Sweet child, how I love your dedication to me and what we will do.  You take each thought captive and you are watching for pride.  Yes, be at peace for I am watching and being kind and very gentle to you.  The time you worry about is my time for you and not subject to the world’s judgment.  I watch you carefully for you are my wonderful child and I am protecting and building you up with my guidance and voice.  We are working on those fears and angers and hurts that you have suffered with.  Yes they are being washed away from your memories but my soothing of you is still necessary for you to be completed so you will be ready when my provision comes upon you.  You have stood in time my Son.  You have accepted my timetable my Son and you have forgiven me for the trial and test upon you for my perfect timing.  You have not totally forgiven yourself yet for your words but I will tell you more today of this and of comfort and of deep things and dreams and of the things to come.  I love you child.

I am always moving you on; on to the new wonderful things and recompense I have for you.  You are not stranded or hearing wrong.  I will perform all I have said and inference to you and more for you impact others lives with what you do.  You have changed the life of one of my Sons to make him the powerful warrior you will need today.  It was you and your obedience and gentle way that brought him closer to me.  Wonderful work my son for you are anointed and trained by Jesus.  Your weight has been added to you for the comfort you seek and for all of the truths I have written to you over the past.  I must try things my son with you to see if they will work before more radical things are performed.  Will you trust me with the problem? Will you give it all over to me and try releasing the burden bearing to me?  I have a planned and I do love you and I do hear all of these thoughts.  Can I bring a lot of things together quickly for you?  Now think.


He and others will receive more dreams; explicit.  Good job with weapon-done.


You are my jewel Son. Well cut and polished ready for set.

Yes plan to spend-dream to use-heart for giving.

You have earned-you have learned.

Be here- meditate, write, read, rest, absorb, saturate, peace.


You are what you spoke today, and more.  I will confound the world with prayers you utter –you are my Son and I have taken you-all of you to me.


They do not have what we have.  It is you my son whom I have chosen and you my son who has submitted for this new move of mine.  All moves along so correctly for I am watching and grinding all.  Do not fear your emotions for I am refining them; are you embarrassed about too close?   Too close to that?  Don’t be it is all me and all of you is beautiful to behold.  Your value is substantial or why these attacks?  I will provide for you to do what you desire about these frequent invasions of our time.  It is all you imagine and I am following all for you.  The victory will be great.  I know-be soothed by me and again know I know all, Son.  It is alright you are obedient and victorious.






Always welcome always here for you my son. Your excitement of my words confirmed to you with the software will be a blessing to you.  Yes you are in there and yes things are so heating up for you, actually for me, as I am beginning to move.  Begin to explore what I am providing for you Son.

I have prepared you well for what is coming to you.  I will provide for you the prayer coverage and the knowledge of leadership.  You will be so happy with what is in store for you.  You will have much but your heart has been crying for acceptance for what I have called you to.  I will be.

Remember it will all fall into place what to do, not that you will have to push.

Be with me- calmly accept-calm done now.


There is not one close to this my Love, my child, my son.  Many try and do continue upon this walk but you have prevailed within my standards.  Child give the dreams to yourself and enjoy what will come to you.  My plans for you have immense applications.  Your dreams will come to you for I know within them are the dreams to bring my children to me.  Your very breath my child tells me of this.  I have promised much to you and your hope has been frayed but I will be coming through to you with these dreams.  Your words are all mine and I will not cause you dire life consequences or obstacles Son.   You have and are and will be going through what we have discovered as my grace is to you.






You my Son do please me.  I am not a time keeper for all time is mine.  You will benefit from your time and sacrifice here Son.  Know I love you and I will comfort and build you up and tell of the things to come.  We do have some issues to work out you and me.  First, the times you had put on the prophetic words were you and I am sorry I just could not bring them forth in your flesh time frame.  Your Spirit does accept my words and your flesh is and was troubled but all of the things I have told you of are coming through but my perfect time is best.  You are growing in my grace and knowledge Son.  My time is eternal and perfect.  You would not have wanted things to have turned out as before perfect time          you would have been destroyed and many would have been lost.  You are being healed for discouragement and failure-thoughts you have not failed- what you were taught somewhat privately was vast for your training, leading right into authority. I turn all things to good right?  You are very sophisticated my Son.  You will do so many great things.  You see I took all of the words to me for mine Son; my authority, be careful with these powerful words Son.  I have a plan and I will fulfill it for you.  Third, it is coming soon now.  I have waited for you for eons my child- to do what we are planning yes but so much more.  It must be so perfect and timed correctly.  Many wait----

I am effortless upon your breath my child.  It is I your creator speaking and writing through you, knowing you and giving you the true promises of the kingdom.





This is good seed for tomorrow my Son.  You are at peace with me while we wait for all to come together.  The gentleness of your heart has come to me with praise and a contrite heart. That is wonderful developing for you and I.  The new moves of my Spirit I will tell you more of for my Son you are in them and of them.  These words are not sent for the world yet.

I have gently calmed your mind.  I have allowed you to think freely for a time, that is all it is.  It has troubled you for the thoughts are random and progress to other thoughts. You think this is unproductive but I use it to heal and understand the relevance of your mind.  It is me, heavy feeling father watching over my submitted Son and feeding you truth after you have related to your thoughts.  I am using them all my Son, I am not concerned about any of the directions in fact as you are developing the mind of Christ I am delighted in your free thinking for I do not judge them but I enjoy the vitality of thought in you.  You see now my child- your thoughts in me I cup all areas of you to me and blow gently the breath of life into you.  The futility of life again you experience for touching me is the abundance of life you seek.  I will wash away aggravations of life and the drudgery of fighting each thing- you see even of spending money can be a task of frustration. 
As you seek me and follow my lead all of the aspects of life will be devoid of frustration.  Son, another lesson you were not expecting but one that you will remember- also a conformation yes of what is coming?  You son will be the recipient of 10 million of my dollars to you.  Now you will have freedom to spend as you are directed by me for I have allocated the monies to free people from the burdens of debt.   It is a well deserved conformation of you as my trusted Son for very few of my children would I bring this much money to.  For you my Son are also deserving of it for you have weathered the many storms of emotional healing with me and many, many storms of satanic attack upon all aspects of your life.  You have held to me my Son and you will deserve all of the honors that will come with my decision to bless you with my bounty.  My son I know that you will seek me for the way to spend this wealth upon others and you will bristle about the amounts to spend upon you but your heart is good and true and I expect you to now have some enjoyment and fun from my blessing.  Yes Son as you use up this bounty to my children I will bring more to you.  We have entered into a wonderful relationship my son and those who are helped by you will be blessed by your new style and my new move of the Spirit through you.  It will all be new my Son for you know I am displeased with the way man has




applied my principals to the church to the mission fields and to my children.  You know this for you sense this in your sensors when we are close and also when you are close to those at the forefront of the move of man.  You are doing wonderfully well as you are here with me Son.  You are spiritually in my presence yes the Holy of Holies for that is why all of these separate think you have chosen to be away with me: and you exist in that place with me for it has dribbled down into your Soul. “You say, I am unclean”, for you are of the world but you are prompted to ask for forgiveness and cleansing like my own Elijah did.  You are sensitive and knowing of the thoughts and holiness of God the Creator my Child.  You are also the one I have called to be here; you are the one who complies with this and receives from me here the most.  It is not that the others cannot know me as you but you are wired for this my Son.  You are now weak from my presence and power with truth and light in and around you.  You Son are my leader chosen for my new move.  Do not fear, just you and I.  I will not let one or many take from you what I have given.  All other starts will fall for I know you will be directed by me.  The basic premise behind the apostolic movement is control by structure; this is beneficial for middle class society.  The basic premise behind evangelical outreach of missions and evangelism is pride and growth of man made ministries by monetary means. The basic premise behind the Pentecostal movement with charismatic overtones is a higher high and an expectation of my movement under mans precarious experiences and expectations just better than before.  A  Now my son disclaimer-I love my children and they try to please but the enemy has pushed into circles of my children with pride, control, greed and envy turning the hearts away from the freshness of my Spirit.  You are not my only Son of new Spirit growth and many of my children are clearly in alignment with me but I will show and tell you who are not.  Trust and rest- this is truth and a hard set of words but as I feed you fresh breath in comes my truth and power.  You have found how to receive.  It will fulfill all of your desires as it fulfills mine Son.  Much more now for you chosen one; much more here as you choose me.





Did I tell you Son I wanted you to work for me?  The training time for you was lengthy but it is drawing to a close for what you needed in this your first movement towards what I have for you.  You have learned well son of mine about the ploys of money and yet your heart was bruised by the time frames I have held to.  Those will move away from you quickly when this comes through.  You will be clearly mine- called from life to do the things of the Lord in your own character which is unto the character of the Lord.

You will not be embarrassed my Son- nor will doubt and fear of what little things man does confront you in a way that can or will defeat you.  Son my word will not return void.  Give me a little while to finish preparing the world for you.  Worry for nothing, my funds will be to you.  Why do I keep you at peace here?  The decisions I am making occur here now in the marble palaces of finance- It is the simplicity of character I decide upon and it is you I have put my authority to; calm and refrain now.  Son, oh Son what you have held for me; I have not yet found a sophisticated prophet around you to bring you the correct news of what you are to me but it will come.  It will be all me to you.  Hold to me my child of great promise.  For I love you so in all that you think and do you are reflective upon me and my Son Jesus your Savior and our Spirit of Holiness.  You have abandoned precepts of the world for me- how blessed you will be for your sacrifice of your flesh, status and pride.  You will be exalted by the Lord for what you have done.  I will make the words I have promised you come true in reality- My words to you will not return void.  I love you.






