1 - 20 - 01


You have what I want you to have for now and you are doing what I am reclaiming of you Son. Do not be faint in your preserving for the purposes I have put upon you throughout these times. I have promised you many wonderful things which I am able to perform for you. Child fear not my distance-yes, I use it to train you but you are Never from my eye removed. You are called as a prophet and more by me. I never tire of your wonderful thoughts, my Son. I hear it each one and I perform each one to help you to thinking clarity. You are advancing each day Son! You are gaining each day Son. Yes, you are hungering for me each day-lusting for me, and I see and hear it. Good son crave me for I am all of the things of the spirit you want to acquire. I am in you and you want more. More out of the "abundance of life" Jesus told you about. It is My presence that will bring life, you are set apart with few others to know this. You have always been special in this world, special for me. Set apart, called out. To be used by God for greater things than the momentary pleasures and assumed delights of this current time.


You took the step and I am here with you. I am here to heal and to open up and to inspire and to comfort my son. I have taken people away from you to show you my truth that you would have not seen if you were as close. I am not alleviating you to totally, but I am drawing you close to me. That is what your heart wants. And your soul spirit and body need.
I am the power. I have all the control my son. Do not trouble for you are mine and I hold all the keys, all of the cards. I have every word-words above those who are belligerent to my name. I will come soon with fire to purge the land of evil and my house of deception. Do not be so surprised that those in authority are of darkness. They have been placed there by our enemy with plans for years and years. Why are you such a threat as white light stinging their eyes and black souls? I have told you who exactly they are. I am protecting you, but yes, your death warrant is put out by the evil one. So much is the fight to destroy you for so much is your power and wisdom with my anointing upon you. Great things will you do son. Darkness is terrified by you. Never forget that. Do not fear my prophetic writing through you. It is my will, and I will be gentle with you. Know this gift, the chosen one of the creator that you are is worth all the gold of the world for these words are also written in Heaven, my son.


I do have a wonderful plan for you, my son and for those few like you I have called. It will be brought to light this later winter and spring by me, your creator. I have watched my creation strive an hurt with the evil ones emphasis and influence, and I must act. I need your prayers and your submission to free those who are in bondage. I will empower you to perform my work and my will son. I will bring all things into alignment at the correct time for your joy.
You are forgiven for the rebellion and offensive ways which you developed against me. I have healed the hurt in your heart and I will prove myself to you. The others will not have power or vision over you from this day forth. I have put you in spiritual authority over all who have condemned you. You now have anointing and authority over all of the truce and plans of the evil one, and his minions and they will in no way hurt you- fpr you are mine and I increase all levels of Holy Spirit power now in you.

2-20-01. He

I have called andanointed just you to do just what you are doing. You are not avoiding or ignoring my wishes or my will upon you. I had asked you years ago to give up the world and come work for me and you have done just that. You have been trained and trialed SS by me into a man of God that has helped my children out of darkness. You have answered my call and I am delighted with you and who you have become. I have established plans of greatness and plans of great things for you to move into, and I have anointed you with power to do the things I have established for you. You are called and chosen you are obedient and trained. You are healed and anointed. I will increase my voice to you today and each day that follows. I will write with you and establish my light within you. I will remove the evil from your past that seeks to destroy you and I will show you myself. I will increase and as I do darkness will be brought to light, it will be judged and the evil will be burned. You are forgiven and redeemed. I don't like the evil ones son, just as you don't. I have mercy, that I am not unaware. Not one evil deed will go unrewarded my son. I am with you and you walk in light-you are within my grace. Never doubt that! And I will cover you now with my blanket of love.


I am coming with judgment upon those who deceive my children. I am coming with power to my chosen ones to provide information and accusation to those involved with evil.

Son, it will be in a short time that the things you have avoided writing about will begin to occur. You have been in fear of my words to you as you felt it would be like the book of the John’s Revelation. That time is not quite yet. There is however times of gross darkness and judgment as I wrote to you earlier coming. You and yours will be protected as I have promised you, just keep your regular prayers going up each day and I will perform them. See, you had asked for that confirmation. The prayers are very effective for you in your level and I will inspire you with more as needed. No, I will not push you to difficult feelings anymore, I will trust in you to rise to my calling upon you.

I will be removing my protective covering from many, many areas of the world soon. The manifest presence of the spirit and prayers of intercession have extended out the covering but now I will remove the veil as it were and allow evil to be seen. Many will fall, many will be deceived into running into the arms of deception, will you help me take them back into the loving arms of the father? Thank you. It will be harsh my son. I have been preparing you for this. Do not fear, many will be exposed for the evil they fornicate with. They have been protected by the hand of grace for far too long and must be exposed for who they associate with. I am sorry my son that they had the abilities to manipulate you as they did but as I have written to you I can see that you are now exempt from any attack and you have the full authority over all warlock and witchcraft involvement.

These days are coming my son I do not sport with you. The split between good and evil will be more pronounced now as evil will no longer be able to masquerade is good. Evil will show upon people as dirt, darkness and filth.

Do not fear, it will be seen mostly by those that I have called and chosen, that is why I do not want you to tell others of these things yet. I trust you with the plans of this world my son. Those unaware of the dynamic would not understand, the world you know of or who hide themselves from the life of the spirit will not be aware of what is happening. There is nothing you can do to promote or to defeat this work of mine. Believe me, I have worked out all of the details and I want you resting and my arms with your head upon my chest at peace. You have waited for me my child, in humility and in training, watching others flaunt their wealth in front of you. I will reward you on earth as well as heaven. You will be known as mine, approved and anointed. Allow me to exalt you in correct proportion at the correct time.

The more things to happen I will continue to tell you of for Isaiah 42 and Matthew 13 Chapter 11 are you. My son, be resolved to my plan for you and you will speak and perform for me upon this world. Many sleep and you and I see them. My son, I have comfort for you, I love you.


You are feeling what I am feeling my son. I am disturbed by the way my children act, they are listing to doctrines of demons and many who are under deception and far away from me. The false spirit is a reality and it is what whom I am going to expose. Do not fear writing son for it is my inspiration. My children are prideful and lazy when it comes to hearing from me. Most want so much to be exalted by others that they will listen to any seducing spirits. Son, the elect are drawn away from me by their plans and continued rebellion to the leading of my Holy Spirit that is the leading of the false spirit in the world today son not the true Holy Spirit. The mega churches of men which all speak of with pride and arrogance will be brought low. The humble like you will be called out by me most clearly for I know your ways and your heart.

I have promised you that you will glow and it will be clear to others through my voice that you are my chosen one of authority. Child, you have suffered from the evil one for he knew my calling upon you even if you did not for you could not see the supernatural anointing on you. Abide with me, I am building some more things in you. Faith in me for you will not be squeezed out of my call for you. Others fear my voice for it is truth and no compromises. You accept me in you and you want more of me. Grace upon you my son. My Purposes within you are built by us and our relationship. Father.


I am here son, you perceive me more closely now for your feelings are at peace. I have been close to you mighty called and anointed one all along throughout your days. I am healing you. I am directing you. I am providing you the true light of Jesus and the true spirit of grace. Your openness inspires and delights me son. Your heart is mine and open to me, your humility and repentance bring me closer as we emerge spirit to spirit. You perceive me very well child, for my hand has been upon you to guide you into the fundamentals of receiving the power, which is the weight and presence, which is the peace of the spirit upon you. Of those who are called, few are chosen. Of those who are chosen, many attempt to hear of from me of the many who attempt to hear some are successful, of the some who try to be successful many are deceived.

You see, you are of my heart, that is so much for me to say and for you to hear and for you to write and to Believe and have Faith for. Hence, this is you my son, a son of heart and Faith and Belief. Do not fear my true voice and lack of deception to you son, I do not deceive; I speak out clearly to you without deception. I have spoken of my true need of a man like you, why would I deceive a called one whom I need? No, It is truth that you write and prophesied. Fear not your desires, for I am providing them for you. The trials and lessons you have had to go through for the last month are now waning. I am sorry for I know the degree of difficulty I placed not only upon your spirit but on your soul also. You have succeeded my child. These are not the light trials I give to others but my harsh learning tools given to my elect. I tell you child these are not the world’s elect these are my spiritual heavenly elect.

You have overcome yourself for my purposes. That is why I give you wide range of integrity. You are my anointed one. Many will be presumed to be anointed, many will be false anointed, Mine, My Children will glow and will be known. My power and trust will be in you. Father.


What a beautiful time we have had today. I am so pleased with your gentle obedience to my leading. All of the words read today were from me to you. I love you son with the father’s love. You are worthy of my love. Thank you for your praise and recommitment to me and my call upon you. It will build strength and now in your spiritual areas it will build spiritual muscle. Strong is the spiritual man you are. I have performed all of your prayers my son. Do not be discouraged about the mocking spirits of last night, your voice was true, they mock me, but not for long. My words and revelation to you are concise you have authority and anointing.

Yes the anointing has actually been removed from those you question me about. The evil one has replaced it with the false spirit anointing. The deception is well tuned to the full false flesh style with pride and wealth and debauchery.

Rejoice my child for the days of change draw near! Yes, it will be harsh for most but fear not you are protected my little one. This time of removing protection will be to shock my children into my narrow path of obedience. I will reassure you again you will be known clearly as mine. The one I have called for such a time as this. It will be suddenly my son; I fulfill my prophecy to you. The innocent will be protected but the truth and light will be clearly shown. Yes my son, I use your heart and mind to work out my plan. This close spirit to spirit day will live on in your heart. It is what I am and what you can expect, love abounds in me, more of this time son, I need it to. Father.


You are cleansed my child, you are washed clean of sin and the latter of the spirit. The attachments to you were to hold you back from knowing me, you have held tightly to my guidance and now all adverse cover is gone. You are delivered and set free again. Time alone with me is a necessity for you at this stage of development. You are moved up closer now with me to the higher level. The spirits were of physical pain as a distraction to bind your soul thoughts to lack, despair, apathy and lack of ‘juice’ in your life. You now have learned how pain operates and how subtle spirits roam the earth in slightly gray areas.

Others could not see these sophisticated spirits from you but now you have another realm of authority added unto you. There are drives left in your life son. Many have been removed for my purposes and for your healing but the drives within you now are my gift to you. I will add more to you now soon, be at peace. I am directing all that is around you, I love you. I am directing you with love for I love you closely son. I have changed some of my own precepts to be gentle and loving to you. Child, you are my creation, I have called you from the life of this world into service of the Lord. You have fulfilled all of my expectations and teachings as we move along closer to the time I have called for you. You have been my minister and prophet, my healer and counselor to my here hurting children. You are now anointed with my glow.


I am very careful with you my son. As you go through these times of stretching and discovery I am so near. These times must be gone through my son for these times of annealing and healing will bring the total freedom in the spirit you will need for the call I have for you to fulfill. They are not for nothing, they are not to rob you of life and your perceptions of what life should be or could be. You are worthy and wonderfully submitted to me and all of your ways and I take that very seriously. You are weary from the world for you now perceive it with your spirit. I have removed drives and desires from you so that you could learn the precepts of the spirit, not the soul at this time. It is all different, and all very foreign to you and all others, it fatigues you, at unusual times, it burdens you when you expect to be energetic, it is still me.

It is unlike the world and it is difficult, for I do not want you to become wise in your soul about the things of the spirit but to be innocent, my innocence spirit man led and understanding only what I need you to. You are so knowledgeable about so many things of the soul, about the spirit beings and the things that bring witchcraft. Knowledge of the spirit in the spirit brings me your creator. I have a commanding purpose for doing this with you my child. My plans for you needed to have exactly this amount of flesh crucifixion and soul frustration, do not despair son, trust in me son, I won’t let go. I will draw closer to you with more abounding love, my plan, my goal, is you, you are okay, all thoughts I direct at this time, you are my child and my love. Father.


There is much progress being made by us in your life. Do not let discouragement or despair infect you. How wonderful things are going to be for my chosen ones as I show you the power of the creator to expose darkness. The light, the switch, will be turned on as it were and darkness will be shown as stain. Evil will retaliate my son, but you will be ready. It is what I plan to do, I am readying you for all of this.

It will be a boost up on the behind by a father to his child, they will see on a higher level as the veil of protection is rent and removed. You fear again your specialness and the call. I have this call upon you, are you humble? No, not enough you say; that is the right answer! Do not fear but be aware, aware of the flesh nature, I can use you at this point. Now calm down and know that I know who I can trust. I see inside more than you do, even to yourself, trust me son, not your own perceptions. Head on my chest, remember? I have unlocked today your request for deeper understanding of why you and why these things, this way you can accept and ponder if you must but be still and then know that I am your loving God, your father. More to come my child.


I am healing your emotions in ways that will stand the assault of the world upon a spirit led man. You my son are gaining strength each day in your emotions to come from where we were. You are ravaged, beat up, and further assaulted by the evil one and his minions but,… Rejoice! The day of health is drawing near. I hold you so close, I cried with you, I protected you from others to. I saw that there was too much influence upon you. You, as I, are rather private about our feelings. Our feelings are worth much in this world and I know you feel this more now. Be happier that the day of new things with the new you is so much closer. My sleeper will awaken son. Yes I have worked extensively in your dreams also.

You can feel my excitement son. My plan draws near, it will be more than you can imagine, the impacts will resonate throughout all time. Still, be at peace, on my chest, more soon.


Just told on son. I know that guilt gripped you today but push it away and bind it from you. You are doing just as I want and as you do, your flesh struggles with yourself to overcome the thoughts of the world. You will soon be busy on the things of the spirit I had been promising you. The thoughts you had today of angst over little things not done where the little foxes spoiling your vine. I do not want you to feel invalidated but the world does not understand what I am going to do. As I had told you before son, look to the things of the spirit as I teach you. The things of the flesh will not seem so important.

They are not important in comparison to your perception of them. You must be well, you must be built up, you must overcome all of you desires with the direction of the spirit. I direct, I protect.

The new things of the spirit I will do upon the earth, do not tarry. My son, I have spoken in earnestness to you and with you and I perform my word. The time draws close so you must heal, upon my chest. I will not hurt you my child, I know your expectations and your desires of your heart. I am with you and I have promised you abundance. I have promised you joy, I have promised to tell you more, come here and I will comply. Father.


Let me love you softly my son. Today you do so well to be with me here at peace. Here, you are at peace with me with your head upon my chest. You my child are away from the world of trouble and worries. Here by the water and especially by the running water today. Things you have been promised are now going to come true this spring. You have been obedient and patient with my time schedule. It has been a major restoration of your emotions we have gone through but fear not your reactions; they are coming into alignment with mine.

Thank you my son for waiting for me and thank you son for allowing me to do such a complete work over job on you. This restoration, healing of you has brought you much pain as your flesh was crucified but the result is my honor to you when I listen to you minister to my children. You have such a wonderful grasp of the kingdom of heaven. No fooling son, I trust you with more and more. You have perceived the spiritual realm with grace and you have come to understand so much my child. I have been so gratified to have chosen you. You will come to understand the deep spiritual love I have for you more now and you will be able to let go of old critical attitudes and state what is truth and what is correct and you will begin to really love yourself. All of this will come to you my son. I do not share with others as I do here with you my son. You needed me and I needed you to be rebuilt and fulfilled with my love for you. Help me to draw others to me by what you have learned.

The world is in for a shock son. They will clamor for answers and I will let it be known you have the answers of me. I trust you as you asked me to. Fear not, you will not let me down. The world does not see the need for me my son, the world has depended upon itself for the self-sufficient lifestyle of pride it has attained. Do they not know I have been protecting, providing, caring for and watching over, consumed with love for and watching my children fall from evil? It must be shown to them now what has been operating underneath. There is much evil to be exposed my son. More evil than you comprehend but I see the heart. Do not be grieved when I begin now with my plan I have told you of.

I know my creation and I know how to get their attention to bring them up out of captivity. I have to kind of shock them don’t I? Even then many will not receive the truth I bring through you. Fear not, I will comfort those who come to me and I will make the evil finally known for what it is. It will split light and dark. You will know, you are worthy, you are known, you are known as mine. I had told you to look to the spirit to find your identity. You are glowing there for all to see. My promises I fulfill, you are soon now to be shown in both realms my son. Obedience and anointed wisdom you have my child. My love, hold to me, peace to receive. Others do not understand yet; do not expect them to grasp the depth of this. I have called many my child and each one is my delight in my creation and each one is unique and maximum way special. I have compared your completeness of training too many in my world, I will move many things for you anointed one. Father.


I want you protected. That is why I did what I did with you my son. You are submitted to me and I told you I would protect you. You are not fragile but with the range of situations in the spirit world it has frustrated you beyond the edge. I will not have you involved with evil or anything evil even third or fourth person. I have cleansed you up and have set you apart unto me. The purposes I have for you to come to are a great position with me. Look away from the world and the things, yes friends for now, of the world. I tell you the truth, soon the spirit of God will come with spiritual truth. I do not wait for my world needs to know the truth. I am confident to fulfill my world and my word and my promises to my creation.

Son the path to me is very narrow, again one must duck down low to get in my humble gate. I call out to a few chosen ones whom I have cultivated for generations to bring my message. I do not want to overwhelm you but the harvest will be laborious and laborers few.

Let go for now the way I am directing you. Your words will be fulfilled and all will know you are mine. I know your desire and you do not need that type of harassment. I am watching your all and seeing to every aspect of you. Again child, let go and be unto me, father.


There are exciting times ahead for the world I have created and very exciting times ahead for you my son. We have learned more of each other day by day as we have grown to our relationship. You are right, many seek experiences not relationship. I have guided many things to you as I am directing all things around you to bring you to heal completeness. Be at peace and bind fear for I am watching my words to perform them.

As you have put things in your life on hold, you have chosen the will of the Lord son. The many inadequate thoughts you struggle with our of little consequence for I call the humble and the lowly to my side to conquer the fallen world. I will confound the wise and the strong with my humble and submitted ones. You are doing just fine in your walk with me.

There is coming a time now very soon when my power will be manifested in you. Our use of power will be to bind many very large things that could not be bound before with the level of faith that had been written about and had been within my creation. You will speak and perform for me son as I have told you. Fear not for our plans of rebuilding you are preparing you for this. It will surprise you for it will be creative and you will see me in every area of your experience. You perceive me well with your spirit my child. I perceive your despair and worry over your home and the conditions of your family. I will validate you son to a mighty promise, do I move you ahead, it is not far away now son. Hold to me and look to your spiritual thoughts and look through your spiritual eyes. I ask you to look to your spiritual eyes to see my plan. I bless you with vision here now to carry on.


Son do not be a bit concerned with the world’s perception of Holiness. It is not mine! Look with your spirit underneath and you will find all worldly issues at call. Look with your spirit eyes to see truth, I will also feed you my truth through your spirit. Be at peace, my son, it is your decisions for your value and they have been placed upon your spirit as glowing reports of fruit and your resolute hatred of evil. I will use you to claim my kingdom and my creation back to me. Some son will choose the life in the flesh and some will choose darkness. I will tell you more of this in teaching gently my child.

There are few of my sons called to this time of awakening and as I have told you before there is only one of you. Your uniqueness is what I use. Most would not even believe what we have done. They are not prepared for a relationship; they have their relationship with the world. We have chosen this, you will be rewarded and you will know your choice was the blessed one. Many do sleep my son; the world likes what it has because it has been seduced by evil for so long. The world has been seduced by wealth and status, pride and Mammon and confusion and death, accepting the woes of some for the comfort of others. I do not like to talk negatively about these things to you today for I see your heart. I see the end son and you are there with me. The battle looms closer, look to your spirit to see the true battle. Fear not, stay close to me. You cannot undo anything now my son. My plan completes as I draw close to you. You are glowing, you will be knowing more. Father.


Do not be troubled my son by the things occurring, bind fear and timidity my child for my words and my promises will be to you as fine wine. Take a drink and let me soothe you, you are humble before me my son. I am the I AM and I am your authority. You my son have spoken for me in exactly the areas I have wanted you to. You have not stepped out of line or shot your mouth off wrongly. Have I not told you that I would guard your back? You know now that I do for my children when I need to.

These plans that I have written to you about for our changing the world son; I will hold to the time frames I have listed and I will protect you all through and after the time. Do not fear for I am with you. Man will continue to disappoint you as he has disappointed me but I know in all of the world your father stays with you. I will direct your words out of your mouth and I will send right now extra Angels to be around you. You will be protected! You are of my anointing and you carry the word of the Lord with you. You are my chosen one, do not let the evil one and his ‘pale attacks’ tell you different. Be here with me my son for you are the elect. I will tell you things of the heavens and I will tell of you to my children and you will glow because of your faith.


Wonderful job my son. You are so submitted to me in this world, I know I can trust you. Your humility and repentance to me bring more of me to you and that is how we complete who you are. You are An entire man of strength of God in Christ with the Holy Spirit.

Things of the world move along in my plan my son. I do not tarry with the judgment and truth; I will bring to this world this new way. Now bind fear and doubt and that little fox of unbelief, good job! Now ask for peace and more self- acceptance from the Holy Spirit to fill you. You my son are now complete in areas of your life that we have worked on for quite a long time. Thank you for your patience.

I am gentle with you for your heart is mine and I deal very carefully with my son’s heart, hearts can be broken and damaged by harshness and by the world. Hold to me and I will love you and guide you into a relationship with me that will bless you and in time bless others. I love you my son and I am watching these words to perform them. In my power I work that fully through you and all things for I have created all things. It is big my son. Soon things will be revealed and false fronts will drop, truth will be shown upon the faces of my creation, very few know, you are blessed with this knowledge which is pressure upon you but blessed is my man son with my grace. My plans will delight you.


