Father, what should I / we do about provision for the coming time?

1st: I do not want my Children in fear which is the evil ones constant input to my Children to confuse and to misdirect.

2nd: One should always be prudent about preparing for times of lack. Many will fall away cursing me and my ways when it has been a continuing message in my words to prepare for you do not know when the 'thief' comes. If you are calloused from reality by times of bounty I tell you the harsh reality of the familiars taken away from you will truly try your faith. I will help you to supply your needs but I will not bring your needs to your door. You can live on raw meat and river water if it is necessary. If you do not want to live that primitively then begin to bring together logical supplies to help you to be comfortable and to help others. You have been lulled into a false sense of security by those in authority over you who have greedily provided for themselves while telling you to believe all things will remain the same. This has never been true throughout history and many are unprepared, and are fully betrayed. When things fall - most things fall - look at history.

3rd: Start some compiling of lists and supplies of what you rely on and what you want to have available when things change.

4th: Prioritize finances to comfort of what you can afford now.

5th: Safety - protection - medicine - a secure place - money what it takes to live - food, water, cleaning, shelter - What is the back up plan?

30 days - absolutely! For one must plan for their own
60 days - absolutely! Most crises take at Least this long to play out
90 days - a good cushion for you and others
120 days & on - what is imperative what falls away

Do this in peace now - Always plan for disaster! Worst case? It is your responsibility to plan - I will provide grace. If you start preparing lists I WILL lead you to independence.