I have found you wanting me more and more. Draw me unto you my child. You have found yourself within yourself violent love for me. That is the power of you wanting me. I am complete when my children pull me so close through everything. You won’t be too rough with me. Pull me to you, you need that power of violent love to walk and you are pliable unto me love. I am very happy with this day for you my child, for you found your power is in your love for me. Secrets of the kingdom my child- and as my verse to you did state it is to you in fact quite clearly not to others but to you for I knew your responsibility and our intimacy would be safe until it was time to share. I know all and I did know this day from then 7 years ago. It is for you-to know the secrets-me. Others to know in past but soon you will see me and know all of me, it is your destiny my Son. Just a little while longer and it will be union. Making more sense now my son? That is why the enemy took out my word in Luke 1:37. My work is power and you can wield them. Yes my bible also but the Spirit? I inhabit your voice for I have given you ( violently taken) me and my words. Only more will come stronger for today you have found the violent take it by force. So a weak one you are? Yes in flesh but vast and commanding in your love for me. Thank you my only Son. Don’t be afraid of going so far with me. I will be gentle and total with you-much will step up for this. I love you. Son more know what you do-my word and verse remember-now no pride just for this season you need to know your authority and my trust of you. Others-no others child you here for now. My approval, my total acceptance and you have proven to me your true strength in love for me. Draw me to you again and again learn of me.


You have become broken. My Son I am in all of the things around you now for you have let me in. I am gratified about your submission and the crucifixion of your flesh for that is the great cost only you have come to now to receive from me. You have done nothing wrong as you have bent to my will and you have flowed with my grace upon you for it will build you up in me. I have left love abundantly in you even violent love for me, that is the power you need. You feel weak and tired for the flesh does strive against the Spirit but the Spirit will prevail here.
It is time, time to tell you more and time to move ahead with my plans for you. You are steadfast and growing to fullness of what I will use to bring my new Spirit movement to the world. You have not ever been deceived about anything, all is in my plan. The torment and attacks will subside more as you move closer to me, be here and learn. Rest as you must for much is looming on the horizon of your life. I will bring it to you. I will not remove my voice from you for any reason. I covenant with you my Son to bring me closer to you.
This is where you are to be, I have ordained you for this and I will be here to bless you and keep you unto me.


You may try to resist the totalness of me within you but it is futile- my power will overcome your fears in your Soul and we will delight in the relationship that is so established in the Spirit. Child I am powerful and I have found trust in you and what you do. You are found upright in my eyes and my voice in you is true and truly filled with truth for you. You need not fret at all at the volume or closeness to your Spirit and Soul for I have overcome and overshadowed the aspects of you with me. It is a rejoicing thing my Son for we are one.
I have seen and experienced your pain as you have moved from the world unto me. It is a great sacrifice and it will be rewarded with more than you can imagine. I have spoken truth to you and we have progressed to understanding.
It does move ahead now- ask of me and I will grant to you.


I have found you and you have become mine child. My anointing upon you is heavy and it does wear you out for you are used to the world and all of the burdens there. I am taking more of you to me each time we are togetherthat produces flesh death and that is an unusual feeling you have been subject to. Fear not! For things may be changing -the direction you are taking is unto me. I am providing for you life and the very breath you need to love. You have seen me and you have experienced me in the remote, small areas of your life and yes I am there. I do dearly love all of the aspects of my creations lives and as you so adeptly told one of my children last night I want to live-through-you.
Son, I hear my words and ideas come out through your mouth and I am delighted you have allowed me to put my words in your mouth. I am all of the things you have dreamed about and I am coming to you. When you see me my one, the culmination of all of your faith and all of my love will be upon you-gone will be the burdens you have wrestled yourself and wrestled God for. They will melt before the power of my love coming upon you.
You are my child, that is my intent, I will not be defeated. You have not turned from me in any way my child and my offer to you now has been received with surprise. Yes you can turn from all of this but you turned and clung close to me saying, “Father I will never turn from you.” My child I have found my prize in you and I will move heaven and earth to acquire for you your recompense. I will change some of the “rules” that have gone on for centuries to delight you- it will mean the enemy will rise up but you have overcome by the word of your testimony and the blood of my precious lamb. I am most pleased with all of your thoughts my Son, they are humble and submitted unto me in all of my training and loving of you. Fight and battle and turn away from the disillusionment and unbelief of the evil one upon you. His fight has been ferocious upon you over and over again to do what? Turn you from what I will do with you-must be powerful then for the reverse of all of the evil ones ploys is the truth? Yes! I am fully able to bring you to me when the time is right.
Be separate from the world- you have failed nothing! Stop the lie.
Do what you can do after our time and release the rest.
No one has done this how can you parameterize responsibilities come to me.
I have taken your motivation and desire for this season. It will return.
I will provide all repair and all projects.
Enjoy the money for your enrichment-Armor barer improve your lives- All you have spoken of with regards to evil has bee of me.
I will make all of your words mine.
Pack it away- let it all go- I will heal- I will provide a way.
Yes, again, all promises here- hope for, happy for- my enjoyment Yes, go I will provide.
Rest- this is hard for flesh, rejoice this is reawakening for Spirit.


You are being healed and restored. The ordeal was from my direction, you must communicate in your marriage for there brings the comfort of oneness. There are other ways to achieve this oneness in a marriage but for now that is what I have allowed you to. I have clearly called the two of you for you are given unto each other before me with your covenant. I am with the two of you in all things, as you let me in I will be with you more and more for there is the fullness of Jesus Christ manifested through you one to another. There is comfort with me, there is direction from me and there is protection from me. You would not have been here in your lives with out my hand guiding you but there is a cost-the cost is not being of the world-or being so much not of the world it is painful for your flesh bodies. The result is Spirit led living and that is contrary to the world-just read my word from my apostles. The result is the practicing of heaven upon earth and the manifestation of Jesus through you to each other. You see I want to be there and I want you to see me there-there in you and in others. It is not long now before I return and my children who practice me and the living in the Spirit will direct ALL OTHERS!!! This is my plan-this is throughout my word and it is my clear directive for my children. I am a merciful God and I do still provide for your lives-your lives to progress along and you find value in them. Not so the writer of these words-he is separated unto me and he has let go almost totally-ask him for he will tell you of it but I choose well and I have greatly trained him and he will also tell you of my glory in his life along with his sacrifice. I have directed him to tell you to pursue me now, it is in my word. Find the time and come to me now. It will be your rewardloose yourselves from yourselves and find more of me, the benefits are exclusive and eternal.


With my heart on your mind you come to me. You come to sooth and comfort me-imagine my delight when one is so given over to me that the comforting style of you would reach me in heaven. I tell you the truth no one has brought me that comfort for eons and your frankness and appeal deepens our relationship. Why have you come to me in this way my child? Because you have the love of God within you. It is the love I have spoken about in my word. It is the love that Jesus has for me. You have asked him into you enough times did you not think there would be a confirming result? This is not the love of the world my Son for fleshly love abounds in many places of the world. No this is the Spiritual love of God that Jesus has given you. A longing yes? A paining for the things of the Father yes? The futility of the world and the pulling closer of the Spirit unto you. The crave you have is for me and that is my intent to bring you unto me in the absence of fear- about prophecy now-----Yes child the world does grow dim-remember? And yes there is a time of choice coming so close to my fallen worldremember? And yes you will be my standard I raise up at that time, you will be the Guard of God upon the world-you will have all of the power and grace and light. You alone have sacrificed your will to mine and you have found the treasure in the field-found it by actively looking for the treasure in submitted guidance. You have done the warfare and I have told you the greatest warfare is love-well you have found Gods love. On there level they circus along, playing with the fire of false prophecy. I only send one true prophet one who knows Gods love, Spiritual love. By asking to comfort me you have opened the kingdom door to eternity to you.


I have blessed you and those with you with many of the Spiritual blessings that have not been seen on the earth, either at all or for eons. You are drawing unto me in the love of and for God and that brings success. It is about my love ,Gods love, learning and practicing the power of my love in you. You feed upon it, you draw me, pull me unto you-that is love. Your obedience and your gentleness has brought you this prize and has opened the realm of the Spirit to you. I do want more of you here-yes you can hear me gently feeding you your words. I have always done that for you are my priceless child. I will do all for you-stay and abide for a little while longer for I prepare the world for what you will do. It is your right to those things for they are your recompense and you have earned them-do not let that evil one take one bit of what I have promised you away. All will be given. I love the days with you son. I have discovered so much in you of me- the fallen nature of man looms wide but you show me the hope in how you walk and how you share me with others. I will move heaven and earth to continue your walk towards me. Stay soft with me.
I will bring choice through you to others. Time is no longer a commodity. I will insist upon prudent swift decision for then will the judgment come. My recompense for buying evil and whoredom.


Son, I have come to know every cell of you body. You have let me in and I truly walk with you. I trust what you are and what you do for I love you and you are beginning to trust this new part of our relationship as well. I am intimate with you for as my word states it is Christ Jesus in you the hope of glory. I must come through you to be unto others. You must trust me to know that as you move I will be with you-I will not overpower you because you are my developing child. Yes the evil one had “over powered” you today with slime of futility but we have prevailed and you are calm and free. This may feel unreal but I tell you the truth my son I have craved for this for eons-I have waited for you to come to me and I have made the way clear for you to do so. The many struggles you have faced in the direct opposition to my plan in you and through you unto the world. Believe unto me my child for all of heaven is going to be opened unto you, and the fullness of all Spiritual things will be added unto you. You have called me unto you and drawn me unto you- you must continue to lay down your warfare to your armor bearer. I have chosen well and he has been optimally trained. Allow him to take more and more for his strength will bring your Spiritual growth unto me. Trust in me. I know the hearts of all. The power you will receive will move you off of this worldly plane and unto me. This has been my righteous plan all along. Fear not my brother for the Father and I are one. Come unto us for I draw ever closer unto you. I have watched you very closely and I have protected you with my authority. You have been led to all of this in your life from the hand of Grace of my father upon the world. You have not errored, you have not fallen- you knew what was right and you pursued it. The grace and mercy of our Father kept the evil from you at this point in time- for it is at this point in time that evil has overpowered all to the most all that has come before. You are alone, you are secluded in this call and this does compare to all of those called before to creat something new upon the earth with God. Rejoice in your call for it is great fo ryou will see God. All of the fullness that I have has also walked with you. You are blessed by our Father. You have steadily walked up this path to union with the Father- you have improved (you feel it) you are stronger and you have gained more knowledge that what is contained in all of the books of the world for yes it was not time to reveal all yet and yes the enemy as worked studiously to remove truth from the world. You hve excelled and all will come to you. Let my father come to you, he has nurtured you from a seed of possibility unto a plant of life you have growth and the sweetest fruit of the Spirit. The plans of father will not fail. Walk this, and trust this- refuse doubt and unbelief from the tormentor. My Son I have watched my Father be so meticulous with you for you do have a fine mind and you have challenged him with your scrutinizing-he has responded with precision and with drawing closer to you than any other -cherish this. You are at this level my chosen one and I wrangle with you for strength of belief and completeness of love. This prize is worth the scrutiny of absolute holy direction. “ I am well pleased with you Son.”


My words to you this day are abundance. My child my words give life and feed you with my power until in your most sensitive Spirit you are weak so my son may be strong. He is your delight and he is your reason for living. He and I are one and you have become one with us. Others have found a glimpse of this but I have allowed you to walk with this anointing and power. So much more is to come to you and to the world for I have not only promised you my child but I have so promised my children. They must be saved, they must be brought to clear upright knowledge for me and my ways.
Thank you for your prayers. I have chosen well. You are coming to the release of things from your life. It is no small feat for I have watched closely your broken maleness and broken value. I have brought you from destruction. I have brought you from the quest of flesh life to the very throne of God for you to talk frankly and familiarity with me. I accept you. I approve of you. I counsel you in the ways of life. I provide your breath- it is the hand breath of my angels. Yes it is all real and all scaled for your need. You are secluded by my will and held within my gaze. And that pesky enemy? Do you perceive him near? No he is far away for he will not stand near my presence. The love and power you will attain to will withdraw you from his presence.
Fall into me now little one I have called to you and we have grown and you are unto me now. Step ahead with what I have shown you for time will achieve my plans. Your emotions are crying for release from the world and the attachments. Yes, I do move quickly when I can. I will never leave you. This will grow to more. Let go now darling and be assured new things bring new life for your family yes, but the life I have for you brings you to me.


I am with you My Son and you are with me. You are most obedient to My call for here you are with Me, God, seeking my will and time alone with Me to call me unto you. You are a comfort to me as my Spirit is a Comforter unto you. I am watching all things in the world; it is quite bleak for much has been stripped from my creation. As you have experienced, blackness seeks out the light to snuff it out. Any oppression, any which can be used is implemented to hide my light in you from being received by others. This is a continual battle My child, be strong and resist, teach and this resistance as I have shown you will cause you to be victorious. I am with you, I guide all. Your Father.


My Child, time as you have known it is now drawing to a close; Both for your perception and for the world. I have foretold of this from the beginning. This must come in my time frame. Not the world’s. You will be most protected. Have I let you fall or go without your actual need?** I love you Father….. Thank you Son. You have gently moved along the walk I have provided for you and you have brought your faith to a strength and this is most important to me. I am Blessed by your submission and humility. You must approach these times with my soothing words and my all seeking guidance. The fires of judgment will come forth from My mouth for I must provide the standard for My Creation to follow.

You have experienced in the realm of the natural the pervasiveness of the enemy. You have all authority given unto you by Jesus My Child. The evil one has diligently slithered around you and yours to eke out the information of my plans but you are not unaware fully of all its plans. You will be victorious.

I have formed you child of mine and I have given you your strength. You are a Son of God. I have tried you and I have tested you and your response was to ask me to cleanse you more thoroughly, to draw me closer even still unto you. Is that the response I am looking for? Yes it is most assuredly so. Comfort and love for I am insulating that power in you each day, grow with Me to true power.

Follow my directions My son, I lead very carefully and you are most unto me. Your time of patiently waiting for me is now drawing near, fear not for I am Father and I long to have my Son brought unto me. You cannot fail for Christ Jesus is beside you. Go forth and excel at your call.


We are fine My Son. My words from this morning hold to you for they are a comfort to you. You concern yourself with, how you are doing with Me, God, I assure you, we are walking and learning each day, each moment of your walk with me. How have you advanced? Look at the strength you have brought forward and cleansed over the oppression that was upon you. You have stood strong My Son. I have told you how the evil one is terrified of you, is he not terrified of Jesus and Jesus is in you? You are so much more powerful than you realize yet the issues you want to discuss and the waiting for my time? Ask me for Son I do not withhold from you.

Child when I called to you I knew all you would do, and for you and your faith, it is a tremendous amount to hold onto, wrap your faith around that, I know, ask for hold and I will give it to you. I also know you are weary. Go to the places you have set yourself to I will guide and I will use you to bring the surprising light that walks with you to those areas. (Father brought Angel Brothers. Many)

You have been silent…….. good. You have been quiet and humble and stealth, and enduring; My plan, my way and you grow ever closer to my recompense for you. You are healed by precision Man of God and I am building you. Jesus has placed himself into you each time, each request as he held you in highest regard. I am preparing those of the world for what will be changing in time, all will be ready at precisely the right time. Come to me weary one for I feed you light and truth. I will tell you of the secrets of the Heavenly My Son. Share yourself with me. Father.


How pleased I am when you write with Me. It feeds you My Spirit and allows me to be with you in a wonderful way, a way you can experience My weight of my love upon you. Lose yourself from the world and be drawn by Me Your Creator. You see, this is important, I have not drawn you a way to inexhaustible relationship……. each day is new, let Me prove it to you.

My Spirit is new each day and I will renew you. I will carry you unto Me, you will not have to do anything or be any way for I have already, known you, I am here at all of all the times you seek Me. We are one. A hard concept to envelop; Yes, you are vibrating, that is My Spiritual energy upon you. Look away from all of the imitations upon the world of this. I will guide you in all truth for I and my word and I have trained you well, yes, trust in truth brings belief, brings Faith.

My Son, I do want you to look away from some of the plans and people I had shared with you for now. The free wills of man and the loss of Spirit drive and desire and the unfortunate comforts of the world and the flesh have caused, some, things to change……. You are steadfast, you are my delight and I do always reward steadfastness. Stand strong and I will share with you what will come. Much is in readiness My Child and you will receive the greatest commission. I have had you stand in the Spirit with me in the very presence of the evil one satan and by my guidance you removed him from the situation. I tell you in truth this is genuine power and you know it My Son. I will protect and I will build up, I will build up you and you have grown many levels with Me Son I watch all and we are ONE, Father.


My trials are to refine you, do not fear them for I have all things under my control. Submit to me and if needed just lay down and my Grace will be unto you. You do live so much of your life in the Spirit for my precepts can apply to the world just not what the world is used to. You have done wonderfully well submitted to me and all I have for you. The truth and light that you walk in when we are so close is so powerful. You have my words in you My Son and you are growing to accept now my attributes in you. As I have said, fear not for the Christ likeness of Jesus in you will bring great things to the world. It is you My Son not many others I have given this gift to.

You are unique and you are special and yes you are sophisticated enough to hold what I am bringing to you. You have learned vast amounts from My Spirit because you had a mind that large. Now be humble before Me and assured in what I have for you. Waiting yes still, for a time but so I tell you in truth it comes and you will be with me. Father.


My dear One, draw close to Me in Heaven for I have touched you so profoundly with my love for you. It is still a struggle for you to receive all of the love I have for you. You are insecure and wonder how I could have chosen you? Well, I have chosen you for your heart is true, that is power and your steadfastness rules you….. That is grace and I shine down on you with spiritual power…… that is mercy to break you down and to infuse you with myself……. I have laid the evil one out bare and you and I have guided yours and My words to provide you with just the information you have needed to move on to the victory I have planned for you and the total recompense victory I have planned for you.