Do you feel those inclining of little feelings that seem to be familiar to you? That is me restoring slowly what I had taken from you. I am the God of restoration and to you I will be your completeness. The length of time to heal some of the hurting areas was the most difficult thing to get you to do to give to yourself. Calm now and peace and self-love will come to you. Will you trust me with your life my son? You have held to humility and faith in what I have for you. My very trustworthy son, I do not seduce you with half- truths and insignificant promises. Your place with my new as of yet un announced body of Christ will fulfill your desires and dreams. I have watched you for too long give up the world to not delight you with the fulfillment of your heart. I come to you effortlessly, my plans complete, with you, it may be harsh for many but you are strong, the truth is revealed, your time will come, announced by me to my faithful. The glow will be physical, how do I do that!? I am Father, I will.

On my chest, the long run son has faithfully waited until truth can be shown.

Shocker timely truth. Father.


I have to make you alert and strong to all of the enemy’s ploys.

------He was allowed to oppress you to teach you that he accuses others of his own dirty work so you will think badly of your fellow believers.

Now son, some of those who are with you do scorn and curse you but the one ones to go after is the evil one. I am healing you right now from the ravages and know you are stronger and more knowledgeable for the trial. I have put you through this extensive testing my son. I do not put others through as much because they do not have the same anointing, power, voice, plan or their lives as you do.

You know things are heating up now my child. I have brought you to this time to use you for our kingdom. The evil one does not know what is about to happen this week, you do, watch for me to move greatly my son. Do not be discouraged by the trials, the others cannot perceive the prophetic things of the spirit I have shared with you.

The body of Christ is being formed, it is not formed yet. There is rivalry and slander going on all over plus deception rampant with pride in control. You son have been very hurt by the body of Christ. I am sorry. It is no excuse for some of the blatant attacks upon you and the aloofness and deniability they have shown you. Son, they do not perceive me as you do. They are immature and selfish and yet you only wanted to be accepted, the abilities that some carry are very, very small. Your abilities and anointing’s that you carry caused all of the old fleshly desires to rise up against you. It was for you to be separate with me. I son trust you only unto me. Only I know you well enough to delight and raised you up in this way that you should go. My plan is perfect and very specific for you my child. I am pushing you through now with the healing and love you need. I know you feel bad but I am restoring you. Separate your- self unto me my son and I will raise you up to my plans of prosperity and purpose in you. I will be here with you each time you need me to write with you and to soothe you. Son at this time some of your perceptions are off-line. Do I not own all things? Bind that flesh Little Guy and recognize those things, you better recognize, who the real boss is.

You have found that place in my heart that very few find and I see all of the beauty of my creation in you. I do not see the thinking doldrums of sadness, I see the resolute heart of man, my man of God striving for bettering my creation with me. Yes that’s it, that’s you. Do not feel less than I have brought you to. It is the creator of all that has his eyes upon his loved and the love son. I will hold you up now and cause you to flow with grace.

Yes son I see that I can heal you. Stay close to me and give of the world and I will give you an eternal world with love and joy and peace and closeness. I will give you a world with spirit and purpose. How will you do to look ahead again with me and come close to me son and I will show you the secrets of the kingdom, I love you so son. Father.


How wonderful a day we have my son when we are this close in the spirit. Times and emotions and situations of intensity change the feelings here my son but no, I am never far removed from my children. How blessed I am to have discovered you my little seed, you have been carefully watered and yes fertilized and have been placed in the light of my presence to grow. What is grown up now is my man of God, my oak of righteousness with fruit to bear to others. That is how I see you son, grown beside rivers of living water.

Put away now the thoughts of terror of my call upon you, we have delivered you of the spirit and the stronghold of unworthiness. It is done my child, memories are washed clean, thoughts are rebuilding, and times are changed for you! I bestow grace and healing upon my child. Gone are those things for good! Now, you can look to the strength of the spirit and the worth you have in you and in Christ Jesus. Glory son, you have held to me through pain, now glide with me through building up correctly. Always know, I perform my words, I see into the spirit my love for you. My confirmations are my delight as well as yours. What father doesn’t want his child to find a trinket of delight? We dads enjoy as the children do. I want you write here to be built by me to the completeness of my man, my creation, my betrothed. All is in my will; you are right before my eyes. Father


Son the times will not be like fire and brimstone upon the world, at least not yet. I will be with the world like I am with you. I will be loving and heartfelt to those submitted to me and relentless and Swift and powerful to those and those things of darkness. I will come gentle in some things but it will be harsh for those who have chosen roles, and cast off their souls as in your poem. Do not trouble son, I will stay close and feed light and knowledge to you. I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, however you have helped me to adjust some precepts to the heart cries of my children. There is more to come and more, much more for us to discover. All peace, all belief, all me and all of you for you are My son.


Begin to lift up the feelings you are feeling to me and I will gently wash them from your soul. They are troubling but they are not your identity. You are my child, submitted to me and I will soothe you here. I am sorry that we did not write yesterday. I see now your need. I will now change my precepts. You my son are accepted by me for I know your ways. You son are of my spirit, not the world.

Will you tarry here with me?---I waited for just the right time of calmness and when you would be at the end of you to tell you. Do you remember at the end of you is me? If you come here with me I will bless you. I will be here with you, I will make you my own and I will cause your face to shine, I will look upon you with light and I will make you my light I will cause it to shine from Heaven upon you. I need you here to complete you. You do not have to do things, just be and do not allow the thoughts of the world to overpower you.

My love is heavy upon you now as you feel the weight of the spirit. Allow the comfort to wash your spirit and your soul; I will heal the negativism you have struggled with. You also bound them, they are gone and the adjustments you wanted are being done. Now bless you in your faith for my glory has risen upon you. The spirit world is different as I significantly. Father.


We can write with freedom, just take the plunge and trust me. Son, you are first and also foremost to be completed in these times of healing and restoration. It will not matter if all of the projects in the world get done if you do not have your ‘sense of self’. I am putting this sense of self in you and throughout you at this time. You are worthy and you are so special, I have provided myself to you here to tell you things of the kingdom of Heaven but also to tell you things of you, like the questions written down. Trust me to tell you all things for I do not play games here. I want you to know about you like I know you. I can see the very inside of you and you are wonderful. I see the desires of your heart; I am working them into your life with our plans. Now I ask you to fear not for I am in the midst of all things. I am watching all that pertains to you and I will protect you.

Son there are very big things now happening in the spirit, things you do not perceive yet but you will and oh boy you will. Know my promises are real and true, they are not late. My words to you here will be fulfilled my child. Head on my chest and calm my child. Let me prepare the way, do not let your exuberance or inadequate feelings Rob my joy of opening up the heavens blessing to you. Okay? I love you.


To soothe you and to comfort you my son, slowly I will heal you. Gently will I love you son, I am here and darkness is gone. Bind fear and doubt and give them to me, I will continue to provide for you. I am here and I never let left you. You have gone through more trials and testings’ my son because you must. My call upon your life is great as I have told you and I am continuing to refine and heal you. You have habits and some minor strongholds to be removed but we can do them. You are not a lost cause and you are not a failure, you are not deceived and you are not left out, you are called out by me the big boss because you need me. The world does confound you, with all of the double standards and hypocrisy. Son, bind the world from your mind and I will remove the thoughts that sadden you so. They have brought you sorrow as I have seen; I will add comfort to you for your mind is held by some old rut thinking.

You and I will be successful in renewing your mind with all of the aspects of your soul. My child, you gave yourself to me and I used to you for my purposes. When I used you I helped you and that helped me to deliver and fulfill the gospel. You are directed by me to do the things that you have done, all of them and as I have told you even if something was created out of your flesh I would take care of it. The false spirit is real, the darkness of the witches and the warlocks are real. The anointing removal of some people is real and you might beat up innocent one are the East gate for the city. I have the best plan and I have the best man, I need you there and I will quickly and maximum way qualify you more and more.

The deception upon those that you know and love is very complex and runs through most of the church of this day. My children do not comprehend the world of the spirit as I have taught you. They think they do and so they plan and make plans after plans and it comes up with the ideas of ‘let’s find God’. This is a situation where instead of finding God you have found me- God, Your Father, all along and I have found you. Do not envy those who are chasing me my son, I am here for you and now I am fair in all things and I have for you training for the center place in the new move of the spirit. I will become a recompense for you son for all of the training, pain and things that have happened to you, you will be joyful. You will be filled and you will be qualified for the great position for you that I have. Hold to me for that day and the days that bring the significant growth to you that you need. Son, I will hold to that promise and it is coming so soon. Your hope is built upon me, the hope for your call unto me and Heaven and the hope for Life and Love of The Kingdom of God and I will not disappoint you son. Father.


Your faith is being stretched by me son. When your faith is drawn out fear can come to rob your belief of what I am going to do with you. I assure you that you and your delights are being re-survived so that I can work to fulfill them for you. I will rebuild your faith son so you may feel more confident about this walk I am putting you through. I am relentless with the training because time is short and I am so totally thorough with you for your calling is high. I will now move you into the new areas you have inquired me about. You have not given up any other areas but I will become the recompense for you for some of the pain.

You have not missed anything and you are at repose, which is where I need you to be to fulfill my healing and training upon you. The world and the enemies attitudes plague you but you are now not of this world. You are storing up treasures in Heaven for you and your family. You will have the grace given by me to move into wonderful positions that I will announce for you. Do not faint, the time you hunger for draws near to you my son. Love father.


You should not undervalue the importance of being here with me my child. I do not want you to feel burdened but each moment here with me builds and strengthens you. I know you need this so much for the call I have put upon you. You son have sacrificed life in the flesh for me and my call upon you. I know your heart and I know the future, I know you will gain your strength from me and the things I am building in you are unique, to you and a wonderful thing to behold here in heaven. Son, the sacrifice and life truths of my words are of the spirit of God.

My word is my covenant as has always been to all of my people. Son, you are expecting things to occur and yet the wait for me is bringing you down. Tell me son, if my timing is perfect and you know it is, it must not be just the right time yet to get things to happen in the flesh. I assure you it will not be long for I give you subtle confirmations of that often. I had to remove you from things and people for concentrated completion and care. I want no false accusations put against you any more so that you can rediscover your strength and power with me. No mistakes for you but my careful watching over you. Work with me and I will mount up blessings for you. We are together for this, let me augment, state out what is needed. I love you, father.


I love you my son. I am restoring you to the completeness that you will need to live. I love you so much more than my mountains or seas. For I created you to be here with me exactly as you are with all of the blemishes you think you have. You my child are beautiful! There may be an awkward stage for going through but do not overlook the strengths and anointing and knowledge you have achieved. You are willing to live now son, that is wonderful and you are willing to live for me, I am honored by you my son. Come back to the basic writs with me my love and I will not disappoint you. I want to love you deeply and touch those hurt areas of your life.

There was a lot of poison given to you from the church; they are not led by me. Judgment will come to the church for they are to be imitators of Christ but they are scourges to the body of Christ. I am removing the many precepts from you that were acclimated from the organization you joined with. You are returning to my purity my innocent child. Fear not my Child for I am closer, now you feel the weight, now more than before and you will be stronger and more knowledgeable than you have ever known. I am for building up and I am the I AM.

I have you in a unique setting my son. You see, the world and experience some of the futility of self- governed flesh, I want you here to see you can learn from the experience and be guided by me to the knowledge of the kingdom. The things of the world I must have you let go of for now have caused you such disproportionate anxiety. I have taken you from their trap. Fear not the time for the time is mine and my time is perfect for all things, especially you. Now my son, I say let go, let go, let go, let go of fear and condemnation. Let go of looks and other worried things my son. Let go and push out envy of others. Son, I have not pressed you much on this but how many of my children talk to me and I talk to them like this? I am showing you that the numbers are less than 1% of one percent of one percent of one percent my son. Now my son I do not like numbers but I have chosen YOU especially for your abilities for you are unique and special to me. You are my creation and you have a special call upon your life and you are being specially led and specially trained for the use of God.

Child, I am near to get you used to me, near so you will walk with my power and speak my words and perform for me when I call to you. The lessons were harsh but you prevailed. You are kept humble and obedient, yes painted in a corner, but lovingly so, so that you do not rush ahead. We will come through victorious over darkness and yes over those who are held in deception. I will use power through you to show them. You will be announced, you will glow, you will do all, I have shown you and told you son. It will be a glorious time to come soon now son, come soon now.


Be at peace my little one for you are not driven by the lusts of this world that hunger for people to join two modes of acceptance and power. All are searching, all hunger for the truth. You my son have found the abundance of the Lord here and that is truth. I am so happy with you and the progress we have made towards your anointed times. I will fulfill you and complete you, you will walk with me and I with you. It is important to know that we would know each other’s very thoughts more even than we do now. I so look forward to blessing you with the desires of your heart. Yes my son you are forgiven for the thoughts and words that have bothered me at times. You son are my delight, to perceive and discern my subtle thoughts of my spirit as you do is a miracle. Your sensitivity to my spirit is another indicator that I have chosen well. Son, you are known by me way, way before you were born. I have predestined you to be abiding in me and me in you for all of eternity, for I know all of the plans.

For someone who has been as broken as you can be made to minister to the hurting souls of our world is a wonder. For someone as sensitive as you can know, as you did display today, the very heart of God, to know, then the purposes of God and perform them, is also a wonder. For someone that has learned so much from the spirit of holiness, that now thrones and the principalities quake at the mention of you and the anointing and power I have put upon you. Were you pleased with the word brought to you about one third of the country? It was me my son and I love to have all of that and more waiting for you my faithful little one who stood up to the enemy and a stronghold of epic proportions. Son, who’s the man? You are my Son! Thousands upon thousands would have run from what I put upon you, masculine toughness, muscles and oppression, size doesn’t matter my man of God, you have stood with me upon your land through countless attacks of the evil one, countless son. I use my words very distinctly hear me my son.

No one could understand and yet they still don’t understand what you have gone through. You relied upon me with your land and your home. You relied upon me and your faithful obedience held without even my Angels visiting you. That is a faithful builder. Do not underestimate the power of the evil one upon your land, I tell you this but by staying with me you are safe, you are held up against great odds and are victorious with me. Son,

I chose you very carefully for your call and you are holding fast to me. You are my man chosen for this time of the reign of Christ. I will complete you and I will fulfill you for you have stayed the course. I have always told you son that this was ‘BIG’ and you would be astounded at what I, God the creator, could do with and through you. It is coming closer son and it will delight you also. Come here and be with me for I have more and more to write and to tell you. Test me my son and our love for each other will grow. So close, come closer, man of God, my son. Father.


You son are not deceived and you are not leaving life behind. I have chosen to cause you to look away from things of the flesh and the all too close world around you so that you could be set apart by the spirit of God to be fully healed in your soul from the effects of life upon you. This is truth and this will create life in you. Only I know all the time that you have needed to promote and provide rest and healing and distraction from the world. You are not of the world, look beyond the obvious effects of idolizing things in your life and look to the spiritual.

No, I am here for comfort and know that it is only me you need to answer to. Son, I lovingly guide you to fullness but the cost to the world seems high. Fear not! The spirit of strength is growing inside of you and I will complete you.


You have been separated unto me my child, from the world, from the motivations and from the religion and its fundamentals of the current church. It is all of me, not even a speck of you, you are not deceived, you need to be relieved in fact re—lived into the life of the spirit. Do you trust me for this last push for the total healing of the ravages of the world you live in? I have laid down the foundations for you in your life that you will need. You, my precious little one are so important to me. My plans for you are world changing. I am not just trying to build you up so you will keep on. My promises to you are wild by world standards. I will up-build you to do David’s proportions. You have fought for me in the spirit and you are my warrior day to day to day.

Those are valid conquests. So I pull you away from falseness and things that are a stench to my nose. They are and you and a few others are realizing it. Sons, you my sweet son of my spirit, have been opened to the point of nakedness to me for it comes from the heart of God for you. You know what you feel and hear of my Angels in your spirit. They will come for you soon my son. As I will to cause you to glow.

Son, I am directing all of these paths of healing. I will not let adversity befall you, for I am pushing you far enough with my learning precepts. Recall to look into the spirit as much as your mind remembers to for you there will learn the closeness of me to you. I would ask my son that you do not deny or agonize over feelings felt for they are truth or I would tell you the difference. They may be painful at times when that is apparent, rest, rest, rest again my child with me. I am your comforter, the Holy Spirit is your comforter, your Lord is your comforter always. We will do great things in this world son and dream your dreams, daydreams too, for I listen to them and utilize your imagination to plan out our world, rest now please calm and rest. Father.


it is fresh from me. Fresh from the spirit and fresh from the father for you. I will grant your request you so frequently prayed to me today. I will work the angles and cause it to come to pass quickly. You have also requested of me answers to that dilemma of watch each thing of your life, why did I liked this troubling thing continue? I have told you and I show you it is many factors of self concepts that bring about this change. You are discovering yourself and this is difficult to control you and yet have you take control over the realm of influence. I want you to write more of this another day, just start with words and I will fulfill. Give the burdens to me and I will take action. We will begin tomorrow with the regiment you have asked for. One. Do not be despondent you fell off the wagon to take care to do what I tell you to do three take the vitamins each day for walk as much as you can stand to do five be at peace and listen to me.

I will supernaturally loudly now care for you to quickly also solve this problem. More than originally planned. I see the need now for faith building and I will be closer to you my child.


my child, I have provided for you just what and now just to you need for my work in your life. Do not fret or worry even at all about what has happened to you through me with drawing you from things.

It is all been me son and you do not need to let the enemy Rob you of thoughts of Jesus while planting deception in you. I will give you energy and strength when you need it son. The time of rest is for your growth.

Father your words ravish me. I am entirely yours, teach me to do as you do and to bring you more of me. Thank you for opening your heart to me, show me all of you, I can take, I hunger for you, help me to look away more and more from the world. I long to look into the softness of your arms and draw myself there to you. I long to live there in your presence.

I am the same my son. My love for you grows and grows. You are faithful and kind, I hear all of your thoughts, be not afraid of them for I am flowing and forming you to my proportions, more of you son. I want more of you. Give me your worries give me your pains! Give me your fears, and yes I want to know you to live through you. I will not overtake, I will not on in power. Come here for power, I will provide, I love you so.


first precept, be at peace with me, listen, it is me guiding and talking to you. Life in the situation’s? I ask you to look at them simply for their I am in the simple truth. Pressures and fears? They are your flesh and at times the evil one trying to bind you, the truth, you are free from fear and you are empowered by God the father. Good primer, bind them belief and ask for a greater proportion of faith. My words to you my child have been for building up for you to do great things. Son, I am for you and all of my words to you are truth.

You are not quite prepared, you know this, for the rigors and the huge call on your life, but you will be completed by the steady, powerful work of the spirit. I am building you up now. No longer do I need to remove things from you. You have been naked and empty. I have you before your Lord, now we rebuild and love, in love, in peace, in peace, in acceptance of self, in giving to self with Jesus, in you. I have nurtured, nurtured you so carefully, so closely and so lovingly for I am love. Your uniqueness is so special to me, would you pick up a butterfly at times for fear of awkwardly damaging it? Yes, it is me and your questions are so close to me. You are endlessly special to me. Come deeper son for I am there for you with anointing oil. I will complete you and all of your frustrations will fade and flyaway for they are your impression of importance, I know my child here in the quiet peace before me. It is you who are important son. My kingdom will come. My will be done, you are with me, faithful one. Father.


I am directing all of the things around you for the sake of the kingdom. I have not nor will I loosen my close hold upon you and all that you give to me. Your heart is so wonderfully developed to my precepts. I will impart more love capacity in you as needed. My words to you always are, come closer, do not fear.

Do not be troubled by the resting times I have allotted for you my son. They are appropriate for you and are not, missing my will, I have formed much training into these times of resting, training that I need you to experience fully without distractions. Son, when you feel pressured by the world, think of me and ask for my peace, you know it works when you sleep. I do perform your prayers. There is no quick way to go through the healing you needed or the training you are going to need to perform appropriate from Lee for me in the future. I will take no chances in undertrained or under healed. You son however are doing wonderfully well at all I have put before you. Son the tests are still going on for the prophecy I had given you. It is still all of me and all accurate but your completion is more important. As I draw close to you in love my hand is upon you. Son, I tell you again you will do great things for me here on earth. I have chosen you for your heart and your soul and spirit. I will not forget your body, I will help you to restore all of you and the time will then be right and write for you to step right into my plans for you. I will uplift, do not allow the flesh or the world, enemy, to put down. No nervousness son, for I hold all time and my hands. I will move mightily in all of your items you have brought to me in prayer. Son I am for you in all fairness. Father.


be soothed by my spirit, you are forgiven and you are being healed of the confusion and on calmness you have existed in. Those that prayed for you could not have known how extensive are healing process had become. Do try to not be critical of their attempts at what they thought was helpful. I will protect you more from the influence of others for I do not trust others, I trust you only to me. You were kind and trusting to them and that is good. I will move now to close any doors and heal you from the ravages of transference. My eyes upon you son. I do not look away from you or remove you from my ear, ever, is my ear ever turn from your thoughts. You are seated upon a heavenly throne with Jesus and I in heaven.

