Teaching on ‘Hope’:June 13, 2010

Why are you cast down O my inner self?

Why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me?

Hope in God, wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise Him, my help and my God

Every one of My Children is searching for something. It may be peace, quiet, calm, contentment, it may be grace to deal with daily life or looking to find me.

There is a central lesson that you must learn. When you base your daily lives in finding or searching for something, you must ask yourself if it is working for peace within the "law" of the world or if it is within the "Peace of the Spirit"?

My heart goes out to my children because the law of the world is so very strong and unrelenting. Do not be a MARIONETTE dancing to the world! Cut the strings and find Peace! In order to achieve the goal of Peace in the Spirit you must find Hope. There are three ways to live upon the earth for My Children and it is their choice for each day.

1.Heaven Life 2.Earth Life 3.Hell Life

To live away from the law and unto the Spirit is Heavenly upon the earth.

To live in religion and so much law that exists is just a waste to all of my Children I see as this is chanting and feeding false evangelists and coin snatchers to gain for themselves on the earth at the Children of innocence that I watch from Heaven. Wake up Children!! It is religion and Jesus came to set you free from the law and inform you of My, Father's revulsion of religion!

How can you have HOPE if you are held down with men of religion telling you lies of hate and dividing you one from another because this one prays this way or that one has this skin color for that takes from you your ability to choose Peace and true Love as it is in Heaven? Can you imagine how angry I will be as God their Father when these false preachers come to me in Heaven for their morsel of bread? It is Prophesized that all teachers will be held more accountable than any other.

Further, to live for worshiping evil or no God is truly hell in that I will have to justify your life here in Heaven when you come to me; it is a sorrowful day that time. There is no Hope; there is no redemption for a split Soul and Body and Spirit. Evil knows this, no Hope, gone. Why does the enemy ask for your Soul contracts and attempts to split you?

Hope is the spark that keeps my children searching for Me. Hope keeps each one of my Children searching for the fruits of the Spirit that result in Peace and HOPE. If your hope is waiting it is certain that you are basing your time and your fruit on something of the world. Are you allowing the world to take over and rob you of the delights I have for you? There is always the ability to readjust your life and try again.

Where is your faith? Do you cling to and believe with unwavering Faith that I have had a plan for each of your lives since you were created? The best way to find me is to reach out to me in prayer, expecting that I will be here. Then it is YOU believing and having Faith that I will bring about YOUR WANTS according to my will and plan. Take the time to write with me, pray with me, seek me in my word, and speak with me for I long to be you as your confidant. The stronger our relationship the more focused and faith filled you will be. This is Hope Children and makes Life!

There is a cycle that connects the importance of Hope, Faith, and Trust in me, without ALL ways of these others will fall; When we are all balanced you will find the love from Father for Father Centers on everything. Stop now and imagine a circle or loop with arrows in it; just little arrows sending you along to the next one. First Love then trust then to Hope and on and on and as you do this we will become closer; Just imagine it as a big O with the < sign going all around guiding you through all the steps to Love and Me Father. Love is within all All of Heaven within it all helping to support you.

***I ask you to imagine this circle with small arrows going around with Me < at the top as God's Love < and next to the next arrow to the left is Trust < and next to the next arrow is Hope < and next to the next arrow is Understanding < and next for the next arrow is Love < again and was in the center of the circle is faith and self- love and believe.****

This is a lot for you to conceptualize that this cycle of life will continue to arrange and bring you through these ideas I can draw this out for you but I would rather have you close your eyes and have the use of your imagination and prayer and have me explain it to you within your Spirit for you see each of you has spark of Me within you, each of you has an aspect of my son Jesus, each of you has an aspect of my Holy Spirit within you. I want you to understand that all of you have hearts of the Heavens within you even upon the earth. It is Beauty that dark and evil and even your faults cannot stop.

Do not allow the darkness to rob the precious gift of Hope and Faith from you for without that you will lack the ability to overcome obstacles in your daily life. I have Hope for each one of My Children no matter the circumstances; do you have the Faith, Hope, and Love for and in Me?

Where do you find hope? Please list them out for me. Look at them and pray. I will help.

One. Two. Three.

Where do you find faith?

One. Two. Three.

How can you pray for someone who is struggling?

I ask you to press yourself and believe in this Hope and Faith and Love and understanding Love in yourself. Belief in yourself and Hope and what I have put within you for there is much there wil bring about much for you and for other; Faith and Hope and Love.

I have some psalms for you to look up and Scriptures for you to look up for there are many that bring about the newness of Hope and Faith in you they are:

Job 17:50, Psalm 27:14, Habakkuk 2:4, Psalm 33:18, Matthew 17:20,, Psalm 33:22, Psalm 39:7, Second Peter Two: 7 and also Second Peter 1:5.

Find this Hope and find Faith and find Love and find self- love and find God. You are My Treasure.