Teaching on Sex8-23-09

There has been much misinformation and many Soulish strongholds assioated with the subject of sex and the practices thereof. The darkness has robbed my children of the gift I have given to them for many generations and as well the stubbornness and embarrassment of my children has prohibited them from discussing the basic principles of sex. Let us begin by praying to remove the darkness form around you so that you may learn clearly and then put away your childish thoughts and pre-cognitions so that you may see where you may be blessed where you are not. There is an abundance of blessings that are available to you that are taken from you each day in your physical, Soulish, and Spiritual lives. One of them is sex and the many flavors that I as your Creator have invented for you as my children.
The Song of Solomon is the most sexual book of love poems written in my word. It speaks of two lovers and there enamored thoughts for each other, I created these thoughts. The Bible also contains vast instances of life situations that involve racy sex and the use of the bodies of my children to get done the things that I needed done and their use and overuse of there bodies to get what they want when they want. Again, I approved of these for I am the true judge and I know all truth and I ALONE know the motivations and the real priorities of relational body-Soul-Spirit health.you do not. When sin enters in I correct, when I can use a matter I use it to help my children. This teaching as well as all of the others from my servant are overdue but you must understand that darkness withstands and men control to both gain their advantage, you lose.
Sex is a function and to make it into a mystical thing is to bring it into the world and to make it Soul directed and susceptible to darkness and it will be taken from you. Sex is a pleasure that involves the body, Soul and Spirit much like our relationship.
There are two that have Souls that have drives that I address here, they are male and female. The male has a stronger drive for sex because of his makeup and the authority I have given to him as His Creator. He is first. He has a NEED for sex and believe me his needs will be met one way or another for this function to be fulfilled. I do not condemn this function however the law of the world does. Why is this? My Son Yeshua did speak of the sexual function of the male and female but the scribes were told to omit all of the references to this because of judgment and fraud upon my children by evil and man's control over man with organized religious practices. These are deep subjects and will take much discussion but you see it is not that you are not just stifled from sex, you are in a war upon your bodies for your own inherited pleasure.
The female has a great DESIRE for sex. She has the will of all of those that have gone on before her in the past generations and the teachings that have been told to her and the subsequent thoughts and ideas and strongholds that have stopped her from grace.
There are many things that get in the way of the loveliness of relationships but the cement of the relationship, the glue is the intercourse of the communication and the body. This is grossly undervalued in the world today and is hindering most of the relationships in the world today. That is why there is so much divorce and unhappiness and lack of the true expression of physical intimacy to rewarding results.
The men are not expressing their NEEDS for sex and getting it done because of their inadequate feelings of themselves and the staunch rules of the world that are false and only serve to justify past judgments of my children. Not satisfied, not fulfilled, not strong, not in authority, manipulated by the female in many hidden and obvious ways.
The woman are frustrated for they do not have a sense of things being 'right' and they are exercising their Souls in a way that is not pleasing to me and there is manipulation and control whereas the evil one can gain access to the female and the entire relationship with the spirits of rebellion. There is great loss here for the simple submission and the great intimacy shared between men and women is the very great thing that my great females are seeking. Also not fulfilled, not satisfied, not appropriate.
There is much to address here and as you can see I have much to say after so long of having My words hidden and stifled by man and the evil one and my children's Soul's. You must start with yourselves and open up to the Spirit of God in the purity that I created you and that sex is not dirty and is not something to be used for control and manulipulation and for getting your own way. As well you must throw out all of your own past judgments of OTHERS and their sexual orientations and sexual practices. This is the number one way that the evil one has to block your pleasure and abort all of the dreams and bounty that I have planned for your life. You have learned this in the past in the word of God and the studies here.
There will be another page on this study with some more information for you to gain. Sex is a gift you give to another that brings a blessing upon you.
Begin with communication and discussion and wrangle out the different foibles of your lives, is is the character that paints the best picture for the Spirit of God to work with all people to help bring things out of darkness into the light.