Teaching on ‘Opening your Doors to God’:November 19, 2013

God, Our Father has given us a great gift. It is the gift of Our Own FREE WILL.

This is a very sophisticated concept and is not easily grasped by anyone, especially the dark and evil who continually try to take our Free Will and use every means to subvert the ways of God in our Lives and take Peace, and freedom from us.

God has told me, ‘I want to live through you NOT for you’. This is a small word change but there is a fundamental concept here that we have to agree with in order to be at peace with God in our Lives and gain for others and for us. To fulfill our ‘Calls’.

What does it mean to Open your doors to God? I Believe we are to give ourselves to God in Sacrifice and Obedience and Submission and Humility fully. Here is the great difference however. God, Our Father and The Heavens will not push us around, The Heavens will always create a way for us to gain and always make a way out for us. God will always Honor our Lives that He has given above the work that we are doing for Him and the gain we will make for Him as God. We do have to Open the doors of our Hearts in trust however to gain the relationship to grow with God our Father and with The Heavens so that we can have a fulfilling Life and gain for Heaven and for ourselves.

We have to swing open the doors of our lives and open ourselves to God so that our Father can have full viewing of our all. Here is where the term Naked as Little Children comes from. Father wants us as Little Children. Father God made all of our parts and so what matter does it make if He sees some things that were hidden behind doors of the world?

We have to fling open the doors of lies and judgment, of fear and torment, of hate and sex problems (usually just guilt) also pain of un-equal-ness and pain we have suffered. Father’s Son suffered for these. Let them all go and Father as Yeshua the Son of God takes them all! Yeshua and Father takes the burden! Isn’t that great!?! If we give it up they will take it and we are free and can do better in Life and still maintain our Free Will.

We have to confess, we have to open our doors as it were or we remain these closed doors and all of us have encountered a CLOSED DOOR. It is final and blocks you from any entrance into the ways of that person. It is just sad and you must respect a closed door for that is one thing that is an absolute lock out, We cannot work for God.

How many of you have closed your doors to God, Our Father in one way or another? I do wonder how many are trying to go around Father by praying to Yeshua, Jesus and asking for forgiveness and not truly opening their doors just allowing in their own style of healing and that is all. It is a pity for Father with Yeshua Created us all, us ALL.