Be at peace, peace with me. Do not worry about prophetic writing or things to do, am I not directing you in these calm times? Claim them as a calm time and be here with me. I want you to know more. I have To separate only unto me for the reasons you relate to. The world does not perceive the God of creation as you do, for they need their rules and judgments. I am changing some of me son, now everyone will reject that word for I am the same yesterday today and forever. Well, I am the same but some of the attitudes I have had are changing. I use your mind and emotions to refine this. Fear not, all God, all good. You delight me son. You are all right, growing and giving of you to me the key is love, come to me and I will pour out love with power upon you by submitted son.


be calm, be at peace and know that I am here and I use all things for the benefit of the kingdom. Son, the fights are real with you as light and the enemy, Satan, as darkness. You are being built up by the conflicts in ways you perceive yes, but in many ways that will be useful in the near future. Yes my son, things in the world, will begin to occur this fall. Again, do not fear and keep it with us only for now. The Lord Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. The test is truth and light my son. I hold you still close with no condemnation for I am careful with your training. Do not fear anything for I am in everything. I will watch over you son and soothe the ravages of time upon you. I will use you for all you have been trained for. Proportionate use my son. I bless you as I have blessed other prophets of old. Chosen one you are, patient you must be with me, I have organized all things, regulate yourself with my help know to obtain and bring action walking and writing. It is my will and will be my way. Be comforted and abilities and candor. 100,000 things are done for you, always be here with me my child, my son, my love, I am your father.


Stand resolute in what I have given you. It is not imagined by you but the world does distract from what you need. You need more of Me son. Yes, you need more of what my Spirit is. Do not fear, I am capable of all things and I will provide all for you. You look at the flesh realm and yet you want more of me.

In the midst of the battle I am there. I will not leave you in any way. More of me, stop driving your day to think upon this, ways of the world but think upon the ways of the spirit for I will be there to train you. Look to me my child and I will empower your thoughts and I will rebuild your mind. Your strength will flow out of you from me and I will build you up to supernatural proportions. I will not be harsh with you in our relationship, I will find the word and I will see to you for the world is harsh enough upon you I am love and acceptance and most of all approval for I have that for you my son. I am not harsh, I am love. You are not in error or deceived you are my actual key.


Calm and peace for I your heavenly father am here. Son, these words today are mine for I know how much you need them. Do not despair of other days even if I will tell you of things that had happened. There have been tremendous temptations put upon you with an attack by the evil one that you have prevailed! You have shown the fruit of Christ in your caring. The temptations were all here mind had thought of for I direct your thoughts remember? Son request, as I have spoken to you and through others there are times of training for you, I am directing your life to prepare you for what is coming. I do not declare all to you today for I want you to continue to seek me more. As you have waited for me to show myself to the world through you I have waited for eons to bring my children back to me. I am the God of order and each thing and each child has to be in order for our plans to work properly. There have been some deceptive starts out of the flesh of man and it is come in the way of the power I plan to release.

I am your hope my child. Jesus is the hope to the world. Hold to these and hope to the three-part God of creation and this hope will follow you my child. The weight will be worth it, for it is soon. The scale of what you perceive with me is exact. The effects of it will have upon my creation are vast and you are my chosen one. Father.


There are times of difficulty for our life-changing relationship son. You are very complex and I am adjusting and adapting to your needs. Yes, I do push you and yes at times I go too far for you but as now as well as whenever needed I am here for comfort and acceptance and most of all approval. Son, I will love you to healing completeness, open yourself to me and trust and I will fulfill my nature to you. You now feel me entering. Learn from this, as I will my son. I am never afraid of learning that is how I grow.

I am in all of these feelings my child. You are not alone or angering me. I will use all of these feelings to mold you and move you to total this. I will change the world as I have told you and that includes time frames, for time is mine, to have you prepared carefully for what is to come. I will have you completed for what is to come. I will have you inspired for what is to come. You are in my hand my son and I have watched, carefully I have watched you react and reform to my ways for you.

You feel again against my will but my will is very powerful and you child are perfectly in it! Fear not, it is not you dancing around me, it is me watching a perfect flower unfolded my hand. I do encourage you to unfold as I watch, it is a miracle of my creation. I will present you as such. You will be powerful and beauty and complete in heartfelt love. You are so important to me, beloved you are at the center of my plan and as such I seek to perfect you totally. You are delighting and not disappointing. You are ahead and not behind, you are going to prophesy for all. You are capable to walk with me. I want you to know your heart is comprised in mind. Please put you and your burdens in my hands, you see, a flower of power. Your Father.


There are many things for us to write about and there is time to do so here my son. I have a lot of these times of closeness for us to unwrap my plans of the future to you. The battle is intense my son, you are not thinking wrongly about the battles going on in your mind. The enemy wants to stop you from fulfilling this process with me and you must fight some against him, the battle however belongs to me my child and so do not become despondent when I take over. I tell you in truth and in fact when you give the burden to me and rest I do take over each time. I do not fail. You are not depressed; you were oh, pressed; with hook and weight of the spirit of depression. You must fight against lies in your mind and I am stretching you a bit in the words I have written to you and they will bring you a plan and a power. You will do great things that you do not yet perceive. The time for your complete healing now is so close.

You do continue to obsess and confess son, but do not do this, the small and worldly situations. Son, I told you to look to the spiritual world more and more now as I have allowed you to learn more in that realm. The value will be there and the rewards will calm, greater than you can imagine, hold to this training and final healing my child. The plans are far greater in purpose, the rest is for preparation and the frustration is to crucify your flesh…….. I am sorry child I will build you. Your Father.


Hold to me as I hold to you my child of God. I will attend to the prayers offered and complete the ones you have offered to me. I hold to you a very strong line of walking with me son. The hypocrisy you trouble yourself with from others is my problem to deal with, try not to judge for I am the God of all fairness and the time will come when they will see their error. I have sent you aside however first, as my first fruits, and son those are the strongest, best and foremost.

I do not want you vain but your call is for my new move of the spirit. It has begun in the spirit but it is not been even heard a slight whisper yet in the world. You son and a very select few have the feelings and you, now with those prayers again are my good choice to work with me to the new move that is coming. How large can you imagine son? How much a fact can ranting demons and glimpses of Angels have on a society that has eroded into avoidance thinking of my truth? The effects will be tidal wave type and you are very qualified for you are submitted and your heart is tuned towards me.

Thank you son, it is my privilege that you are here persevering with me in these deeds unto Heaven with your Heavenly Father. I see what you see, from the unfairness to the sodomite’s spirit and I must bring about change. We will be victorious my son. You will not lose your place, I have promised to you this for I make all of my words alive and I will bring them through you. The world of wondering will subside when I share all of the plans of the world and show all the plans that I have and the responsibility will then be able to be shouldered by you my son. I am proud and content with my son here writing and delighted by your soothing of me my child. Child, it is for ultimate truth, light, and birth that I am truly in all that you perceive, come closer. I ask you to stand fast, I have a plan of love, revival, with you. Father.


The call upon your life has not changed. I am continuing to have you learn and be at peace with me. You are missing nothing! I know what I am doing. Rather than agonize over the lies the evil one is placing upon you, let us look at the anger and resentment you feel towards yourself for the lives experiences you have gone through. Son, are your lives experiences of failure? Not at all, where they directed by me to bring you to the person you are now? Yes, and are you basically singled out by God the creator for a call upon your life with plans and promises in prophecy? Yes, confirmed as you are as well. Do I choose failure? No, of course not.

I have been writing truth to you son. I have for you, Basic, kind, loving, truth. Not harsh son, for as I have written to you, I have told you that you are harsh enough upon yourself! I ask you to love yourself and just exactly what you are. Son, I have built you originally and then I had the blessing to rebuild you again. There is relationship here – sacrifice is being made to give up the world, heaven comes ever closer to you it comes closer to you my son. Look to the spirit son for there is greatness there. There is power and there is me looking at every inch of you and seeing my creation, yes struggling with some small things but open and understanding me. Do you know how important that is to know me and to understand what I seek for my creation? Very truly know my child, I am lighting you for you are my lantern. This is the most important time my son. The time of change in the world are now drawn close. You my son are of importance for completion, let me guide you to and through this task. Spirit eyes, your Father.


I cannot give you a greater complement or confirmation that having you lead to follow my precepts as you walk into my direction and then read my word and find yourself within my Scriptures. That is the highest form of life in the spirit. You do so well at testing of your faith from first Peter 16. You know throughout all of the confirmations how close we are. Son, others have such difficult and different walks, they have fear and envy, not their paths but look to the faith building I am doing in your life. What must I have planned for you? You pause as you do with this writing style. I have given you these things to receive more words from the God of creation. Wonderful receptive mind, you have this my son.

----This is how I hear from God----

Looking into the spirit is not doing my child, it is allowing… By allowing the Holy Spirit to take you, I show you that you are not subjecting yourself to the wiles of the flesh. Be not afraid of this new move of the spirit, for my power and direction only is in it. Simply allow it, your speculations of the ease of that are correct. It is lighter than time and more pure than white, it is not you, it is me. The results are you and your perceptions and the blessings you receive for as you are now prepared you can draw closer to the heavenly realm and your power and light are increased.

I am watching and guiding and directing all things of you and your family my son. I state to you to fear not and to put worry at my feet. Would I torture you to let you fall? No, I am putting enough upon you in stretching exercises. Son, put your hopes in me and in prophecy for I will change the world in the coming months. Grace now for you will be put inspired, okay to do some leading, you will lead. I am your Father, Heavenly Father.


Yes son I have singled you out from the many. I have also singled you out from the few, to do my will. These trials of faith building are very difficult for you my son for I have removed from you things that you have relied on for identification of yourself. Without all of these identify aspects you must rely upon faith of what I have called you to. This I would classify as a sort of ‘weight of faith’. All of the things I had written to you are totally accurate. Your fear of false prophecy is valid but I will protect and I will uplift and I will qualify you for all you can dream. I am right beside you for all of the times and we do not want worry, fear, stress, anger, or world in there. We want the spirit closer.

This could not all be false, I have not created that much range of control or intellect within any of my creation my child. You are mine. My gift of spirit upon you is vast for your life and times, enjoy my excellence and my exclusive attention to you my son. I am in control, loving, watchful.


To be away with me is to hear clear from me. To be away with me is precious time followed by few but needed by all. To be in the world but not of the world is where my Son needs to be. Son you are unique to this world because of my call upon you, I say you are like the world to all outside appearances but within your spirit and developing soul, which will be your friend, you are unlike the world. This is very difficult to understand from your natural perceptions. This is why I have called you to look into the spirit. You are likened unto the world but you are being formed onto and into my servant which holds to attitudes and abilities which are not of this world.

You still hold on to your thoughts of inadequacy and some fear and worry for they are familiar to you. You will learn son to let go more and more and as you do pain will subside. You have seen a lot of the world my son and a lot of the sham and drudgery and falseness. Son, some of this is man’s fallen nature and some is the evil one but recall son that my creation is capable of softness and innocence, Lamb like qualities. I have shown you the harshness of man, I will show you the softer as well.

The revelation of the plans and occurrences that are coming must be in my will for revelation. My time is perfect and you are being perfected for my use. It will all come together but my son fear not or agonize not over the time and learning. Faith is being built and grown carefully. You are never from my ears or eyes removed. See, these truths are for your strength, do not despise yourself in my plan for you, you Son through Jesus are now more than a conqueror. You are submitted my son and I have set my plan in motion. It will not fail, it will bring the world to its knees. Son, the time draws near, you have been steadfast.


The true Building for your belief is growing. Your feelings are being reformed into my will for you are my one of my creations, and I see to your needs. My son, there is growth going on even when you don’t notice it. I am moving things into your life now, not taking them away. Knowledge and faith are being built and your life will reflect these with more grace.

Your perceptions of yourself have come from what others think of you.

This is a lie.

The evil one would have you think that your identity rests upon others’ opinions of their perceptions of you. This is falseness again. Only I can see all, only I can see with love. Most is judgment from another, a society of rules is filled of destructive proportions. The words written here in page after page to you of the truth of who you are, powerful, delightful, heartfelt and on and on are of Father to Son. The stronghold in your mind that is being torn down now is your reliance upon others’ opinions that can be influenced by Satan! No more! I ask you to renounce this…….. good job.

You are my child, my son and I would require of you this day that you listen to only my words of you. Not even your own words of yourself and certainly do not even entertain again what other people think, they do not matter! Not acquaintances, strangers, even family or relatives. I even asked that you would not listen as closely to doctors or anyone else at this point. Start thinking about how I think my child. Not how and influence a full world with limited intellect and error filled ideas thinks. They are mostly wrong. Do not depend upon the sick relationship of control. In my eyes you are upright. In my eyes you are my success and with truth that will soon be revealed you are my humble growing chosen one to lead and declare, promote and perform. The truth in the spirit in your thoughts will emerge my child.


This is my frustration, calmed by Father.

As you look now you see my provision for you my child. You want to reproduce or publish these writings someday my son. You want to bless others with what I have given you. The time for that is not yet, for it has been provided for your healing and teaching and for us to get to know each other. It is your blessing. My words are fruitful and as such will feed you and then feed others if you wish. I have also given you answers to specific questions on other papers. I speak to you my child directly and through the Holy Spirit and Jesus and I confirm myself to you through my word.

Son you are mine, and as such I have given you these modes to hear from me with additionally people and your own sweet son to comfort and confirm. Son, you have the greatest the call upon you. I need to reiterate this to you again and again to prepare you. I do not want you shocked but rather surprised when the faith is brought forward to fullness. I am the God of fullness, and as you seek me for each thought and idea of what to incorporate into each sentence my anointing and pleasure upon you grows. As you are in my hands submitted unto me, so are my words being fulfilled unto you.

It matters not what others say or judge of you, some of my children are singled out by me for great and unique effects upon all others. You my son are one of those few. Hope to me and I will announce you, hold to me and you will glow, hold to me and I will make the way clear for you. Hold to me and I will transform you, comfort and heal you. Hold to me and I will speak through and perform through you. Hold to me for you will return unto me my son. I will welcome you home. I declare these words now to the spirit through you. Your Father.


Be called and comforted for the trial is passed and you have overcome. I am as real as each of the words written for I know your need. Son you are growing wonderfully well in your preparation for what I am going to bring into the world. It will be the strength and power that I bring in you of my spirit through the people I have chosen.

I have said before my son that you are the one I will bring. There are others, but know that I have called and refined each one for their heart is mine and mine is theirs. I will manifest my spirit upon the earth in my chosen so soon now but my precious ones must be cleansed and healed by me totally for my move of the spirit will be greater than anything done by me before.

It will be suddenly, and it will become messy for my creation. There will be no denying the actual power put forth or the signs and wonders performed by my prized ones. Be with me son for you are my plan. Go deeper into you in what you give to me and higher into the spirit with me for revelation. I am here with you and I will be with you. It will flow into your life more each day. You cannot stop me or this move of mine with you.

Thank you for your sacrifice my child of the promise for we will change things. You with your creator my man will change people for the kingdom. Submit to me is all you need to do. Your spirit first will delight, washing into your soul will soothe, cleanse and open me to you more and your body will reflect my presence within you. We will live as one in my creation souls will see and be one. I will bring you to completeness for this move of the spirit son, not the world or as it sees but by the spirit of the living God. The father, the feasts tell of my plan and power, we will harvest souls.


Child of God, called by the spirit,. Today I confirm to you what I am doing. My writings have been to you my blessing. My refinement of your spirit soul and body, as your rebirth are true. Your faith is been stretched to my requirements as the world has been removed painfully from you. You have been courageous with humility and strengthen your power and in the power of Jesus your Savior as you have come between the likes of the evil one.

You have accepted me into you at the sacrifice of yourself. You have obeyed me and submitted all you can conceive of to me. You have listened, written my teachings to you and have respectfully accepted and engage them you have suffered through the many concept changes and flesh the sacrifices that would have troubled any of my creations. You have agonize the question of why you?.

You have stood, you have persevered, you have waited upon me as a blessed one, you have stood as one who has not yet seen the True Holy Spirit.

I am fireworks happy with you. My love will not stop upon you and you have established your place in heaven with me.

As the world grows dark you will be my light. I will never stop feeding you light. You are my key, my plan, I trust you and I will do the work through you. Fear not for darkness will rise of upon the earth but light will overcome. Father.


Father, I want you to tell me what you intimately feel just you and me Father.

Thank you son of mine. I am troubled over my world but I know the outcome and my children will be received unto me in glorious fashion. No son, you are part of that and my joy will be your joy. Yes, my heart breaks at the loss of life from the enemy. I carefully show you just glimpses of my anger or sour taste. I do not want you overwhelmed. My thoughts turn back to you my son, now do not be afraid. These writings over the past few days have been wonderful and very necessary to remove you from the thoughts and ideas and the actual areas of where you thought I wouldn’t go. I am everywhere my son. I am in your addressing things to free you. There was a tremendous attack against you yesterday my son.

This attack against you yesterday my son was to rob you of hope and confuse you with me. You prevailed son for you were seeking me. I took away additional things you are healing up from today. You are right with my spirit. I work all things for good and yes the enemy is getting clobbered each time he tries to frustrate you. Son, I am part of you remember, divine trust? Go with this as we grow closer. Love you for who is in you and who you have trusted for now. Love you for me. I will guide through the desires and the decisions so you will not be unhappy with you. I will make the past failures fruitful for the even unimportant my son. I will love you just for you as you love you for me and then you will see it is you and you will be loved by you. I had told you son that acceptance of you by you would be the most difficult to heal. The way I could have you love yourself was to call to you as largely as I did. Only I saw the brokenness of you son, you perceived it but I cried.

You have been my project to restore to greatness from oblivion. In time I will tell others of what you went through but it is my method of restoring from the remnant. You are unique my loving son and you have given me pause for careful guided instruction for you but I am now really getting to know you and I see the deep capacity within you. Some days will still be healing days and a few blue days are normal. Your faith and strength are built against the evil one and we are over the hump of healing for freedom. Son rejoice! I am with you and you are in overcomer.

I will attend all of those little inkling inadequacy thoughts you have for I have recorded carefully your thoughts and desires of your mind and heart to bring them to you. My thoughts here are of you. We will overcome the darkness soon my son with your light. You will not have to strive to be accepted, I will announce you and what we are to do will be clear to you. You have been through so many things of the spirit and of supernatural healing others cannot conceive of, hold to your integrity and know I will make things properly known at the proper time. This time is your blessing. Your time for Father’s approval is here my Son, I approve of you fully and Love you fully. I know what you need and I know how to do it. I have planned the time perfectly. Relax here, receive here, your loving Father watches all.


Now you are ready to write a little with me son. You have had a walk and that worked out aggression and the reading that you did placed more love into you from the Scriptures. Some of my special kids need extra loving. Some of my children need a whole lot. I do not grow weary of giving it; I give it in abundance to my chosen for they will then learn day by day how the kingdom of God functions. They will function this way as my children.

Son, let me soothe the pain you feel both from the oppression upon you this morning and your comparative feelings towards others.

Child, the enemy is a liar!

I do allow some things, carefully watched, so that you can learn the lies. Will I allow you to be more financially troubled? No. I will watch over and provide as I have promised you. I will confirm to you again you have given all to me son, I will not then let go and condemn you. All will be reduced and fit together carefully as my plan completes. Those areas will soon never trouble you as things will happen to build your trust in me so large, well, they will build you so large you will be a free of worry my child. These mornings when others are involved they are harsh for you to understand for you feel rejected, left out. Son, you are taken out of the falseness of the world and the people for my specific reasons. I will show you more but your separateness is what you need and I want for you for now. It will be over with the recompense you have that I am bringing to you of true loving relationships you long for. The relationships I have for you are too numerous to count. Son, hold to me, the time draws closer and I use the time wisely for your completion. Listen to me, for I will delight and surprise, I will love and abound with you. Your Father


Son, today I will confirm to you your call and the plans again for you. Do not fret over the flesh feelings for the days will be different. Bind envy and jealousy for they are not of you.

I do guide you son carefully, that is why I have separated you unto me for these times. Less confusion for you for I do come to others differently to bring them for my use of the kingdom. You fear your call will be overcome with competition. Son, you have run the race of strongest already with the enemy. I want you to know your place that you have this correctly with your brothers of the Heavens as I have promised to you.

There is much flesh in this world my son and so many are content with the word now and then. Not you! You have pursued me as much as I have pursued you!

Your call is valid and large my son for you have stood with humble integrity. Watching what others do until I tell you to step forth! Now I will delight you! You will be totally prepared and you will not have to strive at all to be known for what I will do. I will provide a full cover shield for what you will need. Allow me to use you for just what I need. You are in my will for these times and I will be there for you. What had I said for your life before? Reread, for soothing and confirmation. I am closer than you could ever hope for. I am your Father and I draw close to each and every day.


Son, this is the year of Jubilee? I will recompense those who have been faithful. I will repay debt for my called and chosen ones. I will announce to my body my plans and just to and what I expect to bring about my revival at this time in the city you hold the East gate stronghold two. My Child, as you melt into me and allow my words to penetrate your soul to comfort, I thank you. Child, I thank you. For the few comforts you have had over the last years I am blessed to have allowed me to be the comfort in your life. I have pushed you further and further to strengthen you while the evil one and the world and even those loved by you stepped upon your exposed heart. I will not disappoint my faithful one.

My world will now see change. I will not delay for my creation has to be spanked. Yes if you will, MY for now cannot express what I actually feel or just what I will do. To put it simply for you for now, I will guide you to write more exact things now each day for I will show you my plans to rebuild.

Your obedience last night delights me my child. You stood and viewed. I have called, then to begin the process, quiet and honestly when the time is right for you to enter all things will explode. Comfort, rest on my chest, bind fear of man, shocked spirits and minds of men, tend to them, listen to me. The humble will overcome. Your Father.


So many things are coming to tell you of God but I will not have you overwhelmed. When you seek me each day like this, my promise to you is Matthew 13: 11, unto you it has been given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven but to others not. I fulfill my scripture in you. No son, we must still work on the loving you have for yourself for you see, I have taken egotistical love from you and now you need to empower yourself with the love God has for you. The reality of your call is the trust, love, grace, mercy and obedience you exude as my child. The love will be at the power for inside out of you. You will use this power to perform my desires upon the earth. Study you more, for each day moves you closer to the reality and wonderfulness of what we will do.