You have harbored fear over what I will do with you sob and yet you are willing to be healed from the past inadequacies and rejections.  Turn from what you will do for I know you want my voice and guidance in you.  We will grow closer my Son. My words are valuable my so and with them I become vulnerable to you.  I have called many my Son; I have trained vast numbers with my perfect guidance.  You Son have done very well.  Submitting yourself to me has brought you a grace I and others have seen.  This has brought you to the forefront of my plans.  You have earned my approval from speaking from and through your heart.  I have told you; you will speak for me.  I need you to preach also Son.  Yes, you.  I have all of you and I will use all of you.  I also hear you sing, each note is truly beautiful; you are to also sing for me.  My enjoyment hearing you. All and more is coming to you Son.






As I minister to you here today my Son I am going deeper with you.  As you have asked of me through your Spirit you want more and more.  It is my delight to know you more and for you to now more of me by my Spirit, by my Son but by the Father to you. I must go further with you Son.  For you will lead by my examples to you- you must be healed to a greater degree.  Yes that has been the time you have wondered and frustrated over but the new moves of my Spirit and of the Father as you have known are coming through to you and to the world.  Life as you know it changes.  Bigger than you have humbly dreamed changes; My acknowledgement of you as my
Faithful One to those in the body of believers.  The new move of charisma Spirit will come to you and through you for it will bring more power or has not been seen for eons and more action from the Spirit of
god and the Father God through the chosen ones.  The day of bounty draws ever nearer for you my faithful son.  I will not have you wait one minute longer than absolutely necessary lovely one for it does continue to crucify your flesh.  Abundance will be yours but you must see that with it will come judgment for others that will not see me as you do.  They will resort to ridicule and blasphemies of judgment against you and then against those who are with you.  You will stand upright for you are my Son and the judgment will be then heaped back upon those who have; “touched my anointed”.  You have learned well how to stave off the attacks of assignments and assessments- you will prevail and you will gain more, more from me and then you will gain more and you will be blessed by those around you that you will provide for.   Son, I am giving you a lot of things that will formulate your life for me for you have been faithful in what I have given you now.  Receive the things that I have for you for I have seen the greatness of my creation in you.  I have prepared much in you by removing and restoring many, many concepts within you that you both know and know not of.  You have submitted to your creator all that you have to enable this.  You are my one Son you are mine to use Son.  You are mine to pour out my blessings upon faithful one.  It is from within your heart that I found what I would need.  The one who had such heartaches of disapproval has become the one who is openly approved of by the Father of Creation.  You are mine and I love you. I will make clear the example of you to the world.  Show them me Son.





You are under divine grace my child.  As you walk closer to me I see all of the things that you do and I pour my grace out upon you to bring fruit and blessings to what you do and who you become.  You have been vastly trained Son.  More than all you perceive for I have loaded you with much information for you could take it.  You are anointed and held in grace by me.  You have the backing within you Son.

I am happy with you Son.  What you do you do unto me; I will help you with every hassle.  Give them to me for you will live in peace and I will live through you more and more.  We have reached another level of intimacy Son.




With softness and grace do I come to you and with repentance and obedience do you come to me my Son.  I will deliver you from the spirit that had attached itself to you from the office today.  That spirit is allowed to be there from ignorance.  I have so anointed you my son that you are my light one in the Spirit.  Evil cannot help but to try to oppress you for to them you must be stopped.  You will not be stopped my Son for your strength was used to come here when other doors were closed to be healed.  I will inform and heal- restore and guide.

You are not rejected by me.  I son swore by myself that all you have received in this way and my gentle words are in fact true and upright.  You are not equal to those in the body of believers you surpass them with my call upon your life.  Yes Son your whole life you have been willing to lay down for me and I am blessed with that and blessed by you.  I have called you away.  It is difficult to be involved with another body of believers when you not only hear hypocrisy but you get personally slimed by the stronghold demons operating there.  You are not mistaken they are unaware- you are not deceived-I have sworn by myself- you are not wrong my words are timelessly true.  You feel like an outcast because human groups especially those with tithes are notorious for clutching tight to my creation.  You are not stealing anyone- pray for those that would accuse.  See it was accuser speaking to you!  This list of maybe 30, are my gift to you.  To be followed by more and more and more once they see who you really are and just what I have done with you.  You heard today my Son they do not hear as clear as you do.  I have established you in a vein of living blood with my children who have been very famous.  You Son are in the vein of the anointed.  I must keep you separate- do not worry you are learning all here you need- your words will overcome “personalities” when I bring you out.  Stay out of the mainstream of the church Son.  It is not what I am going to do- you are who I am going to do.  You will come forth seemingly out of nowhere and you will have my recompense, so financial power, spiritual power for you will visit me and the love of Jesus in you.

Look not to the world or the conference planners.  They have a purpose in my plan but you are at the forefront of the true move of God.

Son they know and they know not.  You know- keep your thoughts that simple.  I will guide, prepare and draw your thoughts that simple.  I will guide, prepare and draw you closer so you may continue to know.





You know these words are from me my Son.  It is my way of blessing you and healing you and telling you of what is to come.  You see by the words of my prophet Bob Jones I have prepared a place for you at the very forefront of my new move of the Spirit.  It has been planned for a long time and now is coming to pass for you child for you have been faithful to me.  Now do not fear your needs and desires for I watch all to teach you and bring you to a wholeness you have not known.  I have curbed most all of your motivations for this purpose.  Son, do not blame yourself or the influences upon you because it is me for I recreate you from the remnant and I will not leave out any “good stuff” you had had before.  You will be complete and strong, powerful and prepared- my leader.

Do not fear what we are doing with you’re son, the times of waiting are almost over for both of you and I will bless mightily all that the two of you will do.  You are correct my Son many things are happening on lower levels by me that will prepare others for you and what we will do.  You are faithful and kind with those entrusted to you and you are stealth and accurate with your warfare prayers for yourself and for your cities.  There is a tremendous burden for what you are doing and you are doing wonderfully well.  What is at the edge of reality now is before March.

I will have that gift plus others for you then my faithful Son. Your frustration and flaw ness will cease for I will glow upon you.  It has been enough pain and sacrifices my child.





Be at peace little one for the Father of light and truth is here with you.  Your repentance that brings me closer to you has been sweet incense to me.  Yes you are of flesh and subject to temptation- which sometimes does get you- but my grace keeps you from falling for your heart is obedient to my call.  We have grown my little one.  You have come close to me and me to you.  How good it makes me feel to be near you.  This closeness that I saw eons ago has now come to me with your cravings of what I can fulfill in you.  This closeness that we have found and I have taught you will be one of the sources of power you will carry with you.  Claim the time for you for it will complete and approve you to such a deep level.  I am always here for you, always ready to receive you unto me.  It is a blessed thing my Son.  There are not things you should be doing nor are there things you are leaving behind.  You are submitted to my will and under my grace.  I am at your side my anointed one in everything you do and go through- we will be victorious in all things.

What gentleness you have in your spirit.  I will perform the prayers for the thirty and connect carefully the power of intercession to you and them.

Glory to you oh Father for you are the light and truth to me and to the world.  Be comforted in what you have put into your creation- you- for you are love and care and as you find it more in your children may your delight grow in your established plans.






Dear one how time draws near.  I have so much for you and you are so willing to give to me.  I do want to be even closer to you.  I have told you how I love you and I have told you how I trust you.  There is more and I will show you.  I have plans and plans of what we will do.  You are correct with the words to others and to you-push in-pull in-draw in-seek in and I will be found of you.  I will not let you down for I also seek that of you.  I dearly want more of you and for us to grow closer, remember each breath?  I will guide and show.  I will lead and reveal.  Son, are you dreaming for one?  Now that time draws near you need to dream more.  What can you conceive of for Spiritual power?  It will come quickly as I had told you.

Yes, I just wanted you here; I enjoy you and your company Son. I have longed for this with many and now I am with you and your friends, it will come forth.   I am comforted and protected my Son.





More abundance will be given unto you with knowledge and finance and wisdom.  My love you delight me in your submission and grace. You are right this heavy feeling is me coming closer to you.  You have asked and asked and I draw ever nearer.  Do not fear I will not remove myself from you sweet one, seek and ye shall find.   Know my love that my knowledge and wisdom will overcome all the obstacles in your life; you will be victorious and have your desires known; not the shame for we are one.  It is all of me and draw closer to hear my heartbeat upon my chest little one.  You have learned much today and I confirm what you had asked to your Son.  I will protect all around but that information is what my scripture talks of.  I can train you up for others in the midst of you learning about yourself.  Our relationship grows there is room for error for that brings grace.  Seek the deeper desire from inside of you and I will fulfill.