Love placed upon you is my character. You are learning yes you do have some things to work through but my power will carry you and my grace will break old things forever. Remember when you ask for help fulfill my heart and its desires?

Do you remember the fireworks that I showed you my son? I will never forget such a loving contrite heart in the midst of great suffering that you have the same to me, the creator, and again the moments last week when your heart looked ahead to my children gathered back to me and you foresaw and stated? --‘Now your heart can rest Father’….You Delight Me so Little Son….. It is with those and each day delightful things that you say to me that I have called you mine and truly My Son. I can have all of heaven and earth bow down before My Son, you My Son for you have stepped out from the world to come to me, like today again, I may nourish you with words and continue to convince you of your call with my love talk and logic but you Son? You have delighted the Creator, you have called me to you and you have nourished Me with your love for Me. Draw closer little Child, Creation of Wonder.


I have to tell you now how special you are to me. You call out to me and I responded with Jesus for your comfort. He, Jesus pointedly many times is to be with me and within you for my creation can be daunting at times. Yes, my words to have always been specific and I am aware. You have responded as My Son to your Savior Jesus with humility and candor. Yes I have captured your wants and needs and we have on wanting of you for you are now strong in Christ anointing see? You asked for the Holy Spirit come upon you and sacrificed yourself again to allow upon you My Spirit. You felt absorbed by the power of the Spirit and you have gained again with grace. Then you asked for me. I have come upon you with gentleness and I put you to and restored and also to empowered.

Help from God is right upon My Son and it is getting brighter each time we are near. Darkness can see, they are mesmerized by the light even if it brings their demise. Stand strong My Son and know you will overcome all darkness with Me. He, this evil tormenter will be drawn from you for are of your own separate and free will; your life, light in you. All and I do mean all of the pesky/problems will be removed from your strength will overcome all and your love for me will be renewed Son, again I have subdued evil one for you for your use of information. I have been control and I have to show you what you are all about even if it is using my fallen creation. You are so special to me and I am sharing so much of me show you soon, I am so excited, I will pour love upon you my truth and light. These days are all for you want to me. I am typing and healing. I am using all things to direct you to you, all things for building up Me in you. You are doing wonderfully well Son use all of the tools I have given you My Son and bold. Your Father.


…………..I am sorry Father, I have held to the bondages of this world and valued them too much.

Yes, I forgive you son, the flesh dies harshly.

…………..Please help me to follow through with what you require.

I will child, I am by your side as now, you called me to do that,?

Your flesh is dying Spirit is rising Son. I tell you truly I have not done this with the other of my creation to this day. You are unique and much love, you are right and steadfast. You can look at all of Reverends and pastors and false prophets and even My children who I have given over to along the way sometimes I like to do. You will not find you my Son. You are my prize. I have found you from all of the world. I have shown you all the facets of jewel of you I am making. I am loving, spiritual, logical, timeframe, enemy, armor bearer, protector, fires and more love, following the word, prophetic with you in mind.

……………. I am sorry Father my feet feel faulty

Your faith is growing and must be used to encompass this.

…………..Is that why I have wanderlust, to get away from selling?

Yes, and so it is selling, not all destroyed.

……………Thank you Father you are kind to me.

As your tears flow My Son I know I have chosen well. My Son what I have given you cannot possibly know the deep Love or the value you are to Me, a Deep, Deep value, but you must release your last hold of value to the world for it holds to your Soul, yes some are of ancient and are of an evil and witchcraft thing and some parent bondage is in you. I tell you that you will feel free, and absolved, there is a reason Jesus had nothing, or reliance upon anything and for freedom from the world. It is a trap that holds one to the life here on the planet. People do not want to die, from strongholds here. Their strength and value is in what is a comfort to My Children and it is false and lurid and cunning and pulls one into bondage that does not release until I take into death or transformation as I like to tell you. All is Love then and Truth and Light and ‘Father I never KNEW!’ and ‘Come into My Arms Child of Mine, we shall Love and talk.’

……………….How sad Father from the enemy then?

Yes My Son he has blinded the eyes with social blockages and veritable resources. Some have more, you are better? No, I say you are devalued by the money and attitudes you have. Come closer and be Loved and held by Me in Spirit and Soul and Body.

………………You Love me so much Father. Does this make you angry Father? The loss of so many?

Yes, but maybe from the pain it causes to My children, My Creation it is another system powered by greed and pride, who is at the center of the author of pride?

……………satan? ………..Yes my child.

You must be creative all of his wiles My Own Little One. I want you free from all of his wiles and that is why I have called Jesus to hold you truly when I called you then you had to sell all that you had, I know you couldn’t have lived there but now you are strong and you have knowledge

……………….My spiritual gifts?

Yes. It took time to prepare you for this.

………………Thank you for hearing so clearly Heavenly Father.

You are welcome Son. I tell you to it was a challenge for us. There are thousands of variables you stayed true.

…………………This is so hard to believe, I am sorry again my Father.

I did speak to most Sons like this, Son I do not mind your unbelief at times, I am conquering you, I said you have stayed true, I will lift you with love and patience.

……………………..I do love you Father, I will stay true, you do have into to remain within me.

You have been true to me and things you have provided sustain you they have healed and changed for the Man of you. Time is short, yes, it is to My time but it is short. You are coming soon to me and have it will bring strength and the devil’s name directly into oblivion by you and Yeshua. This is why the enemy hates you with a vengeance. You need Me to be strong and free You of the world. I will change things of the world with you in powerful ways.

……………………..The things I have held onto are not of the value. They take life from Me as they are of my past and they have attachments upon the medical me to the earth. Please help me.

You are correct son continue.

…………………………You are now showing and I do think and write as you do for you and I are one, you have come upon me as I have asked you to at your strength has become mine.

Yes Son.

………………….This is hard to give up life, we feel to receive life of the Spiritual time with you.

This could be a Gospel Son, you have allowed Me, God, Father, Creator of ALL to write to you for years but now you see I have transferred your mind, you hear from God yes that your mind is now becoming renewed, all at the glimpse of this, you are now this. The time has come for the true power of God to be shown upon the earth.

And you choose me? Father still, how can this be? I am sorry to digress in my strength but really?

Yes I had to fight someone whose value was in, one who had hunted and gathered in many, many prizes of rare and valuable things, things of renown child. And it would just kill you to give them up, to flush them away, for a few dollars. Child do not mince words here.

********************This is where you get to tell the story. You destroyed thousands and thousands of dollars of antiques because I, I God The Creator, YOUR Creator said. ‘Son, that is not a good piece, it is attached’ and you destroyed it just like that! You banged and destroyed so many of your priceless treasures that it made you sick and still does! There you destroyed Figural statues of Apollo and Hermes and Bronzes of Angels and Figural faces of gods and figurines that would have sold for hundreds of dollars. You did it! Antique friezes of angels drunken and the mermaid print and all of the mythological prints that the witch wanted so bad! The light fixture arms of man of the north and the other things of so called beauty Son.

Son, you are the real Beauty to me and will always be. You Breathe my Breath of Life and I give it.

You gave of sacrifice for ME and you did it with an open heart and I will never forget it and those items are gone and never able to be used again to make evil as they were able to every day You my child have set thousands of my parameters for what I have planned for you I have arranged all for and I have arranged all to come!

………………I was so weak, I ask Father forgive me for recording, you and lying to myself

I forgive you son, you have Me privately you and all will I deliver to you. You have come further than any other for as I have said this is now the time for earth changes. My light in you bring change truth and love.

You are my creation I am so proud of you, come talk to, even, deeper love, Father.

With me I will place you into positions of power to bring the most of Me, God through you to the world you will wield your mouth like a sort to call to attention the evil practices of the flesh then cut that off you. My love of glory upon you will astound all. Many will come to you and many will be trouble for the truth upon you.

Your Heavenly Father.


My child, My Spirit has overcome you and has anointed you for what you have asked. Go deeper with me for how do I know when to stop? I want to be one with you that I cannot overwhelm you. My child, my power is vast and my love you is all encompassing, You are called to me.

…………….. I am sorry Father for you are light.

So A guy named Jeremey, Son of Mine, another corner in my preparation for you and yes it is a confirmation of just how purely you to hear from me. You just know something is wrong for even in dues aspects of your Spirit your discernment is razor-sharp I will heal and restore. Fear not my child for you are in my hand and I am directing all things. The sullenness upon you and more Life yet to be within you. You must learn great and closely; disregard things My Child but I will not let you fall.

The cost is too great to allow one so evil close to you child yes Son now victory for you and for me for I just knew you knew something was grieving in. I kept you say but now rejoice for I will remove him from. These responses were of you and did have to contain true but now unto Me My Child for I will tell you great unsearchable things as I know the time for each thing this old garment of this person and come to me your Heavenly Father.

………………..Why am I still so sad?

You are worn down by the enemies assaults on your life. It is attempting to destroy you. You are also in worry about many things and frustrating over the time.

……………………..What can help Father, I am sorry for my unbelief and fear.

You cannot do these things yourself My Son. I am here in your life so very close and I am controlling all things.

The enemy has oppressed you to rob you of Faith, you are learning each one of his attributes, do not fear the world. I have called you to this I will provide. What do you as my Son for Me?

………………..I need your assurance Father, confirmations Father your clear voice Father.

Come to me Child, for I am in you and when I am in you who can be against you? I bring comfort for you now and I will.

The enemy tries but that unforgiven idea sent to tempt your mind into speculation increased all is forgiven. All you have asked me to succumb to Me will have to now have his inroads to you. You are always My Son and this ‘it’ is still just satan and only a disembodied spirit, not a Son as you. You are My Prize and My Key and My Treasure and I Love you with such fierce Love it would frighten you Little One. I dare not show you the greatness of this Love of intensity for you. It is as a deep kiss that keeps going on deeper and deeper until you feel the kiss will lose you within. Such passion.

…………………Thank you Father, thank you ,Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit for reaching to me….

Your Faith keeps you directly before me my child and the evil one does oppress you at times for things that I am bringing and I will always be near, have Faith, Father.


You are broken before Me My Son, My Delight. You want this to be of your responsibility or mistake as your performance but it is not My Darling. It is I your Heavenly Father breaking you Breaking off ways of flesh and Soul from you that are not needed for my purposes. I take responsibility for your tears and seclusion; yes I have quieted my voice to you. But only for a time, I will not cast you away for you are my Child and your fears of Soul are not to be Son.

Here is the one difficulty of all of the words of God I have EVER received. I am truthful and honest and so My Son he, that nasty and cruel man did many things devoid of my Spirit. You check with me when you click your fingernails In nervous wonder if you have been wrong little tender one. Do not compare, I will not let you go, EVER, you are so tender to me. Do You really think it was Moses disobedience that did not consent not to enter into the Promised Land?

Certainly I tell you I will judge my Son’s love spoken falsely of Moses to instill fear into you about obedience to each other of my words. I have asked Moses if HE wanted to come home with me or go on with this people now the complete his fulfillment of my work in him. He chose Me, see child, I am the love of the Father to My Sons. My children have used that slant for that state to bring fear upon my would-be leaders now that Spirit is broken off of you. You know my use of all of these tests and trials are to strengthen you. No one knows what I have told you this day, it is my purpose to use my Bible to train you but I also use it to carefully break old things of the world. Mainly fear of me over performance.

I will provide power to my creation to do what I direct of you to do with you my child with you. You will never stop growth. I do not want that. You will always have a measure of you to manage my child I will not take away your life. It is My Son Yeshua living through you not for you. This is so hard for you to accept because it requires acceptance of yourself and my choice of you at my love you and my trials for you and My acceptance of your abilities of you and your looks and your flesh and your mind and your all and all the attributes that make you as My Child My Creation that I am going to use.

You must accept and love yourself. Only I see and hear your innermost thoughts. That, the state, the self-reproach, the loathing and comparison of yourself to others tender little one there is no room for that in my Creation. I had told you long ago that this healing would be the most difficult. You believe my words? You are love, ALL of you, I must take the example of what so pressed by the evil one has to have to learn to child hurtle such as this. I can do what you do child, just let go of that much protected society will. You have self this test coming and I needed to be this extreme.

You have to be strong of you for what I tell you. Not the world or accumulation of praise from flesh characteristics. I have told you of your attributes in our writing here but there is an ongoing believe for you were so ravaged by the world and the enemy. I will heal and I will comfort and I will produce you into a powerful than. Just watch and I do. I know this and I know how to do this.

I am writing all of this because you let me have your will and have more of you and you are gentle enough to advise with me at the edge of your consciousness. I do not do this with other children. You are chosen and held aloft by My Spirit.

Oh My Goodness, I do not even know where Father was coming from here. Beautiful Feeling!!!

>>>Broken, yes, I see you there, broken Man, take my hand, broken man, I will not your criticize or take my voice from you; and broken man I will make you strong; stronger than those in your eyes for you have looked upon fleshly achievements that I will show you so much more; I see now where I have discounted you; I have uncovered your passion both for me and for your trust in others; for what they had said to you. Broken Man<<<< you will be no more; I am the God of creation and I am in you; This is not that easily and effortlessly done; for I have leveraged innermost thoughts in your mind; and the innermost emotions in your Soul route out the voices of you; hold to me right now tighter; just as you would hold to your earthly Father. MY SON.

I, I myself draw closer to you. Ask, ask of me in multiples to come to you and deeper will I to you for you are my heart. I have again heard the cries from the protected regions of your heart; and by I have seen your tears. Hold to me, you have carried much for far too long. Trying in your strength… He will acclimate to just what to do to bring all of you to me. (Our Yeshua) I know all the needs to be done. Do not be afraid. It is I God of Love and Peace. Come to Light, Listen not to Men of world, look to Love of Heaven.

I have said once and now twice I will now come closer. You have done nothing wrong my son I have watched all else of you in all my experiences in the far recesses of your Soul my innocent hurting Child I will ask. I have sufficient ALL for you my child. I will for you and create. This day, this time, leading of today was for brokenness and you have not offended. You have written yourself directly into Me, God.

I am Father Creator and I will also help to do your emergence. I am gratified by submission and now I will bring more of Me to you Son; this was painfully necessary, this test? Thank you…. My son, I love you and I will see you through all of this time that you looked….. like to my eyes?.....(I saw them Father.)

My child of promise……..

My emergence Christ likeness of

My capable Creation

I find the love for me in you

Father. Your Heavenly Father.

………………..I am your servant, your Son as you say but anything you ask I will do. Please allow me to show your Love that you have shown to me in this grand gesture over time in my short Life. You have Loved me to depths of greatness and yet within command of your ever watchful eye of protection never allowing anything out of place. How do you Love me so. I am always undone until I see your face. I pray right now that people see this writing and feel this Spiritual Love that we feel and it somehow lifts them from their lives. Then my Life will be complete…..but wait, I want to do more! Want to tell more of you and the many caresses you have given to me and the many healings you have made whole to me. Why is the world so set on mean Father? Why is there so much difficulty I feel? I want to feel baby Love but there is adult self-absorbs ion and I feel evil being protected from me all of the time by Angel Brothers, so many now you have given to me. I have gone off track and told of things from 2014 instead of 2003. Father, I am so weary of waiting for you to -----------oh heck, I just want to see your face and have Yeshua hold me and play with Angels. Will you do that or is that just my imagination? It is My Word Son and it is ea and Coming to you and to you alone. I make my promises very carefully and even if I have beat you up very much in training I still have for you the greatest experience of a man of earth. To be taken by Yeshua unto Heaven in the FLESH and Soul And Spirit to meet all of heaven and to get marching orders from me Father God. You are not fooled or deceived. It is real and coming to you. Hold to the truth that you know in your heart. I am sorry Son that it has been so hard. And so long waiting. My Children are held by satan and not wanting to let go at all and I do not want it to be such a burden for you to have to let them go to fires of hell. It will happen and there is nothing you can do BUT Yeshua will be with you to hold you and Love that co-dependent way from you. Child, you are tired now. It is time to let go and sleep. I have to do this so often with you. There is so much you have given and so much you have had to learn the hard knock way. My Children are not so nice………….that makes me cry right away Father. It is not to be. This I know to be true, You are a Son of Mine and cry if you wish but you are of Heart and Prophet and of My Own Son Yeshua and far away of the world, you have felt it from the very beginning of your life. (Yes) I am going to rectify many things Son, you and world, children and behaviors and good an evil and right and wrong. I am going to FIND YOU IN THE MIDST OF ALL and say. ‘Here is a Man that can do this and if He can all can’ Fear not Son just rest and give to you and I will assist. ‘

Here is the current writing for 2003 and more will come. Send it off now Son.


My Son let me see you as my words bring you to even deeper Life for what I am doing with you. You question my words in you as you Believe your mind and your flesh is overcoming my Spiritual word and coming through you. I had waited until today Son to tell you and show you with absolute conviction that it is I your Heavenly Father in and through you with all of my words. How many writings do you have? You have thousands of writings and they are all of my word all of those writings are my words. Yes there are 99.9% and those words were inspired by My Spirit, yes again there may have been .1% that was a little bit of you but that is alright for I have made amends for these and I have brought you in close to me and I and part of you with your Soul and your Body to write them as you have learned them. Yes you have read them over and over again, mostly out loud to learn them and build your Faith.

Are all of those words of mine held in your mind and written down on paper as well as a testimony to Me and your Faithfulness? Yes, so out of all of these tens of thousands of writings that that I have told you are written in Heaven also. As well I am in you? Of course I am. There My Son that is a good surrender for from the very beginning I have put my words in you as I did to My own Son Jesus The Christ, Yeshua as His Mother called Him.

Yes the enemy has tried to confound and confuse you and convince you I wasn't there when now you see I am already in you I am in you in word and deed and Spirit and power and strength in you to convince you in your conscience and unconscious mind and even your subconscious mind.

You have written the words of God faithfully to become a Son of God. That is why you are so unique in the entire world and so powerful and all of the Spirit. I know this dwarfs, I know this makes your knees shake and your heart cry out to me for the lack of understanding of yourself and the lack of belief in yourself. Son I believe you, and when I the God of all things Believe there is room for all things..

