There are times for all things my Son and yet there are plans in place by me that keep you moving on in an urgent pace. The exercise I have you understanding and growing on through as of late is judgment. I will make this writing to you another teaching to add to the teachings as the number three in the judgment study so that all may know more about this formidable opponent of their faith walk. I know you are weary of even having to write the word judgment any more much less examining your feelings again and again to wash this pesky ideology away but it is very important my Child so I must ask you to press on.

There is a time of judgment coming for all things, for all people, for all good and evil but Son that is an accounting if you will that will be enacted upon by your Messiah, my Son, Yeshua at the final hours of change for the world. What we have here before-hand is an excess of judgment in my world today. Presumption, assertion and projection, and assumption which is judgment that darkens the thoughts of all of my children. You have been taught to judge and you have been manipulated into judgment from society and by the darkest of evil to hold you in a pattern of different thinking away from love. I have guided many of the things put before your eyes so that you could understand these very real concepts. To think that I am judging you as your loving Father is just evil and wrong, I am not. I am always reaching to my created children to help guide and love them as Father using all of my means and all of my love to do this. Judging you would be inefficient and counterproductive and I am neither of these for I have all knowledge of the motivations of my children. I know all of the tricks of evil and it is as I have said not 'time' to bring any accounting of what was done in my children's lives by Yeshua yet. Why would I be unloving, inefficient counterproductive, and disrespectful to my only begotten Son by harshly and strictly judging my children in their ignorance and pain when they do not understand my reaching to them in love? This would never be. Religion and the evil one has replaced love and guidance, care and tenderness with cold calculating courtroom like harshness, emotionless merciless waiting for the axe to fall pronouncement of doom upon my precious children. This is how the kingdom of evil operates not the Kingdom of Heaven. The demonic world is emotionless, loveless, partial fact driven without mercy for its own gain. I have given my children an ability to choose life and light, fruits of the Spirit of Holiness that reflect me, ever increasing love. You must abandon judgment from your lives. It is a learned trait and harsh habit within all of you and must be stood against by you with the power of Christ Yeshua and the Holy Spirit and all of Heaven each day until you are free.

1. Begin by removing your preconceived notions and judgments of me your Heavenly Father first. No matter what the world or the past states I am not judging you - clearly by today's teaching you can see that to be true.

2. Remove your judgments and self loathing and comparisons to others, know that you are my own true child and I am reaching to you with my Son Yeshua and our Holy Spirit to Help and Guide you to the correct ways to your better life. Your thoughts of self distain and frustration must be put at the foot of the cross. You must learn to care for and genuinely love yourself as my creation, you have 'rights' and 'needs' and 'wants' you are entitled to and I insist you discover them and go after them so you may have a healthy love for yourself. Start new for you today.

3. Demand of yourself that you will no longer practice judgment of others. This is a trick of the evil one to trap you into self hate and then condemn another also. I hear every snort and see every rolled eye, I hear every thought of "what a big nose" and "why are they together" or even "they never do anything for me" or "why don't they do this the way I want". I hear all of these and so does evil and they are recorded to hurt you and another. You judge another strictly because you feel inferior and you are trying to feel justified, this is absolutely wrong. You must learn to think in a way that is for building up not for tearing down or you will remain in a cycle of self hate and evil will continue to insult me with my children.

4. You must help others turn away from their judgment as well. This is not an easy thing to do but Yeshua is always with you. When you hear judgment you must use these principles to GENTLY direct another away from their ways into life as I have done here to you.

If I do not judge YOU do not judge in any of the ways that are shown here or are known and or manipulated by you in your lives. You know how this is done, discuss this today and come to me in prayer so we may guide you to better living and you may bless others as my Son Yeshua did. Judge not less you be judged.
You can bring life.
I am counting on you my child