Teaching on the nearness of a New Age2/17/2007

My Son, the nearest way that you can know that the end of this age is upon you is by knowing your God. Do I require glory? Yes Son, as a Creator Father who oversees and gives life to My children each day I require thanks, I require acknowledgement. I require my children to give credit for all I do. As an earthly Father who provides abundantly for his children I need this to go on giving. As well, the children also need to show their love, like, gratefulness, understanding that they have received abundantly. It is good for both.

Am I being praised for bringing love into each person's life? Am I shown to be a Father who gives and continues to provide guidance within the fierce free wills of my creation? No I am not. I have given my most prized love unto my children - the complete forgiveness and salvation form my son Christ, Yeshua. Rather than living carefully free from sin so Christ does not have to continue to go up on the cross for forgiveness my children have used him as a license to live life "unto themselves". That was my best! I gave something that would stop all of the sacrificing - yours- with one fell swoop. I gave the most kind and loving person, my son to show curing and freedom from evil spirits and strength and integrity and all of it in a body of humility. Find this example upon the earth now?

I then gave the entire bible with a central message all the way through, live, love and turn from sin. That concept was taken and twisted by evil and man's inescapable pride to create the greatest diversity of useless religions I have known. When you have religion you praise the religion not the god it was created for because you get lost in the practice and ignore the purpose. I provide your air each day and I am explained away by the religion of "scientific discoveries" that account ignorantly for the air. Who holds up the air? I create and recreate every day and I am pushed out further and further from my life in your life. Life would cease if I were not there each moment directing it. Do you know me as Father? Do you praise me for what you have no matter what I have decided to give unto? Are you showing me to your children? Are you following one of the religions and standing on the fence of creationism and evolving systems? Who has asked of me "Father are you there?"

Why would Christ instruct all to do as you see me do if you do not see me and what I am doing? When will I not be there to hold up things? How long can I wait for the love and my faithful children to turn back to me? What are you learning upon the earth that will carry you unto heaven? Do you provide for yourself? Am I revered, or has the flesh of man taken my place? How has authority broken down in your lives? Are your roles subverted? Are you happy? These things have brought my children to ruin. All through my bible my example was "praise unto you Creator", acknowledge what you have been given. Is it difficult to truly praise me and the things that I do for your lives? Be honest now and realize I hear the true heart of each prayer of praise that you submit unto me. When your heart position is not unto Me, and as in the world my children are praising the 'things of the world' and not the creator I will usher in an age of change. This I will do.