Proverbs 29:23 A man's pride will bring him low, but he who is of a humble Spirit will obtain honor.

The only way to truly know Me your Father in Heaven is through humility. There is no greater power than God and there is no smaller individual created Soul being than you My children, and so you will need to have a proper perspective when you approach Father. It is not to drive you down it is to prepare you for the children you are to become, children of light, used by the Living God.
Luke 14:8-11
The parable in the bible about the banquet in which the person is invited is a good example of how humility is to be exercised with me. You are invited to a banquet, a walk with Me, you are called by Me to draw closer to the Living God. When you attend the banquet do not take the best seat, for that is pride, that is presumption, that sets the stage for embarrassment for you to be put in your place. It is better for you to take your place at the lowest seat and wait for the host to recognize you and say 'Come up here my friend and sit at this place I have set for you'. This is where humility comes into the play the in the best ways.

I have had my Son the Christ tell of this parable and teach of it and yet the real impact of it is not heard for My children are filled with the pride that prohibits them from knowing their Father in Heaven and prohibits their walks into Grace.

I have given a study on pride from 2-4-07 and that conversely speaks of the opposite of humility, stop to read that first and see what I was saying there and we will go on from there.

You can see from the study that I am trying to have you remove this pride from you so that you may have the essence of a child in areas so that we may commune. I do not need input from children of how I need to run the heavens and you would be surprised how many of my children try to tell me just how to do this. Maybe you have done this in your prayers in just a little bit of coehersion to get what you want. Perhaps you have had to repent a few times too many for judgment that has come from the result of pride and the lack of My leading of you in your life with Me. Here is the plan.

I REQUIRE you to be humble when you come to Me. It is a necessary thing. It is to put perspective on things as I said earlier in this writing for YOU. You are the one that needs to be changed, you need to be cleansed for it is in fallen flesh that you come and no sinful flesh is light. I am light and as you draw near you are changed by My presence, but you must come with a perspective of contriteness and lowliness.

When I begin in My children's lives I remove those things that they have had a false sense of pride in. The self, the idolatry, the religion, the false friends, and even the family that is thwarting the walk with Christ for the word of God states that I have called you to be separate. To then know the truths that Christ knows and apply them to your life you must come in contriteness and humility to me to learn the new ways of God. Many never pass beyond this first step because they will not give up the pride and the ' I did this myself' attitude that is at the base of pride. I have done all things in your lives, I guide and direct each thing and all things return to me at the end of life here as you know it. I do not interfere and I need not brag and so I allow the free will of man to presume he is running the show when I am truly seeing to all things in My world. This is where control must be let go. This is where trust must be established. This is the long run.

Those that come in pretense will fill the scripture of Luke. Those that wait for Me to honor them will have the best honor available for it will be honor in truth from the Father in Authority. Think on this and repent and be changed for I have much available for each of my children when they step forth in humility each time they seek Me.

Humility is a thing to be practiced also in your everyday lives also. Not the false humility of the flesh, that you will have to seek Me about for I see the real motives of the heart. I want real relationships with My children and I want them to have real relationships with each other without falseness and control. Come to Me and I will teach you new motives and a new way of living that will bring Heaven to you.