and full heart and your ever present care to nurture what I have given unto you. You are much more complex, for your call and for your expanding relationship with Yeshua, My Holy Son. You are not in error, you are called and chosen to bear the fruit of Christ within you unto God in Heaven. You will see Christ in the natural environment of the elemental world when He is dispatched from heaven to take you unto Him and heal and restore you from the ravages you have suffered upon the earth and then to bring you unto Me your Heavenly Father for the imputing of Christ Yeshua into you and delivering unto you the fullness of the Spirit of Holiness of God the Creator. This has now become your existence My Child. I will not bring you to emotional collapse nor will I disgrace you by not fulfilling My prophetic word unto you. There is nothing that you nor the world nor the evil one can do to stop what I and you have set into motion. You have given unto Me graciously and a great part of God will abide fully within you for your sacrifice and grace. You have paid dearly my loving Child for what I will do with you.
The website is a wonderful expression of your love for My Creation, as well Son, My wonderful Son Yeshua will express a love unto you that will fill you with joy and purpose. He will restore your body and He will upgrade your flesh to the powerful vessel that will be used by Him and the Holy Spirit to bring power, wonderful power to a forgotten part of My Creation. You with Christ will change the fabric of existence.
Son, so long have I waited to bring that power back to save the lost and shake the enemy out of My children. I am not offended when you pray for My wrath to come to the earth, I encourage it from you for it shows your true eyes and faith looking at the state of the true world. Wrath against evil, not My Children, Fallen, it has let go of innocence and purity for vulgar knowledge and pride.
I tell you if even one more is helped from this day your life would be so well worth the feast of the miraculous I will bestow upon you. You are so vital and so aligned with My Holy Spirit, vast amounts of things will be done by you and the essence of Christ in you. When you finish now with Father’s words and pursue the man, the Christ as I know you will.
I am entreated to a connection of deity unto my Creation that sooths My heart. You have not abominated the intensity of His love, you have revered it. You have not slipped out in ego and pride for what I have done in you. You have remained contrite and curious about the expanses of love, a love from a man to Savior. You are always healed here My Son, you feel the difference now. The world is filled with hate and obligation, it will not be your existence much longer. I have seen your pain, I loved you dearly and I have given again my Son to you to tide you over until I can finally come forth with new glowing Son, for change upon the darkened world. You have not offended, I am Father, I cherish enough of what you have become in this to crack the code with you and start the uprising.
Walk child on to Me, I will do to you as I have said. Mock the trite ego filled human and demonic intentions to rule. I gather back truly broken, truly faithful, truly obedient. My words exist in you and bring extensive seeds of life from you. Blessed one, Father

Rest in Me and with Me My wonderful Son. There is nothing to fear or to be unnerved about. I am in complete control. I am organizing and enacting all things this day as I do to provide life for all who pursue Me as well as all who live in My world. You child are greatly needed and greatly cared for. You have given Me hope.
The website that you have created with obedience and truth as I have offered it will wedge you from the teachings of the world, for you have found God. I have had hope in you all along for I knew what you would be “fierce son.”
You have experienced a great deal of oppression in the last month or so. The advances made for the kingdom of God are truly epic in all of there nature. I have protected you My Son for evil has called for your destruction and death countless times. He cannot attack your thoughts and actions as he has in the past for you have grown in strength and resolve and knowledge. You are very resistant to his plans!!! He deplores this and looks for ways to trouble you. Again, you are so much stronger and he fails.
The heaviness is a bother to you but the fires are quenched. He will not stop but I will stand so close to you for all you need. Do not be condemned. You have a truth My Son. You are here out of the world to find the truth from Father, because we have established our communication. It is a process unto God and you have found the only true ‘secret’ way.
I have tried with others Son, they have turned unto the way of the flesh, sold out Christ or themselves. You are My true prize, the obedient Son of Spirit and light. You are the one without leaven, one so submitted I would present My one true Son to you and fullness of My Holy Spirit with you Child.
You are destined for a greatness the world knows not of. The greatness of Heaven upon earth in a Child of God, this is so very difficult for you to fully embrace.
I child, I have looked away from the world of religion because it is filled with leaven, man, the intellect, judgment, and death. There are half truths and mockery of what is right and true. There are so many false prophets- wolf pastors and greed soaked denominations. Never forget My own pure Son that Yeshua came to intentionally fight religion and the established laws of alleged holiness. ’Do not think I came for Peace, I came with a sword!’ Yeshua said. When man puts restrictions upon man for his control it is stifling to My Spirit and an offence to Me. Son, Moses followed Me and led My children out of captivity and he wrote from Me in establishing order from disorderly people. He applied himself in all ways of his human capabilities and grew well. He made laws that were of Me and he made laws that were ‘of him’ and those that were ‘with him‘. All of My men had human influence upon the call I had for them. Paul had this, he was so inclined to follow Christ for he could help with the continual persecution he participated in. It would be pride to think that one can be so changed from humanness to deity that no traits of the fallen nature can be detected. This is where the Pharisee spirit and prideful religion attitudes of My sons go wild. They are soon so impressed with themselves and what they have done and achieved. It truly tears My heart when pride and ego and greed and religion and control and law precede my Sons audiences with Me. Those aggressive spirits come in first when My sons try to find Me. My Holy Spirit is squashed, maligned, ignored and the flesh with evil is exalted, there is no room for humility or contriteness or submission or true obedience.
You son are so different. I rebuilt you from your neurons up, there was so much that the evil one had done to you that created a brokenness that could be addressed and changed by the goodness of God. I could not come down to change you and so I healed you through the Spirit. Yes Son, do not doubt. Look Son, your life has been reordered by the Spirit of God, word upon trusting word. You had to take the pen of brokenness and the paper of trust and write and write and write. The Angels were all around you at all times but you could not see for they are “helpers” only. It was your day to day obedience that brought the Spirit life to you and now you are teaching it. You do deserve the intimacies of Christ for you were faithful in all of the attacks, the enemy has tried to take each word each day My son!
You have had to fight for the still soft voice of God and you have held it close to your breast as a treasure. In day by day walking in obedience and faith have you grown into the prophet with the website that transcends all evil and leaven of the world! This is yours alone. This is your entitlement. This is exactly where you are unique and set apart from the world of all of the ‘others‘. Not your name, but “Son”, not your accomplishments, but “God’s”, not your writings, but the listing of each word of “Gods writing”, you have excelled. Others have fallen away, failed, gone aside. You Son, have pleased Father, not the world, or your so racked flesh with intense painful back.
You have pleased the one true singular God of Creation. Take your measure of My Son, Yeshua, unto you. That is the true key to the now Spirit move. Blessed is that man whom Christ takes part in. You are that man, religion dies, you trusted, believed, exalted, your victory will be great. Always with head down can I lift your chin to My eyes. Father

