Teaching on the Tricks of evil and dark:March 19, 2013

It is not good to give attention to evil or dark but The Children of God are in bondage. Bondage comes from evil and dark. It is a trick of evil and dark to lull you to sleep and cause you to think that there really is not such a thing as evil and dark. This is just silly. Look at the world of today. There is murder and abortion which is the taking of the life of an unborn child no matter what you want to call the unborn child. There is rape and violence at vast levels. There are shootings in schools of little ones. There are wars and wars that are not called wars. There is a difficult time with marriages, both with divorce rates and with the law intervening on what a marriage should be between a man and a woman or a man and a man and a woman and woman and so on. This IS the dark and this IS the evil in the world and in the Creation of God. Yeshua, the Son of God came to the earth to set us free from the law and evil and darkness. Yeshua also told us that there would be bondage in the end times and that many would be 'asleep' and that they would need to be awakened from this sleep, strongly.

The evil and the dark work day and night to divide us from God, this is its motivation. This 'thing' of evil and dark is very sophisticated; it has been here long before you and I. I need much protection to write this and I was given the guts of this teaching many months ago. It took this long to clear the way to teach it and bring it forward. God works many ways, sometimes slow but presses until it comes through.

This is how the Lord showed it to me. There are Five (5) evil ways that the dark will mount up an attack to divide you from God, Father, Yeshua, and The Holy Spirit. Each of these spirits carries with them a 'denial spirit', a demon of 'this is not here, so why bother'. Remember, If you are not closer to God and better in your life, something is wrong! Go to God and pray for mercy. This teaching will help show you how to do this and the Prayer section of the website has deliverance prayers for you. These are a little chilling so remember it is war and the dark and evil is after you as God's Child. First (1) evil brings 'rebellion' as in do not follow the ways of the authority of things. Then Two (2) there is 'fear' as in fear of God and fear of many things as worry and anxiety. This then complicates the mind and deepens the levels of loss or feeling of being lost. Then, Three (3) is 'separation' or no love at all, as in 'I am all alone. Does this sound familiar? This is darkness folks and the evil and darkness is doing it all of the time! You are NEVER ALONE! God is always with you as close as your prayers and waiting for you always but it is the evil and dark that eludes you each day and eludes the world with LIES and LIES. Next, Four (4) comes the actual divide from God, in other words convince you that God does not exist. This is going on this day all over the world. It is in the schools and in science and in alien theories and in just 'God isn't there. I know it is hard on the earth but the evil and dark swoops in and picks up the crushed, not the healthy, after it MADE them sick!!! Isn't that gross! Now the last one and that one threw me even. Five (5) the evil, as in the evil one or its spawn will convince us or the fallen Children that he is god!! Freaky huh!! It is the plan. It is the way and it is in the Bible and it was told to me and it is going on now in the world and I see it in the sleepers and ones in Bondage.

This is a systematic control for your lives and I am not trying to frighten you. I am trying to wake you. Do you know that you are not at fault? God, Father Loves, Loves you. Do you think that Father God Loves the filth that He as God banned to this earth? No, these were celestial beings with immense powers and talents. The word of God states that God 'threw Satan down to earth with one third of the angels that went with him'. Do you think evil and dark will use everything to hurt us, the delight of God as Father's Creation in His own image? Of course evil and dark will. Those one third of the fallen angels also are demons that do the evil on the earth as well. How many? Millions I would say, or billions probably. All of these 'things' have been tying us up with ropes and vines and strings and chains of BONDAGE. They make us sleepy to the truth and tire us from feeling like fighting for Love, real Love of Heaven and for the Power that was granted to us by God and the real position we have as Males and Females made by God's own hands. We are all distracted hating and judging each other, being bothered by fears and money and things that are plants by evil and dark to keep us distracted from the truth that we are the true chosen of God. The dark and the evil are to burn, if we do the things of dark and evil we burn with them, are you sure you do nothing that will cause you to not burn? Yeshua, the son of God told us to flee from dark and evil. Yeshua, the Son of God told us in the days ahead there would be 'sleepers' that would have to be awakened. Yeshua, the Son of God told us that we need to look for the lies of the dark and evil that are all around us. Yeshua, The Son of God gave to us The Holy Spirit of Truth and Light to help us from dark and evil by showing us the way. This website is A Father's Call because Father is calling to His Children now to help them still and always because Father always, always Loves you.

The first way out of a problem or out of bondage is believing you are in bondage. If some of these words have registered with you then you believe them and you are already having Faith to be better. If not I ask you to ask yourself, Is there some part of you that is calling out to be better, to be unrestrained? I think that many of you feel that there is a 'holding' a 'restraint' a 'bondage' gently around you. Do you know that the definition of bondage is slavery? That is the main attempt of dark and evil, to put you into slavery to it. Think about it.

The ways of evil and dark are to lie and hide and run away and elude and blame. The evil and dark have blamed God and us for the wrongs of the earth for all of time when it is the evil and dark that is intent on dividing God, Father's Children from Him. Father knows this and watches this and waits until we realize that we are in authority, we are the called and chosen of God, not the 'thrown down'. How long will you be a victim to bondage, to sleeping when the world is a place that could start shaking at any moment and you may have to make drastic choices quickly.

Here is just a thought, not a prediction, just an idea. Many people of this day have about two weeks worth of money to live on. Many people have one month of money to live on and just a bit more. If you have not food and water and medicine stored up for say, six months to a year and there is a melt- down in the money of the world and there is not money or food to be had, what would you do? This sounds like a perfect opportunity for scripture to come into play for a 'mark' or something? I am just saying. This is the dark lulling people to sleep with lies and bondage (slavery) and avoidance and dark and evil. I want to look at the sun coming up and say that 'God will save me' but isn't it that we should be saying the phrase, 'God, PLEASE SAVE ME NOW!'. Are you sleeping in bondage or awake and praying for all?

Yeshua said, 'dark never sleeps'. I am sorry to be so strong, Love is stronger, call to God, Father, Pray.