Teaching on ‘Emotions and Feelings’: This is a Teaching and a Challenge to you!

June 6, 2010, Revised October 10, 2016

Teaching on Emotions and Feelings: This is a Teaching and a Challenge to you! I thank you for following the teachings of this website. They are elaborate but helpful and if followed will bring the changes in your lives that bring freedom and a full Life.

This teaching is a complex teaching; it involves the intricate ways that we all have thought and felt in Emotions and feelings. There are new ways that God Our Loving Father would like us to look at the way we actually decide upon things and exist in our decisions throughout our lives. This involves some changes in us and even some sacrifice for the ways we have known and learning new ways. One way is how God truly views us. The other is as God does not view us and our inaccurate way of Living and knowing God as our Heavenly Father of truth.

Of course God will not lead us wrong and the love of God is within and all over this Teaching for it comes with some of my own Sacrifice and care and many edits have been made to make it correct for the children of God. I have made many mistakes was blind and now I see.

This is a teaching that I wrote six plus years ago. This Teaching however was withheld from publication by God and by me just 'missing it' within all of the many teachings I was doing at the time and now it is time to stop and refine and understand Emotions and feelings and help you if I can to understand your Emotions and your feelings with the help of our Loving Heavenly Father and Yeshua, Father's Son and The Holy Spirit of Truth.

This Teaching was withheld for years as I said by Heavenly Father and The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help to bring the real truth in words of Father when we fall short of full understanding of what and how God is trying to communicate with us. This Teaching involves change for us at a deep level in so many perceptions. Change takes time and is hard when we do not listen to the still small voice of God's truth. As well this involves Sacrifice but in the end there is a reward for us that is freedom and abundance.

This Teaching is not for the weak of Faith or strength but for those fully dedicated to God our Heavenly Father and to God's Son Yeshua (Jesus) and to The Holy Spirit of God. As you have given yourself more unto The Holy Spirit of God the more you go after God the more you will be withstood. Your Emotions and feelings and the way they work in priority in our Lives may become mixed and 'out of sorts'. Our Minds and our Souls and Our Spirits as well as our Bodies as Our Heavenly Father has Created us are a wonderful combination of interrelated powerful parts of us that draw from God when we are called unto God to do the work of God.

Are you wanting for change and clarity that will follow you into Heaven? These Teachings have all been for this intent. This Teaching is yet again another tool to add to your tool box of new ways and means to 'fix up and repair' the breach that has kept you from the LOVE of God. IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT FINDING THE FULL LOVE OF GOD!

The world and darkness (evil) and even other people who are whom I call 'base' thinkers' make all of their decisions on their feelings, quickly and without getting all of the facts and not concerned of others as they are with themselves. This kind of decision making brings ruin eventually and separates us from God who looks at our long standing emotions and considers true Love on those as we should.

I have found that the roads of Emotions and feelings and their subsequent ability to be manipulated by darkness and evil can be a snare for us and they have caught me deeply within them and God has had the Grace and given me the Honor to write this teaching about this situation. Please read carefully; examine your Emotions AND YOUR feelings and if you are going after God with all of your Body Soul and Spirit you will find that you have concepts to look at again and perhaps change your way of thinking of these things. The trial I have been through has shown me that this must be very important for I have been withstood at each juncture as I tried to get this Teaching out to God's Children.

Let us start with the definition of Emotions and then later feelings.

Definition--Emotions as defined in the dictionary are as 'an affected state of consciousness in which joy, fear, hate, sorrow or the like are distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness…..That is pretty heavy to understand, may I ask Father to simplify this for us?

***** Of Course I will My Child. 'Children, Emotions are very important, far more important than anybody is willing to give them the credit they deserve. Think of emotions as the permanent fuse box that 'safe-guards' and 'connects the lights' of the reality of your entire (houses) lives. Emotions protect you unless you are thwarted by darkness and because of your feelings such as quick decisions, as judgment without the facts and going along with the world ways only and not taking everything to God in prayer, over giving, or NOT giving to others as you have been Blessed; not Loving yourself as is healthy (a commandment) and not having the correct perspective in your call unto God, or if you HAVE a true 'call' unto God or are providing yourself a career.

Emotions are also the ways that drive your car, you drive but the emotions provide you a means to truthfully get from 'here to there'. Emotions are a stable and strong means to move and help you exist but here also if feelings get in the way, as an example you do not take CARE of your car, if darkness or evil has intertwined itself into the workings (by feelings of fear and avoidance and illogic) of the car you have repairs to make right away! If these Emotions or 'the car is not running well and is not put into order your feelings take over and anxiety follows as a feeling with the feeling of fear and dread of how much it is going to cost to repair the car and will it keep working? No Emotions of Heavenly Guidance, only world fear feelings.

