Teaching on Abuse: Physical and Spiritual...Caution! Adult terms here! No Kids!February 6, 2015

Abuse is a wide term and so I am going to try to help and begin to Heal the ravages of both Physical and Spiritual abuse to individuals in this Teaching. This will be a lengthy teaching and will include much information, please read carefully.

This is a painful situation for the victim(s) and they must be treated with respect and the utmost integrity. This is true for all that have been involved with abuse; for really, all are involved in one way or another and it can be confusing and difficult to know what to do to actually help.

*Abuse whether physical or Spiritual must be treated carefully and gently: Both have distinct meanings here. I have included the actual definitions so understanding is full.

-Spirit as in The Holy Spirit or your Spirit: of or relating to and consisting of Spirit and Soul as distinguished from physical nature. Spirit as ethereal or delicately refined: the seat of moral nature related to sacred things. One’s own individual Spirit, Free Will

-Abuse… Definition: (1) to use one wrong, misuse one’s ‘authority’. (2) To treat harmful, injurious, offensive. (3) To ‘SPEAK’ insultingly, unjustly, revile, malign.

-Careful…. Definition: (1) Cautious in one’s actions. (2) Things done with accuracy. (3) To be solicitously mindful, respect.

-Gentle…. Definition: (1) One is kindly, amiable, not severe, rough or violent, but mild, gradual. (2) Of a good family, wellborn. –this is genteel’ but this is an original word.-

Do you see here the tremendous importance of words and the true definition of words and of the Authority we give to others in our lives and how that can be misused even with our own children? There are Teachings here on the website that identify The false spirit and the problems it causes and pain it brings to young believers and established church populations in much the same way. Read these and see who is harming the young Children of God. It must be exposed to be brought down.

Many people have been abused and do not even know that they were abused. It is important to bring this hurtful situation up and bring LOVE and LIGHT and LIFE of God and The Heavens to all but it is also very important not to “create memories or stories” where they do not exist in reality.

These ‘created memories’ are falseness and it is going to take a lot of prayer and stomach fortitude, in other words…..’guts’… to face what there is within you and was in your Life with truth and candor and self- respect and Love and want to be better for yourself and for the others around you.

Most of all I have discovered that Our Creator God, Our Father wants our resolve, our inner Peace without all of the world ‘hype’ of what the world views as Peace. The example is here in scripture within all versions ‘I GIVE YOU MY PEACE’ the scripture states. The Peace that passes all understanding is what God Our Father wants for us, especially for the victims of abuse. That is a Powerful Peace. He is Our Maker, He wants Happy Children.

Can we do some self- examination please? This is a good way to understand yourself but again I ask that you do not try to ‘create’ any memories. Stick to what you know and the feelings that you have had for years and years. It is careful examination that will bring you true Peace and Joy and Love for yourself as God Loves you.

Do you feel you are a ‘pleaser’ that you yourself speak as these words, ‘I will do anything for anybody’? When thinking of your past you feel, ‘why do I always have to feel this negative way?’ The feeling of ‘why do others seem to be happier than me?’ A feeling towards ‘I am unforgiven’ (Not true at all.) or ‘something is just not right with me for I do not feel as if I belong to the average male or female group’? Have you always known love with a ‘tinge of pain’ in it? Is there always a holding back? Do you feel continually to blame and that you cannot please others enough? These are the beginnings of the syndromes of what I believe are an abused person. There are of course more but these are very telling. Do you feel the power of the ‘victim ‘that is always down within us and has others taking advantage of us with this negative self- value? This must be dealt with for you to prosper.

I want you to know that there is an evil spirit or ‘demonic force’ that is put upon you when you are abused spiritually, sexually or physically. A demonic spirit that then stays with you and makes it easier for you to be abused again! Abuse can even be as basic or simple as an eminent threat of fright to a child not protected. Yes, a severe shock, terror to a child can create abuse. This appears a harsh example but we are living in hard times with many falling from this. This can also be as revolting as the sexual touch upon you by a trusted adult, yes the trust of ALL OTHERS is then lost and that spirit is as if ‘planted’ within you to give access to other spirits of demonic hold to keep you in confusion and unhappy for a short time or a lifetime! People have done horrible things to children physically and Spiritually as we know it causes us to be very tormented.

The newspapers tell us day after day of the destruction of young boys betrayed by their trusted Spiritual leaders. This is Spirit and Soul and Physical or Body abuse. A torrential loss for these boys and the undoing of the church connected to these men. Much politics have been built around the power of the church and the man’s actions on earth but it may never be forgotten by the boys, now men who had their innocence removed from them in a horrific way of fear and embarrassment. The evil one lies and hides and uses the law and blames all others for its horrible actions, including God. It is a valid comparison. The ones who lose is the Boys now Men with hidden shame.

