Teaching Sacrifice3-21-2010

The abilities you all have to sacrifice each day unto your God are many. I call you as Children to come unto Me and find the ways to give of yourselves to the Heavens so that you may be blessed. It is through sacrifice that you gain God, it is through sacrifice that you deepen your walk with God and the Heavens.

Christ Yeshua the Messiah gave of himself the full sacrifice of his life for your sins. You no longer have to give up your lives as sacrifice in the way that He did in crucifixion and death but as you give your lives up unto me each day I am able to use your lives and the resulting sacrifices to make you better. You are blessed and made better as I had said by the action that you take of giving of yourselves to me and to others

It is not easy to sacrifice, it always involves work and effort and conflict or it would not be sacrifice and it would not be worth the outcome of gain that I intend to bring. It is you that have to make the first step.

In a relationship you have to give unto each other in order to keep that relationship strong. Is our relationship one of asking and getting? Are your prayers involved with your best interests and what you can receive from the great God and Father who gives to all or are you sacrificing of yourself also unto Me and helping our relationship to grow with true love and giving both ways. I need this as do you for I created you and I know what you need and I know how love works for I created that also.

In the past I required sacrifice of animals and grain. Christ gave the final sacrifice for you to stop that type of sacrifice but you need to now keep the relationship growing between us with a new sacrifice. Yourselves.

Tithing. Fasting. Prayer. Time. Giving of Yourselves to Others. Praising Me. Loving Yourselves. Battle. These are ways in which you can grow in the walk with Me your Creator. You need this or it is a walk of self and a walk of one sidedness and you will not grow in love for yourselves or God.

What can you give up to gain a closer walk with Me your Creator?
The dessert from the evening meal?
Television for one night a week?
Giving the best cloths to the poor?
Money that you were planning for something?

Everyone needs help and there are many who need help with prayer and an encouraging word and a shoulder to cry on in this world today. There are opportunities all around you if you look but you have to look outside of you. I will bless you each time that you start this and I will bless you with each effort and each victory and even each defeat for I know how difficult it is to push ahead in this.

What examples can you think of here?

I will help you with this for I want deeper relationship with My Children.
Find Me, Go further.