Testimony 2April 8, 2013

Hello, this is the second in the series of testimonies of the 'walk' and 'call' of God in my life.

As I said in the first testimony, a testimony is about where you were, what God did and where you are in your life. This is a very personal thing and involves many different instances. Here I try to relate some of them to you in story form and try to make them somewhat entertaining. They were as I look back on them life changing and dramatic but I can see 'God's footprint' if you will all along the way with me.

I thought it would be a good idea for a little review from the first testimony to help you understand where I was at this time. I had accepted Yeshua (Jesus) into my heart. I had become Spirit filled with speaking in tongues. My wife and I were living in a house that was on what appeared to be an Indian burial mound and it was fierce with what you would call Spiritual Warfare. I had begun hearing the voice of God the Father by this time and it was mind blowing to me. Father's voice was calming and gentle and helped me with direction and was Building me up. I was searching for ways to silence the Spiritual Warfare that I was encountering in my home. I was going to churches and seminars and calling hot lines and any- one who would listen to me for help. I needed a break, here starts the second testimony.

Father said that I needed to get away. The voice of Father kept getting louder and louder and more insistent and more insistent. I knew that I was worn out, I was running around as I said trying to find out what the heck I could do to keep these demons, spirits from touching me, making me fearful, crap to stop!! I was getting kind of 'punch drunk' for I did not know which way to turn. There was always conflict and irritation that was not there in the past. There was, I did not know how to explain it, a dynamic in all of the time, pressure on me to move and move to stop this. I see now it was The Lord and Heaven to overcome this bondage with the help of The Lord when I was strong. The voice of Father kept saying 'you need to get to someplace safe, for one or two weeks, complete rest, a prayed for place, you must go!' This word came over and over as I said.

I did not know where to go but I did know I needed to get away for a bit. We could not afford much so I did not know where I could go. Motel?, Hotel?, Resort?, I just did not know. A friend told me about a hermitage place where you could go and stay. A hermitage is a place where people go who are walking with God and need a break to think things through. There was a place, at a monastery. A monastery! What the heck, I would be so out of place there! It was within a church and other stuff also so I thought it would be alright, I figured that it would be 'prayed for' like Father wanted. I called and they had rooms that they kind of rented like a hotel by the night. You could pray with the monks and have meals close by and walk all around or just be by yourself. It was about an hour away from my home. It was kind of pricey but I had to do something. I set it up to go in a few days. I also knew of a friend that lived about twenty miles from there who I could go see and they asked me to come there to visit them. I set it up for four nights and five days. That was all I could afford. I packed and went.

It was very hard to go away from my wife and family. I thought I was deserting them. I was assured by my wife and youngest son that all would be fine with God and I needed to go because I was really worn out. I got there and it was beautiful. It was like Father had planned it for me. I was a beautiful Church, had won awards for architecture and was sweeping and grand. The rooms were quiet and quaint, super clean and I felt safe for the first time in months. I do not know how I knew this but I was. I was in Father's hands. The room had great big windows looking out into the center court, two single beds with patchwork quilts and a desk and chair. All the essentials were there with a beautiful separate bathroom, spotless. The guest master monk gave me a tour, showed me the place for meals, catered in, where I could go and pray near to the monks and chant if I wanted, in the grand cathedral. I could not get to close, they were cloistered. What's that about? It was really cool.

I kept to myself and had some supper and went for a walk and tried to talk to Father. I was able to hear from Father as well as ever and the 'Yes my Son' and 'It will be alright' was assuring to me. I got ready for bed and tried to relax when Father started talking MORE! This was new! First it was some inferences and implied things but it became more clear words. Then I felt much love in me and a tremendous acceptance from Father God. I had closed the drapes of those big windows I told you about tight and was laying there reading my Bible when Father said, 'Do not move, They will not see you, I will cover you, I will protect you.' I looked up towards the top of the windows and a black form of flowing crepe like gauze a wispy thing with an evil face was coming into the room and swirling around looking for me. The 'thing' swooped around for thirty seconds, (seemed like five minutes.) and then swooped out of the window.... 'WHAT WAS THAT'!!!!! I asked of Father. 'That was witchcraft looking for you to destroy your time with Me.' 'HOW DID YOU DO THAT'!!!!! 'I am God and I can do all things, I want to ask you something.' What? 'I would like to ask you if I can adopt you as my own son?'

Looking back now I realize now that the intensity of the attack was in relation to what Father asked. I knew NOTHING of the Spirit, NOTHING of protocol, NOTHING of evil really to speak of and NOTHING of Love and the ways of the Heavens. Father had to get me far away and secluded, Father had to allow dark to draw close to help me to see that I am important. The question met me at my level of maturity at the time. I was flattered, I was intrigued, I was taken aback to say the least. I had never heard of such a thing. All alone in a monastery room and here were these words and floating things. Here I was again, always me, freaking out guy here. But here there was a peace as I remember so many years ago, a tenderness and a want I could feel from God, a genuineness that God COULD do all things, God could adopt me if He wanted to. I said yes.

I was kind of floating then for the days there at the monastery. It is where I wrote the first poems that are on the website. They are very simple and beautiful. I could write poetry before but these are from a different place and God inspires me and works with me in them. I listened to God very carefully there and learned more things that He was trying to tell me. I felt like His kid. I explored all around the monastery and grounds and heard God tell me things that I felt that He told to only me, big secret stuff that people would not want others to know. I keep secrets real well. It was a Blessed time.