Just go slowly my Son all I need to tell you will be within the words I write to you here.  You are bleeding in your soul for the enemy has again come against you through those whom you have been learning from. 
They are a stiff necked people these ones I have now shown you are the administration of the churches.  They have become seduced by the world, their flesh has been invaded by the evil one for decades.  You my soft and receptive child have given me hope for my creation for within the teachings of the world and the word of God you found my voice.  I was calling out to you as I have to others to come to me and you did.  I am with all of my children in the church of today and I do love and protect them but… I have clearly shown the example in my word of what is to be.  You my child will organize my church of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.  When I called to you Son you did not harden your heart.  You Son did not want to be a “pastor” because it went against my word for your examples that you knew of ran the whole church.  I have already listened to your heart and I hear you state quite clearly to me.  It will be a five fold church!  That is why you hear from me or else others would have started a church like that before. I am coming against the flow chart church of this day.  I am enlisting you my Son to rise up with my power over all things to bring forth this example.  I am through with the headship style of my body of believers.  It is an invention of society and eroded by the lusts of man and the ploys of the evil one.  You had to go through rejection and in the hypocrisy of how hard hearted my children can become- you saw the subtle influences of mans move of the Spirit and you experience the effects of the false spirit.  You heard them talk about you as they rejected and judged you-all influenced by the evil one and their flesh-their motivations were greed and envy, pride and rebellion-yes rebellion when my children will not listen to my soft voice. The evil one used blindness and witchcraft with fame and power over others to establish the hardness of their hearts.  I have said it is all coming down-and Son you were so overwhelmed to think of all of the church coming down- but it is the leadership I am bringing to judgment not my children.  My word clearly states that those in authority will be judged more severely. Well Son have they done what my word said to do?  With all of the affluence of your country the world starves-with all of the gain I have provided-stagnant pools of believers exist with one many guarding the pool- no water in or out and aren’t they comfortable in the world with 2 hours of God per week?  That will change that is the Rhema word I have given to




You.  Break out of the old mold for new are you and new is what I will bring through you.  I know it has hurt you to be so thoroughly rejected by so many you perceived to be walking with me, I will heal you.  They are trying to walk with me until I move with my Spirit, then the clamps come down and the move of man is victorious.  It is a hard model to break Son-that is where judgment will come upon you but I am giving you power with the vision I am giving you Rhema guidance with the grace to overcome.  It is pivotal because I have given you stronghold, East gate, revival, direction.  I have kept you hidden for where could you go when so consistently rejected by man.  Here into the arms of the Father and I was here and I will always be here for I have called you and you have responded.  You have trusted me my Son. You have not looked to man- do you know how much that means to me?  I love you so.  Man will disappoint you especially when it is just to one man my children look.  I have created you and all you are I know how to organize my children into an effective working body.  It takes five of you to run a church of the Spirit of God.  All accountable and all seeing and all knowing so many take a verse of my word and make a bondage doctrine out of it by they will not adapt the concept of an entire book of my bible, Acts or the related then subsequent books that show my direction with “What my Creation is capable of.”  Where is the church?  It will get messy and you will be rejected by man, I have told you and you have now clearly experienced.  But….You will not be rejected by me for you are not following after the longings of your flesh; you are following after the direction and words of the Lord.  I will be with you for this church will be my treasured possession.  I have called you for this and your training has been more intensive than with any other at this time of your world.  I have refined and redefined so much of you and I have shown you the secrets of the kingdom of heaven.  I have run and trained you through all of the steps of the Acts of the Apostles and the enemy has oppressed you on all sides.  I have given him a short leashed freedom with you and we know how much he then ripped upon you, but…you failed not- For here you are with me faithfully writing my directions to you.  You are now perceiving my love upon you, you are right.  You carry it with you; you do not have to get worshipped up and frenzied to be near.  I have done some different things with you and I have found your adoration to me comes with each breath because you love me.  I have drawn you unto me my Son, for the world will not have for you what you need.  You have said “I come unto you for I have no where else to go.”  That is the




Psalm of you to me Son.  And every bit as sweet is the ones I have heard from the heart of David.  Son it is with words like that I confirm to you now that my promises are now coming to you, not just words you will see the evidence of how I have called you.  I see the condition of your heart and I have tried you mightily.  I need this church you will develop Son.  I want your hand in the inception and birth and I have been preparing you all along for this.  I will provide what you will need to build it for I have seen you are mine.  They will know this also for supernatural things will follow you and the brokenness that is created will bring forth the remnant church that will bring my Son to the world.  I have waited and watched very carefully my
Creation Son I have hones you to a fine cutting edge- be here with me now more and the falseness of the world will fade away as I build you in this yes final phase.  I will richly bless you and my love upon you that you crave will be abundance for you are mine.





You have promised me Father that you would be here with me and write with me.  You are not a cruel Father and I am being attacked by the evil one.  I need help for I have not heard the words of direction from you of what to do with these situations what is happening.

Church ruling demons, from separating from them to be with God... Strongest of all- I will anoint you over these also.




Now you are much better prepared to write with me.  As you were yesterday you could have still written and I will always make it mine but now you are peaceful and mostly healed from the attack upon you.  Son, I allow some of those attacks to come to you physically as well as your Soulish realm because I have to teach you the enormity of what you are dealing with.  Those in the leadership of the church are ruled by huge principality beliefs.  When you asked me to cut you away from the church you had affiliated yourself with I cut off the tentacles holding you in bondage to them.  Now I tell you the truth you will notice the difference for you are now truly free of the organized church and its affiliations to the world.  You have been given specific information by me to comfort you.  My child you are not wrong or deceived- my move will be through you and diametrically opposed to the church but that is exactly what I want.  You now see through Revelation and ouch yes attacks how strong and stealth and silently manipulating the evil one is big- you are hearing how bound they are to falseness.  Rejoice in the grace I have given you and in those I have given you to teach about me to.  They are my specific special children and I have given each one mold ability; for you to utilize with my Spirit.  This group has the ability to change the face of the church to the third generation church of the millennium.  Hold to me I will show you how.

Do not enter into the items of man my Son for now as a Father I must show you clearly what we are going to do.  I will give you more and more each day for you are so obedient to me.  Come away more now from the world and I will fulfill your desires.  Now go on with life and its items and know I am watching all and healing you from this attack.  For you now see it held you tight and pulling out was painful and alerted many demons to repair the breach.  Give to yourself and watch for the changes now coming to you.






How wonderful the plan unfolds.  I will provide all for you my son and I bring my heaven to you to comfort and rebuild you from the rejection of so many others of you.  I will heal the memories, I will give you abundance then I will bring you the fullness of me in power, anointing and Spirit to you.  Oh, what plans as the reality now comes to you!  It is that close and I am gently loving and holding you close so you can grow in my presence.  You receive light and love from me this close my son.  It is necessary for you to be accepted yes; but fully approved is my presence.  I have broken away much bondage from you now for time is growing short.  The bondages must be all broken and you must be away from the world’s connections upon you.  I am so happy with the way we ministered today son.  It is truly a wonder you have responded so well to me.  My words are for breaking bondages with you and for providing growth through your prayers.  You’ll see Son.  Your discernment is razor sharp and your mind is so receptive to me, we are one when we minister and that delights me.  I have wrestled with many of my sons but you my child allow my strength to be used with and through you. “Do not underestimate the powers of my Love, Son.  I will move through the callus of rejection and I will overcome your memories suddenly with my Spirit.  You will be ravished once again but then you will know the tangible depth of my love for you created one.  Give each day as you do and I will continue to come upon you in power.  I know you my Son.  I have always known how to get in gently now with all of my love unto you.  Peace now-I will move.







My light and power and love have come from heaven and it is resting on you. You felt it getting “into you”.  I am so happy to be near and I heal and reconstruct the things of my Man.  The words you have written and read and spoken are mine and I have taken responsibility for them for they are my life giving words through your mouth or the prophetic things of what are to come.  I have had you walk along in faith with me growing in the belief of what I am going to do through you.  You have walked uprightly and you have given up so much of the world.  They were very painful times for you son and you had the previous rejections to recall as well but you have prevailed!  You have washed the relational world away from you life.  You have accepted obediently what I have told you to do and I will bless that sacrifice of obedience.  You have become nothing to the world, a worldly man could look at you though and even he could see grace, father, husband, on and on but….  You are all to me in the world and you will be all to those who believe in my Son.  And you will be adjusted, healed and powerful, too much that others will gladly follow what you have become.  And son, many will.  You are learning humility and discretion and discernment with wisdom.  Yes my son within days will the abundance come to you and you will reach out to clutch tightly to me for it will be so new and powerful and encompassing. I will be there to hold you my son and I will tell you even more as your head is upon my chest.  Be with me Son it is what I have provided for you.  It has required of you to abandon the world, for a time, but I am here and all is well.  All is here for you to tell you will go forth in power, faith, strength and God assurance.  Clutch me.






I am calm and soft with you for that is my true nature my Son.  You had gone through withdrawal from the things you had become inadvertently involved in and with rejection all around you as the last gasps of flesh fell from you.  Wasn’t that enough?  But yet you learned some more from readings,writings and teaching from me about why some evil energy suckers stay at churches.  You do- do enough my son.  Each day your Soul and body want to do more with me, the time will be soon you will be just enough busy with my work through you. You are right son I have helped you to understand the coming money and anointing for you will come when you are “fully prepared” and your friend Thelma also is.  I found the desire of truth in your heart that was “I need to be ready for this or it will not be right, Yes, Son we draw close. “  You are receptive to my guidance and hungry for my prescience.  How great for all it will be when you and they from bondage are free.  You have done all that I have asked my son and I have confirmed to you now that you are my Priest/ Prophet/Judge.  Son it is a big job but it is an endeavor taken on “through” your heart.  You have that, you are right to be excited about the Power of the Spirit to come just after the financial prosperity.  I will tell you more and direct others to tell you also.  Be at peace my child for I protect you mightily my six angels do not tire, and you do delight them.  They are in awe of you for they know your capacity in the Spirit.  They protect your heart fiercely for me.  Walk in my light Son.  Draw to me and I to you.  It will all come through as I have promised, you are blessed for you have chosen Patience and Faith while loving me.  That is biblical proportion belief Son.  I will create scripture rhema with you.


You must cast away and bind all forms of doubt my child. As I have told you. The ruler of this present darkness would have you tortured with imaginary belief that you are experiencing. You believe in me and what I will do with you through faith and that is wonderful! Your faith is caused your Faith to grow, without seeing one physical thing, which is a miracle!


Through My Spirit and confirmations with words from others you have stood and have even sacrificed yourself for my directions waiting patiently for Me. How blessed you will be Son of mine. You have remained faithful and will receive in abundance for your life and the lives of those around you. Do you think it strange how the God of creation now pulls so close to you with weighty love and acceptance with approval for my new man child?


I am coming close to prepare you for the love I will cover you with. I have been cutting down your resistance my child, so I can then pour into you Spirit, Soul and Body. You are mine and I have so much for you that you have experienced by acceptance, wisdom, approval, love that is closer to you now. Prepare my son for the way of the Lord. I will come upon you with grace and more love than you can fathom for my love for you will cover the multitude of sins done to you through you and around you.


