Control and Manipulation11-8-09

This will be a very difficult lesson to undertake my Children for as I do not take control of My Children's wills they in the activities of their lives can take over the wills of My Children. This is a very serious offence to me and it hovers on the edge of witchcraft because it involves rebellion and the use of others feelings to gain the result that the controller and manipulator wants. All of my Children do this and so I want you to take a serious look at your behavior and FIND where you are manipulating others and seek to halt it in your lives so that others in your lives can live more freely and you in turn can live more freely. This is a behavior in your Souls and can be unlearned as any other with the help of the Holy Spirit and your ever present Lord. Seek Him today and persist.
The underlying reasoning for control and manipulation is of course the illusions of the world and the control and manipulation of darkness in your lives. When you feel OUT of control in your lives you seek to control another. This is why women are most suspect in this behavior. It is also practiced by men but to a lesser degree and more subtle. Men are more in control in the world and so women have used this behavior and their 'whiles' to seduce others into their own way of thinking and doing things. This is actually the origin of rebellion and witchcraft and so I want you to remove all of it from your lives because it stops our growth and prohibits My voice from coming to you clearly.
Prayer is the best form of control in the universe today for my children. It is even the best form of control for the non believers because I alone am in control of all things and I hear all things and all prayers and I do all things in perfection. If you will pray to me in earnest for a situation I will hear you and I will respond to you according to the perfection of My will and the perfection of the persons life you are praying to change. If it changes you have moved their life for your purposes, if not, I am teaching you something, or I will do what you have asked later, or it is not the correct thing to do considering their free will. That is perfection and that is what Christ Yeshua did and that is what you are required to do as you walk in this world as my child. Not as a belligerent child wanting their own way moving others at their whim. Change this in you and I will bless you richly.
Control and manipulation begins with the lack of control you feel in your lives as I have said. Where do you feel out of control in your lives? Do you have the illusion that things are up to you in the goings on in another's life according to your ways? This is not a right attitude to have especially in marriage. When two people live together in a relationship I have planned a spific order of authority to follow from Heaven. It is the tricks of the evil one to subvert that authority in every way that it can to cause constraint and disharmony and so you have the result of the great difficulties in marriage and relationships today in the world. It is by the Spirit of God in the marriage and in all of your relationships that leads you to a better way of life and better communion with others without that control of others. There are many ways that my Children control and manipulate, let us look at some of these and try to work them out of your Souls so that you can live more freely.

1. How do you get what you want. Is it the "I would like this" Or do you stop and think of the way in which you ask about it first, This is manipulation. You must be forthright.
2. When you do not get what you want do you. "You never do this", "I'll do it myself'? This is control and Manipulation. You are overcoming the other persons free will with collusion and guilt, this is grieving to me and never right.
3. If you are giving too much thought to a situation to bring about a change the darkness can then get in there and cause you to control. This is self absorbs ion.
4. When another confronts you and you seek a way to contend with them without prayer Or a calm peace of understanding of what I was trying to tell you at the time.
This is manipulation, you will seek the way to have the upper hand ALWAYS.
5. When you are just not happy you look to others to solve your problems.
"If you would just" "We could do" "Why don't you" "You always"
This is just sour grapes. It is YOUR responsibility to adjust your own life, try it.
6. Do you withhold something from another? You know what I mean. That is the worst Form of manipulation. What if I withheld something from you, like air?
7. Snorts and eye rolls and gestures and body languages are all forms of control and are Used very well by many people today. You must stop these.
8. Gossip and judgment are forms of control and manipulation. They give you a leg up On another and make you look better to another. Wrong.
These are but a few examples of what I see my children do. Can you think of more? This is a issue in your Soul and the swirling that can occur there when you don not have peace within yourself. I can help. The Holy Spirit can help. Your Lord Yeshua can help you with all of these things to give you a balanced life free of darkness and the influence that it brings to rob you of life and light.
Behavior is a difficult thing to change especially when you think that it is 'getting you' something that you want. This behavior is not, it is offensive to me and people who control and manipulate I always defeat in some way or other so that my Children can maintain freedom. You must carefully consider the ways and motivations of yourselves and the ways and motivations of Heaven and compare them to the motivations of the darkness and what it wants to control.
Start this change and I will be with you and WE will bring more freedom to you and to those around you. This is very important to do now and to continue until I release you from this study.

Bless You My Children, Father