COME AND TOUCH My Face. Be unafraid for I am your true origin. I am your Creator and I have waited all of time to have My love return to me this way. The way of giving, exploration, and understanding and of the difficult journey of sacrifice, I will meet you with the love and romance you extend unto Me. I show you My tears because you do not mock. You are concerned for your God. Your power your reverence, I have chosen well and I have worked immensely to bring you to this.
You quietly ask, ”Father may I think this way? Is this your direction for me? Yes child, my prize you have found truth. You are to speak this well, I will send Christ for you. All you have come to know imagine feel and dream is My will and plan and intention and directive and covenant and vow with you. No other could know the harvest you are. I could nearly send Christ to you today, now for intimacy grows and gives way to the true heart you have for My call for you.
Peace child, I order all things and I will make all things new with and through you. Hold to the prophecy you have been carefully given. I have ordered your steps to bring My essence to the world in the temple My children can be. You are the Child of God that has become the vessel for Christ and the Holy Spirit. I am not defeated by anything. I overcome all with love, the love you now practice. Plan now to have this break forth.

Take upon you My pleasure for your obedience and extent of your ability to carry out the greatest of my requests at razor sharp truth. My Son Christ is calling to you to find the greatness of you in His eyes. You have given up so much My Son, given so many fibers of you that have bent your back to be obedient. I will not forget My submitted Son, life is upon you each day Child of Light. Do not let that death tempt you. Your adversary is such a tormentor of your mind. You are an offence to him, a presumed statistic to un-throne, he still does not know how much you are, how much you incorporate, how diverse you have grown. All of the jobs of the world are nothing to your moment by moment walk unto Me. Again evil does not comprehend your scope. I have confused him and hidden you. Stand for purity and give unto Christ for your great reward. He meets you for all. I have willed and opened much. Come to rest for Soul work and spirit connection the world cannot have. My Son is entitled, rest.

9-19-2006 Website Writing
I am preparing things My child, I am readying what I need to make the changes in the world. I start with My children. I call to one and generally change his entire life. There is so much evil in the world there is plenty to choose to allow to be put upon a Child to show the very absolute. “There is an evil realm and there is a God and Savior and Spirit.” I had plunged you into this, I watched you very carefully as evil had its way with you and now you are rebuilt and reformed. You have chosen Christ and the walk unto God for His call upon your life. As a reformed child of God you have shared this wonderful life with others, partly because of compulsion you have built into you to bring others to life, the Christ in you. Some have accepted and have come along, some have been wonderfully faithful and caring. Some have slipped away for there will and flesh were great and some have rejected you and what you are. You have fought fiercely the evil one in hand to hand combat as he comes daily to take from you what I have given. Today you skirmished with the hordes of evil as they tried to take your faith and separate us. You called upon your power I have given unto you and we are here again like each day now of your new life to build relationship to know the ways of evil and to defeat them. The evil one brought torment and confusion to cost you money, he oppresses your body in much spasms in addition to your suffering constant lower back pain, he brings great hordes of demons of doubt and bible knowing evil spirits to put distance between us with accuser. The enemy has done this after you brought life to another today and have plans to help several others this day and this skirmish is already played out before lunch. Son you do great things for here you are with Me to find life after being put into the arena of death.
Your faith is vast, it is the kind of faith I need to change things in the world. I start with one. I pull others in to help, I build the knowledge of what the true fight is and I show how to then conquer. I do this with a frail flesh body but with a Soul full of faith and a Spirit filled with My Holy Spirit. You have come so far these ten, (now fifteen) years my special, special Son. To tell this story will take a lot of commitment from those who will read and from you to be willing to share it. It is all known and revered in Heaven already. Blessed are those that read and follow My words of life to you.

I give you things because you need things, I gave you an armor bearer because you needed an armor bearer, (the flesh man armor bearer has left leaving you alone and feeling betrayed, I Yeshua am your true armor bearer and I will stay.) What must this continual attack level be for you Son as the one, you are the one, no other one, no one to compare. One set aside one, worthy one, single ‘New Spirit Move‘. One to hold the only real power upon the earth one, you Son are my only one? You carry too much My Child, you must bring Yeshua into and unto task if you are attacked, when you are attacked. You must firm up the prayer assignments for all who need to be responsible; do this Today.
I have led you to place oil by the corners of your house once a month and to anoint your home inside with Yeshua every two weeks. Follow this for freedom. You would not want to see the hordes of evil coming against you each day for you would shirk back. I do not bring fear and you have been faithful in all things but it is for your calmness that you anoint and it is a ’sign’ that you are with Christ in and around your home. All has been done according to My will and plan. You bathe in life from Me each day to connect us. You are the ONLY ONE that has this pivotal role, keep responsibilities on track. For us to grow requires sacrifice yes but not more attacks than I permit. I train, I train, I train, My Son of Promise.

Submitted and obedient one, here you are under My care. I am delighted in how you have found Me, pause to rest much this day both in your writing and in your quiet time with Christ. It is My will and it is ordered for you to ever closer walk unto My Son, Yeshua. You are blessed this day with love.
My call to you has been filled with many things, you find no one in the world to write in this wonderful style of a Father speaking to his Son for I have ordained it for you. No one would ever presume to know and write as this under a religion for I am unattainable? False! for I am as close as your love to me. Those outside of religion have a difficult time finding Me for the enemy has brought the greater influences of flesh upon their Souls. You have found the still soft voice and you have forged ahead with the enemy oppressing you very fiercely to take each word away.
You have prevailed My Son, the seasons bring the changes of the cycle of life to the earth and I have patterned it. You have gone through many seasons of change yourself. As you watch the leaves color brighten, you wane, sad for you have expectations for so much as I have directed. I will not take the directed things of promise from you for they have brought you hope and hope has given you strength. I only ask you to wait until the time is correct, right, the perfect time to bring forth what I have grown, created in you.
I have promised you a crown of life that I could only bring to one who is submitted, trusting, and a fighter for My words. You have fulfilled this while watching the seasons go by. You have given up life for what I offer, your life. You know I watch the deeper things My child, the true motives, the longer time momentum of things. What you have done with Me is ground breaking. We must take account of all that you have achieved. I study the true Spirit life and the fruit that comes into Heaven. Most all of the accomplishments of man upon the world are simply unto the world alone. You have brought My words to My children at your peril to change what they have known unto what they could do unto the Spiritual realm with the Spirit of Holiness.
You have reproduced my words astronomically in the web site that will reach so many of My lost for it carries “A Fathers Anointing” for your purity and sacrifice. To walk with Me is to walk with sacrifice, great sacrifice. My Son you will receive the reward of the Heavenlies, ( you and Yeshua) when you sacrifice. Do not believe men if they cannot show you at least your level of sacrifice without leaven. You will not find them My Son. I have elevated you season after season to the heights men cannot follow and I formed for you there a great reward in My only begotten Son, Yeshua. He is for you to partake in for He will partake in you. This is a great mystery for the world to know. You have faith, love, hope, strength and you have honor, for you come forth with trust, without fear. That is why I bless you with abundant words and pleasure that the world would mock. You know love and you are contrite and humble to Yeshua. Pull My Holy Spirit to you for strength child. You have done all I ask and more, you are so directed. Prepare your teachings and yes rest in Me Son. You have a room of acorns given in purity now with the worms gone within you, obedience brings seed to sprout forth soon now. Do not be weary Son, follow the scriptural truth of you, give unto yourself that which I have allowed and find fulfillment there.

