This is a teaching about the subject of lying and the traps of lying and what can happen if you practice this. There are two types of lies I will talk about here today, they are.

1. Internal lies, The lies that you tell yourself
2. External lies The lies that you tell to others

There are of course many 'kinds' of lies, there are the bold face lies of deception and the lies of manipulation and the lies of small and large scale. There are white and black lies and all of them are lies plain and simple. There are lies of omission and lies of commission, these are permitted altogether too much and weigh all of My Children down with heaviness and sin. Lies create calluses on your Souls and can even create calluses on your Spirits maligning what I can do with you in your lives. This should not be. These calluses are like the ones on your feet when you wear shoes that do not 'fit' right. Does that sound familiar? Something does not 'fit' right in your Soul when you lie and it creates a callous that stops you from feeling, feeling right, feeling Me, Your Father. When you lie to yourself you may think 'I got away with this' much like a lie in real life. I know how lies and your Souls work and I know how it feels when one 'gets away' with a thing, it is not good. Is there a conscience in there? Are you feeling guilty? Why are you feeling guilty? These are all of the reasons I gave you a conscience and it is another name for your Spirit. What is going on here? I am 'convicting' you of a wrong! I as your conscience am not 'condemning' you as loudly as the world or darkness does but I do it gently until you cannot hear from me any more. If you tell yourself a lie you divide yourself and that can lead you to ruin. Is it not the point of healthy life that you are supposed to be allied with yourself? If you lie and tell these falsehoods to the insides of you it is like betraying one's own self. This is the road to deepest darkness. This is of course what darkness wants. There are no small lies, either inside or out, to others or yourself. You must learn a lie is a lie is a lie and you must flee from it as you would a ravenous beast, it will consume you.

As with most all sin one lie usually leads to another and here when you lie to self like lying to people in the world you have to come up with more elaborate lies to cover the last ones told. Like a never ending story. The snake that ate its tail. Nasty thought is it not? Here it is especially dangerous when it is the lies that you tell to yourself for here it is like one piece of chocolate cake a day, before you know it you have gained many pounds and you do not 'look' the same in the mirror. In telling yourself lies like "This will not bother anyone if I take this for me." when you know it belongs to another. You start into motion a cascade of emotions in your 'Soul' and your 'Spirit' and you do not realize you also start a reaction in the 'Spiritual' realm and the 'spirit' realm (remember darkness?) to take account of your action. It may be hard to believe that you are that valuable and that so many are watching what you do but you are My Child and I assure you that My love follows you and all of Heaven wants you healthy, not darkness, help Me help you.

My world has learned to tolerate many lies and the forms of lies in so many ways it sickens Me as God. As I said when you look at yourself in the mirror after gaining the weight after all of the cake you see the change. Well, after a time you accept yourself AT that weight and this effects your health and your lifestyle. It is the same with lies. The first lie is innocent enough but more and more of these and your Soul does not then hear from your 'inner' voice. Is this voice your conscience? Is it really Me talking? Is it the Angels trying to help you to turn from lying so you can have life in abundance? We all speak in a whisper as in a mirror dimly to quote the scripture and so you have to listen very closely. If you lie and lie and lie the callus grows thicker and the voice is hushed until it is heard no more and then darkness celebrates.

Again, are you that valuable to Me? Of course you are, you are My Children and I Love you very much and I seek to set you free from the lies of the evil one. Did I forget to mention that The Christ, My Son Yeshua called him the father of lies!! I think he knows what he is doing to tempt you into this pattern of behavior and how to divide you from you and how to divide you from Me. That is his primary mission, give Me grief, steal My Children by temptation from their vulnerability.

How can any lie be good? Have you been lied to? I have, as I think you have and it hurts doesn't it? I always reveal the truth. I will reveal the truth whether here on the earth or in Heaven when you all come here. Did you know I will keep account of all lies no matter how small or large and I will have you account for them to the PERSON whom you lied to in Heaven? That is how I do things. It is fair. One should not think that they are not 'connected' to each other just because they are not seeing them at the time. You are all connected in one way or another, that is another lie of the darkness and it stifles your growth. When you lie to another you establish a thread of that lie that must be repented for to be cut in one way or another. In the same way when you lie to yourself you establish a thread within yourself of deception that tangles you up and eventually makes such confusion that you do not hear, become callused, see more dimly in the mirror, cannot hear clearly, become divided within yourself. You and I are more separate and the darkness celebrates.

Do you see why Yeshua My Son told you to not bear false witness in the commandments? That is lying. It is from the beginning, it is evil and it brings your ruin with the first lie. Do not do this especially within yourself for how can you live life in abundance if you yourself are conflicted? Be thee perfect as your Father in Heaven is. You can do this My Children. All of the lies of the past can be gone with My Son's forgiveness and His blood of His sacrifice on the cross. YOU MUST HOWEVER DO THINGS NEW. Make a pledge to NEVER LIE! I will help you. I will love you. Talk only truth to yourselves, I will help here also, seek Me, seek My word. You can.