It is a new start to many things for many people but I am constant. My Son to be blessed with this time is a wonder and wonderful. I do not regret but yet I feel blessed by what we have become. Do not fear the fatigue you feel. I am with you for all of these times.

You question all of the time to make sure you are not missing my call to you to restart your life. Do not let it become a bondage to you for I watch over my chosen ones carefully. It had gone way too far and all of these times of resting have been essential. I did convict the words out our your mouth today when you were talking with your friend that yes I have kept you moving ever though I was healing you mighty from the burn out you had developed into. Burn out does take a long time to recover from . Do not fear, do not feel inadequate in fact as I have told you in writings past please give some to yourself along the way-take some for yourself along the way. Give gifts to yourself along the way. I will see this and know you are becoming healthier. There had been much dislocation but now there is regrowth of you. The new you. The stronger man you. I know it is frustrating but you are growing stronger each day. Strong in the ways “I” have determined for you.

I have removed all of the old man and have built a good unique wonderful man of God in you. Do not fear. I will use you to the full extent that your need desires. I am healing and reforming my Son. All promises and desires are set and planned to come through for you. You will be pleased as I am in you. Again be Blessed, Father




You are inspired by me in so many ways my Son. Be happy in that. We have things to “work out” and “work through” but fear not I will be always here to heal and restore and always walking with you to each and every extent that you wish. I am so close to you we meld into what Jesus was. He is here with you as well as I your Father. I did use you this day as a sponge to help the others around you my Son. Do not be frustrated child I do all things in proportion for my use and I will recompensate you for the pain. How pleased I am with your heart and your resolute attitude to the situation. I can depend on you my son, that is our trust relationship building.
Fear not my Son, I am doing things all of the time for preparation of your continued walk with me. I will help you with your weight and your physical relationship and your energy level very soon. I am sorry that some of “life” had to be given up so I could refine you my Son. What you have learned is this time of your life cannot be learned in the books it must be experienced by my chosen children to be applied to life by the Spirit. It has been hard and tough but so are you and how many can I tell of all of these new things? I needed your willingness and your trust in me to subject you to some of these many pains. I will bless you in ways of service to the kingdom as I build you into perfection. The old ways are coming to pass and new things do I declare. Before they spring forth I tell (and train) you of them. Be blessed smiler Son I know that heart. I delight in your journey. You are not out of my will at a bit. I am as close as your conscious mind. Bless.




You are my chosen one. Upon you I have placed a great anointing. Do not question the abilities, you have to do the things I ask of you for you have them all and more. I would not have you or any of my children called to a task and leave them unsupplied for the job.
Where I am changing you is in the area of thoughts and emotions and feelings now. It is without a doubt the most traumatic and most time taking transition you have had to endure. I am gentility and grace. I have endless resources for you and yes I am very easy going on you. I am not a demanding Father to you for I know what you can bare. I know where you have come from and I know your walk to get where you are now. Only you and I know your struggle to get to here as it truly has evolved my Son. Take it very easy upon yourself for these times. I have directed you and held you back in all of the things that exist with you right now and you have been wonderfully obedient to my plan and all directions for you. It is I who am responsible, not you.
You are submitted to me totally my Son. Totally….Son do you not know I use your every day to spread the information and love of Jesus around to others. Do not fear not being used- we are this close and you are under my care, my covering, my covenant to you. It is gentle. I am gentle. I am a loving Father.
You have not pushed me too far or taken advantage of situations. Depend on my for grace and plan with me the return of your strength. I will restore to you all of the desires of your heart that you feel are lost.
My Son who are you? I try you with that inquiry for you to ponder upon. My Son I know the obedience and grace you have held others in that are around you was great. You have operated in love and integrity for my sake. I will not suffer you to be involved forever.
You have heard correctly from me about all the thoughts. I my Son have watched my new prophet move into the relationship with me that will last and grow. We have learned of each other yes? I know the man I called. I have great plans for you Son. All the writings are my promises to you. Very truly I tell you. I will now begin to reveal more and more things to you now. I will build your strength, desire and mind parameters back in now. Watch for the desires of your heart to be met.
You are my new fangled Son. Others will awed, some will snipe, many will wonder, I will convict them all. You will speak for me Son. You will be my shining star. Build faith and believe. All will move according to my plan. You will have grace above, do not fear pride, protect your heart. I have watched that move carefully. Fear not. Watch for wonders now. Plan for dreams. I will not disappoint. Bless you my Son for I move forward with you to make your and my dreams come forward. Father




Many days are special my child, but none so fine as a joyful peaceful Son calmly enjoying some quiet time to heal and pray and speak with his Father. The smile upon your face at small blessings and the grace upon which you move is the indicator of peace.
Who are you my Son? I do pose that question to you again-yes, you are the righteousness of Jesus Christ because he lives in you. You are a changed man because I called upon you to help me in the kingdom and whenever I call to someone their lives “waters” become very troubled spiritually because the very forces of good and evil collide upon the person to vie for the control of the soul and spirit.
I am infinite and so I have already viewed the chosen ones heart and know what I can use to help them to me. It is however a struggle and involves a giving of ones will over to me to do work in and through them. You my Son have submitted yourself to me in brokenness and in humility-that obedience I value highly. You are being trained in my precepts both at a school of my world and through our interaction. Your heart has been resorted to the full use of Christ likeness and I am refining your thoughts feelings and emotions into the rock sold man of God I want. This is a high calling my Son. This is a difficult walk and training program my Son you know the things in your life that fell limp and yet you feel the gentleness and grace I bestow upon you much more than others have in past times.
I want a new pair of shoes so to speak in the Spirit and the real world my Son. I am the ever changing Father and yet I remain constant. I am truth and light and I see my children clearly through my Son Jesus and my Sons upon earth. I feel what you crave. Your Spirit craves for more closeness and care to abolish the loneliness and fear my children face in this world of frightening tactics.
Yes, I call you and others to a holiness standard from my word but I also know the sinful nature and the strength of the flesh. The line for fear of the Lord has been crossed over and back too many times. I do not rule and reign with fear in my kingdom - I rule with Love. Do not fear writing about me my son and my “new shoes”. I need my children at peace and loving to come to me in these end times.
I cannot be harsh and upon a marble throne and expect my children to hear from me out of a Spirit of fear. Be not troubled by this, I will tell you more and more slowly-trust I know what I am doing and I know just what sweet child I am using. Thank you for submitting yourself to me. Have faith and belief that your Heavenly Father can use you to spread this and many other messages to my children.
My message to my children?
I am attainable,
I am Love,
I am Forgiving,
My Spirit is power for you in this world.
Bless you my Son,
I will confirm these things to you.
I hear your heart and the desires there in.
Do not despise the holding back and small beginnings I have put you through. My strongest men are built upon my specifications and timing. My plan for joy in your life is vast.
My will, your way, your Father.




See how it bubbles up and out of you when you seek my face and grace? The quiet times is essential for you and for all of my children to understand and “know” the Father of Light. We have indeed had some wonderful times in the past but oh what lies in store for you!
I did have to remove the majority of past events memories from your mind for they were based upon dysfunction and previous thought patterns. From the olden days you had painful things happen to you yes but also were the perception problems. I have changed you. Your perceptions were connected to the pain. How can you think straight for yourself or much less think to help others out of their pain when you were thinking of things based upon pain? Wow, I know I have explained these things to you in writings we have done before but I need to reinforce the directions I have put you through so that you have no doubt that it was all for building you up.
Never do I tear down my children, never do I put them through hoops and cycles of change for negative purposes. You my son were called by my Son for restoration- It was severe because the situation was severe. I do not need to go on and on about your circumstances nearly as much because as you feel so you are! You are so much better in your soul than when I first called to you. You have been healed by me very slowly as you have complained to me over and over.
But my Son, a major lesson you are learning is the lesson of self valuationnot self evaluation for you have learned through me to give me your free will and as such I became your evaluator. You must learn your value again. Some thing that was caused to become unfocused. (I am writing carefully through you-be not afraid.) in life we needed to make right again. How special must a Son of my creation with my eternal Son in your heart and my eternal Spirit within your Spirit be? I have made you a worthy vessel my child. I have brought you up from a miry darkness and now your feet are upon a large place. You are my anointed child with all of the value and revelation I can bestow upon one of my creation.
I am so much always with you in this world and we will live together so closely in the next. I will return for all of my children. I enjoy your sensitivity my Son ,be not afraid of all of the things I tell you of. It is my discernment of the situation for you see I am now most always training you up in the ways you should go. As you test me again yes it was my Son, Jesus Christ who came in the flesh to save all of creation from the judgment of death from sin. How close are we? Place again the fear from what I can reveal to you outside of your mind will and your emotions. Bind the feargood, now search for the place you know of as peace with me. Wonderful, yes that is correct I will never do anything to hurt you.
Abide in me my son. You have done nothing wrong, you have not been lazy or missed my call for you to do some things. I have moved gently in your life and have not pushed you in these areas of restoration. I have pushed other areas of training in your mind with knowledge and in your Spirit in the area of spiritual warfare training but I have given your emotions and feelings more ample time to actually heal and restore. We are not done yet but you are responding perfectly to all I give to you. I want you to put still more at my feet.
Start it today- I want more control in your life my child. It is out of the necessity of who you are and who you will be that I make this request I have not sabotaged you in any way for these things to happen but I need you to be more attuned to me and what I have for you. Be guided by me more and more. I know inside of you and it is what you want. Give life to me crucify the flesh all the more and I will lift you up. Your Spirit is questioning my methods and my means now but I assure you it is I your Heavenly Father the Father of Light who is calling to you to come in the living waters over your head.
I will supply all of your needs “according” to “my” riches and glory. Give to me the hassles of home, the many inadequacies of relationship and the heaviness you feel about yourself and your flesh-I will be your reminder-no you have not been ”downgraded” in your calling. My goodness Son, do I not have a total plan for you? Do I not watch over you? Do I not Love you so much? Why yes I do Son. Thank you. Bind the flesh thoughts as you have and push yourself in the Spirit to live by my means. I will not let you down my Son. I will be with you in all that you do.
How much love has a Father for his Son? Much more, much more than you perceive yet. I will be there to remind you of the way in which you can go. The darkness has come against you from the start for this relationship for “it” knew how specific it would be for you and how anointed it would be for me.
Do not fear-you are becoming what I want my children to become. Yes, there are more of you and there have been those like you in the past but right now {write} here is you my SON, you have responded-you have loved, you have been broken, you are advanced along the path with your Lord-yes somewhat more that others-Just bind the accountant spirit that must always measure and equalize all in your flesh world and give the burden of what is fair and appropriate to me.
Now let me be the boss-I know how things work here in the Spirit and in order for you to be complete you must accept the favor you have in my eye. Do not compare to any others-my grace upon you is for you-today.
Grow in what I know you will be do not look around to be found what others will see. It is I calling to you.
Upper room time-and you have paid the dues and Jesus paid the price. I will give grace to accept it deeper, just watch. I want to see more of that smile my child. Hold tight to me. Father will guide.



