Teaching on Disappointment8/4/2007

My Children, I want your life free of the temptations of the evil one. Your Souls have a vast array of emotions that serve you well but if these become slanted or your reasoning becomes extensive a stronghold can come upon you that will rob you of life. That stronghold is one of distraction, 'disappointment', despair and depression. You may not have each one of these evident at any one time in your conscious minds but the enemy is wielding them in your Soul to take hope and faith from you. Without faith it is impossible to please God as the scripture states and so you can see that the plan is to keep the things from you of God and to take your hope so that you can turn away from the life that I offer you.

Each of you have pride. It is a state of mind that becomes confused with integrity. Judgment comes from the soul, it is the concept that you have all information (Judgment study) and you are able to wield that information to make a distinction between right and wrong. You cannot make distinctions based on limited thinking and that is where the enemy tries to also tempt you into sin. I alone contain all knowledge and wisdom and I alone have in mind the complete outcome of the world and the instances of it. This is a grand sweeping statement that I make but it is to help you to let go of your judgment and as well begin to unthrone the stronghold of disappointment in your minds.

Pride = Reasoning = Judgment = Excess = Sin = Disappointment = less Hope and Faith.

This can start in the most innocent of thoughts. All of you face disappointment from friends and relatives, plans and ideas and instances of the world.

Jeremiah : For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to have you hope in your final outcome.

If I have all the thoughts and plans for you then I have weighed all of the outcomes and all of the parameters of what it will take to have them happen. How many prayers are prayed wrong because of the omission of my plans for your life? Are you praying for rain when I have all in mind of when it is the best time for the rain and the duration of this rain? Are you praying for the enemies of your life to be destroyed or are you praying for knowledge of what I am trying to do with these enemies of your life to make you stronger? Are you disappointed in your family dynamics or of your relationships' shortcomings? Do you seek the Holy Spirit of God to fine my direction or stew in the reasoning of your mind to find some semblance of order without wisdom?

I would like you to lay down all of your disappointment and the resulting stronghold and understand the direction that I have for you to be free of this.

Start with Heavenly Father, I lay down all of the thoughts that I have that have involved my reasoning and have brought disappointment to my life.........Blessings.