COLD LOVE12-14-2010

There is a love that is so cold upon the world today that I see from Heaven there is hardly an explanation that describes it. I will try to bring examples of it here to paint a picture of it. It is a dangerous love that covers the world I created. I want you to know about it to conquer it because it has been conquering My Children for a long time.

1. A love of wintry cold minus temperature that makes you shiver.
2. A love of situations that is always looking for its own way.
3. A love of emptiness that becomes evident over time.
4. A love that is 'prompted' by want and need, not giving and caring.
5. A love that eventually destroys, it will, some how, some way.
6. A love that cannot exist here in Heaven, I have seen to that, it is base.
7. A love that is the opposite of Christ Yeshua and His sacrifice.
8. A love of cowardice and avoiding, leave now, damn the cost.
9. A love of idolatry, look to the current, flesh and intellect.
10. A love of deep falseness, but you have to look for the false within.
11. A love with conditions that are unspoken, but implied and enforced.
12. A love intended to entrap and enslave, with intent and malice.
13. A love looking for value in what YOU have not what it offers.
14. A love destined to attempt to take over control in many ways directly, indirectly.

Sounds Horrible doesn't it? Will you help Me stop it? It is pure evil based.

This is a 'love' or an imitation of 'love' that has in it a spirit, a small 's' I am using here on the word spirit as you know that indicates a dark or evil spirit rather than a large 'S' like Spirit for Holy Spirit. This spirit is a devious thing and pervades the world with manipulation and has for much of time. It has its boundaries in the evil one himself, satan and believe Me he knows love and the absence of love and how to manipulate it.

The dark one, satan was the ark angel of praise in the beginning. I made him to praise Me and to bring love to the Heavens and the earth. As you know from scripture he fell from grace because he wanted to exalt himself above Me saying he would be god. I threw him from the Heavens to the earth with one third of the angels that choice to be with him for now, and he (as will those with him) will be in the eternal fires of hell, but he has domain (dominion) on the earth for now. That is a scriptural lesson, but this is a practical lesson on the love aspect of the world and the influence darkness has had on My Children and what we can do about it.

I know you all recognized yourselves somewhere in the list on the top of the study of the aspects of cold love. Do not be alarmed for this is the difficult part of this, love is complex as you know. Love is beautiful, it can redeem and it can save and it can heal.

I need you to see and discern where the darkness has used love to ply it into a manipulative thing and cause it to be what I did not intend it to be. This takes a lot of thought and prayer and direction from your Lord Yeshua and the Holy Spirit and from Me your Father. I am willing to help you and to love you and show you how the counterfeit has tricked you. I hate it when My Children are tricked. It is like a counterfeit dollar bill, it is hard to know unless you are very familiar with the real thing and can distinguish the difference, this cold love can be very hard to tell the difference from real love.

I am going to need you to depend on the Holy Spirit and on your discernment and on the true ways of your heart not so much on the ways of your mind here. The ways of the heart are weighed by Me, God and as so I have been doing this for a long time. I have been weighing your hearts and your actions and those of all those around you to protect and defend you from those who would mean you harm. I do this by looking carefully, slowly into the hearts and motives and ways of the people. I ask My Spirit and I ask the Heavens to help Me, and as I said I do this very carefully. If you look quickly and just judge, you are being impetuous and this is not what I want. I need you to work together and to work in conjunction with the Heavens including the Holy Spirit to tear out this false cold love thing.

I am going to be very straightforward with you My Children here. I have told you of a spirit here in these teachings, a spirit of falseness and of contemptible artificial way that is fooling you and robbing you of life and is inhibiting you and your growth from coming to full with me and with others. It is the cold love spirit. It is like the other spirit I have shown you of here in teachings and have asked for your help in defeating, it is the false spirit, they are much the same. They are both imposters and both demonic. They are both very hard to discover and root out totally. One is of religion, the false spirit, it deals with the love of religion and the practices, both social and moral that do not please Me as God for My Son Yeshua came to set free from the law and root out religious practices with the love of God and the simple practices of life and the way to Me through faith and humility. Not with high church and mighty choirs singing hosanna in the highest. I know it is a shock but that is religion and it is performance and pride and I weed out much of it. Much like this cold love. You would not think love could be a ruse but it can be. If you look again at the descriptions of this spirit you can see the tell-tale inferences that could help you see it when it tries to seduce you and those around you.

Love of Heaven is of a pure kind and is not dependant on gain, it is not set out to rule over another as cold love is. The darkness uses everything I have created and makes a counterfeit of it to confuse and deceive. Why would love be any different? It is up to you to find out where the darkness is or is GOING to use this cold love and stop it for it will deceive millions with false hope and wrong motivations. It will not be love, It will not be a Lamb, It will be a ravenous WOLF looking to devour as the false spirit has devoured all of the practices of worshiping Me by turning them into money based side shows.

Love is not a clanging cymbal, it is righteous and kind, caring and patient. True hearts know, My Spirit will help, My Son Yeshua will help, I God will help.