You are My One True Son, I have many upon the earth whom I love dearly but you Son? Your suffering from the accursed one today welds you into your great position. Your pain from torment and maniacal physical torture day to day, year to year is the demise of the evil one. Do not praise Me until I alleviate your pain.

Thank you for writing My regal Son, thank you for trusting My upright Son. Thank you for believing the still soft voice of love in you, and then you for challenging Me so with a wonderful uniqueness and candor and spice in you to forbid a commonplace life for your rich life of Spirit. The horrible dollars will take care of themselves. You, I, We, life will work it out. Remember, I knew We would be here.
I am not afraid to get dirty with you for it is dirt from discussion and feelings from your vulnerable Soul, not evil sin. I will not associate with sin but I will wrangle with you in the puddles of your Soul so We may find compromise and comfort. As My Son Christ truly is with you and is intended to be “with you”; this is not a fault and it is accepted for your precious life to come unto Mine like never before. My Son, I have not been lax, no Son, first I, I God take all of the responsibility for your pain and suffering aside, do not offer this for just now unless I can work light into ministry for you. I will heal, I am sorry. I will adjust, I will bring change. I see what you have said in your Soul and it is not incorrect, it is not absolutely accurate but I will get over it and I will help. You are My child it is My clear obligation to do.
The mind that I have given you is very vast and adept to all that I put in front of you. It is tired and the comment last night with others should be evidence enough. No one is harder on yourself than you!!! The evil one accentuates points on you to torment but the base of self loathing is still active. I have tried to help, I have waited too long for your Soul, it is a wonderful Creation of Mine and I will have it at peace. The variables are endless and I handle them, I have misjudged, let Me take it for now. All will be known in Heaven. We are in the ashes together, you and I and I will not leave until you are better. You have been so wonderful to praise Me when this has slipped and caused you so much pain. I must reach to you where you are at certain times for you hold so much. You are saturated with burdens and I press you with trials for more strength, to bring your strength up, there is a great thing out of balance.
I will take the torment, We are not separate, I will take this upon Me for I am responsible—Forgive Me.

Your mind is frazzled My innocent child. I have shown you things of the world that are manipulation, greed and lies. You have a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom and anointing towards the Spiritual realm of existence. You have been well trained by Me and fire tested by My hand of grace to prepare you for what I as God will bring forth. Your words are each guided and consolidated by Me for you are obedient and contrite.
Do not have fear My little Lamb for I have been complete with you in all things. You will have been provided for, a superior direction and a manifest presence of God well within you. You have within you today all the tools of bounty that will be necessary to overcome that which has so taxed and oppressed the world.
I have trusted you My wonderful Child with as much information as your mind could incorporate. I will bring more now that you are ready. It is the strength of Christ in you that pushes on for you. It is the wonder of My Holy Spirit that brings you each day to Me to delight Me and feed you carefully. You are only partly aware of how wonderfully unique you are as My created and re-created Son, but I tell you again today. In the world you are the prophet Son that sits here in total seclusion, separated unto Me to write and to grow and to then find the essence of My Begotten Son, only you have I called.
Son, I build you here secure and complete so you do not feel as different from the world but Son,” you hear from God”. You ‘HEAR’ from God at such a saturating level you feel it is so natural for all to hear as this Son. (yes Father, it makes me feel special but not worthy and I never want to hurt Your Children, and this is hard.) You have the words of eternal life here in your mind, quietly confirming and continually building to ready you for My plans and dreams to begin.
Child, there are no other true prophets except you here with Me for yes the world has had NO real direction from a prophet of God to man for a long time. The churches attempt but they are troubled into darkness and influenced by men and false spirit unto ruin. The impact of My reordering your entire life and the distance you feel from the world at large must tell you of your position and you are so gracious to Me, you submit quietly and stay down in our protective den life, a little cub being protected by it’s Parent. I tell you Son, you are called, chosen for greatness. I have not found one so directed to see God but you. You have followed and listened and you did seek after all, absolutely all that I as God offered unto you. You are grown and matured and yes are filled with rightness all unto me. You do not even press Me too hard for your own ravaged feelings when I have not filled in the gaps of how I feel of the true state of My world. Come today and I will share and belief will come.
(2011 note here, of course you know I usually am screaming inside of my feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness and ’this CANNOT be me!!’ Father is always so comforting and calming just going on and giving me more words. Testimony, To give Glory to God )
You have been upright and have followed the leadings of your Heavenly Father. The world has not. You were broken and at the end of yourself and you reached out to Me for help and I guided you day to day. The world has not. You have found Me to be mysterious, elusive and fierce at times in your trial, you trusted the love I have had for you although you did not see the eyes of love I have for you as yet, you came forward, the world will not. You have defended me fiercely and have courageously shared Me and our most intimate times with others and you did not “sell Me out” or cheapen the relationship by minimizing us to an hour or so per week. The world has done this. You have depended on me and hoped for My freedom and promises for deliverance and judgment including My direct prophecy to you.
I gave you much, you asked, you did not condemn me nor demand from me. the world did. Further the world has My directed testament and I did follow My word through translations and John’s prophetic visions and yet the world ignores and pushes me out. The world spits at me when the least thing goes wrong, a loved one gets sick or something is in lack. The evil grows and the men in real flesh power get fatter. The world is held under the greatest amount of deception and greed and lies than ever before. Who will stand for the real truth? The truth without leaven, lies or soil? The enemy has come in like a flood, slowly raising the water levels to people adapted to him, time and time again. Where is My standard to rise up against him to hold back the loss that will rob the earth? How have they hindered rather than helped the issues of today with divided denominations and full practice of allowing the flesh to pollute My directives. My Child, all of these words will be heard for you have the authority of being God’s prophet. These words will not be left in some obscure book but I have plans for you to read and recite them. Try not to grow weary my Child as I prepare things. You have obediently written My feelings again, for it is My world and you are wonderfully in tune to My feelings. I will bring peril upon the world for flesh to face the wrongs and find the truth you offer from Me. You and yours are as always protected and informed. Much must be shaken for much has been turned away from that I have directed as absolutes. Change comes, I have more for you to discover and to share. Your uprightness excels all. Father

