Hearing from God

The words from God to his children are difficult to discern. We need to be very sure that the words are in fact from God and not our Souls or surly not from a deceiving spirit.

Here are some parameters to follow:

  1. Test each word in that the Holy Spirit repeats the spiritual test: 1 John 1:4 `I confess that Christ is the Son of God and came in the Flesh' 1 Cor. 12:3 `Yeshua, Christ is Lord'
  2. That the word does not matter to you either the yes or no. Take yourself out of the decision of what the word does.
  3. Release the word back to the Lord. Give the word back for now and ask for it again, the enemy almost never tries to oppress us with the same word a second time.
  4. The word must produce fruit. It must have a value of strength and resolve and improvement.
  5. The word must be for eventual building up, the word of God does not ever tear down. The word convicts, not condemns.
  6. The word must follow the Word of God, the Bible. The word must follow the concept of scripture in its purity.
  7. The word must feel good in your `gut'. The discernment of the word is the `feet steady' in your Soul and correctness in your Spirit.
  8. The word is many times not the way we talk or the words we use. This is a gentle rule, God uses inflection and vocabulary we are not accustomed to.
  9. The word comes in gently and at times before we finish the question. The word `slides in' to our conscious thinking and parallels in with what we are doing. It is not rash, pushy or hurried.

The words of God are a tremendous responsibility to carry. We all may prophesy and God wants his word upon the earth with the correction of the Holy Spirit. I suggest that you use `I feel that the Lord is showing me' or `I think that the Holy Spirit is impressing on me'. When we use the declarative in God's words WE then become responsible for all of the effects that come from our influence into the persons life that we are addressing. If it is wrong or incorrect we are to blame for the effects.