Submit yourselves unto me and I give you all that I am. I give truth, light, power, authority, love, Spirit, acceptance and I approve of you. You are my Son, you are my creation, my literal Sons and Daughters. What does a Father truly hold back from his children that are devoted unto him? Nothing!

The world and the flesh live perpetually in fear and ignorance - why? Because you have no real authority on your own! You have an attempted control and manipulation. You have the constant fear of uncertainty for there is no peace in flesh - especially evil influenced flesh. Why do men consistently give up the authority and position I have given them? They do not know the value in what has been given to them, and yes the world moves to take the control away fiercely. My men, secondly, also do not "feel" that they are entitled to such a position. Does a prince feel like a prince, or is he just a prince because of what has gone on before? These are rhetorical questions to bring true authority to my sons. It is not permitted to you by women

Authority is bestowed upon you by your Creator as it is my consummate plan of order. I as your Creator have all things in order. There are times when you must trust, and have faith and belief in what I tell you. Authority is clearly written out in my word. I have given you example after example where when one is submitted unto God, the authority of God then follows that one to eventual victory over an adversary. That is God's power and intellect being funneled through my creation. Who is taking your power? The evil one has brought temptation throughout existence to spoil my ability to flow with power. You are left confused and self/flesh directed away from victory into complacency and bargaining for the scraps of timidity and fearful mediocrity. You have given up your noble intent by default.

If the evil one can take something from you he ALWAYS will take something from you. As well, you do not need to constantly fight for something you inherited. You may have to defend your position; and I tell you now that when you have to do that as led by me do it very forcefully for then you will be established quickly. Know who is being used to take authority from you. I am in great sorrow that my male and female are so contentious for power with each other. Some men are Lording power over women, but women are conniving with evil in control to take the authority from my sons, thus exposing themselves to further curses from evil for their actions. My daughters are to rejoice in the authority I have give unto my sons and try at all costs to HELP them maintain authority. It is how I have made you. It is the first story and lesson and example I have given in the word of God, with Adam and Eve, why?

If you are in division, male to female the other creation of God, namely the evil one, then can divide you to ruin. You must stand together in your proper perspective places. If you do not, and allow men to fall from authority you disgrace Christ and evil is victorious over all of you. I will not permit this. I will come with wrath upon children who malign and control and manipulate for the temporary control over hurting, submitted children, namely my sons. When you come before me in illusion authority the exposure of this will be a mockery of yourselves. You must learn from me, your Creator Father. I am ever kindly teaching one who is gently submitted and contrite.

Follow this to true balanced relationships and true authoritative power over life and evil attacks.

To deny men's authority is to deny Christ

You can not debate authority, you must not argue for a position. The enemy can get in with many examples if you try to do this. State your authority in Christ and leave it at that.

    There are 40 references to `authority' in Strong's concordance

  • Genesis: 1-26 I give them complete authority over all living things on the earth
  • 2 Cor. 2-10 use of the authority which the Lord has given
  • Matt. 7-29 (Christ) Teaching as one who had all authority
  • Luke 9-1 Then Yeshua called the twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases.
  • John 5-27 and He has given Him authority over all
  • Rom. 13-1 there is no authority except from God
  • l Tim. 2-12 I allow no woman to teach or have authority over men.
  • Prov. 29-2 When the uncompromisingly righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules, the people groan and sigh.
  • Matt. 16-19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven; and whatever you bind on earth must be what is already bound in Heaven; and whatever you loose on earth must be what ever is loosed in Heaven.
  • John 1-12 But to as many as did receive Him, He gave authority (power, privilege, right) to become the children of God, that is those who believe in His name.
Blessings Children