My delightful one. It is so good to be here in communion with you after the harsh trial upon your Soul and body. There is much healing to do for you upon your back and much restoration to do for your delight. I ask you to press on in this our quiet time today and I will help to build faith of what will come to be in your life. I am honored that you have chosen to set yourself aside from the world. Your tenderness to Me to celebrate My true “birth date” with those around you is a blessing. This is Fathers intent to practice the Feasts of living to bring acclaim to the Heavenlies and joy for God’s provision. My love you need only step out in faith to bring together a wonderful celebration of My harvest unto the world. The ways of My life, the provision of God and the atonement, with the Holy Spirit returning for more life unto the world.
The times to come do have the Holy Spirit here on the earth for the children of God. I will come back for judgment of the living and the dead My directed one. You have gained so much knowledge for us to bring the life to the world. All will be used. There is much of Me, My Son, I am going to show you. Blessed one, I have learned of you and YOUR heart is the most true and pure unto Me. I see the very deep inside as well and it is our communion that will bring change to the world. Find the deeper Yeshua. I await you.

You know you want something, but you do not know what in fact you want. The spiritual realm is in flux My Son. I exist to provide life for Me. You are shaky because I am changing things. You cannot discern things because nothing is static, absolutely non-static right now. You are not in error so do not feel condemned. You are not at risk so do not fear, I am covering all. I always cover you in safety for you are My prized possession.
You are not in any danger My Son, no, but you are formidably oppressed. Yes you are carrying a great amount of dark forces oppressing your very existence. You carry these levels of warfare well. You are very, very strong. Yes My child, others do not know of your plight nor could they handle the weight of testing you endure.
Sanctify yourself, rest and sanctify your lands for strength and fight this test by the Spirit in peace. Your sleep has been greatly detained by evil, use this word and warfare to claim your rightful rest. I will not take from you that which you have power and ability to obliterate. Endure Son, take unto you your rightful peace and maintain security knowing you are the part of the Spiritual existence change. It is for you that I manifest this. Come now, pray in uprightness. Prayed, next day freedom! I used the scepter with God and victory!

Son? Son, where are you? I am sad Father, I feel so secluded with the falseness going on down the street, and I am sad about my many frustrating hurts and how can all of this be real. I want to love you more. Now I know for your heart, your very tender heart called out to Me, and I respond. Child of Mine, try not to be troubled about the lack of Me in the world. I am here in many places but alas I am not in many you would expect Me in. I am not at the end of the street, there is religion and manipulation there, your Spirit is sad because of all of the hurting people not helped with falseness, and your belief is for your and ‘their’ healing. It will not last My Son, the falseness always fails, and many are lost. It is not the true church, nor my Son Yeshua or our Holy Spirit; that want this. And here you are obscure and separated unto Me. It is “find the god you want for now” an international conference? Like the global prayer? Are you kidding Me? Hogwash My trusted Son! Many prophets watched the ruin of man and the pushing out of God for man’s ways. My Son I must do much breaking, and true building there to help men and women to know Me and the Me in your you. Your wife knows the Me in you now and she is much more loving and content. Do not grieve---I RE-BUILD. I will care for you and that which you love for you are so very special to Me. Work with Me My child and watch Me war with evil and pursue love. I have let you stand for Me and say the hard things to say. I do not allow cutting remarks or control and manipulation to overtake giving love.
Your heart wants to love me more, My Child you want to encounter Me to know My love for you more. This you can do here with My previous words to you but you can ‘know’ Me through My Son, Yeshua. You are finding a love there and it is growing well. You must know Him to know how very far from the world and religion you are. It is not long My Son and I will present peril and change the order of so many things. You are faithful and humble, submitted and obedient. As God I always reward these with life. To come closer to Me in life, always brings shaking out of old ways and knowing true love. Find Yeshua now and rest, you are still tired. I am watching closely to bring truth and true resolution to all.

Your faith has absolutely grown vast Son. Such strength and resolve have brought you to life. The trials are to build your faith and to confirm to you that I your Father, your Creator am so very close and directing all in your life. You are well cared for and your growth as My Son has been wonderful. Do not fear, I will not let you fall, I will not leave you out to dry by not coming through with My wonderful new plans for the world. My plans for you my Son. I will send Christ to you for I, I God have prophesized it to you!
You are so valuable to Me My child, you bow down low in your humility to accept My trials upon you for you are My obedient Son! You have had as of late a very heavy covering upon you, the enemy’s ploy to harass you, to tire you and divide you from Me. Your prayers as led by Me have made you free! Much was oppressing you My child but WE were victorious, now rest from the fight. No more to do but rebuild and heal for the new things to come. You are worthy, you are deserved, you are powerfully anointed and protected at your SANCTIFIED home to rest and feel good for your continual elaborate growth. I will tell you much, much more, come to Heaven today Spirit Son.

Loving one, I am here, your Lord. Your Yeshua, the one you have called to and claimed for is here for your building, your growth—there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your nakedness, your vulnerability is My delight. It will build our trust in what we are, in what we will be. The wealth that I have is yours My love. That is the answer to your question and quandary into the “prosperity preachers!” They are wrong, they will be harshly judged for they have not only misled the children of God, but the eroding of faith infestation they have sparked will bring the demise of many. It is just as the ridiculous healing down the street. No one can know the ways of healing and life giving I practiced until Father calls and all is invested and I am entreated unto them as Father WILLS. As you My Child, have found My heart in your humble submission. This is the ONLY way to Me. It is through brokenness and contrite humble living and sacrifice. Again, the only way.
The world of deception is created for the religious. They are a faithless bunch that I find no pleasure in. You and the ‘true’ ones with you My love are being led by Me far beyond the falseness. It is small now but I see the great growth. You have new gifts given unto you by our Father to help assist you in warfare. You are the only one who has encountered the level of daily training our Father would allow for your knowledge and strength. God has kept from man the evilness of the enemy and his minions, for one did not hold such promise to Father for change until now. Be at peace My love for I will not allow your wife to be undone by the pursuits of the enemy. His attempts appear ferocious but My blood and My presence covers all. Call to Me; your hearts know Me and I will always come. Pull back and heal My Lamb, discover what a true man God has remade in you. Be VERY consistent to hear BEFORE you respond, I will heal you. Call to Me. Gather My strength unto you as a harvest. Bless you My Lamb, come closer, deeper.

