The way to God, the way to commune with your creator, the way to life in the Spirit is with prayer. It is the most important instrument in the orchestra of your Spiritual life. This instrument brings harmony to all of the other aspects of sound that come to Me in Heaven that tell Me of the health of your Spiritual being. When it is one sided the sounds are out of harmony and the melodies of your life need to be addressed. There are several kinds of prayer and so I will share with you basic ways to pray and basic needs you have to pray to sustain your life to keep it in harmony. Without this harmony we cannot commune correctly.
1. Prayer of Praise: This is the first way to Me. Start all prayer with this and finish all prayer with this.
2. Prayer of Petition: This is asking, you all know how to do this very well, enough said. 3. Prayer of Agreement: This is when two or more ask together for things, this is not done enough.
4. Prayer of Need: This is a prayer of genuine need of the heart, more common needs, everyday.
5. Prayer of Healing: This if a prayer for Spiritual intervention, use it that way. All sickness is evil.
6. Prayer of Help: This is a prayer for My intervention, I will do this when asked, let go now.
7. Prayer of Sustenance: This is the prayer around the dinner table, do not ever let it be the same words.
8. Prayer of Mercy: This is the prayer calling on the Heavenlies for your help, cleanse yourself first.
9. Prayer of Charity: This prayer helps others in your stead, is powerful, calls on My Sovereign Will to act.
10. Prayer of Miracles: This is available to you, be praising, be humble, be faithful, be expecting.
11. Prayer of Peace: This is the Lord's prayer..a blueprint of Love and courage and strength.
12. Prayer of War: This is necessary when you have Christ Yeshua. Bind evil, Cast out evil, Christ paid.
These are but some of the examples of the available prayers for my Children who are called by my name and are filled with My Son Yeshua and our Holy Spirit. You will recall My Son, My only begotten Son went away many, many times to seek me and to pray, why? As well The Christ (the anointed ) went to a quiet place to pray, why again? When you pray you open up the fabric of the spiritual realm and this is never underrated by Me or by the darkness. Many times darkness seeks to under-earth your prayers by doubt or lack of faith (they are different), they will interrupt them with distraction or cause you to think that our prayer is unimportant. I have never not heard a prayer from one of my children OR recorded it OR answered it in some way.
Prayer is a very private thing for my children and Myself. When you have learned how to wield it and use it fully you will have the Spirit filled life and we will commune, become intimate and there will be more harmony in your life and more of your prayers will be filled to the will of God, you will be more calm. I will ask you to become somewhat naked, vulnerable for a time and ask, seek out the fine details of how to pray from my servant, bare yourselves and the result will be abilities and connectedness to each other and to Me.
This is very important, I am giving new gifts and new directions that will usher in changes for all of My world and this will be resisted by you know who..I need My children closer to me and the way for me to then commune and to talk to them, yes my will is to talk to all of you in Spirit is to fortify the prayers of the children of God. This is a mighty task and so I am listing many scriptures for you to study also.
All things of any significance came forward with prayer, from the first walks with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden which were the prayers of communing to the final prayers of the Saints in Revelation when I make an end to all of the known things upon the earth. I made the Earth out of prayer, and all of the things thereof.it was the desires of my mouth and my heart spoken forward to bring forth life. Can I be asking you to do the same as I have done?
You can combine prayers from the example numbers that I have given you here. The prayer of humility and contriteness brings the quickest response.
One can slay one thousand, two ten thousand, why would evil try to divide you so fiercely?
Scriptures: Psalm 35, 13..Luke 6, 12 ..21,36.. Eph.6,18..1 Th. 3,10..5,17..5,25..James 5,13
James 5,16 .2 Samuel 7 18-29 Neh.1,6 ..Psalm 6,9..Prov, 6,9..Isa. 56.7..
Mark 11,24.. 1 Tim 4,5..1 Peter 3,12..Rev. 5,8..Rev. 8,3...
These are again but a few examples of the believing faith of my children bringing forth My will onto the earth and the blessings of God into their life. This can be had for you as well. Prayer changes lives, you have that ability to change the lives of others and your own with yours and My intervention of prayer. Do this with these instructions and the guidance of My Son and the Holy Spirit.
I Await your communion with Me
Your Father