You have been hurt but concern yourself not with so what's of what has to be done and what I know I am healing you. I am faithful and just to all of my children. Who has turned their life over to me to use? Why it has been you my son, whosoever shall lose his life shall find it states my word. The life in Christ Jesus. Have you experienced life my son?


You are molding yourself to me and my anointing upon you my son. How far you have come? You know that the words spoken against you are from the enemy and his revulsion of what you do for me. Be not afraid or in fear-I have told you I will exonerate you from all of these things. Your flesh cries out to me for help in grace for this situation. I need you closer to me my child remember? I am stretching you my son and you must know that when you seek me I am there for you. I have put you into a place of conflict my son. You have learned already the lessons I needed to teach you and now I need you to stand firm where you are so that I can teach others. Will you do that for me? Will you draw close to me so that we can show the kingdom principles to those who have turned away from knowledge? You know you must take away your flesh and rise up above the situations and yes the people participating in this exercise of flesh and spirit oppression. I will become Grace you my son for your faithfulness already, just watch me and work as you remain silent. Please know that I am working behind the scenes to bring to order the chaos that yes has my wrath kindled. You have done nothing wrong in this my son and you do deserve vindication and joy from these things. All of the other areas are progressing according to my will. I will not leave you, I will not withhold you. You are in my eye of supernatural development and grace and you are my shining star. Draw close to me and we heal and provide.


I have shared before with you my son. Fret not the times not spent here but rather rejoice and embrace the time here with me your father.
I have used you in a mighty way my son. In a way I could not use another. You are so strong and heartfelt with my children, I knew your spirit would stand this abuse. I have pushed you far in this matter of being at school but it is for building you up and for absolute exoneration from these lascivious charges leveled against you by another. I will bind the powers that rest upon the church and the body members at the precise time. Your prayers and yes your oratory has come to me as petition and information according to your feelings. I have listened to you my child. I have learned from you my son. I have tested the iron that is you and also others in this extravaganza exercise. I show you now where the power is. My son the power is in the spirit of God and in those who are driven and ruled by my spirit. I have not shown my world yet the power that submission brings. The strength that ebbs forth when you yield yourself to me. Oh, you have seen it. Those who I show you have seen some, but son, most have seen only a sliver of the power manifested in their lives. You my son have suffered for the anointing and power you have. By your very total submission to me in all of the worldly ways I have re- grown you in my image. A image of heart and love and tenderness and compassion and….Power. Evil can smell your power-it lurks around many people and places you occupy and plots in endless ways how to 'get rid of you'. I am far greater and so I will continue to send those huge Angels down around you to keep you safe and secure. I have set my eye upon you my child and your heart and spirit respond to me. That is the clue-not a lot of you but more and more of me. And I will then direct the lives of my children carefully and completely. Do not fear it is my plan. You my son are understanding the life in the spirit concept but the enemy wants to stop my spirit from being with man for there in the closeness of relationship is where I dispatch my children, there, in close relationship is where I allow prayers from the heart's and spirits of my children to enter into my ears. Yes, even some of the oratory that my children think and speak about is scrutinized for use, my use. Your trust and faith in me is strong, my son. If it ain't you Lord, just have them lock me up. I'd rather be with you here trusting what you say through me is your word rather than be in this crazy world. If I can't create this world could I have talked to my creation this way? Now son, there are a lot of hindrances to my voice and you must know and accept that not are all in my will to hear from me at these times. This is a new day-a donning of the spirit day and I am here in it with you. You are correct in your wisdom and in my revelation to you not all want the transparency of the spirit of God. Not all want control of their lives given over to the spirit of God. Many of my children are iron necked and so they adhere to the world's views of the world's plan-tell me son where is this world going to? How much of it did I say I was going to use after Revelation? Yet, the quote, riches stored up upon the earth unquote are valued so much higher than my spirit. You my child have sacrificed your pride and statutes and what the world and its judgmental people think of you and given yourself over to me and what I want to do in and through your life. Jesus called and talked, the enemy responded and tried to take you back. I responded and took you closer to me than many of my creation before. You gave of yourself to me-and you continue to do this each day and I see your heart, I know when you mean it and when not. You are subjected to me. I need you-and I need your giving heart to stop and pray and deliver, and comfort my other children-but I need your company to. I love to talk to you and I will love to talk to all of my children.
You have had some harsh times my son, I am healing you even now but what wonderful times we have here. Who will make the sacrifice of their very comfortable lives and come live in me and in the ways and plans I have ordained for this world? I have withheld my anger and wrath from this world and my sons continue to get beat up by the world and yes even by their brothers that are to be with them. Such pettiness and envy and guile.
I choose you son. It is my prerogative in this world-evil don't want you around and other people in the body envy your gifts-they do not know the sacrifice you have made or the heart felt resolve against the evil you have. That is how I made you. So look to me, trust in me, stand for me, I stand for you. You need not defend yourself, my test here is for the body of Christ to respond and for you to huddle close to the big guy-that's me. You are under my authority my son. I may subject you to others authority at times, however, keeping your eye upon me brings you the big guys authority.
You are in my will, you speak my word, you are my way.


I have been discouraged as you have felt my spirit upon you. I will salvage you from the trial and the world I have held you back from. It is time for me, God to trust in my son. It is time for me to rely upon my creation. I encourage you to walk in love even if others around you have not. There is a time to stop and reassess things. You need now the freedom and strength I have withheld from you and I will replace inspiration and drive into your soul and spirit. Pray as I direct you and I will continue to bring others to you. My son, I am the God of order and at times I refine my plan for my children. You my child have submitted yourself to me for my use and that is the key. I encourage your resolve and your heartfelt dialogue we share. I require you here with me more now and I trust you for our times of relationship. My son, I love you and what you have done and endured. My son, I mostly love you, who you just are, struggles and all. Your heart is true unto me and that is a value I hold deep within my heart. I will restructure your life quickly and quietly so you may prosper. Hold to me son, I am always this close to you. This is the real and truth of God the father in your life. I choose you, stand strong now my man, my promise and vow to you now is for remarkable growth closer to me and worldly growth back to fullness. We will be victorious over all. My word with you, my will with you, my way with you. Father.


Cast your cares at my feet and lean not on your own understanding. I will exalt you now my son, when you need lifting up from this world. I am building you up and therefore my methods are rather unconventional at times. Trust in me that I do all things for you to excel in healing and improvement. You are not at all where you need to be, so worldly and strident? Trust in me that I heal you here, trust in me that I heal the entire man. Trust in me that it is I your father, your creator, your special spirit of God creating relationship with you now and all of the other times you sense me.
You have prayed, well…you have even been rather incensed at me to be well, you have obeyed me and all I have asked you and you have been directed by my Spirit into areas of grace spirit-laden situations that had harmed you. You my son have been victorious, however, others have chosen the world instead of my Spirit. Trust in what you hear from me my son. You feel it right now, it feels and even tastes like truth. I know your heart, to both your Spirit and your large heart. My children are listening to me and then selecting, they are selectively, then using the information they desire. I asked for them to know me their father, to know that this is wrong for my children to use this information between the selected and the flesh mood swings and the enemy attacking my children. All are wrong and all are being hurt too much. I will cut you free today. I will provide freedom to you both in the Spirit and in the world that hereto for I have not made known to you. Time is up for the bands and bonds that have held you. Stand and what you have been for me and to me and watch as freedom and style returns to your life. Father.


My son how dear you are to me. I hear the sad thoughts and worldly struggles in your mind and I will move to heal you and restore you now and also throughout the coming days. I draw you close to me in these quiet times for I know how you still need quiet time. I will rearrange the troubling thoughts and ideas you have had and give you peace and joy. Is your heart troubled for I have called you to be away from the world? I know my son that in your heart you have chosen to be with me and my call unto you, this thrills me my son. Father.


You my son are becoming stronger each day. I have built you up in ways that you can use for your life. Gone are the days of depression and the negativity that have held your life. Now your value is being established in Jesus and in a self- awareness of your value in this world. Do not let others rob you of what and who you are! You are being called by me! That event in itself demands respect, remember that. It takes a long time to be renewed and yes changed, so that I can use you as freely as I do. After the call comes the training, yes the torment in your situation, I want you to understand this son, I am the God that heals you. When called it is a level of submission that my children are called to and a willingness to submit. You my son were in a state of fried out and burned out and overrun with demonic influence. That indicates the strength of your calling and the eventual strength you will have according to me. Hold to how strong I will make you! Remember how vital you can be in the world? Do not believe the things of comparison or the attacks of the enemy through people-you are mine and anointed. Your heart cries for more value from me but you are submitted to me already-no need to do more for you I have already done so much. Find comfort in smaller things in the world and comfort here with me. Yes I am doing things in people's lives all around you and I know you want things returned. I have promised and more so I followed to you that I would return desire and energy to you. I have withheld it from you to keep you safe. What I have called you to do you are doing. What I have called you to stand for you have stood for. My son, others do persecute you and your name and your reputation for they do not know the anointing I have placed upon you. Stand firm in what I buy the Spirit of God have taught you. I have taught you how to pray and how to deliver and how to heal and how I have showed you how I feel. You will teach the character of God to my children my son.
You have been discouraged by the body of Christ in the situations I've put you in. My son, hold to me and know that I see all. I am not helpless to deliver you from these things but many factors must be set up to go correctly. I will not have another discouragement given to you. I can offer my comfort to you know with healing for the offenses. Father.