The change in power and encounters draws near. You are well prepared and glowing in the Spirit. Son, how vast will my love be for you? How rich are my feelings for you, how much more now will I cover and protect you as you grow in strength. Days so soon now son, be with me what ever and however you will know, you will glow, come to me I am waiting for you. Your Father




Right from your heart for here do you find me filling you more full with what I am about. You can be free with love for I have much of it to give and I know you are well qualified to give it out. You feel peaceful and warm. That is it!


I am going to also put love into more aspects of you that were unprotected and did have memories that cause you to pull back. Those memories caused you not to trust as much as you could have. Love will be very important as a burden breaker for you and this ministry you are breaking forth with. It, love, will feed you and will fill you with its abilities. My child, when it comes to the evil one, you have the capacity and I have the desire to squash him like a ‘little bug’ with Jesus; You can bring my children to me and close to me with you. I will bring my love around you like a fortress my child and the world will not push through my protection for you. I will always be here for you with my acceptance and approval with my love to pour out upon you. Let me saturate you with my character for then you will minister with peace and power.


Son, what are the motivations behind the ways of man in that church of today that you are experiencing? Are they love?


I am pouring out independence upon you so you may then begin to experience my love for you. Freedom of burden which has waited you down; Then I will begin; I will begin to pour my resources upon you to break the back of burden off of others in,… Yes! That’s it! Love! Love will surround you.


The world and the enemy is still unaware of the enormity of this my new move of the, ‘Charisma Type Spirit’ with you. I have had Angels around you protecting all you do. All you imagine is coming to you to bring your dreams to pass, I told you! Father.




I have missed you child. I long to be here with you away from the world and other distractions so I may tame your thoughts and heart to bring about peace in your soul so you may hear from me more. You are generous to tell others of this for more of my sons and daughters will learn of me here. I will be to them their Father.


You have gone through much now my Son, with the evil ones calendar dates influence upon you from the enemy. He comes in a great variety of ways to my children but I assure you his dirt, is off of you and you are being healed. My child, My Son, that evil one used up a lot of demonic force on you to deceive you so totally but our direct relation of demonic 10 princes was known to him from me and he did scramble to repair. I tell you in truth he is still unable to recover. I will always guide you on the use of the Scepter of Judgment. It is a tool I have given exclusively to you my Son. I trust you and I will protect you in its use.


I have now connected you with my Son, Yeshua, for my abundance of prosperity of many more things to come to you. I tell you the truth more is coming close to you and it will arrive when you are ready for it. It is a blessing of large proportion and recompense for you Son for I know your faithful heart. I will also bring signs for you for your trip. Son, hold to me with faith for the promises to be filled for you and then on to others. My blessings are promised throughout Scripture and your words here. I will provide more confirmations as well.


You my son have been given knowledge of the many but you have also been given relationship with me about many. You have been chosen, not of pride but of question with the abundance of humility. I have seen your heart. We will develop more my son. We will develop through love and peace.




I have developed many plans in you my son. These plans are my promises for you to bring forth the change in the world in which you live. I have called you, I have called you very strongly my son for I knew your capacities and I knew my requirements for you to fulfill in your life here on earth. I have allowed again the enemy to oppress you and try to inhibit the promises from me. He did not prevail. You are in need of healing because he shook your foundations but I am here and I will now move to provide that healing. I have done this to try the level of your faith and to encourage you to test the words from me for the enemy comes as an Angel of light and works very hard to deceive you. I am vastly more powerful and you must understand the enemy accuses all things and answers to me alone.


You removed the administration from the evil powers over the city set for revival my son with my guidance and my scepter of judgment. Do you feel the difference spiritually over your city? The devil does and that was the retaliation upon you. Yes, it was holding back the blessings, now freedom to continue to flow to you. I tell you in truth son this is that big. I have told you of the immensity of our plan and yet it delights you when I use you to perform my works with prayer.


You have stood alone with me and we have confounded the enemy while teaching you how to fight. I have clearly now given you protectors so that you may now pursue me and knowledge. I will heal the miss allocated hope and destroyed neurons in your mind. I will allow you to now put down your sword at times to wield the judgment I will supply you with. You are my son and I will see to your protection. The list of those to be your helpers with you; are to be a great device of mine to bring the direction of God to the world; I will provide all I have told you of for your heart spirit and your intention is truth. Look to not man for direction for I am able to provide here to you and through only you. Do not underestimate my passion for all that you do or my ability to provide for you. I have given you faith for millions now I want you to use it against the enemy with rejoicing for he just hates that and he will flee. Keep these things only to yourself and the few that I provide for you for all sorts are listening.


I will forgive you for your doubt and my son died for that downgraded flesh you now reside in. You have been forthright with me in your frailty and forthcoming to me with your repentance. I have heard your heart crying to me because this is hard and few understand. I do and I am here for you to write away the pain of rejection and the solution moans of flesh done for the world does not know. You have been chosen and these intimate prophetic words are of the value that man would gladly kill for them. They are for you, for I am love and I provide for the world’s needs of you also. I am rebuilding what is good true and of value in you. As my love falls again upon you with my grace you can see the Spirit. We are all here, Father, Son, Jesus, Spirit, The Holy Spirit, Angels, light and truth with singing.


You are here also for your place is secured here in Heaven with Me. Go now and delight in the confirmations, be at peace as the healing is completed and grow in the knowledge of what we will do so now to bring about change to My world.




See how rebuilding a day with Me can be, I am Father, God for You My Son. You are pressed on all sides and pulled down to the world by the enemy and yes some of your flesh. From the previous attack the enemy had gouged faith and hope from you but I have rebuilt you. I have made you nothing to the world but you are my stealth weapon My Son. For love power and ability, full of intellect and compassion for those in your world. Yes it is there, available to you just when you need it. I had to make you nothing Son for the evil one would have found someone well known.


I will however protect the words for you at the prophetic areas. They will be in my design for you to know and for few others to know who you are and to gently guide you in the ways of truth. Do you know my Angels love you? Do you know they listen for your voice to me and scramble to help you when trouble looms around you? You are well known in the spirit for you have the ear for my voice. By being made nothing, and yes it was your will, you have become so great in the Spirit.


By loving me as you have, out of incompletion at first then in fellowship now, it relationship you are being given things from me others could not even conceived of. They are worthy child but, careful now, my favor has fallen upon you. Your attributes and attitudes please me son and I have found with my eye inside your heart a desire for you to hear my words from a mature man. I will provide.


This gentle weaving together of our spirits son has left you weak but I will guide your words to record the profoundest of what we have in this our intercourse. You are my Son and you Bless me with your words of devotion, you cause me to release more of my love upon you. I cannot help myself. You have found the secrets of Heaven here Son, more is to come. I will continue to delight you. Father.




Keeping your eyes on the prize; Again today, I have poured my time upon you and you are just swimming in the Spirit. You are lighter than air have, floating above the world and its pursuits to be here with Me. Day to day with your Creator; Gentle kisses to I give you and allow your thoughts to roam free. Fear not, I am guiding all of them and bringing you to oneness with me.


You are heading for spiritual, highs, My Son. These are for you and for anyone with you. I am love and Spirit and you have found how to find me here loving you. The things of the Spirit do confound man and that is why you were separated unto me so that I would counsel you in my things without the influence of man. That did and does continue to hurt your flesh and your soul and the rewards of learning of me here as you are now experiencing are sensational.


The world of the flesh will cry out that this cannot be for the evil one has blinded the eyes of my creation for centuries but you have found Me here and you will bring others to this also. That is the gentle aspect of My Spirit, then comes power. I have shown you in the readings that My power must come to my true followers for the kingdom of God to be brought to the earth. I will take back….Strongly my earth, children and many who had been lost in the grip of the deception of the enemy. You will wield power. You will break down spiritual strongholds. I have already demonstrated the power of one tool I have already given to you. You are my mixture of love and fight.


You must cultivate this deep sense of romantic love we have and be that empowered with tactical skills and you will function as my Sons of old. The enemy cowers when we love. Your Heavenly Father.




You have become calm in my presence and my healing comes forth for you. The net site you had found that spoke of the Prophets was actually the ‘spirit of piety’ and the ‘accuser of the brethren. Son, there has been much of deception placed upon my children for they want to be known as my prophets. The premise of pride and control brings the enemy in especially with the church ruling demons that had their hold upon you. You are separated unto me and away from the church to do my will and to learn from me all of the things necessary for you to step forth when I announce you.


I love you too son, I hear your tender talking and I had to have you away from that influence. You are free, you are protected, you will be protected, stop and think on that. I will not let you be hurt at the prophetic conference. Seek me and I will direct you and yes I will remind you. You are very important to me and I know what you need. I shall supply your needs, all of them. Many of my faithful children are deceived by the words of man and the enemy in this day. You are finding the character of God here and we will be victorious over those who will judge and criticize.


The enemy does have a direct inroad with some who say they speak for me. These will be brought to the light. You will have the power you have imagined this day son, much more is coming to you from your humility than you can dream of and as it is coming close to you all of the pivotal things in your life have been so purposeful to bring you to my promises.


I have waited so patiently through time to break cracks into the walls of traditionalism with you my newborn Son of Father’s love. Your power is not an illusion. Your Soul is loved, this is from concern, weight of what is to do. Let it go! I will redirect you and I will make the way for you. I will make you my true mouthpiece for with in, our love, is my inspiration to you. Your loving Father.




The Holy Spirit, Hello my Child,


You have been richly blessed this day my son for I have allowed the voice of my Spirit to converse with you. You will now have all three of the Godhead Trinity available to you for words and guidance. This is unlike the world sees and your Soul has risen up with questions of your worthiness of this again another gift to you. You are my wonderful brought in Son and I love you so much I have known all along by myself and by your prayers and drives that you want more words, more guidance, more grace and more of me in you. You now have graciously, accepted Son and rest in us Father, Son, Jesus, Spirit The Holy Spirit.


