Teaching on Addiction11-18-09

My Children that have a difficult time with chemicals whether drugs or alcohol or gambling or any other addiction are in the most troubling peril. You feel alone but you are not, I am with you, and I will help you. I want to teach you about some things today, things about you and things about the ways of addiction.

Addiction is often times about burden. You feel many burdens in your lives each day and the lives I give unto you are intended to have burdens in them but it is the processing of these burdens that give my children the greatest difficulty. To lay one's burdens down is a difficult thing to do and yet when a person is at the so called 'bottom', all of the burdens and are now past the true healing can begin. Why is it that they have to be so far down to receive starting over power? It is because they are giving up their power finally to others so that they can be ministered to and administered to. This does not have to be. My scripture clearly states that Christ the anointed one is to be the bearer of your burdens. He your Lord and Savior awaits your brokenness and contriteness to start anew each day if necessary to help you to overcome this darkness of burden and pain that you have struggled with. If He died for you, if he loves you, if He gives unto you, if He forgives you, if He awaits you to bring you unto Heaven would he not be then the Lord to partake with you the burdens of your life and this ravaging addiction? Of course He is. Seek this at all costs until found.

There are several dynamics in play here in addiction also. There are the dynamics of the body. You are addicted to a behavior or chemical in your flesh that has you in bondage each day. Again Christ took that to the cross but you have to claim that and stand upon that for there is a nemesis in the world that wants you dead or at least under it's control and it will do all things to keep you that way. Who has not heard the tormenting thoughts of the mind that are spoken of in the word of God that come from the evil one himself of the futility of giving up the drug or alcohol or behavior? These are difficult to get under control for they are let in 'by' the behavior and the subsequent involvement with the people that are involved with the drugs or alcohol or behavior. Look at it like a cold that you can keep on getting and getting and getting when you are around the people that are infected. The best way away is to STAY AWAY from all associated with these behaviors for they carry the burdens and spirits that torment you. Clean is as clean does. Be with Christ alone for he is your advocate and friend and helper.

This addictive behavior also relates to the Soul as well. The Soul of man is a very complex creation, it is the single most powerful thing in the world besides the Spirit that can be used by man and evil to wield for good and evil. You do not understand your Soul, if you did you would not be in this behavior and Christ the Lord would be on the earth in fullness and all peace would be here and no darkness would be on the earth. I have given man the Soul for My purposes for only man has a Soul. It can be bruised and broken, it can be fiery hot and it can manipulate your life when you do not address things of trouble in your lives correctly in your lives. This has occurred here with this addictive behavior and so we need to have the help of the Spirit of God as Christ, with the help of the Soul and the understanding of the pain there and the cooperation of the flesh and the wants that it has for comfort. We must work in conjunction.

I build from the remnant. If you look in the word of God you will find many instances of My starting over with My children and in fact My Son the Christ was My starting over for all of My children who were willing to ask for His help. I want to start over with you. I do not want you to give yourself over to some sort of 'higher power', what is that? I am the I AM and I am the only one who will be allowed to confess that to you in prayer, follow this and I will follow you. I want you to have relief from this scourrage of past life pain and present life of 'getting by'. I see all things and you are my child, I want you free. There are true people who are willing to help you and I will lead you to them and them to you. You must be strong and ask in the brokenness for faith and be willing to start anew, as I said each day if necessary to get on track.

There is life for you without addiction and behaviors that take from you. There is darkness that tries to take from My children and when you know that you are being robbed by this darkness you can respond with faith and vigor of Christ. Come forward and ask more of those who can help, those of faith.