Judgment Presumptions, Assumptions2-24-07

My children have a difficult time living life in the Spirit because you have been led to think that you yourself are capable of knowing the entire truth. You in fact have a partial truth as I have told you in the word, but I need you to listen to your own Spirits and the Holy Spirit to understand the true leadings of your Spirit and the Holy Spirit. This is a difficult thing or the population of the world would not be under oppression. This is a ploy of the evil one to set up systems of knowledge that appear to be all inclusive and carry all truth but in fact they are all filled with falseness and pride and ego. The sciences of the world may have facts and figures and they extol themselves but I, only I know real truth. What they deal with are many, many presumptions and assumptions which when you look at the definitions of these words you see that I confound the world's ways with truth. If you wish to walk with Me in the Spirit I ask you to cast down the world and your ideas and impressions and listen to the gentle leadings of the Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of God.
Definition: presume, 1 to undertake without leave or clear justification. 2 to expect or assume especially with confidence. 3 to suppose to be true without proof. 4 take for granted.
Definition: assume, 1 to take up or in. 2 to take to or on oneself. 3 to pretend to have or be. 4 to take as granted or true.
I ask you to trust in Me in leading your Spiritual life because then you are not relying on your own presumptions which are judgments in small forms or on your assumptions which are based in your temporal thinking. This trust I know is difficult for you to encounter, it is like stepping off a cliff and trusting that I will be there to support you in all of the ways you need. The world has been teaching my children self sufficiency or the illusion of it. Do you really think that you are supporting yourselves? As I had said in the last weeks teaching, Who holds up the air? If I am not guiding you and helping you to grow in this life why do you feel thankful when a wonderful thing happens in your life? I am there as Father and I am trying to direct you unto the Spirit so that you may practice Heavenly living on the earth.
When you come into a room you have presumptions (judgments) about the people, the décor, the style, the sounds, and many more. These are manipulated by your Soul and can be manipulated by the enemy to cause you to react in very wrong ways. The Spirit is contrary to the world and so the truth is that the sensations that you are having when walking into the room are contrary to what I want you to do if you listen only to your Soul. I want you to be open to this new person in you I have been teaching you about. I want you to listen to your Spirit and the Holy Spirit. It will tell you all truth. Do not give your Soul so much life, in your life, and ignore the Spirit I have given you. Your Soul can also judge you and cause you to be held back from the Life I have given unto you. Learn of Me and I will share with you so much more of Spirit living.
There is not a listing of presume or assume in My bible. They are derogatory.