Loosing Weight

  1. Quiet worship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit takes cravings away
  2. Warfare needs protein- always - meat, eggs, and cheese
  3. Prayer before each eating and obeying what God states. By God having control He will modify all systems of the body.
  4. Stop all `diet' products of any sort, low fat low sugar etc. It gives the doubt that brings later cravings. They are all incantated over.
  5. Cut all generational bondages and spirits that come from conditions: obesity cravings, self esteem famine, glutton, lack-fear, comparison.
  6. Address your bodies cycle of `take-store', crave, `calm-loose', `active-passive' and metabolism and have your Spirit tell your body what to do
  7. Stop at all costs processed foods and foods with chemical additive, these are poison and dedicated to darkness.
  8. Buy fresh foods, you deserve it, concentrate on what makes health and turn to fruits and vegetables and nuts, full grains, salads, pure protein.
  9. Drink more water than you think you would ever have to. Exercise more than you would ever want to.
  10. Serve all meals on smaller plates. Salad size or dessert size.
  11. Cut all portions down to toddler size for ALL meals
  12. Take time for `YOUR MEALS'. Give to yourself, prepare the meals as a treat to you and be good to yourself as you do this. It is a gift to yourself
  13. It takes 30 days to change a habit, eating included. The persistent win.
  14. NO pop at all, only REAL fruit juice
  15. Eat FIVE times a day, smaller meals and snacks but something.
  16. Take a multi vitamin supplement and other supplements as well.
  17. NEVER criticize yourself when you fall, just start anew, like a sunrise
  18. Talk with God about the progress and He will respond. Pray each thing, bathe all things in prayer. If it feels guilty, `It is probably the Holy Spirit"