Healing Soul Wounds, This is complex, please read carefully, several times.2-8-2011

Are you a type of 'Christ' that is trying to carry the wounds of the old things that are inflicted by someone else? That is a heavy statement but if you examine yourself very closely you may find that you are doing that very thing! Christ Yeshua, the Lord, the Savior of all the world, is the only one able to carry the burdens of another. He alone takes our burdens of sin and problems upon Himself and brings them to Father, and they are gone. We just are not able to, and yet we actually do.
Think about it, someone inflicts a wound upon us, a word, an insult, an accusation, slander, gossip, lie, betrayal, or they actually stab you with a knife, it is all the same. It is as if there is a Soulish wound there from the words or actions, as there is a physical wound there from the knife stab. These hurt horribly, they actually 'create anger' within us and it can grow and grow causing a number of things to happen within and without.

Here is the thrust of this study,

We are so caught up in the ways of the world we cannot see that we have these Soulish wounds upon us and we carry them for another or many, many others. Others are 'getting away' with things that are burdening to us in our Souls and it is harsh on us and it WILL be harsh on them. We need to be free of these.
When we go to Heaven it has been shown that we will have a 'life review'. Tell me when you have a 'life review' what will happen to all of the things that you have done to another, or that another has done to you? How will God justify these things that we have been responsible for or another has been responsible for in inflicting the pain on another in our lives? Is everything just washed away with Christ Yeshua and His blood? Can people behave like 'rascals' and do whatever to each other with no accountability for their actions? Can one 'murder' in the flesh and the Soul, so to speak, and all will be forgiven and forgotten in Heaven? Why not just rob and plunder and steal and do whatever you want without regard to another and let it go for Christ Yeshua died for 'MY' sins and if I ask for forgiveness I have a free ride and I get a pass into Heaven? This does not seem right, this does not line up with scripture, this is not justice.
It has been shown to me that we will meet God and taste His great Love and have this 'life review', but then when it comes time for this issue we will feel the feelings that the 'OTHER ONES FELT' not what 'WE FELT' when we go through this experience. This is justice, this is proper, this is where God brings all things together for His purpose. There is then no chance to go back and change things. Is this the 'weeping and gnashing of teeth' that is talked about in scripture? Do we spend eternity making up for our wrongs that we did in the life we led here? All is truth and love in Heaven and forgiveness and light and beauty and loveliness, will there be room then for these harsh situations? How will Father deal with these offenses left from a life of torment and anger at the wrongs done? Will there be an accounting? Can it be done here for us to be free?
I will tell you why I am writing this teaching on Soul wounds. I found out I had many of these Soul wounds and Father showed them to me so kindly and so carefully that I had to act. You know I do many of these teachings from the Father in His words, I am honored to do so, but He is having me do this one in conjunction with Him to show you how important this is to the life with Him. I tried to 'cover' my wounds in my Soul and not make a big deal of them thinking that I could be strong. I was wrong. It was not my burden to carry these Soul wounds and they were to belong to the one who inflicted the wound, not the wounded. I was not responsible.
The people who wound will have to eventually account for these wounds in Heaven and it is up to us to put the wounds back in their place, not on us, but on Christ in the Spirit, and back on the person who wounded us in the Soul. We do not have to go and confront the people who wounded us if it is not possible. This is a sad thing, but free will of man is an important thing and God will not take that away. We must also respect that, but we must also respect ourselves. If we keep these Soul wounds we are not respecting ourselves and we can not be healthy and we maintain anger and bitterness. We must forgive yes, Our Lord and Savior Yeshua tells us to do that and it is very important for US to do this. What then about these wounds that hold on to us? The deep ones, the very bad ones that are left on our Souls that leave us reeling and take us months or years to move on? These are bad and Our Heavenly Father has mercy on us as does our Lord and Savior Yeshua as does our Advocate the Holy Spirit and they want us to be free and healthy.
The word of God states 'do not let a root of bitterness spring up' what if that root of bitterness is a wound in your Soul and it prohibits you from moving on? There are serious issues in life, it is not all just 'he or she said this or that'. People do bad things at times and it leaves physical wounds and Spiritual wounds and Soulish wounds that remain. Many of us at times in our lives have had horrendous things done to us and maybe we ourselves have done horrendous things to others. This is a good time to take account of your life and ask God the Father, and Yeshua, and The Holy Spirit to help you to clear them out with prayer and rectification. If you have HAD things done to you that you cannot seem to let go of or get free of then this teaching is for you.
We all can get entangled in the ways of the world and in the ways of others in our Souls when we interact with them. This is how these Soul wounds happen and it is important that we become free for ourselves. Why do we continue to hold on to these Soulish wounds if they hold us back, stress us, make us bitter, take life from us? In some way we feel 'responsible' for what was done to us. We feel that there was some factor that we did that initiated this behavior from another. This is false! This is another's FREE WILL. Now, we are not all perfect and we all do things that precipitate things from others. I am talking about the wounding that you 'know' came from another that was not warranted. This is where you look to yourself and find your responsibility in prayer and the others responsibility in prayer and God the Father will lead you, Yeshua will lead you, The Holy Spirit will lead you in understanding.
This is very important for you to do for as it said at the beginning of this teaching; people can hold on to these Soulish wounds thinking that they are doing the 'right thing' ,when in fact they are being a 'type of Christ' and this should not be. Yeshua took all of these pains on himself at the cross, ALL of the wounds All of the burdens, ALL of the sins of man and All of the things that others do to you. If you are holding anything within you or without or around you that is prohibiting your growth you are holding the burdens of another that Christ Yeshua is supposed to have and that makes you a 'type of Christ'. I know this is troubling and I am not trying to shake you up, but we have to let these things go to the right place. We all have free will, we all are responsible for ourselves not for others. If we are truly wounded by another we can return the infliction and become healed and move on to Spiritual, Soulish, and Body healthy life.

