The Three Hearts That God Sees6/14/2006

"I See the Heart": No other phrase or directions or motivation has ever been misunderstood or undervalued as this phrase.

I as God view the hearts of man and I gauge my anointing power trials and calls upon this. Your hearts are very open to me for I am Creator and I do see all. I brought you into existence and I know you will return to me. What you do with your life - what you produce with your heart position will follow you into heaven - that is why I am so interested in the condition of this heart.

Your heart is originated in life upon the earth, fed by circumstances and then the resulting memories. There are several aspects of your heart as well as three existing states of your heart. You have a heart of your flesh, a heart of your Soul, and a heart of your Spirit. These are very distinct to me and I use their information consistently to redirect you and all things in your life around you. The hearts you have are all like unto a beating muscle and they "move" things around your body to bring life - they pump life giving blood throughout your life.

The life of a man is in the blood and the heart pumps this blood. Ponder upon that. The Spirit of Holiness of God exists in the blood of man.

If your heart is then the pump - a series of three pumps, what then is the motivation of the pumping action? Clearly the heart of flesh brings life to the body and it causes it to exist but what slows down the flow of blood? What brings the plaque that clogs the veins and brings lethargy? Why are there heart attacks that come into reality about one-half way through many men's and women's lives? Is it excessive living? Is it a plot of evil? For My word has said that in the end times "men's heart will fail them" for the fear of the world will be so great. Where will the fear come from? How can you clean out your veins and start a greater amount of blood movement through them? Will medicine assist you, or will it create a dependence in your body for what I can heal?

The heart then of your flesh is a motor/pump, but the heart of the flesh can be broken with love. As well as the breaking of the heart of flesh, breaking the heart of the Soul is a very powerful force. The heart of the Soul pumps all of the mind, will, and emotions, blood throughout out the body. Here the heart of bitterness can overtake. Here the memories and the many "deaths" of the Soul take their account upon the Soulish heart I seek from heaven. Here the enemy works to store up plaque in the veins and cut off new growth and life from coming through the pumping system of the Soulish heart. The heart of the Soul can die and still all of the body continues. The heart of the Soul is as well what the enemy tries to bind to the earth. Witchcraft works primarily through the heart of the Soul. Auras and soul travel - astral projection and demonic infestation all reside in the heart of the Soul.

Generational bondages begin in the Soul heart but then they are absorbed into the Spiritual heart (birth canal) at birth. These must be cut off individually for there a constriction in the veins reduces the Spiritual life one is intended to have by me. Here my children die for lack of knowledge.

Your Spiritual heart is quite unknown in the world. I ask of all of you reading this to find your Spiritual hearts and remove all old bondages and cleanse all veins of supply. Your Spiritual heart is fed by reading and understanding the word of God. Your Spiritual heart is also increased by writing with me and spending quiet time with me and my Son Yeshua and our Holy Spirit. You can build Spiritual pumping action by praying and praying in your prayer tongue. I evaluate all of these heart conditions, flesh, Soul, and Spirit and I encourage you to know each well for they are life and they make up the life in you - here on earth and in heaven. Build your hearts up - cleanse out old impressions and find peace.

Peace feeds all three hearts

Be Blessed in life.

Your Father

    Scriptures: There are 820 references to `heart' in Strong's concordance.
  • Joshua 22.5 - and to serve Him with all of your heart.
  • 1 Samuel 16.7 - but the Lord looks on the heart.
  • 1 Samuel 24.5 - afterward David's heart smote him.
  • 1 Chronicles 28.9 - serve Him with a blameless heart.
  • Nehemiah 4.6 - the people had a heart and mind to work.
  • Psalm 9.1 - I praise you oh Lord with my whole heart
  • Mark 7.21 -For from within, (that is) out of the hearts of men come base and wickedness
  • Proverbs 3.5 - be confident in the Lord with all your heart(s).
  • Luke 6.45 - The upright (honorable , intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure (stored) in his heart produces what is upright ( honorable), and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved (wicked and intrinsically evil): for out of the abundance of the heart (overflow) his mouth speaks.