Teaching on ‘Choose Joy’:November 11, 2013

There is a simple statement that God has spoken to several people, I am one.

“Chose Joy” ----- This is a choice and it is a better choice than any other. It is Life.

We have to straighten out some things: Some concepts: Some misconceptions.

*We become drawn up in a Life of NOT Joy and NOT Laughter NOT Gratitude, WHY?

*Joy and Gratitude go hand in hand. This has now been discovered in a scientific way.

*One needs to have gratitude to have Joy; you have to have a PLACE for the Joy to go.

Joy is not a roller coaster ride rush of fresh air, not a thrill of something now new to us in our lives that we did not have, an orgasmic hold on us that lasts for a few moments and then is gone. Joy is a true inner feeling of contentment that stays and stays and holds us in place through the hard times. Joy is the range of emotion that is beyond the rush of a temporary ‘new baby’ Joy and keeps you ticking day to day to day. Do you have this Joy that will sustain you as I said, that will sustain you in times of Life that comes?

This is of course common Knowledge to Our Creator. God put us together and knows how to gain the most out of us for our lives. We on the other hand, think we know more and so we have turned away from God. With all of ‘our own’ understanding, we have chosen gain and wealth and greed and different things rather than joy. It is stifling to Life to have these things and I can ask you a few questions right now and make my point.

*Are you at Peace in ALL of your relationships? *Do you find Joy in all of these as well?

*Do you find Grace in each day to do things? *Is there room for all that you want in Life?

*Are there any questions of after this Life that trouble you? *Is your Life Complete, Joy?

See how six questions that come from God that are inspired to me to you can cut apart the most secure Life that people have of Joy and calm? You see, Joy has and I say now that TRUE JOY HAS TO COME FROM A PLACE OTHER THAN WHERE YOU THINK!!

Within the word of God of course are references of Joy. There are about seventy five Strong’s listings of ‘Joy or Joyful’ in the scripture. Look them up and see that they involve singing and instrument play, in Worship and in knowing The Word and Giving Praise as I said in Gratitude as the scientists have now found out. There are Joyful ways found in strength and new Life and in the victory over an adversary. (That is sin, not clobbering your Brothers and Sisters.)

One area of The Scriptures that stands out to me as I was reading was from Yeshua’s Words of God. The son of God, Yeshua said basically, if you give up most things you value you will have more Joy in this Life for yourself and Our Father will look upon us then as His Children more closely. We will be drawn more close to Father for need and in that need we will find the intimate time that will bring a Joy that is beyond all description. I think I have found that in many ways in my ‘Call’ unto Father if I may be so bold to you here today. This Joy is hard to describe, it is of Heaven, of Bliss, of Truth.

Joy is a very hard concept to understand and I am having a difficult time here trying to explain a teaching to all of you. I want to have you all Blessed with Joy and yet I have to let go of my own thoughts and ask Father and Yeshua and The Holy Spirit to take over and tell of the Joy that overcomes the world, the Joy that cannot be expressed in word or thought or deed as world knows it. I will digress and trust.

Joy comes in the trust of just what this Child of God has done. Joy is in the littlest things and it is in the largest things ever imagined. One can be Joyful at the crucifixion of The Son of God for All will be brought into Heaven by the act of Yeshua in Sacrifice in Joy to Father God in Heaven. It would seem appalling to call the most horrendous act of man a joyful act but here it is the ACTION OF JOY and the HOLINESS beyond earth is what makes all other things pale. Take that action and bring it into your lives. Oh, please do not hurt yourselves at all! Live in Joy at the things that you can do in Joy for all others. This is in a Prophesy I wrote to you not long ago. It is the way of the coming times.

When times become so very difficult I call upon my Children to Sacrifice Joy, themselves to Love and to others in giving as much as they can to bring Love to the entire world, around them, to all around the earth. This is Joy and will produce the greatest change. This Joy will destroy the works of dark that have held the world.

This is how Joy is to be brought forward into your Lives and into the Lives of others.

There you go. I just let go and Heavens take over. Please Choose Joy and Help others.