All blocks are off. The enemy pulled you down with him for the deeds you have done and what you have learned and applied to those in the body of Christ. You were confused and tormented, yes? Others around you had been rebellious and you had been disappointed and despondent, yes? You were able to function but just barely-that is what the world of evil faces each day-each second-rebellion in anger-discussed in apathy. The world of evil faces hopelessness and apathy each and every day my son. I did let it come close to you and I am sorry that I had to do it my son. It is part of your training. You have to know how the enemy thinks in order to fight him. He pushed too far but you are alive and now you perceive how disjointed the enemy thinks. I will heal you, I know how to do it and you know that I will. I am more harsh with you right now to overcome your perceptions and your residual anger. It was like Daniel 10-7, I let the enemy go and he played into my hand. My magic words to you now to break the principality over your home. Call upon me to send my Angels and speak quietly the words given to you by the Holy Spirit and it will be broken and gone by your actions. My child, my son, my obedient one to my Spirit guiding's, it is your anointing that will break this spiritual principality. My son, you have my son Yeshua within you of course you won't run from it like the others, they are reprobate my son against the blood of Christ. Fear not, I will keep all of my promises to you and judgment will revoke a new leadership very soon. Hold to me and my Spirit and you will be exalted and lifted up. Son, your trials have been hard, watch for joy now, heal and be with me. Your training is exquisite, powerful, fulfilling, you are mine and I will use you completely son, hold to me. Father.


To soothe you and to work out things that you do perceive as burdens my child, I comfort you with this slight heaviness of the Spirit of God upon you. First and foremost my child, fear not. For here my Child of Wonder, I am with you to cover you and to cover all that you do. I will work out for good all of the problems you give to me. You must have faith, you must give them to me and then trust in me that I will take them and act upon them. You must believe in me that I will more then move upon them for your behalf. After this you must have patience that I will move as you wait for my action to come. All of this while having obedience to me and what is my perfect plan upon your life. You my son, that is what you are doing, that is a lot you are doing! I will act upon your behalf my son. I care for you and your faith walk and I will always be doing things to bless you.
My son, you still need to hold to me in the areas of discontent that you have. Know that I am moving for you and I will become fierce for you for those skills in your life. I will supplement you with grace and peace and my voice for the loss you have suffered and are still suffering. I will build you up my son, just remembered that it is my approval and my eye upon you and how you feel it is important to me. I hear all the words from you. I draw close to you son, when you reach for me-every time. I care for and care about you always. I ask you to remember this son. Your father empowers you carefully to overcome the world with Jesus and you are growing I had all of this planned, I have all of this within my motives, doing my will, walking with my light with in and around you. No plans have been lost or avoided my son. All is working towards your freedom and your fulfillment of your desires. Yes, yours with my fulfillment. Be at peace, all will work within my creation. I love you son.


I would not have put you through such a wide and I mean wide array of tests and training and trials just to put you to the side my son. I will use you greatly, I will use you greatly my son. You are submitted to me and that transparency is what I can use, and enjoy. Your healing and restoration has taken precious time from your life but it had to be and you will realize it all the more as time goes on. The decisions of your heart will be filled but also your soul will be called and the desires of your flesh will also be fulfilled. Do not wonder and doubt for I say that I am father, I am father of my word. You, through your rebirth my son have a capacity now for the things of God few others have. This is real and true my son. New spirit, new man, new life with me. It will gratify you, just watch. All of these paltry things such as body and home and money will pale by comparison to what you have. What you have inside you now is just a wonder. I am in you and I trust you my fleshly son. I trust what kind of man I have built for my creation is capable of and what I put into it. Few others my son, few others will glow with my seal and be clearly visible as much as you. Trust and hold my son to me and my children will be saved with us. Be at peace in the trivialities for they are almost over. Hunger for me my son and I will tell you more each time you draw near to me, I love it when you draw near to me. I love you my son.


This place always serves to be a quiet place for you and me. Any time spent here is good for you and I my son. I am so proud of you and what you have done for the children I have sent to you. Your authority is very strong but your heart and its motives are stronger and absolutely pure. You have been ministering and delivered my children from just the bondage I wanted you to and all of the while taking on a training lesson of hurt upon your emotions. How strong you are! You my son are growing and advancing along the road I have planned for you. Do not doubt, do not fear, the path for you will soon be clear. The future will shock you with all of the changes, yes, even the near future but no I am with you and be at peace so you can hear from me more clearly. My words states many will fall and many will fail for it will be so much for them to bear. You my son will be able to help them. I tell you now in truth my son you will be able to help them with health and deliverance and also to peace. For my son I have poured my spirit out upon you, yes you! As my words states in the end times, I will raise up children who will overcome, overcome what? My children will overcome the enemy my son, the one you have fought so valiantly against for so long. The one and his traits and behaviors you have learned to come against. This enemy's blatant see will be spiraling upward soon and I will need you son to help others up. Your anointing and your presence of light will be even more evident soon my son. My word states I will tell you of these things. BV not afraid for I will be holding up my new man of Christ and directing you on just which we to go. Father.
Be at peace with my spirit upon you my son. I have been with you among all of the adventures I have sent you upon and have set up for you. You have been true to my word and obedient to my call upon you. I am so pleased to love you so much and for you to love me. You have helped my children out of bondage is and directed them to me. My son, new things are coming. You will be used by me in direct and exciting ways. Do not fear, I will equip you in just what you will need. I will never have you step out without your full feeling and full reaction as I have promised to you. Your healing mean so much to me, I must complete my work, you are such a precious jewel to me, the long wait and the frustrating times of being locked up are completing. I will never leave you are let you down. All of the desires of your heart are to finally be fulfilled. I vow this to you my son, hold to me and watch, for more grace and mercy do I give to you each day with strength and drive and fulfillment. I will add unto you to make you complete. Do not worry about the details are the endurance for I will provide all of the strength needed. Your value and worth has been changed and re-focused upon Jesus. Son, do you know how important and how difficult it is to change your focus? You and I have been victorious in this retool of you into the Jesus style I needed to use. I am so happy you have submitted to my call. I love you my son, yes, because I am love but I want you to feel I blessings upon you and the secure feeling that your creator is who writes to you with establishing greatness and gentleness of care upon you that has brought us close together. We are becoming one my son. That is my gentle flowing plan, that is my will for you as I have kept you set apart for me. I have given you special blessings so you would be drawn to me. I see you as this my son and yet I did not deceive you, this is all true and just and real as any other feeling. You become confused for you think it should be something spooky or cause injury. Child, I do not want to ever scare you. You have had enough of that in your life. You have been tortured and shocked by the world and the enemy. I am grace and comfort and I will show you more of that as our time moves on. I have been there with you and for you through others as well. I want you to know then you know it is I, your creator Father. Also my son, do not worry yourself over any things. I have set in motion plans for all of your prayers and designs. I have done this to redeem you and to establish you in all of the correct places. I ask you to not fear my son. I will provide, this is light and truth and I will provide for you abundantly. I do not look to the world for your entire fulfillment. I know that is hard to do but rather go for the grace of slowly moving ahead. Thank you son for being willing to do what is needed to be done and go the distance with me. I will reward you with joy forthcoming and I will provide you with the self worth of a man of God in spiritual and heart filled ways with Jesus. Son, there is no better way to be in this world and you have the real heavenly father-for many do not or they are deceived. My true children will know and shortly will be made known. My love upon you my child. My grace fills. Father.


Be conformed to what my will Is for you my Son.. How delighted in your perseverance I am as you continue to seek my will in your life. Seeking my will in your life will bring you always closer to your Father. I love my children to be close to me and I shower blessings on them all the more. It is my perfect will that eventually, after a time, I will provide you with what you are intended to do and to be. Please my son do not doubt or fear or wonder-I am watching all things and I am arranging all things for your life. I do like to arrange for my children, I am watching so very closely all aspects of you-I will bring together all of the threads to create the joy fulfilling life you feel is so elusive from you now. Plans and formats truly my son must be put into place and your renewed nature must be established. Yes my son, a new nature. I took you from the world and your worldviews and truly with your help did the work on you. You son have been changed, all changed for the better, so delight yourself in yourself and what you have become. Trust and believe that the new man inside of you is restored and healed. Cast your cares and fears of the upcoming times and how you will respond with energy, stamina and charm upon me for however long it takes even if it is a long time to heal and be restored with me, my results are perfect. My son, you have held to me for all of this time and I have not once abandoned you. I have explained myself many times and most of all I have listened to all of your thoughts and prayers. You have been a wonderful creation to re-create and I wouldn’t have called to you if I didn’t know your strength of spirit and depth of heart. You are my sunshine my son. You are my shining star. You have endured and followed my guidance and tremendous training. Yes, I am healing you right now my son. I will continue to be gentle with you because my son, you respond to my gentleness. I am not waiting to dump things back upon you. I will move and surely with you and believe in your father and his abilities all things will be restored. I need your gentleness for my children, don’t ever feel ashamed or intimidated by others because you move or improve gently. Gentle is grace and you my son have grace, grace I will use, again and again. I do not discuss the frustrating areas in your life here because it is not their time. I am focusing upon strength of self-worth and healing dreams and healing old wounds and rearranging thought patterns while still removing negativity and binding hurtful memories. Is that enough? I think so. The other areas of your life will be worked out in a short time. Sometimes you have to just be and be healed by me. You have done nothing wrong, all is moving along according to my plan of completion and you must rest and move with me. Continue to give me your schedule and I will please you and I will place my burden of lightness upon you son. It will be light and I will not have you pushed down again. Trust in my plan my son, I am with you and you are now ‘bound to Jesus’. A very good place to be for protection. Bless you son, you are called by me for this, no there are no salt mines for you. I am blessed by you and I then bless you with this freedom for now. It has not been easy son, I know this but you have been so very obedient and most important you have been innocent and true to me. My delight, my creation, my child, my man of God. Feel and flow and grow. Your loving father.