To continue; God has shown me that Emotions are the way that He truly views us, NOT from our Feelings. God shows me 'I see your Feelings and value them as I value all of you but your Emotions are refined, they are the deep truths of you, they are the 'core' of much of how you move about in your lives. You may think that you are led by feelings and the world does try to continually tell you how to 'feel and presume your emotions'. All of this is misled. I do not want you misled, I want you to understand all of the wonderful ways and means I put into you without confusion. The world and unfortunately the evil one and people who want to control and manipulate you are all very happy to have you focus upon your feelings but dismiss your true deep Emotions as a 'weak thing' or a thing of vague and unreasonable reactions. Just imagine, Love and care for others or being willing to fight to be free from enslavement. Yes, these are TRUE EMOTIONS! Yet the world tries to continually focus upon temporary feelings of a rush of adrenalin here or a false feeling of hope where there is none or anger and hatred out of false judgement when you do not know the full truth of a situation. These are temporary feelings and some of these may lead to truths but the vast majorities are given up when truth shows what can be known as a true Emotion.

Heavenly Father asks now to us as Children………

Tell me as your Creator, what is the distinction of Emotion or feelings as you look upon the new Life of a Baby. How do you feel when you truly fall in Love for the first or the second time? How do you truly feel then when you see the horrible things done to men and women of the world for their Beliefs and Faiths? HOW DO YOU REALLY FEEL, or where are your Emotions? Are you disconnected and not interested in others ways and your Blessings or are you actually Emotionally Experiencing the truth of LIFE as I had intended for you? I tell you in truth this day that it is the world and dark and evil that want to take the Emotions from you by making a mockery of them and bring 'feelings' to the forefront for then you are shallow and narrow and easy to be brought under SUBMISSION FOREVER!! Look now to the definition of the word of feelings and see the difference between emotions and compare where you are and how you have been INFLUENCED by world and OTHERS and yes EVIL!!

Definition--Feelings are defined as a physical sensation NOT CONNECTED with sight, hearing taste or smell. CHECK THIS DEFINITION OUT!! A CONSCIOUSNESS OR VAGUE AWARENESS: A FEELING OF inferiority!! How is that for a world way to confuse you and MISLEAD YOU!! This would be all the while manipulating you into a sense of identification of these 'feelings' and away from the true 'Emotions' that would be the real way that I would have you exist in.

Heavenly Father goes on to explain where I need God's words.

I am here My Children and I am watching over and guarding your wonderful Emotions and having 'regard' for your feelings. Both are valid as Emotions and feelings but the world has lost track of what is more important. Your Emotions are to be expressed as a result of the feelings that you have had in thinking and praying and pondering over an issue in your lives. It would seem that the world and the darkness for certain would mock your Emotions and try to manipulate your feelings so that you feel less than human and less than important for the hard work put into the process of deduction and Love and even logic of feelings gathered and then leading to the Emotions that are so important to Life in the world to make correct choices. Choices made by feelings are much more likely to fail and fall and you are left in ruins for the wrong decisions of the mind.

I tell you in truth this day that the darkness and evil and men and women within the world are attempting to remove the importance of your own individual Emotions and create a false sense of mockery of your feelings to provide you a 'self-consumed world of feelings that are based in judgment, projection and speculation; all of these can be brought down in a moment as is the plan of evil to gather up Emotionless people into nets and make robots of bondage unable to think for themselves.

The world is driven by feelings, sadly so as I see from Heaven each day. There are temptations to tap into people's FEELINGS with music, religion, romance, education, politics, wars, little hand held entertainment systems that divide one from each other as the false feelings of these devises are used to numb you from each other. As well charities and now the sciences are bringing feelings into their arena instead of the thinking out truth of the Emotions that have come from the logic that has come from many years of refined feelings so that goodness and genuine TRUTH can be expressed.

The idea of a quick fix and a rapid deal and a jump into the mix to find a conclusion is just chaos and that is the enemy at work to bring ruin to My Children from accessing their feelings and not their Emotions that I mentioned are static and of reality.

Please My Children review your Emotions and embrace them. Carefully scrutinize your feelings and do not be led by your feelings because they can be manipulated and you can be harmed and we move further apart.

I am always here with My Emotions as God Loving you.