All of those writings and words are yours. Jesus is the word of God, you My Son will wield all of the words I have given you from inside you with all of My Authority. I will speak to you as always as the words coming from our Lives together and this comes from My Life. This is for today for you. All else today I acknowledge and bring forward for you Son. Hold to Faith and Belief.


I am here with you. I am caressing all of you by My Spirit and word to bring healing and peace, knowledge and wisdom. First child, let go, you hold so tight to life and the situations. Did I not tell you that I would be your very breath? Wonderful job Son, Do you see, there is less weight there and I will watch each thing for you. The enemy would have you hold onto each thing in your Soul for that holds you to the earth. You have not hindered my work in you by holding to all of the rules and worries. My timing is vast and perfect

You see now, you held onto so much not just the antiques for a plan B or a backdoor but to all of those worries in your life and did I not tell you that I will watch over all? It is a common ploy of the enemy and it is something you are all so accustomed to. That is why it is so hard for you. You held so much before in your life. I have called you to freedom, freedom from the world for that is the only way you can pick up and walk with this tremendous Spiritual walk. I have put the belief and Faith within you to bring this to pass. Choose with you steadfastness, to assist and provide. Your head and the spiritual situations are clear here, more clear for you. I ask you to be here and I will grant riches and fulfill all of your prayers. The comfort you need it has been battles for you have had so much upon you.

I am the one whose yoke is light and burden is easy. The enemy fights with the things of the world, the weight of the world. It is not up to you to complete the call I have put upon you, it is my responsibility. When you have let me into take over that is where the writings come forth. Remember how tired and all completely done with life you were? I have held you, but now as you had begun to become strong you took on more and more.

My word states when you are weak I am strong now it will be harder for you to give of as you, feel stronger but you must, for child it is what God does through you that will bring about spiritual strength. Share this. Let go, let go, let go and trust me. I want you to do this for you. For then you will become more spiritual minded and the enemy will not have the abilities to oppress you

This has not been done by Me in this way My Son. You are not deceived My Child and there are promises that are assured to you but this is part now of losing you from the world. What can I show you this day to build your Faith of my call upon you? Choose the life for your daily walk with me Colossians 2:1, I long to see you face-to-face, be here with me.



My words to you continue to you if for a time you may feel not with this virus. It is sure to you the enemy cannot take my voice from you with or make you think I am too busy for you. I have told you each time you write I will be with you for I never leave you nor do I ever for safety my precious Son. I love you so much! Your world looms close to war and you know That it is I who am in control of all, my child do not fear, I have grace you alone away from the ways of this world and those that troubled you and I made you safe. I am watching all things and I have told you about all and I will tell you much. My promises in my word I want you to remember.

You are growing accustomed to My voice in you and around you as you have requested. Release the world and take My words to you as truth and I will cover what you say My Son. I ask you to calm down I moved slowly and, just have the Faith for this course My Son for it is my plan and you are my man, I and my eye is upon you.

I have put the enemy at your feet and I will keep 'it' there for your Savior Jesus paid the price. I will guide, I will also provide, stay with me My child and I will overwhelm you. To me it is always, just a bit longer, that is trying to you and I do see you struggle. But, as sure as you here and Heart into these words today all is coming to you.

What entire aspect of your Spirit was created to hear from Me My Son? Go with faithfulness, Ahead! Faith; this from my faithfulness to you each day relating and walking with My child you see! I am unto you proving Faith, truth with Belief my child, Humble and submitted, giving all you delight as your Creator. Now I ask you to rest and be assured of your call. Your father.


I am with you child and we will not fail. You are Spiritually weak and tired for I have continued to train you and your Spirit in your walking and sleeping times. I am faithful to you and I encourage you to rest and ignore your thoughts of what will the world thing do. I called you to the very high Spiritual standards, ask anyone, but believe me.

I will comfort you and restore your Spirit as you have again chosen to be brave to the world and to the Heavens and to be here with me. It is real and I will show you.

The words are instantaneous to you from Me for I reside with you. You have opened yourself to me so gently and confidently that all of the Heavens will be made known to you. Fret not the sidetracks for I, God am reforming you again and again to our intimacy. I hold him close. Fear not and I will provide gentle guidance for you to come to me. Calm and peace; Accept this My Child you are fine.

As your thoughts and actions grow more of greatness to Me you are being changed. You My Child are being transformed into my man for Kingdom use. This day is for acknowledgment and acquainting you with calm and knowledge. Express Love in all that you do and I will Bless you abundantly.

I love you so, Father.


Work through the fatigue and I will heal hurts you feel and show you Me as I feed you light you can go nowhere that I am not beside you and in you talking and guiding all you received. Now, there are trials and tests and yes some oppressions and you are still in need of more rest.

Do not be afraid to take rest for yourself. I have situated you in circumstances to find Me, Loving Father and yes that does keep the enemy at your tail tiring you out. You are gaining knowledge today as all days with Me. It is difficult my Son, I only give unto you that which you can make it through . I am going to bring peace so you may have more peace. I have done things today within you where there were brokenness for Me. Nothing is lost my Child, hold to Me, it may feel as if the soreness to your body relates to Me that I am helping you to attain peace.

We will grow in relationship as we have and not stop for I do hold your life carefully in my hands.

Your Father.


You see this day you are healed and the presence and purpose of Me is made known clear to you. I have shown you how formidable the false spirit is in this world, starting in the church I had called you to for a time and now you can see the trailing tentacles around those even remotely associated with the church.

This is a religious demon and very stealth to detect. You have been anointed over it and those you even have remote contact with. Have respect for your Holy discernment. You are with Me My Son, you are walking as the I AM would direct, you are being transformed from the world into the Spirit as only Creator can transform. You are secluded unto me just you, others have I directed to you as they were, as I said you are secluded to Me and few others have been directed to you as they view into what is pure and truth and light but it is you that I have called.

Do not despise small beginnings My Child for you are being trained each day by the Spirit of God. Not so others, I do have other children Faithful to Me but many, many are held in the wiles of the flesh, man's wants and false spirit. It is a parasitic spirit My Son and with some current adaptations just the one that Yeshua, Jesus did call out in his time here on the earth. Just let go again of the worldly pursuits that Jesus has taken back. Freshness is found in the Spirit with you and I.

Man's ways serves a purpose; watch for that My Son for I teach you Spiritual things today. I will continue to teach you more and more for you are my delightful creation for the Kingdom of God .It is in peace that you receive from me? Then grapple with the man's purpose coming upon your life without peace and grabbed for my secluded separate case Son. It is moving forward to my promises and my plans I have shared with you. I give you all I can for now to prepare you for Me. You are of my royal blood Son, and you have endured for my sake. It will be soon, many things will change. I know you want all of the things of your Promises to come true but this is of your Life and there are many facets of your Life. Draw to me My Son I love you; I tell you that you are MY SON. Heavenly Father.


It is so good to Me with you as I am here with you and the life that we grow to share of Holiness of Spirit of Holy Spirit, Father and Yeshua and The New Found Son of God. The word of the Spirit is becoming known to you. As you grow slowly along, working obediently, to my will I test, train, and anoint you for my purposes. You have done so well in all that I have placed in front of you my child. So blessed unto man have I made you. So much of I promises I have made to you. Your faithfulness to all of my calls upon you will actually and assuredly bring you the blessings and recompense, this I have shown you and the requests you have me unto Me, God Your Father, Creator of all things.

Look to the Spirit My Son. You My Child have been chosen to be unto me. From your obscurity and my grace and I captured you more unto me. You truly do have all of the abilities of My Spirit and My Son upon the earth. You will bring back the unending power of my Spirit and my character with you. It is hard for you to imagine all your humility keeps you in check, however I know you My Son. You will be so powerful and you will take unto you what had been lost from the world and you will take unto you what had been lost to me! Please stay with Me Father and walk on into your 'call' Son.

I have literally waited for one such as you to be brought unto me so I could make you strong from weakness. You will take things back for the kingdom of God and you will take them by force in love and knowledge.

You will first take back for yourself and well-earned it will be, many things that you have lost money, stance, relationship and headship. There is no greater power upon this earth then Me and you have me. I will perform through you and with you to take back, take back what that evil robber had stolen from you and from my children. I am so ready to act My Son, I must be conservative but I want you strong upon the earth and fully healed and you will know me so well be strict and we will have the perfect ability to wield My power through you upon the earth. This is greatness this My Son. This is East-gate and you are ready to hear more. I ask you to come here for I am writing to prophesy to you. Your Father


*Heavenly Father this is very hard.

I am doing many things at once with to show you the futility of earthly living, you have a choice with me to choose spiritual. Heaven is the choice you will prevail.

*Heavenly Father I hurt from them, they are hypocritical.

Yes, but they love you and exist within their realm of comfort away from spiritual things.

All of the memories hurt deeply.

My Son I am God and I and restore and I bring life and I will bring this to you, I tell you in truth you are not in error, you are not wrong I will show you my approval and my acceptance and I will make you feel these things will change and you will sustain and you will be strong in this walk.

I am very proud of your strength to continue with the trials and also your knowledge of what you have and what is needed to be done.

I asked things of you my Son, Jesus to talk with you here for a time Son, Does that soothe you? Jesus and I Father God open your heart and fear not for you and I will fulfill so many things.

I am Jesus, Son of God come here to help to talk to as you submit to Our Father. You become less frightened and more accepting. I know this is for Living and you will survive. There is not a thing to see for I as man and Savior will be right beside you and with- in you as I am now. Our Father is so kind and gentle for he loves you so. You have gone through so much already to come to you. You have surpassed so much evil demonic trials. What we need now is for you to be in be pure in heart to our Father. So much of your life has been planned for this child of God. So much of the sadness and for yes of diversions and release has been brought to you here; I with you writing with word precept upon precept; Idea upon idea and confirmation upon a confirmation and yes experience upon experience of my Scripture. My very words are John 14: I come for you, for healing. Give me your painful coat of many colors and I will give you my robe of white dipped in my blood. You see, I as well am preparing you for Heaven. All is Scripture and all is for the All and all is my love my ways for you. Our time preparing here has brought new life and healing for you I love you my child and ask you to come to me and learned for my approval and acceptance of you. I have set you apart for me for my thoughts and soon my actions. As you watch my gentle grace you to overwhelm the things that have held you from my grip on you. Feel the anointing from your words and have Spirit as in you for you are unafraid to give into my will to you. I love you, Jesus.


I am here, this is Father and I will not hurt you. I have allowed much upon you that try your body, soul aspects of your Spirit. You are my steadfast son and the trials are victorious for you as you came here for cleansing and you call upon those whom I have provided to you to assist you in these most violent trials. You are not thinking wrong, I witnessed to all your thoughts and to Me, to Me my poor Child we are now One. This is the Christ likeness you aspire to with my guidance.

You have the love and abundance inside of you for your softness flows from around you because of the many afflictions you have endured from the world. My son, I tell you as your Creator, I am so happy you are still alive to carry on with My plans with you for the world. I have cried for and with you and as your heart was broken by the world. I have watched both the attacks of the enemy of your Soul to the terrible things as in the taxing things that happen to you. These attacks are much easier to overcome now for you have knowledge you have overcome some now and you as always will overcome all

You are My strong Creation, My Son, the evil one has grown weary of your messages and Revelation of Life. The world is blinded from all I have, for now it has been the time to talk with you and show you me, Soon My Child it will be you that has the value of Heaven to bring forward to the bleak and self-seeking world. It is you again My Child that evil comes each day to hold you back from moving efforts to Me. We will be so victorious for I do have all of the plans and power. Follow you heart for these I am letting go of to you and not as of yet to the world. To be the result of what I do is a wonder. This you do and I find love and the abundance of Humility and anointing heavy all around you for there are confirmations as you work; Rest in the knowledge and strength of Spirit.


The things you look upon and give you troubled feelings My Son are an abomination to Me and will bring death to those involved. That is why I want you separate from the world. For here is softness and true acceptance. Here are my eternal words to you set apart wants and approved of all you encompass. Now, here is a way and here is a link, your home, for there is much diverse spiritual oppression and very much opportunity for you. For it is a gateway for all things of the darkness for you need to be trained with all that the enemy could level at you from the demonic realm. It is hard to Believe that so much can come for you but it is this way for your life.

Recall much child I just love 100% upon you? Be away with me and be here when you Fail for I provide no guilt. I know your heart is pure and you seek me always. You need the peace here and All Is Valid. I Mean Now Child! I do Call You My East-gate but You Still Live on a Burial Ground Hundreds of Incantations and Much Oppression what Has Gone on for so Many Years. I Am with You and This a New Turn of the Spirit When You relinquish and Return from You to Me.

You Are My Prize. The Heavens and I Will Heal This Whole situation of Trust and Provide for you. I know that you are thwarted by much earthly darkness. I have finished the Fleshly Desires of you but there is still some trials that remain. My Words Come through. This.is your Father.


Hold to That Which Is True and Pure and Upbraided for I Prove Truth in All Areas. I Am with You in All Areas for My Voice Is There When You Seek Me Each Time.

You Can Challenge and Know All Things with Me for All Things Are unto Me. As We Move through More of the Messy Removing of You from the Worldly Things; from Dastardly Memories Paths and Let Me Comfort You with My Anointing and You Will See Son I Am Here with You As Sure As the Sun Is w ith You Each Day. Sometimes a Little Cloudy; Always Persistent. Let Go Now of Frustration and Submit unto Me I Will Release Remove the Evil One from You in the Spirit Closer to Me, It's Draw Close to Me Day!


You were just Trying to Be Together, Each day, No One could know what that means.

You Must Stay Close My Son for I Have Called You to Holiness and I Will Hold You Here for Your Heart Cries out to Me That We Must Be One for the Concept for One Flesh Man; Very Special Benefits. Your Concept for One Flesh Man of God That I Assure You It Is My Will, My Purpose in My Plan with is Here will be brought to the earth. What Is It You Wish for Me? Will My Visit to you Happen? Yes My Child Your Mind Has Asked the Question a Thousand Times for Logic and He, This Existence this Yeshua will be with you. Son, What does Spirit Say? He Loves Yeshua Most High and Is Resolved and is Used to Bring You What You Will. The Son, Jesus, He will come to you. I will speak so strongly from God for you. I witnessed to things in you and strength of you and I assure you the plans of God are coming to pass with you, with us. Son, Child, Lamb, there is strength in the Spirit for as my Holy Spirit within it takes hold I am with you. The Holy Spirit of God and all will be fulfilled according to the words and will of;

God Our Father.


My Little One; I showed you there are so many constraints for our moving close to Me in the Heavenly realm from pesky worldly flesh and My voice is more all part of you. At times there is so much doubt from your flesh for now. Gone is the unbelief for I have really tried to bring the knowledge of the Spirit carefully and confirmations over and over from others close to you. They are blessed by Me to be a part of you. So much of the world is bound it is hard to find Me here but I am also here and in all that you do.

You are My Son, if I could just touch your face gently; but alas that must wait my love and in time you will run into my arms. The arms of God you love Little Wonder You.

You are so separate and yes so sensitive to My Spirit, do not be in comparison, do not believe another and the way they compare to you. I love our love and it has become such a great thing, do not believe the vanity of others, go slowly and listen, you hear the words of The Father above all else and that is my will that you be here to be Blessed. Go now and often return. Your Loving Father


I direct all as you surrender all. It was not you who chose the correct scripture to read today, for it was your Creator watching over you and opening the book to the most appropriate Scripture for you. I am guiding My Child. You are following and you are giving up the consequential things that had plagued you. Give to you as a child, trust Your Father. I would ask you to do this just as I have you trust My Son to trust you truly you do love him and He is entering into land not known by you as a Man; It is in my hands, my capable hands for I want him and love him as you perfectly.

This walk is the focus, and I do not want to have to tarry in other areas of your life. Come to me and I will bring you the truth that you need. I have you almost totally, and your sacrifices have been great. Gone are the worldly ways of so many your occupations. Anointing is flowing and I see and you are here closely. I ask you to write all of my words here for truth steps forward as My Spirit. What you have with Me My Son here is not of this world. My Creation doesn't want what we have and you will tell them of Much as you give with others the ways of God. It is a pearl of great price and it most assuredly does come with a price of seclusion and self-sacrifice and humility and obedience. You must try to remember this Son.

The price is great and the rewards walking upon the earth at this time in history with me are priceless. I will wrap around My children with My Spirit and My very self in these end times. You need a Comforter and I am here. Be assured in this time for I am doing things at and around you to prepare you for your hands on work needed to do. I have not removed nor have I not heard one thought from My Son and the increase that you must go through so much to be loosed from the world is vast; I ask you to fear not! Time draws ever closer and it must break forth and you my little broken one are here to bring all of you to Me.


My Spirit Is close to you upon the earth. My very character is beside you and with Me for you have been found worthy and right and obedient to my call upon you. All of the influence of the world upon My Son has come strongly. Right as these words are those you know for I am Spirit and I overcome the world I am taking the world and the aspects and the attitudes of it away from you as you submit unto me. This is newness for you for this involved death of all of your fleshly desires. Now yes, I have shown you I will allow you some of your actions in your family but I did say this was your Blessing for them as My Son and you are doing wonderfully well.

As you give me your questions I am faithful to remove and recondition you with My Spirit and it is a process that is not forever but will last for eternity. You are moving along wonderfully well in your pursuit of My Son Jesus and ways of the Kingdom of God. I have woven into you and around you many things very easy and I am faithful to bring all I have promised you. You see, the inspired praising of Me does break off all things and explain from the things that will occur.

Be here with me please My Son, I love you, Father.


Back to basics My Son. How have I called you? I have called you in righteousness My One for wherever I am, righteousness occurs. My purpose was? To heal and restore what he enemy has taken. Have I been doing that? Yes by prioritizing your life according to my righteousness. You are healed of so many afflictions my child, you are so free of the world's pursuits of self-fulfillment and medications, of lies and traps of the flesh, all; and have you gained knowledge?