This can be reversed, this can be changed by God for God changes all things and there is nothing that stands in the way of God and His Love and respect and reverence and Care for His Children. I have been directed for a long time to write this teaching but the darkness withstood me intensely and I backed off. I am sorry for the loss of time that all have had to endure as pain of any type; during the time I tarried I had to fight and examine my own life and experiences so revolting and elusive.

Our minds block bad situations, things that are too difficult for us to grasp. It is a sort of a mental ‘shock system wall’ that protects us from things in this world that are too difficult to endure as innocent Children or Young Adults. God, our Creator Father put it into us as a protection but at times there is no one to help us bring these hidden truths to the surface to deal with them and we are left with hurt upon hurt and wonder why our lives have gone the ways that they have. This is the reason why we are to have a correct Authority system over us such as our Fathers and Mothers, to help and to listen to us when we are in pain or are acting different. Truth must come out, no matter what.

As we then grow we choose God as our authority or we choose to be the authority of our own lives ourselves. The darkness has all but destroyed that concept of Authority and the power of it for parents, children, men and women and many others who are our authorities in the world today. That is rebellion and that is evil as evil can be. Therefore in our society in this day and age of so called ‘enlightenment’; we are left with a very high percentage of abused children and walking wounded and destroyed marriages and downcast neglected fathers and mothers as it were and no one left to pick up the pieces but a false enemy or false religious holy spirit in the church that offers scraps of lies and more abuse.

Where do you go for help, to the place that wounded you? That is why I am combining the abuse of ‘children’ in the church and in their lives and abuse that others including adults suffer at the hands of a false holy spirit in the church. You open your heart to God and then to a man trying to represent God and you get nearly destroyed! All trust gone!

This is not to be! Love of Father is to come in now and heal all of His Children if we can understand and listen to Father’s concepts and follow them clearly. There is freedom for men and women and especially for Children who are suffering. We are all to be Children when we come to Father in Heaven, is this why as Humble Children we are to be healed here properly and Yeshua (Jesus) said not to let the Children be withheld from Him? How is darkness withholding Children from the Loving arms of Christ Yeshua?

I am only going to give you a couple of statistics that God has shared with me over time. I have found them to be supported by medicine and scientific research and here you yourself will have to do some looking if you choose to refute these numbers. First, most abuse happens around the ages of four to five and ten to twelve. These are the most formative years when age specific ‘contracts’ are made with oneself at these times for natural development. Second, fully there is evidence that nearly eighty five percent of all children have been abused in one form or another by an adult of trusted caliber. In other words, fright, fondling, sexual contact, inappropriate behavior verbal and physical violence has been portrayed upon eighty five percent of all of us by the time we reach adulthood. I add to this spiritual abuse of the cause of abuse of the office of religion and the clergy and the list goes way up. That is a lot of wounded people! Why would this be so?

Well, you have to think as evil thinks now and then you have to take the ‘perspective’ of the darkness and what it would manifest as its main desire after you have been Loved and held so closely by God Our Heavenly Father and Yeshua Our Savior and know The Holy Spirit in truth and power. You see so many wounded children and you yourself are wounded and Father is so gentle and Loving and there are reasons for this. There is no condemnation in Christ Yeshua. We have full access to God and yet there is fear and dread and many are unable to forgive the past. It is a hard, hard thing to do. I feel I know why.

There are ‘HOLDS and REASONS and ARTICULATE DYNAMICS and SPIRITUAL DEMONIC LEVELS’ that hold us until we can break free. God Saves His Children!

It is best to get to the children, the innocent ones, hooked on shame and guilt and remorse and hate and confusion at their young age and hold them until they cannot even Love with any kind of right way in their lives by confusing abuse and doubt. The severity of the abuse overtakes a child and puts the memories further down into their subconscious minds and can direct actions that child takes in most all things.

This sounds horrible doesn’t it? If you wanted to destroy the army that was going to come against you would you not start with the children? This has been played in the past and ploys of such have been done of this type for eons. The Egyptians kingdoms past the Jewish tribes of old, the Muslims teachings and actions and the so called ‘Free World’ have played the ploy of get in with the Children as pawns first and move on up through the ranks. May I remind you of Germany’s ruler and the Third Reich and the young that were trained in war as children are even to this day?

It is sickening to think that we are but child pawns of a war game but have YOU BEEN accosted individually and privately and now you live in a separate torment of guilt and shame of speculation that somehow you brought this on yourself? If you have then you know that you are a victim and all of your decisions are based upon the abuse you suffered. This is Soul shredding and Spirit wounding and self- deprecating feelings for yourself that slowly eat away at your Living Being and must be stopped NOW!!!!!