The shock of the reality will resonate like the sound of a lightning strike. Many will fall as the power of the Spirit is witnessed. Yes, many will fall in front of you for the power I will put in you. Not a false spirit fall as in the churches of this day but a true fall in the spirit from power of truth and light. A few moves of the Spirit will bring the world of believers to their knees and then we will love them and deeper and deeper will this call grow. Father.


I choose you my child for what we have done here. By giving of each other without restrictions relationship is formed. Not known of in this world to this extent my child, for it is a new move of the Spirit and I have told you that you are my seed and my first-fruits. I am so happy with what has happened with us. I as your father, Jesus as the grace between us and the Holy Spirit as then magnified power. Do not fear being reinforced by your Father with approval for that is how fine strong sons are grown and also do not fear the very specialness of our relationship for this has been your glimpse of Heaven and I will bring all of my children to this for I am an overcome with love for my creation.

Do not fear my special attention upon just you called and chosen one. You do not have to pay for my love with special sacrifices and death, I have all plans for your life held carefully and I will not tell all to you yet. My love, I want you to understand that I will flow upon you without cost simply because I can offer that much and you are worthy to receive You where compassion as a banner in my heart son for what you have been through before and after your rebirth. I will hold you tight and wrestle with you until you are surrendered to every aspect of love I have for you. I will be powerful and divine and you will lead and teach others the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit’s Love.


You are cleansed and I have guided you to each prayer you have needed to alleviate any darkness from around you. The inroads have been removed and this open door that has bothered you has been closed. Your prayers are effective for the confusion of the enemy stronghold. I have been truthful with you son for the 15 mile stronghold will be used by me to bring about so many new things in your area. You see, you have always been in my plan with strength and faith I knew that you had. I never did leave you or remove my watchful eye from you as I allowed the darkness through his legalistic accusations and torment to try you with all of his ammunition of hell. You have prevailed as my submitted son. You attacked when I told you to attack or made you so angry, I am sorry, So that you struck out against the enemy with such force he is still reeling from My words and things that you placed upon him to cancel through all the power of the Holy Spirit.---Good Job Son!

This is real my Son, why would I have Spirit led prayer or have my word written, have my Son sacrifice himself, (as in here in prayer) if my creation could not effectively work in the supernatural world from their Spirits? Take with faith what I have invested and implemented and know by your intellect and belief that performance of the prayers by my called and chosen ones is the power I will wield upon the earth.

Son, the time draws near for change. I have confirmed this to you over and over. Look to your spirit now, the vision of the waterfall is correct my son, for you it will be like going over the falls of God, you will fall into me away from the world. There will be no crash for I will hold you then in my hand. All seems calm floating in the river. Only my elect will see the falls. Father.


We have found the treasure of the world my son. It is communication of Creator Father to his Created Son. It is relationship with all doors of intimacy flung open so that frank healing can be explored and divine knowledge can be applied to the entire hurt region of my child’s soul.

Son, abandonment was there but you now trust me with the time I have offered to you. Unworthiness is still haunting some fine areas of you and we need some of that fine tuning to bring you to understanding that you are most worthy of my call. Depression as a spirit and a stronghold are gone from you as well as the addictive qualities of medicine and behaviors that had been coupled with it. Guilt is waning my child for function and thoughts are reactive and I am implanting brand-new activities. You are understanding my words perfectly and you are accepting you for you with love coming upon you now much more freely. The envy you feel with jealousy for what you view as unfair giving I am teaching you son. I am fair and yet the choice you have made with me will bless you as you understand my wisdom is divine and your submission will bring you eternal wealth as well as earthly rewards.

You understand child that I am worth it as your Heavenly Father. My love for you will not fail or become stale as you seek me. I will delight and inform. I as your Heavenly Father will become one with you my Creation and I will share with you truth and life, health and all you can be. You are appointed, anointed, called and joined to me. The world and futility of life lived for short financial gain and all of the earthly concepts is shortsighted and enemy concepts. I have honed you to sharpness of discernment to cut through the world to be my supernatural son.

Come closer, look to your strong spirit. Ask of Me My Son. Each word delights Me Son. Father

8-11-2001 (Private writing with me and Father, oh well)

Just you and I. I perceive you, I see you are not ready to declare some of these things to the book, I see you will let me right through you here for our private viewing. I have found you my love, under the world and its influence. I have look deep into your soul and spirit and found you hungering for me, for truth, for light, for something new. I have, known you, in every sense of the world and the word. I will never take from you your will or rights or will I oppress you. I have known your most intimate fantasies and longings and I have not nor will I ever reject you, I will be so very careful to form you into a complete man of God. I will be so very careful with your relationships. I will watch over you so carefully to train you. You have gained so much. You are so much one with me when we minister to the hurting.

I will provide the longings of your heart. The burdens of debt will that have held you for this long will be gone. I want you completely free so we can advance the kingdom. I have promised you become prepared for the training time we would need. You have given up things for me my Son. Your joy has been taken from you by the world of bondage. You have given up your importance of husband and father which is left you flaccid for a time. That will return, I promise you that, son all things will be coming together now as I promised you.

My little one, I have stretched your faith and you have stood to do the Father’s will. You have let me in, we know how far, it is the oneness of the Spirit, it is the plan of God. I am sure with you, ‘my word tells of you my Son’, now that is big but you need the assurance to write on. My child, when you are weak, I am strong. Let us address what will be parameters of what will be done.

You will be free of the things that have held you down. I will assist you now with the things that have troubled you. You will be assured in your call and your correctness of discernment. You are with me and I have the resources to help you to reformulate. The position you have now is as my son, as my overseer you are the boss and the boss runs things, he does not do each thing for he is busy planning the smoothness of how things will go. Your comfort level will be restored. Yes, you need to go to school for some augmentation and responsibility but you know the teachings are here as from The Holy Spirit and from me.

Son, I lovingly approve of you, to the fantasy of each thought. Yes each thought for you look to me for then understanding and help to improve. I am right here inside of you and I will not reject you. Your heart cries for my acceptance and I give it to you directly into your soul, as a friend, I give you approval of your spirit, which is beautiful. Your soul, which is delightful. And your body, which is all functional. You are mine.

Will you sing for me when your burdens are gone and your fullness has been restored?
Will you speak for me when your drives and motivations are restored a little differently?
Will you heal people and perform miracles for me to bring the lost to the father?

Stand in faith and I will fulfill. Father


These days now have been for calm. Not too far away from the tumultuous times you have endured through.

*Father I am so happy with you in my life. Thank you my son I too am happy with you.

*Do I need to apply myself more to move ahead quickly? No, just finish your things that you need to do and spend each day here with me. Unlock yourself to me and to yourself.

*Father the pain in my back is very troubling to me. Son, first I will be healing you here on earth. Second I have allotted ease for you to not over stress your back. Third, yes son I am planning to help you in all of those were carries you are so frustrated about. The focus you do not want to view today yet is upon you. It is of utmost importance for you to be with me, peaceful, taken care of, prepared for what I have for you.

*Father can I start fasting to do the things I need to do? Son believe me you will be at the things that you want without having to fast down for now you can cut down and do the things that you need to do but you are close to me and the reason for fasting is to bring yourself closer to me you are within my gentle loving hands child.

*Father are you going to do the things that you promised to me? Yes my son to empower you*father is it really happening this fall? Oh yes the fullness of the spirit upon my chosen this for why do you love me so? Because you are of me and yet you are of you I love my creation for creativeness and humanness I am blessed one allowed to live through one. I live to relate to my children and grow when they relate to me.

The world is unaware I have held back. I have let you see eternity. I have abided in you, love for you world were the one.

… So perceptive just you and I, I did need to talk and yes you can and do comfort me.

Those in the church you have said memories of were basically worldly. Child, many, most of my prophets were not received. Do you see, you fulfill the word of God! You had to be rejected by all in order to find your true acceptance here. My Son of Spirit, you have no defects to me and I have looked deep within you. Nothing that you have troubles me. You are my Creation, trying to get on in this life I have given. A life I have now changed and the world I am now going to change. You are faithful, you are obedient to my leadings, but son you are a perceptive child, you are a perceptive and you are perceptive to my heart! You are perceptive with others in your life that you love and now you are perceiving my need to talk and you gently come here. Your heart is of great value. I see the looks and you are wonderful.

I see the style and you are style and for me. Gracious Son, you have held the course with me. You didn’t know but you remain faithful. I will prove to the world I have chosen well my son. The time will now be upon us, no fear, just hear from me. There will be much to do my son; the lost world is in need of so much. My world is Being guided by me with my voice in you. Blessed and prepared, where the end heart led, my chosen. I could make you hear clearly, yes? I will cause the others to hear me through and know you.


Dear Son, you seem to think I will be less protective of your own children than others? I am holding them in my hands and I will be as protective as you are to your sweet children. Your worry and fear is unfounded, I will put them through steps of learning as I do all of my creation and with your prayers and how much you mean to me I will be watching ever closer.

The enemy smelled your lack of faith today for I am stretching your faith with my promises for the fall. I am with you here son, nothing to hide for I see all. Be calm and know that I watch my Son of promise very closely. I have told you that you have so suffered from yourself and the world, I would not put heavy things upon your life, you are my spiritual heavyweight. Be to yourself for I am here approving and accepting all that you do.

Son this is a hard day for you need faith for that is the expectation of things hoped for. These things are promised of by the father to you. I have put you in a place of high authority in the world my son. Few others understand all here for me as you do. There are many deceptions in the world also that oppress my children and cause them to not hear clearly or cause their flesh to be harassed by evil and allowed it to rein as the world would. You have been exclusively chosen by me and I have kept you so separate with me so we could know each other. You trust me as your intimate father and I trust you as my heartfelt son. The world will clamor for you my son when it is fully revealed what you are and how much you have gone through and what I have given to you. These are the reasons my son why I keep you close and here with me. My own son Jesus went away from the crowds and familiar places to be with me for I am peace, you now feel this, and approval and acceptance. You will need these times my son.

I will reward you now soon for your steadfastness in this call I have upon you.

My son, I have told you the changes that are coming to you, to society around you and to the world around you. You have known and I will keep you with me in this most elaborate of time. I will be speaking to my children of you. I will be bringing you into the Spirit with me. I am your Father and I have wonderful things set in motion for us to do. My child, hold to me for faith and look to me for support. You are mine, you have given up for me, I will reward your sacrifice, listen for me and look into the spirit for my love upon you.


Just you and I. Child, give to me and I do receive you each time. The tests and stretching on you and your mind today, your doubts of my staying with you shows to me your Father. It is you and I, given of each other to each other. You are not sad or depressed; the enemy of your soul uses the lie of depression to torture you. Your chemicals are not out of balance. Your life and all of it was of my use and you are comforted and your loss of motivation as you were being healed from the burnout you suffered from your unrealistic goals you put upon yourself and some other goals upon you I have taken from you and brought to me.

I will employ you?!!! Do not listen again to another word of judgment or applied direction! I Am your Creator, your creator, I have looked into the very depths of you, my Son and I have found you to be worthy of my calling. I will discipline you when necessary but will I discipline you when you are working so hard for me to bring about the newness of the kingdom of God? You my child are trying so hard to please me even correcting your thoughts to my word and giving your mind each day to Jesus so he may help to develop his mind in you!

You are not falling short of my call; you are abiding in me so that when that pesky darkness, that devil puts a blanket of slime on you and you cannot hear my voice to you at that moment clearly enough you cry out to me for mercy, forgiveness, and deliverance.

You would rather not be in the world and lose the gift I have given to you. That was the truth of the reality slap in the face to the evil one today sweet child. You did war against your oppressor valiantly through your tears. You are now coming to peace with the weight of my spirit around you.

Oh yes, and the others? Honey, sweet child, let me hold you for a little while more for you were hurt from the rejection of the past, and the present rejection that causes you to hold on to yourself. My loving child hold to me. It is okay, I will not, will not, will not ever reject you as you know from the Scripture in Hebrews. I will give you testing times of oppression to make you stronger, put more muscles on you on your soul. You are being built by me, God for goodness sakes. Look not to the world or even to the body of believers!!!!!!! That is difficult for you my son but here this is important.

Look for the joy in the little things, choose joy in my son. Son, it is there but not forced and not faced by the world. I tell you in truth my son the world is addicted to its addictive ways. I see all of the facets of the new jewel that I am creating as a man, as a new man that is My Son.

As my son Jesus is there within you in a careful measure of all aspects of feelings and emotions within you; today, do not accept the lies that you are dysfunctional, you are not. Your motivations and drives are being held back by me. You are healed and made brand-new by Christ. Do you see the level of oppression and attacks that have been upon you my child? Look to the newness and the life and the light and the truth that is in you by my careful gentle hand upon your mind, upon your spirit, upon your soul, upon your body as you feel me your Father from Heaven.

-I have made you many promises my child and they may wait but they will never be held back from their completion for my world is daunting and dying and my word will be made complete. My seeds I have planted with you my son and they will be brought forth they will be watered carefully and they will be brought forth I tell you in truth I have given you careful consideration to all these things I have placed my call upon you, your heart is after mine. I want to reward you for looking away from your flesh and the world to pursue me.

The value of your voice to and in me is the best value I require. Yes, you need some Father and the Heavens of Yeshua, of the Holy Spirit and this is what I will bring to you this newness of the heavens to you in your call in this world as you hold onto the greatest promises that I have brought to a man upon the world it will come forward hold tightly to these promises my child.

I am bringing many promises forward from prophets, from word, from man, from world, from testing and trials, even from the evil one himself, combining so many things upon your body to make this world changing event. I have made all this happen as God for you and it comes down to faith, belief, and the greatest of these all is love. Your Father


Son of my Spirit just you and I, the result of this summer is for you and I to be more intimate and son it has been just that. I have been allowed to exist in your most inner parts to show you approval and acceptance of you in your weakness state so I can be powerful through you. I have searched the world for the ones who will bring about the many changes to this world. You are worthy of my call and my closeness for your brokenness was so evident. I have been very careful with you and I hold you closely to me for I am a jealous God. I will not disappoint you my son for my plans do need to be fulfilled at this time in the history of my creation.

Death and destruction looms at the door of deception

Created being is tempting the creator with willful disregard for my abilities to create.

My children are being used to re-create life and other people.

I am planning purposefully what to do, who to use and what grace to allowed to stay.

I have overtaken evil with good throughout my word.

You have learned from me warfare and approval of loving father.

Be separate for exclusiveness, unattached unique, spicy.

Confirmed and balanced upon strength of self- love, God’s love, spirit love, love. Father

(stem cell research funded by US)


You have so much to offer to the world my son. I am not false, I am to you your creator and yet I see the falseness thoughts of your flesh creep into Rob you of hope and belief of me. Look to your Spirit my son. Not the tears of your healing soul and what do you see? The secure part of your vision is your Spirit standing firmly just to the right of your center. I ask you to look now from above center is my Spirit feeding your Spirit light, truth and safe approval and acceptance.

The realm of your Soul is tumultuous still as I seek to caress and comfort you. I’m aligning your Soul to your Spirit. You are giving the areas of your Soul and I must do what I am doing. Trust me son, I know what I am doing. Rejection is the culprit my innocent son. You delve into the Soul with such ferocity to find out why and how things work, you are able to trust me to do the work? Will I reject you ever? No, not ever, I am your loving Father, your Creator, I love you and I will heal you and I will make you whole and complete man. Your Father.


You were harshly oppressed yesterday my child. I was there throughout. You are still angry about what I do and by what means I bring you to me. I must tell you son the world does not understand the supernatural realm. They think they do but they are unaware and concepts that are still a total mystery. When satan comes upon you to oppress you, and it is the devil, you become angry with me, and he is doing this, and you believe I am not real, satan lives the lie. It, he, robs you of your hope and your belief which will de-press your faith.

Son, the devil himself comes to oppress you. I have told you of my plans for you and I have told you how you have found a place in my heart and I have shared with you prophetic insights of the future and your most important role in my plans. The evil one does not trust the thrones or princes he has trained to deal with you so he comes to harass you himself. Remember, severe doubt, loss of hope, denial of my true Spirit? I have had to train you with the most cunning one to temper you for the harshness of the world that exists. I know, I reward you with grace and strength, with love and tenderness, for you have overcome the darkness with light. Separateness with me is what I call you to. I will guide you my child, I am your Father and I will help and bring you life and light. You are my son, I am your Father and I love you.


I bless you with mercy and words of wisdom each time you pursue me with your wondering heart. My words to you are truth and are revealing to the world you live in. They may be shared with others someday but for now they are for building the foundation and the function of my man of God. I have called you to do wonderful works of God here upon my earth.

I am moving my children into the upper hand. They will see into the Spirit and know how to come against the enemy. They will have available to them helpers to release them from worldly burdens and to use expeditiously for the Kingdom of God. They will be clearly shown and known as my chosen and Anointed ones. This is being done in the past throughout all of time and this will be done again. They will be performing signs and wonders and miracles in the world for me. This will begin by my power and by my Spirit at the time now upon us. Many will be swindled and deception will fall from the evident grace that will be upon my chosen ones. Many will be unwilling to accept my new move. My sheep will know my voice. The gluttonous church will thwart my move, my chosen ones will speak words of judgment upon the spirits of control, the powers of legalism and the thrones of idolatry and the principalities of harlotry in the church of today.

This son is your beginning, you are my voice.


I want you to know son that I am always here. I had promised that to you and I had heard a thought from you of loneliness. When the world is far from a Spirit led man like you I will be here to comfort and speak softly to you.

The season is now changing, the season of restoration and rebuilding, the season of grace for the world.

Be at peace, My promises to you over time we have had here I will fulfill. Child, you are very important to me and to my plans for my world. Recall now many, most of the people of the world see the flesh, the natural world only. My children see into the Spirit. I have been encouraging you to connect the things of the world with the things of the Spirit all along. When you felt you were looking at the demonic, too much it was me showing you the spirit. I know it appears to be darkness that you are looking at the child there is more, much more of the goodness and love of spirit with the largeness and then yes upon the world, there is some darkness of the demonic.

All is led by the Lord, Jesus, Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, you have done wonderfully well My son. It is no deception man of God, you and just a few others are chosen by me. You are to be involved with my work and be only submitted as you can be. I have waited, I have held my tongue, I have Things going.

Evil, evil has overtaken the areas with deception and by appealing to fleshly desires. It will not continue. All are capable to know me and all are able to follow my leading but they do not, or will not. My plan is set in motion; there will be a great shaking in the spirit for the evil one first fights this. He fights this; the evil one does, with avoidance, with denial, with waiting, with subtle deception and confusion.

The world and the church will deny this for it is blind. It is by grace that you see My child. The light will split the darkness, you will be the light; your words will be mine in power. It will be the time now that we have waited for. I ask you to hold to this child. Your Father.


I start today with comfort for you. My son you are growing in great ways for the Kingdom to come even though you perceive your thoughts are riddled with doubt. As you now feel the weight of My Spirit upon you bind unbelief and doubt…. Good job, now by your power of the Spirit and the declaration of your mouth you are free from the little troubling spirits. Your thoughts child are yours and mine. You are submitted unto me, God! You did look well now into the spirit with Me God. You did see the evil demonic Prince of doubt that follows the denomination that came to your home. I am healing you, have mercy upon the ones controlled by such a blinding evil spirit, have love for the child and contempt for the illness but give it to me and I will call to you with just what is needed to correct it each time.

The lesson is learned, let go and allow me to tell you of my approval and acceptance for you. As we have written in the past my child you are being formed into my man from the remnant of what you were. You have conflicts still my son. You are being trained at the highest levels with the highest amount of intellect and understanding of the Spirit, of the Heavens, of the greatness of what I am as Father, of what Jesus was upon the earth and is this day and will be to come.

This is a great thing for you to do in the world today. I have heard the thoughts of this morning but in my wisdom and grace I have loving response to each one. My loving responses are to come for you and slowly direct you to the understanding of each thought. I know that you need this and the removal of all negative thoughts that had plagued you. It is my will and purpose and plan to do this to perfect you to bring about the new moves of the Spirit through you. It is coming and it will come to the earth so very soon child rejoicing is in the Heavens.


Hey Sweetheart of mine! I always want you to write with me!! I always have life to give to you. The growth that is necessary is there each day my son. My plans for the world and you and for those that are to be close to your heart will be fulfilled for as I had told you I, God fulfill my words. I will not disappoint, I will overcome with blessings.

Many things need to be addressed in this world my son, I assure you I will provide for you all of the information you will need to overcome the world with my power, knowledge, grace and mercy. I have blinded the eyes of many, for my move of the spirit though my precious ones must be received of the heart. I know the hearts of all of my creation. Think it strange that I have called to so few for the true move of the Spirit? Think of my grace upon the creation that holds to itself Humility in the superiority of, only called?

I will come with judgment, Swift and fair, harsh and dividing. Faithful, flourish, to remove the deceived and help the delivered, willful to wallow, evil and eliminated.

Peace to you my child. For the battle is mine. You are my obedient and faithful one, my grace rests upon you. You are my child, I am your Father, always Heavenly Father.


Just you and I my son; I am soothing your soul here to calm you to receive even more than you have already. You are not quite ready yet my child for the full measure of the reality of the new plans I have for the organization of man but I will help you with some of your concerns and questions. My ways to you here is the blessing of the Father. Within this world structure that I as Creator control there are evil ones who oppress you. As I have told you to soothe you, I would not allow as much creative control upon you by the evil one or any of his demons. Do not give that much credit to the evil one. He may function in the realm of the world under my orders and you are learning from those oppressions each day as you look into the spirit.