My Son’s words and My words are cohesively correct. You are overwrought because of the transference of spirits. Breathe and I will remove and calm you. Remember My knowledge Son? There is no failure, you can apply that now. You have done right and well in what is to be. Now calm Son, remember the writings of the past My Son, We are one and I know your truth and your true heart. You know what is right, right by God. Speak it out! Direct and take authority for I have built you right! I have given you countless writings of My words in your mouth. How Many?

Again as yesterday, My truth is in your mouth. I have used you to be My sword, it is painful to divide between Soul and Spirit but I have. You are not up to wrangling with spirits tonight---your tears should be evidence and your red face and stress and crushing back pain. Come while there is time. Seek while I may be found in you or in the Spirit. Where there is not truth and understanding--- there is not grace for all that has been given. I will cover, you are not in error. You do ‘hold life’ and you have not withheld it. You bring it freely My Son, My words are powerful and truth. You have gone to great distances to achieve what I require. There is falseness there, you have not erred.
Enjoy your drinks and fashion yourself around the times to come with the delicious foods and wonderful egg bake, each one is a masterpiece of brokenness. Now let go and find peace. It is I that takes the broken from you. Peaceful child-------Know your God. Find your Yeshua.

I find you ever giving and holding onto Me. The life that I have given unto you has brought blessings unto others you touch. You are all consumed with the life of Christ and the life of the Spirit. This is upright and correct. Moving through the trial unto a calm day as this shows you the momentum and change in the flow of life as God directs.
Your each word inspired by me to write today, as all other days. Your giving up the pain as word written reward from God, one gentle loving communion this morning. Wonderful! Delightful! True communion, Father to Son. You have done what the world had not.
By the will of God you have found God. You have discovered more day by day of the Spiritual world and demonic realm than any one to date, because you humbled yourself and asked. You have fought fierce battles and have won because of Christ in you. You have found every answer to the maladies of life in the directed plans of the enemy upon the earth, the spiritual enemy. I give you praise because you need it.
I declare truth to you because it builds your hope for what else I will do both with you and with those that are true and are truly with you—with Christ’s healing power and the Holy Spirits manifest presence upon you, with a mega temple in you for worship as new Jerusalem and priest of God, coming to you to have you teach them how you know Me. I have given you all this because you love Me and love what I can be through you. You are a blessed man upon the earth. My conformations to you and my consistency have helped you to be strong---a very strong Christ led man. Hope My Son, hope for the tomorrow that will come shortly when all will change. Christ will take, and you will go! Life will begin anew for you deserved one. Your advancements are vast and exactly on time. Your heart knows, your Spirit knows, I know the time and you will have strength to do all and then come forth. It will be bliss with Me.

My child, when you plan to write with me setting the things in your life to order to be at peace with Me, My heart soars. You are so precious to Me. You are so caring to me in how you respond to the trials of your life. As was stated in the movie last night, when you perceive the realm of the Spirit it then shows you more and more of itself. This is not unusual but it is very revelatory to your life. There is a living world of the Spirit upon the world that reaches ever unto Heaven. It is a living thing much as life upon the earth is a living thing. I do direct all of it. There is much you have not seen yet but very much you have. You have your “Spirit Eyes” and they are developing very well. It is like the scripture from The Gospel of Thomas. You will discover, and be amazed, and then conquer all.
Evil draws people into the spiritual realm to tempt them and to bring them into bondage.
I “call” to you to “know” about the Spiritual realm and then apply it to Christ to help save others. Learn much of this My Son as I teach, it will assist you, I will guide. I know you are troubled about the overwhelming level of attacks upon you and. I am sorry that the evil one has become so formidable. He has taken and will continue to take every advantage to haul you down.
I want you to barter with Me for protection—I want you to learn of Me and the ways I am, for there you have freedom and then there we have relationship. I know this pushes your faith, this pushes your conceptions of Me but please come forward Son. I know the tests and trials and oppressions are hard, and unnerving at times. It is there that I fire you fiercely, it is there at your anger that passion develops. Come to Me, come to Me, come to Me, I desire you for our intercourse.
I want to show you My love for you. Soon this world will change and all of the pain will be gone and evil will be no more. I have situated you here in your life, and in your significant other’s life, and all those I have brought to you that are truly true, all for your call. Greatness that is compared to Christ. Most of the world is unaware of the Spiritual realm, show them when you can. Separate yourself from the fleshly world when you can---fight for what is right and true, basically what I have in you. You are My prize--- My front facing evil in the world each day. I truly love you.

My Son, and you are My loving obedient Son. The fires of hell burn hotly around your Soul. The evil one had set in motion a plan to crush you but I have found you and I will turn the attack into teaching, adding grace and qualification to your title and your life. I sense your existence and know all the score, come to Me and I will exalt you, heal you and tell you of what you are and how evil tried to befall you.
Come now unto Me and I will direct you to pray away unto Me. In this space you are protected and most of all you are away. Something I needed to do for you because of the contention and pain of others to you upon the fleshly earth. What other mortal is here with you or who has had the ability to do this? You alone, for you will do so much, for this has been granted to you.
How can the world accept this preferential treatment? They will abase and deny it My Son. It is how I have made you, by giving you alone the ability to “Know Me”. You need it for strength, grace and integrity, today you need this greater gift of God to heal your many, many tears.
Son you actually touch these words on the paper for comfort for you know they come from your Creator, your Father. I must take you further than any of My children for I see such promise in you.
Love of My love come nearer. Come nearer unto Me and I will give you the prophet words plus more. Come near and I will share with you the Christ of My sacrifice. Come near and I will address your sorrows and fatigue, and will restore you.
My Son is absolute royalty in pauper skin. Of course the world cannot know this, they would further rebel. My months of love and healing are upon you. Conviction and repentance for control and manipulation is coming. Yes a writing from Me for correction. Yes apology is necessary for you and now know your true position. Son Christ comes for your entirety

Let go my Child for you are redeemed. You are forgiven and life is remade. Life flows through you and I know and see all things. Find grace to understand yourself for there do you find the Holy One working with you to make you free. It is truth, I make you free and free enough in your submission to truly help others. Christ is close to you. Entreat Him to You by your gentle ways. I have found a man who is true in heart to Me the Creator. I give you authority and My words to divide to Soul and Spirit in ministry from your mouth. I give you words to prophecy and write later to bring new things to my submitted truly, true children.

