Testimony 1July 4, 2011

Isn’t this an interesting date to start a testimony? These are long overdue.
They are for you to get to know a little about me and the ways God works apart from the writings and teachings of the website. I can put a little bit of ‘me’ in here.

A testimony is about where you were, what God did, and where you are now with God and the ways and means in which God did the changes along the way.

My life begins some fifty- some years ago but my ‘other’ life, the ’call’ upon my life I see began about fifteen plus years ago. I believe that God the Father looks at his Children from Heaven and finds something in them that is useful to Him and sends His Son, His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON Yeshua (you know, Jesus) to call to one of those Children. It is our choice to answer the call. As I see it we can then accept Christ Yeshua into our heart and then we can move on to also accept the fullness of The Holy Spirit into our lives. These are known as being Born Again and Spirit Filled. I did both of these. I thought “great, all of my problems will be done now, I have all of this Spirit stuff in me, even with a prayer tongue too, I am good to go!”.
Wrong! ‘I never knew the devil until I went after God‘. No really, I was a good man, I went to church, for forty some years, I was baptized, confirmed, married in the church, kids baptized, confirmed, I was on the property boards and sang in the choir and all of that stuff and never had a whiff of the devil until I got ’called’ and real close to God and His Son and then WHAM. Who are you ‘evil thing’ and why didn’t any one tell me about this horrible thing? Why is evil never, never really talked about in church or fought like I have done for fifteen years? Fear? Obscured? Ignored? They say an enemy does not attack unless he feels threatened. Interesting.
Anyway there I was. Here is some of the ‘big stuff’ I was going to tell about in the testimony because God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit has conquered all of it. You see it turns out my home is built in an Indian burial mound. Not by one and not on top of one but IN one. This is not just hard for you to believe but you can imagine how hard it was for me to have believed it. It is like living within a mortuary with all of the things that you can imagine going with it. Now fifteen years later they have television shows to explain all of the things and people that go through this and so it is getting more understandable but for me it was like I was all alone. It would not be a Ammynityville Horror kind of house, it is just a regular house. God the Father had shown me in so many ways that the home had this situation. My wife and I had been having problems for a long time here and we were looking for answers.

Now looking back the path was clear and the confirmations were hundreds and hundreds. Not just God either, there were many people like the contractor stopping back to the house from thirty years ago when he built the house and telling me things that were a problem back then when he built the house some fifty years ago now and his wife would not live in it. The price was lowered ten thousand dollars when we looked at it to buy it, that day. Other families had let’s say, ’problems’ living here. All of this stuff is not just spooky it is terrifying and I was smack dab in the middle of it with my wife and kids. Oh yes did I mention the Indian spirits that talked to my kid at night in his dreams and the spirits that brushed my other kids face at night and the ghosts I saw when I had NEVER seen a ghost before and that my wife and I would fight like cats and dogs every day when we had not really had much of any fights for all of our married life until moving here.
I found out a year after we bought the house that the people that sold the house to us had to have a ‘priest’ come in to bless the house and when I had our pastor come in to bless it and pray through it he got very scared and said there is really something very wrong here. He didn’t know what to do.
The house is built on a little hill, the contractor innocently told me that the top twenty feet of the hill was inadvertently taken away when the sub-development was put together but it was his land in this area and so it was a mound. Ironically they disturbed the mound and moved part of it across the land to a swamp area for fill for more houses. Big dumb mistake.
My youngest son did not know this contractor stopped by from out of state and when we were having all of these ‘Spiritual’ problem things he told me for the first time that God told him that the house was built on an Indian burial mound and that the dirt went as high as the top gable and that he sees Indians selling each other out for money and killing each other and blood and killing in visions, he was 10. I was of course freaking out. What could I do. I went looking for answers.
We would have been on a show, one of the first of the Strange Universe shows I think when they were starting up. I was going to have a person of questionable methods do the cleansing of the house. This would not have been right but I did not know and the religious circles would not help me at all. I was the lost sheep. I was right up to a couple of days before the film crews were going to be here and a friend of mine said “if it does not have the blood of Christ on it do not let them do it” That stuck with me. I now know why. Messy, Messy, Messy.
Father was watching over the whole thing even though I felt all alone. Heck, I hardly knew Him! Father showed me things that blew my mind and continues to this day! So gentle, so caring, so calm when I am freaking out. Do you know that I have eighteen three ring binders so far in these years with about two hundred hand written pages each from Father, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit that I am trying to put into the website? It is a lot to do, I have some in there but it is a big job. I will keep trying for I think that it is not just about me, there are God’s words in there for all of his Children and my hope is if people read them they will be blessed for their life. That is why I take no money, I am anonymous and it is about A Father’s Call.
O.K. off the soap box now back to the testimony, I had to get that off my chest.
So, I canceled the show after my son said he saw a black wolf with red eyes looking at him when he closed his eyes. I am not kidding you. Still freaking out here!!! That night I called a Christian help line I had heard about and talked to them about all of the things that were happening. I accepted Christ fully and got some good counsel and started to do some things different, with God. It didn’t get better it got more intense. Much more.
I started hearing this sweet song in my head, real quiet, over and over and over. I thought I was losing my mind. ‘He walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me that I am his own’. I heard that one thousand times at least, over and over. It was an old hymn I remembered from my grandmother. I went to a parking lot far from my house because it was too ‘oppressive’ there. I banged on the steering wheel and screamed at God and said, “What are you doing with me?” From the back seat I heard a crystal clear voice, “Matthew 13:11, look under the drivers seat.” There was a Bible under the seat. How did that get there? I looked up the scripture, (I did not know where exactly that Gospel was)