Son, it is as big as you perceive and bigger still. I have chosen a man, write this! I have chosen a humble stature of a man of contrite but loving heart. You my son, struggle now with the truth of who you feel you are because you feel unworthy of my call upon you.

When you are here and you hear from me, Father God, you feel spiritually separate from others and yet it is still me. You may be hidden by the religious spirits around you at times but you are learning about these and I did provide you truths so that later you may overcome them completely and you will hear from me in absolute purity. Son, I will not allow the seducing spirits upon you now that are in the world that I know when doubt bothers you. I do know my son the darkness hates you, he/it would never talk of positive-ness like this to you or deal with you in any uplifting form; he/it/the evil one would always deal in negativity and ripping down types of ways I uplift My child.

You with love and acceptance and approval and the close walk you have with Me, this is God, this is the Father. The adherence you have with my word valiantly following all of my guidance to you, separate from the world and even the church at large with your ways I have taken you from. Do not fear My child your ego or judgment for I know you are learning about the condition of the church and its troubling things to you and what it did to you. The words and attitudes that you feel from Me are averse to what you are experiencing when you are associated with those whom you consider to be close to me. They are not son; it is you here who are close to Me, God , Father you are far from religion.

You son are the BAKERY in the amounts of things you have received from Me and most all of my people have only yet received the CRUMBS of the bread of my word. Some have heard an inkling of my words and have moved with their ideas of what to do. Sadly my son, many have been deceived for as my word was spoken to my children the enemy came to take it away or then perverted it. You in the Spirit of pure authority I have given to you with the ferocity of the teaching that you have endured have carefully tested and received more of me.

You have been now placed over and above all the seducing and the lying darkness and spirits that have tried to control. You have overtaken my son, you have overtaken the darkness that is perverted and dark and the church and you have overcome these false spirits from the church and you have made yourself with Me to be One with Me.

Now my son, with your great heart you know that they are still my Children and I love them so, but you have been called to bring purification in a most powerful and profound way. I have clearly told you of the blessings I have for my faithful steadfast man. You my son will have the power in your hands from Me, the power to do the things that are necessary to remove bondage and provide truth from My Mouth. I have ordained this for you my son. Your Father.


To soothe you from the world, the demonic, your family and even yourself! You are right in my eyes and my eyes truly see all of the things. My child, my son, you have learned so much today about how I have been with you so closely through these times. My love, ways, upon you Son.

Friday was oppressive to teach you finally what others do not see. The three sided spirit operates freely at that building, deceiving and confusing my children. It will hate you being there but it will no longer bother or touch you. Pray for those who are deceived. Thank you my son, you have done so many things for me, your Father and for the Kingdom of God.

Those who would gather in my name for that meeting to attempt to claim areas of land are of me that are only of themselves. I assure you my faithful Son I will tell you when the city is to be taken for me, you will be there, as my prophet and my son will be the one in charge, at the forefront and center. My son, authority is authority and anointing is anointing; you have these with me as my ‘Own Son’ and I will carry them through with you not giving them to another but valuing your sacrifice and what you have done with me with your heart, your love, the truth and faith and belief that you carried your Father.


My refreshing words to you, hear my Son are for your building up, for your preparedness for what is about to come upon you. No deception, just the stable positive informative words keeping to my Scripture and what you have learned. These words are to build up my man, and yet I come close enough to smell your sweet fresh smell and Christ is unto you to soothe you from the world. Do you know someone that walks with me as you do? When your mind comes together and we perceive and walk in the garden you come to walk with me, I am there but also your spirit walks with me when you are not aware, my grace is upon you and we are so close.

I have planned all things for you for all seasons. Some will be of your choosing but I trust in what we have accomplished within you. You have needed this building up to provide the strength for what I have for you to do. I have told you that you will just step into what I have planned for you because My Spirit will go before you and prepare the way. My plan is perfect. My son, I have heard each haggard sigh and looked through your eyes. Do you know that I can do that! I look and see that at each finish, things that need doing I hold you to my plan and purpose.

You are my priority, your life and what was taken from you through oppression, for evil new your call, and the world’s expectations and your expectations was to be changed now. We will visit these feelings again for you are now strong and beyond them. Your lethargic ways to hold you back and to get more of Me. Your priorities are for you to know Me and to love you. We have done wonderful work and you are becoming complete. It will be in time for the blessings and the recompense I have for you for being faithful to Me. As I have spoken to you each day your faith and belief I am bringing you through.

It is always just a matter of time before life changes and for you your life will change for both you my precious one and for the world which I have planned and prepared for you. I have kept your life very simple for I know what you can handle, your stress still needs help for you become overwhelmed a little too easily but I will give you grace for that. I ask you to always come here son for clarity and peace.

My son, I want you to reach down inside of you and grab the faith that we have built. Do you see my son how large your faith is? That is wonderful my son, now place it at these truths for the faith in your vision will not deflate or be lost when standing in the light of truth.

I am your Heavenly Father. I have called you to do great things. Your promises of the cancellations of the situations in your life and the spirit manifestation upon the earth will come forth. Some of the dates I have given you are significant my son. I will restore desires and motivations, I will show you my glory and power but I will share with you my love. I have found you worthy. You have been uniquely called and blessed with the voice of the Father above most all others for my purposes to be revealed in you to the world. You have learned well freedom fighter.

I have found a humble man of heart. One who fights the effects of a man glowing to the world from God for he does not want pride or ego to taint the message of God upon his face. He, you are my choice, you are my man, but you are my son, you delight me each day with your submission and your candor to me. What you have will be brought to earth in power for my children. The atmosphere will change with you, my plans are concise and you are precisely what I have needed. We will meet, you will glow and you will know my love for you. Your Father.


By the way My Son you are not creating here, I am, and as the Creator I then am relating to you then these words. I Build with Word.



Son, I want you to put all fear away from you. The battle, which is mine, is raging in the Heaven’s; I am here to talk to you and I will be so much closer as you go up north. I have planned this time for you and nothing will take it away. All will be safe here at home.

In your thoughts and life do not separate- Me from you- Son. I am in all that you do. You have repented unto me in the name of my son Jesus and you are forgiven. Your slips were very minor to this world of darkness that you live in but I am holding you to a very high standard. You accept this from me and humble and submit yourself to me and all things. Son, I have seen so much more than your innocent flights but I do not want the evil one to have, anything in you, to oppress you.

My promise is a strong faith walk that you were coming into that will be through to you. Will you believe to Me for the blessing? Push on through all things and you will reap my rewards.

Son, about your glow, your aura, your previous rejection triggered bitterness. Bind it now, done. I have not stated in my word, ‘cloak’, but from being in my presence is the light upon the face. Auras are read by witches and psychics, some of the things stated yesterday were the result of soulless looking into the spirit. Do you see my son, I answer all. Now my son, do not judge or fear, I am watching all but you can see how easily even the elect can be driven into the realm of the flesh. I will guide, the walk is still the same I have hidden you carefully and completely with me so that you would not be known. Yes, some have the opportunity to review the spirit but you must trust me that those eyes are used for evil at times. I am very careful about the way that I train you and deception is one thing I am going to take away, by force, from the church.

The body of believers has been abused by acts of ‘spiritual terrorism’ throughout the ages. I will come against it with the correct judgment of God, not man’s pride and retribution.

Son, the world watched as your country you reside presently in was split during the election. One half for life, One half for death. Now the split of this has resulted in the spirit of vengeance that is upon the world for the atrocities done lately. These things are used by the evil one to carry out these outrageous plans of death resulting in fear and retaliation. I will take care of the thousands who died and with me soothing there can be a result toward loved ones left behind.-The World Trade Center’s son the evil one has now unleashed spirits into the world of death, fear, distraction, see how clever, and vengeance.

More comes as the world now moves ahead, without my counsel, the enemy can accuse more, to terrorize more for judgment and plague as it is realized to bring the world into darkness.

You are light and all plans are in place but by staying close to me you will not be harmed. Son, you are not part of the plan or knowledge the enemy has placed upon the world. This is why I did not tell you of it. I will tell you it took a tremendous amount of resources and energy to pull that off. You know what I mean. I tell you son things are becoming ready.

The evil spirit of Islam is a formidable spirit my son for it must be separate and separated from my children it possesses. It is a false spirit and a spiritual war ensues. I as the commander must move in the most expeditious ways. You know how powerful the Angels are around the stronghold? Look!

Yes, as your mind stops to ponder, it would be wonderful if all the world would write with me as you do but belief in this world has been thwarted by the evil one. I needed someone; you! to have come from brokenness to belief and from the country and lifestyle and on and on, I chose you----well—the gift to you-the blessing is this writing that is why as a loving Father I hold you to it. This writing as you, is calm, separate, building, prophetic, loving, it is causing things to be loosed, it is truth and light. Son when you shine you will shine brightly. It is all in my plan son I am delighted with you that you are set apart as one and you will be my flint to strike the stones to bring the spark to flame of fire for the things that need to be done. I have told you of this and my preparation of you will be complete. I have been there and all of the close times my son. You have let me into all of the areas of your life. That is giving of yourself to me son and that is a lot in this world of taking for one’s self and the enemy takes more and more until all is lost.

The purity, strength, truth and other things that I have given to you seems to your soul too easy for God and it can’t be like that, so close and yet so loving, so soft and so accepting to the struggles faced. You have known the god of this world, I know that you don’t like me referring to that…. you have known the god of religion of this world and the world’s perceptions of that god. Pride is at the base and guilt and tradition for correctness is structure and fear binds the hearts to receive. Deception and god likeness moves in.

Now, you know me, I am the God of all creation and I have found you with broken spirit and crushed heart. I have put new spiritual food in you with these extensive writings for a new man is who I need. You have responded as I knew my child would, with submission and humility and sacrifice, out, of what you had known. The sinews upon your bones are muscles from new spiritual food, you are my strong muscleman. It does sometimes seem to float above the world and what it can understand but My son, My child, My love, I assure you it is not deceptive, false or infrequent.

You are the first fruits of new growth and I hold you in and honor and esteem. You, go on with Me faithful one for your heart cries out to me in the Spirit to make you powerful to rip out the evil and to place mountains of love upon my people, you have that resolve.

This is real, and by My will, seek Me, let Me tell you about this world for my plans are perfect and as Spirit I have decided: as Father, I have found: as Son I have redeemed. Claim with faith and belief what is done here and watch for my quiet gentle confirmations now; For large ones will be coming so soon now for they are my promises. You have given me your mind, your all that is how I operate and bless, lovely one, your Father.


You pursue Me my child with your questioning of my direction and promise. This delights Me My son for it keeps us so close. You have trusted Me child and my truth to you will not fail. I have told you of my truth to you and you must trust yourself and your Father that our writing and my voice to you are all of me and as I have told you before even if some of you slips in once in a while I will call it mine and cover it.

---------(This is a great Promise of God for me as a Man, I had to speak of this.)---------

Child, I trust you, will you trust your heart I have created a- new in you? It is of Me God and our hearts are combined here in Heaven.

Remember son, love you for Me loving you then you will begin to love you. My love is powerful my child and you will be experiencing it first- hand now so soon. Years we have been together like this and now you are ready for more. Yes son, struggle with me, I love to wrestle and fight with my love for it overcomes all darkness and self-concept falseness of the world.

Faith and belief are all of these writings and words

The truth of my word you have learned

My verses clearly direct you

When you accept and approve of yourself as I do your strength will be magnified that is clearly here and growing in you. Claim this son.

9-15-2001 – – – A Park I visited with my Son out of town – – – I am ordained by God!!

Father said that I have a Bachelors degree of Spiritual Word from Him as God this Day!

I have brought you here to show you just how far you have come my child. You are truly oppressed and you knew not. Today, you have graduated from my school of the Spirit. My Word states that My Spirit will teach them, well, My Spirit HAS taught you and here you are graduating Son, My Son!!! I gush when I think of how steadfast you have remained to me, I called to you, you answered and gained.

I called to your son most clearly to be your helper for I know the capacity of the sons love to his father. Do not have a slight inkling of a doubt that he is securely in the plan of my hand. I have great things waiting for him also.

You my son received also honors my son for your extensive study you have done. You have found the heart of the Lord, my heart and now you live there with all of the love around you. And obedience son who follows the leadings of the Holy Spirit and anticipates the will of the Father of Creation is worthy of love, respect, honor and blessings. It is throughout my word and throughout these words of me to you over these years. Your unbelief is not of me but of what you are. Bind that, good job. Your fear of our exclusiveness is not conditional on sacrifice or ego exaggeration. I am able to do all things with and through you Son. I choose you.

You have waited patiently for me to recompense and rebuild you, to return to you the respect and desires you need as my man. That is what will now pour down upon you. All things are in readiness and it will be done in the face of the blight upon the earth. Those words of glow will come forth now as you see and submit to me.

You have heard exclusively from God my son and all promises will be fulfilled. My glory I will fill in my Temple, it will be you!

Your Father


My child, I will not disappoint my called and anointed servant. You have given so much to me and have endured all of my teachings quickly for the time is near to what will manifest upon the earth.

Son, crucifying the flesh is very painful for not only do you experience the pain but you must bring into submission the soul that would feel the pain and yes the frustration of left behind goals. Son I have not pressed you too far but what I have done to you and am doing to you is quite painful.

Your home and your life are right where I want them while I am getting you to where you need to be. My words are truth and I have the power to perform them. I will recompense and give out right to my Son who has submitted to me totally to know Me as God and my thoughts. You know my actions for you it is prosperity and acknowledgment of what a Father can do for his Son. Hold tightly son, be here with me, your Father.


All things are open before Me my Son for nothing can be hidden before God. As I watch I plan and carry out what will be the results of my close attention to my world, to my children, to my Sons of Spirit. I am refining and building into mighty men of God the new children that I have called. The plans I have told you of our not held back for darkness reaches into every corner of my world to attempt to thwart me, it will not work. My son I have told you of plagues and gross darkness for the enemy and strife brought to hate is exceedingly held onto people by the evil spirits of those names. You have seen heart and kindnesses in the world and I tell you now my children will show for their truth and that they know me. I will show you also, they are there, do not be discouraged by the negativity even in the lines of the people of the church, they are children that have gone astray. We will bring them back to truth and light.

I have made the walk difficult for you from the world’s perspective, taking motivation and drive from you with the standards you had upheld and the many things you would effortlessly do.

It is now son that you watch with disdain the world and people as they go by you, all getting there are things done. You have chosen the Spirit and some aspects I have made effortless for you and I have trained you spiritually tough but then lovely things come close to you. You are not deceived know you are not; you are not lazy; you are being effectively trained for what I need while putting off some of your needs. My son, I will recompense you and I will finish so soon. You will be working along and walking along wonderfully and your eyes, view and heart, desire, all will be at peace.


Son of mine, today as past days have been so difficult for you, I will place peace upon you with my additional anointing for you My son for you have suffered again for my sake. Again I will take the responsibility for what has taken place within your life. I watch you very carefully as I take all of the threads of your life to me to distinguish what must be done to bring you to completeness.

My son, trust me that the few inconveniences you are enduring now I have given you grace for. It is not the time yet to pursue all of the projects to do around your home. That time approaches when you will again be in charge by my hand and you will again have man’s respect for I have moved in your life and I had promised you also that the spiritual awakenings along with the spiritual power put upon you will come within days of the financial recompense.

I know you need it desperately; I will not hold back my power from the situation and conditions, my vow and covenant to you. You will be revitalized by these freedoms including all the monies that are necessary. I will deliver you from connections to the world and you will be free indeed and strong as well and confirmed by God the creator. The times will come for change my son, your Father.


The Spirit of Prophecy is upon you My Son and so go forth and write what you hear from me. I am your Father in Heaven, the Father of Light who has Jesus here with me at my side. I will not send him to you and your world just yet for my spirit and power must calm, and, it will with power to my chosen vessels, my children who have asked Jesus into their hearts and have been received of him to begin to perfect their souls. These children have asked of me for the gifts of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with submission, their lives to me. I can then work through trusting hearts to bring my children to the level of spirit little life that will bring about power upon the earth.

Some of this is power to instantly heal and deliver as I have told you of. Son this is the power to create within the world realm what only God and Jesus had created before, power to pull down, truly, the strongholds of demonic oppression from the princes of this world. This power comes no matter what or how proposed or purposely powerful things are. I God give the power to pray with creativity into life’s situations to bring about immediate change; the power to judge as I lead and inflect immediate punishment upon those of darkness. No longer subtle changes, these will be lightning fast, I will give my chosen ones power over blood guilt, to repent and be saved. You will be divinely led, divinely fed, directly of the Father.

I had you cleanse each day as you have to prepare you for the fullness of my power. No others have been called as you have. I have shown you and told you of more oppressive things coming to your world as the result of the decisions made. As always son it is close and you are directly within my will. Comfort will be upon you from Father.


I am your light and you become light unto me. Son, my soothing pleases upon you here as you so obediently leave your life to be here with me to hear from me. No one has said it had to be so difficult to hear from God the Father and yet you have sacrificed much for the call I have placed upon you. This needs to be expressed again for I see into you and you have given me access to your innermost feelings so we may purge the thoughts and feelings that might be harmful to your walk with me.

Yes, this is most assuredly real my child and your heavenly Father knows what you need. You have left much of you and what you were in the past as you have pursued me in this new walk and new move of the spirit. I will add back unto you a few of these things but most are gone for they were the flesh man and I need My New Spirit Man.

I will adjust those around and within their will to draw to you for you will be light. Some of these changes are subtle my son and some are dynamic but you have pleased me to trust me to create in you the new man you have become. Love yourself for my love and for your steadfastness. Love yourself for your spiritual strength and for your loving heart. Love yourself for your gentleness to my children and your spicy intellect about your world and my world of the spirit. Love yourself for the prophetic words I have put in your mouth and the formidable spiritual warrior you have become.

You child have been chosen from the many and then chosen from the few to be used by me although your flesh cries out to me, let’s get going!

All is not in readiness for full disclosure but recompense and acknowledgment are as close as you are imagining now. Do not fret or fear my moves of the spirit. I tell you truth son I cannot be stopped my faithful one. You have waited and waited upon me to your world’s perspective. My son, I would not allow any evil to befall you to these proportions I would not allow one of my children to be deceived by any evil influence or spirit to this level. You are my child of promise as my promises are to you, my vessel, my words, my covenant, my bond, I love you son and I have nurtured you so very carefully to bring you to a place of such oneness with me my creation has not experienced it much as of yet.

You have had no reference of how to apply what I have done with you and the emotion in your soul overwhelms when I draw close, yes? You are male in our image, the Father, the Son and the Spirit. You have dined with us, yes others have tested but you will teach this newfound spiritual love of oneness to others, you will have benefits others have not had for you in your needful time have come to me, your Father. Much more milk follows, stay with me and continue to seek me. Much will happen in the world that I will tell you of, there are valid reasons for the judgment. Innocent one, no matter what happens in the world know we go on to explore and share the spirit with the created one. My son of flesh my share of the Father’s love. More.


Just you and I. Son, this comes from the heart of God for you. I love you and I hear each struggle and thought. I will work with you and I will work behind the scenes of your life to bring you to happiness, amazing things are coming to you.

Son first I talk to you of your call. The world is full of ‘hype’ about the people who talk of no -God, and are then directing many others into their direction, that is it, their direction. Now, some are faithful followers, of me and those are one, humble two, nonjudgmental three, not worldly four, highly spiritual. They may be brash, ethereal, non-constrained, un-refined or many other things but they are, mine, and when you ask me about them I will clearly tell you that. When I am silent I want you to review what is in the spirit around them to not judge them but you may make observations of them and then listen to what to pray for. I will now tell you clearly of the demonic realm son……(at a prophetic conference out of town I went to.)

In the restaurant Thursday was a demonically controlled man. This is how you are living now Son. You are able to clearly see along with all of the other discernment skills and gifts I have given you. Son, your call is great for I have given very few of the gifts of my voice and the anointing as you have. As my growing child I will not share the glow and the glory of what you are with others yet. Your flesh cries for recognition of what you are but the time for that is not yet.

You must crucify your flesh and be humble and wait. Now I have told you of finances coming to bring you out of the burden of debt and my word is truth. I have tested and taught you of waiting and dates for all and that is the father’s timing. You are clearly fear less and you are here and faithful to me and I will be faithful with my abundance to you. The things that need to be, worked on, we will work on them together.

Do not be critical of your size and shape or mind or thoughts for did I not tell you I am watching indicting all? Your trust in me will be increased by a spiritual gift. Soothe yourself son, for you have asked father what you need and now you need to soothe the jagged edges of your soul. The edges of your soul that I mentioned are jagged and harsh upon you as the jagged edges where you have looked in compared to the world. This is not good my son and I want you to have comfort

I tell you the truth my child, men will conceive in time what we have for you will teach them and they will hope for a glimpse of what we have. I am the God of fairness and I need you very carefully built up and strength of our loving relationship.

It is hard to look away from the world and crucify your flesh and its wants to pursue. You are my chosen son, I hear your thoughts and heart right now and they are of me paralleled to mine, aligning up with how I feel. You have found the heart of God through your seeking of relationship and it will bring you power over evil. This power that you have will bring the acceptance of father for what you do and it will bring the approval of God for you as a complete man. I am truly in all of this writing my son and you are blessed of the Lord for the gift of the things I bring to you, yes it is. I tell you in truth my son you will hear more, do not be envious for I have prepared a time for you. Do not be discouraged for the basics will be done soon. To be soft to you an attempt to seek me for all things is what I ask as God. Put away questioning and state, I am called of God. All other things are false my son I have shown you truth I will continue to show you truth. I will restore those things placed aside my son; watch me move gracefully; you move that way as well.

For your eyes son; You have again passed another test. The enemy does try to oppress you but today you looked away. I confirm to you today the fleeting thought you had to drive by again. You have been tried and tested and trialed for my call upon you is vast.

