Teaching on Words7-18-2010

What you say is what you get. This is a simple phrase and yet it can bring the most pain to My children as they go about their lives both in thoughts and in speaking words. I am speaking about the words that do not build up, the words that are harvested by the darkness to oppress My children later. Do you know that this is happening? It happens each time that you open your mouth or concentrate upon a thought that is not conducive to life. I am going to tell you of a way of patterned action that brings My children into bondage and then I will tell you how I do things differently and then I will tell you how to change.

Words make up life, I made life with words. Yeshua is the word and I will continue to commune with My children with words whether in thought or actual talking. This is the way we do things. We communicate with words, we move along through life with words, we get what we want, we take action with words. This is noticed by the darkness and it is always looking for a way to oppress My children in any way it can. You are like innocent Lambs in so many ways but today I will tell you how you are falling into this trap with words.

Think of every word of your life as the cells that have made up your body. There are wonderful working word cells of life and word cells of joy and word cells of adventure and word cells of creativity and word cells of action. There are in your life also word cells of obsession, word cells of wrong action, word cells of negativity and falseness from speaking wrongly that I want you to address today. They are VERY important in their ability to harm and must be changed in their factoring in your life. They are word cells of illness and I alone see them and darkness will try to trick you into believing they are not really an issue but they are and must be stopped if you are to live life, a life of health.

Words carry with them the ability to make up your life as I have said, they swirl around you when you speak them or think them and they are your 'make up'. You may not think that they are that important but where would you be if I would cease all words today and remove all words from all time? All life would stop at a moment for life began with the word. You create Life or Death with your words, it is stated in the scripture. 1 Peter: 3 10- For let him who wants to enjoy life and see good days keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from guile. And, 1 Corinthians: 10, 5- Inasmuch as we refute arguments and theories and reasoning and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the true knowledge of God: and we lead every thought and purpose (and word) away captive into the obedience of Christ.

These scriptures are how I do things and how I would have you do things. It is not too difficult to take your words into your own account it is just knowing that they are yours and you own them and knowing that the darkness will use them against you as it uses sin against you if you are not aware of it. My world and my Children have made some terrible mistakes when it comes to words for if you will note ALL LAW comes from words and those words are documented and set into stone to keep you in many forms of bondage. I never intended that and My Son Christ the Messiah came to set you free from the law, the word stated wrongly by man and placed upon My children by man to oppress. Law is words of judgment and negativity that are run rampant and support a system of rules and regulations that are not mine, they are mans. I will come to change this but I am coming today to set you free from the mini law that you yourselves are under and the darkness that oppresses you when you do not choose grace.

What are these words that hold you in bondage?

Statements of fear, Thoughts of anxiety, Words of judgment, Actions of hurtfulness, Reasonings of self loathing and self deprecation, Continued ways of negativity, Hatred and 'isms' of others that are different than you, Depression pondering of life and futile ways, Turning from joy, Ignoring blessings, Constant ideas of doubt and unrest, Words and thoughts of projection and scenario, Talk of gossip, slander, defaming another, Actual accusation of another or yourself without real truth of situations.

There is a spirit of darkness that I have told you of in the past, it is the spirit of the accuser of the brethren. It is a very evil and old spirit that seeks out words to use in its attacks upon My children. It is the spirit that was there at the time of Christ when the Pharisees were constantly harassing My Son on the way He was going about My business with My word. Why were they doing this? It was because Christ was using the word to come against the law and the agony of the old ways to bring healing and life to those who were willing to go after Him. The word of Christ was so powerful in My Son that darkness HAD to find a way to stop it, stop the rightness, stop the life.

You have the ability to change your life with the change of the words of your life. I would not say this if it were not true for this is how the very scriptures were written, by His inspiration of the word of God to His children. Words make a difference, each one of them. How many of your words and your thoughts for that matter are being used by the darkness to oppress you or the atmosphere around you? Are your words being used to also to oppress others when you wield them at others? Words are like darts and can bring a curse to another if you state them out to the air, believe Me someone is listening and will use your words to put them upon another and it can bring ruin to them and then back upon you for you are responsible for what you say.

You can change by changing, you can change by knowing, you can change by acknowledging that this is a responsibility that I have given to all of My children on the earth. Start with the first step, ask for forgiveness and ask to see where you can be changed. Go back to where you were hurt by words and forgive there also so that you may remove the old traps of darkness and memories and start afresh. I always provide a new day and you can be a new day. Christ did not condemn when He healed for that would be the law and words entering in again, he said 'go and sin no more, receive your gift'. This I want for you, I want you to make up a new atmosphere around you with new words of building up, words of life, words of hope, words of peace, words of you creating life as I did. That's the ticket.

There are 700 such references to 'word' in the concordance, if you look them up they can show you further how I used the word and how I had My children use the word from me to bring life. This is a good exercise in knowing how to proceed. Prayer also gives direction but what brings life in your words is of life and what brings darkness in your words would just be folly now to express or think on now that you have read this. You can be free and darkness must not use you to hurt you or others with words or continuing thoughts.

Bless you My Children