Fathers Love, Heaven Love, Spirit Love8-8-2010

There is a Love that is the most powerful force of all. It is the love of Father, it is the love of Creation. I created you in love with love. I am the only one that can create, I am the only one that has the great authority of love in the greatest heights. I am love and I am Spirit and I am Heaven, and I am Father.

Why would I want you to have the love that I practice? I have the love of power and of peace. I have the love of creativeness and of structure and of balance. Are you out of balance? My world is out of balance and I must rebalance My Children in Heaven when they come to me after they leave the earth and yet you CAN have this love that changes you here on the earth. It is the love that My Son the Christ told you of when He was here on the earth. It is the love away from law and evil. It is the love of miracles and great happenings that made him renown for 2000 years after He left this world. You can have this and in fact He stated that ALL are to pursue this love and do the things that He did to please Me.

To have this love you must first let go of the things that hinder you. You must put something down in order to pick up something new. It is a rule of what fits in you. It is a rule of proper perspective. I have had you learn lessons after lessons about yourselves in and through the Spirit of God here in this group and in this website and in individual counseling that allow you to let go of old ways and prepare you to pick up new ways, namely the ways of power and of love. Let us look at what I have taught you in order as I have directed, perhaps without you knowing that I had this plan in mind all along. These are the teachings.

1. Stop Tormenting Thoughts 2. Three Hearts that I See 3. Love 4. Judgment 5. Trials 6.Authority 7. Faith 8. Fear 9. Tongue 10. Sensitivity 11. Soul 12. Spirit 13. Pride 14. Anger 15. Disappointment 16. Peace 17. Fruit 18. Prayer 19. Control and Manipulation 20. Humility 21. Communication 22. Sacrifice 23. Anointing 24. Self Love 25. Hope 26. Feelings, Emotions 27. Words

These are teachings that I planned that plot out a roadmap to Love that will bring Me into your lives. I have always been here yes, and Yeshua has been here as your personal Lord and Savior for He is My Son and My sacrifice for you of Love to show you that I have loved you all along. In these teachings from My Spirit at the hand of My Son are the tools that you need to find and cultivate the love of Father, Heaven, Spirit that you will need here on earth soon. I am prophesying to you now for there is a time coming soon now that the love of man will grow more cold than you ever thought possible. The love of man, the love of the world is base, is a love of manipulation and of control. You all use this love now and sadly you use it on yourselves now and it prohibits you from loving yourselves and from loving others in a way that will change anything.

The darkness is counting on that and is quite content with this kind of false love of base thinking. It will rule with this love saying that this is the way and millions will be lost from this lie. Sad. You have a chance to change this. Will you learn? Will you change? Will you apply yourselves to this feat to receive power in love that will save as Christ did? I do not ask these questions rhetorically, I ask to gain your activity, will you respond? This is your life that I gave to you, many of my Children, no, all of My Children come to me in heaven with a longing to have done more with the love that I am offering to you, the Love of Christ.

How can you do this? How can you have and practice this Love that I have from Heaven and bring it down to earth for your bodies and enjoy it here? I will tell you. Get going and truly change, do not wait!

"Pray, Learn, Change, Give." It is as simple as that. You have been given all of the tools. Pray to Me, the Heavens for inspiration, Pray to Christ for strength. Learn from the teachings, read them until you KNOW them for there are My words and the way to change. Change, Now you have to change, apply what you have learned to your lives every day and walk that way. It is like a seed planted and you have to water and feed it in order for it to grow. Give, Now give to yourselves and to others. This is the most difficult but it will bring the greatest growth. I will call you to do great things and it will change you and love will result. This love will be the love of Heaven and you will be changed and Heaven and I Father will be glorified as Christ is.

Father, your Father of Love