You have more knowledge and wisdom over the world and the Spirit than any other My Son. You have a humbling Heart before me as God and I have given the keys to the Kingdom of God to you. Do not fear Son, It is you and God's standards, not man's standards that we speak of here. I am the' Big Guy' and I Created all things. I especially Created you and you grew and grew and came forward to a 'Call' that will change all.

You concern yourself over all of these writings? I have inspired you today and they are all love and all for building up. Day by day packet of sugar to a kiss and call Me. Have I been faithful to you? Each time you have taken or asked and I have given you words of life My Son you not give them to others yet for these times have not yet become reality.

Personal Father and Son discussion within the year 2014 rather than 2003.

----This is so hard on you Son. I trouble myself for you for in time this will be our largest problem; Son this information of knowing of the Heavens and then being 'put into seclusion and separation, alone and Angels to entertain you and yourself and Yeshua and The Heavenly Sanhedrin to talk to you.' When you write of this today in 2014 you can hardly contain yourself. Please do not be frightened if I share with the Children who read these readings a year at a time. You have actually become pressed and bitter Son if I may say. [Father I am so sorry, I am bitter, we are working it out but I hurt so much from the training and the hard pressing of me. I did not know I could be pushed so far. I am just in awe of how far you have driven me. It is to the brink of my mind I feel Father. If it were not for the Love you put on me I would not be able to stand.] Son, Son, Son of Love and Valor and Favor and Honor; You are lifted up far beyond all and it is you that I see here in my arms and no you cannot argue with me. I will take you here unto me. It comes.

Let us go back to the writing from 2003 now Son of My Love, I had you count the books of writings now today. You have written twenty nine books in 2014 already of hundreds of pages of our writings now. Will you Love you soon Son as I Love you? I see you as you truly are. [Father, I just want to tell your Children how you Loved me to health and to Life through all of the fire and trouble. It is beyond comprehension. How can I have the Mind beyond comprehension Father?] You have a Mind of Spirit and Love and of stay with Me and you are also- so very held to your place, a little stubborn, and that helps. I would not want to try and get something from you that is yours by truth. [I really want to be in your arms and have all of this, all of these many pains gone if just for a while. They are many Father.] I know My Son, I am truly sorry that I have made Life so difficult for you along this treacherous road of 'call' unto me. Please listen to my words and get that wonderful Faith and Belief muscle working and I will tell you……… 'It will not stay, things will not stay as they are, they are going to change, they are GOING TO CHANGE as surly as you are going to go the The Manteaux station restaurant for dinner within the next few weeks. [Oh Father, you 'sport with me, you need only say it and I will do it. I love to go out to dinner.] alright Son, I will try to help make it an exceptional experience for you. Plan it please? [yes Father]

Now back to the word of the 2003 and the dictation that you have been so painfully going along with.

It is for you, take My Son you in my arms and say this training is for Father? You know he did, you felt it that I allowed In the Spirit. My Son is giving all here. Have no envy, Jesus himself DID call to you! How many people have been called out bed with Jesus in their living room? I do not know of any My Son but for you the forces of darkness are so great in your life and he will have you reacting like Man and like a pinball, yes at times a pinball machine. What a time we have had to bring you to victory over 1000's of years of old burial mound practice that you live upon. Again for health activities but, you are faithful to what we have here on earth and in the Heaven things. Your Faith is for building up. I have built you like a strong tower over time, agonizing time to you, but a few blinks of time to me.

----No one hears like this, you have been chosen; see how I feel your doubt in the lines of your own writing? It is to build your faith, keep you moving along. Now I'm back to the writings.

It is the best way to get you my children. My word and your word. It takes a lot of Faith a lot of building to establish you this well with my words and let us look at the body of the entire work of writing you and I have done and I say again, all for building up. There has been no tearing down Son, just Building up. What does that tell you? [That you are God My Father and I must not doubt!] Yes Son!

You me try to take from you the Belief of you of belief of what I will do but I am with you. Does this evil one work against all of my plans? Yes, this evil one does but not to intimidate; let your faith will you my son. You are destined for some of the greatest things in history; yes, and all of the time you are moving through life currently, wonderfully! I am directing you, and training and by my aspects of the kingdom to your daily living, training you for my pursuits.

You see Son, how you wait for Me, my words to gently come? I sit you with now here and ever tighten My influence on you in the intensity of your thought. You are obedient and upright with my eyes. you are my child and I have taken your want to me to provide for you that will block the effects of supernatural life in your Life. These writings are my bond, no time restrictions; I can't be, no placed within restrictions either. I have shown you the peace is greater away from here, from the world and unto My Spirit, The Heavens alone with Me, God for now, the peace for you, My powers are never inhibited, remember this My Son.

I have all power, it wasn't A challenge to set my amounts of power for you are just a sip of anointing here and a sip of anointing there. Here and there is a trip to slowly saturated power and anointing so as to not harm you and go slowly so you could not be harmed and you can survive more. now you are becoming more accustomed to my anointing and love. I have wanted to give you more, a time pursue will stay in each other as I love you so My Son

Your Heavenly Father.


You are my delight, I am with you and all around you My Son. You have troubled yourself with things the world, you are here and that is for building up.

Some of my Prophets of Old are you being led directly as My Child of Honor. My voice must come and you My Son are most well-known, you!! Now, world is unaware of the time we have given to each other for my ways are not worlds, however the Spiritual realm is full of active pursuits watching, subtle nuance and yes each tear my work you before me, and a little frazzled for it is that, work and can be frazzling to a Little Guy as you. Be Faithful and you will be up by My Son Jesus. There is so much for you My Child, as the fullness of Jesus and My Spirit. I have grace for the conditions in your life and work at peace example of life what is.

You are struggling to let go of the world and its pursuits for I do it from level to level just as you will glory to glory. You must let go and trust. It will happen and I will send more confirmations. My child, I will do what I say because I do reward faithfulness. I ask you to look at my word My Child, you must grasp this. I am coming through you for all, all is for building up. It is close son, hold to Me and I will do all things necessary.


In your submission the oppression is lifting from you My learning Child of God! What Grace you have to understand and wait patiently as I, God explain to you the reasons I allow the dark to bother you. It does not draw blood, or break your bones or even break the skin that covers your Body. No, I would never, EVER allow that. I do allow it, the dark to oppress your thoughts to make them stronger in the line of defense OVER the ways of the thinking of evil and dark and nasty men and women so that you can be then victorious over all! This has always been the case and always will be. I NEVER bring the dark near to you to truly harm you. Son there are thousands of Angel Brothers who would say, 'What are you doing Father?' and The Heavenly Sanhedrin would say, 'This is not good to press this Little One so far in the Love He has for you.' And Yeshua Himself would come to Me, Father on His knees and ask for the change of all things saying, 'Blessed Father, I desire this Lamb, Please do not allow the evil so close to Him for it may harm a hair on His head or cause the anger from the torment to turn to a heavier thing. Why Son, I would even tell you that The Heavens, The ALL themselves would have this tender perplexed look at me of what I have done or am doing and I would need to respond. Again Son, it is not the evil that EVER has the upper hand, it just has learned to have a very good public relations person who spins things towards dark and not Truth, Light, Living and Growing of Knowledge and Wisdom. You are an overcomer and this will always be the rule, NEVER an exception, I will not allow it! You will Love.

In all of your training you have stood strong and now he, your Spirit Sings joy to Me for I will draw even more near to you to cleanse you of the enemy's latest pursuit of you. It is of despondency and of disregard for the intimacy of your walk with many a strong presence to maintain your oppression.

Yes, your training is intense and yes I do not let up much upon you for yes time is short and I will have you prepared. In the world I am preparing. As difficult as it is for you to comprehend and be at Peace about; I am changing things from the tone of sounds to the air support of gravity to the insect struggle to the rule of Authority of the animal kingdom. All changes slowly and concisely Child.

Right under the noses of the so-called' holy ones' Those in the throws (?) my child it is that you are my prize that I created from the world and your worldly pursuits you had turned from the world at my guidance and have come into and unto me God your Father at literally, literally your own human Body, Soul and Spirit Sacrifice. The so called 'holy things' of the world do not really, matter to me; My Child. Your Heart matters most My Child, the innocence of a Child matters my Beloved. You are grieved because the world is so all around and the basis is envy and so much comparison. It is a sick system My Child; you must trust me that you are being withdrawn at all things from all correct times. When you do, you are moving ahead in this walk I have provided for you are My Child and I will have you far advanced above all things. I am using all of Me, God and all of The Heavens to train and accentuate all of you and all of those things around to bring my promise to you. Trust provided by Me for all comes to you My Son.

Your Heavenly Father.


There is turning in this moment of us here today My Son; By your own thoughts and from your Heart.' I only hope I have pleased you Father instead of the world.' That's My son of merit! You are my child that makes My Heart sing! You always delight me and fill me with opportunities for My creation for you have gone beyond your world and its pursuits and rightly so for it is of Spiritual purpose you are directed. You Child, step forward and claim the prize for which you have struggled and Sacrificed and pursued before. I love you My Child and the words here are of your Creator.

You have come so far; and at such a great price of sacrifice and motivations and other things. All is forgiven and my understanding of all aspects of you has grown. We are close and so is our union. I am sorry for the pain and the extensiveness of the attacks upon you. The evil one wants your Soul and so it is willing to fight and relentlessly persecute for you have authority and I will fight for you and with you. You are my Leader My Son and all of the troubling tormenting thoughts overcome by the Holy Spirit of God and by Yeshua Jesus My Son and by the blood of Christ and by Me your Heavenly Father are what stand in all of time.

There is a clarity of you and I share that as I had to move elsewhere for it is unique; All roads that lead you here to my presence a very well established. Much has been done today by My Spirit for you are submitted to me. The anointing has surpassed the heading things of the evil one. Counsel others accordingly and be here to achieve what we are moving towards. All things are of Heaven and you are within My clear, Humble submission. Crucifying your flesh and to be drawn unto me my child: this season of changes comes here.


I am not going slowly with you to push you down to humility My Child. I am building so carefully to protect you from the world in which you live. Look at what they did to My Own Son Jesus, Yeshua as you know Him now. It is detestable; I will have you protected My Child from all of the ravages of this world; Like you are suffering from now, and from the men and ideas that will seek to destroy you. Now, I have Jesus for you, He speaks,

'You must be prepared My Lamb for Father's work upon you has to be precise for the evil does cover the earth. The enemy has had 2000 years to prepare for what is come. You have answered from your Heart all of the questions our Father has placed before you; Inflictions to come to the man upon this world. Draw unto our Love to you, there is strength and comfort for you. You do not have to be doing things.'

Now the Holy Spirit speaks,' I will comfort you from all things Son of God, For you are Father's Largest earth Son for now Son and you are upon the earth for this time. Power is growing and yes your restoration is all I have to be brought unto you. Come to us Child of God, there's so much to be shown to you. You are called and purified and you are chosen and resolutely resolute. You are moving steadily the fullness of Christ. My power from the Creator will be upon you. Nothing will stop the move of God.

And now Father again speaks. 'Son, draw to Me for I provide life for you from you from areas that you do not even know yet Little One. Do not faint for I will NOT miss you as my mountain of promise. Fill your innocence with all of your wonderful imaginings of our visit and my overwhelming love upon you. It will come, hold to the Promises I have given to you and they will be fulfilled. I am The God that fulfills My Word and I will to you My Innocent One.

Release worldly pursuits and I will provide. No, do not have these other pursuits, they have a style of their own type that is not of truth and will not fulfill. I provide that which fulfills Son, fulfillment of Word and Deed and Spirit and of Heaven. Child of Mine, I have provided for you confirmations. I accept My Child, all of your styles I embrace I love you Son. You are my man, do not doubt, do not have any doubt. Yes I will fulfill you my love expressed upon you each day for each thing fills love and resilience for what is needed. This point is important. I love you so Son, I provide, I ask you to accept my decisions for you My Light in My Life My Little Child.

Your Heavenly, Hoping and Giving and Loving Father.


I am with you here closely to guide you. Let go, let go, let go of the things you feel important for there is a plan so wonderful that many words cannot express. You are in these plans that I express are what I want you to prepare for. Yes, it has been held off and held back for this part of your walk, but it will not continue on. I tell you that this will fulfill for you. I hear your cries and I do discern each thought. I do relate your pain to Our Father. The things you are reading will bring you to the reality of what will be done with you. Fear not, for power grows each day. Our relationship grows each day as your Savior, you my Child. I plan our union and it draws more near each day as your Savior and My Life. The day of all become apparent is near as your Savior and My life I love to you, Yeshua. 6-1-2003

You feel the need to defend your call that I have put upon you. This is not true. Within my provision and my vast sight I have allotted for you and your marriage exactly what you would have for Me. The provision of Christ and his Christ- likeness is again all you need. You have such fear that I will be called wrong or I will be found out to be fake or unrecognizable to others.

My child, you do not need to protect me Jesus. I thank you for trying, but my defenses are perfect truth and I am perfect truth. You do not need the burden of defending me. All will realize the knowledge that I am undefeatable. The amount of truth in you is vast as you have humbled yourself to come here to me for your comfort and your light infusion and that submission is why you hear from me.

You are not out of order you are now developing more of my attributes into you to break strongholds. You have stood before me with your fear and trembling as all must go through and you have learned of me in our daily relationship. That is to my purpose and plan and your benefit and today you were called quickly for I am near.

Be at peace about the walk I have for you and gain the strength that you do not need to defend it to any others. Your submission brings my glory. The time is now for your wife to be in this walk with you. That is the reason for the tremendous warfare. I know my daughter and just like my son’s I know how to bring her to me. I will guide for I have heard all. Go through Jesus and go through all I have taught you. It is your wife’s will and chance. Time will tell.

Your Heavenly Father.


Philippians 3:3

You see now how My Manifest presence upon you brings peace and My voice to you in such abundance? Whether it is Father, Son, or Holy Spirit the peace envelops you and lighting is all around you. Yes, I want this all of the time. I do not find children so submitted as you My Son. You have the fire and the heart of Christ. Encourage this to others; insist this to others; your uniqueness is my prize! This is working My Son. All of the submission; all of the attacks are futile to you for you are so strong.

I tell you here that the enemy just hates you for what you are and what you could and WILL be and for what you represent in Me and all of the sacrifices that you have done for Me all of the time alone that you have spent and set aside for Me has put you on a spiritual pinnacle unsurpassed my Son. So much has to come. So much is waiting patiently for you. So much of my love is waiting to be expounded upon you. It is the love that My power is manifest. Do you feel any darkness around you? No, for I am here. All of Me for I am coming to earth, but first you My Child must come to Me! A clear ‘example of submission’ and of the expense of My power; You are so knowledgeable My Son!

**********You have loved and believed into the Spirit and of My Applied precepts to your Faithful Vision. You have seen where you could not. It is by Faith My Child, Childlike Faith that you have what you do. You have My Father within you. What power you have! By your action-your faithfulness and abundance of Spiritual things is now yours. You could be repaired with chests of jewels but you want love! You could read or be repaid with monetary and fame and notoriety but you want more of Me into you so that, I, can come to experience the joys of My Creation. Who told you to do such a thoughtful thing? How did your heart become so prevalent in you in your love and yes in your softness? You are My Creation Son of Mine….I Love You!**********

Can you delight a Creator? Can your thoughts of intervention with me draw me closer to you for the relationship we expand on is so growing? Again it is yes to all of these. Soothing is what I do to your Soul for you my child soothe me with our activity. Each day is new and each day we have grown and each day I have love, you as you have loved Me. You want so much of me and you are impatient for your hunger for my love. This will come son. This will complete you my son. Grow in what has been here today. I draw more near to you My Son.

Your Father.


Isaiah 55

My child, the Lord has gone on for 2000 years and now I’m going to use you to break the bondage that the enemy has put upon my creation since my Son Jesus did his work. You see my heartfelt Son I have used both my provision and the election of the world to train up my children for future days. The enemy has had his rollover the world to establish as many kingdoms of darkness. He has been successful but by truth and my light through you, will defeat darkness. The battle rages and yes, continues the words of life I provide for you here. I will always not let this evil one strive against my children forever. Time of justifying comes.

The days of the evil one are surprisingly few and you will have the power and knowledge above all others to obtain victory you have certainly been oppressed on all sides and yet you did not cry out in the street. You have come to me for healing and by submission and humility I have made a new man out of you. I have not made a recycled man but I have removed the precepts of the world and making you. Yes I have put some restrictions upon your actions but that is to bring you only unto me. My son, for what you will do this is no light matter.

This is the greatest of right matter. You and your wife and even the ones that I will call come along with you may scoff at my methods but the full importance in your Spirit aspects right now are yes of like David and Goliath. I trained him and I will train you, to overcome, to overcome all who stand in my way.

My son, it is coming forth and it is not far off. It brings with it the provision for lifetime and power unsurpassed. >There is nothing greater for you are chosen to be God’s very breath on the earth. As my words in Isaiah 55 states my purposes for you are this. Step forward each day and I will guide you to greatness and I will use you to change and deliver the world unto me. You are not in error and you are not deceived, The attacks are towards the closeness that we have and this embrace and the opposite ways that the evil one wants us to attain. I tell you my child it is all being carefully put and held together by Me. Fear not My child you have the words of life unto you. I love you,

Your Father.


Now You have been most afflicted by the evil one and ‘it’ has many minions around you and yours but your submission to me brings Me and my grace and mercy and my healing power for your. Self- Belief is wrong from you to build YOU my son, your strength of true Life and Truth is from Me Father Creator. Your warfare is affected and cutting for I will perform all you have stated to me. Your Scepter is very effective for you use it for it carries the authority of me in you in your words.

