Obedience brings Integrity9-23-07

My Children, the way to the life that you want in the Spirit is a difficult path but one that you can accomplish with the help of Christ Yeshua. This life that brings the Heavens close to your life has always been my purpose and plan for my Children. The world does not understand the concepts of this and has been sleeping since Christ had been on the world. As well, men of the world and the enemy of your Souls have masked this blessing and have kept it hidden from you. Yes, there are writings and teachings that have been robbed from my Children and are hidden in the basements and secret places of the religious church. These writings are of a truth that controlling man and the evil one have hidden because it exposes their control and their religious direction that is not of me your Heavenly Father. The scriptures, although pure and of my intent are incomplete. This is my reasoning for these teachings and the rigorous writings that have come from my servants. I have great hope for the directions that have been laid down and there is a great need to follow them for the new direction that they provide. They are not of the world and you will not find their equal in the world today.

This lesson is on the obedience that I require for you to gain the blessings of Heaven on the earth. You can not have integrity, true integrity of My sort without following the path that I have laid out for you. I bring words and inferences and directions to your lives for My purposes to be done in your lives. It is my purpose to build you up and to give you hope for the things in your life. This is stated and carried out throughout the scriptures where when my Children are obedient to my direction I prosper them and give them a peace that cannot be found here on the earth.

You are wrangling with the concept of your Souls directing your lives. This is a deep concept and is filled with attitudes and applications that you yourselves are beginning to understand. I will guide you, but again, you will need the Spirit of God and the obedience of your Souls and Flesh to pass from willful flesh life into God directed Spirit led life. This is the only way to true integrity for integrity is manifested in the Spirit of man, not in the Soul. The Soul, when not understood wrangles, the Soul when not under authority contends, the Soul applies the concepts and attributes it understands from life's experiences and dilutes the power of the Spirit and even the Holy Spirit of God. Christ came to teach and set you free from the law, these are the laws of your Soul. The Spirit laws are to be understood now in the world by my chosen Children and the Souls of my children are to come into alignment with their Spirits and flesh to produce the fruit of Heaven here on the earth. I would not have you here if you could not do this. I would not have you listening and reading these new concepts if you could not implement them in your lives and live free of the Soul's misdirection.

What comes now is the complete obedience to the gentle leading of My Spirit in your lives. You can do away with most all emotional pain and gain a power that is unsurpassed in the world today. This is my will and directive for you.

Obedient: submissive to the restraint of authority. docile, tractable, amenable. This is the state of mind to be agreeable because of natural open-mindedness.

Integrity: firm adherence to a code of especially moral values, an unimpaired condition, soundness, the quality or state of being complete or undivided.

In order to gain one you must have the other.

I have called to my Children time and again to turn from the religion and the Soul directed life that will not be manifested here in Heaven. This starts with submission and then is directed into the trust of childlikeness to follow the leadings of your true Father. Christ came to set you free from the worries and cares of the world so you may know Me, your Heavenly Father. Christ came as the anointed one to the world to save you from sin and death and to do as He sees the Father does. This you can do in your Spirits.

You can have life here on the world in your Soul, many men do. You can have complete life here on the world in the Spirit and you can do the wonderful things that Christ did and more. This is the power of quieted Soul and Spirit led life in obedience, this brings integrity that is a call within all of you that I have put there.

Find this integrity of the Spirit and find the Heavens here on the earth with Me.
Blessings Children,
Your Heavenly Father
John 10:10
John 10: 11-18