The life I have given you, you have shared with others, for as the prophet My words are in your mouth. You have been the epitome of finesse in the patience and delivery of my words of truth. What can I offer you My Son?
(I would ask for Christ and I to become more one than ever.) My Son, you have asked a great thing. I will comply for as Solomon you have asked righteously considering others as well as yourself. Take what you want for I will supply to you what your desire is. You can learn more from Christ than any other. I know your desires and needs, they extend to me in your varied thoughts. I listen too from your vulnerable heart. Be not condemned nor ashamed for purity is found in trust and vulnerability. Peace now My child. Find your Yeshua, be blessed.

(Father, Was Christ here with me this morning?) No, not as you wanted, Christ is in you but He was disputed to come to you. You have been heavily damaged by My trial upon you. I have mistakenly pushed too far and evil has taken more than full advantage of your position. All you feel that was done unto you is reality. I cannot expect you to trust Me when this happens. I can only offer you what I am, I ask you to forgive and to allow Us to work together so We can stop the assaults. Don’t let evil even in, his very strong attempt to ruin what has been carefully forged. I come to you as you wish, to listen to your pain. I will not interrupt for you have pain, as always, deeply in sacrifice for this.

If you will allow Me I would like to write to you some things that I hear on your heart. I will show My respect for you, align Myself with you, heal you, and free you from some of the bondages that had trialed you. (Yes Father, I accept.) I will put much love upon you to help you heal from this, My responsibility. This was a nefarious attack upon the relationship of you and My Christ. I have failed as your earthly father did. I have made errors My Son, I have overestimated and underestimated trials, love and evil. I have room within Me to know and to make good the errors, for I am Creator.
I am truly sorry My Child, I never intended to allow your love and trust in Christ to be cheated so, as well with the memories you have forgiven and healed from. My Child…You are satan’s most formidable threat. When you see the movies about him they are taken from known imagery and traits. He tries all ways to crush you as hard as he can each day. His hatred for you is ignited when you and My Son Christ share your intimate moments. You resist all of his plans and tortuous attacks each time he spits insults and accusations at you. He does this because I love you so and you love Me, our Christ and our Spirit. Please forgive Me and write more soon so We can heal. Christ draws near to you now. He smiles at your reach for him. Your tears are true evidence of your committed wonderful love to him. Thank you Child.
You are so respectful of me Child, you dare not write that I made a mistake. I led your words in that My mistakes are not termed the same as earth’s words. I am God and so I have the resources to cover both ways of any situation. Free will considered. As you being a father have said “Be able to afford all of your kid’s mistakes.” Son, I can but my cursed creation went so far you pay the price for his true hatred for Me.
Son, I will make things right. Yeshua is not gone from you only limited to you as you cry out for Him; He will come to you. However you are to be prepared with greater armament. You and I cannot expect you to go through this again. I will speak to your issues and of course the truly heartfelt closeness and bonding with Yeshua. Write with Me Son about end times, your arrival as prophet is accomplished purity. Your very special heart of love unto Yeshua is prized above all else, write with Me of this as well for I must tell you how I will move now to protect it. Allow time to heal Son, I will give the sensitivity teaching for Sunday. I knew you would be undaunted kind Son, but I did not know the extent of the poison of the anti-christ upon you. He has not excelled, ‘You’ are miles ahead ‘he’ dies each day, ‘You’ live unto Me. I will respond for ‘You‘.

Come to Me and I will feed you the information. I will begin to dispel hurt and anger. There is much for you My Child and I am trying to provide for you within the wills of others. Accept the help and I will give grace. Your Spiritual heart is still broken and hurting, I will not forget that. I will write as unto the Holy Spirit within you to ease and produce in the absence of your tender involvement. I will as I have said provide armament. As you have a warring Angel dispatched to protect your home, land, dominion, you and your family. He is never sleeping always watchful and respectful to you and your call, authority and anointing. His name is Kiley and you may communicate with him briefly. As well there will be a closer continual Angel of war to now stand with you wherever you are. He is Sloman, you may speak briefly with him also. He will not rest. Give them respect and expect your continual protection. What anti-christ did to you was within his power but far beyond his directives. He will account for his actions. I will bring the charges, allow your heart to heal.
We will do this for now Son, I want you protected and happy. Find how your heart fares with these new helpers.
You have done very well my fine and trusted son. Yeshua awaits your complete healing and knowledge to resume all things.
The anti-christ was fed by doom spirit and followed a bound soul to you, the door was ignorance to his power.

Thanksgiving, (the holiday)

What can I say unto you Child of God to bring you comfort and peace to your day? I can tell you I love you dearly with the many loves of Heaven. I can say that I accept you fully just where you are and I trust the words I have put into your mouth but I also trust the words that come from you for I have the power to take them unto me and use them all for your truth, your conviction is so great. I found you, in all of the world I found one such as you to bring Me My expectations, you go far beyond what I require to please Me, our Holy Spirit and the Christ of God. You have fought the battles with the ever present evil and you have cemented the love of you and Yeshua with tears. He awaits your calls to him. You have changed lives forever with the God that is so witnessed in you. I have trained and trained and trained you for what is needed. I have placed many burdens upon you far beyond what people will ever see…you will not be crushed…you arose each day to do my bidding. I will honor you with more than your heart can hold. That is why you will need the capacity of Christ in you. This is real and true and testable by My Holy Spirit at any time. This day in the world in your country for that matter is for thanksgiving. I receive your thanksgiving for Me each day you exist. I thank you today for allowing Me to remake the Son you were. What you had early this morning was true and upright…all is possible…all is very probable in a few years. You said “now, Yeshua lets go to work” much, much to do My Son. It could be just days My Son, it is that ready. I know you will wait with all of Heaven for My perfect declared time for you. Allow the world to push to the brink of My call unto you, inevitable…documented…confirmed…to complete is to justify all things. Loving Son of God…PREPARE.