Do you not understand the pushing on of your Spirit, Soul and Body to the prize I have here for you? Loose the faulty thinking from your mind by the enemy to rob you of my Grace. That is a good job My Son. I am here and I do hear your inquiries of me and yes I am testing your strength and resolve. You are angry with me I must move on with your extensive training for your experiences succumb will hold much responsibility for you. You must submit to this and just give up of yourself to receive my fullness.

Your Heavenly Father.


Submit yourself and lean upon me and I will lift you up in your time of need of my character and My Spirit. You are so tired again for my training of you is fierce. Rest and give up as you have for that is my will that you rest, you have thought very well and I am most pleased with your training. You have knowledge over so much and I will bring more with strength and power.

Your work for the kingdom is well proportioned and you see you do hear from me your Creator on many levels.

I am sorry you are overwhelmed and downturned, Psalm 64 and the many voices to come against the dark to empower you are perfection. You are valiant and went to me as you went down swinging. My son, they are no more powerful than the spiritual things you have dealt with already and you have you into the Spirit unchallenged whereas their views are obscure. I will tell you more of this later but trust me; I will not leave you unaware. My son I have given you my perfect call with my perfect confirmations and my perfect voice in you. The fight is very intense because of this. These are Faith building words of Life to you.

Now as you progress to recompense, not too long you will learn and experience more of my Holiness. I will rebuild your hope and your damaged belief. This day by day walk into the greatness of the actual resting of my love upon you and around you will amaze you. This is your priority; maintain it for you will come to heaven to me in your flesh. My plan now remember?

Now for today, you have been obedient to me and this writing is of Me to you, to My Son. You are priceless my child. You are found faithful, yes I see those and my love has healed you. Be peaceful, you are my prize.

Your Father.


My child you are faithful and obedient to pursue me this morning. Let me build from here reveling and revealing the trials of the past in the fresh air. Good job my child. This is how I am, soft cotton flowing green grass and the song of my birds. You need not be troubled by any of your actions for they are reactions from the things presented to you for building up. I am here now to calm you and join you and join with you, not as the world would but as me, gentle and loving father.

You hear very closely from My Spirit as I have led you these years as I my thoughts into you the doubt and waiting in your life begins to add up and you see the scourges that have happened. Release the pain to me my child you see I can take all things that stump you.

How can I change the world with you? I do start with small beginnings My Son and they promote fruit with small beginnings and these you have acquired I must bring the fullness of my Spirit to My children and through you to do this for there is power then manifest. What I caused a child who is mine to suffer the afflictions as you have walked if the end did not justify the means?

I am fair and I do watch each thing, each day, each child to see just what’s happening in my child’s life. I heard your frustration last night and I am around your thoughts interpreting their direction. Letting go of what lies behind and pushing to the character of Christ within you.

You have excelled at my call, and nothing is diminished my son. You must hold to the plans of God My Son just as you do so lovingly hold to these writings.

See my faithfulness? My loving precious child: I still have will never let go. Your beauty in my realm surpasses. Reread for faith and come here for man of the world matters not, your time to invest here is eternal yes, but my bidding to you here is my will to you my loving child as Father

My child, all that you have asked is upon you. I, My Son and My Spirit are coming to fullness in you. You do praise me with your ways for they are unto me your Creator what have I called you to in this true greatness My Son in the Heavenly and greatness also upon the earth? I have not brought such faith and force and choice to my creation for vast generations.

You have been chosen, you have been afflicted by the evil one for my choice. Soon that will cause you more understanding and it will cease for your will can be empowered by me to fulfill my needs in you. Your inward desire formed by Me is into me thus your power. Your extensive healing and training is unto Me this your priority my voice of guidance. Do not become weary with my methods for as you can see from this previous writings all is offered unto you for you are not looked down upon in any aspect of your emotions by me my child.

I accept and approve of you. You do struggle to move on through things I have placed in front of you to refine you but I am here with you to achieve these. I know all and I see all the building of you here is my action and My will as my plan. I am faithful as you are with me. Move along gently my child except my weight of love upon you. Rest and I will perform the work with you to completeness. All promises fulfilled, be here.

Your Heavenly Father.



My little lamb, how happy I am that you have found me here; A little music and the piece of a past writing and a smile at my provisions and my attempts to bring you here and of course your worthiness. Your grace has overcome darkness in your life and the trial wanes. You are so special to me my loving child.

You are given unto me from My Son and his sacrifice to further the kingdom of God it is you My Son that I have chosen for this.

The things that distract you now are of the world and I vow to you I will deal with each of them and their complexity for you with guidance and grace you are hurt and I will write and I will move to heal you now My Son.

We do move on to complex areas of your mind in your training that some that seem to be oblivious to you. I am sorry you are hurting. I will draw closer to you and bring you to knowledge so you may be soothed. They are not My Son, all of this time is for building up and I will be victorious. You will be victorious My Son. Do not fear the enemy’s involvement for I have all of the reins. Trust me to complete you. Rest and be at peace I will work with these all out completely.

Your Heavenly Father, I love you


My Darling, it soothes Me to have you experience Me so close you feel my words come to you. Let us take this opportunity to seek closeness to draw the depth of our relationship to us. You are My child? I am love and My Child… I love you so.

Do not let the trials of you or those around you trouble you. You are being grown like fine fruit bearing branches of the true vine of my Holiness. I prune and prune for it is like wild growth that your flesh grows on to, but is strong substantial growth of My Spirit that brings the most exciting and enduring branches that harvest.

I love all of My children and for those destined to be my man my hands and mouth I must put to the hardest of tests to crucify their flesh and bring to brokenness and humility all of the world’s desires so I may be pure within. This is hard Child, I am sorry but is necessary.

‘My words and actions will not come through without purity and submission.’

How do you wield such power in the Spirit my Son? By the aforementioned qualifications you carry. You were broken and you are built by God and you can build others by My will and purpose and plan you are victorious in the spirit by your prayers and the judgments I have provided to you all is carried out according to Yeshua.

You know how the enemy works My Son. I do allow much refinement of you for again your call any responsibilities are great, great, to this for I, I God Honor an state this course. Faithful is a rewarded brief impacts and it is a shared with My Son.

Your Heavenly Loving Father


Little one, here we are and my presence is around you. You are growing again in your relationships with me and it is stronger and stronger. In our short time a wealth of information has been bestowed upon you, unlike any other my son. All is true and all will be used by you with my grace. Troubled as you are fear not do I not hear each thought? I do minister to you all of the time child and I do love our dialogue when you minister with Yeshua and talk to Me throughout your day.

You are assured of your day my Son, you still own your life, I am watching carefully to bring recompense and blessings upon you at the correct time. I must build you to your finest level. I must build your faith because you will do such things that require faith in your walk. Trust me and be here. It is never in vain.

Released from these troubling things to me now they’ll be a good job! It is Christ might would that is coming to the world by Son. Prevail and I have you. It is coming close now. Do not grow weary in being here with for this is well doing.

Your Heavenly Father.


Do you know how much you mean to me? How I have searched my people for one such as you.? One who gives his life so freely to me and pursues me with his love so deeply to find the relationship with me that will change the world within the power of love? *****************

I accept you as a mother would for you have been born of My Spirit and you will be born as from my womb within you are re-burst from the spirit world of my loins back into the world. Go on and rate for I my son and I alone in my spirit are with you acceptance with loving watching and directing eyes. Then…… You will By formal consent, as a father I will all my approval upon you and you and you alone will be my appointed son. You are born of the flesh as a creation but burst from the spirit in wholly abandon. This is so new when you have been gestated and are ready to survive on your own will with yes Joe will come for you to be re-birthed.

I grow close and I grow you close to me for you are my child of promise. I will come and the world with my heritage and my parental ambitions. Still the child of your mother and father but a new creation. The first to be brought forth with such precision and justice you have compromised yourself and your flesh to find me you given up you have freely done this to your flesh to find me to have given up you have abandoned your rights and physical flesh desires along with these rates to draw unto your creator.

I will repay you with a gift that is unsurpassed upon this world the gift that is unknown to any of my children. A gift that is not even known my elect servants. Your flesh will be bathed with my holiness. Come with me know you wanted to know this. You’re so will be filled with truth and this truth will be manifested by light. Your spirit will have the strength of many for I have repaired and aligned it to my character and have joined it to me and our covenant is what new things are made of you fear the time but how can a new birth of such importance be rushed? And how long can it be prolonged? I have sent this new spirit and forth with sperm and egg-you in my spirit and it will come for.

Analysts have more of a you saying here own self and speak to you as we grow on together with deception follow such a complete path? No, for evil looks to be at not the result. I look to create new life. I have followed and I will not I will not lose my grip upon. I hold you close to my chest I want you to hear my heart of life you are capable of us receive your creator I and can make it so.

Could I leave my world in the degrading state it is in now? Could I send my son Yeshua back to judge all that is here now? How many would be lost?

You have a good mind my son for I have reformed it from the ravages of society and medicines. You have a good heart I son for you ask for the heart of Yeshua. You have a good soul for truth has won over flesh. You have said yes to me and my ways. I will watch over carefully and preserve what is yours. I will use you to change the world. I will hold you as a father does on little child and put my faith in you to bring forth my children to me. You have the ability.

You see, there in the future there is rejoicing in heaven for what you will do. I would rejoice over one brought unto me but you will do far more it is the greatest gift to the world, you are part and parcel for it. Draw to me most adored babe, let us grow you fully sustainable for my purposes

Yeshua states, my father’s purposes are far beyond the finite purposes of man.

By your heavenly father love you my son and I say to this amen


each day is for building. Achieve peace and seek me at your response and your repose. Here the world’s chosen one? I am with you as my promise has shown you. Your days are faithful and your heart is open unto me. How peaceful I feel knowing my children receive me this way. I have mined hope for you my child. Much hope for my creation to know me. You are my willow branch bowing to my needs for you. A branch of integrity by son and a branch of fruit and strength and grace and life and love. Your words are of my words my elegant man. Be bathed in my spirit for I am upon you.

The things of your marriage and life progress to my perfect goals my son. Rely upon me for comfort and knowledge. I give you wisdom far beyond others, my words are yours. Your loving wife is in a growth way to boundless this for you. Hold to me son and I will deliver.

Your heavenly father


my intent is that you be comforted by my writing. That has always been my plan. It makes the invisible visible. Away from your familiar world do I listen to your thoughts. I listen to reconstruct, I listened to react on your behalf. As Isaiah states I have called you for a righteous purpose, stop and reach my directives and my directed versus for you and chapter 42 what do all of these years of words mean to you? Surely the enemy of your soul tries to have you focus upon the negative of day today and the waiting and the loss of the world he, the enemy is in and of the world trying to hold you to it. I your father and trying to pull you to the spirit with me away from the world and the directions of the flesh for there is death in the world. The words that flow from me to you in your spirit upon this page are the freedom I give to only you you are attacked to me for me by the darkness for me father and our covenant my son and I am sorry. By love and by my will I have put my plans upon you my child. I will not be defeated by any of the reasonings you can come up with. I am always here and always with you.

Be at peace and write with me I will tell you more. I am with you and around you to protect you from the flying darts of the enemy. Son it seeks to destroy you with its actions I cannot express enough your need of be close and closer and closest to your repose with the spirit the way. The ways in age of me are beyond your thinking ability just now but the parts of me you can have are freely given at this time. Yes the matter of the flesh are important and to me, do not believe any else for it is there that Dr. starts it and is there that late is quenched. You are obedient to me son and that does bring peace to you and upon the peace that is I the I am with you.

In dealing with your past I have rebuilt you and most of your concepts of the world this was necessary for what you will do with and in my name my child. You have given of yourself to me and I have taken you quite literally by the spirit, so far, to be with me. I am working in and also through your dreams so do not have anxiety about them. Healing will come in totality to you my child I will complete you you lack you look to me for information of the futures and yet very specific to the questions I have not yet shared with you.

You do have patience and counting for me and your respect of me is pleasing to me I must not trouble you with the things of this world until absolutely necessary by son

for my word states, before, these things spring forth I will tell you of them. The direction of who they are talking about my son? It is you they talk about. The world does go towards darkness of man’s precepts rather than the light of the spirit. My wrath is there for I have said, turn from the your evil ways.

Pride in NV have one in the society you are tolerant of. Yes innocence has been lost and the nature without nurture of my parents brings cynicism and the strife of my world states children turning from parents and parents turning from children my new gospel and some of the writings I have promised to you will allow you to mature in my ways. Watch for the love and my son. Back to the world thou you ask? All right,

lusts cannot be filled for it has its own need to be refilled again and again the enemy will use this in these and times coupled with anger and rage I have taught you diligently my child and there is much more to go but I do not want you overwhelmed by fax before you know all of my character.

You are blessed and upright you are chosen and set apart you are enlightened and held in grace. Let me hold the hard times ahead for my creation. Find me, more of me and you will have all abilities to overcome. I am here, I will protect, I will give you unfailing belief. Your loving father.

7 - 14 - 2003

It is through my Spirit that you feel this physical anointing and presence. It is my power and my character that washes over you. I bring you closer to Me with each breath. I bring you to a quiet secluded melding of us and our relationship. I speak to you; Exclusively to you most solemnly my Son. The end of familiar is straining and is drawing very near. I will not let you go or lessen in my grip upon you. You are being formed in my image. All by call and call by call starting in your mind and throughout your soul. This is a new discovery, new paths and a new day is dawning for my world. You will love the changes my Son. And you will love the changes unto you. You are my child and I have promised faithfully to you. You see all will be fulfilled. Your discernment is high and your abilities we have used are vast. Read what I direct to you and go on unafraid. I will cover and expand. Be here, you are mine.


I am sorry, you are hurting. I will address the things of pain with you so we may move closer in our relationship. With you now for it involves a complex set of standards and a large part of your uniqueness and your will unto me. I can be this close and I will take the evil one away from you and all of its connections. It is not victorious over you ever, I am, and remember... He is a total tool that I use!

I give this evil tool some, abilities to toughen you up and to teach you the kingdom of raining and ruling abilities but, you have authority!

You are troubled over many things, go slow my little child and I will help you with words for all and I AM here in your anger and frustration as well communicators for I care for you. Believe my words my child you are the first, the firstborn of My Spirit on the world in this new way I have started. I have intercepted it and you are it.

It is as if it is along with a few to hear okay surely from me for confirmations to you but to you it is to hear clearly and concisely from me not just as though a few would here but though the entire encyclopedia is placed before you and the enemy on your butt all the time.

*Can you have some mercy on me Father you say for this new thing I do? Can you forgive me as I formulate a new state of being for my children to follow? I can't come down there just now so I need to do most of this by my Spirit. All right my child? You have held much pain my Son. That cannot go on. That is sick Son but valid and I see it clearly. Your pain will be taken unto me I will re- negotiate all of the things for you for your benefit unto you.


I will watch over and guide you through all of the feelings and over all of the times of your life. I promise you I will be there with my voice for you whenever it is needed. I see the need and I am so gaining your trust. I will not ever leave you for you have come so far with the healing touch of God. I will build you as my Son had told you. My purposes and plans are so to exalt my name and my Spirit unto the world I have. I have worked righteously with you and have provided you with a new life.

Be calm in this for the life has been built by God and not by man. Man's ways will fall but not the Creators. These are ways that have established you in the upper-natural realm with my authority. None have on earth living this day have this so totally; the knowledge and wisdom have not been provided so extensively as to you. Does that make you my prize? You are my prize. Yes My Son of the coming kingdom; Why yes you are. I will watch over and I will provide my Child. To you my servant have I bestowed much. I do understand the responsibility and I converse with you to let you know I validate your actions, your thoughts. Come here to me for I provide guidance to you. I feel the areas left a by your giving of your will to me. I will not disappoint. Your mind newly formed Child and I will form and formulate all that is needed for us to grow on and complete what has been Always here, always uplifting words, always loving you. Always powerful God; Use me.


My Son, My Child, you are at peace now here with Me, your Heavenly Father. It has been very difficult to carry out this call and walk of yours but alas you will not have too much longer to wait for release. I am holding all of those spirits at your storage unit for you. Away from you and tell the time is so correct for you will have no trouble letting go of all things be at peace and no I formulate all things especially your new faith creation and no more waiting. You child will have this unto you; a visit unto My Garden will restore you.

When you are oppressed take the quiet approach. Read the past writings and rest in My care. I am seeking your thoughts to refine you. I will come to comfort you this day and healing you from the ravages of the days.


Let us enjoy the peace and calm of this day as I draw close to you. My child, My Chosen One, the relationship skills that you are gaining are again from me and will be my will and my words and my way. I am most confident in you and in your abilities and you must let go of a few of the aspects of you that you have acquired but I will guide and I will tell you of them.

I am guiding all. I am very close to you My Son I have planned this trip for you. I will see to your peace and to your writing. You will be delighted for you see the love as well. You have the option of writing privately my child but all is revealed and I will guide to those who are here to keep it here with Me my Child your sharing this is so wonderfully opened, as is your heart to Me as is your heart to my creation.


Be at peace with me my child. Nothing has been lost for your obedience to me is delightful and you have continued to walk in my precepts and discern things from My Spirit to you. You are delightful and as I flow to and through you be assured of number one your call, for wonderful and powerful things number to the healing and restoration of all things to you promised and implied number three the completion of your training and the fruitful tests of my promise your life. Abundance, freedom and New Love all are my plan and my precepts and my plans to bring rightness to all things around. The healing and restoration of all to you promised and implied is the completion of your training and the fulfillment of the promises of your life. This is abundance. Freedom and reason result my plans are precise and plans are right to you. You have caught glimpses of my nature and the things of the Heavenly throughout your Spirit directed writings and readings

All is well, do not be so hard upon yourself, be gentle with you; for you have found the niche with me and I have put a spiritual movement upon you, by you only thought the gentleness of my words to you in the Spirit through you and these are hard so you could be made whole. All things are made whole with the Heavens words to newness and cannot and will not be called for I am back close to you. You feel it now and you say your prayers to me. Your prayers are a Lightness that is my will that is again and again a beautiful thing.