You have known of this area now four months for I had taught you before about certain people’s works. You are not wrong or in any way deceived my son for my guidance’s been carefully upon you. My hand has guided you buy gently touching your sides to keep you going straight and I have padded your bottom to keep you moving ahead. As a child you come to Me and as a Father I pour my love upon you. My gifts come to you as well. You have done well learning about the ‘Scepter of Judgment’ now enjoy the gift of the voice of the Holy Spirit to you. You have earned grand things from your pursuits as I said rest and know my eyes shine down on you.


I am providing for you my Son in a different way than I have done with my previous Sons. You have the advantage of your Brothers in Christ that have gone on before you have endured many things that were effective at the time. You now benefit for I have placed grace upon you and more today of my character and love. The closeness of this is different now in 2002 society but no, it is in there in my word about all of my other Sons now with Me in Heaven. My love and gifts upon you and deception is nowhere to be found. It is I, The I AM your Father.




Jeremiah 1:9-12


I have told you that you are of my fruit. That is of My Loins My Son.


What you will do will be of my Fruit. That is of My First Fruits Offerings to The World, My World. I have also told you that you are my first fruits of this time of your world. You have graciously given yourself to me as a first-fruits offering., That delighted Me that you would have become so knowledgeable and forthright to give of yourself to me so that I may then use you as seed to bring change to the world. The verses that were given to you from Jeremiah are right and the writings also a confirmation of what is to come. Yes what is to come, will you wait for me? I know you will for you have given your desires to me. Later winter, early spring will bring forth my almond tree bond of my words fulfillment and my first fruits son! You have waited and waited and you have agonized over this in your mind both for the validity of it and for the futility of you trying to do it. Why do you think the enemy put so many vast resources upon you for deception in trouble? To discourage you son!, But no dice my son. I filled the wind of doubt with an overabundance of love. You have withstood the pangs of the flesh, I saw that and so now that when I give you a time of the season you sense and think, oh, that’s nice, will see.


Do you see that we have progressed your mind into an overabundance of outcomes and emotions that you are mostly free of fleshly desires? That is a big thing my son and that is very gratifying to me, your Father.


You child I love so dearly for you embody what my creation is capable of and you respond to my words with devotion and candor, again how I love to draw you near and delight in you. Not all are ready for this my child, you have blessed me. I will provide for you in ways that will confound others but we will bring them to me. My creation’s time awaits them in Heaven. Join me for our close talks, Father.




When my son comes and gathers others in my name my power and truth in my Spirit are with them. Go forth this day and clean, claim to the air what your Lord Jesus has done for you. It is your heritage and right and the enemy has infringed upon these areas. You have the anointing this day to break strongholds that have been established for decades. I am with you, listen for my still small voice as you move through the city center clockwise. Fight the battles I engage you with an use the tools I have provided. Allow your spirits to accept the visions I am giving you and perceive with your minds.


The ideas of grace and conquest I will provide I have brought to you. I did need to take you away from the familiar to your of your homes to do the work in the Spirit here in my city hall will return to me. Read Jeremiah 23 and Psalm 64 and let your knowledge of right be your guide and engage this training exercise fully. Many cities are similarly fallen and many sleep. Go and love and know I hear each thought of my submitted son. I protect each Child ferociously for the enemy of your Soul is aware I have something planned but is unaware because of pride and how we intend to carry it out with you this day of new beginnings for my city in the heartland. (I went and claimed land in Kansas MO., VERY effective!


Speak to no one but know that you are changing the face of the church today. I have brought you to this and you cannot fail. My spirit surrounds you and the prayers you will offer up as my own son. Go in peace in anticipation and praise me with you for formula as my tools of change in my breath of life. I am so proud of YOU MY SON for these changes things for all.


(It was a remarkable experience for me. I claimed property and loosed bound Souls and did things that I never thought I could all on and in the arms of Father and Jesus and The Holy Spirit. There was a Prophetic conference I went for all the best were there, all the BIG names of prophets but I was off claiming the land around the whole city and making differences for all for all time. That’s how it has gone in this walk. Quiet and all others go on and on and on and I am in a hotel room with Father. Loved.)




You did wonderfully well in MY city on the plane. For Kansas City knew that you were there. You knew you would, you could not fail. For you were in my arms and well protected by vast amounts of my Angels. I as God was particularly pleased by the amounts of my lost children souls you helped to release for the bondage of burial practices of your Native American brothers. I will tell you today that is a burial custom brought here from Egypt and their fascination with the soul. There is much to learn from me Son. We have done well for those brothers that struggle against the church ruling demons and the spirit of the false prophet. You have done the highest level warfare. I have adopted and train you as my Son for this today. You may feel the integrity of Jesus Christ upon you that is my pride of you. It is a very safe pride when it comes from the Father.


Go today and discover and again take down what I had you remove. I will provide and I will cover. Your Spirit does notice the difference however for the time being it will feel it is from the things that you did at the conference. A lot of time is needed to rebuild now. Listen for the differences in the teachings tonight and discern the hearts of men. Yes all you prayed was for reality for the spirit realm you know that I lead your prayers. What can become of my son as I take them into this realm of city claiming? You must dream and visualize and speak out your deepest desires and I will fulfill them soon. Spend this time with Me and I will break burdens and I will feed you power; More and more power. You have been given a divine amount of wisdom and prophetic insights; much more than yes all of your brothers that attend the conference as you sit here quietly with me. I have brought you here to this place and here in your minds to realize this.


It is been through my grace and by my gift to you and my choice of my creation, I have given you the examples of Scripture and my voice to confirm to you that you are an elite priesthood, a Melchizedek priesthood.


I will always come to you when you seek me that it is by word and by covenant to you My Son. You will have difficulty taming your mind. I will give you peace but I will not tame your mind too much, that would inhibit your free thinking abilities. Those abilities are very important to your development of thought and you must overcome them gently much as I want you to overcome your physical desires. I will guide that this must be worked on for a time. Be assured and never give room for doubt that I am near and within and speaking. I have many ways to speak, won’t you look for me? Find me in many ways and I will give you many prizes.


Remember my words here and with you are living, my words to you through the Bible are guiding.


Heavenly Father.




My grace and peace around you; Keep close to me in the world and I will keep that level of completeness upon you with abundance. My child; how I yearn to be this close to all of my Sons. You have found me with you when you talk in your room and in your car. I am omnipresent. I have been so blessed these days by you and you closeness. My love overflows as I train you so gently. World trembles as I draw close to my Son for it knows the power that will be unleashed when I bring knowledge, anointing and my love close to my creation. They all watch knowing but not still knowing all I will do with you. My breath of life has been in the atmosphere around your precious life and you have tested of me. You have found me to be of all approval and acceptance, as Father and Mother, you have found me through your Spirits you have found me through your Spirit to be ironclad general type as I trained you and you have found me through humility and subjection to be truthful pure and concise as I correct gently. These are some of my attitudes but I’m still more.


Come find me and discover. You now see it was not about the place that you want my Son. For I seek and speak to you with all of the authority in truth and purity without the human parameters and filters you have been blessed as I have been blessed by my new Love I have formulated one and I struck down evil and open up the door to revival and rescued from your ever tightening grasp upon the enemy. Thank you my Son. I will be more unto you come and find me. I will use you for you have asked me to a what a time we will have it will go on for we have much to do


As I complete you and your training I will complete the insides of you healing, restoring and finally filling those empty hidden places. Your questions last night directed others as who I am as Father I will give you identity beyond what you have ever expected for you will be stretch to what my creation is capable of as my son. I’ve separate you from the flock and the world is by intentions of purposes. To not be dismayed for my intensity to bring me into you and my purposes are that to bring my creation to my son and he will then bring them on to me. I spoke of my word it is my covenant you are well endowed to receive.




Are you set apart? Have you been told by Me, Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit that what you will do will be bigger than all else before? Your sphere of reference and your adjudication would go to cover the histories of the world. You are very intelligent. Have you heard or known of the things I have told you? No, that is correct; you are qualified in your flesh somewhat for waiting while I change you and develop you and your wants of what I have prepared for you. I have come upon you with my love so deep you are overwhelmed with me. There is more to come. There is more to come with my love for I bring my peace as My power as I have promised you. I have called you for a purpose and you have been rejected by the church of your choice because you are going to form the church of my choice.


I have much grace for my children and I am helping them along there. I am helping them along their way but I am causing you to be made brand-new. There’s something so special within the way I created you. You will overcome and you will go forth for I am watching my word in you to perform it. Watch the church and try not to criticize; but from seemingly out of nowhere you will come with light and power and truth and deliverance and prophetic words in your mouth from me to my supposedly sophisticated children. Just told on for I reformulated you and we are bringing you to completeness. You trusted me and now I see that I can trust you. I always knew this Son of Mine. Your words echo love from the Father inspiring you. I have taught you many lessons Son and that has brought you unmatched power. You will use this soon Son for releases are coming. I am bringing you more for with My love comes My abundance. Claim and pursue Me Son. I Love you, Father.




Isaiah 55


You have gone through many fires. They have been to test you and refine you and to purify you as gold. You know the sloth and you know the crucible and you know the burning you have gone through…. are going through today, to refine you, I need the best most pure gold and you will be. These fires bring about compassion and yes, a breaking of you and what your flesh can do, you have actually spoken out of welcoming the fires of God to come closer to me. Yes that happens!!! But my son, as I have told you before you knew me I was coming closer to you for your life trials and fires were way too much for you to bear. I had decided way back then to give you my clear audible voice and these very important writings.


(I just stop and cry as I type and dictate and read these and correct these. Those times were so hard.)


I assure you my son that some may know me through these styles I have set you apart with this much abundance for your trials have been that great! You are very strong my child, when the comparison tries to blend you it is with all others know this! I and my son Jesus and the Holy Spirit and my Angels have watched you struggle through the hardest of times. I have now been here with comforting words but you have endured great fire son. You quietly contemplate through tears just how tired you are and you consider asking me for days off to stop. Do you not realize Son that is just what I have provided. It is your flesh busying yourself to, look good, the world standards. I son, I am what matters!