I went to see the friend I told you about. I met her and her husband at a restaurant with some friends and then went to a revival meeting. Her husband is a pastor. It was my first meeting like that; I was not impressed and talked to my friend about my encounter. She said she would talk to her husband and I should come back to their church for she knew that I was talented in prayer and could help them. I said I would the next day. I went home late that night to the monastery and as I did in my little car, out on the deserted country roads there were 'things' flying back and forth over my car, big things, six foot tall things, black-grey things. These things that were flying back and forth across my field of sight looked like gargoyles. I have never seen a big gargoyle or flying demon but that is what one looks like. These things were wispy and yet claws sharp, they were gangly and yet strong and I was very afraid. I was told by God to 'not fear for these cannot harm you for you are mine and I will protect you'. I could see them in the starlight, there was no moon, in fact there was a comet at the time, (Hale Bob) and so there was a freaky glow in the sky. I could actually see their talons at times on the windshield top but then they would be gone. Freaking out again!

I got back to the monastery and tried to be quiet and pray with the monks the next days and talk to a top religious guy about what all the things that had been happening to me. He just looked at me blankly and said that he had not encountered anything like this before or heard of this either. Well, that is just great! I have been hearing this all along; I guess I am on my own with God. I went back to my friend's church the next day and attended their service and prayed for people and their church. On the way all of the radio songs were for me, this was happening all of the time; it was 'my honeymoon' with God. At their church they thought I was a sensation. They thought that I was so talented. I knew things that only God could know and they asked me to stay. I made a poem/song for them for their church. They liked that a lot. I stayed a bit but then went back to the monastery.

A day later my friend called and said that she had something for me, she asked if she could come to see me. My friend said that she had never seen the monastery or beautiful church architecture and that she had something to tell me. I said 'sure'. I had gone to the library at the monastery looking around for answers and found a book that was titled 'Adopted by God'. I had looked through it but got confused by it. The book was all religious and 'martyr-like'. As SOON as my friend got there she saw the book on the desk and she said that 'God told her to come there and get rid of the book, it was not for me.' She told me that God was calling to ME to come closer to Him. She brought me some candy bars, (my favorite) some candles, (sweet smell) and individual communion things for me to take in a bag. We talked for a while then I asked her if she wanted a tour. We went and looked around and it felt like we were little kids in Our Father's big house. We ended sitting up at the alter in this humongous deserted monastery church and I noticed that she did not hear in her right ear well. She said that she had a defect in her ear since birth and that she and her husband could not afford to have it fixed. I felt bold and so I said that I have the faith to heal and so I prayed for Jesus to heal her. I put my hand on her right ear and asked The Lord to heal her. We talked a bit more and she went home.

I asked the Lord if He would heal her that night and that it was important to me. God said that He would and that He would like me to pray to Him five times for her healing. I was leaving that next morning and so I did pray five times. As I pulled onto the freeway God told me to take the second exit after I pulled onto the freeway, go to the gas station that has the red stripe on the top, they will have the phone that takes the phone card that you use. That is how long ago this was. Call your friend and ask her what hand she answered the phone in. I took the exit and sure enough there was a red stripe gas station. The phone took my phone card and I called my friend. I asked her what hand she answered the phone with. She said, 'I CAN HEAR!!!'

That is God. That is God in my life. I was able to experience God, Father in a way that I never knew. God drew so close to me in those times, all alone times in the prayers. Sure the times of gargoyles and wispy floating demons and fantastic healings are wonderful, exciting, life changing. I get to look back on all of this time now and tell you what is, after what was and what went on. It is sixteen years now.

God changed me from an adopted son to a Son. That took a lot of doing. It took many years for I was a most stubborn Son to God, Father. I had to be won in stages, much like an adopted son. The level of resistance to what God, Father is doing with me is, well it is suffocating. I know because I have been suffocated on many occasions literally by evil. It is just me after all; I am just one person, one man. I say that I never knew the devil until I went after God but I think I never knew the dark or evil until God or Father came after me. It is a 'call' that God, Father puts on our lives and it gets hot real fast.

I said that I get to tell you some of my things, thoughts here also. God, Father, has Loved me so much I just cannot get over it. I will tell you, NO ONE KNOWS GOD. That is a crazy statement to make but I have talked to and I have laid in the lap of and cried with and had my tears literally wiped by God. God is so tender and Innocent and Humble and Honorable and Loving. Yet, God is Father to all of us and He has a wrath side when it comes to evil and dark and sin and rebellion. I have felt it and it is not good at all. I really, really like to be the good Son.

After all of the things that God has allowed me to see, I want to give of what God has given to me. That is what I want to do. Please pray for me to do this. I hope that this testimony has accomplished what it was supposed to do. I was one way and God took me somewhere, I have been changed by God in so many ways and I hope that shows in the writing and teaching and prophecy on the website. God is Love and I want to give that out, I did get that Love and that healed me in spite of all of the interference. I do know that God knows His Children, God, Father knew me. I Love Him so much. I have a thing that I say to God, Father when we are together. Father likes to have some things between just Him and me but I Love to share the Love of God with all of His Children so I will share. I say, 'Close Eyes Love' when I am with Father. The Love is so powerful and encompassing that you just close your eyes, Body, Soul and Spirit to be near to Father.

I am very honest; I have not had a major 'healing' like that since. I could really use a healing or two or three on my own body but that is for Father to decide. I think that experience was for the Building of my Faith. I have had Promises from Father that I WILL be healing many in times to come. I am excited for that. Grace from God is a great thing; Grace covers pain in our lives in the world. Love covers all things. I want to give from the Love that Father has given to me. Again I ask for you to pray for me in this.

I will try to write another one of these testimonies as I can. There are many experiences of Love.

Thank you for reading. Have a Blessed Day.