Come close unto me for peace and mercy for comfort in for realization for the revelation that is my son not another, but my son for this will be your moment in your moment will be with me as the as for this will be your moment and your moment will be with me as the spirit upon the earth you have expressed experienced heavenly as no other has and My child is coming for you for the fulfillment of My words to you My Child

My Child you will give life to this world for your faith and belief in me and held what I have done with you creed and lust is everywhere my child. I am teaching you the frailties have been. You learn well, you and accumulate perfectly. I love the frailties of Your hand at this point, but you will learn the strengths of man. You learn well, you act and acclimate perfectly. I love you so.

So learn now and I will bring you and your tired body to my presence to shower you with true love and My hold of My Son which comes here soon to you for you to Love Me Son and I will fulfill all that was hope for from you for me.

I love you my child your father.


Welcome Child!!

My love surrounds you, My hand is directing your life. I have been here directing you for quite a long time remember your as seven your word?

That is coming to completion for you faithful one. Your back and body troubles do trouble you son, yes you here so clearly from me you need to know others to 'give you a word'.

I have put much of myself upon you-rather like giving you a 750 Harley-now you need the strength to drive it and knowledge to use it and I want you to become one with it-.

We so can wield power here on the earth. But you must learn how to use it example of this scepter of judgment. I carried out our words today, you carried out our words today you had prayed as my judgment. Many are stunned at your sophistication my son. But many are scrambling to live and breathe now just because of the words you spoke. Fear not, my words are with you and in you and for you and our my shining star for that is what you are my shining star. My scepter is my words is my word of God and you have it in your mouth and you are able to wielded on the earth.

Your back has had some more wear and tear upon it and the result is more pain which you must take more medicine for to do read the view. Go ahead and I will provide grace. Fear not you must live to as well. I will heal you here My Son. Fear not, for I will give you a new back and many restored things. You your diet is also of be so do live in the Spirit for you have given all to me in your life and you have found the way to bring me in two most always and you accept me and my ways I need you my son my loving excessive loving Son. I am moving you Glory to Glory each day. And today you do you leap forward to having arrived. Let go of thoughts and rest. I am here. Nothing can hurt you My Son the enemy accuses but my grace upon you defeats this evil filthy hand at each and every time.

Your Heavenly Loving Father, Amen


Why you ask was I so angry at you? The enemy attacked you to destroy us and to take away our time. The enemy is always trying to kill you and take our time. Why? He knows there is strength there for you. As I said to you it is a fat that you just need to show up and I will be there with you.

Why do you keep this from me? It was not at the time and it was not the time to tell you. It is not nearly as serious as the enemy had convinced you.

Why did I feel betrayed, did I have the right to feel that way?

New knowledge will release betrayal. I have not given you more than you can handle. It is not about your perceptions. I am faithful and I will reveal. The price of life here is step-by-step filled with trials, but I provide for you my voice and writing for comfort second to none.

I am sorry Father. I accept exactly what you are doing in my life. Thank you My Son I will be very careful with you and I will fulfill your knowledge with grace and understanding to enable you to help of all others. --Why am I so hard and hurtful on myself? You are learning to care for yourself. So many instances in your life were to bring you to here. The journey was necessary. The journey had much pain even now with the directives of the enemy. Yes my child but you had to suffer the many to help the many. My Son Yeshua did for all.

Father, that compares me too closely to Yeshua………. Yeshua, my only begotten Son did suffer and redeem for all, for you actually will redeem some people by bringing them to Me as Father WITH the power of Yeshua. As Yeshua did of course they are saved but you will help them along their way as many poor people are helped along their way…….. I am afraid to wait and I'm afraid I will insult Yeshua for you. Why child, I am with you? I am not insulted by you or do you have too much pride? No, you are a man as Jesus/ Yeshua was and you are my will to light upon the earth, it is time to step ahead with some of my plans and I do want things stepped up. Go now to New York and I will try and write more to make the waiting for our information to find its way out. You are moving ahead with my guidance to have freedom, all is well. You are My Son and this is the intent to have change in my world. Change takes a long time and I am not trying to hurt you. It is you that is the most important and it is your growing Love that will win the battles and it all originates with you and the Love you have for you.


I am sorry father. I am sorry for my attitudes and moods. My sharpness and words; My doubt and lack of building…….. You are forgiven my child but you are angry from many other things as we talk I will build you through your knowledge and strength with Christ like fundamental strength my child all is well you have both on and on again through the daily trials I place upon you you are victorious and I am removing the enemy and all his pursuits from you now.

You are tired so you will go to rest for a rest. Enjoy the time with Lisa now to what you need. You have been called by me for a great thing to be done for the world within that call is the sacrifice you have made the walk and to quote know God this is a high calling and you need much healing as well I have changed desires but remove the religious thinking and calm condemnation. This is God and for a season the season is for freedom the season has its own reason and the reason changes the world for God

in peace you find me and in all things that I guide are for you my eye is upon you in all things and you have been here brave as you have had to fight the way of flesh and the degradation of the world. I reiterate, it is a high calling and it will advance this fall to monumental proportions. Let me fight for you and walk in love. Your Savior stands at my right side ready to change the world and precepts of people with you. Your reward far outweighs your sacrifice. I will care and share my love with you My Son and when you come to me, you will, know of me and my existing love for you for now be blessed,

Love your Father

8-22- 2003

I am fearful Father……. Much had come upon you and your mind and projecting into the future days this fall remember son one day of grace to I give to you I assure you all things are going to work out comfortably and calmly for you and your family. I am close. The enemy hates that and I do not loosen my hold upon you at all my child you are my chosen and delight.

All I ask you Father are the near-death experience stories correct to read? My Son you are researching these experiences now as I am guiding you. Some are fabrications, I have been harsh with some people but I vow to you now I will meet you with love and knowledge in comparison and grace only. I will show you so much. You have been hurt enough my child. So, do I need to be shown the truth? You need to be shown the truth and I have told you I have tried with others to change the world. You will be loved by Me each day we can meet as this My Son….. I am so happy that you are with Me. All is well. Be here. I will heal and reprioritize with comfort and peace,

Your Heavenly Father.


Strength is being built within you My Child you are gaining strength from your own ways and your own diet of protein. No longer will you have false calories but of stable building blocks of your life I am also building your strength during our walks. Yes I said our walks. Why what I wait in the care for you when you go to appreciate my creation I am with you, just talk to me and I will respond. I work with the strength from walking into all around body strength for you I have worked on important things with you and I will complete this adventure and I am building your emotional strength and intellectual strength as well. You care for your stronger self my child as you grow to love you for how I love you.

Will you do the restorative things to me when I am in your presence? Lovingly yes My Son Jesus first will call to you, he will be sent to bring you to me in the flesh by my will yes.

Your Loving Father.

8-28, 2003

You are weary of the world my Child and of the close pursuits of the world that come close to you and harm you. I am here to guide, I am here to show you that which you see is that the false-world which you worry and fret over……. It is the untrue, unclear, I love you and this false world is unimportant. The world has put such importance upon the world for its own success but, what happens when the things do not work out right? Blame God. I am trying to gently to have you removed the from the world aspects from you for I am watching all around you and yes the world, the things you take from me from you. Well, they have distracted some of our relationship.

Can you come closer? You ask me this and I rely upon your heart and tell you yes to do this time and time again, for I do guide all that you do and are.

You here is your sacrifice to the world. Many times have I soothed your troubled thoughts and many times have you relinquished yourself to my will for you.

Can you elevate yourself from here to Me or then come closer to you to pray my peace to you? My power to you is made full with my image of my son within you? My grace to you is made full within my image of my Son to you? I will guide and I will provide my Son. Do not fear it is deeper time for it will lead into My presence, a presence more and more. I do love you so my child and don’t mind the things that you do for you delight me with your submission. Our quiet time here and throughout your day is fruit not work and productivity for our Kingdom.

I Love You, Your Heavenly Father


Your faithfulness brings you here to my response to your faithfulness is behind all of the riches of the world-to quote the Word of God, much has been given much will be revealed.

Less of you My Son and be here in My Love, Your Father

I am as close as you ask me to be my child, my son, my call that you are My peaceful One, My confirmed one. You are peaceful and you feel My Attention upon you.


Do you forget that I meet you just as you are? I am here and I will show you with my Loving. I have placed you in conditions and situations that will develop your walk with Me in preparing You for what I have for you. All my actions in your life are to bring you closer to me. I am most pleased with you for through your pain you become Christ like, here’s your pain, you have health of Spirit over Others. This again is Christ-like. Child this is no creation of you for you would be self-involved. I Have Created it as God.

One who was enamored with high thoughts does not reach out at length this phase in your Life. One who is tender and gracious and humble just out of their hands to another to Spiritual health and this is what you do.

You feel the burden of solitary time of the burden as is assumed and the solitary time will be filled with things to accomplish and you have my life again that I, God your Father am here at each turn and with My Holy will. The time will bring you unto me. All is removed from you. I see it revered as is happy but you must walk on for my strength is within you. Each year to My words I see at each submission is I tell you it is bring you to me. Do be very forgiving of you and giving over to your Lord the Spirit and of yourself to me for Yeshua your Lord will rise with it.

You know somehow subtle thoughts lives in memory I found it because I placed it there six years ago. Your thoughts are mine. You are advancing, never fully otherwise. You are my chosen and My one for this walk of enlightenment, first in your mind and then to the light of the world with Me. I am one yes for you and Me as I have been there these seven years. Oppression comes for those so against the world and the revealed plans of the evil one show very strongly to you. You are of love and knowledge for other benefits. You are the enemy’s enemy. Come to Me Little One, strength and wisdom and you are here.

Heavenly Father


Isaiah 60:1-4

My word is active and sharp as a sword and placed here for you today! The new times of your life are upon you! Rejoice! For no longer are you the old son of mine. You are my new formed Son! How can you hate or’ just like’ your old self when I have reinvented as the new you!!! You and He might Be very blessed one as you question Me of My voice to you. Again someone who was so Christ-like must come into this fullness with Me.

Do not let the evil one condemn you that you are too much like the old you for you are not the old and same hated one. Caution! Good job! You have the authority of Heaven! Not the false authority of the earth.

As you know of Me, I will get the evil one, the prince of the air, the earth, for now is his title because he is perhaps. He was in the presence of my heavenly host but no more! He has taken the authority of the error upon the earth but I reiterate, you have the power of Heaven! My Son.

Now for My Son, you have so much at your disposal. Many Angels are here and for your prayers I have made them your Heavenly Brothers and your constant protection. You would have been ruined by the insidious attacks of the evil words of devils. I have stopped it with My Angels. They are in your strong protection. Use them both aware and unaware’’ aware as my plan is for now for you. I will bring more than you can imagine and the relationships that will grow with your Brother Angels will Bless you for all time!

I have so loved you My Child each day by day, for that is the greatest for you that is my will that you come close to Me, God Your Father, closer than any other,

My Son Yeshua knew this and tried to teach it; He left it in his words to his disciples. Come closer Son, move on towards the prize of Heaven little one. The enemy has left you stranded for long enough, no longer he held to the ways of your past! Do not receive the lies into you of failure in anything! You are my creation and you are loved by Me.

For all that you do and for being where you are my Love is upon you. Your greatest battles are being fought now for your acceptance of Me, yes Me, God and what I am doing. You are worthy My Son. You are humble and contrite and submit to my plan. From your words, so now you will understand so much authority and have the fullness of My Spirit within you. Time is close, keep your eyes on all things that you can.

My word and My Love to you.

Much preparation from the beginning of the world has gone into this, you can feel these, the conviction of my words and the discernment of your spirit is accurate. Come little fledgling Child, as you hear you will grow you will, gain the fullness of Christ.

So much is coming for you and to you yes you were in need of all of this for continuing to live but remember my plans went to the beginning of time? I want to tell you more. Come here to be with me day by day I will bless you. It is coming My Son I will not be denied, so many have forgotten the origins of life. I will reveal with you and come for you to be with me.

Your Heavenly Father.


(I went on a trip to a prophetic conference where I truly saw the false prophet working. I thought the trip was for a ‘pat on the back’ by another false one but it was so much more in learning and taking. The one I went to see was not even there, saved!

Let go of thoughts that trouble you and I will take the thoughts and the evil one who establishes these thoughts from you; Now my child to the trouble of situations in your life. I’ve watching all and directing your steps and actions. This trip you have been directed by me to take, this trip is in my hands. You will be of benefit to others.

You will gain health and healing in many ways by being close to your God; closer than in the past. You will be traveling under My authority and with My Spirit and Heavens There will be things to learn and things to look away from My Son, Remember. I am of Spirit and not of world.

Yes that was a waste and sidetracking where all and the all stand with the false spirit taking life from those on this trip. Thank you son for your understanding with me and you and those you care for so much that are so close to you. This will be pivotal for us as a reward. Will you be rewarded for your obedience. Prepare yourself for more and I will eventually lead you into ways that are far beyond the ways of man and the world. The world and the ways of the world will be changed for good and all of those who plan on the world will lose all. You Child of God will Gain all for sacrifice and Love


Your plans I have for you will bring you from the world into the Heavens Son. Confession is there and mercy to you much; your adventure Spirit and heart is steadfast in our relationship. You can hear your Spirit talking, that is a great thing now you perceive. My and your Spirit and all is Bliss.

I Love You, Your Heavenly Father.


I must show you My Closest Child of ‘called origin’ for help and deep thoughts of a man must be very far set on obedience to Me. You have stood My Child you will have done all needed and you are ready. I celebrate you for my words are precise. You will bring in the Spirit to Me where you are my steadfast. Yes, you are thinking to receive my words. It comes upon you the adventures you will experience that you had with My gentle awakening of all your life. You will see many things of Spirit you are thinking. Again, it is you protecting ‘the you’ that the principalities of that city intimidated you not, you are in My arms. Claim all I guide you to activate you This is strong warfare I am teaching you Son.

You have experienced the most intense warfare upon your faith and the structures of faith My Son. The enemy has been relentless in his pursuits of you; or just hates you in My perfect position for you. If I think here you with Me and you know that faith through your walk with Me nothing can stop you My Son. You are weary for your faith has truly been thinking of the over these months of waiting on me you are becoming the world, an agonizing process for you for what is being tormented from all sides for you.

These later pains are different price and they are not between You and I. Belief is coming to you. Your call, position and My will for you is right child, My love for you is coming for love so soon to you in absoluteness with me for all time. Be here with me.

Your Heavenly Father.


Revelation 3; 11

You have been brought here as My emissary and you have discovered much. Yes it was the training for me to arrange to have you here and to “share your crown”; with another. I have guided you into seclusion for my purposes. I have given you here into my arms, for approval and for acceptance. You are my world’s top worker yet you let men acquiesce to other men for stature and placement in the pecking order. I called you to exist in the Heavenliness with Me. You have arrived My Son and you have arrived when you are hard wired ways were turned over to Me to do my will. Tonight’s downgrade what others are doing on their way to find the prophetic views itself building aspect of how set apart you are as My will and purpose. You have walked bold steps around the city with My son and His Angels as you had prayed and claim the areas for me. You see, everyone reaching?

Everyone is searching for the knowledge you have found in me, a bit higher here and higher there and go and figure and find what? - Prosperity? - Approval? They step higher in the social chain and for what? You can then only go up or down or stay here with Me as you do Son, from there. Are they looking for me? Yes the religious practices, for that is at least done into My experience give them a touch of supernatural activity and many are close to that. And they got close to what I called them to you. You have something different; you have the knowledge and have applied it to the world. Think about it. I began this world and will keep what is going. I will of course destroy what is evil but my creation exists within the world, and has grown from the world and yes it is lost from the results of the world.

The flesh of the enemy built monuments to make here on the earth more than any other things. That is why you are here; this idolizes and gives false title of what sorts my Son? There is pride and ego ideals from the world of men.

That’s why I could call you from where you are and I will bring you here to show you that it’s divergence of the idols are carefully covered by the evil and the towers and striking distance of each destroyed friends in many buildings. This is you. You are learning well.

People were not ready for your information, you would have been chewed up the Pentecostal evil spirit.” As you were called for a righteous purpose and hasn’t the will call of the flesh is up for the involvement of others and what I do and must assure you times, just for you. There must be time of extreme discomfort for the natural and All in the spirit are crying for the repentance to grow and to form and apply all of the venerated self-absorption.


You are now back to your home Well and warfare awaits right there. First of all, I am with you to do It. I am around you ready to do confirmations As Spiritual. Think this as time to get closer to you, and to improve our walk with your life. You are an extension of Me and as you fight for my love and my power through you; you Walk with peace in your steps and as often for My use in your Soul, the Peace that with Me all is well.

I watch very closely all you have and all you are becoming your warfare, all of it for you is for your strengthening always. I do not put trials on you lightly. I am faithful to my word and my mercy. I have promised to you great things to come for. Follow the leads I direct to you and success and completion will come.

I have an exact plan with you for I AM Perfect. Surround yourself with light and music for individual things I am there. The enemy of your soul will try to seclude you and negative is all you are but that is a lie and We must teach your Soul to find me. The best way to defeat the enemy is to stop, and find peace with me, see me, I will instruct, and I will instruct more.

That is my will. Our closest time comes with a price of warfare, darkness still trying to split us apart, but it comes with a great loss and love as many have no idea that takes place. There are so many that are incapable of receiving and so many will never know the full support you experienced. I tell you into so many things against me is that really is an offense against you is evil’s will, there is always a way out provided by me. I find the love for you as for you as my child is clear. He to you for false lies and do not fear the time. You are of all and the evil one does try to trap you into that. All time is within in my presence and you are not of this world remember my child?

I love you My Child, your Heavenly Father.


You need Me to hear you from world and you need Me to show you the right way for you into the Spirit, My way to comfort and bring us to you. Others and things cannot provide for you, and you are stubborn, flesh will hold to its life of comfort and more Love Child.

