Teaching on Word, False Word, Lies of World:March 4, 2013

This is a Teaching on the ways and means of ‘Words’ and their uses and the ways that God uses The Word for Creation and for doing His work. This is also a Teaching on the way that the world uses Word to gain control of others and a Teaching on how darkness uses Word to destroy the things that God and Creation try to Build up. This can be a formidable tangle, read carefully.

The world and all of the things in it came forth through The Word of God. God spoke and all came into being. Not one thing came into being without God speaking it forth. God is all in all and has all authority over all things. God, Father as I prefer to call Him knows all words and uses them for His purposes. God, Father watches over His words to perform them carefully so that not one word will return void. This is not acceptable to God, Father. Father’s word is His bond.

The world, we as Creation use words each day, many, many of them. Words come at us at great speed and they can be both truth and lie. I am writing this teaching because I have been inspired by Father that most of the things that we have learned or heard for a long time in world are either a lie or based on a lie. This was hard for me to understand for I trusted Word in world and I was very undone at this thought. This was to be a teaching on ‘False Word’, an explanation of how darkness and even we get tangled up in the ‘Words’ of lies that darkness weaves. I can see now that the teaching that Father is leading me to is a combination of ‘False Word’ and ‘Lies of World’ in conjunction this day. This will be a strong teaching but one that will Bless you.

Two things I remember from Father that have always been of TRUTH:

1. Your Will, Your Word, Your Way.
2. That which is for Building up is of God, That which is for tearing down is of evil

There is a foe on the earth that uses Words also, this is a master manipulator of Words and it is through these Words and through some actions that this foe is able to steal some of Father’s Children from Him. Words make a difference. If you do not believe me start cursing now for no reason. Go ahead, no one will hear you…… that is you do not think anyone will. The foe, evil, the devil and all of his minions are always listening and those Words are recorded and they are used against you. Did you not ‘feel funny’ cursing for no reason? That is the power of Words. I ask you to ask for forgiveness now and The Lord will wipe away that lesson so that you are not held by that and those Words any longer. Please Pray for a Moment now. Thank You.

Words are like Living Breathing Things and they are for Life and for Creating. The Lord calls them ‘Sophia’ at times. ‘Sophia’ means wisdom and Words are Wisdom when they are used correctly. Words also come forth with Breath, it is the breath that gives them Life and it is The Breath that causes them to be used against you.

Words can be used incorrectly also by dark and that is where we have the lies that are all over the world today. If dark wants to take something it is best to lie about it, cause confusion and bring about a mess of ‘not truth’ and then swoop in and pick up the broken ones as fodder. I am so surprised that there are so many lies that I have been seeing in the world as Father has been showing me. There are literally thousands of the lies upon each other. Media and Politics and Money and Plans and Sports and Celebrities and Space and Planets and Weather and Atmosphere and Pollution and Green Things and Taxes and Fees and Energy and Cars and Gas and Prices and Adds and Television and Hype. Can I go on? Can you think of more lies?  Do you think that Father is going to let His Children go on Believing the lies and getting more of them to bring them to ruin? Would you as a parent do this to your Children?

We are in a land of denial as well. We see the lie and assume it is the truth. We look the other way and smile and say that ‘it will be alright, that must just be an isolated incident or a kook.’ I tell you this after seventeen years of walking with the Lord and being ‘called’ and fighting the evil one each day. When the darkness puts a ‘evil spirit’ on you such as lie, it puts a DENIAL spirit on you first as slime so that you do not want to get the spirit off. Good thinking right? This is hard and it is about Word and LIES that are all over the world and being told to you each day.

What can you do? Pray, you become the Word. Isn’t that cool? The Lord Yeshua and The Holy Spirit and Father and The Angels help you with your prayers. It is a good thing to keep up with your Bible but you do not need to become religious with it. God, Father is in your Heart, in your Life and Life is in you in the Words you speak each day. That is a challenge! Speak the Words of God each day! Take every thought and action CAPTIVE to Christ (the anointed one) and Live to be the One of God. Live to Build up each one you meet. Never tear down. Look for the ways of God, if you look God will be found. It is a Promise from His Word and His Word CANNOT be returned void. See, all of these things are FOR YOU. There are many lies available, all aver the world, Father is coming to shake things up and root out the lies from all sources. Do not be a holder of any lie at all. Be of Truth and Love and Power and Light. Father will find you.  Word.