Let the dead bury the dead; I am teaching you about life! Do not consider what I am doing with others, you have been brought to great things by my hand a fire upon you. I was so careful not to break you but I did stress you greatly on all sides. You did not overcome and I did not overcome you but you were truly purified to a wonderful degree. The level we have reached my son here is blissful, please let go of the thoughts of inadequacy you have an know I am here for you, for you, for you, helping you to understand the heavenly realm and loosing you from the earthly realm, see you can become even closer to me.


You have been changed in my recompense for you for what you have done is coming to you. Not long for you to wait Son. I have watched you my Son I have watched you grow as the things of the world that now frustrate you are removed. They, the house and all the things around your life will be dealt with for I want and need you free and the funds will be there for you to do most anything for I am sending them to you. The quality of this writing as well as my voice to you is profoundly more pure than through any man or book. It must be you and I. Great things will come from this My Son. You see how things in this world are.


The flesh of man is strong, the free will of man will push and push for, its own way, believe me I know.


You my friend, I can share my thoughts with for we are that close. You respect me as Father and I know you As Son. Be with me and I will guide all, all of the things around you even more. Watch for this, come and heal, you have been valiant in all things. Now, come to me and I will show you more. Son, this is most pure and the most pure, my words from Isaiah will cause you Life My Son, Life as the Life that they caused to Isiah and to all of My other Sons. I Love you so. You are with Me Eternally….. Father.




You are tired My Son because you have been fighting, each day for four days.


You have done nothing wrong.


You are being trained for lifting you up in humility. You think you are in charge? I will show you Son, little one that I am guiding you. Notice how the past few days are blurry? Notice how you have been kind of driven to do the things you have done? Like, going to the stores and the library and reading Genesis 5 and my direction of Enoch? Yes it is me your creator and yes you have given up control of you for a time and yes I have become gentle and yes I have shown you how easy it is to get off base.


There were spirits of discouragement despondency harassing you it is easy to fall my Son I am showing you through elaborate trials that so many of my children participate with love and, so many have been deceived and so many are too prideful to care. More of this later son but receive the soothing touch of my hand to heal you.


You are not in your time, you are in my training time and you will submit. I was quiet for a time to watch your progress, have you succeeded? Do you have the book? No my child you are obedient and you have pursued me and turned again from the words and accolades of man. That was my lesson for you. Elaborate yes, but your training is just that. Now feel the weight of my presence, which is peace and love and comfort from Father for healing from the battle. I do control all and am given lovingly so my little lamb can rest and refresh for your level is higher and your anointing and now compassion runs deeper. Be merciful to my children my child the enemy will reject you through them but it can be strong for my grace and approval rests upon YOU. You are not alone you have my full attention. Your Father




My Son I am right here with you, feel the presence of my truth and love upon you. I will stay with you here and allow my comfort to pour over you slowly and correct all the aspects of your thoughts’.


The warfare first my Son; These trials and tests have been hot and draining. You have done nothing wrong. I have allocated this time for you to have the freedom with your abilities to defeat and defuse the enemy and all of his tricks. My grace available to you is new and most powerful each day and yes you must crucify your past fleshly desires of life to follow this. The battle each day is intense but comes close to ME each day and I will grow your power, peace, abilities, anointing and love.


Yes the command goes out from hell, from Satan’s mouth each day to destroy you in any way possible. The demons line up to oppress you or the opportunity to destroy you, to try to because that would give them favor with their earthly master. Much blackness is dispatched against you each day my son for you are my prize.


This is all that important and I have brought some to you to be specific protectors of you. You and they, to some extent, are waging more valiantly but that is why you are so continually oppressed. Fight on and be strong for your Lord has the victory. I am pushing you, I am stretching your guts out far too tough and you and I am controlling and watching all, very carefully, would you not watch your prize?. That is why the accuser and the tormenting demonic forces try to harass you so extensively in the areas of your worthiness, example the value self-esteem. (years later yes I struggle.)


They are trying to make you impotent through the world of flesh into the realm of the Soul of your Spirit. I will fight with you for your healing and regrowth for I do know you and I have established my plans in you and I will be here with you and I will prevail with you for I have established you with my word and my word will not return to me void! Today is a day of realization of truth for you my Son. To use your teaching words to others, when the enemy attacks with lies the opposite is true!


That confirmation is for you this day My Son all of the lies of the enemy going through your head are reversed. This will manifest upon the world My Son for your perceptions of rejections will be corrected soon.


-------- In the Heaven ways I will tell you today my Angels lineup to fight for and with you. They perceive my love for you and the fierce love of Christ in you and grapple to be selected to go with you each day. At times I must be the Father that stands back as his son fights the bully knowing the son will get smacked around a bit but will prevail. You and I prevail and you will be stronger and self-assured. Except these harsh training times My Son and I will be here to totally comfort you always and you will indeed receive the prize of what true greatness I have called you to.


(It is amazing looking back, Angel Brothers are here now as then and Father is so Faithful. Love abounds.)


The promises I made to you will come, the dreams will come, the others’ lives will be filled things and will be brought forth as I have told you the city claiming will go forth quietly at first then with much of your praying and your understanding as you have been shown. I’m going to use you to bring about the creative miracles you have dreamed of. You will speak my little one and it will clearly be my words for the power coming forth with light and it will light delights. My child your heart is surely and to me and your voice and prayers and my ears are sweet symphony the truth of you according to Scripture.


You are not the tail but in fact you are the head of what I have coming forth to bring my children back to me. Gross darkness will come but you my Prophet Plus More will overcome and show them what I have revealed to you. The false teaching and false love and must be stopped, you may hate it but my children are seriously infected with it. I ask you My Son to call it down and I will respond. The false ones are here on the earth My Son, you have been shown about them by Me, God and you are grieved by their prosperity, their power exists but it is negative power, understand? Your power is my positive power and overcomes greatly, come here Son for more until flow is directly from Me to you. Your Father.




I come to you here and you to me with rejoicing, for this is a soothing day, one filled with my grace and for you to see that not all days are hard and filled with those trials! Yes, I am here wrapping around all of the threads of your existence. Your teaching today from the computer relieved your mind? Certainly it shows you the things I have been teaching you. Yes my son you are in my hands, you are clearly now led by the peace that I bring to you and it is a confirmation of what my servant wrote. I have watched as my children have followed many ‘Christ’s’. These are men over few and men over many having a style of Christ but the direction is for comforts of the world. You know this is me for the Holy Spirit overwhelms you in anointing and by truth close to you on the wings of my dove of peace.

Do not trouble yourself with this burden my child for it is not your invention and upon reading of it you will immediately understand and you also repented to me if you had even closely tried to do the same thing. You said open our eyes Lord, we want to see Jesus. Now, he is your Shepherd and you are one of my true shepherds. This begins truth to what you have struggled with and are; the one that is above. You have suffered eminent rejection and have suffered from this in so many ways this is why I have to separate you. Again this is why the separateness, this is why my voice of authority of the Father.


I am stronger than all My Son and you are woven into My Heart. My darling, you listen to me, and you trusted me above all else, you left all of the world for the truth I offered. Now prepare yourself man of God. You and I will bring about the church of Jesus Christ, the church of the shepherd.


You did not seek to create an authority structure for this new church I was showing you. You waited for me to direct you. That will bring you power. Leave me nothing, come through me and all things you pray to me, that will bring you power. This is getting bigger and more plausible yes my son? That will bring you power. You hear have the words of eternal life.


The world has disapproved of My words to my children. The evil one has deceived many and I have remained silent for a long time but you my friend are here with me, I will share my words that are carefully written and protected by you and recall they are written in Heaven also?


That gives them their significance of eternal truth. Stand before Me Son, strong and proud of where you have gone with Me, God Your Father. I direct pride and I allow you this. You have nothing to be ashamed of, two hard statements for you to write but I guide and you felt the light of truth upon you as you stood before me. All of this will be in My time and all according to My truth.


I have spoken to you Prophetically yesterday and your dreams continue. More now of you is under my protective corner and watchful eye. You have wrestled with Me on countless occasions about your worthiness of your call you are now reinforced by my explanation of how the enemy lied to you and attacked you mercilessly to deter you from the truth of who you are. I have chosen well My Son, step forward and receive from me. I may enrapture you soon for you do know as much as you want to see and sit with Me; I also want that with you! Go gently with you and pursue Me in love.


Father. >




You have learned very well My Son for you mold yourself to my directives. My word is a comfort to you for you will find yourself and the representations of what I am doing in the word. I am pleased with your submission beyond your anger of the things occurring or not occurring in your life. Again, this is my time and my time is perfect, not convenient for you but perfect. Where you must endure and wait I put Grace and goodness upon you. For this day, my provision for you will far exceed all things man has to offer you. Look to me and I will provide.




Galatians 4:2>


My Son I am sorry, I have pushed you too far. I have told you in the past of stretching you and of the refining of you as gold with hot fires and trials but today I’m humbled by your pain. Good for you to write that down. I take full responsibility for what has happened to you and I ask you to forgive me and trust me that I will turn the sorrows into strength and I will redeem the time. The enemy has sacrificed his position to oppress you. I will torture him for his darkness that he drove your emotions into the ground. I will cause pain to come upon him. He (the enemy) has not the foresight of us in battle My Son.


He would rather stop your knowledge of the truth you are receiving about the wrong position of pastors and the false spirit by dispatching hundreds of demons to oppress you. This evil thing does not plan correctly for battle because he allows his hatred for you to overcome the logic of battle. You are learning now so well My Son, your need is coming forward and you need to stop repenting for your weakness through tears. I have said I will take all responsibility and I will heal the many wounds the evil one has put upon your Soul and Spirit.