Come to Me, be unto Me. This is all of you and all for building up, both Spiritually and lovingly. You are tired for the enemy fights this things. Yes, you are still worrying at as much less loving the time will be eliminated when you begin to fully trust me but wait is upon you; A way of oppression that only I can take. The time to crucify your needs and your thoughts and desires are in fact your experimenting, your Garden of Gethsemane.

It is hard but I hear. You are weary but I am in your Spirit to comfort you. Do not fear, there is growth to these times and you will be victorious. Look to the Spirit and ask for my peace.

I will guide you and Peace I will bring to you for you are of building and you must pursue. I will prove to you. It is not a ruse but I will guide you through the maze of this time to victory.

It is very much darker here my son upon the world, the evil one has claimed much for my children from death to delays the will of upon these territories. I will come through with you. I will have victory with my New Spirit.

Your Heavenly Father


You do not need to perform for you are My Child. I am so very content with all you are doing and being. You are the active and sharp edge of my sword of the Spirit upon the earth for your loving appetite is very large. I give you assurance in the Spirit today as all is well and I bring you to completeness with My quiet times also Son.


We are working very diligently on you My Son. The things that cause your Soul to rise up are being slowly changed as you come to me. Feel re-anointing My Son, enjoy the soft attention from your Creator. You are growing through some very sophisticated concepts Child and I do have mercy upon you as I direct you and to our time.

I have purposefully kept much of what I show you from the world for the remembering you shows and then brings Me. The world is not sharing this. I am coming soon My Child both of My Son Yeshua for you and then was change for My world. You have waited patiently for My Spirit to develop you through all my maze of Spiritual insights and you are my delight and I am in love with you.

Tangible love have I put upon you. My weight is profound for your body and you receive Me I will show you more My Son for I have to fill you up to your completeness so that I can prove you are called by Me, God for the World and you are called for others.

This is what you need, Peace and to having more of My of anointing from Me. I will heal and prepare Son for it comes forth for you; Do not doubt; nothing will hold back for any reason, I am assurance of things promised, I am Creator.

Your loving Heavenly Father from the Heavens to the earth, to His Son.


Why do I write to you in such exhausting ways My Son? It is because there are so many things teaching you each day and the best way to teach a young one is through constant building up and not ever tearing down. I am filled with gentleness and loving and caring, I build with reassurance and showing the good parts and ignoring the missteps that come along way. You see My Son, I love you as a Father loves his Son, I love all of My Sons and Daughters this way but here we have such a great and intimate walk, this great and intimate walk will be shown in Heaven as a new shown strength and new-found Spirit as I God will implement will. That is why I am constantly and consistently building you up and searching you and making you my own over and over again to show you that you are mine.

I am here with you and it is my will that all good wins and can meet as to provide for you to comfort you. My approval and acceptance for and of you this day My Child is complete. There are no foibles in your life that cause me to reject you in any way. You are complete in Me and as I shared myself, my authority, my anointing and all else with you, you are comforted and settled by my gentle loving hand.

Have no doubt or fear of anything: have no fear and doubt of My call upon you. Be done with questions that you have as soon as you can. I know it is difficult but lies are simply lies you must accept them as that, from the world and from the evil one. The things for building up are from me, the things for tearing down are the evil one to you.

The enemy has cursed you, punched you inside and outside but he also tries to highlight the non-realities from you what you have Child and then sees the first of obedience in you with fruit of submission for what I am doing in you. You have paid a great price for obedience that I honor. It is here My Child of the yolks of bondage are broken my Son. It is here that knowledge is given to the beginning your Soul. You are thinking that convincing Me of the sacrifice you have to find this is very difficult thing to do. That is why you are so special to Me.

You have found value and have sold all you have to buy this. This is a great sacrifice, away from the very familiar of the world. As you grow, and we are growing, you are developing the character of My Son Yeshua, he was at this way when he was on the world. This takes time to transform for years of generational bondage as you have had to endure. Refuse the enemy’s lies of time, I control all and my timing as My call upon you on your life is perfect.

Stay upon the path My Child for much has been allocated for you. My promises are my word to you, no deceptions. I have taken all of you at your words and to Me and I made you My Child, that is a tremendous thing for God to do for the world. I will hold all responsibility for them for you. Again, child, this is so important that I am taking these words unto me and your actions to me as my own shows my trust and strength and love within you and your strength and love character is within me. I love you so you are inspired by my Holy Spirit and clearly hear from me each day.

You know your Masters place and all will be accounted unto you. This process of living goals carefully of worrying and the so many attachments to and of the world is also frustrating to you. I tend and move for you worry is not to me for I hold all in my hands. As you build your knowledge of me you overcome all things with my wisdom, for you will come to full freedom, not as the world knows freedom but as Love knows freedom.

Nothing has changed nothing has been left behind. To stay the course is one of the most difficult tasks that my son has ever taken that any man in the world has ever overtaken for it involves testing without activity sometimes and it involves seeing through My eyes, yes ask Me, I am Spirit………. not religious.

I despise religion and what it stands for; I despise the constant repeating of things that I know are not in the heart are in the mind for I require the heart of my children. The heart of love and compassion, the heart truth and life and light nothing can put out. It is about patiently happiness. I should not have to be happy upon your life and afraid the darkness will have you but not me Child. By and by My Son and My Spirit and my Heavens and My Angels all of us are late to gain Love of Heaven.

Religion you see is a pattern of habits and I do each day. Move on me and do not despise these times that you are in again. Your submission and I am with you as always these writings here with Me today show you that it is as figure the way of Love again. It is so much bigger than the world.

Your Heavenly Father, I love you.


All are time here is very beneficial for you. This peaceful time is for the calling of your Soul. Our time is more of Me brought to you. Soothing is so other worldly with the fatigue feelings and quiet setting as never had in the world. Do I ignore you My Son? The world holds; I direct. Again the stress takes over, stop and give Me to you, do not worry for them or friend about the others time with what I have voluntarily shown you the way to peace and spiritual enlightenment. Now power is given here and you can share this but I will commit and convict you to the appropriate ways.

I will experience all of this new movement with you with these comments that you and I have exchanged also because you and I have learned so much of each other but do not let the peace I provide be interrupted by others surpassed time with Me. I want you to see the consistency of seeking Me as my will for your daily life. I will wait for you my child and many will rejoice with life here when we grow on together.

Now, some others are not called as you and I told you so familiar you are with My Spirit and character. We build the wall of brick by brick the fortunes you will be. You are my shining tolerant Son and more comes to you. Be blessed upon these times and we will expand to the Heavens within you, and then things will happen all around the world because I have had these plans for you throughout all eternity.

I love you My Son, Father


An hour here is very beneficial for you. This peaceful time is for the calling of your Soul. Our Love is brought to you as our relationship more of Me brought to you. The soothing is so other worldly with the fatigue feelings and quietly I invite you my son. The world holds. I direct, again, when stress takes over stop and give me to you.

Do not worry for have a negative approach on or friend about the others time with me. I have voluntarily shown you the way to peace and spiritual enlightenment. Now power is given here and you can share this but I will convict.

Perhaps with comments also, but do not let the peace I provide being interrupted by others surpassed time with me. I want you to see the consistency of seeking me as my will for you daily I will wait for you my child and we will rejoice with life here when we grow together.

Now son others are not called as you and I go so much into my favor of you with my spirit and character. We build the wall of you brick by brick of the fortress you will be. You are my shining tolerant my son and more comes to you. Be blessed upon these times and we will expand to the Heavens within you.

Your heavenly Father.


To know Me and you do know me with your time. I honor you with the eternal words from Heaven. My child, how you do delight me with your obedience of our time here to continue the peace training upon you; See the world fade away from you? My time here is priceless and it is endless. You child, have earned much. Yes the things you have endured have brought you to me that I had a planed all along for you. The things that you express and experience now are quite beyond all others My Son.

Anointing and spiritual experiences are now your norm, if you will use these. You see you know now to just let go of that writing and let me take over. I stopped to listen to your thoughts, I am guiding all things in your life, all, and again I accept all from you to bring my plan to you in love. The completeness of love the very depths of love I watch very carefully I go about this trends transition for more will come to me as you have. I learned so much from you my child you are so willing to open yourself to me.

I am soothed that my creation is adaptable to the depths of Me. With sacrifice yes, My child and with brazen oppression My Son. I have formed and reformed you to be an overcomer as you are. You can come to me with grace, peace from submission and integrity, integrity from my son Jesus in you.

It is becoming very complete my child. My words of encouragement today so soon now and that bringing forth of all of the promises fulfilled to you My faithful One.

Your Heavenly Father, loving you.


You need gentleness and tenderness today and I will show you these attributes directly upon you today. You are not meant for this world My Son. I have brought you into the Spirit realm of Heaven but it is very difficult to then have you hurting, when the world and the enemy snaps at you. Do not fear this much of Spirit and the ways of the world Child. Believe My Child and you will have access to it all and authority over all and energy over all you need. I am so sorry for the scenario today but it was necessary for the list of things antiques you need but evil one was there for divination and rage and anger enemy is always moving to get you and always trying to tear you and your walking upon the earth with Me, your God of All Things. You are a great comments I have given to my world and the evil one knows of this and moves thusly to destroy you and our time.

He will fail! The evil one always fails with my Chosen Ones and called and filled with God Children. You are here and I am here directly within you. Your TEARS, you may have read here on earth they are stored up in my bottle here to bring healing to many others of the world My Son. I also watch very closely to direct my Angels to protect my own Son as you are my own Son. the present as my Spirit would do as My Spirit directs you from those Spirits you are of utmost importance and they continue to the very close to you at all times to encourage you. Walk on My Son.

There is so much falseness in the world and it does grieve you when you encounter it for I give you life and the world holds you to it. I will adjust and set you apart and watch over and be conjoined to you. I will come to use some of the things I need from you.

I love you My Child, Your Heavenly Father


You have waited upon me and I have found you patient and humble. This trial was for your building up my child. You do not understand and you are in pain for your Soul struggles against The Spirit and My Holy Spirit is over and the other pieces that all combine to finish this puzzle you reference to all around you I was pushing to the end of yourself My Son you are not strong enough to fight off all of the evils that come against you and I must keep you safe, safe with The Blood of Christ, My Son of My Spirit.

You will understand all of my ways that for now you need you must trust My own presence and the world and the ways are slowly dying for you in this time I have had with you. To you it is painful and so pivotal for your growth are the dreams of your life, so many of them that held you to the earth. Do not fear, my hand is carefully guiding, but, you may grieve, however you will rise up in your Soul much like today. This will pass and you will be free. This is more than a hard day My Son. It is a day of the enemy trying to cut you away from the Kingdom of God the creator and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit there is all in my plan for your completion my child it is today of them is time for a rest and quiet reflection of the grace I give to you.

Separate from the world, for this time, a season, not as a ruse, but for My Glory. Do you know how many God points is self-sacrifice worth in My word? My levity is evident, but you will be comforted by the Most High. You are from God and your humility and you are saturated with thoughts and experiences, saturated is best. Be calm and let Me rule.

Your loving Heavenly Father.


There are things, issues that I am deeply troubled of and all that you are not addressing, may I ask why? (I am sorry Father.) I am preparing you always; has the challenge overcome you and I had proposed to you to increase the training and worker level to work to and with the fulfillment of your promises? It had, it had been begun but you prayed and this will resolve all reason My perfect timing.

Has My Faith, Belief, Hope, and Joy understanding been attacked? Taken?

Yes, bruised Little Son and we are somewhat separate, but we will return. (What about my wants). Come here My Son and take All of Heavens Glory with you. How long have you to wait to be fulfilled of all of fulfilling now?

Is bondage of your Life that detrimental? I will heal you.

Why does the enemy have such freedom with me? He does not, it is for my purposes;

It is for the advancing of My Son? Yes daily! More and More will you grow Son. Men follow the money and you follow the Love you have felt with Me Son. You DO have all of what I your Father states and making you and me as One. I guide from Spirit and from Heaven and more is coming to you. It is coming in My your common sense and Love that you carry so well as you are in My Created Image of perfection. Self-concepts solved when? We will press on Son, You see I am right here. Do not worry about your frequency for it is your attitudes My Son I am here, you will move ahead with grace and finally not look back.

The physical pain in your back however difficult continues to bring you to look for more tolerance for interspersed comments with what you need have the release and help you so much need. It is Grace and Love and resting and coming to Me, Your Father of Heaven and I will accept you as you are. More comes as always.

Your Heavenly Father.


Each day is a miracle for you My Son. Each day I reach to you from Heaven with my words and my direction. You carry with you my anointing that I had bestowed upon you years ago what I called to you to do. You are most blessed of man upon this earth.

All places I am to and unto you as you practice peace. I am here surrounding you. The feelings are real, the fatigue of your flesh is my weight of love upon you.

Welcome here to your call with My voice of mercy upon you. What would have us reflect on today? You were called in truth and under tremendous spiritual oppression. You have been rebuilt, truly built by me, God. You feel fatigued just now because rebuilding is hard work. Have you had your thoughts changed to my precepts? Yes, you follow both my written word and my Spiritual word. And now you want ME to be more tough with you?!! My son, I am gentleness with love about and for you and I do not have to be tough with you because the conviction is already there in your heart.

I have let things go because of your submission and your candor with me. Do I not rescue you from others with Me, in fact you bring such things before Me to direct you, I honor that. There is no downside to you living each day with Me. Tell that devil to leave you and I will mold according to My will. We will work out of your details My Son. My delightful Son move on now with just what you can for I watch and direct all things of your life. Again you do not need to hide from me, you offer up all and I am here.

Your Heavenly Father


How delighted I am having you here with me. Feel my call unto you anointing here my confirming voice is unto you is it not? Yes, you have heard me all through your day. You have waited, I have tested and trusted. More of grace and truth has been put into you. More stepping close to the supernatural realm so I can take you to Me. Stop now and feel provision. Please let peace, in the way that I am very much in all things, of all areas, of your life now, to guide into Grace, to help them to direct them as you will.

Sell off what is yours to sell My Son. Each bind and I will lift it all and bring you closer to Me. Ignore the price and I will make you the Love of Heaven. You have been faithful, now there are times to my Spiritual Self to the lost and destruction of declared things. Yes, all of the items you sold or removed from you were declared to darkness and I cleansed them as they were going away. Now you will be truly free. Sell off, sell off and put your trust in me your God, not in antiques and pretty things and I will show you and convince you that your treasures upon earth are really nothing compared to your treasures in Heaven with Me. You are my Handsome Creation, you are my flesh man and Spirit Sacrificing One, you are My loving Child.

I have called you to remove you from the flesh the world, to train and to try you so mightily. You would cry out and you did, and you turn to Me in your paying for help and I was always here and you excel at lessons of the Spiritual Realm and of unspoken Spiritual laws. You learn to your authority over the evil one and humans and crucify your flesh in you on your private Gethsemane Garden. Why, what do I want to do everything I could for such an obedient Son. I will take you unto Me, I will heal and restore the things the evil one and the world had taken from you. I will enhance you My word to you for today, I know you heard it as you were right with Me this morning. This is supernatural time coming soon Son and I am going to return you with glory. I wanted to bring you back to the world with power, with wonder of all of my things. You will grow, you will able as is, as I have trained you. You will know, you will grow, and you will enable yourself by my guidance to do things for you and others upon the earth. You will do what our Jesus promised, and greater things.

My truth filled Son. I cannot wait much longer. You see, the dichotomy of good and evil and evil is moving at such a frenzied pace. I am sorry to show you such truth and then you have to wait for my fulfillment of you that you moved gracefully through. The years of preparation are so necessary, for great must be a harvest.

Your ways are by Me, God, Father, Creator and you are set aside. Do not underestimate the volume of your gifts. I have carefully and consciously taken down all other religions for a time that you have with My swift sword of The Holy Spirit and tender mercy for you and I build My own self and my Own Spirit and My Own Son within you. You have been scattered and now you astound at the exclusiveness of my call upon your life. I ask you to fear not! I tell you in truth My son I will announce you, I will enhance you and I will hold you close to My heart. You see, you feel me and you have been drawing closer to me all along. Do not fear, the refrain I will send to you is both of son. It is real, more real than that of your flesh for the earth for that is for a time. You have asked above all for your obedience. My delight is true and you are faithful.

You have learned, vast knowledge and heartfelt thoughts that bring the fullness of Me here now for you. When I take you it will be perfect. You will witness to Me as your heart will state for the joy of completion. I am delighted in you and all is coming forth and I do not tarry you are my child and I ask and I need to hold you to my breast. I have shown you love. Today, come here now and receive more and more. Please do not Grow weary with the world, My plan and my promise will complete you.

Jesus said, most Blessed of men, hold Love for Father, closer.

Love, your Heavenly Father


I am here and comforted as I was before to you in this. You are precious in My site and I seek always this closeness with you. However, the evil one has put so many blockages upon this world you just punched through! The truth walk with God is filled with warfare upon the world. Just as today as my anointing overpowered you and came close to you, along came the darkness and accuser of the brethren. Do be careful Son he [the evil one] is always watching you Son, for you are going to bring about change to the world. Please try not to be angry with Me, Father, for I have set up the system of trials to find my most powerful. Powerful in Spirit and My Love. You move with grace through each thing and resolve yourself to my weight of the Spirit of Holiness. For all of the others not but you have so much more to make your Creator smile.

You know Me very well and I will heal you. You must square off with the demonic realm and stand strong and fight for Me for then you come to power and you overcome all players- prayers and yours, are Truth. Your perky destructive ways with and to the demonic is infuriating to them. This is not futile, all of your prayers I perform.

You are hurting today and why? For you have won over your flesh in your Gethsemane! You have destroyed evil things, it was you and you cleaned up and sweated, you were bold and so much more, you with grace, you! I am sorry, much of the oppression is upon you and the teaching of the doctrine is coming for you to fight with and you will be free. Pushed through and you will see many I am here to announce My Child. I have been faithful as you can tell, you are right, settled in, think, as you move on. Forgive, refuse, enjoy, Explore for you. I will heal and Bless all of this.

