This is a teaching today about the skill of communication. This is a skill that is needed by all of my children and the subtle nuances of these skills can cause the downfall of relationships in your lives. I want you to pray for revelation and grace to review your own communication skills so that you may improve them and have Me guide your conversations and help you with the lack of communication you are having. I know this is true for if you were having correct communication with all those in your lives there would not be any problems in your lives with physical pain or memories or torment or sex or fairness or your importance.

To communicate is to commune with another, that is to share a part of yourself with another, this is a lot like intercourse and it can create a lot of problems for people that are into controlling and manipulation. You can look at that study and learn from that but to carry that into this arena takes the innocence away from the communication and puts burdens on both or all communicators involved.

To communicate from the definition is to give to another or to impart knowledge. The verb of communicate is to give or interchange thoughts with each other.

How many conversations have been one sided? How many times have you had parallel thoughts within your minds while you were talking to one another? I have heard them and I know how terrible they are and they could have been expressed in a calm way and both of you would have been better off in your relationship for there were issues not expressed in the communication that are the most damaging. I hear these in heaven and these grieve me with my children. I inspired my Son to write this study to help you with this for I have heard these thoughts in all of my children for a long time.

Let us throw off old ways of communicating and try new ways of communicating that will help not only your relationships but you and the way that you look at yourself and the world around you and your own emotions that are failing you.

1. When you begin to commune begin with a contrite heart. This is not just get my way but gain knowledge about the other and yourself and in doing so you will be blessed in the conversation.
2. Always be willing to build up the other person in the conversation. It is the complementary words that will help to move the talking along and bring the kindness out in all concerned.
3. Pray for inspiration in the situation. I can bring My Spirit into the conversation and things will go much better. It is a plan of the darkness to thwart your communication and evil is the prince of the air. Where do you words exist? In the air, and so you need to take authority.
4. Go one step at a time. To bring many things into a conversation at once is just confusion and the darkness will use this to stop the result of goodness each time.
5. If you must bring up the past hurts bring them up carefully. How would you like to be reminded of something that you did? Would you like to be slammed or would you like to be told "I felt this happened, was I understanding you correctly at that time?"
6. Good listeners make the best communicators. Ask questions of the other, make the other one more important than yourself and you will have gained an ally not an antagonist and the ways will go smooth.
7. Reinforce what the other is saying. This is a way of respecting the other and building them up. This will help you and each you are involved with to pave the way to better learning of each other.
8. Learn from the other one. This is really what communication is about. If you are just there to talk out something so that you can "GET YOUR WAY" it is not communication it is manipulation and control.
9. Non communication is simply that. Avoidance of deeper problems. Much care must be used here.

These are some of the ways that communication can be built better for you in your lives and for you relationships. It is up to you to sacrifice of yourselves in all areas as Christ Yeshua did to make yourselves better. This is also true in this area of communication. This is the most vital thing in your lives for the words of your mouth make up your living and the way in which you express yourselves or do not express yourselves comes up to me in Heaven for I hear all thoughts. My world is unhappy. Communication is a very ripe cause to undertake to make My children happier. You must work on this to make it better. I will guide you and help you. Read Proverbs and find Grace to try each day.