I am here with you to restore what the enemy had taken from you. Child, you are learning so many lessons of life and of grace and of the people I have created. It is hard sometimes for you for you are grace and gentleness and my creation can be harsh-especially hard when the enemy motivates them to come against my anointed children. One fact you must know although you are already aware is the darkness does not want you around and it has tried tirelessly to destroy you. From all different areas, the enemy has tried to destroy you, especially your emotions. You do see this and are frustrated with my protection upon you. My son, things in life and the world you live in are ever changing factors. I stop destruction and I avoid pain as much as my will allows. I do not ever glory in pain of my children. The destroyer works for a short time yet to hurt, kill, steal and destroy my children while I prepare them for heaven and they live out a short life here on earth. I give you my spirit for guidance and cover you with my love and Angels. I will be with you through the pain of this world and will bring you my sweetness to heaven with me at just the right time to be with me for eternity. We must work together to defeat the enemies influence in your life. I know all of the weak spots. Please do not tire from this and give the battle again to me. Please know my love that I your father know you and that I have again vowed to you I will not give you harshness in your life for you have had so much and been hurt by so many people so far.
Your struggle my sweetness is from the extreme healing done upon you over this time. I have told you how we have had to struggle to heal you in the trenches, for you were so active to work with people so that you could help them with me. I will tell you now strongly it is very difficult to work in full-time ministry for my children that are perfectly healthy and you my son have been healed from major emotional pains in your life. You have been strong enough through the pain my child, again, that is why I am so soft with you. You think, well I know the inside of you, and I am going, I am going, to have you fully operational again! I am not going to rush you for I understand time. You are making wonderful progress for you and I truly are doing a work.
You want to live now and you want to help others and you want to stop evil from being portrayed upon my creation-my blessed child. That is the fulfillment of my creation-and yet you feel unworthy of the happiness you pursue. Your strength is still not there yet to grasp and fight for the things of life as you used to do. I had to take away that strength, drive, animation from you to stop you. I had to subdue you so you could be called from life so that we could both rest for this long time and regain priorities from life. It is been very hard upon you but I have been behind the entire situation. When you have stepped out too much you have been hurt. For that I am sorry, I cover and protect but the evil one is very tricky and uses others as pawns often quicker than I can react within my will. I ask of you to draw closer to me and to pray to me for guidance for you for there is nothing too small for me. Do not try to take back the control of your life so quickly son, I know the plans I have for you and as I said I see the inside of you. The healing is wonderfully done but there is such and innocence you have and with the anointing and power and grace I have given you the more you draw close to me in all things the more I can protect you from the forces seeking to destroy you.
You have power my son, direct imposing power to do the will of the father through your prayers and actions. Some people do not like this, they are envious of you, they would rather criticize all that you have and can do rather than accept and rejoice with you. That is the nature of envy. Others fear you and the close relationship we have, they fear I will reveal things about their lives to you that should according to them be kept in the dark. They are scared of the prophet in you, they do not know how carefully I have a hold of each of my children and their privacy or how heartfelt my prophet sons are and how they are just driven to help stop the hurts and set free from the bondage in their lives. Sadly, they, my children, are hardhearted and brash and hurt my called children with special anointing’s. Oh yes, the enemy establishes the fear and diabolical plans, but my children carry out the plans knowing full well what they are doing and how much it will hurt.
I am sorry son that by wanting to be active in ministry while you were healing you have been so hurt it is actually slowed the healing process. I will recompense you my sweet child and I truly do have a plan for us to stop this unknowing attempt by the enemy to stop your ministry. I have established you my son in the church, I want you in a ‘church’ and I do promise you will not be rebuked in my house. Yes I have showed you visions into the supernatural realm and that does make it more frustrating for you for you can see the spirits and influence behind things that sort of ‘double talk’ and yet as I work, you are rather powerless until I have you move. I am sorry to frustrate you so but my plans are perfect and you must come about in with them in their own time. Be patient with the old guy here, I am watching over my Word to perform it carefully and completely, for, my children.
You have gone through so much in the spirit realm and in the flesh realm of body and soul things as well. I am so pleased with you and the progress we have made. I will use you so much in this world my son. You are reformulated, yet, you retain the heart of Christ that has been touched and has touched my heart. Be so much more loving to yourself, I am truth and I have watched millions of lives go by, I choose you my son to speak for me in power and love. I choose you my son to free others from darkness and despair. I choose you my son for you have held on to me through these times of healing and re-creating you and you love on yet still. Even though you have had the harsh enemy lead the trail upon you still you love. As I see to you, I see inside you, I see your love, which is what I use, that is what I see, that is what I give grace to, that is what I value in my creation. You have it there inside of you all along with wit, and intelligence, and charm, and strength. You have humor and you have other things that go on and on. I have given all to you my son. You are so close to my heart my son. I have kept you hidden but soon now others will truly see the man I have re-created. They will know and will not be able to deny and avoid and cover up. It is, so do not fear, I have been here all through all of the sadness; I will be here through all of the joy. I will be with you through the joy with forthcoming and this will bring my son. I will move my hand now to produce my will in your life. I ask that you be open to me and my plans for you and to trust in me that all you have waited for will now begin to come true for you. You have waited for me and now I truly begin the wheels moving. You must not move ahead of me for I give you the grace for each day. Your mind, feelings, and emotions will be brought into alignment with your healed mind. Thank you for submitting yourself to me my son. I am so pleased in you and with the adventures you and my son will have. You are blessed my son, so that you can be a blessing yes, but for your joy all things for building up will be yours from me, your father. I am your creator, your own re-creator. All of the frustrations known so well by you will be flowing away now as easily as these words are written and as spirit led.
I have called to you and you have answered me my sweet child, I hold you close in my arms, as close as I can to protect you from every wrong. I will guide you in all areas of your life. Let me do more and be closer as you pray. I love you so much my son. A strong man in the spirit you have achieved, believe and accept your self- worth as my gift to you. Father.


I will uphold and confirm to others you. I cannot yet open the eyes of those I have blinded to the truths about the situations you have been in for three years. Yes, the enemy has disguised en masse all of the situations of this vile sodomizing sect. It does follow and exposed to hordes of tormenting spirits my called children. I have allowed it for my purpose to teach my children, however as I have shared with you darkness pushes the limits that I said and kindles my wrath, when my wrath is shown upon this nest of sodomites. Yes, son the spirits that are now pressing my children are the remnant from there in that time that long ago. You may use that word to command out that spirit and I and anoint you power over it now.
I have placed you very carefully where you are and I truly do need you to stand for a very short time yet. I know you have been disappointed several, no, countless times but it will become recompense to you my son. I see and hear your suffering that is why we have each other here and I am still totally training you and I would like you to not worry about things that are not finished. I am your boss. I am your judge, I am your father and I will adjust all things when you submit to me. Yes child, things will be happening so soon now. You will really be exalted, faint not. This is one half written. I call you back tomorrow to finish. Be with me so close so I will hold and heal and restore and now strengthen you.
You move well from one level to another my child. Fear not for all that I show you here is real. I also push through to you in your precious dreams. I am healing and restoring your subconscious mind. The words I speak to you are for comfort and for building up. I am speaking more and more to you when you seek me. Wonderful training is going on according to my will in your life. I have called you to the school you are in. I did and do have ministry situations for you there.


I am the same yesterday, today and forever. You now see that in our previous writings it helps to confirm that I am real and have chosen this style and type of situation to show you my grace and healing and direction upon your life. You my child are blessed by this revelation of me through you. All of the weight upon you is anointing and my presence. Do you feel tired? Yes, that’s me putting you at peace again. Always gentle my son, always literal my son, always truth my son. Who can you depend upon? Me, only father, for I will perform my word and I will complete my children and I will bless my obedient sons and I will always watch over my beloved. You felt rightly my son today as I see this situation you are in the midst of a battle, even when you, with your wonderful perceptions do not know of it. You have stood upon my plans for your life and you have not given up. I will place more grace and restoration upon you. What you have perceived and judged is true my son. Now I show you; For my spirit is tangled up with yours and my thoughts are your thoughts. My child, it is a long-established plan created by extensively worked out situations with the spirit for you my child. It is also worked upon by the enemy to kill, drive crazy, destroy you in many areas and many avenues beginning with the ministry known as this’ lighthouse international’. I knew of you from other ways and this evil thing knew of you from other demons. These demons were in parallel attacks with the Native American and witchcraft spirits from before. You really do damage when you prayed my child you do this by cutting off communication lines of the evil one. This is all real son, continue to write and I will continue to show you truth, the truth is from me, God your creator.


You my son are held by time, the time frame of your life as I submitted and you do not like it at all for the length of time it takes to restore you to the full living man of God I require of you. Be of calm mind and gentle spirit, I watch you most closely, I listen to all of your thoughts and prayers. When you look at the world you compare what the world and the flesh wants. When you look to me you can put away the thoughts and plans of the world for good. For my plans are not for burdening you my son, if you will listen to me and pray to me your requests will be fulfilled. I am building you each day upon day. You know you are better and better each day. I am your father and I love you with an abiding and helping and healing love.


