Teaching on Anger3/17/2007

Eph. 4:26 When angry do not sin: do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, fury, or indignation) last until the sun goes down.

According to the scripture all of you are free from any anger, you have all left it at God's feet and are ready for the new day. I do not think so. I see from heaven and there is a great amount of anger in the world from all people. There is anger from hurt, there is anger from injustice, there is anger from unfairness and from malevolence. Anger produces stress and anger distilled inside of you leads to bitterness. This is a very dangerous emotion that robs life from you. Anger is a reaction emotion in that it handles what your intellect and Spirituality cannot or will not process. I call you to examine the results of this study and yourselves and discover about anger and begin to deal with your anger before it begins to take a life on of its own. I use my anger to bring justice and judgment for I alone can know the truth behind all things. When you use your anger to punish someone or judge them you are being incorrect with yourselves and you fall into the trap of condemning and this brings the evil one into the situation. Result? Sin.

Anger: a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism.
Synonyms: angry ire, rage, fury, indignation, wrath

Anger is a common emotional response to a perceived threat of pain to self or important others, past present, or future. The threat may appear to be real or imagined. Anger is often a response to the perception of threat due to a physical conflict, injustice, negligence, humiliation or betrayal among other contentions. The key psychological factor responsible for the expression of anger is the cognitive choice to oppose the source of the pain.

Anger is actually a choice for you in your lives. You have seen or have experienced severe anger in people and it is not pleasant. Anger rules many peoples lives and the enemy is very happy about the condition of their Souls. The enemy can bring manipulation into the sinful behavior of anger personified for the person and the others involved. Anger hidden within yourselves is the greatest stressor and illness director in your lives. If anger would be understood and processed without pride and ego the cross of Christ would be the place of burdens of anger and placing them there reduces angers impact, always.

The emotion of anger has a purpose in your lives or I would have not placed the ability within you. How you USE anger is the understanding that you need:

  1. Anger is how your mind reacts to items that are out of balance to your registration
  2. A quick reaction brings confusion to anger
  3. You are involved in the situation and escalation ensues.
  4. Threats and thoughts are interplaying themselves with reality in your mind.

I want you to see that it is the escalation of anger that brings the pain that plagues you from there and then it is the hiding of anger in you that brings you the most confusion in your emotions. If anger is not 'dealt with' it then combines with your memories to become a plight within your mind and then affects all of your perceptions to people.

To make anger work for you, you must:

  1. Be willing to give up your involvement with pride and gain humility.
  2. Let go of the other person or persons for Me to deal with.
  3. De-confuse the emotions to logical proportions.
  4. Allow the anger to work for the intensity it creates.
  5. Place the memories for the incident into the 'done' area of your minds
  6. Let Go

These will be easier to put into effect if you have dealt with all of the PAST angers in your life as led by the Holy Spirit. This is so important I would have you suspend All work and Spiritual activity to go after this and resolve the issues within yourselves. This would bring you a sustainable peace in your lives. Anger is usually why my children cannot maintain peace in their lives and the enemy is so prevalent with torment in your thoughts. As I had asked earlier, I want you to examine your conscious minds and find the hidden and repressed anger in there and ask the Holy Spirit to help you examine your unconscious minds and find the memories and triggers for anger there. Anger placed inside of you from hurt and injustice will always blow out some way or another. This can be the blowout of rage in an argument or the self destructive inner explosion of depression when you can no longer take the weight upon you. Do not let this happen to you children. I have given you power and authority over all of the earth, take power over this anger and the resulting manifestations within you and find the peace you are entitled to.

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Children, let not a root of anger spring up between you.

Your Father