Sacrifice - How do you Love You?5-8-2010

By the sacrifice of animals and birds and grain and money you brought items to Me to please Me your God for what I had given you in the hopes I would bless you more and bring you the stores of Heaven to you to help you to become more prosperous in the world. That long sentence sums up what was. Now I want you to become aquainted with what will be. There is a difference in the world and the Spirit. There is a difference between worldly love and Spiritual love. There is a difference in what was and what I want now.

For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. That is a scripture from the word of God that states Love and Sacrifice. I love My world and My Children in it and I gave my most treasured thing, My Son to come to the world for you to die for your sins so that we could always be together. I sacrificed him for the rest of you. Why did He agree to this? Yeshua is an obedient Son, Yeshua is doing the will of his Father as it states in scripture but He also had something else in Him that I had shown Him. Yeshua had self love. Your Lord and Savior does not have a love of the worldly kind, the fleshly kind of love that is of constraints and conditions. Yeshua has the Love of the Spirit, the Love that passes all understanding, the love of renown, the love of Heaven, the kind of love of true self, the love of sacrifice.

When Christ Yeshua comes back to the earth to judge all the living and the dead and defeat all of the evil of the earth, tell me, with what power will He be using to bring about this feat? It will be the power of Spiritual Love. There is no stronger power on the earth and the Heavens than this Love and the word. This is why darkness has withheld the ways of this kind of love from the earth and My children. This is why the darkness is so intent on causing you as My children to focus upon only the worldly love. You can never know yourselves and you can never practice real power without knowing the self Love that Yeshua had. Many of my children will come to Me in Heaven and suddenly realize this Love in a moment when they see My eyes and finally let go of the fleshly realm but, I have never intended this to be the only time to experience this. I come to you with the Holy Spirit and I come to you with My Son and I come to you with the word and I come to you today to show you that you can have 'this' now.

You need this, and I need you and the world needs you but most of all YOU need this to live life away from the false love you have been existing in. You do not love yourselves as you should and it is causing you behaviors that are pulling you down and distancing you and I from our relationship. Sounds like the darkness working here. If you depend upon the love of the world and the flesh you will always look in the mirror and want a change, consider a judgment, set yourself up for a torment. Do you want to get out of that? I have a way. It is the way of Christ. It is the way of sacrifice and obedience that the word of God has spoken of and the words that Christ Yeshua spoke of when He was here and the words that got Him killed. They are that important. They are the very keys the key to the kingdom of Heaven. Look to All of the parables and you will find that they all lead to the acts of sacrifice of and obedience whether the returning of the prodigal son or the vine or the planted seed they are all the same and they are YOU.

How do you do this you ask? Sacrifice does not have to be giving of the 'good stuff' only. If you had a child and they had something harsh or dangerous in their hand and offered it to you to take it from them as a burden would you take it from them being the stronger one? Of course you would. I am waiting for you to do this with all of your hideous things as well as your treasured things. I will take the all of you and refine each thing and return it to you better and make you better for the sacrifice. As I did with Christ and His body and it was in turn made a benefit for all of the world from His Love. This is truly big and I want you to really understand it for it is at the center of life and at the center of what evil is taking from ALL and I say ALL of My children and My world. Christ took his obedience to Me and gave of himself and his body with His self Love and His Love for man and sacrificed to gain self Love that will now conquer the world. How can sacrifice bring self Love? When you give to Me I refine the things you give as I told you to give them back but I as God also make a blessing out of your trust and your sacrifice by making you more powerful and move you out of the false love of world into the Spiritual Love of true Gain.

This is a concept far away from the religion of the world. This is a concept that will make you the Child of God that will be healthy for the first time in your life in that you will truly begin accepting yourself for who and what you are not basing these acceptances upon conditions. You desperately need this.

My children have been lulled into thinking that they can 'get by' on much less than is required to maintain a relationship. I bless My children with life and many blessings throughout their lives and I call each one to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. I then ask that they maintain a relationship with Me their God and maintain this in a two way direction with loving and praising and giving. Well now I want to give you a new gift of Love that has been withheld from you for a long time. The gift of Self Love that returns to you and to Me your God and to the world as life. You can not do this or gain this if you spend religious time and avoid Me. You cannot learn this if you spend your one hour a week learning and no other time implementing it into fruit in your week. I have plenty of children worshiping at temples each week putting in their 'time' for God and living a live of quiet desperation throughout the week. I have this new way for you.

You can leave it if you wish but then there is always the scripture about the weeping and the gnashing of teeth for the loss of the time that could have been spent in glory and self Love with the Spirit and the helping in the name of Christ and fulfilling of the Gospels that is each of My children's call.

Sacrifice begins with 1.Heart renting

These are the steps to gain the Love of the Spirit that you will need to achieve Self Love that will help you to know yourselves and to understand that which was taken from you by darkness and men of the world to keep you under control. Come to me and ask questions today and every day so that you can gain knowledge about yourselves and receive wisdom so that you can rise above worldly love into Spiritual Love.

When you accept yourselves and begin to Love yourselves in an appropriate way you will have peace, the peace that passes all understanding and you will have a confidence that will delight you. This I want for you as My children. Again I say as I have before, go after this with all of your strength and you will be blessed. Understand this and you will not only help yourselves to Love yourselves but you will gain Christ and our relationship will grow and you can help others to truly love themselves. This is a mighty call.

Blessings to you Children