Here are five steps that Father showed me to use in prayer to cut away from Soulish wounds. I encourage you to pray these carefully and seek the Lord FIRST to understand the full weight of the offense and your responsibility. God Our Father, Yeshua His Son and The Holy Spirit want you free of pain and suffering. As was said, we as Little Children of God get tangled up in the world and with others in our Souls and Father wants us to be free and healthy so we can get closer to Him and live life free.

Pray First: Asking about responsibility and what the wounds are and how to 'dress them' In other words how to 'clean them up' so they can be properly protected from any further problems. You were injured, you need to be seen to. I know this is unusual but this is done in the Heavenly realm. and you are to be ministered to.

1: Pray to God, Refusing another's ability to make you responsible for their inflicting wounds upon you. (this is a bit like enabling behavior)
2: Pray to Yeshua, Ask to cut off their sin from your life. (forgive them, let go) This stretches your Faith but where wounds are it is necessary. This is all by Yeshua. 3. Pray, Renouncing the Soulish ties that have let in the wound (s) by words or actions. 4. Pray, commanding healing into your Body, Soul and Spirit from The Heavens. 5. Pray, Ask for Christ Yeshua's blood to cover all of these prayers and for the Holy Spirit to seal you from further torment.

Good Job! You have prayed a prayer of faith that will help set you free from Soulish wounds that can cause you to be held back by your thinking that you were responsible when you were really not. This can be exhausting for you to read and go through. Do not be surprised if it is troubling to do this as well. As I said, do all of this with prayer, do not do ANYTHING that is contrary to the Spirit of God or Scripture. That is very important.

We all have wounds in our lives, they can come and go for many reasons and we try to forgive and move on. Some of them are very difficult and hold us down for a long time. I have been Blessed by God to have been told about mine and a way to be free from them in a way that follows what God the Father has been saying to me for fifteen years. I hope that this Blesses you also and that this can set you free also. That is my only intent. It is sometimes hard to walk in this life, but God's love amazes me, every day. Thanks, Father.