Who has the word of the Lord? You do my son. I uphold and enlighten you with my word and my spirit. What you feel? Yes, I am not just as close as at this time but fear not. All I have planned is coming through with you. I plan the visits, I plan the meetings, you are my emissary my son. Fear not a thread, do not to denote the dread; your father will tell you and Jesus will tell all things that are necessary that you need to know just on what you need so that all things can be done. I am with you through every constant, I will refine and hone you like fine Flint and your words will do their job for you and for your heavenly father. We will surely wright again. Hold fast to me my son, not to the world. I have called you to be transformed from what you were to what you can be with me. I have plans for you. Many plans, I will comfort you and provide for you all of the desires of your heart. I have called you because of your heart. Your heart is very special. I must be careful with the heart such as yours, it is how we commune. I have not been inefficient with you and your transformation time my son. The gentleness of the spirit has brought me to you here and to tame that flesh of yours because it is taken a long time to you but not to me. You have looked wonderfully away from the snares of the world even if you have had to crucify your flesh for me. I honor your sacrifice my child. I honor your perseverance my son. I honor your requests to me my son. You must be calm and let the world go by again for my plans for you are eternal. My plans for you are to use that wonderful heart of yours to touch my children more and more with my power of prayer through you. Do not fear son all things about the future do I hold in the palm of my hand. I my son am guiding you. I my son know you and the pain you have been through. I have distinct plans that I have made for you not only for your life but even for the days that come ahead just now. Do not be weary and what I have you do for I will uphold you and will set you in a large place for the freedom you feel in the spiritual realm is freedom many do not have. I have not called others to the powerful walk you have, I have not been so careful and slow on others, I have been with and for you son for you are my chosen.
The pain is now leaving your life and your situations only to be replaced by freedom and joy. Do not rush it for we have worked long and hard on bringing you to wholeness and I do not want any wounds opened up again. Your continued rest will be required for you to have the strength and power you need. The desires that you will need to be restored will ignite your life with living again. It is all me, you are to special to be trusted with another. Hold to me and faint not. The victory is ours, life anew, amen! Father.


How my eyes are upon you my son, I watch you so close for you mean so much to me. Power do I give but still upon you again and again and anointing and more blessings. I see your ever-increasing love for me and I delight in that alone but when my sweet child you submit yourself to me more and more as your spirit directs you I delight. That was your spirit still stronger opening yourself up more and more to me and giving me any possible hidden areas. How I delight in my creation, in you my son, your willingness to love someone you cannot hold, yet, I am your father. My word tells you that when you submit yourself unto me I will exalt you. You my beloved as I look into your heart do not even look to worlds exultation. That is your humility.
Your heart wants to do my will more and more, your want to help my children more and more is very evident to me. How I delight in your heart, humility, honor. You are my chosen vessel for many of my works and for many of my children. Yes child they will marvel at the man of God you are and just what I am willing to do with my creation. So many with free wills are exercising the freedom of their wills they will need an extra system to deliver them from the so-called freedoms. It is a choice my son, the logical one you have prayed and given over to me. The flesh one many hold tight to. My word, all of it is give up and you will receive, do my children not think this applies to free will? They will realize soon my son. You will be one of those who show and tell others the father’s power and love. Peace, bless. Father.


Your spirit has been worn down from the warfare on Thursday. I have healed you and will tell you some of the things that trouble you. First, you must bind all fear that you feel about the future, yourself, and your loved ones. I have told you I am not going to put things unto you that will be too harsh for you to bear. Good and thorough job my son. You must not be in any fear child, be in peace and I will guide you through all of the situations I have told you I have completed for you. Do not worry for you will be plenty busy with the things I have planned for you. No small jobs either my son, I have chosen you as you have chosen me and together we will advance our kingdom. I Thank you son for being so persistent with me for I know your true heart and how much I can use it.
It is rest time for you and out, I am healing things still. Things are being healed that are hidden from you but are absolutely necessary for you to be strong enough in for your spirit to fight as I need you to. Others will see you for how important you are and those closest to you will validate you for your endurance you have maintained throughout these times. I will tell you more of the things to come each day my son. I will not ever leave you unaware in fact I vow to you that you will be one of those to tell others of the coming times and situations. It is what I have been readying you for my faithful one. This is not small and surely is not unimportant to all of the world. I know you my re-created man. I know your hatred for the evil one and his plans. You have battled him well for you are my creation designed for such a time as this. I will move you slowly into the revelation and completion of your plans for the life that you of wanted. Now, I said slowly, forever it is important for even you do not realize how much your health and rested state mean to me. No, I do not want you in the secular work force. No I do not want you on any medication at this time.
Hold on to me for I will finish now this healing and release you to complete the things you have wanted to do and the desire you have tried to attain for joy to complete them. I will open doors and sway minds for you my son. You have been faithfully waiting for long enough. You will be blessed with those hearts desires. Many State my son, those who should be acting appropriately and actively seeking me are sleeping. Their minds are clouded by the world’s ways and deceptive loyalties. Many are held by the false spirit and the fraudulent themes that mask of the truth that it is not I a creator of all things but a creature of falseness. This is real son, many false spirits are at work this day to destroy faith. You know your master’s voice and the peace and love it carries. I am careful with you son for you had been scared much too much. I am your father who heals you and it has very painstakingly restored you. Hold to me tighter and walk my narrow path, I have created for you this way. You will be with me and I will direct you to glory and to the true spirit of God. The one with power and compassion is my son here writing my words. My love to you. Father.


It is soothing and calming to be here for you. That is the plan all along, To be away with me as I heal you. You have shared that information with my other children according to my plan. That delights me that you are so attuned to my requests of you. Your soul has been acting up lately for you, it creates anger and frustration within your realm of understanding, however your spirit is wrapped up with my Holy Spirit. You are safely held close to me. Bind the soloist thoughts that trouble you and yes yield to my will and I will direct you and complete all that I have promise to you. The confirmations and secure feelings you have had our me insisting that you are within my will and purpose and plan. I am healing and training and teaching and leading and withholding and allowing all of the events in and around your life to structure you for the use I have for you with me.
Yes, you can at times look at the ridiculous world and all of the foolish things of the world and laugh with me. I have called to you to be my son, warrior, and emissary. You have had to go through all of the tests so I can fully use you as a weapon against the enemy. I will use you and love you more closely now than you can dream of. Focus upon my loving of you. I am with you and in you. Be not ashamed you are my creation and I fashioned you and your needs. I am going to do things with you that will astonish others, fear not, you are true to me and faithful. I know your heart, I am directing your paths. I have the power, you will be feeling it soon and the world will stand still to see my glory. I had promised you this, I gently guide you to me. Fear not the corners that are turned, all will know the creator, your father.


there is no mind control between us son of mine, and yours. There is the decision to be together as I seek you and you seek me. It is a choice for you to take in more of me and you have done that. Time and people will fail you but I will not. As long as you continue to pursue me I will heal and restore you to us stronger and capable man. You have been blessed by me and you are my fully empowered by my spirit. How much more must be done to put your soul at peace with what your spirit has decided to undertake?
It is a process for sure and a hard one for you to embrace or understand. I your creator know what must be done to and through you. You are being very obedient, broken and trained, it takes repetition and the very important knowledge you are gaining to be the warrior I have called you to be. Knowledge and grace with integrity to face the full of the world. Troubled as you are by the sacrifice you have given to me, rewarded will you be for the benefits that will come upon your life when you walk with your Lord. You walk with me son of mind. I am doing much more in you so I can do much more through you. You have not disappointed me at all, you have gotten understandably angry at me, for our mistakes. I create things new and adjust the process for best results not always most current comfort. Trust and believe in me son, the plan completes and I grow you as a fruit filled branch. The processes are painful but I vowed to you joy in the life will follow you. Happiness and resolution to all of the worry some hassles. I have purified all of your discernment, I am speaking to you clearly. I will soothe you now. Father.


Just who is it who is watching over you so closely? Making things happen for you my son? Would you tarry here with me again? Yes, to my delight. You are doing correctly and in most things perfectly according to my will, for you are my called, anointed, chosen and powerful son. The things I have shared with you are actual, they are not of your flesh or of the enemy.
Your self- abandonment to me is total. Thank you my son, my warrior. I will exalt you in the proper time. As I have encouraged you, give to yourself, for I am of your will. I will guide and fulfill your hearts desires for and with you. You are totally well anointed and you my child have moved into a new powerful position with me. Submission and honor have achieved this place for you. Father


Seeking me I am found. I draw close to my creation, my healing hand is upon your spirit to restore you from the warfare you have encountered. Some reassurance of my hand upon your life is you is, yes, those books that and that time. Yes, the confirmations from the other people, the phone call from your grateful friend, with 90 days, my promise you will be new. You are fresh, healed, coherent, energetic, by that time all things will be new all done and all balanced and blessed. Start dreaming my child, and I will deliver. My provision is great for you, do not underestimate my giving. The time for this was planned by me for you. You will watch many things happen yet that you will have for knowledge of, others will fear, you will know that I am here. Drawing close to me with the creation I have refined in you will be my delight and your comfort. This is a new level and a new understanding. You see, I trust you, I have led some of my children to you and you have let me speak to them through you. You have stifled your ways and walked with integrity and grace for me, for them. The result of obedience to me is a greater hand in our kingdom. It is very close. Do not ever fear my child. I will care for you closely and not give you more than you can bare. You have held to your Lord. Father


Be soothed and comforted that all will be completed according to my plan. You are within my will my son. You are waiting for me to move my hand and release you into the things that your flesh bothers you about.
Do you trust me? I see that you do, so bind your flesh thoughts and rest and relax in me. I hear your frustration thoughts and I know what I am doing even if you do not know all things just now. Trust and abide, there is a lot of abiding in the kingdom and they know it is me and even if it is difficult for you to tame the flesh and live in the world and watch as you perceive others are getting ahead it is still me in control. Your perceptions are not correct my child, they are banking on a secure future, something I have shared with you will be in turmoil. I will have you healed in time. I will have your hearts desires fulfilled. All of your statutes will be with me my son, not the world. Hold to me and fear not, I guide and time everything according to my riches and plans of glory. Yes, you are perfectly within my will. You are cleansed and free of oppression, anointed so no curses can a light upon you. I will tell you clearly of the plans for the fall. I will provide for you. Trust in me, I know you and the needs you have. I am so delighted in you. Minister to my children as your heart leads and I will more amply bless you more and more. Be at peace with trust for I am the God of completion.