I will no longer allow him the latitude with you that I have for my children allowed him to oppress them. It is now all to be submitted to me in contract form, I now save this far and no more. Son, I will not be caught by him and his lies again. I will not allow him again between us and I will no longer allow the diminishing of my voice to you. No more views into your life by evil lies of human origin upon your property or years to pass along my plans.


Your Angels are increased to full warrior standing that are with you each day and I have planted the desire for me within your sons, they will come to me soon and fullness to know me and work with you as their wills allow them to. Be patient and I will do all, you cannot, it is the free will of Man.


Please allow me into your life now more to heal all of the things that were destroyed in you. The false spirit that is upon my children must be destroyed My Son. When you are weak I am strong. Your wife was right and truly inspired by me, the Scepter will be used by you to dislodge the talons from my children. More of this later but you are anointed over this principality based upon a throne in hell. Know this, you are of my only true move of the Spirit, this is burden, you know this, but you will flow like liquid fire when we warfare and remove the enemies holds.


The false pastor and the flesh desires you will know about will be evident to you and the knowledge will bring you Peace. For now, cleanse at your house all the deceit and falseness and I will provide raiment of new fabric for you. Go now and allow me to heal you, it is always most important that you are healed my child. Trust the writings for my words bring life to you and to all who will eventually here these writings that come from me from God to you upon the earth as my Son. Your Father.


*This is of course Prophetic for here I am and I am telling all of you here of the things that Father has told to me. I am cleansed and have grown and my home is new and many, many things are changed. There have been heartbreaks and a taking away but separation unto God The Father is the ONLY way to LIFE.




Welcome here My Son. I am so glad you trusted me to come here so I will continue to heal you. I will make these words mine and I will move much to come to you where you need me now. Please return and trust that I will take charge of this. I will do things today to reinstate us for your uplifting. I am so sorry and I will tell you all that has gone on for you is to save information to understand. I made you and I know that is your process. I will build you backup step-by-step and I will create you new with now strength that surpasses your call. Trust me for just the next step, here this afternoon My Son.


I have told you through your young son and now Me that I love you My Son. I love you for not what you do I love you because you exist! Stay with me each day and I will rebuild what the evil one took from you and the world took from you. I will try to not let it happen again. It did take time to develop the false holy spirit. You were torn apart in your Spirit when I allowed the evil one through accusations of you to oppress you with false holy spirit. The motives of the evil one were for more dastardly things for you then I was prepared for and his other spirits on your Spirit. The evil one accepted my consequential action to destroy him then fully.


It is very difficult for you to realize Son that in some of these war situations that I did not realize the evil one would go so far. I am sorry but as I have shown you in the teaching on healing now years later that I cause these things to happen or allow these things to happen so that I can heal you and make you stronger than you were before. I know that new things are coming to you. You are new to this and my plans for you are new to the world. You are suffering greatly for this my mistakes, I had turned from you for just a moment, I will not again. You will be greatly recompense for this My Son. You will be restored now and I will bring love to you as your exchange. I will bring things earlier to you My Son and then My Children will be Blessed with you. I will bring things earlier to you I say My Son than I have ever planned. My innocence on you will not suffer the wiles of the evil one, I am moving you into position for my Jesus has paid that price. Your Father.




Do you think I speak too much love for you? Are my words to you love play when I use so many references of my totality of love for you? Yes, it is my nature to pour love over you but so kind and gentle? Do you think it strange that I have no hardness and hardly any correction? The tortured Soul the enemy had produced in you will only be healed with my carefully chosen words and the submission of yourself over to me. The anointing is here today and I have vowed to you rebuilding that will bring strength over all things. You are My Son and I love you and I will build you full. My words are more clear this day with only more to come in more with more clarity.


The writings here may have plans for the future with you and I for we do have things to discuss but the rebuilding of you has been tantamount, you have feared the time here because of worthiness, I would ask you to reread that day, and shrinking back from the enormity of my plans with you. I bring you to mind of David, and Jonah, and Saul, Moses, Elijah did these things also but it is not by your flesh that these things will proceed it is by My Spirit thus states the Lord.


These days of spring which my birds of the air glorify me with their song are for new growth. The new growth is for you and for my plans for you My Son and for the faithfulness in you. The birds of spring will bring forth unparalleled growth in your life and in the ministry I have brought to you.


I have chosen well. Do you know that you have the DNA of David you? I have watched the generational lines very carefully. You have an immense call upon you My Child. It is reflected in all of the things that have happened to and with you. I choose few to lead. As per your prayers many things have happened to build you and you alone if others have come along it is for my will to utilize them to see how well you are built. This walk and call is about you My Son it is about what I am doing with you as My Child.


Your Father. >




The worst is over Son. The harsh cutting away of you by the enemy is done. It was for my purposes that I allowed these things to happen. I know it is difficult this back and forth of having to go through trials and temptations and difficulties in wars but it is for battles that bring strength to you. I build My Son with strength unbounded, unknown in the world; it is Spiritual strength, strength that is of renown of men of old, men of My Bible. I will not reveal to you all of the reasons just yet of why I have done this but you know I must build you from the remnant. Your humanity could not have withstood the process and the pressures I am going to put on you and so I am going to rebuild you. You know that you have not had the strength to do even some of the simplest things, why? You had not yet become empowered My Son.


You looked okay on the outside but your infrastructure was weak. Much like what your friend had said. He told you that you were like a skyscraper but then you looked inside and you were held up by just some two X fours. It was pure titanium and covered with beautiful Grace and gold windows but inside it was just held up rarely with enough boards to hold it together. I will anchor you my Son, as your choice, I will anchor you to the bedrock of Christ Jesus and you will be my strong tower. I do this, you will not, you will rest and reattach yourself to me.


Current day****I did not do this, I ran and ran and ran and did not rest and it was more trying for me than ever! I am now having more difficulty slowing down and being healed FULLY in a correct way. I have to trust. I will have to move on in The Ways of God Now and have a New Way of Doing Things. Time has really gone by over all of the years and things have happened but God has stayed Faithful.***** Back to then.


This is the hardest test for you My Son but I have not left you. You grieve for our intimacy had been severed for a time, your logic embraces this but it is not true, we have never been apart. Your submission and obedience remains limitless. I will come to you and we will be again rebuilding this progress as I have provided for you and we will have more much more than you have ever imagined.


When this rebuilding is complete you will be flexible and merciful, your feet upon Jesus and your mind so very powerful for you will be wired directly to me. You have endured much unusual spiritual pain my Blessed one but for the things I have shared with you I needed my man very reliant and very powerful. You will have the energy to break forth and do all I put before you. >


The abilities that I give to you as God to complete the things that have been left behind, the things that are left to the past that trouble you are of no consequence to you My Sweet.


I was teaching you now we are preparing’s to step forth. You see you can do nothing without me and I may be staunch at times but I am here and it is I God who is here with you fully.


Again today I show you with your explanation but you know this in your heart, my love through you will vastly overwhelm my power through you, I will ravish you again and again with the things of this world that have frustrated you and you will be put in power over them as I overcome you with light. I will not leave one thing from your heart’s desire undone. I will allow for every one of your needs and more for the abundance coming will change the direction of your life from oppression to expansion.


This time of war will be liquidated before you I am providing for you people with truths I held the enemy from you on all areas but I do use him to perform my careful work as a tool cutting on you here and there very carefully to remove parts of the world. I am not too big to apologize to you humbling myself at times to bring the intense pain down and show you my tender love for you. It is I and control for your benefit for I am supercharging you with the powerful new things that you need to fight with my voice for my children.


I had told you that you would overcome principalities with the power I give you, here it comes, you may seek me to know what the enemy cut from you but always know I am Father, I am the surgeon, I use the enemy as a scalpel and then; I am the healer. I will come to much more my Son much deeper.


Over these last days you have repented hundreds of times and humbled yourself under My will while waiting for my word. Son my hand was always just inches from your back to catch you but you stood strong. This is unusual child, you are unusual but in your uniqueness and mold ability I will make you a force of the extension of God. Step forth Son and receive your infrastructure of strength and your communication lines to the Heavenly. I had said I would make you a mountain and I have with ‘The Word of Truth’ and Faith in Jesus and rock-solid in the knowledge teachings of the Spirit. I will make you a gleaming tower unaffected by the quakes of the earth. You are my Child and I must push you on to the best. My love will soon overshadow and delight you. Be with me your Father.




I will comfort you My Child. I will provide peace to the emotions that are troubling you. Your thoughts are of the world and the familiar things that were established in you as you were young. They have bondage that is connected to them and they are wrong for you. So much pain was connected to those dysfunctional times, turn to me and I will remove it from you. You are my chosen and we are coming to fullness, we are victorious and you are redeemed in each

one of the plans for your life and abundant life is being formulated to fall upon you as My Grace.


The truths of my words are here and are changing you My Son into what I will use to bring about change upon the world. I have spoken to you of the new time and the new growth. It will come seemingly out of nowhere and overwhelm you for you have been so faithful and submitted to my words. What comes forth for this spring and many springs to you has to be held and told in my time and my perfect time. Do not tarry to return here for My Grace and Peace will again cover you. Your Father.




My Darling, I have not left you. I have not removed my eye from you for a moment. For you are my promise…... You are my anointed one of future for My Children. I have you push through this quickly for your humanity and humility wants to close it down with the restrictions man will put upon himself.


You are chosen for a time like this. You are chosen to die to self in a new way to receive the fullness of my Spirit, my very character within you. I did need to take tremendous amounts out of you to prepare you for the abundance I will put into you. There was a tremendous amount of pruning, for the benefit of true fruit for my children to be nourished by the new Spiritual Strength.