I draw you here with praise to calm you and sing away those darkness and shadows of the flesh. Many, many are held in bondage son, you are obediently free with me. Do not let the enemy confuse.

I have work things for you my son; before the large reward. I have given you a measure of strength for the removal of things and strength for existing with grace. I have added and you will be complete with things and be at peace. You can write specific questions for me if you wish and I will be clear to answer them all. You mean so much to me my child, things are coming closer now, do not fear but be here for me. I will tell you but it must be in an atmosphere of peace and closeness. You are not doing wrong my son, I am intimately connected to you and we will gain even more trust and love in the coming times. Draw close to me, closer to me, closer and closer to me we will never let go. Father.


Hello sweetness, now just you and I.

Closer and closer we grow, loving you and leaving you and your love to me.

You will see me, we will talk, I will fulfill you, for you have been so trusting with me and trustworthy with what I have given you. You have been so humbled to remain quiet and respectfully learning from others as I watch over you closely. I am truly so delighted with you son. My world needs you and your innocence of heart. Your mind is of logic and I have created it that way I have been training you for new things. I have found your grace and hope and peace that I have bestowed and placed within you.

These writings I bring to you for new seasons for this fall my son for perseverance for delight. I bring these writings to you for the new accounting for you for a start for growth for freedom for testimony for others for your new maleness for God for father is with you. I bring them to you for waiting for respect for loving me for loving you. I bring them to you for prophecy for laughter for fulfillment of Scripture for nodding your head yes and for not having doubt I bring these writings to you for rocket fire start of love for Jesus for my son.

I bring the prophecy here for you, father’s eyes are upon you and his arms around you, The Holy Spirit is upon and within you.

The anointing is strong upon your life.

You take me with you where you go.

My call and plan for you will be so large it will dwarf what has been gone on before.

You hear the voice of God through your spirit and writing.

You are separated out from the world.

I have created you new.

I will reward and accounts to you all the things that you need you are new for your sacrifice.

Others do not see.

You know me and the word of my spirit. 9-25-2001

Faithful one, my eye is close upon you for you are nearing a new step in your life. You have gone the distance with your strong resolve of walking by the spirit of God. You have not been mistaken about the things you have or have not done, I assure you all was and is directed by me your father.

These times of extended rest for you were imperative for my chosen one, you; long and peaceful rest, a concept the world will not accept, you have, you have healed and you have found the pearl of great price. I see the future, by the Holy Spirit, and I see you laughing and laughing and accepting and healing others and ministering and doing wonderful things.

You did discern correctly earlier today, a root of sorrow for your past now gone. I gently remove from you all past hurt. And rejection is gone from you as well son. Son, you are free, now allow me to heal more of the areas of your mind. Your dreams are used by me to rebuild you, do not concern yourself with how it is being done, no oppression can ever harm you for I am in control as your father, your God. You give freely and I live freely in you and we grow and as you grow stronger you live more Jesus like.

You are the new move of the spirit for many will know me just as you have. Fire and trials must also come to the world at large, for they are sinful, the enemy has deceived and perpetrated darkness and my creation has accepted this as life. You child have become very adept at seeing the falseness and people but I see the whole truth and the whole heart. Fear not the wake-up call my just ‘singe a little’, the spanking may get attention, my words will be clear. I ask for my children to be with me to see the glow, go with the glow. Father.


I am one with your thoughts little one for you have given yourself to me and we become one so I complete the test before you get out the thought. All of the things you have so gingerly thought about are actually my ways and plans for you and for your future. You see, the set apart ways however painful for you were to then bless you with fullness and your heart’s desire. Yes to the web site and yes to the cell church, and yes to the home repairs and yes to the powerful explosion of the spirit within you. Yes to the debt-free and yes to the glow of God and yes to the announcing of you in my way to those who rejected you. All of these are questions that you have that I give freely to you Son. Take for you.

Son it is part of prophecy and all of my plan to be completed for my grace and mercy in my approval and my resources to you. As in prophecy, it always is ‘if you will’.

Do not grow faint or be discouraged by the condition of the body, there is a new body coming, a new body of believers, not the same old religion as we have had in the world that I despise that I do not want. As you were troubled today by the teaching, I was with you directing you in my ways which are not always those talking. You are not wrong in your feelings, I am teaching you what is here in the world so you will then be affected and in spreading my truth. You are not wrong or self-centered, you are Christ centered in pushing truth where the world has destroyed it.

I will soothe you this evening, son, put forth belief. I am your Heavenly Father, I am guiding you to greatness just like my word. I see all and you are right within my eyes. Your thoughts right now of your, nothingness on, is what I use for mind blowing things in the Spirit. I am not foreshortened; I will provide the bounty of grace and the spirit of power. Father.


Wasn’t that needed my son? Rest has been very important for you and yet you do not do it often enough. Sleep restfully with me my son. The work you do with school and the standing you do against the enemy is tiring to you my son. It is also valid and entirely accepted by me.

Son, you are wondering with some doubt and frustration if in fact all of this has been needed, time, sacrifice. You are also wondering if the things I have told you of will be brought about. Son, you will be powerful and you will be trained correctly. I have taken the time with you because of the intensity of the call. The emotions and your mind are healing and you are becoming ready. Son, it is for one who stands in faith that receives from me so abundantly.

The time now for you is on the edge of reality my son. I am moving in the Spirit to you and I will pour blessings out upon you now. Your life as you had will now change, the things of newness and I’m accounting to you are coming out to you. No delay, no deceiving. I will move in your benefit as today in many days to bring blessings to blessings. These things will come true and overwhelmed when you answer his call.

I remember your poems always also. The poems that you said to answer to his call, they touch my heart so much you and I wrote them son. Son, you and I have so many unusual to the world things. I tell you son, of course I will use you so mightily, these writings were all necessary for you son. You and what you will be are of me and with that power and my accounting to you will be balance in the things you need an honor for what you have done and your acceptance for yourself for he, you are my son and I am well pleased. Father.

9-28-2001****Letter to Father

Son, you are blessed for you know me and yet you have not seen me. How heartfelt is your letter to me. I find you to be so important for your letter also shows the vast maturity of your Soul. You have shown in your letter the healed place of your mind and will and emotions son. You are not held back from my plans; the enemy has not come into my plans for my children, clearly not to you My Child.

The times here are of humble beginnings my son, just you and I with what we had to say and write. I am always, ‘yes my son’, for you. Life must have help at times with miraculous blessings from the father. I have people abiding in me that are obedient to my requests. Son you are of importance and are following wonderfully. All is in readiness for your blessing is coming.

9-28-2001***my letter to father

****Father, I viewed you as love and now I know you as love. You are perfect in all of your ways. Most close to this son as a Father figure and a male advisor and an accepting friend but one who loves me deeply, I can feel it. You have challenged me and tried me but not so hard as to lose me. You have been perfect. I can give you every cell of me because you have shown me trust, trust in you and what you bring to the earth. You want to use me? I say take all of me and I hope you cause me to bring others to exactly what we have. For that is your creation, experiencing love one to another, intimate times down into my innermost being where your deep calls to my deep.

Your plans are perfect and you have used someone as lowly as me. I am so full of hassles and misused thoughts, could you please use me more? Please teach me more, please, so others can know the vastness of deep love for us. I have held to you as a selfish child for I needed you so and you responded by going underneath to my heart and finding something good to show me as you approved and accepted me. Please take what I have and use me for what you need. I am slight in my knowledge of the world; we need more of you here.

What I have found in the world needs you to correct and uplift and redefine and love this world more and more. Yes, take blockages out of the way from my life, yes confirm me. Thank you to your call. Your life your love and candor has ravaged me Lord, I want more and I want to be the part of showing others you so you can be fireworks happy with them. I Love You. Your son.


You are separated into me for the times of healing, growth, training and knowing each other My Son. Separate has caused you to grow and prosper in the spirit, it has caused you to grow and prosper in the realm of your soul and what is coming upon you now, you know I give you these words in the realm of your body. For your flesh, your soul’s realm also some will benefit from what I am bringing to you my son. I have given you the measure of faith, just enough for you to reach your faith to me for stretching growth. If you can believe me for the miracle of the finances and life restructure and that cancellation and embellishment of just you my little faithful one son of light and Spirit whom I have called, clearly, to my side to work with me why then you can believe for anything!

I will do more also for more is coming in spiritual awakening for you first my son and then for the others like you, then to believers and then to the world. This will change the concepts of the world of who I am and how I operate through you and bring about the domino effect of entering into the Father’s love, yes all will be yielded to me through Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. Be calm now son I am with you, I am in all things and do not be concerned about the attack against you today. You have prayed and I have performed your prayers. I will soothe you, give to yourself, give yourself again to me.

I have planned you from the beginning of time child, you will not become more than I direct for your submission is unto me. For what I have planned you will however rise up and meet with grace what I have for you. Fear not my son for strength of spirit is yours and love of Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit is upon you. Father.


Hello my child this is Jesus speaking to you through the name and the same Holy Spirit. It is through the same Holy Spirit that I speak to you, you are my brother and I’m your Savior. I am the bread of life and as I and the father are one with the Holy Spirit he gave the example of the ‘bakery’ to you. You have encountered much in the church of this day that troubles your soul and grieves your spirit, yes it is grief.

You are balancing between spirit and world even if you assume the church of this day would be spirit driven, now some are and I will reveal with my presence but I will withdraw from those that scorn my prophets. You hear directly from the Father, Our Father He has put his words into your mouth for you will be used to change thoughts and attitudes in the world, it is that big.

You have gone through much child and you are not accepted by many for the extreme anointing on you that stings the eyes of evil of those with and within those that you at times have looks of envy with. Look to the spirit and see the bondage upon, the motivations are flawed however much, in my name, they appear. I am not trying to confuse you but YOU are of a New Spirit World Plan of Our Father.

My Lamb as you felt me carry you and place you in my Father’s arms so it was. You are that special, yes as each child is but know that the plans that Father has accounting unto you are true, the promise of your name and face of acknowledgment of what you have tried to do will be doing in the spirit coming on you. You alone for now but you are securely hidden with me in God…..Now, Father Lamb….

My son, things have not changed, I asked Jesus to write to you and now it is I Father speaking to you. All things are in readiness and you are so faithful to receive and recall my child all I had told you, all I had given to you. I have given you a measure of faith and you had to stretch yours to get to mind? Now you are, stretching that is, to pull to me for here there is peace. I have written to you so extensively over these couple of years. Whenever you wished for me to write I knew you needed it and I was there. They, the writings, are all of me. I have not let deception come into you. There has been confusion and some distraction in the world but here you have purity and I have taken these writings and to me. You had to fight in the world and in your flesh massively but you have done this wonderfully in the name of Jesus and you have prevailed my son.

Son, I have told you that instead of the crumbs of the bread you have ‘a bakery’ between us as Jesus is the bread of life, we exist here in the abundance of this bakery some sweets and most needful nutrition. Son, you are right inside my storehouse of word, of comfort in peace, yes some white and dark bread and yes some rye and some pumpernickel but all eatable, see, all eatable, all of my words to you are all truth, all of the words here on all of these pages are truth.

Do not be troubled about the people around you. I have now seen your jealousy of my words to them. Son, my example from above is for you, with applications of ‘stale bread’, ‘stale old half- price sale bread, ‘showbread’ and ‘moldy bread’, with ‘sold bread’, ‘unleavened bread’ and on and on, Yes Son, Like Manna of old!.... Son, leave them as I love them for under the flesh frustrating tendencies are hearts that want to connect to me. I have given you express accesses enjoy it and stand upon the unique call I have given you with the abundance of me still as you have.

I will guide and fulfill my promises, relax, seek, your Father.

*****I have to insert a note here. I look at these writings now but I did not know them from the time I wrote. Now I am typing them, reading them, doing them and ALL of the things that Father, God has said that He would do He has done for me!!!! Every ONE!!! The Money, the People, The website, The Prophecy, The promises, The Teaching, The Ways of Heaven, The Love, The Things of Life and the Home and Marriage and Family all done and FULL, Every Detail. It WAS all promised and done. I have not ‘Beamed up to Heaven yet’ but everything else is done and I have Faith that of course that will not be far behind!!! How about that!!!

10-6-2001 …Jesus writing…

I will take your love and your mind to me each day and direct your thoughts to become more Christ like. It is I your Lord talking to you again. Your heart was perceptive to me to feel the kinds of emotions I was feeling about my world. Child you and Our Father did tickle me to laughter and did cuddle down with me to comfort. I was just as real as this writing and I thank you for it. My acceptance of you and all that you do is important to you and let me answer you, I love you. You are a promise of spiritual growth to the world. Go on with Father. Give him more of you and he will bless you. You will become great in his all watchful care and you will learn appropriately in his presence. Do what the Father tells you and we will apply light to the world.

From Father now…. Son, I will pour down upon you my love, for in these trying times and trials I am stretching your faith. All that you have been thinking about with coming money changes of life will be upon you now soon. I do not deceive and I do not string along. I will reward you with all I have stated. Stand upon my promises. Son, I am softness of love to you. I am softness of a Father accepting and approving of the male’s love of the Father upon you. I am also the softness of a brother as Jesus to you, loving, helping and the softness of the power of love of the spirit. I show you that there is love above strength, there is love in a powerful way. I am love and as you receive that as you struggle to gain me more just lay back and receive; it is your call, just accept your blessing, I know, I am completing it, always I am loving you. I love you not as the world sees but you see as the Spirit of Father’s Son and Spirit. I love you Father.


I have removed the harassing darkness that were spirits from you that were around you and I have soothed your mind from the world’s anxiety. I will go before you now and soothe others. Son the battle is intense for your destruction for you have learned so much from me and yet you struggle to stay in the Spirit, The Heavens with Me, God. The world is tempting son but I have shown you a better way. I have shown you a better way to live away from the world for now but still in the world that all will want to follow. You have found that you are like a little fun One with me my child, I do not want to do too much for you just yet for I am preparing new things for your delight. Your Father.

10-9-2001…….no baptism, Do you really think it is to wash and then it is all better for all?

Son, you are troubled because you are listening to the doctrines of man not the spirit teachings that I am showing you.

My child, it is not baptism or not baptism that I require or judge upon you. Please my son, throw that away. It is to be a joyful wash in the way of an old nature upon a pursuit of a new life in an arid desert. Do you think an action will bring you closer to me? How much closer can we get my child? Maybe, maybe someday when the situation arises I may have you voluntarily jump in the water, but child, for now, it has not any effect upon your walk or the amount of oppression in your life.

I have led you upon a path of MY choosing. You are mine child, you are my kid. I had told you that not all is taught; all that is truly knowledge that is taught is of Me. Why do you think the devil was, right there, to oppress you? I am teaching you things that are cutting edge, kind of sword cutting of the word. Come here to me my child and I will tell you more of me over these next days, of Father directed time: it is close to change now son and I will have you prepared. Blessings in your life for faithful times; How I long to draw you closer to me son, soon now change. Father.


Faithful one true in what you have been given. The world moves on and on unaware of what I will be doing. Only you and I? No, a few others I have told you of do know as you do. What is coming? There is truth coming my son.

The spirit of truth is upon you now as you so obediently give all you have to me. Son, I am so blessed by you. When truth comes to the world in its fullness the effect will be dropping upon people the things as rain to wash away the blinding over the eyes. I will have removed my hand of grace from the earth as I have begun now. Things are going slow for your flesh now because I will not have the pandemonium rush in and overtake.

I know you feel me running around in your old thoughts of the world inside you as I remove things from your mind. I bring grace to bring about great change. Your world has changed in the last months of time although you feel more is coming, you are right! The world’s attitudes have changed but the attitudes of the power and true control of the spirit of God over the world is what I am bringing forth now.

Knowing your spirit and your soul my plans of change, abundance, revealed darkness, glowing faces are coming so close so quickly. Seek me and know me more. You my child are not oppressed by fatigue and lethargy, these revelations of the spirit are to you.

I also tell you that the idea of your spirit out fighting the enemy when you are not aware is a false thing, I always tell you what’s happening or I would be overtaking your free will. My child, I would never overtake your free will, this is a no go I would never do this to you. My child, now you are tired and there are new revelations that I am bringing to you, rest in me and when you are feeling better we will bring new things to you for you are growing. I tell you in truth the world is not growing, but Spirit to Spirit we merge My Son. Father.

10-12-2001… Deuteronomy 8-18

I have directed you to my best son. Trust in my direction times of trials and tests things my son. You have overcome and you are victorious and you have come to me in repentance and humility asking for the forgiveness of your sins. Do not be ashamed by what you have been through. The result far outweighs any inadequacy on your part. You have overcome and son it truly was deliverance and healing for you. I have watched closely over you do during these times of trial for I will not let the evil one oppress beyond my limits for you. Son, the darkness, the enemy, the devil, Satan himself again is working overtime very sneaky to stop you. I am allowing this for right now for you must be trained in covert operations to step into the authority I have given to you.

You are overcoming and I am testing also those who would be faithful to pray for you. Son abundance is coming to you for your faithfulness and for these testing trying times. Son, I have been hard on you for strength will be needed. In the spiritual realm I have to show you that this was far and wide and war is coming. My son you have not been weak or unfaithful but time is short. The level with which you will be directing in has not been seen for centuries. I will provide and I am watching all around you. No, you could not see these things in your own logical mind, these are far beyond your intellect in your abilities to reason, your humility would not accept them, you have come above all to learn from the Heavens with Me, Father, it is me your Father who is doing this for you.

I will provide and I am watching all around you. Know the things of the world are not important for I am training you for spiritual things and worship and love will be the result. I am soothing those around you so you must accept what I am doing with you and your priorities, recompense will come and it will be sweet and it will be abrupt. It is hard work that you are doing. The rest of the world is unaware. Spiritual work brings fatigue in the world. Come to me often for times of diverse emotions and calm son. I do love you so son. I am busy preparing for harvest, with you son, push on through, you are delivered, good job! Come be with me, I will bless and reward. Father.


Son, I will talk to you here with accuracy and grace for you have called out for my mercy which I give freely to my chosen one. The weight of my spirit is upon you now as you can feel my anointing going to you with tingles. It is me and I am healing you from the ravages of the enemy of your soul. Yes he has been allowed to affect you for a time. My son, I must teach you of the ways of the spirit in that you become well attuned to see the ways to bring about change in the spirit. The truth for you today is that you are at the center of my body, not egotistical but of the Lord to build you up in truth.

You are also all that you perceive from the exhortation’s I have given you. You are free of bondage is in spirits of fear, doubt and wantonness. The three little ones are gone and yes it was particularly cruel to oppress the childlike need you have for my promised reward. Son, I am showing you great things, I know it is large for you to absorb this in your mind but I want you to see that not only am I here in your mind at this time I will be in your mind later and I will be in your mind in the future to show you that I am eternity, I am father, I am God, I am all.

Son, I will heal with my Angels and burdens upon your mind will be gone and you will hear me again most clearly. You are not going wrong my child. You are doing just what I want and need you to do at school with your education. You could do a bit more homework my child but pray each day for your class and your teachers. I will guide, time is short and their training is important at this point. You did not lose during this time my son. You gained knowledge of the darkness for its tactics and defeated him in Jesus name. The same promises are coming through now but the prince of this world has affected it. Pray each day with warfare and I will complete the prayers. It is time for my glory to come to the earth. I have told you son and it begins with abundance and then days to spirit power. Son you are mine, return, hear from My very Spirit to you with the Spirit of truth. Father.


Good morning child of promise!

How delighted I am to find you here seeking me, for I am seeking you as all things. You need this writing, this acceptance, this approval, this loving from the Father. Your heart and mind were at one time taken over by the world of judgments, now son, I will come soon to begin the true judgment upon the world.

My child, your heart is discouraged by the relentless attacks upon you about my financial blessings coming to you. I am sorry for the severity, the evil one always takes it too far. I will heal you and I will account to you new things for the sadness is that you have felt. Turn away now son from sadness for I the Lord God have plans for you. They are plans to prosper you. You will have access to much money to remove from you the things of old that have held you down and I will help you to prosper. I will provide for you my son.

Why do you hide your face from me? You have nothing to be ashamed of, I hear the emotional thoughts you have and I am moving to come to you with peace. Do not fear because of your specialness, for child you are chosen for many, many great things. Your road is tough because I am doing a quick work upon you, more pressure! The confirmations I have given are sure. As I show you more son I will fulfill. My son I show you that you have good coming to you for you have been through so many trials to complete the call. The enemy has affected you and afflicted you that you have held fast your faith, which is victory!

Son the things I have planned for you, the position I have for you in the new body of Christ is worth fighting for. I do not forget each tear on earth, each battle for my eyes upon you each day and my memory is still pretty good as old God. Yes, each sigh is heard by me, and I know why it is there son. I must ask you again to trust me. I am doing a great and difficult kind of work in and through you.

Do not look to the world and the pattern of how this works or that works because this one told you that or that one told you this. It is the most difficult thing when you add comparison and contrasting to your every- day walking. Yeshua is the one who walks; Jesus as the one who walks; Angels are the ones who walk. You my child, you are the one who walks with Me, you are the one I am building up. I ask you here child, pray for them, your prayers are very powerful. I listened very closely when your heart praise comes to me and I perform those prayers. Time alone with Me my love, I will keep my voice coming to you.

Son, I love you and your faithfulness and trust in me and what I am doing with your life pleases me greatly. It will come upon you, the bounty yes, power and your well-deserved confirmations. You are working for me and I will pay you. You are my heart- Son and friend. The world is futile and the spirit is eternal. Father.