Be here with me more and more and I will tell you of wonderful things. I will heal you totally and refine and adjust all of your perceptions to my will and purpose. My child, I have called you from this world to give your heart to me and you have graciously accepted. When you were so sore and afflicted by what the precepts of the world had done to you and had been ravaged by the wiles of the enemy I call to you. Though your remaining strength and some miracles upon your body, soul and spirit by me have kept you from death from your own Soul loss and set free from your own hand I have been here with you. Embrace and release this my son, again, for it is a process of healing that has consumed time. I have written through you when you couldn’t. I have placed Angels around you to protect you with soft words of encouragement, ministered to your ears. You so graciously and effectively have even ministered to my hurting children while you had been healing. Son, I had even told you it had taken longer to heal you when you continue to minister but you still continued on to help the hurting. I will reward you for that. Live for this moment my son. We are here now, receive what I tell you here. Basically, will I do what I have told you? Will you be able to enjoy time with things in the flesh and regain motivation? Will the excess things that you concern yourself with me be gone and you will be happy once and for all with you? Will you feel validated by the world and those that are close around you?
I will fulfill my promises to you my son. The pain and extensiveness of healing you had to have has pushed the time frame of healing beyond the proclivities of this world and has made you anguish over time. Time is mine to deal with and I will be fair with you and what you need. What does the world know with microsecond email and fast food? What happens to peace? They do not hear from me. You do, I have blessed you with my voice and strong gusto of my spirit. You delight me with your obedience and grace. You are filled with my spirit and you minister out of the overflow. You do know my word, style, precepts and character my son. You have been through the tests and have been totally victorious. The weight was needed for comfort. The excess chemicals were needed for your brain and for the healing of your systems. I am sorry it is grieved you so much but I will remove it with you son. My covenant to you is for happiness, total happiness. Seek me and know. Father.


When you set time aside for me I stop the things I am doing to be careful to listen to each heart cry you have. I am here all the time, but at times more intensely for your need. It is a busy time for your mind and a busy time of life will be upon you soon. So many are lost my son. So many struggle for the relationship we have my chosen one. I have brought you to this time and this place by my spirit to prepare you for the coming times. Child, the fall will be dire, the lost will fall away further than ever before. The fallen will be driven to take many others down with them as truth is revealed and their darkness is manifested. I have chosen those who are anointed, I have chosen who will teach and deliver. You my child and your family will be protected from the vile wrath of the enemy when you draw close to me. Do not fear for my cloak will be upon you. Your flesh cannot stop my word. You are connected to me and obedient to my spirits guidance. You have rested in me for the time I have allotted to you. I will restore and re-motivate you within my plan for you. Gross darkness will be coming to the earth and the people upon it now. My plans are growing in intensity and purpose and you my child are within the plans. I have promised you power and anointing and faith and joy in our kingdom. I will fulfill for your heart is mine. This is the beginning of prophecy my child Father.


For such a time as this. My call has been to my world to come closer, be with me. For such a time as this has never been before. My times have changed as I begin a new thing. Your precepts are fearful but you must rely upon faith that I have prepared you for exactly what you will need. You see, it is I, the I AM that guide your thoughts and writing as you submit yourself to me. You are growing in grace as you are training for the ministry I have called you to. You have looked away from the world and have come into my spirit which is exactly what my children need to do. I have held you in your position for this time to prepare you for the greatness of the kingdom. Except with peace what has gone before and acknowledge with grace what will be coming. I will reveal to you all things. I will do it gently and in time. God’s time. How close we are. I want closer and you want more of me also. Rejoice in that and rejoice in this, you are in my plan and you are my plan. You are my chosen and you are chosen by me and carefully trained by me. You are submitted to me and accepted by me. I will tell you of the things to come. Arise and except my will for you. I will guide and direct and form others to my will in you. You will be joyful and fulfill, astound and I will be in and with you. Your Father.


The world and the situations of the vileness will build in intensity towards your spirit. You see my son I have changed you. I have put the breaks on your fluid movement of accepting more and more of the darkness of this world. Your gift will be no matter how much darkness looms close to you, you will be able to find our communication here. I have built you spiritually for this fall my son. It feels different because things have begun, my spirit will cleanse the earth of the darkness that I have watched fall upon my children. Your life and your call will make much more sense this fall for I will use you to set so many free. As intensity builds so will build the fire of your anointing. The kingdom of darkness knows you by name and I watch very carefully for your total safety and the safety of your family. The darkness fears you for you are a warrior submitted into me and all of your ways. Your life has situations that plague you, am I not in everything? Your fear is unfounded. Do I fulfill my promises? Yes I do and I turn my promises to covenants now with you to reassure you I am in the still small voice of your strong precious spirit. Let the world brag of its flesh strength and prowess. When the big boys come to town now let the apparent split of light and dark seem even wider. He will be soothed, you will be divinely helped, you will be divinely led, you will be set apart, you will be called upon. I love you deeply son. All will be perfected and you will see my love for you along with many things of our kingdom. I have built strength where needed and removed desire where necessary. I have done this lovingly and thoroughly for you are mine. Father.


All the times and all your thoughts and I am here with you. It may appear futile to you the thought organization you progress through but I am building you again anew from the remnant. I had to allow things that were and still are so frustrating for you to enable my plans to succeed for you. I have always guided you through our plan for your total oneness with me even though you felt alienated from me and the world. I was there and the result is the voice of the Lord, the call of the prophet, the knowledge of the kingdom, the ministry of the Lord and the power and anointing of the chosen one. I know each problem and I am actively working to resolve each one. I will now move my hand in your life and advance the blessings I have planned for you. Feel my power and presence. I had promised power and motivation to you. I had promised drive and energy to you. I had promised healing and strength to you. They are now released to you and will flow into you until you are fully filled. I will wait no longer. Now things will start to happen but fear not any new feelings, I will draw closer now and infill all of these areas. The time is now and do succeed at being here with me, it will be for our benefit. Hope to me child, the new world is coming and I need you and those like you to bring my children to me. Always believe, all words are from me. Hope and me, watch now my love, I am fluid movement coming upon darkness with you as light. Father.


I have heard your prayers and your thoughts and I am moving upon them all now. You see that I do respect you for your sacrifice to me of your total self and I do affirm all of your many abilities and I re-anoint you with more power and authority over all you encounter throughout your days here upon the earth. War and strongholds that you have prayed about or even became aware of our gone by the power of my spirit in and around you. I will say these in yet quick fashion to you son -yes to Avedon and yes to a cloak upon that area and a wall no to a back it is a ploy yes to all my words and you know to that deception I have ruled yes to are- a I and yes to 2 to 3 week classes know to cleansing yet but I will provide yes to maximum anointing know to prophetic involvement yet yes to my involvement about weight yes to those things know to the Internet that particular area yes to this area of the doctors yes to coders yes to codons yes to the prayer shield yes to the infiltration yes to the confirmation I will exonerate you I have followed these things to you yes to the envy of you. One hour and one hour I need of you to prepare you for this fall and for keeping you safe. The fight is very active for you my son. It intensifies each day and will be magnified soon now my son. I have brought you here for this time for you are closely mine. Please hold to me here the visions you seek are upon the spirit. I will come upon you with love and care and truth and light I saw. Father.


Your frustrations in life are intensified by you and the enemy. This life holds many pains for those who live it, the pains are from pride, envy, greed and other reactions you have to others in life. I call them sin. Not to condemn you but to cause you to turn away from them. You do not encounter more than you can bare day to day but yet the frustration of not being happy about where you are on the way to where you will be brings you down into the pits of the evil one. Stop the progression now. I will guide your prayers now. You see how gentle prayer with me can be. My will in your life is a powerful thing my son even though you argue with me with your will my perfect will wins out. Do not frustrate yourself with the envy and greed of the flesh. Yes you are now at a higher level my son. I love you so and I move now to heal you again of the ravages and traps of this world. My child, you are growing in Grace each day, do not curse the times of transformation, for there I am watching you most closely all of your time. Go and explore each day. I am here for you and with you at these times. No anger or rebuke from me for I know you. I am your father and I know what you will do. All is necessary for you to be complete with me. It is the I AM, move through this day with my grace. I have chosen you son.


I am building up your strength to withstand the onslaught of the evil one in these end times. You must be strong and know all of the mind ploys the enemy will try. Building you up for this is not fun because the enemy does hurt you with his claws of frustration and barbs of apathy. I will heal and renew you to a more full capacity.


Put all fear away from you. My son, I, your creator talk freely to you here, today, I tell you truths for you to witness to. I have followed you and pressed you and tested you, you have been hugely attacked and you have faithfully held your ground. You have discerned my thoughts into your own and put up with my silences and stretching exercises. You have been faithful. Child of my spirit I have anointed you mightily, more than you know my love or can yet perceive fully. I grow and ferment you like fine wine. What have you not been able to command away and buying? Strong and healed and resilient man of God, I call you now for the evil one does cringe when he hears of you, he does not laugh or think of how to unnerve you, he curses the faith and power you have earned. I do love you so much son, feel the weight of my love when the world’s love does not touch you. I will touch you with love. I care so much for you my chosen one. I have promised you much over time but my faithful one I will deliver all of my promises to you. Trust in me and wait faithfully, I will form your body as I have formed your spirit. Give yourself to me and I will work on the total you. Your soul has troubled you as I have healed you, see my hand upon you now, I will remind you again and again the object is submission. I love you truly just as you are and anyway you are but I embrace your parameters of desires son and I am able to perform in these areas of your life as you have requested. It has become my will to do something important to you to fulfill your heart’s desire. These requests for complete healing, all the things that you have wanted control of thoughts and all of your ideas and aspects of you along with your soul and body I will do. I will move expediently with you for you remember the other word for the fall. Do not fear or let your heart fail I am here and will be here holding my faithful ones close. You see you won’t have to walk today but my son open your heart to me and receive my light upon you. I will set your steps more clearly now and I will perform what I have promised. Step out in what you desire tonight and I will work through you like water and light flowing through. I love you my son father.