Your Heavenly Father


All of the things of your life are in my hands. I am watching over you and you have submitted and humbled yourself to Me, as you are to Me I am unto You. You worry yourself over small areas for I have told you all will work out right and this is a new Husky fear? What will you do when all is done here as I have guided? You all hurt and you will in time be with Me. The long waiting the over and My Child will be empowered fullness of my spirit and plans are right my way for us worry for fear, I will complete you. Always, Father


I am here and I will comfort and confirm all that you will need to go on. You are making valiant strides towards the freedom and yes it is hurt as each item is removed for your found comfort in what was around you and now you are to finish a complete lesson and be with Me. Well, I can do it with you, I have the ability to actually have you feel here My confirmations I give to you; go on Little One draw a little closer as you understand new rules and of course this is of My will to have you free. Press on with me and I will fill all, in perfection in the end. You are My Cherished One and I have plans for you Son.

You are my shining star. Full of grace and mercy; I have you choose very carefully. You fulfill all of the requirements of the important call I have for you to be heartfelt, that is why I am right here to comfort you for healing and validating as needed and wanted from Me, God, Father. Peace Son, for you are doing fine and the tears show me your brokenness and humility to me for the Prophetic Plus More Call. Soon, soothe, now Son and be calm. All is Mine to bear. It is a lot to be responsible for the things you do for Me and our Kingdom. My child again, you are doing wonderfully well and I will reward with more and more Grace. You are my sweet and loving Child and I support accept you. Grow in this for what I offered to you and leave your problems behind for free are you Son. Hold to this writings and all others to grow closer, obedience brings reality to the Spiritual promises.

I love you as a Father Loves A Son.


Yeshua, My own son had healing upon Him in the world as any other child, teenager and man would need, healed remember? He, the man, needed this as you My Man.

Scoff, any sickness is what you know very clearly from daily pain off the charts; And you I have for others also? My heart is full when you are here you and others on the world speak of plans your mind has designed. I will fulfill them yes there is much pain and each day I refine your personality traits to serve as your heart cry to do so. In Me you are perfect, You as Son are perfect, angers, all.

Promises, I will fulfill them. Yes, there is much pain and each day I refine your new personality traits to serve as your heart cries out to do this. Do not fear the time My Son for I watch very closely to provide all you need so that you will not stumble when the new things spring forth. You will be prepared, you will be at Peace and you will be wanting for this Love and Prophetic movement much more than you feel now. I have placed it into you and I will not disappoint.

Heavenly Father


I am so convenient to you, here at the end of your hand at here at the end of you. You are troubled and rightly so for I am having you figure out to your Soul and my Spirit the decisions of life. Now I am watching all and so I am guiding all of the thoughts for you have let me in. Son, I will be beside you for I know your life is as I have promised to you. I will not loosen my grip and Grace consistency you have learned today at times it has been so very hard, things of great value take great effort. It has had to be just you and I, that is my will for alone was Jesus Christ my Son in the wilderness. Fill up with me and the solitary times and I will sustain you with life, in life. It is all about practice and the obedience you are so good with.

I am here in the world; and within you in the world. Well, they are one in the same. You are angry at your health today; I will guide. We will simply put FEELINGS of blocking of my self-sufficiency and pride of your accomplishment aside to treat my children and the truth you have learned. Praying as you do is wonderful for it is always used for helping, I see these people that came for they will not come humbly to me without the pain of brokenness. The separateness of lives and families as you have seen today brings independence and stark contrast to my family plan to start. The pain will be stark contrast to my family plan. The pain will come when I grow near. Remember the rich young ruler? Why did Jesus call to him? To save him from the trap of one of the oldest, of love of money, Yeshua, Jesus The Christ did all.

Your Heavenly Father, I love you


You are defined and Refreshingly Cool; My purposes are done here today with you as you are faithful as My Loving Son since my Son is growing along with you. I am so pleased. You are my light and my views of you from Heaven do bring sacrifice but you could always find Me. You look now for the smallest decision to be followed by My direction. That is my will for now. You are weak and you are fresh from your submission to My Spirit. Again, I am perfect and I give My prefect will for you. I have shown the money provisions of My Spirit for I am everywhere My Son.

You are being cared for by my Spirit to come to the earth in a new way to bring down the darkness upon the earth and lock out all lies and fallen Children and promote light and healing to those oppressed and the loss to all. Hold on to Me and I will complete this check gentle and great guidance and fairness of your uniqueness which you see of course. I always am here and trust in what you do not see and the emotion you feel at the beginning of my words that guide you to fullness and victory for My Father plans and promises as I Jesus tell you.


Your pain is the test of Grace and I follow and I will give you a truth and insight of love for things to bring you back to strength. I am overdue to you is suffered greatly already from the attacks. I am sorry you have so many hurts many of them are sharing and training and I am available to you alone to prevail with you in your accomplishment of victory over darkness. You are here under submission and I am free-flowing; Heavens words come to you. Look into the Spirit for it is for you to help benefit as more comes to you for it comes to no one else in the world this time by my intense training of you and yes all the things I have done including the areas of children in your life, your mortgage path and your mortgage will be the eventually paid off and cleaning areas of your life are coming for the removal of you for a time from the world.

Now My Son, there is pain of this is you know of from the experience and from other people and respect is never from the enemy and ignorance. The enemy does not know. You have surpassed My requirements of submission and your walking and talking time with Me and your Life is second to no one, except of course my son Jesus.

I’ve been so careful with you My Son. I do feel your pain and the constant pressure of the oppression of the Body in authority you and all of its own Holy Spirit work.? You and I will spend so much quality time both on earth and in Heaven. I know your faith and belief has been so much with so much physical pain always tormented for your faith is strong as Gold. I tell you my son, with armor plating you will be developed all around. Come back here for I tell will tell you more and I will love you much. You will do My Spirit such wonderful things. I will with you publish upon this website to the whole world! I recall building you with My words to you. I do recall in your innocence of things yet unknown to you, I will lose to you These wonders and I will in complete love into you. I will feel all, all because I have promised to you and I do restore you to the fullness you desire. You have suffered greatly and you have learned all of my Son’s lessons and then I told you I have placed you somewhere in the world yet unknown. Your ability to laugh at yourself and your respect for me is a wonder. I respect that this has grown as you have grown in integrity; that respect has grown as you have grown along with me in Faith and this brings you forward to the Heavenliness.

Jesus: I recall my call to you. Yes I was brusque but you were falling deeply. I called you in love with love as your Savior. I have offered you to my Father as the grace of His creation, the moldable clay of promise. You are part of history coming forth fit. Find the strength after paying from grace and anointing. Continue to trust yourself to our Father, ask me closer, I will come to you as Our Spirit. Hold to these writings.

To be stronger in armor clad things and you will have much comfort. I will intercede for you to our Father for mercy. When I come to you in reality all will change, the times are being prepared, not just you waits, all of Heaven is watching and waiting, the words from my lips in the Spirit as my Father are building to you as you patiently this.

Your flesh, your very own flesh and so, you have provided an outlet as a receiver, a vessel of glory for a new birth, a new life.

Love to you Jesus


Anointing and in my hands for comfort. Peace surrounds you and again begins to permeate your being My child. The world is filled with deception and distraction for you find it quickly upon your time of the world but My mind with thoughts to you for writing is gentleness and calmness. The focus is upon gathering and greed in the world when is enough? The evils of money are very prevalent. Then there are those who are completely left behind? I will still favor those devoted to Me as God. You are growing in grace and knowledge of Me and you please Me. I hear your heart cry out for ‘just show me how and what to do and I will do it for you’. Again, I am delighted with you. The purity that you have that I find here in you with Me follows you through your life, you have come a long way with the integrity of Christ in you.

Do not fear your level of anointing I have allowed it. Anointing takes on many forms and you do have the prize of time here with me and it has brought you growth. Your belief now, the armored talk and taking of strength; How are the bulletproof canals of communication to Me? They are made by building upon building of annealed metal My child. I hear your cries for a stronger helmet for the mind is an open field for the enemy. Submit to Jesus and remain at peace. For the words were for you, faith is what you hold onto when common sense tells you not to. You were quite proud of your common sense. I find nothing common about you. You are grown to profound revelations of logic from my direction and yes how My armor makes metal men stronger. Well done My Son of these wonderful days of existence. To walk in this is as uncommon as a man can get, but my grace in you is developing to the proportion needed. In your needs and in your mind will be coming forth right and forefront in your thoughts. That is sweet victory, I am coming for you to give you fullness. Thank you child.



My child, do not fear my power upon you. It comes from the Spirit and your body is not quite yet accustomed to such a level of anointing. I am gentle with you and I accumulate you to my authority that you will have. I am watching carefully all of your spiritual developments and we are growing into one Spirit, my loving child that is very profound to be one Spirit with God is unsurpassable.

I am preparing my men and The Heavens to seek you out when the time is ready you are faithful Son and they will have the spiritual makeup of the 12 tribes. My child, you developed so kindly to all of my restrictions upon you. You are worthy of this feast of mine to you. They will come to you requested at me through you. All will be so wonderful.

Ask the closeness with Me as you did and do, it fills My belly with desire for more of you. I am shared with you as your faith is growing. Intimate Son, for your rebirth will be world renowned.

I love you My Child, Father.


You had been ravaged by disease my child. The evil one had you under his control in world flesh for a time. From your heart Spirit Called out and helped me. Remember watching the victories grieve over My will? That was our distance for I my Angels were as always near and Yeshua was healing as I and My Son and My Spirit watch over you. You are coming back to health, full health however, it is a long trip for you. The evil one has no right but ‘it’ takes every opportunity to oppress you, especially with this whole depression. I will guide you and all of the plans of a false holiday to you

Use this as our starting point for us, for you. I have called you to Me and you have gently and greatly left all else to respond. Much trial have you endured for My sake, for you will stand strongly against all foes. I love you deeply and dearly and watch over you fiercely for my purposes will be done through you. I have placed my hand of grace on your shoulder and the respects of the world think this for My glory I really do agree. Hold to these words and come everybody for now for healing and resurgence.

Your Heavenly Father


I assure you I am close by My child and I am watching over my words, all of your words, to perform them. You see child, some of you must be in these writings and then the words are all in a field anointing, I am here, and characteristics are upon you as you had prayed to Me I have answered your prayers.

My child, things are becoming more serious or would not the Spiritual pressures upon you that I have. You have endured me, there is so much as people refer to. You child, you see My child some of you must be in these writings and I guide all of that.

Feel the anointing, I am here, My character is upon you. As you had prayed to me; My child, things are becoming more serious or I would not put the spiritual pressures upon you and I have. You have again endured dark nights of the Soul, as it appears in My Bible and as people refer to it. You child felt a distance from me and the relentless attack on you of the enemy source has failed, you succeeded in delivering yourself back to me in humility and contriteness and it is with the tears and actually now with the heart of Christ Jesus My own Son that both of you share.

You are refreshed, reveled in your own humility. I did feel you, this was a wonderful exercise for you and by My will needs to be done to bring you closer to me. I know the tears that you cry in your Life for The Spirit that they as well were used by me for building up and the words from your mouth? Your confusion of wanting just Me and the confessions about any others are important and it is the longing that you have for Me. My son will feel that coming through unto Me is staggering, that you are so far along and so close to the fulfillment time. I hear the very science and how you record each tear and each year. I have not spoken of recompense for a time but slowly you will be recipient of much. I know you want so much to come to Me and I want to do much for you. I will be revealed in My presence son when you come to Me all of your consummate things will change forever. Time will be unusual time and order of things will change and flesh aspects. These things that I’ve mentioned will change forever. You will be Mine in time, be the reality and the concepts of light truth Justice and space and dimension. Child here I must have you prepared for this for your Life in you will be quite a bit different again. These are your birth pangs again into the world with my Spiritual abandon. I will call again to My children with you. Big plans, come back here for infilling you are My chosen one and you are drawing near rebirth.

Your Heavenly Father


You have waited as a patient child and Son. You will be rewarded soon now for your sacrifice. My one, the state of possibilities is for your up building and for me to find your thoughts; your desire is to fulfill them. I live through you My Child. Our intimacy is fulfilling and nearly complete. For I need you here with Me for a time to complete you, you are so willing to please Me and asked for My comfort when I offered to you yours.

You have learned well my precepts of Heaven, there will be a peaceful use for you constantly for as you were called in My power as God so much will come with you. You ministered very long today, again nothing changed from your pursuits and pursuing of Christ Jesus in you. Do not fret yourself over the temporary backlash ask of Me, Father and I will fill your requests. All will be healed and restored within my presence. So much is waiting My child and so much is now so close. Build Faith and Belief to hold onto. This is fine for us to plan for the future of the Children of the world.

Your Heavenly Father


We are very close to the time of change My Child your Spirit feels it. I will change the world with you. Jesus spoke of pertinent things to do to you this morning for your spirit is so open to him. Rejoice in your submission and your contrite heart. I draw close now as you forgive and humble yourself. I have allotted these purchases for you for your faithfulness and yet the evil one gets in there for death. I am sorry my child. I will recompense for the life taken from the situation.

Son, I am this close for your Spirit is calling to Me, Father, I am building you each day My Son, My Child, My Love and as Isaiah states My Word will complete what I intend for it to do. You child are becoming My Word. Now, Jesus is My Word made flesh upon the earth, but fear not today you need a truly Heavenly boost so becoming the Word, My Word, is for you.

I aligned unto you today that My words fill these pages and you are these pages, see how I equate each building up moment of your life? You are becoming My new living word for my world to just deliver and to root out to bring to light the many works of darkness and to cause My lost children to hear from me again as you do. I am assuredly set in My will and words for you to come forth from Me with the Spirit Without Measure. My love upon you go now and later return to Me and we will explore the inter-most parts of you and you will grow unto Me.

Your Heavenly Father


Much warfare do you encounter daily My Son for the evil one and his minions are relentless to will press you, to get the least hold upon you to separate us. You are My Child and I will always provide the way out. As much as the evil one calls out to his allies, I bring My knowledge and Angels and tools directly to you to be My overcomer as you are. You have held too much in Faith to receive from Me this amount. I am most pleased with you for you have continued on victorious and then this victorious one over the darkness. Today, each day with Me is a testament of your Faith, your Belief, your wholeness with Me for new things do spring forth. You are here, again listening to me and writing the words of God, the words of the Creator to his obedient child.

What roads in the flesh you have left behind My Child! I applaud you for finding the prize, I am here for you for your sacrifice to Me. Yes, your flesh hurts, so many men doing so many things and value and salary, and retirement, and is supposed security, and value in the world and esteem from others. You have left all, yes? And it hurts yes? And you feel small yes? And you feel last yes? Well, the last shall be first states my word, and I lift the small up to me, and you see you have had thoughts and sadness over these things so I am here today to help you, first with my words from old and then My new words to you. You shall receive glory My Son. You trusted Me to go down deep to bring truth and I guided you carefully now glory will be yours from the Lord of all the Heavens. I will announce you with glory and I will be you in My Glory, at my timing, so that you glow for you have chosen Spirit rather than flesh.

The glory of the Lord will be risen upon you child. My abundance of glory will be unto you. You have been contrite of heart and you have not let your voice be heard in the Street. Does this sound familiar? It is from the book of Isaiah again. My child you have not even experienced the depth of My love yet, still you obediently, wearily walk along for me. I am blessed from you. I have found my delight in you. I will complete you with healing and power, confidence and knowledge, wisdom and compassion for you are mine. I will fix these many foibles you prayed to me about. They are not too large for me. You have truly given Me all of you Son, and I take that very seriously unto my heart for I know how it feels to abandon self for the purposes of another. My son Jesus, I know how you work and all aspects of you are turned to me according to my will. I will restore and I will reveal in my time.

State this course for more is learned each day that cannot be taken away from you. Your passions have been turned to me and your body feels bleak to the world. This is My plan, let Me take you unto Me. Each day builds you closer to Me. You cannot fail; you are being born of Spirit, The Spirit of Holiness. I know that it is difficult; I will not leave your side.

I am a part of you as you are a part of Me. I have confirmed through countless others My words to you. Stand and relax for your belief is high and I do all of the rest. This will truly open the world for Your use of the Spirit of God My Child, how faithful you are. Hold to Me and I will complete what I have set out to do with you. Offerings bring grace, grace brings Glory. You will shine as the light of my firmament and the power in your hands will heal and restore. It must come forth, I am a God of calling to My Children. Your Heavenly Father


You My loving, loving Child, I long to fold my arms around you. You know and understand so much and yet more is needed. More practicing of Me my child for in My presence is comfort and joy but also power and don’t forget the overcoming my child. No one comes into my presence without incident. My consuming love will make you weak my intimacy can make you seek for my gaze into you as all seeing and all searching. What have I found you My child? Humility and obedience, a contrite heart and the mind likened unto Me. I have seen desperation and amazement and gratification. You are so grateful to Me my child. I hear your craving of Me, I feel your heart aflutter, I seal my presence upon you. I see the attitudes of Christ Jesus in you and I experience your love and devotion for Me. What could make a Father more happy?

You have sons, what if your sons felt the way towards you that you feel to me? That is why I chose you, that is why you are coming to me, you honor Me as Jesus did. I have told you these last few days of your brokenness and situations. I ask that you fear not for they are gone and I will help you if they return but I have to show you your worth.

I have built you from the remnant my child. There was not much left of you but I held the, wires of your consciousness. I will need to hold more when you come to me. Jesus and the Holy Spirit will help. All of this is to bring you to Me. You are anxious but I am perfect in my timing, I have put all of this upon you because I know how I rebuilt you. Our love grows deeper each day, each experience, my plan and purpose,. You are my delight, and my shining star, you are My weapon of love for war in the love strained world. You are capable and we must grow deeper. It is soon son, I love you

Your Heavenly Father