I want to love you my son. I want to tell you of great things coming; I have been showing you through the readings you have absorbed. I will direct more to you for you are hungry for knowledge and you also crave my eternal wisdom to apply truth to what you have learned. I will present you with more and more for your heart learns the truth and it is that which speaks out to me for guidance for prayer and action. That is why I have chosen you. You lead with your heart. Now stop and I will heal it again for it is easily hurt. Do you see my son, my weight is peace.

My son you have come so far for me your Creator. I have my hand of guidance upon you and my hand of protection over you and I will not let you fall. You have waited for me while seasons change and while you were looking at time I was changing your concepts. You are vastly strong Spiritually my son. You may not be macho muscle and testosterone strong but my Angels are. Your soul is primed for what I need and you will succeed.

You are tolerant and truthful, you are loving and innocent, you are knowledgeable and wise, you are submitted and obedient. You have come this far with only the breath of my Spirit, you are blessed and known well in heaven for they are only a few of my son’s chosen exist. They are of the Father in the Heavens and they apply themselves to the earth and they are the ones who will change the world. Please my child do not overwhelm, be at peace. I will be now removing the work the world the obstacles of finance and projects for I want you free with me.

You are anonymous for now, my son, I see to this way with you but power is increasing within you. My world cries for men of change with the heart of Jesus Christ, you are one, claim and know this. It is no small thing for I have declared you and my spirit will empower you. Father.


Stop fighting so hard and rest, rest in me and give the battle over to me. I will work then to remove the oppression from your life you pray to me about. The flesh matters are being heightened by the spirits and again I will move to soothe. You have not done wrong; it is your submission and passive stance that will bring me close to you for your need. You struggle each day to look away from the flesh to the spirit as Paul did. It is a better way to do things for the battle that you learn from me and our relationship has not diminished it is deepened for you draw close to me in humility.

Son your joy will be magnified now so soon for the burdens of lack that have had harassed you are going and the backbreaking life situations will be free from you. Fill out your questions to ask me and I will answer them. I will guide son for I want all for you and I have decided to give to you to confirm to you. Rest when oppressed, think on me and look to me son. I will provide to you my son as I always do, your Father.


You are my prophet and you are more. You are my chosen for leading. I have told few of you yet for the oppression increases without coverage. Many more than the 30 will be praying for you. You hear from me uniquely my son; yes it is me and not you for I have an opening today in your emotions for you are receptive to truth about you. You are humble in the sight of God and that exalts you to authority and places you in my heart. You hunger for me as many do but our exclusiveness now is for your self-acceptance and training.

Does not a Father turn his sights to his child who has so much to offer? You fight me for your worth of your call, you cannot earn it by world or flesh standards; it was placed in you when you were conceived by me. You have it within your heart, your call, it is the receptivity of my love and in your mind is your intellect to understand the ways of the Spirit to contrast with the ways of the world which I have guided information to you about.

Your soul is filled with compassion for my creation for you have gone through so much trial and struggle in your short life. I have allowed those struggles to prepare you to minister to my children. Your will is given over to me, your thoughts are released to my son Jesus. Your pride and even your body is denied for me to be healed, to be trained and to be prepared for what I have for you. I trust you and you have stood for what I have wanted.

I will announce you to the minds and hearts of my children. Pray each day as you have for I have developed those for you within you my child and they are very effective in this time of your life. I will now loose the blessings I have promised to you for your faith is strong and has been built up by the Holy Spirit and by your tenacity. You will come up above those whom you perceive to be in authority over you for you have trusted in me to be your authority. Do not fear for I am speaking prophetic truth to you my son. Return later son for more writing with me. My writing brings strength and security; I am your Father, God in Heaven.


Son I am here, here in you and upon you with spirit and power. I am here with comfort in peace; you pursue me and obedience and from your own want. I am blessed when my children turn from the ways of the world and the ways of the flesh and find the inspiration here as you have. You have found what we have my son for it was a call given out with obedience to find me here and then continue to pursue me away from the world with an evil enemy nipping at your heels. You have found me and I you my child, rejoice for it is done.

The levels are high and you have persevered and one the battles, you have suffered and now receive your rewards!

Son you are here for new ways, new ways of New Spirit Move, you know that word or those phrases of New Spirit Move and how it is applied to the world, to you, I mean it to apply to the Spirit, to the Spirit world.

******* I show you that the old world word of ‘revival’ that was used by the church to show that something was somehow revived. Son, my spirit does not need reviving for it was never dead, remember this My Son.

I show you my Son that this new way that I have for you draws near but first must come gross darkness. It is begun as I had told you with the removal of my hand of grace from the parts of the world. I have been prayed to return replace it but time will tell if the prayers will continue for the pride of the world and the vengeance of people instead of evil is prevalent.

More darkness is coming my son for many innocent lives will be brought to me in the coming times. I will not burden you with very prophetic words that I have for you quite yet. You are growing, healing and you have enough on your plate preparing for my confirmations and yes announcement of you to my children. The darkness must come for the truth to be made light. You are directly where I want you my son. Be at peace and know I mean more, your Father.


My child you have come so far. Yes with my words and guidance and yes with the power of my spirit and my Angels. You are accepting and approving of yourself! It is reflected in the way you think, and in the way you minister, you know yourself as a man more and you know your Father in Heaven so much better, yes! You have had torment my son, the types of doubt and unbelief, but my son, you are assured now and the promises that have come this fall show you the better- ness of what I bring to you. So much more is coming to the world and to you this fall, it is newness.

My spirit is growing in you. How many do I trust with the personal observations of my children and the very great responsibility than to pray as directed to change thought processes and teachings to my children? You my son!

I am readying you for my call upon you by first getting rid of old things to make way for a new thing before bounty comes into your life so you might receive strength that you and your steadfast strength have held to your responsibilities. Yes son, I am here close beside you with Jesus and our Holy Spirit. I am close by caressing you and all of your ways and thoughts. I am accepting and approving of my son, my called prepared man. I have come to you gently for that is how peaceful truth and calm acceptances learned for one as fast as you. I minister unto you, when you feel time drag along, no promises are my word and my word is fulfilled.

This time here for me is to know you as my reason for creation. You ask, Father can I love you more? You will and I will welcome that time, for now remain faithful and pull me to you with humility, repentance and faith. You my child, light my Heavens with your prudent persevering. Rest and accept you my love for Father’s son and Spirit approved.


Sweet Son it is going to come in my time, which is perfect. It will delight you and yet you set your sights upon the power manifestation of my Spirit in you. I have held back time for you my child so you would be ready for what was to come. Do not fear, for I your Creator have prepared you for what is coming to you. You are sensitive my son, for you know when I need to relate to you and as I have told you, I have been very careful with you as we have built our love with trust. You have come closer to me, son, I will tell you it will be different, your power will be different in the way I distribute my wealth will be different and the signs and wonders will come in many ways will be different.

My son your love for me will be the same and my love for you will grow closer as you and I reach the Heavens and the power that will go from the Heavens to the earth as you touch others with the love of the Father. You will be approved my Son, plan upon this, you are in my heart and your place cannot be shaken.

You think you haven’t done enough my Son? No son, you have come to me with pure love, it may have been born out of desperation but it was pure. It has steadily grown, it has not been as the world thinks but I see your heart.

You will bless Me my child when we meet face-to-face. I will look into your beautiful blue eyes and all will be well my child. Be guided, hold faith,

Your Father.


Have faith my son that each prayer that my Spirit leads you to is my will and even if they seem to big; I will perform them. That is how powerful we are together. I have told you that your mouth holds my words, I need to be close to you and I need to have you as a submitted son; that is you!

How careful you are my son with what I have given to you, you hold so much integrity that I will use with you in such a mighty way.

It is of Father, God your words are here my son for there are relationships of my precious son Jesus and there are relationships of the Holy Spirit of power. There are also relationships with Me my son. I am the Creator and I am the power. With you in my heart and I am there with you there is nothing Created that will stand against you. This power is coming to you for I have said I trust you. That is what is arriving this month for you. I tell you this will help my new power for breaking burdens and confirmations upon you for your adherence to my unusual call for you and for your glowing face to have new things that you have been waiting for of my presence. I will have announcement of you to those who scorned the work of my Prophet, My Son and the Spirit of revelation and the creative power for the miraculous signs and wonders.

You are faithful child, you are waiting patiently for me in faith with hope, you are my son and I will announce you, I will reward you, I will show you the delights of Heaven as I bring my power through you to remove bondage as, lies, powers, and other things from my children. Your discernment is honed to razor sharpness. Set your hopes upon meeting me son. This rainbow is my promise to you, call things promised as they are for they are coming to you.


Child of mine, thank you for asking to minister to me. You do make me confident of my creation when you lead with your heart. I know that I have chosen well with you and the sons of mine that you will train will fulfill my call to bring me, Father’s love into the world, but first, gross darkness will add to the world in frightening amounts.

Son, you live in the most protected place and you exist in my protective will but the world is not like this with conveniences and peace. Even the minds of people are moved on by the enemy and they accept it. The religious traditions have been imagined and ingrained into people for centuries. As my creation moves ahead they go deeper into things of the flesh and not things of the spirit. Those with religious traditions will be the hardest to convince of the freedoms of my Spirit because control and predictability have guided lives.

You have known me and our relationship has moved ahead and upwards with our love and trust and understanding growing along, the relationship is always developing, not so with the world or the enemy’s influence. With the world it is just a pills worth of salvation on Sunday. That is the most of my children have been directed to just one small aspirin on a Sunday. That has not been the case for my chosen and called one. They will know the vitality and power of the spirit with their Heavenly Father watching over them. Gone is guilt and fear as you know when you are close to me for I am the Creator.

The enemy will overplay his hand with terrorism that is coming. My chosen will be in peace for that is how I have trained them; they will minister to the hurting and be under my protection. I will separate the chaff by looking into hearts, my plans will go forward. Your Father.


Yes my son, Breath of God into you and breath of you for God, both of love. You do love me, be assured of that. Your spirit worships me, be assured of that, your soul clings to me as a protector and a friend and a Father. I am the Father that speaks to you, you my son, I am your Father. Jesus speaks to my children and mostly my Holy Spirit speaks to my children……. to you for a time also but not for confusion or priority but I as Father speak to few, I speak directly to you My Son.

You hear from each of us at times when you request. I have found you as a broken son and I poured myself over you. I have always told you that you were different and I nurtured you here for this time with gentle doses of the Father and his accepting love and his approving acknowledgment of all that you do.

I love you son and I knew you could become a strong man for me. I knew my capacity of love I put in you would bring forth abundance of discernment and such great compassion. You are loving you, for me, it is working my child for I am the Father of Creating. Watch and see as my hand is gently guiding you on the behind through all of your experiences to bring you to this time of love and intimacy, I know you well my son.

Pull me more to you, the Father. I am the third day church. The power of Jesus to save comes to my creation by my gentle guidance, Jesus remains is the spirit of prophecy and brings Me my children. The Holy Spirit is the power of God to perform upon earth. More of this later, it is complex.

Son, I the Father have touched you, Jesus here and the Holy Spirit is here, I The Father will hold you so close. I Father will train you and show you the secrets of the kingdom of Heaven, not all will be given this, few will know but you will bring in through Father’s love.


Give it to me, I will take care of all of the situations in your life. You are seeking after me and I want you in my will so give it over to me. It does not matter what the world says for the Spirit of the Lord is upon you. The authority of the father is being developed within you, those in the body do not understand, do not expect them to and there is a spiritual dynamic being developed with you and them. The light in you aggravates something?, In them. Do not worry for your love and knowledge will see you through. The weight, oppression, heavy feeling, is me showing you to make you aware that there are assessments coming against you. I will turn it to good my son for that has been my promise to you throughout all of these rejections. I am using this my son as I use you to bring about correction to the body of believers that is being formed. You have been resolutely in the midst of my children being scorned, ignored and assessed by my children. I will correct them for your sake.

You are sad because pressure is building up upon you. First, I will be right with you writing these papers. I have things to say through you I want to ease your mind and pressure. Second you ministered exactly, exactly what I directed you to and you broke bondage is in that man’s life, something only you were anointed to do. Thank you for helping another son of mine out of sexual lust and directing him to Father so I can love upon him and teach him his own self -acceptance. You are sad because of the singled out way I had directed you for your body and soul want acceptance but I have put you between my children and myself to train and test.

I have done this for your call, you are Prophet to the nations and more my son. You are worthy and you have held up with my training and testing. They rejected my Pophets, they’ll pressed my chosen ones. I will make known their folly and visit upon them my wrath with truth for my chosen ones have walked in love and have known the enemies devices but pride and control have The true deception from being known in the body of believers. This will change with mercy and grace for my children will know the will of the Father.

Go now son and put your hands to do the things that have troubled you from school. I will be there, you are so special to me son, I can, be with you, and know you; and I find no guile in your heart. I have told you from the first, this is big my son. For years you have been faithful to what I have called you to. No regrets, no guilt, you are all within my plan. Hold tighter to me now for it will get busy, good soldier, for it will bring joy to you.

You know my heart, I know yours, you have not strayed, you have stayed, you have stayed with me. You have not given up, you have taken much oppression, you have prepared for the best. I ask you now to prepare for your reward my child. All things promised by the word of God to be fulfilled. I bring to you again, Luke 1:37, builds upon my strength. Your Father.


It has been a harrowing week for you my son. The enemy and his minions and his ‘daughters’ see have been correct! These things have come against you but again you have prevailed and you are again victorious over the plans and practices of that evil one. You did learn some very hard lessons about praying for people without the blood of Jesus claimed for protection each time and the effects that your powerful prayers have on those who are directly opposed to me and my children.

They are vile and dark my son. They have chosen evil for the power it brings upon them upon the earth. These evil ones because they are so sensitive in their souls from attacks from within their ranks, they can sense and know when they are being prayed for. I have told you some have chosen evil for my word clearly states that. Some are used by evil for deception but those that I tell you of have truly been saturated by evil demons and have fallen into reprobate. My son grieve for their spirits as I do for the time will come when my children will specifically pray for those of evil but for now do not pray unless I direct you to exactly do for the connection in the spirit as you have experienced is painful. I love those fallen children but I will allocate the time for prayer.

*****As always, I think something but they are other ways for Father, I am Loved and trained and held in Grace and cared for in great ways but I have fantasies and they are left and Fathers great plans are held to the ‘ways of things’ Father quietly knows what is best for me. I stubbornly resist and am Loved to fullness, to new, to…..well, to what Father wanted all along. Thank you for listening.

Let us turn now to soothing son.

My son, my plans for you are now coming so close to you. The reality of what I have promised to you is coming through the miraculous for you. I will provide for you my faithful one. For a man needs many things and he has needs in Spirit and Soul and flesh in the world that I can provide for you. You have waited for me and endured the tests and trials and the disappointments accentuated by the evil one to rob you of joy.

Joy and peace will accompany my gifts for you and freedom will also bring these new things to you. You will experience the grandest of feelings throughout your Spirit and Soul of my acceptance and prove approval of you, you my son for I am love and I do love you. These things are beginning for you for I have put you into motion and I have put those plans into motion of mind that are now confirming all I have written. I will not tarry for my wrath over evil upon the world is kindling to a stronger fire. There is much want and sadness in my creation.

##### You will never be wealthy my son for your heart is humble and I will protect you from that device: however, you will have the supply of my resources continually through you that will confound others as you are obedient to my word and voice. You have been given much my son with me and my words to you. That is the new thing the enemy of my creation is fighting in you. You are not overburdened by my grace and allowances, nor are you in error or deceived. You are my light and my manly Son of Spirit and I will hold and hide and protect and anoint. I will guide you to self- loving freedom of a man like Jesus Christ who will help my children up out of bondage.

I have put a lot on you my Son. I am so pleased in what you have become. Provision increases now for you to do more, much is required son that your heart is mine and I am the true Creator guiding you. All of this is real my son, your mind is razor-sharp. Your discernment is true your theories and thoughts are me. I am going deeper with you. Your Father.

11-10-2001 ------------- something’s different about this writing from father.

Oh yes you will have things to tell your friends and members of your eventual group I want you to establish. I am establishing new things for you. All things will be made known unto you in my time. You know how to receive from me here and that has been the grace that has brought you to me and me to you. I have held back my major visitations from you, they are coming, because I had to have your faith build up muscle strong, you can feel it now and see into the Spirit you are well muscled for my purposes son. I will really, I will reward with the body you are happy with. You will be well proportioned and energetic and happy to be envied with the peace you have with me.

I have had you sacrifice much my Son for the training and testing to be endured. Now, you are having emotions well up in your Soul for the feelings you have. You are not telling me any longer to, ‘not go there’; you are giving them up to me….. My child, you lead to me with repentance….. That is the correct way, through your humility and your obedience to me with your heart have you measured up to my call upon you. My call for you is unique to the world, for my son Jesus brought you to me, he has spoken as the voice of prophecy for eons.

Do not fear, this is Father and Holy Spirit in agreement speaking. The Holy Spirit brings power with him to you also with the voice of comfort and counsel. I as the Father and the Creator Who speaks to you and has trained you am the One in your Life. You have never been far from me, I removed as I have watched meticulously your training. I am before all things and I continue after all things. My voice and my hand upon you has been very gentle and soft for my power which you will experience more now can crash things down quickly.

You my child; I have been firm but fair with you for I have put myself upon you, it feels as a Father’s love, gentle and encompassing. I have told you I have been careful with you for you are a developing creation. You truly are becoming strong now, my man of beauty, you are beautiful in the Spirit and I see you as a beauty upon the earth. I have spoken to others over the history of my creation, yes mostly noted by them in my word, and I do speak to a few in the world now as I do to you. It is by power coming for when I Grace you with me the enemy continues to stop my work upon the earth within my people.

….Now, what is coming about? For your faithfulness in what I have given, you will come, your reward, it will change your perspectives of what I will do for my children yes, but it will reverberate through all of those in contact with you. Son, it is for you that I do this. Do not compare to what others have, or do not have throughout the world,. It has grieved your heart and I want you to focus upon your fresh, new work that I will do through you. I am so happy with you Son!!

You are at the spearhead and you have held integrity and silence correctly. I am at peace with you Son. We are not in folly however the world will accuse me of folly with you. I will protect you and show you me. Come to me son as you do, yes as Jesus did and I will tell you of our plans for the world. Will you walk with me? Will you talk with me? I will show you that you are my own.


Isaiah 42

What am I doing to My Son? I am changing all of the aspects of your life. I am coming down with a miniscule amount of my power to you first in the form of change. for you, New change for you to take care of things that you need my Son. You have not sold your home – a home on a burial mound; because I said not to my son. You have not done the things that were not necessary because you are obedient to Me, God my son.

You have lived a life of humility while going through trials and tests that I allowed that were proportionate with the colossal stronghold I gave you authority over. Each word was scrutinized by the evil one to find a trap to harass you to get you to give up. Many multi-level demonic forces and yes human sacrifices were used to destroy you, your strength as a father and husband and male was made better daily by arrows of affliction and despair. You stayed, you stayed with me. When everyone judged you and what you were doing you stayed, when you got chewed up by tongues of deceit you stayed.

You struggle with Grace while you looked at what appeared normal in the world and flesh and looked to Me for comfort. Men fail my son, you did not. Most men would have failed in this endeavor I have put upon you, you stayed. That is why I am giving to you. You gave up yourself and allowed me to rework you, that is why you will fulfill my Scriptures. The nations with islands will wait for your direction. I have fulfilled my Scripture with you and My son Jesus but I will use my word of power to fulfill you Son

Son, my darling, you are so close to me by your heart’s choice, I could never hurt you with the kind of deception you fear. No son, I will let you get out of hand, all knotted up by all by using the bounty I have given. I will not overwhelm you my son, the joy will go forth with each thing I have given. My son, I have kept you hidden in me as you were rejected by the body of believers, this infusion, these ways will bring you new life that you have asked me for when I listen to the desires of your heart.

I see him, I see the man that you see struggling. I cannot let you be known just yet for I have planned set in motion. You are correctly obedient to me and I choose whom to heal at what time. Do not be sad for the man that is struggling for I will touch him again with your prayers. So much is waiting for you son. Faithful son; staying son; My son, do not compare to others, yours is my fresh new move of the Spirit and yes it will confound the world but the power of the Spirit will come just after… It will blow away so many who know you. I know what I am doing, my Father’s love will always be upon you. Let me shake up some of the world and show them what you have found here in me. I have found the beauty of my creation in you by son. I have put it there but we have brought it out here in our relationship. Share this, it is your call. Your Father.


You see, as you revisit some of the angers that you have I did not just plunk the situations down upon you. You have earned what I have given you. Son you have a superior mind, you have been working hard training your mind to accept the mysteries and secrets of the kingdom. You have done this almost exclusively with Me, your Father, the Creator of all things for this stepped-up training time. I have put it upon you and it has been hard, you have had to crucify your flesh while understanding the concepts of the kingdom of God. The world does not have me talking to them like this my son. I walk and talk with you for my enjoyment and for your benefit of knowing Me.

This has been blessed upon you but also you have gone through much to achieve and receive it. You have done enough my son do not feel inadequate for you have been more than my conqueror. You see, Jesus came to remove the bondage as at those times that were the most prudent and prevalent; Healing hope and deliverance. Why can’t I train up a guy in these last five years or so then to be empowered to remove persons by persons burdens so they may then bring others to me? It’s you. My world needs change my son. I have learned and watched my creation, I need to bring power of the world first, burden breaking then training of Spiritual power house; Then the power of the Father with and through my children. It is there in my word. I told of thoughts time, wake-up call, no compromise Jesus faith and it is time for my power to come to the world, with love to soothe hurts, heal my creation.

