In the very beginning of our known time there was God the Father, and Lucifer was one of the beautiful Arc Angels that God the Father had created to praise Him. Lucifer decided that he would rebel against God the Father and declare that he would be exalted above God the Father. War broke out in Heaven and Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven by God with one third of the Angels who went with him to the earth where Lucifer's name was changed to satan and the fallen Angels became the demons of the world.
This is betrayal.

Yeshua our Lord and Savior walked on this earth for approximately thirty years. In his last three years He did tremendous miraculous ministry and He called twelve men to be His disciples. One of those men was Judas. Judas betrayed Yeshua for thirty pieces of silver to the priests telling them where the Roman guards could find Him praying in the garden. Yeshua knew of this and spoke of this but allowed this to come to pass to fulfill the scripture. Judas hung himself for his feelings.
This is betrayal.

Paul the Apostle did the work of the Lord for many years and went on many journeys with men to preach the word of God to believers and non believers. During that time he gained many helpers. One helper was Barnabas, he walked with Paul for a long time then his family entered in and his near relative John, called Mark tried to come along having not worked as Paul thought he should have and so a sharp disagreement arose between them and they split and never spoke again.
This is betrayal.

Jacob and Esau were brothers. Jacob made soup and Esau was hungry after hunting. Jacob convinced Esau to sell him his birthright for the soup to eat. Jacob also was the younger of the two brothers who were twins. His brother would get the greater father's blessing. Jacob put a disguise on his body to fool his elderly father that he was Esau and got the blessing from his father before his brother could.
This is betrayal.

Samson had a gift from God of strength. Delilah pestered him until he told her what the real strength was in, it was in his hair. She was untrue to him and had his eyes gouged out and his hair cut off and the town suffered greatly for her tricks.
This is betrayal.

Moses got the Jewish people out of Egypt and away from Pharaoh. Crossed the Red Sea and Guided them through the wilderness getting them manna and water and miracles and purifying them as they went. Miriam gossiped about Moses saying he did not do the job he was supposed to do. As did others.
This is betrayal.

People are killed, People are harmed, People are crushed. Where does a broken 'living heart' come in that it has to survive the betrayal? That is the most difficult thing to live through. Not the dying, the living. That is the reason for this teaching, that is the reason for all of these scriptures from the Father of Heaven to show you that He as well as others has suffered betrayal at fierce levels of life changing events, to the gossiping against people that is also betrayal that hurts so deep and makes you just want to crawl into a hole and not come out. Who are these people who hurt others so much? Who do they think they are? Who gives them the right to inflict so much pain on another? Is betrayal a bit of 'living death' or is that divorce, like they call that also? It is breaking a covenant with another, and God, as in marriage, after all, is the one betrayed, is God, are all? Why does God hate divorce? Is it living betrayal? Why work to save marriage?
-Betrayal defined is: to deliver to an enemy by treachery, to be unfaithful in trust, to disappoint the expectations, violation of confidence, deceive, misguide or corrupt, to seduce and desert, abandon. (Wow!)

We all have been betrayed in our lives at some time. It hurts and it comes in many forms, from little betrayal of a so called 'white lie', to out and out slashing of your heart and the then subsequent anger and deep behaviors that follow it. Betrayal can leave us reeling for long periods of time in our lives, trying to understand what happened and where things went wrong. What does 'drive' one to betray? Is it the just get one up on another? Is it the avoidance of real issues, the running away coward, no speaking, no real explanation just gone. Is it the deeper power struggle of false self and I will get mine and crush anyone who gets in my way? Is it that insidious self again that always rears its head and takes advantage of all others with pride and ego and lust and base thought? Or is it actually planned out in advance and plotted for the downfall of the other person? Who moves on and who is left in tatters? This is what God looks at and it is what He justifies.

NO ONE ESCAPES GOD'S EYE. This is a done deal, there is no give or take here. You can run and you can hide and you can smile and think that you got away with a thing but God the Creator of All of the Universe knows all things, sees all things, and will do things about all things. There is not one thing that is not within His grasp and there is not one thing that is not about His business. Whether you are His declared Child or not he is watching and he Will be watching His declared Children VERY CLOSLEY. He is our Father and He is made up of Love and Spirit. Where can a Spirit not go? Nowhere!