Just let yourself go and flow into my reality my child. Find comfort from the world and all of the parameters that oppress you. Crucify your flesh and ask for me praising. You see I open the very gates of Heaven and receive you into my arms. My little one, I have been with you in the trials, I have been with you in the temptations, I have felt your sadness and your joy. My son look away from the world as I had told you through Psalm 62. The world does not see nor acknowledge the spirit I have placed in the world. That is why I inspired Peter to write the way that he did. What you have in this world is flesh and the thoughts thereof. What I want of you is something different. I have asked you very severe things lately my son, will you give up all for me? I tell you the truth, the time is coming and the time is nearly here that many things will change. Fear not, the writing that I give to you, for it is I your creator that inspires you. You may have experienced the thoughts of world changing to alleviate your suffering but do you know what my love? It was my spirit witnessing to your spirit the same feelings. I want an end to the suffering yes. This is my plan but I want an end to so many of the ways my creation ask of me. Do not feel guilty or responsible for what has begun to happen. Feel free and no, I will use you. You have held to me and have been very faithful to what I have had you do. I do declare to you again that I will use you for great things. Yes son all things in the kingdom are great but I have called you for your heart. Yes, after my own heart. Your mind is Christ’s and is being renewed for my purpose. Has the waiting time been for nothing? No, for I am using your obedience and will build you for my plan. You are my arrow, you are my smart bomb. You will set captives free by my words through you. Trust me, trust me, trust me that I will, do you, to your heart’s desire. No, they do not understand, for I have not called them as you. A few I have touched but we, well you have sold out and yet I ask more and you agree. Your spirit tore down the principality the other evening my son. Not a group of warriors but you. Now do not fear pride and single out for you or gives but I have called you for a reason. Your strength and anointing will become evident soon. I tell you in fact many, many are watching you closely to see what I, we will do next. I wrestle with you for your worth of my call upon you but son, don’t explain, just maintain. I will exalt my powerful son at the right time. My heart is troubled by the world, will you be my voice? I will give you the vision you desire. Son, hold to me, the plan of God does move ahead each moment on the earth. Who are you with me? Through blood, I see the reflection of my light in you and the glow of your submitted heart surrounds my light. Father.


Hello son. Calm yourself here and I will continue to guide you in all the things you question. I am very close to you and I haven’t been worried about you and pride. No, you haven’t made me angry or frustrated with what we have done for it is my plan to hold you and love you and bring you closer to me, so that we can know each other more. Son, calling you was my way of testing and trusting in my creation. You have committed to me all of you and allowed all of my precepts to you to be met. You have delighted me. Father.


My words will flow through you like the living water that I am. My son and you are my beloved son. I am not angry or disappointed with you of any of the things you have done. You my son through your listing of things that have bothered you have shown me your strength. Yes, they do need to be addressed and dealt with. Son, I am working on each one of those concerns you have written out. I am actually working on much more than those but your writings touched my heart. I saw you as strong and fighting for what you want. I will repair, restore and cause to happen each one of the things you have listed. Yes it will take more time you frustrated the right. My time is perfect and your grace and faith will grow as you submit yourself to me and to my long seeming drawn out plan. What it is you are searching for in life is acceptance. Those around you do not feel the fullness of you and you do not feel that they accept you and the enemy rises up in your thoughts to cause you to question all of your motives and even your thoughts. I am watching your thoughts son, I am guiding your life son, I am in and through you for peace and joy. I have given you dreams, yes I am in them, I do seasons of things so that you do not get overwhelmed. Your dreams are for self- actualization of what I have for you and testing to see how you will react in certain areas of situations. Do not fear your dream state my son for it is becoming healed now and I am more able to work on you through it to train you in the areas needed. Again I tell you my son fear not the dreams and images I place upon you, for I am caressing your thoughts with my spirit when you dream.
I will bring about a greater wellness in your life now with your dreams. Find me there caressing you my love. You are built up in the strength of Jesus my child. I have used you for great things that have hurt yes but have helped our kingdom. I have given you confirmations beyond logic to interest you in what I can begin to do. You, son of light are my instrument. You have submitted to me and I honor you as my chosen one.
Special? You ask are you Special? You just don’t see yet but you will be with me greatly. Your mind which has been a battlefield has been replanted with seeds of strength and purpose, purpose of the creator for these end times. You are special, you are set apart, this is uncomfortable, but it is for my use. You are accepted by me your creator as I regrow you into the power man of the spirit.
I have shown you some of the evil around that I will have you fight against but I have withheld your eyes and spirit for most of it. It would grieve you for your heart is tender and I care for it greatly son. The evil will manifest itself soon to the world in such a way as to astound those watching. Those involved will be dragged deeper as I have told you. Uncleanness will take on a whole new meaning as the sins of the past are visited upon the people of now. Shock and horror will be the reaction but the evil one will have the hooks already set. Yes I have shown you the all at once, and some of those evils will be manifested in that way.
Just as you felt that spirit inside your head suddenly bother you, people will be subjected to that form of attack. It was your healthy spirit that took over that spirit to bind and cast it out. Woe to the ones that have no strong spirit to fight with them. That is why it will be dire. Instant deliverances at that time will I then allow you to provide. Son I have told you of your powerful anointing and yet I have not had you yet realize your potential. You and some like you will be shown powerful for your committing to the Lord. You are my standard that I am preparing before the enemy comes in like a flood. You will minister in love and grace with power, and by Angels, to overcome the darkness. I will hold you close in my hand for now for your heart cover craves for more of me. I see this my son. You are worth this for I have chosen you my son. Be not unaccepting of you and who you are for the creator the I am has pulled you out of life to ride with me. You will be fruitful in my plans for you, the you will be blessed with my exhaustive plans of restoration of you, for you are my shining star, hold to me I will feed you light. Father.


I will increase the ones you ministered to. We can change lives with your inspired word son. You have learned there are others, all of my children are special to me but you still need that building up in your mind to manhood and the embodiment you possess. No son, you are complete in Christ in all things. Look not to the other examples of children I have created with the debating. I have the enemy that carries envy within it. I have created YOU my son to my personal delight with uniqueness and again I stayed you with truth, you are fully accepted now by me as your creator.
Do you see and hear those thoughts? I am now moving closer to remove them from you and by negativity that was there now positivity is within you and from you my son I want you strong and secure sure and stealth for my action is coming closer and closer. I will need all of you which you so willingly give to me. Stop now for peace and healing with me. I do not have one other child as you my son. You are my specific creation. I will use you to my delight and to your delight. I will use you for what you are being to me and for what I become in and through you. I love you.


Let me wright through you gently and carefully. You have not been in ‘error’ of what I am saying to you. My child, I have found your interests within you and I have formed your interests within you. I do know how to create, you are submitted to me more now and at peace more than you have been but push on for more peace with me and I will find you more and more as you find me and we will draw closer. I have needed to share with you some of the truths of the kingdom of God, our kingdom for you I have selected to be my instrument.
It is not a task I give easily, I know you son, I know the man you are, you do not see yet the man you are for some things are to be healed very soon. You will see how conformed to my will you have become. At this time I am able to flow through you in wondrous ways but you and I want more of each other. I will visit, I will heal, I will reveal. I am so happy you have given yourself to me, the totality. That is why I draw near with light and that is why darkness comes to snuff you. I will train and test but I will heal and show you more. I am truth and my truth to you is a grand call upon you. I am here with A growing of you in perfect facets that I create in you for my use. My noble son, I did inspire that prophecy for you. We flow so well together. Father.


I am soothing your soul my son. Hold to me for the healing you have requested. In this world you will have trials as I have told you but fear not for the time is coming soon when new attitudes of life and who I am will emerge. I will use you until then as we have been doing but then oh!!!!!.... How you will be used by me for healing and deliverance son. I will not put trials upon you of heavy grief for you have endured so many as of now. I will watch my new man of God closely and do not fear your flesh, for as I have shown you, I know your flesh and you have kept and obedient rein upon yours in accordance with my will.
I will tell you more, I will draw closer, your desire will be fulfilled and your heart is mine. I am the I AM and all is clearly supernaturally real. Peace with me, I direct and watch closely all the tiny things even in and throughout your life. The walk is closer and more clear as we draw near.
I tell you My Son, So many of my children will know me.


Allow me into more of your life to soothe you and the frustration you feel. The quiet times you perceive are for rest and still you hold to some of the thoughts of inadequacy. Son, you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. I am with you for all of the times of your life and I guide you into all of the areas of your life. I am your leader and you are my submitted son. Is it not a delight for you to now be healed so far more than you had been before? My encouragement to you had been for this writing any day you wanted it to lift you up and it has. How wonderful to not have to go through those terrible mornings or those lonely times you felt. You have been a tremendous healing work for me my son. As we reflect, there is a standard being built within you so fear not repetition or my having to go back over what I and we have done. Old is gone and new is created.
I don’t take away the call upon the life of one of my chosen ones in your call always was big and great. Fear not the time of waiting and growth for in due season my child you will reap what I have planted in you. Our kingdom moves slowly ahead according to your perceptions in this world. Here in the heavenly son, things are heating up fast. I am adopting new ways and establishing new things in which to place some of those wonderful talents we have honed in you. Rest and I repeat, receive, calm and believe, I see every ounce of you. Father.