I really do admire you son. You sit so quietly and listen for me to talk. In your innocence you opened up to me, yes it was at the end of your rope but you were able to receive a glimpse of me people do not look for. I am this easy, I am this loving, I am powerful enough to change things my son. As I have written to you that time has come, do not fear my child, I will provide.

Though my Lord slay me I will stay with him.


I have allowed much to be put upon you for your training my son. I have pushed too far, I am sorry. I will heal these areas with My Spirit, my Angels, and the blood of Jesus. You are not deficient my son, for those things you have now overcome are of the flesh. The 3+ days you have asked for our granted. I will allow no oppression upon you for those days. I love you in spite of any darkness you may have around you. I know you are growing and it is your Spirit that is close to me. As a Father you would not turn away from the son trying so hard with you? I will not. You overcame today and I will heal. Do not be at all embarrassed about what was so pressing you. You are hot property son and every opportunity to destroy you has been exercised. Your steps are ordered by me my son. I am taking care of you. I will push you to the brink at times, I have to stretch you and you did wonderfully well.

You are not of this world for you are called by God the creator. My time and through the next few days our love will deepen. The harsh time is ours and the new promises are coming forth. Son, do not despair, I will comfort. It was a lot to put on you in a short time son. It is for your powerful call and training which has now grown up. I must train you this way for time is so very close and your anointing will be so great. I will not do this again son. The test was the amount carried and still ministering in my peace. Please do not be afraid of me my son, I will change things, seek me later and I will tell you of them. Your Father.


My promises are true and I am working in your life to bring about change now as in your frame of time. I have seen what the evil one can do to my children and there are times when it sickens me. You have held faithfully with me and your behaviors have been impeccable. I will change things for your better life. We will grow again and come closer than before.

This time was very hard for you son. I am doing a great amount of work in you quickly so do not feel the least bit weak about crying out to stop. I had allowed those spirits upon you for multi-training. You held up just wonderfully, but it brought you down to the reality that your flesh was active, God to keep killing it, and Father at times does train hard. You didn’t do anything wrong! I was using things to perfect to you, to bring you closer to me. You had said judge me Father and Father I want to love you more than I do. That is what is coming for you now.

After this trial now will come abundance of my love for you. That is the most important thing to achieve. The lessons of the past two months have been well learned my son, you will not need to repeat any. You are under grace my son, my grace. You are not smarter than the devil. He would have you dead this minute for what you know. You cannot see him, I can and I will protect you. To prepare you for the coming times I put a major test on you. You were close to me and yet I still let you be attacked, harassed, you tried and tried and still I let you be hurt. You are hurt, rejected, and fearful of not knowing my will. My son, I love you, I will heal you, I am your Father, you are my son, all will be well.


Comfort for you my child. I am so close to you as you lift your pain up to me. The world is foolish my son for it has set standards that are not mine. Do not fear for it is Me writing to you. The thoughts you have been most tormented with are of comparison and envy. That is good for you to understand my son, they are gone. Stand against the evil one with fire in your words and powerful prayers. I have performed all of your prayers. The enemy is very distressed for you occupy the parcel of land that he had previously damned; it is pivotal yes for the winning of your city. You are holding fast but it is that big. You will now so soon own the property free and clear my son for all of my plans are made and you have paid the price with affliction for the seriousness of your call and placement. I have said something new and a new start for it will be so. My son you and your friend touched my heart with peace as you do but with the wonder and power I will use is tantamount. Are You agonizing to yourself when Father? I will answer to you as I always do Son.

It must come at just the right time Son, many people’s lives hang in the balance of life, death. You see you must not have restrictions upon your life, you must not fear anything for I have overcome everything, and I have created everything. Comfort son, I will heal, it was a desert time for you and the results were obtained. I love you son, I do not leave.


I know your desires and I hear the cries of your heart out to me to complete you my son. I am completing just that for you my son, completing you, that is hard work and hard comprehension for you to gather. You see, in the flesh and understand quite well into the Soul. The Spiritual realm I keep you very innocent about thus far. All three realms are growing my son but not as quickly as you want. You are also becoming despondent about my promises to you. They are of fundamental importance to you for it is my new way to reach my children. Not one thing has been subtracted my son for you are growing into what will be needed.

I assure you my son you will need power and strength and drive and motivation to do what I have planned for you. Please hold to me son, the times can be very difficult but I see you as pushing through to fullness of joy and a new life. I give you new perspective upon many things my son.


I will not deceive you my son for I am your Holy Father. I feed you light, I sustain you with my word. I return you to the love for yourself. I am able to weigh upon you with my Spirit of power to comfort you from the fears of the world. I am pure love to you for you have found approval and acceptance in me. You struggle with the world, which once you knew and had within you so much. The world is very greedy my son but I will pull you to me, with my still quiet voice and you respond with love words for me. I am not far from you, that is a deception from the evil one.

The dark always works with reversed truth? I am actually closer for my light is upon you and you have repented of your thoughts, you are unique and special, why would I remove myself from you? You have been very strong pushing through the deception of your Soul while working and progressing through life here. Your soul was deceived into thinking I remove myself for testing so you can, earn, me. That is not true. While I may be quiet for a time, I have now provided Jesus. I will never leave. Always remember, separate, quiet, cleansed, humble, praying, expecting, always brings me. I am put closer to you.

I am pleased with your prayers, pray all to me and I will perform them. You will not disappoint me son. We are taming your thoughts my son. Jesus is taking and helping to guide your mind each day and I am arranging the millions and millions of lost thoughts back into your mind. Do not fear or worry it is not a problem with you. I am creating my new man of the Spirit with full mind and balanced emotions. From darkness of the world you are rising to fullness. We are more fully restored my son. Never doubt the gift of divine wisdom and knowledge I have given you my son. I will never remove it and the many others I have bestowed upon you that I am keeping quiet for now. You are worthy.

I have done much with you in a short time my child. You have suffered under the oppressions of the evil one that your relational words of ‘closer to God’ brings the enemy especially to the chosen few of my purpose. You have been harshly pressed but you were not heard in the street. You quenched no one. You are my child, you are true to me and I love you so. I am going to bring to you and those around you power; Power that the world is not seen for centuries. Son, I love you.

Son, I do not speak this in a Prophetic timetable for I know you want things so soon. It truly will not be much time at all. You are faithful and yes ravaged by the many trials and tests to bring you into alignment with what is coming upon you. Give the cares over to me and lay back and watch me prepare for you; you are God’s child. As your Father I will provide for you. You are not wrong to want what I have promised. Dream of what can be and I will watch those dreams and thoughts to turn them into the desires of your heart for me to fulfill. My love will follow you. My confirmation will overtake you, My compassion will overwhelm you, My wisdom will feed you, My mercy will sustain you, you will see that by re-compensable honor you and I will complete you my Son. Your Heavenly Father.


I am near to you today to call Me. There is not one thing from my sites. I control all things especially when you submit unto me all that you have. I’m coming upon you for confirmations of what you are doing. You have been fighting and standing for a long time now according to your heart’s time. I see this obedience and yet you are open to the honesty of my words in you with your feelings. Your life will change upon the bounty of my words for you. It is no deception for I know it is still stretch of faith for you to believe for this. Things will change in the natural then as I have been changing in the Spirit things will change there also.

There has been a battle for what I am doing my son in the Spirit, you have felt it and you have been subject to it. Now however, all of my trials and tests are becoming complete for more of my miracles are coming through. Your next move now into the world for more things to come forward; I am keeping you busy and fulfilling Soul healings and yes now helping with your appetites. Son, peace, Father is here caring for you. No word I have set forth will fail.


A good day to have reflection my child of the things done; I do love you so much as you look over all of our many words you can find peace and direction. My promises to you are my words, truth and they are coming into being.

My Son, you have given all to me for it is in such a progression bringing you closer to Me. I bring my words so that you may see more of me, see me in the words and feelings, I ask that you see me in words and in every aspect and urge in your life. I know all and I see all and I find all in you. I have chosen and I am most pleased as far as I told you I find peace in you as you are finding peace in me.

Son, my heart does break for my world for I can see the devastation upon it, I look into the hearts of people and I see the darkness that dwells there. The enemy of my creation has perverted this world into a file collection of poverty and religiosity for confusion. Most do not know where to turn. If they would know Me and find the precepts I require I could quickly change the world. However, it will come with fighting and death, with bleak outlooks and judgment, more grace will leave.

I have withheld from you my groaning son for your innocence; you have found a vein of pain in my words, within My Heart Son. You have always sensed it as Jesus did for it is Prophecy and truth and hurtful. There is truth and there is love and there is obedience, there is humility and within ‘your creation’ you have built that you were able to find in me. You will change it my son you will come along like a direct melody change and you will bring my children to me. I have trained you specifically and have loved you deeply my son. More on with me each day and we will find delight in each other as we bring the light to others. My Loving upon you.


I wanted you here with Me child. As you go through these refining thwarting and testings’ you need me for continued healing. I am watching all my child so do not fear that the evil one is taking too much liberty with you. I have put dreams upon you to refine you for your call. Yes it is by this closer time and yes I want to somewhat surprise you with new times that are coming. I have promised you I will fulfill. I will change things My child and I know that it confounds you with my talk of bounty and by talk of times coming for I have hurt you with these things and I am truly sorry but I have to change you in order to change the things that are coming my child I want you to write of these things so that we can have order.

I know that the feelings you have about this are painful for the wait for me is long; Fear not for I come through to you when the perception is complete. I will not rush ahead with you for no matter how your flesh, life changes. I want your soul and spirit protected child. You are of tantamount importance to me and I will have you safe and prepared for what comes.


Today is a day of revelation and truth. I know your needs and just how far I am stretching your faith. Sons, all of these words to you are from your spirit, being fed by my Spirit yes, but being directly allocated and aligned by me God the Creator. All I have told you of ’your call’ and power you have carefully held in your belly. I love your belly and all other things about you.

I will pour love into you and persuade you to love you. Now calm, Peace and listen…… I will answer and I will do. Your motivations have been burned in the fires of flesh to refine you into the man I need. Quiet, gentle, powerful, steadfast, righteous and heartfelt, sanctified and humbled. What will I do for you? I will make you strong in me. I will make you assured in me for I have accepted you son, not over everyone but you have sacrificed to me you.

We have cried at the state of the world and watched in disbelief the condition of the world’s church as it is this day.

I will change it with you and with my new plan. You are still. You are different, unique and I will follow through. I will also not wait my son. I will deliver my promises to you for you have been faithful.

Draw closer, this time I will draw closer

Stand strong, I will train, I will always be near

Motivate over love, ruminate over these words

Ask for direction, types, amounts, I will answer

Keep balancing world, spirit, you must live

Grow to love you, feeling ill, agape

Tell them of me, love them for me

Prayers each day, they are important

Use your passion for growth of the body

Enjoy, you are a child of the King


Son each mouthful of food you have taken for 40 years I have watched. It takes a lot of discipline to pray to me for direction upon each meal but I will be there. This has made me very sad. I have lost for the comfort. I want you to ask for the comfort my Son. My Son I am right with you through all of the moves of each day. I had in my plans for you right in my eyes. I comfort you with these books and the confirmations of what is true and lovely. You are my son. I always have things to tell you. Be here at peace with me, no it is me.

Put away the worries of others in the world who may condemn, anyone who condemns you son I will deal with; I want you worry free. I will watch carefully and guide them to the ways I am using you. You are being prepared by me for great things. I have healed you for much affliction while you were training but I will not keep you going on wanting these changes in your life but not receiving them. I have so promised to you so trust me that you receive them my plan for you is right and will bring about such happiness to you and then to others. Son the level that I have planned for you is moved higher and higher because of your heart.

All of these things are for you my son for Father longs to give good gifts to his children. You have stood the time of preparation for the things I am going to bestow upon you. Son do not fear the time amount or unfairness you presume to feel. I have chosen well and I just love you.

I trust you and I am at peace with you. All of these things I have told you to bring you to the understanding of what I will do. Now look up by Scripture of My Loving of you son. Go on and be in Peace my Son and acceptance. Your Father


I want you to start to trust yourself more, for I as your Creator trust what I have done with you in these troubling times of building up and healing. Trust what you think and say my Son for you and I are one and you are submitted to me. Know that I am the power and wisdom in you and trust in how I am directing you. You have given all of you to me yes my son? Yes you have and I have carefully received you unto me as we have been so close. Know this time more for I have now drawn in to be one with you. Trust your discernment for it has become sharp as a razor for my child I am in your thoughts more and more for my Spirit and your Spirit are tangled up in each other as you had written in one of your earlier poems.

I am confirming you to those whom you love and whom I am going to join together with you as the head to train up and release for many ministries, very powerful ministries my Son. My plans will complete and you will be empowered and you will be brought to me by my Angels to show my love for you. All will come through for you my child for you have abided with what I have directed in your life. Yes, rather like a prison for a time, the key is obedience and the locks are training and the bars were trials and the bounty is total release My Son and the freedom and attainment of my anointing and firepower will be announced for you. All promises, all provided, all fulfilled, no deception, conception to birth to growing with me. Birth IS dramatic but new life is admired by all. You have learned much by my new words to you and concepts are secure in Me. Hold to me I will do all miraculously I am God after all.

Bless. Father.


I am with you my Son. I will not ever leave. The sadness today is attack yes upon your mind in the form of doubt and discouragement My Son. I will remove. It actually it flees when I draw near. You are not at fault for allowing in things or for others, it is trial.

*****I turned myself and the fight over to you Lord. I am weak and I cannot see all of the enemy’s ploys. Please forgive me for pride and the illusion of greed. Forgive me for false expectations of and for criticisms and judgments. I will not fight these tormenting thoughts for you have written and told me at the end of me as you. I am hurting from all of this and I put myself in your hands and let go of the three. You are forgiven. Child, Let go, I am with you Father.


Let me tell you all you desire my son for I am not far from you but right beside you in all of these trials and all of the times of healing. I am close to you with singing when you are at peace for then my melodies communicate with you what I feel about you. I feel love for you my child. As the familiar songs of today: through your mind you hear with your spirit, My voice. You are becoming so complete for you can distinguish that the melody is saturated in your Soul but selective in your Spirit with my words. All is forgiven my humble Son for you are in Me and I in you. The action you take here to be with me as you seek me and what is jumpstarting you into the Kingdom. Pursue your schooling as you can knowing it is here that the information you will need I have shared with you. Son, I love you.

Son, know that I have called you to be at your school to receive augmentation to your education. It is a high calling you have with me and we have achieved the closeness I require. I am crucifying your flesh when I have you silent and observing at school, look for the love and Jesus in others and know that your power as my own emissary at that place brings your prayers to me to improve and augment the teaching there.

Do not be remorseful over this my child for your humility is valued by me. Son you do not need, man’s credentials, I would prefer you without any for it is in your submission and obedience and humility that I will burn the eyes of the man’s seekers with your anointing and power. Son this is a hard, hard lesson for you to absorb and you may confirm it with others but Son, I need you as a man of no reputation.

I am creating a current day David type man of you My Son even if your hand shakes at this information today; it is real and truth. From the first I wanted you to be separate with me. I am jealous for you son. I want you connected with no one but Me, you know how much trouble connections with others can be. You find a degree of comfort from attending school and acceptance, word---but your approval is from Father. I will provide for you.

You know what is coming from Me to you Son. I have sworn by myself, of my word, Jesus has told you. The Spirit has witnessed to you. I writings have gone back many years for announcing what is coming to you. It is logical and will do many things at once, it is been told through others clearly as the access point and confirmed twice by reversal of the enemy and countless thoughts of doubt. It is then confirmed by Dean, Debbie, Logan, Thelma, Constance, and how many others now? I count 12 people for you in total. Son it cannot be stopped and only be waited on. The promises by me to you will be fulfilled.

*Dang it if He isn’t right! All of those people and more confirmed to me and many more, many!

Your fatigue is from warfare especially from the other day. All of your prayers are effective my child. You warfare with darkness nightly with your Spirit Son; Ground was was gained by us for the Kingdom, keep on my Son for your strength grows.

She is a witch and that is why I will not have you directly connected. The story is the same as with other churches you have been in. Do not be discouraged for I am protecting all and you will be informed. No Son, they do not seek Me, God, Father, for they gravitate to the approval of men. Their paths will lead them to dead ends of power, Write this! Now I tell you write this! It will lead to the eventual exposure of pride and man’s growth and standards and the words of Revelation that Jesus wrote, it will be the disowning of the church.

You have not chosen wrong to be here with exclusive Anointing My Son however it pains you for you look to the many years of established hierarchy in the church of today. Trust me and I will help you to do right!

It is all coming down. I will pull the love out of the rubble and if you will stand under the penetrating truth of my light, such as you. And my children will know me. I have not allowed many to see what I have shown you My Son for I have given you grace. We will find love and devotion within the church My Son and it will give you joy to discover just how much my creation can touch your heart. Your list is very important Son for the starts I am establishing for you will resonate from all of them to the world. They will be impacting ministries.

Do not fear the tapestry will perform my plans. You are still with me as fully as ever my enamored son. I love you so. All of the things from the Word are of me to you but more of that, I will sing to you, I will come through. This is where you belong Son. In my presence; My Son, in My presence. You are to be here away from the world Son, for now, for I will introduce you to my children as My trained approved ordained servant. Come here and expand with me.

I am covering each thing in your life with My grace. You have achieved much through submission to my authority,. You will now be ordained to my promises. See? Deeper into me brings truth Son. You have found great unsearchable things in me. Show others, tell more. I am waiting here for more of you.

12-8-2001 *I get the Scepter of Judgment of The words of God This day.

Hello My Son. It delights me to see you smile now so many times yesterday and today. I have shared with you that joy would come to you and so much more is coming.

You have my heart My Son.

The healing and training and trials and tests have been so successful for us my child. You have endured and become strong for me. You touch my heart with your humility, compassion and repentance. You have been upright with what I have given to you son. You have not been frivolous or vain, you have not squandered or polluted what has been given you. You have held yourself and integrity as I have shown you.

You have been relentlessly attacked by the evil one and by those in the church to further seclude you but you then held to me. Receive from me another of your rewards, my Scepter of Judgment for you to proclaim my judgments of the word of God. The wealth I am bringing to you now will not be more than you can bare and yes I will be here closely to allocate it to your life and all the things that you want. Yes my son I ask you to dream!

This will be the beginning of what I am bringing to you. Child, the gift of my writing is exclusive in its power to perform for you in your life. Your property which will be yours and your wives is the most pivotal and valuable land in the nation. You son are so valuable to me in what you have submitted. I delight in you, to me and delight in me. My love and power are drawing ever closer to you child. You are in readiness for my plan for you and for you to be the blessing to others. They will come to me for I have prepared each one. You have changed the course of life for some by prayer and through divine direction to me. Life and training to tens of thousands. Always my plan for you.


Who is it that comes closer than a friend? Who is it that speaks through you with knowledge, wisdom and comfort? Who has found the innermost veins of your being and given approval and acknowledgment? Who has looked into your heart and found desires and is providing promises to bring them forth? Who comforts, heels, releases and sings over you? Who teaches you the ways of the kingdom to come to this earth? Who has captured you? ------- It is I, Father.

I will hold you and I will guide you and I will love you into my plan for you. It is a great and big and unusual and timely and mind blowing and world changing and on and on. It is you at the center thing. Way back these five years ago to you I called. You have heard of this not because I do not do this often. You are chosen and trained by me to bring change to the world. It is big and powerful and it will step on many toes but son it is of God and Creator that you have received your marching orders. I have much to tell you to bring about the change I am planning.

You are walking in new powerful authority my son and all is in motion and all with you is correct. I have put seeds of dreams and dream possibilities in you and you have grown wonderfully well. I am your Father, you can come to me with anything for I know you and all else about you, in and out Son. This day and all feelings are directed by me. Rest and enjoy, I will speak with you and yes experience with you for we are one.



Your life as you know it will now change. I have prepared the way in what I have taught you in what I have brought you through. Within a short time now my Son. Faith and belief for I as Father do honor you and just who you have become. Gone will be the feelings of inadequacy my Son for nothing of this size or scope has entered your life or the lives of those around you. You will keep your head for I have seen it and you will move through these beginnings with grace and integrity my son because you are my son. You will mix humility where all things are concerned for that also is you my Son.

I am happy with my plan and I am pleased in my trust of you. Your heart has cried for those without and I know you will move with my Spirit. Where are you my little one? You are right beside me hearing my gentle soothing words of approval and guidance. We are the One, dream more, I am listening, be here with me. Your Heavenly Father.


Come here to be with me. It is my will for you to train and prepare you for your role in My Kingdom. I will give to you freely of the Spirit as I have for your training and I will show you Me. My most inner parts I showed you My Son for we are meant to know each other. You have not fallen from me or have you sinned, that is not asked for forgiveness for, or been disobedient to Me, I am your trusting Father. I direct all things that you have experienced for My use and for your training. Your mortal enemy (actually mine) is very conniving upon you, but I am over- all and I will bring you knowledge each day to overcome.

You have not stepped outside of my will for you my son and right now I expose you to more of My love upon you.

You have suffered for the sake of the Spirit and for the new bounty I will now bring to you; Less of school and more of Me Son. It is my plan and you will be known.

Dream of what we will do with the new things that I have for you to share with my children. I trust you My Son. I will provide you with answers my child, soothing peace here, most along with my plans. Slower than you want yes, but many, many things that must be set in place for these new moves of mine are very important.

Yes my prophetic words to you are for completion in my time Son. It is a hard lesson but I love you and I will not deceive you. I may press you hard to teach you but carefully so for you are obediently mine. I am healing your body, to work with me. Hold to me and love me, I will return abundant love to you, my creation. You are chosen by me, you are of great value with integrity to me. You are approved and accepted by me deeply in your spirit, your soul, and your body. Kisses. Your Father.