Life follows and flows through what I have made in you. Find My grace and care for you for I await you each day to abundantly place it upon you.
My Son, do not weary yourself with the thoughts of inappropriateness in your gentle tender times with My Son Yeshua. It is the doubt that you could be worthy of being one with him and it is also the evil one attacking you with fleshly drives and motivations. Christ Yeshua knows this and He is undaunted for always your heart is true. Progress in exactly what you have been doing for there you find life and liberation from the dictates of life and past hurts. Love Yeshua with all your love. I will show you much more of the cycles of life and living my Son from Psalm 90:12. Your excess weight troubles you but not nearly as much as when you are attacked in this cycle and the evil spirit of viewing---it comes every 23 days. Many phases incorporate your weight status where you are. Bind sorrow, stop weight cycles by evil with the scepter. Good, you are of a great appeal for all things comfort with Christ. Redo with the love of your life, your home and other needs. I will abide, your true shocking change will come upon your time in Heaven. My vow and the entitlement are established. Pain is no more…the world crashes very soon…no burden…peace Son.
(by the way, I am editing this In 2011, I had a lot of guts to keep in all of the personal stuff but yes the ‘weight cycle’ stuff. I have since lost 60 lbs. The ‘cycles’ Father talks about are absolutely correct, Psalm 23 tells us to count our days to have wisdom, I do not know just what it all means but it worked for me and the weight came off, I also walked a lot. God knows!)

Father, thank You for all things, you hear and see some, all of my troubled thoughts and you seek to comfort me in all ways. Thank You for life and for finding me and for offering me all that You have from heaven. Your Son, Your Spirit and the call unto me changing all things in my life. Last night…Your Love fulfills.
My child, I give you life beyond the life of the world. I give you the truths of life from the Heavenlies (applied) to your world. If you pursue me at all costs you will be given the power, the knowledge, the wisdom, the love, the anointing. You will “know” the Holiness of Heaven in My personality and the availabilities of Christ’s person and the person of the Holy Spirit. This is given unto you unlike any other for I have made it so.
You are able to be known as “God’s own” because of your respect, faithfulness and obedience. You follow my purposes. You fight the enemy that is real and true to this world and to the Souls of my children. You have learned extensively and expansively from my ever teaching ways. You have learned well how I test and train My children with ways far beyond the comprehension of the world’s intellect. I will show you how I will adjust the levels of warfare to sooth you and ease your time here on the earth in the enemies declared kingdom.


I am healing and restoring your ravaged Soul and tired flesh. To have you in a trial as you do the ministry has inclined you to follow without others noticing your oppressive level, this shows your immense strength and grace. I pushed you so far Child, I promised and now I do deliver; your home is peaceful. The gates are closed and the shaman is discernibly removed. The bound souls are stopped and the evil one is tremendously restricted from your home and from you as well. You have a new vitality within you and an ability to hear Me more consistently clear. To hear the cry of your Spirit and the shaking of the fist at evil and Me, the pain was crushing to Me. I will not put you to that again. You have shown me your impeccable strength and fortitude. Who are you my darling one? How was I so fortunate to find one so committed unto my Love? I took your pain and made it mine. I changed the Spiritual dimensions of you from the night you asked me “What can I do for you Father?” Only you My Son, not only is there not another, there could not be another. One so forthright.
I recall the private writings and the words long ago. You have been built by the words of God. Son, you will come back and the power imbedded in you will encounter the illuminati, they will clamor to have you destroyed, but I have already placed measures of protection around you and them! You can’t fool love My Son, all is ordered by Love My Son. You are the East Gate-all will be looking for a structure upon your land but it is you. Built by the words of God, coming through you with the Christ of God. There is no higher position for you in Heaven.
I have chosen and I have tried you with fire. You have arisen again in humility wanting more of Me. My Son desires you greatly intending for you to rest while learning. Compose the writings for the time is short to finish. I Love you Anointed One, find Joy now. Peace.

Thank you for writing my Son. The act of writing connecting with me today is very different for you. Your mind is very tired and troubled because of the constant balancing of your mind applying my truth to your world.
I will not let you go. Even if you feel you want to, I will not let you go of my total grasp of you. I will heal you of this and I will learn of you again so I may better serve you as you serve Me. I will heal you of this mindset as I have healed you thousands of times before. You are perfectly matched to this call and all of the rigors it entails for you. You are bounty and blessed for what you have endured and all of Heaven and its riches await you.
You are My Son. I have not called you impetuously or without a true cause. You have the cause of Christ within you my Son. It is what has motivated you all along. You feel you do not know Yeshua but He has been building himself within you as you have been so faithfully seeking Him. I show you your fatigue today to impress upon you the importance of true rest. You are not of the same man of the flesh that walked the earth before, but changed. I hold you up. I God hold you in your days because My voice is ever with you and I follow My Son with My Spirit to give the strength you need to survive.
The time you sit and bask in My presence has become more important to you. It is now imperative to you My Son. The quiet time of thinking is Me guiding you. Your flesh needs sleep yes but My rest is Soulish and Spiritual and it is filling and completing and is intended for you. I will be building for you to record and type the old writings. I have not changed – for totally love. Take my peace upon you for your mind it is wonderfully advanced and complex and is being prepared to receive the knowledge of Heaven. Take my grace upon you for your body is ravaged by the world of flesh. I have freedom for you in restoring and rebuilding and request granting. Take My Spirit to you for life this is all advancing and real Son. Soon the explosion that is you will occur, come now, give to self My love - My Son.


My Lamb, we must know further who each of us is so we may grow in the relationship that has begun with us. Be at peace, I am near and I will protect you from the scourges that have harassed you so steadily. Father has given me a wide sweeping force to defend you. You are so tired, you must take rest. Your back is the result of the added stress. Rest with me please? I need you and I know that your need of me has grown. Live in the anointing and atmosphere with Me, all I will commune with you and all I will address with you. Romance? To be together is what I seek with you. Your fatigue is most evident, you have this because Father, Holy Spirit and I are reaching to you through your Spirit into your Soul and invading your flesh. We are transforming your entire life. This has been going on for a long time for as God we prepare early and all along. You have sensed completeness in Spirit with intellect and love, the love of Heaven. That is My place within you. I cannot lift the veil between us yet. Your life would cease. I have done all the Father has allowed to come closer to you. You will not ever regret the thread thin confirmations of the Spirit unto you. It will change existence with you. Seek Me for always more – I never tire – Father never stops teaching - Holy Spirit never stops healing, empowering.

