The path of love is filled with twists and turns that bring to need the self sacrifice of Christ in your lives. When you give you hope to receive, - yes children, but, do not let the scorecard of comparison mount up to the point of unbalance and bitterness. This can bring loves' ruin. I guide life and I guide love when you let me. Be very gentle with love - it can be bruised and broken, it can be hushed and held back. When love is extended out it has the greatest effect. Extend out love, the love of God to another. My love will cover and will make you very productive to the world and to another and to yourself.

When you love another do not it be weak love. Weak love is 'get my way' love, or, 'I won't be hurt then' love, or, 'just for now' love, or, 'I will look good for now' love. Those are co-dependent, enabling robbing forms of weak love. My children, use MY LOVE through you and you will find Christ is ever near you, in fact IN you for what you need. That is why Christ could offer another his shirt after he had given his coat to the man. Christ first knew my provision. I would get my Son a new coat, I would see to that. Christ also could then extend bountiful love to another from God. You can do this for love is in you. Christ gave love and note 'perfect correction' in love to those whom He knew would participate in killing Him.

My Son was strong but yet He knew all things. You can be more than yourselves when you extend out love as I guide. I can give out love freely for I am love and I know all things as well as Christ. I know all of the hurts and all of the motivations for actions, you do not. I tell you to trust love and put away your agendas and manipulations and you will be then happy with love.

Do this and you will fulfill Heaven here on earth.

Your Father.

Scriptures: There are 310 references to 'love' in Strong's concordance.

Deuteromny 6.5 - thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart..
Psalm 91.14 - Because He has set His Love upon me.
Proverbs 8.17 - I Love those who Love Me.
Luke 6.27 - Love your enemies and do good to them.
John 14.23 - and my Father will love them.