Why would God share with us His most difficult moments? Would you not think He would leave them out of the Bible? There is the scripture about the evil one taunting Him in the beginning of this teaching and God having to throw him out of Heaven. This was one of God's own Creations, how did that make Him feel? And to announce it to the world? What was He trying to say to us? What does that say about betrayal? He is Father and He was throwing a rebellious child out of his house, how does that feel Dads? God also had to feel the weight of the Genesis 6 in times when the Sons of God went in unto the Daughters of Man and had children and God had to destroy the world. God felt bad that He had created many things? Why did He tell us that? Is betrayal a deep, deep issue here? God's own Son Our Lord Yeshua had the terrible betrayal of Judas also and He knew about it as it states in the scripture! Betrayed with a kiss! This brought about the Lord's horrible death. Betrayal is all through the word of God with David and Absalom and Bathsheba and Lot and let us not forget Israel and the many times that God has forgiven the betrayal of going back to idols and God having to forgive. What is this betrayal? Is it in our makeup? Who do we think we are really kidding? No one is really watching and so I will do whatever I want and no one will be the wiser. Do you know how many Angels God has and how many times they report back to God with what we are doing in the course of the day? How about wars and political betrayal and judgment?
On and on.

God watches all of it and works tirelessly to bring about resolve to as many situations as possible of betrayal. I know it is hard but we are to put ourselves into His hands and we are to forgive our betrayers. We are to KNOW that God watches all things and plans a way for all things. Christ Yeshua died for our sins then He died for the sins of the betrayers and we must let go and TRUST IN GOD that it/we are cared for by Him. Yeshua, Jesus, Christ, Lord, Messiah, The King of Kings, said forgive your enemies and Paul said in doing so you will heap hot coals on their heads. (both were betrayed) Romans 12:19-21 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave the way open for (God's) wrath: for it is written. Vengeance is Mine, I will repay (requite) says the Lord. But if your enemy is hungry, feed him if he is thirsty, give him drink: for by doing so you will heap burning coals upon his head. Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome (master) evil with good.

Do you know what that means? In that time, men would fight all day, and it was customary to give even your enemy some hot coals for his own fire when he went to his camp to rest for the night from the fighting. They had to carry them on their heads in a turban. Is it not unusual that we look at it so differently in that we want to just 'burn our enemies up' and we do not even have the clear picture of how it really worked way back then 2000 years ago? How can we ignore -give them drink, give them eat, and then burn the crap out of them in the scripture? It is selective anger, and deep, deep hurt, from the ways of the world and the hurt from the betrayal that was inflicted upon us. This is why we have to look to our Father as all of these Teachings state. This is why we have to look to the scriptures in a 'new light', with a 'fresh perspective', not the dusty ways of old religion. God has kept the Bible alive for millennia for a reason, through translation after translation, and it still retains it's thrust of power. How does He do that? We have to look to the healing power of Yeshua and His divine sacrifice. He is the only one that did this. There is no other One that has kept the ball rolling for this long from three years of ministry and twelve disciples that were with Him, one of which betrayed Him. This is in all of the world, and God talks about some changes coming, are they here? The concepts are planned out here in this teaching on betrayal. This should be a teaching on the concepts of forgiveness and love and what God can do, He is always here.

Some very bad things happen to people, they have happened to God and to His Son so that we can see that we are as Him. God and His Son Yeshua hurt of course from these betrayals because even if you know, it destroys your hope for what you can do.. I did not know that until God just inspired me with that now. That makes me sad. That is how quickly these teachings come to me. I am most blessed for God to talk through me to tell you how to live more free. Forgive those that have done wrong to you. God will take care of things soon enough and you will be much more free. Pursue God like He is a treasure which of course He is. His Son Yeshua made it possible to 'get to God' Thank Him.