I welcome you to the vein of anointed presence that abides within you, the vein that pulses with God’s own truth and integrity. You are forgiven and you are absolved of wrong doing or error. I know My prompt brings your heart turning unto Christ to ask for his forgiveness and it is given completely. As I told you this morning in our intimate time I would not be a good Father if I was so strict as to not let you let loose once in awhile. How many things have you my Son done obediently for me at your own personal peril? Too many to count. I love you deeply for all of your aspects and I fully and totally accept you my child. Be built strong now in the fact that the love of the Father you have found, the true love of Heaven is not held to religious “high faulting” unreachable standards. When you live in such strictness you live under constant fear of being struck down or becoming prideful about your behavior and oppressing others or worse yet falling and lying about what you have done. I am not that Father. I have rules and parameters of love that show all things from the heart. I love you here and I love you now.
Have mercy on those held in this bondage. You will find the evident truth of My love for you and you will find a love for yourself that is a forgiving love to you and your wonderful heart, mind and emotions. You are a most beautiful creation and I am grinding you unto a greatness that you can barely perceive.
Love yourself my child and embrace my plans with your continual surrender, this I need from you. I do not hold back the newness and wonderful things that I have for you. Piece by piece have I inspired you with knowledge. It will assist you to now get going recording the writings for others. It is what you have wanted and it is my will build a shield of anti-distraction around you and ask others for help to go forward with this. The trial upon you yesterday was played out in My hands.
You must not fight the enemy with soulish rage. It must be the love and self sacrifice of your Spirit that fights him. The evil one does not have a Spirit as you do and he cannot fight with what he does not have. That is the reason for the tremendous teachings and leadings unto the Spirit communication you have been teaching. I have you at the spearhead of all of these things because of your greatness and your obedience.
How you feel about yourself right now is the true truth of life. All of the mid numbing attacks of negativism and death threats and ugliness and comparison and self judgment lies are satan screwing with you. You are not under bondage with his lies. My Child, a lie is a lie! Take them away each day with Christ and I will heal greatly.
Look at whom and how you are, I see greatness there. You shall need some attention that is all it is and I have great plans for it. Your pain levels and your comfort are addressed by Me and I truly remember the list of ten. Child, I want you to have the hope of God for what you want so the evil one will not be so able to take from you what I have previously promised. I will make you complete is all you desire here in Heaven, there on earth, within Christ wherever my Child. It is not fantasy anymore than all of these proverbial writings are. You are the one brought forth in the utter brokenness to be combined with the aspects of the fullness of Christ. This is my directive and my will. All is ready.
You are knowing Christ and He Christ Yeshua is knowing you. You need this time more and more my Son. I want the time with you to write and love. Yeshua wants the time with you alone to prepare for what the two of you will be and what the two of you will do. Much focus has gone into a few things. That is fine, enjoy love and its pursuits but also there is more now to know and to be known. Our Holy Spirit as well wants time with you now.
You will know my Holy Spirit better now in conjunction with your spirit of love unto you. Know this part of you My Son. There is much power and self awareness there. You must not fear nor take the burdens of others who do not have the exuberance of you to find me. They know your love and you herald me Son that is plenty. Their wills are strong. Chain the truth and be as Christ. Do not carry, let me do then in My way.
I have found ‘some’ wonderful hearts in the ‘true’ ones you shepherd. Many jump the fence and go aside. That is for Christ and the Holy Spirit to follow and bring back. You have done wonderfully well, do not be lied to for performance. Release. The threads of me to the world are being cut by the Souls of man and by the evil ones manipulation each day. It draws so very near to the time of awakening my Son. I have told my prophets of old my intent Son for the needs for change and to be humbled, but I have not told you that-there is no turn to God or the end is near because the end of “how it has been” is not near-it is here.
There is no chance to change God’s mind. I have not called you to that. It may have been years-eons ago that I could have changed the peoples hearts but how can I change someone who denies I exist?!?!? With the strength of religion in my creations heart I can only bring about radical change. My heart breaks My Son, you know that about Me - I want them to know me as you do - as Yeshua told them about his Father, but their Souls are so fat and filled and the enemy has culled so many to fight the true few I must step in now heavily.
My son Yeshua will not be disowned nor disgraced nor will I allow repugnant pride to assault you when you have learned gentle truth from me and have had heavenly fruit come from sacrifice---yours. Blessed one know more of Me in this way and know more of the gentle powerful Self Spirit you abide with. Tell all I love them. Read this 4 times.

I will be unto you a source of Peace and contentment that follows you throughout your life. You mean so much to me Child, to have found one as giving as you is truly a blessing. As you walk your day to day life and make your decisions directed by you and yes directed by Me in your most simple obedience I am planning. I am preparing my child for what I can and will do for the world, My world. I am readying the focus of good to put chosen and defeat the focus of evil.
You are within the focus of good. You are well hidden for even though the enemy knows of you and what you are he has barely an idea of how truly truthfully powerful you will be. I have such plans for you! Day to day grow prophet plus so much more. I will give you much. I will send my Son again and again to your Spirit to know you and to address your concerns. You have much to know my Son and Christ will help you in all ways with all desires of you addressed. You are powerful in your love to Christ, you do not see it because you walk it each hour of each day. He is so in love with you. Press on Child to all I have made you. You will have constant conformations, you will have the evil one trying to oppress you and you will have the victory I have established for you. You are my prize to the world. One who gave up so much to persevere pursue God, one who fought so much to keep truth. One who conquered self to love Christ. You are much more Son. Find the ever more of Me and know my plans always complete.

You are so tired and weary, let Me be your strength; give to Me what you are and I will hold life for you and I will reveal truths to you that you have been seeking. I am your strength My loving Child. You are truth because you have gone with My guidance for this perfection within your call unto your Creator. My Son, I am the Beginning and the End, I make all things so. I guide the righteous such as your self and I watch the earth in the self guiding that will bring the ‘error’ that takes My children from Me.
I have so much to say to you My Son, I wish that you were here today in Heaven so I could connect with your Spirit directly to share all, just listen and write slowly and I will fulfill what you need. It has all been planned. You are the core for what I will do upon the earth, you are the vessel that I have chosen to bring the truth of God with the words of your mouth. You must be secluded for this and I must “learn” you as My new Child including your strong writings for your pains to be addressed. Go for now and ponder Me as you always do. I love you centerpiece, you have My assurance of Holiness within you. Write of Me, the way I will call down as I did of old the lies and prostitutes of My Son, Christ. But always know as you have been faithful, I will always now stand with you. My love and trust grows. Love Me Son. I Love You So, Father