Our Heavenly Father Is Love and He sent His own Son to die for us but man has come in the way at times and by overcoming our free will and side stepping the Authority we are protected under and has allowed some of us to be hurt. Why? It is so that you as a Child of God can see the greater depth of darkness in the world. God tests us on the earth God trains us to be stronger and to grow into Grace and compassion and forgiveness, not bitterness and rage and anger and hatred.

Who touches and who molests children and who takes filthy advantage of a Child’s innocence and later in life can even take advantage of a new young Spirit Child and plunder that new Being of God as they discover the wonders of God’s Holy Spirit and drive false religion into the heart of the Child of Spirit with confusion and idolization and wrong teaching? The false spirit mimicking the true Holy Spirit and deceiving God’s Children with emotional Spirits and Physical and Soul abuse put upon children and some of the adult men of power in mighty offices of religion making religious decisions for you; that is not unlike the sodomy and terrorizing done to children this day. When found out and conquered within oneself this makes fierce fighters for truth, Love and God when the ‘cloak of lies and shame’ is lifted and you see this abuse was not created or caused by God but by a horrible pawn used by evil. You are NOT TO BE BLAMED and God will judge all who have harmed His Children. You must heal. You must Love yourself for the reasons that God Loves you, God Created you.

If you have read to here and found yourself or some styles of yourself or found the origin of pain that would not go away, fear not, God watches and makes all things new! There is some work to do for yourself, that is a gift to you that God is asking you to do these things and continue to do until you are free and feeling genuinely free.

It may seem different to you but God has been represented by man and men and torn apart by the evil one for a long time. Many of the teachings here on this website follow scripture but look at things in a different way. Father, Our Creator and Yeshua, (Jesus) and The Holy Spirit are Love and Spirit and Heaven and continue in that all along. It, the Love of Heaven, the Love of God is without conditions or stipulations. All of Heaven Love us without measure. We have been seduced by religion but we can Live another way, we can Live as Heaven on earth, It was Yeshua’s message, you are free, love one another and love your God, period. It is man who has brought in all the twisted laws and hurtful restrictions and divisions that have brought us here to the world held in torment and fear from wrong teaching and division, not peace and love together. This is the real underlying reason for abusing the young, to destroy the innocence and create a state of guilt and defensiveness and self-hate that holds one in an evil self- prison. NO!

The change will start with a new attitude to a new day. It will be a new way, the concept that you are loved and you are gently asked to turn from the sinful things done to you and forgive and God will gather you unto Himself and treat you as Sons and Daughters with true Love and care. The Heavens will bind up your wounds and you will FEEL a new freedom and this will stay with you. Memories will flee in the sight of Love and truth. I have experienced this and it is supported in scripture. You must be diligent.

  1. God asks you to forgive. This is not for the one that offended you it is for your Soul and God. You see forgiveness and the asking for others to be forgiven BREAKS TIES that are established between you and the other, and it is considered a Sacrifice to God in Heaven and when we Sacrifice we cut the Soulish ties between us and the other one that hurt us. This also HELPS God to be able to reach to us as His Children and be able to reach to the offender to bring Conviction to change the dynamics.

  2. You must let go of the hate and anger and feelings of responsibility you feel that it was somehow you that brought a situation forward. Even if you do not have these feelings it is good to do this for the evil will fight your freedom and use this as a tactic to ‘hold’ you to the other. This is also Sacrifice, see a pattern?

  3. You MUST TAKE for yourself! I am dead serious here for the dynamics of this situation have caused you to have emotions that are not fully qualified as others are. This is not an insult in any way and Father God Loves you so much He wants you to go out and gain for you for strength. This was again the most difficult thing to do for me. It is a litmus test to see if you were truly abused. If you can go out and buy and give to you it is then a truth that you are strong inside and may have not been truly molested. Healed people are not holding back Blessings for themselves. If you do and berate yourself you have been hurt.

  4. You must put distance between you and the one who has hurt you and it may come that you have others that continue to take advantage of you and hurt you as the abuser did and you need to remove yourself from these people as well. It is a habit you have of being hurt or used by others and Sacrifice is needed here.

  5. You do NOT GO BACK AND APPROACH YOUR ABUSER! This is very important! If you have taken legal action upon this person then the legal system will stand in your stead to protect you but you need Peace and Love and healing to rectify you first and then other measures can be leveled. God wants YOU.

  6. All of these things take practice and it may take a while of being separate from others to find your true self and true strengths. It is not about loneliness, it is about convalescing with yourself and Peace. Do building things for you.

This is a situation that happens to the most innocent children to adults being led in a very wrong way from the false spirit within religion. You are not to be overpowered. It is a truth that many abuse and molest and control. God and God’s Son will judge.