Matthew 13:11 And He answered and said, unto you it has been given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven but to them it has not been given.

It still makes me cry. I said to Father, ‘well you sure know how to get me’. I started the car and drove home, stunned. A few days or weeks later I really do not remember I had heard that you can actually ‘hear’ from God. Well this I needed real bad cause I was in tough shape and things were still flying all around the house, (not literally, just spirits and annoying stuff) I was still hearing that song and so I thought I would take a chance and ask. I said, “ O.K. God I will try this, I will have faith that I can hear from you, Father? “Yes My Son“, I Heard !!!
It was amazing! I could hear clearly! It was God, I kept asking and Father kept on answering the same way, “Yes My Son” over and over for me to learn it and where it came from within me. It was clear and loving and deep and comforting!
Is it you God? “Yes My Son”
Do you love me? “Yes My Son” How do I know it is you? “I follow My word and Spirit”.

Will you keep this up? “Yes My Son“. Why? “Because you need me and you called to me from your heart“. Will it get easier? “Probably not Son there is much to do“.
Now years later after being taught that it is Father through me and Yeshua through me and The Holy Spirit through me the burial mound is quiet finally and all of the bound Souls are now in order. The spirits here are held at bay and the native american shamans that had the holds on this land are quelled and are no longer a threat. It took years of building me to not just stand on some ground but to stand for what I did not know. You see I did not know all of this native american and burial mound stuff and Father will not have me learn of it by the ways of touching evil to learn of it. I had to learn of it by way of The Holy Spirit Of God. He is the pure guy, you do not get messy and you do things the right way with the real right stuff. This is how I have learned. This is how I have been set apart. This is within the scriptures from the word of God, “For My Spirit will Lead them.” and “My Spirit will teach them all things”, and “Come and be separate unto Me” and “I am a jealous God”, I have found this to be true.

There is so much more in these fifteen plus years of learning and frustration and trial and much healing. God the Father, God the Son and God The Holy Spirit have never wavered in all of this time although I have. Father has been consistent and loving as you can see in the writings. I would never be so complimentary to me and loving to me in such a consistent way. You see, my own lack of self worth and self love is the most difficult thing God has had to ’take’ out of me and make me strong. I am really not an ego maniac. I get embarrassed at times when I think of people reading the writings and thinking - who is this guy and who does he think he is writing from God at such love levels? I have a gift from God and I am honest with my feelings, like here, and I want to share these wonderful words of God and these experiences with others in hopes that they can find help for their lives. I know life is hard and God and the Heavenlies are always reaching to us in many ways, sometimes very untraditional ways.

There have been demons and evilness and wild deliverance and religion and kooky things that would frighten the strongest men, I know, I was. There have been betrayals and heartbreaks and more healing again but here is the thing on this roller coaster life I know.

God is love and He said, ‘Love is the strongest motivating force in all of the universe, it is the way to all things and it defeats all things, it always wins, it always holds‘. The true love of Heaven we do not know too well yet, we are kinda stuck here to work things out with our free will and beautiful lives we have been given by God. It is hard for many have issues in their lives that are hard to overcome and have a hard time ‘finding God’.

I am one man that found Him and what a find I found. I found a treasure in a field and sold all I had to purchase the field. Well, I want to share the treasure with as many of God’s Children who will listen and read and find themselves here in the writings and teachings and find the Father.

I AM NOT THE CHRIST, I AM NOT JESUS. That is the first thing that one who hears from God is accused of ‘he is an anti-christ!’ I am just a guy who was found by God in his troubles and God set about Blessing him to make him fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven. It is how God does things as I see it. You were, God moved, you are now, testimony.

I hope you liked the writing here, most of the writings in the website in the writings area like I said are from God and what He is trying to say to His Children, not just me. These testimony pages are a way for me to relate some of my experiences and put my personal touch on the website a little while remaining anonymous. I think it is better that way.

I would like to tell you a thousand things about what I have learned! Father is helping me to keep it in perspective today and just do a little for now. He has told me of many plans to come where many will be taught and will share Yeshua’s, The Holy Spirit’s, The Heaven’s and Father’s love, I will get to be a part of this, I am very excited for this time.

I will write more for this link when Father leads until then please be Blessed, I pray for all who come to the website. Take from what Father has given unto me. A Father’s Call