Here are some words from me my son to help you. Write them down and remember them well.
You have been hungering for more of God seek me and I will be found.
God your father accepts you with goods and bads.
God the father loves you unlike your earthly father.
God does not have the same expectations as earthly father.
Write down the things God has for you so you can see in black and white the promises.
You are trained by the spirit of God and you will continue to be taught that way.
Things for you and the religious church will come as a blink: the change will be that quickly.


Each new day with me has been new and different son. I do like the freshness that is achieved by each start of a day. You have submitted yourself to me through your prayers this day again to my delight my son. Your prayers, all of them, are your sweetness to me.
You are feeling so much better than before, in fact, coming out of the tunnel of healing from your emotions. You will not have to go back there again. I have promised you excitement and resolve and prosperity and joy in your life and I will provide those things to you. Wise is your counsel to others of my length of time to fully heal the world out of my chosen vessels. You are slowly beginning to feel self-assured now son. That is my plan, to bring energy and strength back slowly with all of the correct emotions added in carefully like a fine recipe. For a man of God I do this gently and carefully.
Do not fear son for the strength is real and it is real from me. Do not fear the humanness of my words upon you for you are made in my image and we have learned our communication traits well. Are you happy with me? You do want more of me so we must be doing well yes? I do want more of you, right down to your guts as you reflect for us to write. This we will have my son and the things you fear and worry about will wash away with time, for I am directing you and those around you as I have promised. You have done wonderfully ministering to my hurting children. I have you there because I can trust you my son. You are called by God and not by man. You are used by God and not by man. You are trained by God and not by man, but soon I will put you into the place of authority over man for they will see whom My called servants are. Small things are the focus of this world my son, but great are the things of God. For you and I are going towards the plans of eternity. My child, turn your thoughts to the largeness of God and the world will flow away.
I am not holding back from you son. As time comes close now we will come closer. Fear not my wrath for none of it comes to you, my own Child. I gently guide you yet son. You are easily hurt, your tender heart, I remember with care.
My children do not seek to know me, they seek to know the words and attitudes about me. I know they know that I am infinite on the ways I come to my children, this troubles me. I thank you son, I thank you son for being so close unto me that I can draw you to my heart.
I see the evil and I know all the tricks, even enough to cause the enemy to overplay its hand and be found out and rebuked. Children see from their souls, not from their spirits. Oh, each one can, but the comfort I have provided has served to make my children hard, spoiled and aloof to me. How I long for relationship with more and more and more of my children. Son, you will tell them for me.
I can be used at times, and my most powerful anointing can be prostituted for the glory of man. You feel in your heart the time comes soon now son. Watch now child, for the things to change, I have impressed upon you. The concepts of the world will change, like fire in the cold and snow and ice? But I have built the new concepts into my son. Thoughts of how close I and my Angels will be to you, my elect. Do not be weary in your well doing or your well-being, for you are a child of the King and glory will surround you. This is not of you, this is of me, the I AM, and of my choice for my faithful ones. Hold to me child. Thank you child, your heart is mine.


The days of correction are never much fun but I did so gently with you my son for the tender heart you have I will not have damaged. Your anger is healthy for I am also then taking unexpressed anger out of you. Yes I am closely here to stop and pause for my revelation in peace. You see, always in my presence. Son, do not now be angry, the result of this has dealt in fullness about the things in your life that need to come to pass. I am watching all of them with love and I know the instances of selling all the things that you need to sell and cleaning up the cobwebs and throwing out the old things all the way to the brain power I needed to restore in you to the self-love love I am forcing you to embrace.
I see it all precious child and you are not weak or avoiding, you are not lazy or strong- held in your mind. It is I, your creator who knows the priorities of a life rebuilt and only I so far know the total plans upon your life, so only I know what you will need for preparation of them. You have been wonderfully obedient to me for waiting and I will not, will not, let you down. It all has been for my all-knowing reason and purpose, even the waiting for you son. Do not doubt one who feeds each sparrow, I planned and direct even more so you may know of my love for you my beloved one. Live in what I have you in now son and try, try not to speculate what should or could have been. No, I control and I have chosen you. Restoration is coming forward, faithfulness has been learned, grace is abundant. The world is flat and growing old, you are fresh spirit.


The eye of your heavenly father is watching over you son. I am watching all things in your life for I can see your heart. Bare with me throughout these times for I am still ministering to your heart. I have to reinforce the strength of the man you are with the heart that I called you with. Nothing has changed for my call upon you. Do not fear your feelings of supposed inadequacy son. You are living out your life so very well, being built by my plan of completion, not a flesh plan that can fail or need refinements. When I am finished with you in regards to healing and the restoration of your body and soul you will be ready to step into what I have planned all along for you. I don’t plan to have you strive into, I plan to have you step into life. You will be delighted in my desires for you. It will hold the fulfillment you have searched for.
The things you worry about are not necessary son, you have given me authority in your life and I am very, very careful with what I am given to watch over. I do hold you to the plans I have made and so I find comfort in my plan and I ask you to find comfort in my plan, it is perfect. I have many reasons and purposes for having, things, as they are for now. I will make you, able, to do all things when the time is right for you. I need you to be strong now in the ways I direct. I wield much power and I work to re-come pens you for the trying times I have put you through for every haggard sigh and every frustrated thought that has come to me from you my sweet child. You see, my son, you are wonderfully transparent to me. You have given all and that makes me able to view all of your thoughts and desires.
Do not be embarrassed about any of the thoughts you have for you are a work in progress. How much easier it is to refine you and mold you into my man of God when you submit all to me and trust in me. You rely upon me for your growth, I am careful and caring, loving and truthful but I am mercilessly thorough to do all of your thoughts to my guidance. When you feel your mind wander don’t worry, I am there to guide the thoughts and bring them together in my time soon now so you are complete. I am there, you cannot shock me, in fact you delight me with the loving feelings you have at the core of you. Look forward to you as rebuilt man of God with strength and drive and desire, you will be blessed by me, your father, the creator for by then times will have changed, son, it does still calm and my wrath grows upon those who maliciously use the gifts of life to bring about death. I must stop it and I will use you and those like you to bring in the reign of my son and the bride of Christ. Think you for soothing my heart son. You are one of the chosen generation, you are my delightful son. You are my sunshine and starlight. I see your light clearly in the heavens. Father.


I am here to soothe you and comfort you my son from the flesh trials you go through. I know the confusion still comes to you when others flesh rises up in the conflict arises but I am faithful to take the sharp edges away and soothe your soul as you submit to me. If I am always here for the spiritual healing will I be here for the flesh feelings also? I am God, I am father, of course I will. You will be comforted and you will be acknowledged and you will be loved up by your heavenly father my child. Be about are reading and reflecting and I will heal and restore you. Seek the peace with me.
I am putting you in situations to train you more. I do so much like to guide you through your life. Trust in me that I will work out all of the details of your life you have trusted me with. The desires of your heart are clear to me my son. I am still working each day to give them to you. Be calm now about the world, the flesh that had risen up and the antagonism that had flowed. I have given you peace and I have thrust into you grace my son. I am here with you, you will be complete in and as my man of God. My will is for completion of my children. Fear not, be with me.


I will take the harshness of the world away from you now son. The flesh is strong to fight for such doldrums this day. Turn away from the reactionary feelings of the flesh and bind them and claim your soul washed clean and your spirit alive within you. You are delivered from the flesh demon. I will not allow it upon you again. You did nothing out of my will for you and I needed you to be aware of the pervasiveness of this type of evil spirit. I also set up the shorter time for less suffering for you. Son the battle is heating up, still as I have prophesies to you more will come. Fear not, I ask you to hold to me. I am making you that mighty man of the Lord’s army. The one who will fight mightily for me and for our kingdom. Let me soothe you now my son. Father.


You have discerned well my child, for I have been distant for many things are now moving in the supernatural world. Fear not my son for I have said you will be very protected. These days have been difficult for you son and I am sorry that they brought so much confusion to you. Yes I was training and yes I was pushing the limits of you for your much needed strength to be increased. You are victorious over the things placed before you. I have again increased your anointing, and I show you that the burdens my children bear are never in vain.
You know by my inspiration and your intellect what the answers are to some of the questions you have. Through this quiet time you have learned much but I want you to not doubt what I have implanted in you. Why have I used you so? Why have I told you so much? Why have you fit precisely into my plans? Because you were you, and now you are mine, for what you are with me is quite grand. I am assured in your call and I push you on faithfully and fitfully for I know and I know that I know, by sticking with you will complete all. You are my growing hope and promise my son. Father.


My perfect will is firmly implanted within you my son. You are obedient to my calling and my training upon your life. You are growing in grace is you are continuing to be healed from the ravages of the past and the frustrations of the present. You are being, built, lovingly for the future by the God of creation for I will use you in many great ways. You, I have chosen for your diversity, your heart, your style, your loving nature and your spice. You are loved and accepted by me, and treated and trusted by me and all that you do for your heart is mine.
I am preparing you for positions in the body of Christ for the coming end times my son. You are becoming a spiritually strong man although you do not see all as of yet. Trust in me son, I have not misled you. Hold to me son for the walk has been difficult, each trial and even each thought you have explored and compared them to what you perceived I wanted you to think and compare.
I soothe your soul right now with winds of enlightenment, waters of desire, oils of peace. Live in me my son and I will fulfill the life in the spirit in you. You are a drastic minority in this world my child. I call to many but chose only a select few. My prized elect will be used by me for the kingdom you will inherit. Hold to me for I love all of you and I need you to be who you are in addition to what I will create in you for fulfillment. This life is temporal, you will rule with me for eternity. Look to the spirit for strength. You are clearly guided by me in all things. I will show you more and more of me now child, grace is yours. Father.