A new day, and a new year for you. Me? I am timeless and giving to you each day fills my heart with joy. How blessed among men you are my child. Your heart leaps each time I find you with my words and Spirit. The past few days although harsh warfare at times; have been so intimacy building. Jesus is so happy with you and your training. You are girded up by his loins with truth my child. He does understand your trials as he was a man as you are. When you call he will be there. You did experience some of the intense love that comes from me the creator. It is all love together my Son, and it does consume. All truth is there and all worries are gone. Power ensues for there is purity there then that overtakes. You also learned about the strength men give off with love, that is my love with much else mixed in. Be at peace, I will show you all, my child. Much was learned by praying and prophesying over each other my love for there do I have freedom to show love and care. As I said you speak in all truth from me and write that way as well. I trust you. A basket of treasures my child, have I bestowed upon you. Your mind is formulated with my will and my words and my way. I need you to imagine, I need you to dream of what I am and what I do. Child I build from your imaginings. Rest now, rest many times in me as you have today. Threes times bring me God your Father to you. I will do all dreamed of here, my child. I restore and rebuild and redeem. Dream on my child for you are my new thing for as you are built up, strength will overcome – you will overcome and the Spirit of God will fill you without measure. You are faithful to write. There is freedom here for you my child. Joy, overcoming joy is here in the making for you. Separated, set apart one I accept all of you, grow to truth of all consuming fire love here with me. I watch ever closer. Bless, Father


My Child no one is more frustrated of the continual onslaughts of the enemy. I have given you weapons of mass destruction and a skill second to none to carve him out of your life. You live upon the earth as an innocent child in a manger of tigers. I have put you (my creation) there to try you and make you strong. You can be angry at me if you wish, but now with my Spirit upon you see you have not failed one test or have you failed to put death blows to the enemy’s plans. My heart breaks and I cry out with my children and their miseries for I am always a creator Father. The evil one is pushing his authority upon the earth because for a time I have given him that rein. Jesus died for you my child and I am here with you as is my Spirit for power. You must utilize this power and stand! You have not failed nor am I far off. You are right to see the “off” things when the enemy is close – stop, drop, & roll to stop the fires and walk very carefully for the evil one looks for each inference from you to oppress you. I am close and watching each thing. If you were him would you oppress your most formidable foe? I am building this new spirit move for I have begun to show you what is to take place. Never in history will my power be practiced upon evil and flesh than this time with you and with those with you. I will not be stopped. Relish loving close times and annihilate the enemy during the fight times. I will never let go. Use your talents.

1-6-04 (A)

The level has risen, the fire is hotter but the rewards are greater. Greater for the kingdom of God: and greater for your walks and lives. What do you imagine? How has the enemy oppressed you? Blockages and an eerie sense of foreboding, take away his functioning. He is a disembodied Spirit, how does he assess upon you? From others – why is he at the bottom? Trust, listen, and be at pace as you hear my words. Align yourselves with my Spiritual strengths. Call upon me, call upon me, call upon me. Know the good that I bring when you call to me. You have much more power than you judge. Use my angels and free yourselves from the flesh direction of warfare into the Spiritual realm. Confine and counteract.
Flesh Spirit
Action – Reaction US Abide
Just enough information?
More would corrupt …
Doubt  Fear  Exasperation  Indifference
Faith robbing – build structure of Faith
(cloud of) Lie – Judgment – Fear – Discouragement - Abandonment


I have promised myself and writing to you here when you are alone with me. Blessings will follow you but the evil one will “try” to oppress in his ways of fear and scenarios in you mind. He is dealing in projection and lie. Bind him from all. Good job, Faith must be built from new things do I declare to you. The enemy is pushing – always pushing but the time is growing close. I have shown you with David Wilkinson’s writings. Go deep now and draw me to you. Your property, here, at the lake do I declare to you. I will turn from you the wrath of the evil one and you will build peace again with me. Your scepter is very effective for our work my child. It holds my power and judgment in your words for the coming kingdom of God. The evil one will always return ‘after a season’ but you my loving child hold to me and to your convictions for strength. Just as you are my child, I use you this way. What have I brought to you my child? Knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. Now child I did let a teaching through to please you for I will not let judgment come before I call out to my people my truth. Do you not need the help on this daunting task of my new move of the Spirit with you? It is in motion my child. You are at my forefront, and now be at peace. All of your life flows unto what I am going to do. You will not have to wait endlessly for the moves of God, for you have been steadfast for my purposes. It is coming close Son, my time for you, and your time for new birth. Feel the gentleness and accept the call. I will hold to my world and you beforehand. The world will not know of these things of mine, except those that follow me. I have chosen to use you – you will bring great and small messages of me to the people. Great in “our writings”, and small in bringing people to me. Have I not accepted those you have brought to me? And provided you comfort from their faith and even their words? You are of a mighty importance to me. You are my stealth weapon. You have heard from me so gently did you receive my voice and did not cause it to be heard in the street you held me close as you hear each of my words to you and hold them in your heart. This is just as it will go for us. How many wants do you have? Come closer. You see that the world defeats. The items of the flesh are what have become ingrained in all areas of life, church included. Again imagine how I can change it. Yes manifestation from within uncontrollably and them from below as apparitions, some panic to follow but the high of non existence will be lost. Authority to remove will be lost and given to few.


You have studied my scriptures and you have found you there. There in Jesus and there with Spirit and yes there with me your Father. Here in gentle snow in blustering cold with your suede coat and warm van are you. Why? For I called to you, and you are here as my voice told you. I see all of you. I have been watching all that you do. I have broken you. I have called you unto me. I am the ancient I AM, my Son and it is I formulating your sentences here and guiding your emotions towards me. It always returns to me, you my child will return to me. I draw to you. I control so much of you – you have to let me into your life. You have invited me, to be part of you, giving up some of you for me! What a delight for me! Wow, so much that is coming very close to you is Me, as I Gather you. I love you, I breathe for you. I love you, I am you, and what you will become. At peace do I bring myself to you? In peace will Jesus come to you. How can you believe for such a thing? For I your Father have shown you, and told you, and wrote to you my words of truth. We must change it Son. We must show them who I am to you. We must share the fullness of the Holy Spirit with the hurting of the world – and we must expose the lie of the world. You are my all, you’re my best, you are my joy and righteousness and I love you child. Who has the faith as you do Son? Have I tested you enough? Have you stood strong enough? Have you touched my heart enough? Creator’s heart? I, I have built you with faith, faith to believe for this, it surely will come through. I will bring you to pass through reality unto me in the Spirit realm in the flesh body you occupy. Power child, I have it. Growth Son you will attain, life, Spirit without measure. I will perform, you will believe. You have been faith built for this purpose, all the thousands into your strength. Come here, come near to me and I will overwhelm you.