Teaching on the Soul1/6/2007

I have given you a great gift in the creation of the Soul but as with all gifts this Soul carries a great amount of responsibility with it. The Soul also has a great need to be understood. Man has attempted to understand his Soul since I told him of it in the Bible. I have created man in my image and I have carefully explained in My word the effects of the Soul but man is resistant to rely on what I have placed in front of him. Man has created systems of science and behavioral charts and maps to disguise his ignorance for a creative force in the universe that in fact could be a great asset to him and the world. If Christ is God made flesh and the Holy Spirit is spirit then I would as Heavenly Father be the Soul of the God-head. Pretty powerful thinking my Children. I am mind and will and emotions just as your Souls are however I am Spirit as well and I am filled with Love, a love of a pure kind you as yet do not know.

Your Souls are a wonder as I have said and they are capable of much and so I am going to explain some of the aspects of them to you.

  1. Your Souls carry a life force within you that is exclusive to you as my Creations you are not a creature as the animals and birds are.. you are Creations.
  2. Your Souls are as big as a county in as far as dimensional space is concerned.
  3. Your Souls are 'like' stallions running wild in the open, you can rope them, you can halter them, you can bridle them or you can saddle them for control.
  4. Your Souls can be crushed, broken, abandoned, fragmented, and healed.
  5. Your Souls can be given over to darkness; you have all heard the phrase of 'give your soul to the devil' this is a factual contract that is wielded by satan.
  6. Your Souls carry all of your 'practical' information for life including memories.
  7. Your Souls are the main place that the enemy torments you and where most trials and tests are carried out to their conclusion.
  8. All distress of the world comes from the Souls of my Children and are all attributed to the work of the evil one in the world and through my Children.
  9. Your Souls are relegated by absence and excess in your lives.
  10. All isms' feminism, plagiarism, fundamentalism etc. are in the Soul. All religion and all addictions and all rote behaviors are in the Soul.
  11. Judgment is from the Soul, misguided truth is from the Soul..morals

Definition: soul
-- the immaterial essence, animating principle or actuating cause of an individual life.
-- A persons total self. (?)
-- the spiritual principal embodied in human beings.(?)...('do you see how man can lead astray from My principals')

As from Genesis 2:7 "...and man became a living Soul."

My Children, I have capitalized Soul in the writing from my servant because the soul is an individual part of your being, you are three in one, a body with a Soul and a Spirit. Your Soul is very close to your body and so the fleshly directives that help to align your lives can have an influence on your Soul. Your Spirits are sealed for the day of Christ and so they remain in communion with Me in the Heavenly places as My scripture states. I keep your Spirits protected and rather separate from your conscious minds for your protection. I dwell in your Spirits with the Holy Spirit and I cannot be where there is any darkness from behaviors of sin from the Soul. I keep your Spirits cleansed and allow you to learn in your Souls and unfortunately I allow you to fall from the choices of your Souls.

From the first cry as a baby and in fact from the time of creation in the womb at conception your mind and emotions are being formed. You have millions upon millions of experiences in your lives that direct your existence. The absence and the excesses of the memories and the experiences that you have in your lives are what actually direct your Souls. Your brains are a maze of neurofibers that have electrical impulses that create lines of conscious thinking that direct your lives. It is all the level of the supply and demand and the influence of the spiritual realm that formulate your Soul into thinking for you.

There is a realm also of conscious thinking of your Spirit that can direct your lives as in instinct and intuition. Most use their Souls, their intellect, their memories. There is a higher form of direction that as you understand the Spiritual realm I am willing to open up to you. A Soul directed life without the rope, halter, bridal, or saddle is a life not in the 'Spirit'. These lives are of rote and pattern and repetition that are based in the memories and the 'victim' mentality. I want you to have the real truth of God in your lives and in your Spirits. The Soul is to be situated correctly in the life as the augmenter of the living not the director of the life.

  1. You must be guided by My Holy Spirit to fully understand your Soul.
  2. Ask of Me and I will tell you.
  3. Read My word and that will help you put parameters on the many effects of your Souls and the Spirits' position in your lives
  4. Talk of this to others that know me as well as you do and I will turn this mystery into knowledge and wisdom for your life.
  5. Be at PEACE, this is a part of you created by me for your benefit.it is a sticky little number and wants it's own way all of the time. It can misdirect your life.

Live Life in the Spirit, bring life to me in your Souls in Heaven.

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