This is your best time as My Son for you are prepared to stand again and you are prepared to move through to me My Son and I am waiting for you My Son. Come to me. Not another has this volume of writing child. Not another has this distinct amount of voices, voice of the Father, voice of the Son, Yeshua, voice of the Holy Spirit. Not another has the Scepter of judgment and amend another has lived through the sweeping ravage of oppression. Only you have received the grandest of visions of and for ministry, with My Spirit provision of things that I will bring for you and promises, the promises of the Heavenliness. I will be within you to work through you. Yes My Child, surrender and Faith for I have brought you here, to this by my Grace.


It is all of the Father of creation, The I AM; I sent my Son to die for all sins and now I am sending for you to bring about a new move of my Spirit. Yes you, all of your desires will be fulfilled with in my presence. Come to me.




What will you have with me My Child? For you are submitting unto me all that you are and all that you will be so I may be into and unto you. My anointing is upon you for I love you more than you can comprehend. You call to me to experience the love I exist with, are you able to withstand my truth and power? You will as you walk in love as a child, My Child of Love with Me Father.


After your decision to come forth it will be up to me to provide for you; You are called too much my innocent one, the pressures to move ahead in this are impossible to explain to others and I will not leave you waiting. Yes I have put together so much for you. I want you to have faith my child, I can and will do all that I have shown you in the Spirit son. I want you here with me to tell you of my love. I want you here to put your Spirit with mine back into you.


Do you want the Spirit without measure so that greater things than ever, then even Jesus will you do? I know you do with the mind and heart of Christ. You are able to do this my Child, do not fear the earth’s visions of glory and presence my own, for I am bringing you unto Me. Let go of the confines of this world, draw unto me. Separate and unto Me is my perfect will, all else, for now, is folly.


Will you please forgive me cleanse and help me?

Yes I will. Hold to me and I will release you. Rest in peace for it is all known. You are in our hands, you are poured out as an oblation to us and you are my friend. Talk to me, I am listening. We have an appointment with the Father. Jesus.




My son, I love to caress you as now with my words; I am always near and now you understand and accept that I speak it perfect times to address things in your life and walk according to my training of you. I so very gently revealed to you today a blessing that has been bestowed upon you by the Father of Creation. The common thread of death experiences is a communication of my children and I through the Spirit, namely by your worlds words; ‘telepathy’. I call it wrapping my strand of Spirit life around the conscious strands of you thought. We have had for years what was reserved for after flesh death. We have been communicating this way now effectively going deeper and clearer and yes the enemy of your Soul has attached and attacked you over and over for this gift as it is his demise. Nothing is more powerful than me in you. Always remember this Son.


I will comfort and counsel you for I have been stretching you again to receive more from Jesus and my Holy Spirit, you are forgiven. My Holy Spirit is within you for strength that yes the aspects of your spirit are here with Me in Heaven. I have done this to teach you compassion for the work done out of one’s Soul. You see how draining and re-establishing it can be and how de-railing it becomes. Do not fear your prayers or requests that your Soul is purified inappropriate, just be cautious, prayers that are overzealous prayers are of your Spirit and are fine until we are together.


I will restore and upbraid you fully. I will not deny this move nor will you, we will be one. I am jealous for you My Son. I want you only unto me, that is why I have planned so extensively for your growth and all of your needs and desires to be met in my provision. You will instruct direction for my children but your supply will be of me. It will be like this day My Son; God with you and things of the natural and the supernatural responding when you come near with me wrapped up in you. You will be led by your Father just as my son Jesus was.


You know more still the secrets of the Kingdom of God as My Love just pours over you. Your doubt is forgiven and wiped away My Child of Love. Where did I go My Child to find you?


I searched many hearts of my creation to find you. I peered into so many lives to find the one who was so brandished by the world you would respond to a Father’s gentle soothing hand. I have pulled you consistently from the world of falseness and squandered lives to feed you by My very Breath of Life. You have cried as your prideful concepts of the flesh died and you, each time reached out your hand to Me for comfort and I gave you Approval and Acceptance.


You have given up, you have given up on the current day males aspect of sensuality and sexuality to join me in ultimate union and all by the while of subjecting to me having the old dog Satan biting your ass and so pressing your thoughts with fleshly directives.


The wounds will heal Son and you will receive communicative power unsurpassed and until now unknown for all over and all the abuse you have endured your desire is to be draped in my arms as I breathe over you my new Breath of Spirit life. My child you understand how much a Father wants to cradle His Son and give him some of the Father’s power as darkness is washed away and the two become one. This will occur for you and I, stay the course and come deeper with me. I will overshadow you with Spirit, I will come upon you with power, I will complete you with abundance of Love you need from the Father.




I have removed you my son. I have taken you from the activity of the world and, man’s teachings to be, now absolutely free of the world. You are worried, I have winnowed your life down, I you lonely? No for the most part I or my son are my spirit or another in your life is there for you are you calm? Yes rather solemn though but it is peace and the true sense of calm if not for emotionless quiet time. This you need and this the world knows not of and this I have backed you into a corner with desire removed and situational seclusion and reflective time spirit living words from me. You can pain I have had to allocate to you to hold and stop you. It has been me pushing you into the comfort chair to learn of me. It is done lovingly so but however your flesh squawks and cries out for your I see what quote needs to be done” I will keep you here until we are prepared. Do not apply the others that you see to your future for I am watching over all things and tell I have them correct and I will not let you down.


I have given away your negative thoughts My Son. The thoughts that are now becoming more prevalent in your mind are my influence upon you because you, let me, I have tried and heard each submissive thought and I say yes and Amen to each one for the life of Christ is then developed in you. Away from the organized church my son; do not fear, then; I came against it; now we will. Away from the thoughts of men, I had a hard enough time tearing and turning you to me, what of that and what if you listen to 10 or 20 other men’s ideas?.... Not!....... Man taught…… My word states but My True Son will be taught by my Spirit and for you…. The Father!


Son much is been washed away and made clean and new for you. The chance is for discovery and for attention and for loving you. Pursue me you will find me and the answers you have been searching for. Come closer, come closer.




Revelation 3:20 Hebrews 15:6 Hebrews 13:5

You are mine and as such you feel a faint weakness, that is of the flesh for with Me is the perfection you long for. My Spirit is ample for you my love but your body reacts to what I am doing to remove you from this world. I am pulling you unto Me and your flesh resists it for it holds to the familiar of this world. Fear not, for I will release you at the exact time of perfection and you will be brought unto Me.


My Child, My Son, I am always here with you, I am waiting for My Heavens to tell me this time to bring you. I speak with Yeshua here and power awaits you My Brother for I have promised it to those who were with me. You have found true favor in My Father’s eyes for you have sacrificed much of your hold to this world to pursue Me in my truth in my character and my boundless love for creation. You are not worthy in your flesh My Brother, even if you are cleansed with My Blood your body will remain sinful at this time.


Your Soul and Spirit have found through the great treasures man has been clamoring for. You found what constitutes God our Father, that is the treasure of great price. The price was to die for the word and your Soul to sacrifice and submit and allow My Father and the Holy Spirit and I then to guide you to knowledge. You are a Child of Promise for My father’s promises are precious and precise and it will be fully fulfilled in the you and through you. No I do not hurt as much in your flesh when I speak for I am being fully found and formed in you, but father pulls you unto him, it is one of the dynamics of the Kingdom of Heaven, Father cannot help it, and neither can you help being pulled to it. He is your Creator, I am your Redeemer.


Enter into Our Father’s presence as you can, no jealousy here, I know how it feels, I wanted more in my life also. He fills and feeds and pulls from us all that is worldly, nothing matters then back to Father? I understand….


How I long for you, here and home and prayers and with all of the conversations you invite me to. Will you tell them about Me Son? You are growing very deep with me now My Child but you are unafraid. I have not pushed you but my love has drawn you, New Move of My Spirit.


Anointing of power: with My Love: and my provision for you and all those that you choose to bring with you, nothing is lost or forgotten.


You have trusted your most treasured possession, your heart to me, like a child at the end of a frustrated rope you turned to me and you have progressed through faith to prayers of self- crucifixion and giving up of yourself to my needs. Write this Son, this is why I call, in hopes of myself in my Creation that will respond as you have.


It may seem very ethereal to you Child but it is plowing up so that many will follow and it is no small thing what you have you gone through. My trials are precise and harrowing, you have excelled with all. You are My Child and you will see My Eyes which will be fixated upon My submitted Creation. You will know the love of the Father you seek. I delight in you and yes in your struggle. You are seeking to be brought from this world to be birthed into the Spirit. It is not by chance child, be with Me and call for your Savior, he loves you. You are glowing, your loving Father.




I am blessed by your obedience and submission. The desires of your heart are being affixed to the Spirit of God to perform for you what you have dreamed. We draw closer by the day when you will meet Me face-to-face and I take your hand to provide you to the Father. Much more is also being prepared that is why you are being harrowed and tried and tested so diligently all is growing intense I say as Yeshua to you for the world does not understand at the concepts that have been shown to you by revelation of teaching. Be at peace, I am with you in your prayers gladly agreeing with you and your thoughtful submitted time. We will wield power my Brother. I am within and always available to you for Father’s purposes by our time together.


Will you come sit with me in Heaven My Son? I am here to transform your mind to the knowledge of Jesus and to offer you the opportunity of the Spirit. This will be new and so wonderful for you trusted Son. Your Soul is troubled about the enormity of what I have told you, I will be doing with you so many things.


Your faith building today brings you the submission and the love of Father and Son and Spirit poring over you and you trying to understand all of this. All things are Holy, and Spirit. For the heart of Christ Jesus in you is strong and growing in my ways. Allow me to stretch your faith day by day with my plans. It is not your burden to stretch. Then, suddenly soon now it will be upon you, your blessing to enjoy and then to share. I so want to hold you in my arms, there is much to share with you. You will not be left behind, it comes, certainly it does, it seems lonely and unsure because you are at the forefront of my move…..


Yes you are, have love for those moving along their level I have clearly called you forth, step forth interest for my plan for you, your Father.




Yes child, let go of the very breath you take in and I will provide the breath of the spirit life for you.


– – –